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March o6, 2009

The Reality’s Temple on Earth of the U.S.A.                        PresentsBrother AdMinister  Taalik  Ibn’rad The Hip Hop Nation builders of a New Civilization Peace 4 ever & always:                                      I remember as a child first learning basic science when I was introduced to what is called a microscope. A microscope allows us to see what the naked eye can not.Without the microscope we may miss many things but with the microscope we may see those things that may cause us harm as well as become of benefit. Such new sight allows us to answer questions we were once blind to. One of the problems that plague humanity but especially those who are descendants of slaves born in the United States is that mentally we have been blinded not only our naked sight but far from having the gift of being given a microscope for the mind.         Time never stops & things evolve those that do not change soon become extinct or easily exploited by those more well equipped.The fact that the ancestors of those born black in this United States is example of the ability of a life form being able to change & adopt,how long one is capable of this is questionable as the children of slaves are becoming more lack of this most important survival skill thus open to exploitation by those more equipped. But all is not lost cause that within the hearts of those enslaved to make them survive one of the greatest & longest terrors that any human has had to face has been passed down to their children & I am the holder of not only causing you to regain naked sight but give us a microscope so that we may begin to see that which the naked eye can not see.     I was about 16 or 17 years old when the first commercial rap song called ‘ Rapper’s Delight ‘ first appeared. It went on to great sales & universal appeal attracting humanity of all colors of the racial spectrum.It would bring to light the beginning of this phenomenoncalled rap music.Rap music was created by poor inner city black children basically could not sing so they talked or rapped over the music of vinyl records. This was done at parties & became popular soon opening the gate for the first commercial rap song. Two things we must remember or be made knowledge of in that what is now called rap music is not nothing new to us.It’s beginning can be traced even back as far as the 60’s when we had such artists as the Last Poets & Gil Scott Herron. Secondly, never never ever forget that rap music is the creation of black people those children born in U.S.A..       Rap music became an ever changing vessel,in the beginning as a commercial success it was basically party music.Soon came a time whereas it returned to its roots as being a voice for the upliftment & education of a people thanks to brothers like KRS-1 & the Public Enemy.Then unfortunately even thou it did represent the reality of the lives of those living in what is called the Hood came the rap form known as Gangsta & basically we’ve been gangsta ever since.Which makes one to ask the question of all the forms rap has taken why have we become stuck on gangsta rap?Gangsta rap speaks about gun violence,calling women bitches & hoes it claims this is real life for many blacks,sadly it is. However gangsta rap never offers a solution to changing this condition in fact it suggests that you become content in living like this even if you like them get a rap deal & make millions.Keep up being gangsta & get your millionare ass shot down in the street just like any ordinary joe & this has been made reality with the deaths of gangsta raps greatest stars Tupac Shakur & The Nortorious B.I.G. May they rest in peace.       So since gangsta rap can only offer complaint but never solution to that complaint it is not a shock that those who head these record labels of whom are not black in fact haters of blacks have no problem in promoting this music form that not only can they make profits from but at the same time keep the people content in such condition all the while they dance,snapping their fingers while drinking gin & juice.And like the drug dealer the rap artist doesn’t care about what he is doing to his own people as long as he gets his & his is a path walked carefully cause those he believes likes him & pays him to put his people into comas will be happy to catch him tripping & take his gangsta ass to prison of which the rapper should be happy cause ain’t being incarcerated a way to show how real you are ?     Prison is very real,you are told 24 hours a day when & what you can & can not do.If you show weakness you may become a woman to another man or you can come around a corner & get shanked.They leave you bleeding to death all the while you knew you were real tough,now its tough picking your cold stiff corpse of the prison floor.The whole thing sounds mighty gangsta and I am shocked that all little boys wouldn’t want to be part of this.I wish older persons would stop tripping of off this cause if they were not blind or having just a naked eye they are unable to view what only a microscope can pick up.        