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June 16.2009

America  versus  Iran as told by Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibnrad for the Realitys Temple on EarthPeace 4 ever & always:                                      Last week President Obama sent out a video message to the leadership & citizens of the small country of Iran indicating to them that in some way contrary to what America has done in the past he wishes to reconcile & offer a new day of peace with mutual respect.The response from Iran was not to air his message on government controlled media & those in power there are wary of Mr. Obama. The leadership of Iran are not foolish like the late Saadam Hussien who isolated himself from his neighbors having no allies except the 3rd largest military that without an ally was nothing when over 10 armies are attacking them at one time.Irans leadership have relations with Russia as well as South America. The state of Israel had plans to attack Iran but it knows it cant handle the consequence alone so had to back off as it is a coward along with the U.S. who only jumps on small nations & islands that have no help or allies.     What type of mutual respect is Obama offering if he is asking another nation to deny itself nuclear power,regardless if it is for energy or defense? Who is America to determine who has nuclear capability or who doesnt? America is the only nation with nuclear capability that has used such for the purpose of killing human beings. During WW2 the Japanese surrendered in plenty of time before bombs like this would be dropped upon them.They knew America had the possibility of such threat & did not want to chance this horror on the people.The leadership of America wanted to see what this weapon would do in actual use so the order to drop bombs on Japan was continued.Even if we listened to the bloodthirsty leadership of America prior to the Iraq war they bragged about their new bombs & other technology,this was there opportunity to see them in actual use not just practice.      They found weapons of mass destructionthey didnt? Doesnt this make them a liar? In a court of law if one is found in perjury all of his testimony true or not is tossed out & criminal charges maybe charged against him or her. America has a history of being a liar,murderer & dishonest so why should Iran trust Obama? What makes Obama different from other past liars & murderers? I am sure they know Obama is nothing but a puppet the same kind of puppet that the man who ruled them placed there by the U.S. who was over thrown by the people of Iran during the Carter Administration. We should question who Obama really is,cause he definitely doesnt care about the interests of black people or middle class or poor whites.We would be silly not to believe he didnt know about these bonuses to executives,at the same time this issue is nothing cause he knows his being elected has pacified the masses,only a few handful are not going for the slick move.     Obama & other leadership know that Americans are porn addicts,drunkards,sex & dope fiends. Todays Americans are not like their forefathers who could not tolerate themselves being exploited quickly shouting give me liberty or give me death.They did not accept taxation without equal representation.These new Americans allowed a liar to use their babies for an unjust conflict & Obama the change fellow still has them there in fact moving them slowly from Iraq to Afghanistan,we should question what is so important about these two countries when human ill is all around the world. Iraq is oil..drugs & a key area to place a oil pipeline thru Afghan lands.America has proven itself not a humanitarian it doesnt do nothing unless it is getting some benefit.     Americas humanity is like the STDs they gave to poor southern blacks or forcing these young girls to take these cervical cancer vaccines that are killing them or making them sick. Before we call each other niggers & honkies or other infantile names,when we become sober perhaps we should investigate exactly what is Americas vital interest and are they interested in you or me or is that interest the interest accrued from bloodsucking us with high credit payments. Or is it interest in keeping those with financial power in control not only domestically but eventual world domination. I dont trust liars do you?    The Pope of the Catholic Church visits Africa as told by Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn’rad for the Reality’s Temple on EarthPeace 4 ever & always:                                       The questionable news media that is controlled by those who do not care about the general welfare of black peoples or dark Europeans suffice to say no American citizen at all reports that the Pope of Rome has just ended a visit to the continent of Africa in particular the country of Angola. The question arises of why this nation was chosen above many others. Here on YouTube we have certain persons that attempt to place those in Africa above those born in these Americas. I really don’t know why since it is clear with over a million Africans crying over the Pope they also have become a destroyed people.In fact even worse as they were not taken from their homelands having kept the knowledge of self but thru fear & intimidation being conquered they’ve adopted the ways of those who beaten them.      If Africa is so great why are so many running their ass to America & then African women who are used to being kicked in the ass meet pitiful dark European men bowing to them making them feel good about themselves when they are not worthy then he in turn condemn blackwomen born here cause some African that was used to suffering in some desert has taken a liken to him as he helps with their survival.They call themselves Africans but should know better in that this continent was re-named after it was conquered by Europeans & still are in fear of them.Having not the heart to challenge Europeans they’ve turned to prey upon themselves just like these silly dark Europeans calling themselves black also do,day in & day out.Afraid to face an enemy they know that caused them to become so pitiful nothing compared to your ancestors but then again your ancestors was beaten by them.    