Misery loves Company in the BLACK Community

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June 16,2009

Misery loves Company a conversation with Brother Taalik Ibn’rad,AdMinister for the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      YouTube I must admit is a very exciting place to complain & run your mouth regardless if you do or don’t show your face. It is wonderful because it allows the world to see just how ignorant or intelligent a certain group of persons are,we who are dark Europeans calling ourselves black ( no disrespect to those who are black striving to reach higher ) unfortunately are represented on YouTube by the mass majority our ignorant persons as our intellects do not post videos,our leaders do not post videos,this is because their energy is focused on action in solving & finding the cause of the ills that plague the community. I myself when my library is complete to my satisfaction will also stop posting videos leaving the channel up only as a reference for those I communicate with in the streets,the neighborhood and the goal is the nation filled with our people.      Ignorant people do not like listening to ignorant people watching these videos are entertainment as in today’s society ignorance is entertaining thus we have the success of shows like Maury,Tyra,even court shows as people have no idea of how to be mannerable in a court of law.For me this is not entertainment it brings tears to my eyes cause many do not realize they are ignorant they believe in fact they hold some degree of intelligence & believe the laughs they get are some form of approval.YouTube in & of itself can be a useful tool in this battle to awaken the masses but like all things there is nothing like hands on.There is nothing like having a teacher in person rather than thru a computer screen.So YouTube is limited in being able to show my full humanity this is why I have made videos like SMOKY or a parody of Jiggaman Bang to show another side as life should not be taken so serious and we should enjoy it no matter how harsh it may get sometimes.       To say or call people ignorant is not making mockery of them or trying to shame or belittle people it simply means they do not know they lack knowledge.The reason of why I was locked up 10 years was because I was ignorant. I mean I have always been able to read & write pretty well & self taught on many subjects but I was ignorant of psychiatry & the law so my ignorance caused me great suffering.When I obtained knowledge it brought me freedom & relief. YouTube is full of folks that complain but are ignorant cause if they were not they would not complain as they’ve found knowledge and knowledge brings freedom & relief and this I bare witness to cause I lived and continue to live it. I do not blame white people or other blacks or society or anything for my ills as I have the power to change my condition if I have correct knowledge & confidence in myself.      So this brings me to say that some of us have lost hope we are tired of searching for solutions we have become comfortable in our ignorance,have become satisfied in either physical or mental imprisonment and these with shackles upon their feet come to my page to bring this feeling of giving up to me in hopes that I’d also join this group of losers as misery loves company. I am nothing I have no solutions to offer,I accept I can’t change nothing,we are losers so please accept that reality.That is the reality of those I left behind shaking & spilling feces upon themselves in a mental facility or perhaps those learning without being able to read & write life is very tough but such is not my reality. The Reality’s Temple may not be your reality cause in this reality it represents those who refuse to believe dark Europeans calling themselves black will always be ignorant and tool to be used by others,something to be made mockery of and laughed at.    The enemies of black people & some silly blacks wish that we give up on ourselves cause they fear the incredible success blacks will achieve once they break out of this mental bondage holding them back.I went to court over 4 times before I got free,each time I failed my enemies laughed & made fun of me and they increased their oppression. My enemies came to me and say just like many of ya’ll do.Why don’t you just give up son,we run this without us you are nothing if you don’t submit to what we want.We’ll make sure you’ll die in here.I felt hopeless,I felt depressed,I felt fear just like many of you do.I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel I could see however my body being placed in a bag like I saw many patients before me.I could see death not life but the odd thing in all of this was a so called mental patient locked up by her own mother came to me & said I wanna hang with you..I said why? She said cause you are a winner..winner ? I told her a winner of what,you see where I am.       Now just check this out..here is a so called mental patient this woman has lost her children,she was poisoned with heroin by an ex-boyfriend her & her child placed in a mental facility with murderers,rapists,pedophiles some of the worst of humanity she comes to me and calls me a winner,why? She says cause you are the only one fighting these people back,she says she watches me go to the library and write for hours she says they want you to give up cause they know if you keep going you’re going to beat them and this is coming from a so called mental patient Here ya’ll are free in society with access to more things than an inmate but you come on YouTube with all this hopelessness,doom & gloom talking about accept it,this is reality.Reality begins with self if self is locked up & hopeless how in the hell can you inspire others to seek better?        In conclusion,some fella that claims that he is bi-racial being half black & native American is angry because he wants to comment in this house hatred towards black peoples as he hates us.Why do you wish invitation into a house with persons you hate? We all know the problems in the black community it has been around for decades.What is your solution,what is the cause ? Are you part of that solution or part of the problem,why do you wish to bring troublemaking here.It is not my fault I can go upon these other folks pages & they can not defend their position,if you are weak why are you out here?You get angry at me cause you’ve never run into true intelligence as our intelligent people don’t use YouTube so all this foolishness is rampant but enjoy it cause its time is coming to an end as black people will show they are not that stupid when something better is offered.That better is now here.      It is insane that in 2009 this racist society has a firm grip including yours on the minds of our people and have so for over 300 years.It is foolish to believe that this very few handful of blacks attempting to awaken their people can cause a change overnight especially since those who believe they are awake fight amongst each other making solving a 300 year old diliema that much more difficult. It is also incredible that a person who claims that he is half black a people who have survived the most horrible terrorism ever to befall upon a people lasting over 300 years and half native American a people almost made extinct and treated also in a wicked manner would have the nerve to come to me and embarrass these people saying I should accept the reality that we are failures. When they are fighters & survivors.      I carry their blood and when my enemies told me to give up it is impossible then let me accomplish the impossible as what do I have to lose? It has already been determined I am to die in a nuthouse so even thou I see nowhere out,lets try.As you can see these words beam to you as I must have accomplished the impossible as there is no YouTube allowed in the nuthouse.For you it is impossible cause you haven’t tried or don’t know how to try and embarrassed to say I just don’t know. I would suggest to you to continue to enter the door of one who knows the way.One who knows the solution and the cause but first you must have faith & change yourself as my experience is just a sign that the impossible can be obtained. Making the impossible possible,you should of seen all these devils both black & white look so sad and in shock..noone was laughing. I didn’t even rub it in their face cause we should remain humble. I know shock and sadness is waiting for these niggas hating on blackwomen,those niggas who hate black people and above all to this racist American European caucasion fake ass people believing ya’ll got these niggas in check.  You’ll see the reality when these you thought will never awaken show you they are no longer sleep and folks don’t like to be awaken out of a sleep…need I say more ?