OBAMA, a change to what ? Part 2 by Brother Taalik

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OBAMA, a change to what?   Part 2

A message by Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn'rad

November 06,2008

Peace 4 ever & always:

                                      What I've noticed in the good ol' U.S. of A is that it's citizens have been lied to & deceived by its leaders for so long that it has become an acceptable way of life,so it should be no surprise that illegal drug use & alcohol abuse is very rampant here,may I also add the glorification of pornographic materials very much the staple in this nation that claims to be under GOD whatever that means. So when one comes with some truth not whole or real truth the result is great anger & hatred,so what happens when one would dare bring REAL TRUTH? Some may say truth according to who? Like beauty truth is in the eyes of the beholder however one looks very foolish to debate against truth,even thou I guess foolishness is also acceptable factor in this nation as silly & delusional things are practiced everyday.

      At this time there are no apples that are polka dot & striped,this is a fact,a prime ingredient in truth.However there are those who would still argue with you blindly in a false sense of arrogance,cause they've been fed deceit & lies for generations & such is better to swallow,in this as the old saying goes TRUTH HURTS,it hurts because of our pride in that we thought we were so much smarter & it is embarrasing. This is the number one factor many KNOW better but refuse to let the belief in GOD fade into the non-existence fictional world it belongs in,such brings deep humiliation & embarassment not just for personal self but for those who handed down such belief for generations,so instead of acceptance of the hurt of truth,it is better to have FAITH & hold on to falsehood in hopes that there is some truth in such. Unfortunately we also do not learn from time nor those prior to us,many have been waiting 1000's of years & none of what is taught has come to past.The human family continues its usual path of self-destruction & those living or dead have not gained any reward from being obedient to some unknown GOD that has never shown his or her face,we love being lied to & this is sad.

        So now we as black people in the USA have voted into another lie & have accepted it like all the other lies before it,we say Obama is the answer to our ancestor's prayers,the beginning of change for us as a people & this nation in general. Ask yourself this question & think about what I describe. The original purpose of the prison system in America was for rehabilitation,the prison has it's own rehab programs aimed at reform,it also has many forms of religion in these places of incarceration. What is the percentage of those rehabilitated,very low? Some never leave prison & many become repeat offenders,why? Many of these persons began criminal life as a child,crime against society is all they know,many have failed to secure basic reading,writing & math skills thus coming from broken homes only leads to this grim fate,all this to say what?

        So it is clear that religion,politics as well as the prison's own ideas of rehabilitation have failed,least to say is the intent really to reform when criminal behavior produces so many jobs,lawyers,judges, police,forensic examiners,corrections/probation officers etc. & who are the ones filling these prison cells,blacks of course being 12 to 15 % of the general population but are close to 50% of America's incarcerated. With this said Mr. Obama is being asked to rehab a country that also has a criminal past,it has terrorized it's own citizens using them for experiments,enslavement of blacks,the oppression & almost extinction of the native people,the assasination of leaders from other nations,it developed & did use nuclear weapons when it did not have to,it oppressed women & continue to degrade them & allow them the venues to degrade themselves,it allows corporate & governmental greed and the list could go on & on.

       The criminals in America's prisons have failed in being rehabilitated even thou religion,politics or other personal wisdom has been used,so what do you expect from Obama when this nation itself has turned criminal? Obama preaches change but is that what the people really want? Real change means bringing back a sense of morality & respect towards this planet,human life & life in whatever form. Such is a joke as the only change folks want is economic change as the lack of money keeps men from the whore house & the women sliding on poles get less tips. Religion is everywhere but so is the liquor stores,abortion clinics,sexual disease clinics,unwed mothers in oveflow,prison count mounting.

      What do you expect from Obama? There are those who have became very rich & influential due to your unrighteousness & hypocrisy about GOD,if not for such immorality & greed this nation would not be in this most embarrassing & dire situation,change is wanted,not wanted in order to please some GOD but to bring back the comfort of being greedy & selfish,so we may continue to waste food & drive gas guzzling big cars & trucks,so we may build more beautiful buildings dedicated to a GOD you really don't believe in & make millionaires of those who can make your fake heart feel good,Thank JESUS!

      I am reminded of another old saying in that....YOU CAN'T TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS...America is an old dog over 200 years old that has practiced extreme criminal behavior & now prances before the world like it has done nothing to no noone so meek & innocent,this is far from the truth. America as a nation needs to be punished just like it does the millions within it's prison's walls, so dire & desperate is the time that they are willing to give one of the children of ex-slaves a chance at saving them,well one part of him is ( smile )  Don't get me wrong having Obama as president is indeed a wonderful thing,something black children can view other than filthy mouth rappers,booty shaking dancers,pimps & other negative influence. Obama a blackman with a wife who is a blackwoman & black children in a whitehouse,you know the thought does sort of make you happy & proud,at the same time as we feel this incredible high,it is a mistake like the drug user who comes down from that high,he or she must face reality. Bills must be paid,children must be taken to school, a job must be worked,a divorce is pending etc.

       Obama being elected president is not the mountain top Brother King spoke of,very far from & due to blacks in America suffering in this nation for over 300 years,we deserve much more,we are very far from the top of some mountain & for me I am not impressed that one of us when there are close to 80 million blacks in this country was rewarded with being a top manager in somebody else's store,a store that our ancestors was made to go in from the back door & for some reason was never able to pay the bill in full to MR. CHARLIE,think a little & we'll bring this to conclusion perhaps in a part # 3. Always open to your comments. So again TRUTH HURTS if not perhaps one should take another look at it,another saying is IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE,chances are you better examine it again,I'd suggest we study the real reason we are so happy that a bi-racial man forced to call himself African-American was elected into one of the top leadership roles of this nation,IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn'rad,Reality's Temple on Earth