What are you doing in Africa Pope? Do you care about the people Pope? Question for you Pope? What was the church doing when Europeans were dropping bombs on African countries? It is called terrorism now cause folks are fighting against you,however when it is you alone doing the terrorizing then it is just bringing civilization to the savage. What was the church doing when in America they were practicing commercial black slavery & didn’t church believers own slaves as well as drop bombs upon African nations? The Pope is in Africa in order to see if it still has its grip upon the masses,with over one million in attendance the grip is mighty tight & the same can be said when these dark Europeans here in USA will also seek your divine guidance.It is amazing no other religious leader besides perhaps something in relation to so called Jews gets the media attention the Pope gets,why is this?     It is also amazing of how none of these Popes remind the masses not of a peaceful & loving church history but a history of murder & war.The church basically hired thugs to spread its doctorine by force then it went to war with other thugs trying to do the same thing resulting in what some called the Crusades.Church doctorine is not founded in any African religion it is a forced idea upon a conquered people just like these silly dark Europeans running around calling themselves black when they don’t have any idea of what it is.Many blacks were not even born when the term black came into use.Those upon the implementation of black were full of pride in self seeking self knowledge unity & independence they knew exactly who the enemy was & acted not talked about what must be done.       Those calling themselves black today are watered down versions of these and not worthy of being known as black.They are dark Europeans,black versions of caucasion peoples.This is why a Pope visit means something to them as they have no love for their ancestors & ignorant to basic history.Comfortable being a voluntary slave,comfortable saying they’ve faith in God but crying to Obama or this Pope a very sorriful people. This is why something new must be introduced as Africa itself must be renewed,they are destroyed.The key to upliftment is the awakening of this lost people in America,they have the potential & are the answer for this time.Having been thru worse than those called Africans they can bring the catalyst to open up a new world order not that planned by rich Europeans who support the Pope & Jewish interests but introduce that of which will bring all humanity under the roof of one rainbow.Everything is not what it appears.  American Citizens Are Stupid as told by Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibnrad of the Realitys Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      Is it fair to state that American citizens are stupid? When I was first incarcerated in a mental facility I was told I was crazy & needed to immediately start taking psychiatric drugs for an illness they didnt even know exist as they had only known me less than 24 hours.I was suppose to trust them cause they called themselves doctors & earned degrees from some questionable schools. Later I would question these doctors what school did they graduate as well as their place in class & all refused to reveal this info.The same doctors that wanted me to immediately take psycho drugs.I was shocked to see that others that followed me had no problem with taking these drugs based only on what these doctors said,very mind boggling. I also used to watch the Tonight Show starring Jay Leno of where hed be out in the streets asking the average American citizen basic history questions.Some of these individuals claimed to be teachers even lawyers & looked dumb not knowing basic American history or who holds the position of todays leadership.This is sad,but these are the same type of people that will claim to be so patriotic but have no idea what was the first capital of the United States.       The average American citizen is stupid cause they actually believe anything the media reports.They actually believe that the media is not government controlled. Even thou the United States government has been caught up in lie after lie they trust the leaders of the government.The government is like the courts,they all know one another and wash each others hands. I remember once when I first went to court.The lady that was fighting to keep me locked up had no shame she openly reminded the judge of some picnic they had attended together.With this knowledge I was verified what I had already suspected that they all were in alliance in fact I would later learn that the state representatives & other political figures always knew about what I was complaining about cause they wrote the laws that kept people for undetermined amounts of time so that jobs could be created for their districts.       It is honorable that wed give support for those who are willing to give their lives for our freedom,however we give our support to those who are supporting the questionable will & unjust actions of leadership that admits they are liars.In this we are stupid as we should give support to those soldiers not willing to be used as a tool for wicked intent.These are the real brave men & women those willing to carry out orders of evil persons deserve no salute.So called terrorism has befallen upon America cause it was the one who was the first terrorist.Was black commercial slavery in America terrorism? Did the slave work for happiness or were they terrorized in doing such & when the children of blacks misbehave they find out quickly that the justice system will show them exactly what type of citizenship they have.       