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June 16, 2009

Are You Black or a Dark European ? a conversation with Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn’rad for the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      Someone sent me an e-mail asking the question of why do I call black people dark Europeans? This in itself is worthy of a video so here it is. I do not know the factual origins of those descendants of slaves living in the United States calling themselves black people.Prior to this we were called Coloreds or Negro.Black history month celebrated in February began as Negro history week founded by Brother Carter G. Woodson,so it is clear at that time we basically accepted being called Negro.Negro or Negroids was a name given to us by those who enslaved our ancestors used for hundreds of years.By the 1960’s an awakening to the knowledge of self was introduced whereas it was called a revolution and the masses no longer wanted to accept the description forced upon us Negro. It is said that due to the increasing influence of the teachings of the Nation of Islam who taught the masses they were not coloreds or negroes but black.Asiatic black people,the maker,owner cream of the planet earth,God of the universe.     The masses of dark people sick and tired of the violence,oppression injustice of a racist & oppressive society becoming awakened that they were more than just a slave to be exploited children of great history no longer could except being the whiteman’s tool so decided to reject his name placed upon them,slowly accepting black as a description as black enabled them to be able to indentify with themselves as well as all dark people on the planet and the struggle against European domination & oppression.Those calling themselves black decided to walk a path of learning about the history of their African people & beyond.They found that black people were not only in Africa but all over the planet not being the minority as once thought but the majority.    Black people began to have a since of pride and saw another black as a brother or sister in the struggle.Black people were fighters,some marched,some picked up the gun but they had no doubt who the enemy was.They strived to become independent,love self,uplift the blackwoman seeking friendships beyond those who oppressed them. I am a child of Black people struggling during this time,I was a baby but proud of what these adults have done so I can live better.All respect due..and how do ya’ll in 2009 repay these fearless brothers & sisters? You come on YouTube with your tired ass and bash blackwomen. You openly brag about how you lick vagina & suck penis showing how nasty & filthy you’ve become before the world accepting what our freedom fighters was fighting against accepting the immoral degenerate behaviors of those that oppressed us falling for the lie such is normal and beautiful or natural.      I call those calling themselves black Dark Europeans cause even thou they are children of past slaves they are nothing like the parents of the 60’s who called us black.These fools have taken us backwards instead of trying to unify the black family they encourage out of wedlock relationships and demean blackwomen the mother of our nation or people.They blame black people for being their oppressor & ignore the root cause of which was slavery itself living without being rehabilitated in a racist & oppressive society.Your idea of life and success is based on what racist caucasion people teach you in school or influenced by their media.You do not care nothing about black or African history and teach the babies in a manner to make them better voluntary slaves.You make millions of dollars just to give it back to those who hate you so you can beg them for jobs you could create for yourself. Your mind is clogged with thoughts based on European ideas nothing of a black influence but you call yourself black but have never fought for any black civil or human right.You are proud to be an American when America has never apologized for slavery nor till this day respect black people and they will not cause you maybe dark skin but you are like them.I Don’t Like Young People a conversation with Brother Taalik Ibn’rad AdMinister for the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      I remember it was an episode of the Simpsons of where an older character asked Bart a question & he answered in a very disrespectful manner.He then told Bart in my day we didn’t talk to our elders that way.Bart said well this is my day and we do.For a cartoon one may find this funny in a real world we should not find it funny for younger people who have no experience in life to disrespect elders of the community. In my day and I was taught nothing by a parent my instincts told me to respect my elders.I even as a child had respect for those children older than me.When we disrespect and do not acknowledge our elders then we have no respect for our community,our nation,our ancestors,our history even respect for self as our elders are us. Our parents are elders and in today’s sick society many have no respect for parents as it is common in the communities of dark Europeans calling themselves blacks many have only one parent usually being the mother.Many of these poor single women must work constantly to care for her babies having no time or lack the proper knowledge to give her babies in fact many of these mothers are children themselves having no elders to help or offer advice.       So it is no shock to me these would shout I don’t like old people as they’ve never had contact with elders who care for them missing out on the wisdom age can bring.Exactly what is an old person and what is special being young? I am proud to say this month if I am blessed to see 45 years of age,this technically is middle age and not considered old.However I still can run up and down on a full basketball court with those 25 years my junior and wear them out.They are asking for rest before they’ve played one full game.I do not look my age and I am not impressed by the young who believe that not being able to read & write is cool.Going to jail is cool,being ignorant & silly is in some way the road to glory.       