.....and the BLACKWOMAN made MAN

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June 16, 2009

Blackwoman created MEN a conversation with Brother Taalik Ibn’rad, AdMinister for the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      Two things in fact actually three things caused me to think about this subject. I listened to a female black person speak great pride that she has no problem in accepting her place and allow her husband to be the King & head of household.Why does she feel that is her place being second to a man. Is he given the position of head of household simply because he is male and has a penis? What does he do or have done to garner this position held over family? What is he doing that you are unable to do? This may sound like a feminist speaking but please allow me to continue. I was watching a program discussing biology and it was said that the penis is actually a complex primitive vagina,at one time it was a vagina. If this is true then we should question our being taught that women are a rib of some man or that men were created first cause this tells us that the penis is something formed from the vagina meaning first being a vagina there would be no penis,so how could men be first?         Within the men’s movement there is a word called Mangina used to degrade or make mockery of men with female like qualities or support feminists,at the same time since they are ignorant of biology they do not realize their penis is a primitive vagina so don’t that also make them a Mangina as your penis is really another form of the vagina. I also was thinking about what a historian once said in that at one time women were not as fragile as they are today,the ancient Amazonian Women are example of this,they were very strong women physically as any man & great warriors. Since men control or have destroyed certain information during their conquest of the world they ignore the existence of such great women in history. The logical conclusion is that it is impossible for man to be created first as he doesn’t have the means to reproduce,he can come from a woman but a woman can’t come from him so this story about a God is needed to place the woman into an inferior position so that he may become ruler & dominate her.      This subject is deep so please bare with me but I am going to just place a little something on your mind. If you notice the Devil or Satan is never painted as a female always a male,why is this ? God is the giver of life all from the womb of his mind or universe as the Bible teaches however men can take life they can aid in the creation of life but only a woman has a womb that can bring life into existence,she has the power to feed life and cause life to grow but men can only abort life,they can help feed life once it is created they can not carry life. Women mature quicker than men and do not behave in a childish manner within the longest period,the prisons are filled with men not women and this that women filling jails are a recent issue,why? It is no shock to me that due to male supremacy that women have been placed into an inferior role because the men in power know it is not them the closest to God or this universe it is women.       If we believe in the Bible what human is ruling the world ? It is the male,who is the one guiding the other towards sin,it is the men making the woman sin not the other way around. What makes women the weaker sex cause men said so? What do women do weak,they are physically but who are the vast majority of sinners & criminals if this world is corrupt who is running it,men or women of course nowadays we have some token women & blacks in leadership positions but it is caucasion males that rule this world. This brings me to the whys these caucasion men took their support from Hillary Clinton as under this understanding it is clear these men who wish the male to remain dominate found it better to get behind a black male rather than a female as the white female is second of being hated next to blacks being number one.       The white male has never seen his female as an equal she is nothing but a tool of exploitation,why because she is the real Adam. Now I know of why there is hate for black people but so much hate from black males especially cause they know she is the special one,she not some man is closest to God or the universe.The Blackman has failed her and she has made it on her own.So now this Blackman is angry in that he is being placed into the inferior position that all women were placed in for thousands of years cause he also has fallen for this lie that just because he is a male he is suppose to be ruler of the home but in reality the woman created him to be her help mate as a man can not produce a woman but she can make a man.      Women across the world fill the churches,temples and other places of worship more than men,why is this? It is because if the woman is not God she is closer to God than man as she contains more of his attributes and an image of the universe itself being able to bring forth life and evolve & change that life. Who really wants to be like who? If you study even if we watch today the MAN always wants to be like a woman,he likes to dress like her,make up like her,wear his hair like her,wear ear rings like her,we do not see women wanting to be like men even in homosexuality the man takes on the role of the female.This is because the woman is the origins of human life and there is a need to want to return back to where one was born and that is to the womb,back to the woman the closest you are going to get to the universe itself.      Women have no problem with living without men but men go crazy if women reject them.Until recently we did not see women chasing men or wishing to see them strip and act like females as women’s minds are very spiritual since men do not have a womb or connection to the universe their minds are focused on physical & material things so women are only sexual objects and tools for exploitation.This rulership of men is filled with this and they are willing to murder and do other atrocities in seeking these physical things.Tina Turner was abused by Ike but she sought spiritual relief and that caused her soul to seek another plane that eventually made her become a greater star than she was,while Ike being the man refusing to seek higher spiritual thinking stayed the norm and died as he lived.       So men have realized the power of women and their connection to God or the universe so due to jealousy as they do not know their place.Men have used fear and other forms of intimidation as well as tricknology in the form of religious teachings to place him in the position nature given to women as he is angry that he is the real Eve mentioned in the Bible. Just like the Bible & other religious teachings was used to justify slavery and making people of color inferior the first attack by both white and black men was upon women.The man in the Bible is the real Eve & the woman is the real Adam men switched their positions so men could favor God or being more close to creation.       Men have embarked on a campaign to change the nature of women to make it seems she is like him but a woman is not,a woman is not a destroyer she is a giver of life and she causes life to flourish. MEN due to jealousy like to see her sliding down poles and shaking ass in booty shorts,the countless practice of nasty acts in pornography to blind her and even men to whom she really are.When I was locked up a whitewoman wanted to help me I could tell cause she knew I was not what was told of me but MEN influenced her causing her to ignore her maternal feelings of caring for life,since men can’t bring life they have no maternal feelings so as we see it is easy for them to abandon their flesh & blood with no guilty conscience. Women are ignorant to their connection to the universe & listen to these lies issued by men in order to keep them in control.     So what is your place woman,your place in the natural world is the top rung within this universe and your place is by a man’s side not second to him and you can be head of household just as well as he is,you have proven you can do the job.We should not be concerned with crying ass jealous men who want to be in leadership but have nothing to offer except I am male & have a penis.If a man wants to be the true head of household bring something to the table the woman can’t but the reason why so many men are whining cause they can’t and its embarrassing in this world when a woman out performs a man,but this is fine with me cause my woman is not my enemy she is my lover,family & teammate.We are equal & in this life together she helps me become one with the universe.