Why are American citizens stupid? Americans are full of food fat & obese.Sit all day watching videos & playing video games listening to ignorant & filthy music.Violent movies & television full of immoral behaviors & other ill behaviors. A country full of drunks & dope fiends addicted to everything imaginable.Illiterate making no attempt at researching anything for self repeating what they saw on television at the same time their children know how to make babies they dont care for,make bombs & kill people. Number one users of drugs both legal & illegal minds full of pornography. They are proud to have their little girls parade around half naked in public and kissing other little girls and the boys look feminine having no skills we would hope a young girl or boy should know.Young people cant cook,sew,change a car tire or faucet.Then these dumb asses are allowed to reproduce & you wonder why American children are in bad shape.At this time I would be stupid not to conclude that Americans are stupid & this is why your leadership can take advantage of masses who are physically grown but minds are like that of children even the Bible calls you children and after 2000 years theyve never grown up.I suggest you keep stupid comments to yourself but Americans are too stupid to take constructive criticism & strive for betterment as stupidity has now become the norm.  Right to bare Arms against a corrupt Government as told by Brother Administer Talk Inbred for the Realitys Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      There is no doubt that the United States of America is one of the greatest nations in existence. It has the potential to become the example for all humanity upon the planet & even you the founding fathers did make mistakes, one of the greatest being the parishioners of commercial black slavery it still has the capability to cause other nations to change for the better. Unfortunately due to severe greed & this sickness of having world domination the children have taken this nation from such a course towards continued war & eventual self destruction. Those in power know that the average American is stupid full of drugs, violent movies, silly music,drugs,liquor and pornography. A nation full of vices so they can be easily used & exploited.      American citizens have been tricked & exploited for so long it is life as usual & they pass this same naive condition to their children.But now things have gotten a bit uncomfortable cause those who are caucasion claiming to be middle classed are now under attack.They do not see this as an attack just some economic problem,they have no idea that there are those who do not want a middle-class.They want you rich or poor,they want you to serve or be served but since the average American trusts the government they wait for better times as they collect foodstamps & unemployment.       The government of America is as corrupt as corruption can get as it has betrayed the trust of the people. By right this government should be removed & another formed.This is why the forefathers wrote into the constitution the right to bare arms & the ability to form militias. Citizens have the right to bare arms & form militias not due to some foreign threat but due to a time when government becomes corrupt.Such should be dealt with & new government formed but if the corrupt government by using the media can pacify the masses as well as allow them access to all the drugs they need then the masses will never come to terms with the truth that their government is not working for them but using them as a tool for the benefit of a chosen few,those few who wish to control the world not just certain countries.      In the U.S.A. weve the right to freedom of expression & speech but this doesnt mean there may not be a price to pay as words that may expose a corrupt government awakening the masses made blind can make one a target for assassination.It is probable that President Kennedy was a victim of such in that he decided not to play this sick game of seeking world domination.It is also true that Kennedy was not an angel but it is possible that he wanted to become the President not someones puppet.This should make us to question why so much money was poured into a person of color like Obama. No one doesnt donate or invest in a President & want nothing of a personal nature.     The question should arise what do all these folks want from Obama? If we notice there is no real difference between Obama & George Bush and they urged to give monies quickly to banks & wallstreet.If we also notice that these bankers or Wallstreeters do not come out of their own pockets to save their institutions in fact sit back and wait on a bonus,if one doesnt come out of their own pocket to save what they claim dear to them,what does that tell us.Anybody that has owned a used car will invest what they have themselves before asking for aid cause this is an investment dear to them they believe worth saving.However if it is not worth saving theyll send it to the junkyard.No one will send what they believe is a good car to a junkyard but these bankers took no action to come together using their own personal monies to keep their car from going to the junkyard,what does this tell us?       I suggest to us to stop filling our minds with pornography & Bud Light and start using our brains.It should not be so easy to trick & fool people but apparently it is. Those that locked me up have the same mindset as your government leaders,they have a sick thing about wanting domination & control.This mental facility is like a world of its own being part of the neighborhood being seen yet unseen.You believe you see your government but yet it is unseen.It is full of mystery & secrets that is why even under the  freedom of information act they will not reveal certain info even if all involved are dead and gone cause it is because they continue this same plan of world domination & chances are whether you are black or white youll not like what this new world will bring into being.Hold on to your arms & form your militias or youll become the victim the forefathers of this nation was preparing their progeny to avoid or fight against.               