This WORLD has made SEX very,very, NASTY

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June 16,2009

SEX  is  Over Rated a talk with his Divine Masculine Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn’rad for the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      Nothing to do with the subject matter but it is sad when your words of peace are attacked.Those that have become my enemy for no known reason except difference of opinion have become so sick in the mind that you can not even offer them peace.I am not those past racist caucasions who claimed to come in peace smiled in the face of native peoples & then stole their lands destroying their way of life almost making them become extinct. Barrack Obama represents a nation like this and to my knowledge has never offered an apology to these native persons nor to the Africans this nation enslaved & enjoyed free human labor for over 300 years.      And yet those who question my words of peace are patriotic & loyal to this nation that has caused great havoc & murder among the human family. I have never harmed another human being in my life.The last physical fight I ever had was in the 10th grade forced to defend myself from a young man just determined for some reason or another to make me an example.I have NO criminal record, I do not smoke or drink. I am no longer a believer in God but I firmly believe in some form of what is called morality but yet my peace is mocked or questioned. I have done no evil to no one but yet some have decided to actually hate me.     Hate me for what? Hate me cause I suggest to black people to question these caucasions in power and I defend my black females from attack from brothers who have become mentally ill as a MAN must be sick in order to attack the female who is the mother of his society,his only means to enter the future and connect with the creation regardless to what condition you may find her as her condition reflects the male’s sorriful condition & his refusal or inability to protect her from the influences that caused her to become what he is complaining about.     So when persons bring you hate when you offer them peace having done nothing to them these individuals with no doubt have become sick and should be considered extremely dangerous.Such individuals may in fact look like blackmen or women but they are not your or my brothers & sisters. They have become filled with rage due to our rejection of an agenda to blame blackwomen for the ills of the black community,something that is false & I and any person in their right mind can not accept cause at the root is racism and the struggle to survive in a society designed to keep the dark peoples in a submissive position by any means necessary and one method is to place on purpose the blackwoman in a superior role so that conflict may arise between her and her man.      The man is taught he is the protector something he has not done since being brought to these shores and provider of the family also something he lacks as his income is shrinking and his females are rising,he is taught to become the dominate one but conflict arises cause this female is placed into a position she is quite capable of doing things herself and she refuses to submit to the authority this male believes he has a right to by nature.Even thou he offers the female no protection from foreign influence as well as his able to provide is now in question,regardless whether or not he fulfills his role as given to him by males who have become dominate over females. He becomes angry at the female cause she refuses to submit to males that have no power,offer no protection,males that depend on the whiteman for his own existence and allow these same whites who have shown hatred for his dark skin allow these to determine his future and control his very thoughts.       These males such as this have become enemies of the black community at the same time claim to want the best for our community but have an obsession with wanting blackwomen to be held accountable for their actions of exposing how weak this Blackman has become and instead of accepting his faults and working on that which has made him weak these blackmen choose to shun their own accountability to wishing to make public the faults of blackwomen.They have an obsession with equal opportunity finger pointing. This is sick and sad as they have become just as ignorant and mentally ill even worse than the blackwomen they complain about.     Above all for grown men and women all of it is very infantile & childish but many have found it quite entertaining to watch ignorant people at war,Maury Povich has dedicated over 90% of his show to bringing this foolishness to the small screen and many tune in to watch how immoral & foolish we’ve become.Clowns & court jesters of the world. YouTube videos about this sillyness gets thousands of views and like the Maury Povich show these ignorant persons both male and female enjoy the back & forth bickering and senseless debating both sides refusing to accept the root cause that root cause of living in a racist society and offering no solutions at all except for men women should submit to them regardless if they are or are not fulfilling the role men not women gave to themselves.So with no doubt these men who have dropped so low to attack the mothers of their communities as well as attack the offerings of peace from those that have never brought them harm are dangerous individuals and enemies of the black community.      