Let’s take a look under the microscope! Regardless to how we view rap music whether that is negative or be it positive,we must look at the overall effect. All those that complain about rap music must also understand that in this world we always have opposites.There is hot,then there is cold,black & white,sweet & sour etc.These are within our reality and they can become whatever consequence our approach causes.Hot can give you a nice cup of coffee or scald you to death.Cold will cool you in a warm day or freeze your car battery so you are late for work. Our older people have not developed microscopic sight nor naked vision.All those who clearly are blind please allow me to cause you to first see with the naked eye if you already haven’t but now explore what is & has always been present under the microscope.         From rap music comes something called Hip Hop culture.Hip Hop culture is a way of life an attitude sprung from the effect of listening to rap music in all of its forms.At first I never really cared about rap music but those involved with this music had a different way of thinking than your average R&B or soul singer cause the rappers were not just satisfied with having a record deal,they wanted to be the record company owner.They had an interest in being an entertainer but most importantly they was interested in the maxium way of making money,ownership & control.This blew my mind cause here are black young people unlike those before them who were not satisfied with the fantasy of rapping a song,they knew & wanted to own & control what they created..Incredible!         Those in hip hop culture are unlike their parents who were comfortable living in the house that enslaved their ancestors.They want to build their own & indeed own the house they built with their own hands.This attitude not rap music itself caused me to listen to rap.It made me wonder what is rap saying to these young people. This attitude even crossed over to the black entertainers that were already established.This rap movement caused Michael Jackson & Prince who never sought independence from their record labels to revise their contracts & start their own labels & record companies,but they never made no attempt prior to rap music.  Of course many jealous caucasions was hoping that rap was only going to be a fad like their disco. Rap has become so powerful it knocked heavy metal out of the box for the best selling recordings in the U.S.A. But what really was making them upset is that they could not manufacture a claim that in some way they also helped create it.It greatly upsets them that poor uneducated nigga trash could come up with something like this with such power & attitude. So much influence that young caucasions are now wanting to be black uneducated nigga trash. Very amazing!        At one time blacks as a method of surviving more comfortable believed they had to act like a house negro but here we have young caucasions that even at this time wanting to be part of this new activity they voluntarily speak out in the open & call themselves wiggers cause now being a nigga is cool.This is mind blowing! From Hip Hop Culture comes fashion a new attitude in the way we do things,it makes those under its influence want to become owners & creators.How incredible is the power of rap & HipHop culture? Its so awesome that old caucasion men in powerful positions come out in public allowing themselves to be placed on video trying to rap! What does this tell us!    It might not tell you anything cause we have become blind but those in power who do see,view a very lethal threat & something must be done to slow this thing or everything they once knew will be no more.So it is important for their survival that HipHop culture be slowed down even made corrupt so that it will not reach its full potential & what is that?      Those in power must first not make it seem they are at war with such a popular form of music.Let us concentrate on rap’s negative element.Let us see if we can get the young blackwomen to attack the men for calling them bitches & whores.The older blacks are holier than thou so let us fill our media with this negative rap so it can upset these older blacks & they’ll attack the younger people.Let’s allow them to use our media to spread the word nigger,they are so blind they will not see if we were on their side why would we allow the young blacks call themselves nigger? If we are questioned,just simply say it’s the niggas freedom of speech. The good old method of divide & conquer still works.Let’s allow these young blacks acquire a lot of money & influence as long as its negative. Don’t give them long jail time so they can help keep the people blind & dead. To the naked eye such plan by those wicked in power,it seems they have succeeded. Rap music is now seen as nothing but booty shaking,materialistic seeking & arrogance flaunting full of self hatred.      The naked eye when it views our skin it can only see the dermis or top of the skin,it can’t see the epidermis or the second layer of skin. I believe I’m saying this right,its been a long time since I was in grade school ( smile ) Let us now take into our hands that microscope or X-ray that’ll allow us to go beyond what can’t be seen by the naked eye so we’ll also know what the powers that be fear so much.      