blacks dont get no respect from no one on earth! blacks as a whole are finished! blacks hate themselves!!!!! blacks are theyre worst enemy!!!!! so thats why there are people like sarge on here who are angry about how things are!!!! me im angry about how blacks aint never been shit but we where taught that black is beautiful!!! there is nothing beautiful about being black!!! i love black people but i dont trust them! but on this subject woman need to shut up and help the man get his shit right!!   BLACKS  as  a  whole   are   FINISHED !!!  a response by  Brother AdMinister  Taalik  Ibnrad of  the  Realitys Temple on Earth  Peace 4 ever & always:                                      I am responding to the comment above given by a person who seems to be also one of color showing frustration with Black America in the United States. Much of his commentary is valid in this there is no doubt. He ends the comment in that he loves black people but do not trust them,clearly such love is questionable. Believe it or not like him I am also frustrated with this condition blacks or dark Europeans find themselves in. I have a video asking us to separate ourselves from what I call nigga trash.This nigga trash is what many are basing their judgement of all blacks or dark Europeans on,we always find the worst of a people to make claim that all of them are that way.Some call white people a race of devils based upon the actions of a certain few when all did not participate in commercial black slavery.They say that it is natural for the white race to behave in such an evil & wicked manner.If this is natural for whites then why do so many reject practicing slavery & fought against these whites that practiced slavery and those whites destroying the environment? They really have no answers for this least to say theyve never met every member of the white race & when blacks behave in a more wicked manner than whites they claim they are copying whites when blacks truthfully have been killing each other eons prior to some whites showing up on the scene.       If your only contact with an orange are rotten ones,how can you determine that all oranges are rotten? How can we say that black people are finished when we do not know all black people so that such can be determined true?       If black people are finished then how has it been possible that theyve survived over 300 years of slavery & even under oppression & racism till this day continue to move forward.It may not be at the rate we wish but incredible accomplishments considering such obstacles as well as fighting self hatred. If we have become content with the rotten orange never giving the possibility that an orange could be better then we deny ourselves the joy of finding a healthy orange.Smelling the pleasant aroma of an orange the cool & sweet tasting juice of an orange that can offer the body health benefits. The first thing you must do is check yourself are you just as rotten as the oranges you complain about?     You are not imprisoned so you may seek more healthy oranges.There is no doubt there is plenty of Nigga Trash but there are many blacks who are not rotten oranges,many found even right here on YouTube. We dont have to always agree but we do not want to be rotten so we hang out with fruit that is healthy.I would suggest to you to stop hanging around spoiled & rotten fruit. Join an organization of blacks that talk and are doing positive things so youd know that all oranges are not finished & rotten. Change your environment so that you know there is pleasant aroma listening positive words & actions drinking the sweet juice of knowledge. We were born into this condition & it was 300 years in the making but black people are far from being finished in fact the white supremacist leaders of this nation are hoping blacks can be broken like yourself as they know blacks are far from finished but the beginning of a new world order that ushers the end of their hundreds of years of war & anarchy. Financial  blacks dont get no respect from no one on earth! blacks as a whole are finished! blacks hate themselves!!!!! blacks are theyre worst enemy!!!!! so thats why there are people like sarge on here who are angry about how things are!!!! me im angry about how blacks aint never been shit but we where taught that black is beautiful!!! there is nothing beautiful about being black!!! i love black people but i dont trust them! but on this subject woman need to shut up and help the man get his shit right!!           Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibnrad of the Realitys Temple on Earth talks about and wonders why some free blackmen are having problems dating blackwomen but blackmen incarcerated are not having such problems. Peace 4 ever & always:                                      One of the most hurtful things I would guess to occur in a young mans life is being rejected by a female. Having personal experience with this I can very much relate. Rejection not only in relationships with the opposite sex is devastating but life in general. How do we feel when our job application is looked over in favor of another when in our minds that other is not better than us? Or not accepted by some school we sought to seek higher learning ?  How did our ancestors feel when they were rejected being full human beings called 3/5 that of a man? In this rejection we never find fault in ourselves & immediately attack those who reject us. I never wanted to work for that stupid company anyway,that school sucks or why do my master not see even thou he mistreats me I still love him and he should view me as a man.      