Of which brings me to the subject of this video and apparently one of the reasons of why these young mostly black males are upset about is that this conflict has caused them to have problems getting sex from the females, duh! If we know that a racist society has caused this problem among us,if the male is wise.Why shouldn’t he humble himself to his females and be proud of her and her achievements if she is the breadwinner who cares we all are eating the bread,our family is being taken care of.Money don’t make you a man,you still can offer her protection and stabilize the family unit,you don’t have to earn the money in order to be able to control what is happening within the family unit.      The nature of women is to submit to her protector,to submit to strength & wisdom when a male shows her these things no matter how much money she is earning she will back away and allow her MAN to handle things in fact say with great pride my MAN got this! This is not a myth this is a reality as a wise female also understands the role of racism and will not allow the enemy to influence her mind and divide her family.Men must stop tripping on these traditional roles they believe they are to be as these roles even for whitemen have changed as usually we know that it basically takes two incomes now to raise a family,we should stop being so foolish and silly give that woman her respect for earning her share of income and brothers you’ll get more sex with no doubt the subject of this video.      It is really sad but it is also good that we are obsessed with what is known as sexual intercourse that usually being the male penis entering the female’s vagina. What is sad is that this act of sex has become painted as a vile and nasty thing painted into some sort of demented monster that is used only for pleasure seeking and within this society countless books,videos,movies as well as pornography is dedicated to this subject matter.Men and women talk about the sex act everyday. It is amazing to me that placing a penis into a vagina brings so much adulation & sparks so much joy. Of course what we call sex that is not sex as sexual intercourse is designed for the reproduction of a species.If the penis is not made to go within the vagina we DO NOT have sexual intercourse.During the act nature tricks the male and female by giving them temporary pleasure just long enough sperm may be transferred to the female in order that another life be created.      You are not having sex by sucking the penis,licking the vagina or placing the penis into the anus or using some made up rubber shaped penis going into a vagina as the result will not produce life and the so called pleasure is manufactured not real but due to our having simple minds,minds that are still immature and actually below the level of animals we believe we are getting pleasure from demeaning,degrading and vile acts this is because in this society sex is made to become a dirty thing and it is done in excess. Even in beasts,animals are not obsessed with the sex act they do what must be done and then wait for the next breeding period.We do not see animals obsessed with sex cause they know the result will produce life and then the adults life is over cause now they are dedicated to make sure this life sex has produced reaches adult hood and given the skills needed for survival of which people have not learned this lesson as countless children do not have sufficient parents and not given the skills needed in order to survive thus we see great chaos in society and criminal behaviors.      Sexual intercourse is natural for us it is a beautiful activity between the male & female if not looked upon in such a filthy manner as it has been painted within society. It is described in two forms just having sex or making love.Please excuse my words cause I wish to make a difference,having sex is also known as fucking.What is fucking? Fucking basically is just persons looking for the pleasure that comes with the act of sexual intercourse but this pleasure is very fleeting and for some it becomes like an addiction caused by drug use or drinking liquor.Fucking only purpose is pleasure seeking so licking vagina,sucking penis,the use of machines and so forth trying to find as many positions as possible being acrobats is part of fucking.       Just like using drugs or drinking alcohol the feeling is very temporary and the so called pleasure is not real it is delusional so we must indulge over & over& over again.This obsession with fucking doesn’t come without risk.There are many diseases waiting to get on the act & some diseases will cause death.So instead of creating life fucking can cause death. Fucking also creates health problems that society doesn’t like to speak of as the penis is not meant to be sucked.After time the penis will begin to suffer problems like erectile dysfunction as well as problems with the urinary tract also excessive ejaculations will bring disease to the prostate gland and prostate cancer is a big killer of blackmen but I guess well worth the so called pleasure.      