SARA SUTEN SETI cancels great debate with Dr. WESLEY MUHAMMAD

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Hip Hop Nation the builders of a new Civilization SARA  SUTEN SET cancels great debate with Dr. WESLEY MUHAMMAD ....and the BLACKWOMAN made MAN This WORLD has made SEX very,very, NASTY Misery loves company in the BLACK Community  Brother Taalik SPEAKS !!! DARK  EUROPEANS calling themselves BLACK PEOPLE The Blackman GOD of the UNIVERSE ....understanding the WHITEMAN'S HISTORY Brother Taalik SPEAKS!!!## 2 GREAT REWARD 4 Black People MICHAEL JACKSON dies at age 50 Brother Taalik Speaks ## 3 MESSAGE  2 SARA SUTEN SETI Michael Jackson his Life & Times a GLOBAL ICON The Moorish American- A Brief History Being Sicilan & What I Think About GOD WHY  I DO NOT SUPPORT GLOBAL AFRICAN SUPREMACY The UnderCover Racist called KKILO34 The TROUBLEMAKER called Sara Suten Seti SUICIDE NOTE of a DOMESTIC TERRORIST The INTERRACIAL & HOMOSEXUAL in Black Liberation Is a RACE WAR Coming ? JEWS & The Black Holocaust

June 16, 2009

SARA SUTEN SETI, cancels great debate : An opinion by his Divine Masculine Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn’rad of the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      May I first say that I have much respect & admiration for this brother Seti as he is very intelligent & articulate young man.The ancient ones should be very proud in that this brother represents them so well & refuses to allow their memory to die.I am not familiar with this brother of whom he was to debate with nevertheless on Seti’s part I believe it was wise that he did cancel such scheduled appearance as the situation had grown out of control,whereas blackmen of whom they claim are dedicated to the upliftment of blackmen & our communities are now so at odds due to the difference of doctorinal opinions that they are setting the environment up to cause the deaths of the very blackmen they claim they wish to save & raise up from mental death.       It is very shocking when reading thru the comments on Seti’s vid of where he is cancelling this debate the hatred and anger one Blackman has towards another. We never see this hatred & anger towards KKK members that have lynched,tar & feathered,castrated blackmen nor do we see this towards corrupt police and other unjust sections ruled by the racist caucasions,however we gain great bravery when it comes to threatening and will actually carry out the murder of another Blackman and this comes from so called lovers of black people so if they ever begin to hate blacks then what can we expect?        It puzzles my mind that the human being’s mind is so warped that it doesn’t have the capacity to learn from other’s mistake,so teenage pregnancy is passed on,smoking is passed,on drug use & drinking liquor is passed on etc. we know the detrimental results but act in kind then have the nerve to complain. We could easily fit this drama into the conflict that caused the death of Malcolm X in 1965 or is this still 1965 cause it is amazing that folks of 2009 who were told about 1965 still continue behaviors that lead to the murder of one of our greatest soldiers.       Blackmen in the USA are considered nothing & now many blackwomen call them nothing even thou the women are part of a people as a whole considered nothings the clowns & court jesters of the world offering nothing but entertainment.So since blackmen are nothing they become extremely jealous of looking at a Malcolm getting so much attention especially from their leader of whom they would give their life for.Jealousy is at the root for hatred towards Malcolm and even thou the Quran teaches about jealousy these men ignore the book they claim they believe in cause they still feel they are nothings.Malcolm is on their team but they foam at the mouth for the attention as they believe attention will make the nothing into a something at the same time they have not done the WORK Malcolm has done nor do they have his talents.       What are we debating about Seti & this other brother? Are we debating about the wisdom we have discovered or are we really seeking FAME & FORTUNE cause I come from a people who are nothing and I wish to be something or somebody? We could not be debating about black knowledge cause black wisdom will not cause black anger & death,however a personal agenda hiding behind black wisdom will do such.Black wisdom brings life to our people of whom have become lost deaf,dumb & blind confused in a NATION of CHAOS.Personal agendas due to the need for self gratification will cause death & destruction cause it is hiding behind black wisdom to secure personal want. I am SMARTER than you NIGGA!!! If ya’ll niggas are so smart why is Malcolm in a coffin but ya’ll claim love for black people and black people loved this man,why would ya’ll kill the one those you claim you love did love? Foolish,silly & childish cause of jealousy.       In 2009 we have many Nation of Islam factions the most known lead by Louis Farrakhan and they all claim to love black people but so full of jealousy and hate they are all born of Elijah Muhammad that they can’t even get along at any moment ready to kill each other,what the hell is the matter with ya’ll? Those that claim to be the most awakened seem to be the ones who have a more capacity of murdering black people.It is no surprise to me that we rarely hear about the KKK or any other racist organizations killing black folks cause they are tripping off of how we are doing a good job killing ourselves.Our murder of each other has put the Klan out of business and they stand in the unemployment lines cause foolish,jealous full of envy negro wannabees have taken over the job of terrorizing black people.     