Rejection by a woman is so painful cause it is natural for a male to seek a female and if she rejects you it hurts to the core,again we do not look at ourselves. We begin to find fault in that which has caused us hurt. In the past many women rejected me and it did hurt but I didnt blame them cause I knew I was not what they wanted. I was a nerd,I was very shy and my idea of fun was comic books and playing chess.The women I liked was attracted to athletes and guys who gambled,used drugs & drank or some other ill combination. I myself did not like the women more like me,I liked the ghetto type woman cause she seemed more fun and made herself look more sexy. These women werent stupid and perhaps did like me but not for romance.      I was used for helping with homework,a free ride in my car or free lunch etc. After a time I knew this but my hope for better allowed me to let them use me,so was this my fault or theirs?How can I say this is all blackwomen when I never tried talking with the women I felt unattractive? I was attractive to those who I knew were not interested in me. But even as a nerd and I still am a nerd till this day,my social skills began to improve and I was able to get these ghetto women but it still doesnt make sense cause we are different having different goals & thinking. We refuse to blame self for our faults it is better to blame another or something like some blacks even in 2009 still blame whites for black failures when blacks get enough monies out of this economy to become the 10th richest nation on earth. or any race by nature are attracted to strong men. Having money helps,having influence helps,having a healthy body helps,having intelligence helps even ghetto chicks like intelligence.Women like feeling protected and your ability to do so along with her babies.Women like being chased and men running what we call game especially when it makes her smile & laugh. She feels comfortable in your presence. If you lack these things it is not her you should blame it is yourself. Your approach to women should be respectful & complimentary. Your game should reflect the type of woman you wish to attract. If you want a Christian woman then you should know something about the Bible. If you want a ghetto chick then perhaps u should drink liquor and drive a 64 Chevy.      Your game is like putting in an application and an interview at the same time.How do you expect to attract a woman if you dont bathe,would u go to a job interview smelling? Believe it or not I am putting in an application with a woman right now. She is listening to this video and saying to herself maybeWhew! Teach em my brother if only I had a brother like you or she could be saying this nigger is a nerd aint nobody hearing what he talking about. For me the sister that likes what I am doing is the type I am looking for the other I could care less but what if I was attracted more so to the other and she gives me a chance then hurts me. How can I even blame her let alone all blackwomen when I knew what the deal was?        Young brothers something is very wrong when somebody like me was serving LIFE in a mental facility being surrounded by blackwomen but they never in all my 10 years let me be alone. I always had black female company and I never except for one sister tried flirting with them. They even fought among themselves for my time and I was locked up.The male staff was jealous cause I was able to get play whereas they were free men and couldnt,why is this? I understood the nature of women even caucasion women shown love towards me. Not only myself but I never heard not one black mental patient male bash blackwomen.In fact these women would sneak in & out of these guys rooms,some would marry these guys or buy them gifts.Many of these female staff were weak & afraid for their jobs but they did take care of me and I thank them very much.     The only reason of why I probably didnt end up marrying one of them cause our look at lifes goals are different. So please tell me how is it possible that blackwomen accused of all this ghetto attitude and worse will give themselves to mental patients risking their jobs but find yall free fellas distasteful? You lack what mental patients have,mental patients have confidence & compliment the hell out of women. They dont mind doing whatever in order to get what they want.They dont give up cause of rejection cause what rejects him another fellow will get. In all my time very few guys would hate on another brother,they were cheering for your success.And I am here today wishing to cheer for your success & proclaim there is nothing wrong with blackwomen it is you and me.How can we have the nerve to bash our poor sisters when we have failed as men? Unable to protect her from those causing her harm,allowing those who hate her educate her babies and that enemy influence her & our babies as well as our selves minds ? You want to bash blackwomen for rejecting your advances but you are prejudice against women who perhaps are handicapped having no legs,one eye or obese,suffer mental defect etc. I do not hear these women or know them to make videos bashing normal men.They know why you will not approach them cause of their handicap and you refuse to accept that blackwomen have an attitude with you cause of your handicap.      