The vagina is not meant to be licked,the protective fluids are taken away causing yeast infections,opening up the vagina for attack by many microorganisms in the end pleasure seeking is not so pleasureable after all when we end up in these health clinics or the surgeon’s table.The anus is not designed for something to be entered it is the bodies exit point for excrement.Objects placed into the anus over time will cause the loosening of the muscles in the anus and soon the victim will have problems holding his feces or worse,all in the name of pleasure and this is a fucking shame we are so dumb even animals look at how stupid we are.     So really in a nutshell..sorry for the pun ( smile ) Fucking is not good for us but for many it is worth the risk.Fucking also is the reason why some become perverted and seek little children or bring thoughts of rape.May I remind us that men aren’t the only one who rapes.Some women have been known to rape men,this I know from my own experience in that a woman almost raped me,if it wasn’t for the fact I could over power her it was a done deal.Some men may find it attractive wanting a woman to rape them but if it is unwanted solicitation for a man it is just as bad,may I also add that women also abuse and beat men,Such is not the norm but does happen many men are embarrassed and don’t report it.Many men will not hit a woman so some women will take advantage of it and become the rapist or abuser. Again,the results of fucking brings us more harm than good.      I am now going to bring this to its conclusion by speaking on the form of sexual intercourse called MAKING LOVE. Love making may be enjoyed by married couples or single persons that should be married.I am not the morality sheriff it is not for me to judge if folks need to be married however making love requires a factor that lacks in fucking and that is what is called love.There is nothing like love it is almost undescribable. I remember my first feelings of love it was when I was about in the 2nd or 3rd grade and the female I was attracted to was Ida White. Ida if you are out there you know you had and probably still got it going on. Something about this young lady just made me go bonkers.Her physical make up,her glasses,her voice,her presence makes my heart just get to racing,makes you just want to be an all around nice guy but unfortunately Ida didn’t feel the same.She moved away and the next time I saw her was being a junior in high school and the feelings returned again Ida was friendly but did not share the same feelings as she was attracted to the local jock all the while I was the local nerd but this did not stop love and it was still a wonderful feeling. I never as they say hated on the guy that Ida fell in love with a jock and he also was the Mayor’s son.I wish her the best.     When we factor love into sexual intercourse it brings a whole new dimension into play cause love makes us to wish to share and care about the other person all the while fucking is basically selfish.Lovemaking makes us over look our partner’s faults we do not care about penis size,breast size,we are patient with each others ability to pleasure and in some cases we deny our own pleasures so our partners may be happy and in these things for a long time women have denied themselves cause their love for their man was more important than temporary pleasure in the bedroom even if it is indeed making love instead of fucking.Until recently women have the ability to ignore such a trivial things as sexual pleasure but as the increase of inequality and male oppression have increased out of anger women now rise to speak about what they seek and demand from men in the bedroom & many men can not live up to this macho image they themselves created.     In most mammals the sexual intercourse is not very long and it takes a lot of energy away from the male leaving them exhausted,this large lost of energy is the reason of why many men wish to fall asleep after sexual intercourse but pornography and general male macho baloney makes men now seek drugs and other pills in order to live up to these high expectations of which is not normal in male mammals this again the result is disease of the penis of which now causes a brand new set of problems.Never the less if things are done correctly making love brings us into a realm way beyond just the seeking of pleasure & when life is born from love making that child has a much better chance of being more mentally stable and having two parents.     Fucking produces unstable children usually with one parent the child’s ability to survive and become productive is much more in jeopardy but all props must be given to some blackwomen that even thou they have become forced to raise both male & female babies alone,many due to being unselfish produce very good offspring and this is what angers many men cause they have been taught a woman needs a man and she should tolerate his foolishness or selfishness just to have one and the woman has said I think not and proven I can very well make it without you sir.We can fuck sometimes as I may wish for a child but I really don’t need you as I am going to be a woman and enjoy this life I’ve been blessed with,with you or without you.I personally would rather be with her as I could only become stronger with combing with another source of strength.It is a myth to call women the weaker sex when we see men unable to raise children alone least to say go crazy when women reject them or break up with them many MEN killing the woman & themselves.     