Many so called Hebrew Israelites stand on corners in our major cities cursing & wishing death on blackwomen & will also murder black people as many have been jailed for committing terrorism in black communities trying to force blacks to become what they are,surely it is MADDNESS! So persons come to me & say brother I told you black people will never unify cause if the so called conscience brothers & sisters behave in this manner then what do we expect from our people still living in the grave suffering mental death.First of all just because these folks holla about Africa,or Hebrew or other black connection doesn’t mean they are awake.If you visit a funeral home or the morgue you may find many corpses with their eyes open does it mean they can see,does it mean they are alive?        Even going back to the time of 1965,we had many brothers & sisters that claim to be awakened but their actions shown they were still dead.This is not to say what was taught could not bring life but unfortunately the receiver of such wisdom was not able to control his or her own personal emotions and allowed such wisdom to become tainted thus the conclusion is today we have intelligent zombies,their works even talk continue to bring death & chaos even worse…I said even worse than what the slavemaster had done cause they believe they are alive just cause their eyes have been opened.Open eyes do not mean one is alive,so yes these brothers carry a message to cause the dead to be raised from the grave but unfortunately due to jealousy,envy,hatred etc. they themselves are also one of the dead & they may speak all the pretty words they wish as only another dead person would be impressed,those of us who are truly awakened can only see of how we are going to bury the corpse before it begins to stench.      Why are black people debating one another,what are you trying to prove? As the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us there is no need for debates show us your works.How many jobs have ya’ll brothers created? How many schools have you built?Have you formed your own military ? How much land have ya’ll bought,where is your cows,chickens & farmlands,where is your friendships & connections to foreign governments,where is the money with the blackman’s face on it and I could go on & on,if we are not causing this type of activity and debate doesn’t cause this result then it is nothing but grandstanding and another form of entertainment & of course entertainment is what negroes is best known for besides sexual exploitation and I guess after the debate ya’ll find some women to sleep with as they are nothing and will feel like something sleeping with such great debaters of whom at the end of the day still citizens of the United States and better obey the laws of this racist caucasion devil or suffer dire consequences cause this whiteman will show you how to murder,hate & kill for real.        How pitiful & a disgrace to the memory of your ancestors in that you have become more haters & murderers of black people more than the racist devil himself & ya’ll should feel extreme shame. And why do you do this,cause of ego? Wanting to be something cause you are a NOBODY with NOTHING,king of having nothing all the while your oppressors rule the world and  you and me are still his bitch but being his bitch don’t make you upset enough to challenge him and even if you do you set yourself up for suicide cause your murdering heart is nothing compared to his and he has never claimed love for you but you kill blacks & claim you love them only if they agree with them pretending to be Africans or Hebrew Israelites or a new form of Arabs.        This is why I call us Dark Europeans calling themselves black as being black as I’ve known it represents self love,independence & justice and could not hurt the ones they love but a dark European has no problem killing black people as they have dark skin but no love for black people just like the racist European whiteman. All over YouTube I find blacks claiming they love black people but they are cussing blacks out,threatening blackwomen and other insulting remarks.So yes I do agree that for dark Europeans calling themselves black UNITY is impossible but for those who have become true black people unity is not only possible but a Reality,so which one are you? There is no doubt our brother made the right decision to cancel this debate as it only gives us reason to hate & murder cause the one that we really need to be debating is the policies of our oppressor and these Dark Europeans that embrace them being comfortable being a voluntary slave,wishing us to continue to build this NATION that has never apologized for slavery or shown us any true respect as well as greedy not willing to share the wealth & opportunity 300 years of free slave labor & 100 years of underpaid labor did earn.Brothers & sisters the tools for us to become black have been given to us,let us reject jealousy & envy and move on to do not what is best for an individual or organization but what is best for WE as a people. Thanx 4 listening,RespectU