It is impossible to accuse these poor dark european females calling themselves black of being stuck up with attitudes when everyday they are having babies fathered by majority of blackmen. If you understand her nature and have confidence in yourself you can catch you one of these most beautfiful and most wanted women on this planet. I dont blame you for being upset not being able to snag at least one having to settle for you know who ( smile ) I suggest to us never give up on our women as our women until recently have never given up on the blackman. RespectU             SimplyLOVE  as told by Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibnrad of the Realitys Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                       Living in America we find that it has an over 50% divorce rate having most marriages lasting less than 5 years.Some quickly ending in mere months even when the persons involved have been living like theyve been married for years. One should wonder of why if we claim that we love why is there such a high divorce rate? In America the citizens even thou they are physically mature mentally they continue to behave like children from the common man in the streets to those in power in government. Grown men and women who like to party and make merry cause their minds have not left the days of puberty.This nation is full of violence and social discontent cause grown people lack the inability to solve their issues other than what is offered when they were children.        If we love why is divorce so high? Divorce is high because the word love is taken lightly,it sounds good but we are too weak & selfish to fulfill what is required by love. We get love & lust confused cause they both begin with the letter L. The words also contain 4 letters but far from being the same. Are we confused in what love is or are we just liars. When we claimed and taken an oath of marriage to our spouses was it sincere or did we intentionally lie.Perhaps we did have good intent but we know we are weak in the mind and even thou physically mature capable of making babies we lack the maturity to maintain healthy relationships or properly raise children and so the result is countless persons in divorce courts or family courts in general fighting and feuding over personal property and the custody of children. Restraining orders and at many times causing violent confrontation ending in murder but at the root we claimed we love,how fake have we become.       An example of what true love is,is the actions of a mother whether she is human or animal when her babies are trapped in a burning building. I saw a mother cat going back & forth to get her kittens out of a house on fire.The fire getting worse with each trip and the heat burning her fur off.This mother cat risked her own life to rescue her babies,she and the kittens lived thru this ordeal.Love will cause us to give our lives in defense or protection of those we love and care about. So when a man who does not pay child support & visit his children claim he loves them is a liar as love will make that man work 5 jobs if necessary to feed,clothe & shelter his babies least to say visit them. In many cases we lie about being in love cause we have never been loved so we really dont know what it is.    We do not know anyone who would run into a burning building to save us,hell we cant even borrow a dollar to stop an eviction. If we really loved our spouses there would not be high divorce in America as love causes us to be patient,understanding willing to find what has caused problems and seek solutions not turning cowardly and running away.Some may say well love just began to fade away,love just doesnt fade away if you loved your mother as a child,youll still love her even as an adult no matter if she is considered good or bad.Why,cause of the love of her being your parent.In America love is used lightly & marriage cause it is made easy for you to get out of,so you dont even try to resolve the issue that has attacked your love.Some dont even bother with marriage so running can be even more easy.We have become some pitiful people.       Love is one of the greatest emotions to be felt by a human being,knowing that somebody or even some beast cares about us.But we are like children abusing the word making love seems almost worthless. Love can cure mental sickness,it causes folks to find the strength to do better knowing someone is there for them. Love is usually associated with romance and this coming from a mans perspective. If I love you woman then I want you to know love causes me not to even entertain the thought of being with another woman.Love makes me let you know if I am feeling weak or some fault is coming into our relationship Ill inform you and take all steps available to save the love weve built.I must do all in my power to make you feel protected & comfortable and support you over 100% and our children.Work to make a better future for our children and our people.Love makes me respect you and not sneak around doing things behind your back,say what I must good or bad directly to you.     It is a shame we are missing out on what true love can bring to us cause we have yet to become adults and live in a childs world of party and fantasy then you wonder of why so many our our romantic relationships are failures. Financial                         SLAVERYNiggas  get over it !!! Part  ONE   as told by Brother AdMinister  Taalik Ibnrad of the Realitys Temple on Earth  Peace 4 ever & always:                                       As I watch the various black related videos especially those that may mention reparations for slavery,there is an outburst of protest from caucasions and even some dark Europeans coming out of the woodwork.Indicating with extreme aggression,being upset & anger that blacks should stop being cry babies and get over slavery. Let me say that I hope that I can maintain being calm talking about this subject as this makes me very angry as they claim they are except their anger comes from selfishness,greed,prejudice & ignorance. Okay,this goes out to all of yall bozos out there. First of all contrary to popular belief slavery was more than just physical labor if that was all to it perhaps dark Europeans calling themselves black could get over it but it was much much more.      