Brothers & Sisters & our friends. Rap music & Hip Hop culture is more than just about entertainment,perfume & fashion. It is the catalyst that can solve the problems of the black community as well as the whole ills of humanity itself. If poor uneducated black children in the hood can create a musical form that has developed its own culture & has influenced the whole planet of modern & civilized nations. Why can’t a new world order stem from it’s womb? Not the world order planned by the powers that be that is based on the domination of religion & one particular race but a new world order that represents true freedom,justice & equality not based on religion or racial preference. Just like rap music or hip hop culture itself. Hip Hop is African, it is Japanese, it is European,it is South American.       Brothers & sisters those of us born in the U.S.A. with African origins have been lost from home for over 300 years. We are not Africans, we are not Hebrew Israelites, we are the new world order. We will always remember & honor our parents but we are not them,this is another time & another day. If we can create a music as powerful as rap,why can’t we create a new identity that is based upon who we are today? We create now our own fashions,so why must we try to look like past Africans to prove we’re black? Why must we speak Arabic in order to believe we are getting closer to our blackness,when we can revise English or make a language nobody has never heard before? We did it during slavery & we done it in hip hop!    We can respect the great & rich history of our forefathers but now we have the talent & the wisdom to begin a brand new era that can surpass anything our ancestors or the racist European caucasion peoples have done but we’ll not poison the earth,harm other life as well as respect all other humanity on this planet. Hip Hop culture is a sign Blackman in America that you are capable if you wake up out of your sleep to build a brand new civilization the history of humanity has never seen.And humanity is waiting on us,we are the answer to our own prayers for world peace & love.Look how all the masses of humanity have been influenced by you from talking over a song.If you wake up to who you really are they’ll also even the caucasion peoples will begin to revolve around us like they are a planet to a sun,as you are the light & light brings life.    The planet has suffered great ill & death for over 6000 years,should it not be justice that the people of whom was given an almost eternal death be the one to bring into being a new civilization that brings life. Obama is a sign that caucasions & all humanity can now accept a person of color in a position of rulership but Obama is not your President,he is theirs & they represent the old way of doing things.Brother Farrakhan was correct in that Obama was in some way a sign of the coming of the messiah but that Messiah is not one person nor is God one person.Then brother you maybe asking ,well who is God,who is the Messiah? God is not a spirit,God is not a man, God is not a it,she or he. God is a men plural,God is a WE & WE are the messiah.We are the ones that all the others have been looking for cause,we paid the high price of over 300 years of suffering & murder that no one else has done or experienced. You can’t speak from my point of view cause you haven’t experienced what I’ve experienced & out of that experience is what has been presented here. Being ignored,being oppressed being a nothing created rap music a form of self expression that now is being expressed by the whole world.      I have much respect for Brother Obama but he can’t be president for this new nation of hip hop culture if anybody is president its Jay-Z & the first lady is Beyonce’ and I am telling you he is ready.Beyonce is ready.Sean Combs is ready they are running around being bored cause they’ve really accomplished this limited dream of being an entertainer.Rap music & hip hop culture makes us now to seek new ground & that ground should be world domination not domination based in some religious teachings but the same love that makes us of all races run to hear LL Cool J. You are more than fashion,you & I are world leaders ready to explore new territory like those who claim they took a chance & went into space landing on the moon. Brothers & sisters it is your time,your & my time to shine.Not only just to land on some moon but make cities upon it & conquer the universe! This is nothing far fetched this is something very real.       If the European fresh from living in caves in cold Europe didn’t think like this they would never have become the world power they’ve become today but now beloved it is your turn. Think about it! You wanted something new,well here it is! You wanted real leadership,common purpose & goal,well here it is! The only thing stopping us now is ourselves. Grab you a forty & think about it ( smile )How long will we continue to be satisfied with being dependent upon others,like in ScarFace.The World is Yours! Thanks for listening & never forget your ancestors. I am Brother Taalik this is the Reality’s Temple on Earth. Peace 4 ever & always. RespectU.