You want to complain talking about I don’t like old people as this is dumb in itself cause as long as u live you get older & eventually will become like those you don’t like even worse cause you are young and stupid then you’ll be old and stupid. The mind is a terrible thing to waste,we refuse to think before we talk. What is so great about you young man or woman.Think you’re special cause you made a baby? So what ??? Worms make babies,you have no more talent than a worm except a worm can raise its babies properly,you can’t only producing another fool like yourself.     Your being young makes you special,let’s see. Young woman can you sew,cook,clean a house properly,can fruits & vegetables,make your own clothes..what can you do besides lay on your back? Young man can you jump a car,change a tire,change a dripping faucet,build a shelf,lay basic masonery,know basic electricity,hold down a paper route..I see why you do not like old people cause you see yourself in the future.Many of ya’ll arrogant young people are illiterate if the older people suddenly disappeared you would pray for the country to be in its present condition.You have no common sense,you don’t think for yourself everything the T.V.,some song or YouTube present to you,you go for it. Some older people will or are like what you’ll be in the future but older persons have life experience & knowledge the young should yearn for in order to avoid life’s pitfalls.Clearly it is a sign of ignorance to make such statement.Of course I may have those dumb young idiots that may wish to bring me infantile and childish comments instead of taking a lesson to heart. I have no problem with playing with you like the Lion does her cub and perhaps you’ll come here a fool but leave very wise as that what happens to young folks when they interact with elders having a little sense. The reason I talk this way is not 2 gain your anger but encourage you to become better and this can’t be achieved when we disrespect or demean those of whom without we could not exist.  Shaking that BIG BOOTY a conversation with Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn’rad for the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                       Allright I am going to keep it real & since I am not bond with some religion’s idea of morality then we can speak with each other with sincerity & honesty. I believe I am just one of many heterosexual dark European males that claim they are black that have collected the center fold of beauties in Jet magazine. It is natural for men to be attracted to women and here you are barely with no clothes on.Some of these women say they are very educated in school & have various interests,however contrary to popular belief when a man sees a half naked woman he is not interested in what you do for a living or your interests seeing naked ass only causes his mind to wander towards the act of reproduction & general lust.Not only in Jet magazine but ya’ll sisters go out to clubs being half naked among men are getting drunk looking for a conquest not to impress you with his ability to love and care for you.       It is a very silly thought that in some way running around half naked or wearing tight & revealing clothes is suppose to bring the best out of men when your beauty has caused his ability to think with some kind of sense become clouded with lust. I would telling you an outright lie if I said when I watch a sister wearing tight jeans having a nice figure switching down the street that I do not also have such thoughts and my level of conciousness is well beyond the norm so what do you expect from those having no respect for you? I would be lying to also say that I do not watch some of these booty shaking videos at the same time I feel great sorrow cause these beautiful women have allowed themselves to become nothing more than pieces of meat used for exploitation and you are satisfied with a few dollars to sell out your dignity and then you wonder why men leave you alone cause they will not marry this woman of whom has no dignity or respect for self selling herself for a few dollars having who knows how many other men.Being a dog himself this is not what he wants for a wife or even long term girlfriend.       So until the time comes when your breasts begin to droop and the booty starts getting flat and warped you feel so good being able to make silly men go crazy and enjoy this negative attention they give you.The result will be your being alone in some nursing home your children may or may not care for you and it is sad you’ll not learn that it all wasn’t worth it until they place you in an ambulance after a heart attack. Sisters not only your booty but you as a whole woman makes you an amazing human being.The reason of why some brothers ask you to cover your beautiful form cause it distracts him from doing and performing as a full man in your behalf & best interests of your babies & community. Keeping yourself naked keeps his mind in the gutter and your being naked tells other men you are available to them and have no respect for your men or people.      Sisters you are more than breasts & booty,you are better than just laying on your back or grabbing some fool’s penis.You are royalty descendants of great Queens even the whiteman doesn’t allow his Queens & princesses to walk around half naked cause they represent his people and have great value.We handle things of value differently from things we don’t care about.This is why it is easy for some to call you whores & bitches and you do not value yourself any better.You are our Queens and I am jealous that just any bum can watch my beautiful woman shake her ass,they hate the Blackman cause they want what he has and for a few pieces of silver we give them some. I am greedy when it comes to you sister I don’t share and you should feel the same for me.      I am asking you this day to think about what I am saying in that I admit that I look at that nice body you’ve been blessed with at the same time since I love you I must seek what is best for you and us as a people.You’ll never find happiness shaking your naked ass before men who are strangers,teaching your daughters to do the same and giving yourself away for little or nothing if you feel you must do so at least be like Cleopatra and gain a kingdom except some STD or welfare check.