Allow me to give yall silly folks an example perhaps your small minds can relate to,if you wish. I must say that cause many of yall understand but your hatred & disrespect for blacks is so deep you cant stand the thought of black people being understood and receiving justice. A little white girl was found recently by the division of family services,her mother had taken her out of the home and made her sleep & live in the kennels with the dogs.This poor little girl beginning at a very young age had no contact with human beings only with dogs. When she was found it was reported that she behaved just like a dog. She had learned the ways & communication of dogs,she spoke no English.       She had no idea of what a cup,fork,plate or spoon was.She reacted towards strangers just like a dog would,she had in fact become a dog. Years later after much rehabilitation she has allowed them to dress her and can use utensils but still prefers to bark like a dog and walk on her all fours. Why cant she get over it? Its been years and she still thinks shes a damn dog. Since she is white I am sure you feel sorrow for her. The parents of black people were killed off so they could not teach their babies about being African or black just like throwing us in a kennel with dogs except we were thrown in with racist caucasions who hated us. We were then conditioned to be animals just like the dog,cow,chicken & pig.We began to behave like the domesticated animals and those who enslaved us. The slavemaster used methods of terror to drive this behavior home and then he became wiser by using tricknology to make light skin blacks hate darker ones,the men losing trust in the women and the children against the parents.The Blackman had no power to protect his women and his babies was sold off to other property owners.Denying blackmen opportunity to raise his babies.     I hope that this little white girl soon will recover from such a horrible event of a few years. Black people suffered being in a kennel with dogs not for 3 days,30 months or years but over 300 years.Then suddenly these blacks was released having no idea of the mental effects caused by 300 years of torture. The powers that be truly understand what has happened but they hope yall ignorant folks will keep up a distraction so such issue will never be brought up.Blacks was never given 40 acres & a mule and they was denied unlike this little white girl a chance at rehabilitation,why? We are denied rehabilitation cause this greedy government doesnt want to admit to the true damage caused by slavery or accept the cost of such rehab least to say accept responsibility for this tragedy.Yall idiots always want blacks to get over slavery and accept responsibility for ourselves but you do not accept yours.    This economic crisis was caused by Europeans as they are the worlds economic powers and those who followed them have fallen with you but you do not wish to accept this great failure.Mr. Obama inherited this mess and hasnt been in office 100 days but the blame for this mess is directly pointed towards him like he is the root of this mess.Blacks have had no rehabilitation and when we try you send your CIA or FBI undercover to destroy any blacks able to organize trying to heal our people cause truthfully you want us to be in this bad shape,so well always be dependent upon you and have this slave/master relationship we believe was gone but never went anywhere. We are mistakenly called black when we are nothing but black versions of caucasions and with this mindset slavery is far from being over as it never left just has taken a different form and yall like it cause you can exploit blacks like the fella getting the milk for free without buying the cow.   Blackwoman Crying Peace 4 ever & always:
This video represents the result of our being in a racist & oppressive society. This society is designed to uplift the blackwoman and degrade the blackmen making her head of household and causing division among the genders as well as division of the black family unit. Since we are dead to this knowledge that this is done on purpose we fall victim to this trap and apparently the makers of this video also are victims of the trap blaming blackwomen who are unaware of the trap. A rabbit doesn't intentionally wish to fall into a snare. A snare is hidden and concealed so the rabbit is made unaware so without warning he is trapped.We should now know of the traps it is time we learn how to avoid these snares and how to escape once trapped. Again making mockery of this poor woman doesn't help us escape the trap,we must educate our people that this condition is made on purpose and learn to avoid such situation.This is why I do not call us black as one who has the knowledge of blackness is well aware of the traps of a racist society. I call us dark europeans we are white people with dark skin doing everything they do,thinking the way they do thus the blackwoman has fallen for feminism when she had no need.Whitewomen used her in order to benefit their struggle against whitemen and once they'd gotten what they'd wished they left blackwomen in the dusk. Many of these folks on YouTube run their mouths all day and complain but offer no solutions cause they don't know the root of the sickness. You and I are still slaves even worse than what happened to our ancestors continued victims of Willie Lynch and it is sickening to watch this corny crap as this sister is a victim of a situation and the racist caucasion europeans in power threw the damn rock that hit us in the head and hid their hands. Now she'll be on Oprah crying to some white professional expert or some nigger trained by them about her problem of why blackmen don't want her,offering an expert opinion when they are behind it all. This is why Elijah Muhammad called white people devils they are very intelligent,wise and slick folks.You believe they are dumb like us,you can't become rulers of the world being dumb.Think about it. RespectU.