So where is this women weak crap is coming from.It comes from a male dominated society designed to give males some sort of edge over females.And women are denied true equality due to the fear they will prove all these things to be nothing but lies done like racism was designed to keep whitemen in power,these myths mostly taught within religious belief systems designed to control and keep males as the dominate gender.Unfortunately like racism the time is up if it were not a male would not be writing about it,coming to this conclusion himself without the influence of no doctorine or religious belief system.The dark peoples of the earth have been crushed and women have been crushed but TRUTH crushed to the earth will rise again.     The Blackman must understand it is his time to rise but such rise can not happen unless he is opposite of what his oppressor was he must uplift blackwomen and women in general or the Blackman will become stunted of what we see today,when we grab the hands of our women as true equals we will begin to rise like never before in the history of humanity,all women must also be allowed to take this journey as women Blackman is a source of great strength this is also their time,all that macho madness should be forgotten and thrown out the window or placed into a dumpster.Now to bring this to my conclusion.It is natural for us to seek sex,look at the anger you get from these women bashers due to the difficulty or inability to get sex,preferably from the female cause they know any other form of sex is not REAL sex,the woman has enormous power and influence but really don’t know or how to use it.I suggest that many of you sisters listen to other women talking about the power of your VAGINA & this is coming from a male cause when you understand your power and have the ability to use it,such can only better the males.       So in our talk we find the best sexual intercourse is that combined with love a factor many men also are angry about as they do not feel loved,they know there is no better feeling than that of being loved by a woman.I was taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that a man doesn’t look good until he looks good in the eyes of a woman so even thou I do care about how men view me it is not important as having the approval of women as Elijah knew even then where the real power was but he concentrated on MEN cause men lacked so far behind and even today have a long way being on the same spiritual level with women,this is why male domination is important to men to give them a false sense of being equal to women.Men are more inclined to the physical whereas women are more mental more spiritual and the reason for this is because they have a womb,their womb gives them connection to the dark womb of the universe the creators of life.Men can help but can not bring or produce life,so men have become destroyers while women are caregivers.      Bringing this to conclusion again, sexual intercourse is a wonderful activity especially if we have found love but did you know you can have sexual intercourse without having a physical penis or vagina? Unlike the animals the human being has been blessed with an amazing brain of which the capabilities are unimaginable this brain is capable of connecting to that which created it and that is the womb of dark space.Our brains are like the penis..just listen to me a second as there is nothing spooky or fictional about this.Try this for me and you’ll experience sex again for the first time. Just take a little time and go outside in the dark if you have a loved one take them with you.Just look into the sky and allow all the thoughts of living this life fade into the background.Allow your brain of which is the penis to penetrate the vagina or womb of space let your thoughts fade away and let the eyes and brain focus on the dark void of space.The darkness of space is endless but don’t you know your brain can comprehend it all? As you allow your mind to relax your brain is like the actions of the penis thrusting deep into the womb carry sperm and the sperm of the mind is simply curiosity.      When that curiousity meets with the egg of the universe it will manifest itself with the birth of a human child that will cause the answer to what you were curious about into our reality,this is incredible & amazing when you think about it & while you mediate and allow your mind to connect with this universe that brought you into existence you will experience a spiritual or mental orgasm much like what is felt in the physical sexual experience and tears will fall from your eyes as you’ve felt a bit of the connection that is the womb,the womb that all of us came from that is why men should not mistreat women but honor them as they are the womb that will make manifest into reality the picture of what you desire as your brain connects to the endless expansion of our reality known as space and we have placed time upon.      The reason of why human beings have not advanced like they should is due to obsession and degradation of the sexual act as well as the exploitation of women the males’s only vessel to production of self as well as his connection to a higher levels of understanding and the womb of the universe itself.Thanks for listening to these few words of where I hope may bring us into a better understanding of our reality.RespectU