The Blackman GOD of the UNIVERSE

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June 16, 2009

The Blackman GOD of the Universe a conversation with Brother Taalik Ibn’rad, AdMinister for the Reality’s Temple on Earth WARNING…WARNING…WARNING if you are a sensitive Blackman please do not listen to these words !!!!! Peace 4 ever & always:                                       Prior to this video I did make one that to some suggests that women are the natural leaders of the family unit instead of the men.The video did not suggest this in fact clearly stated in the conclusion that our connection is a relationship of equal & mutual respect one knowing their position as part of a team. I did not say that women necessarily was suppose to lead men at the same time no evidence can be produced why is it that they can not. The real question is not who is in a position of leadership but who is closer to creation,being one lead over another doesn’t make you closer to creation.So men have become greedy not only wanting the leadership position but also a need to be seen as the one interconnected to creation & they’ve taken this position from women by force.Until this day men use force & tricknology to deny women their rightful place in the order of things. A woman’s womb gives her the connection to the origins of life itself as the man becomes jealous as he was not given such honor but then if he understood his role then perhaps he would not be so jealous cause one can not function or survive without the other.     Men do understand this concept but prefer to take the woman’s role as it sounds better. For example some record producers just can’t stand the fact that they are behind the scenes making hit records for somebody else.They become envious of those they make hits for with all the fame & self glorification. So they step up and use resources they could give to another person less talented than themselves cause they want this fanatic love placed upon those he make hits for.Whether or not the producer is successful or not is not the point.Point being made is we have a person that has become sick in the mind becoming jealous of another cause he believes his role is not as important but without him these artists & record companies would be broke.     So men have taken over the role of women cause they do not understand their role in what we know of as creation so have become jealous of the woman.So he must exploit her & use his power to keep her down.He must keep her down cause she is almost capable even physically of what he is able to accomplish & if she recognizes this,she will question his position as being leader & this is what men in power so greatly fear. Doesn’t this sound familiar black peoples? If anybody can understand we should be able to cause we as a people were destroyed & placed into an inferior position & we are not leaders,those who enslaved us said it was NATURAL for blacks to serve whites. Notice the word used is natural & today blackmen who have been thru this horrible ordeal with whites will now say to the blackwoman it is NATURAL for me to lead you.      This sounds hypocritical as blackmen placed into an inferior position this is wrong but for women it is right. They say this is natural,natural according to who? In this society they produce products for our consumption that markets itself as natural but contain chemicals like high fructose corn syrup. Anything that is processed or taken out of its original state that can not be grown from seed or born of animal is not natural. Corn is natural,cornflakes is not as cornflakes is processed but maybe advertised as natural cause it was made from corn.If cornflakes was natural we would see a sign by the growing of a cornflake bush or even other animals making corn flakes,this we do not see.In nature among the various life forms sometimes the male is leader,sometimes the female is leader,sometimes it is a shared experience.However the bottom line is one without the other is death and man’s sickness to be number one has caused a great separation as it is clear that death is the result when those who are suppose to be one are divided.So it also should be no shock that this world ruled by men separated from the woman is one of death.Everything he touches is death,world full of murder & destruction all being victimized by what we call the seven deadly sins. A victim of sin cause the man has separated himself from his partner that could help uplift him when he stumbles another one different from himself but now when he falls all he has is another man,one who behaves & thinks like him.So the result is as the Bible questions..can the blind lead the blind?     Whether I like it or not I am a child of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad his teachings are at the root of my thought process.This don’t sound like no muslim teachings ? I did not say I was a follower of the teachings I said such was at the root of my thoughts and he taught me to question all things & never be a robot.In this does it mean that when it comes to his teachings such doesn’t apply only to ideas outside? As a follower of the HEM we are taught that the Blackman is the original man,Asiatic Blackman,the maker,the owner,the cream of the planet earth,GOD of the universe. Now I am getting to the part that is going to really piss some men off if I haven’t by now.       If you Blackman are in fact GOD of the universe then this should qualify you to be leader of not only women but the universe itself,the question is do WE qualify ? To my knowledge at one time this planet was not called Earth it was called Asia & the separate land masses at one time were one.I haven’t verified this info but I was told from a reputable source that ancient maps do refer to the planet as Asia. Regardless this dark European calling himself black may be from the genetic material of Asiatic black peoples but he is not them as he has become mutated due to his being manipulated for over 300 years by a foreign & unnatural strange people unlike themselves.     So if qualification as being a leader is being Asiatic then in this we do not qualify. Also since you are not Asiatic you are not the original man as a mutant or hybrid is not original. The Blackman of America is like a pickle that used to be a cucumber.Once pickled a cucumber can not be returned to its orginal state,so you are doing yourself a disservice & it is futile to believe the Blackman can return to what he once were. This Blackman has been pickled by being thrown in a jar and locked in with the vinegar of racism & oppression and human enslavement mixed with the spices of hatred by his enemies as well hatred for self,you will never be the original man taught to us by Elijah Muhammad.However just because something is pickled doesn’t make it foul as pickles are enjoyed by many and pickles have long shelf life.      Now that we have been pickled we are wasting our time trying to be a cucumber and wasting our time attempting to love those who pickled us. Our mistake is not having the ability to understand this change & holding on to past ideas when we should if we were self thinking persons instead of blind followers or individuals. So far we do not qualify for leadership position.       The maker ? What have you made Blackman lately? You are a consumer not a producer,even in 2009 the men do not even have toilet paper factories so our people can wipe their behinds and what little you do produce it benefits the nation that hates you,makes you beg for every little right or privilege.What little you do produce you happily share with the nation that is bias against you.You make no jobs for self,you have no farmland,no cattle, you depend on those that dislike you to satisfy your needs so you do not qualify as a maker.What you do make so happily are children that you abandon with women. I have heard the laws are against men,well guess why? First of all ya’ll men show hatred toward women who did not make not one law.All of the laws were voted on by men and men enforce them and these men make these laws cause these men are sick and tired of taking care of some other man’s children.The court gives males opportunity to seek relations & give financial aid as well as custody to fathers but we all know for generations including other races men abandon their babies.They have no interest in their flesh and blood. And ya’ll men are so cowardly that you want to blame women but women did not make the laws nor are they the ones abandoning all these babies.It is cowardly not to blame the MEN who made the laws or the countless men that abandon their children everyday.Thus again,we do not qualify as being leader.Leaders do not abandon children or leave their women unprotected.     Which now brings me to the end of these qualifications of which you and I both know we do not qualify. We know we do not own the Earth as the racist caucasion male with no doubt is the ruler. Could you be the cream? Cream is used to dilute a strong drink or top perhaps a wonderful dessert. We are not cream as we become part of foul & strong drink. We have become foul,we are woman beaters & child molestors and lovers of other men & I am sure the cream mentioned here is not the kind you use with your lover nor are we a topping one would want on top of a dessert as you do not top sweetness with something foul or distasteful and indeed in the eyes of the world this Blackman has become distasteful.So as cream we do not qualify thus are not a leaders least to say GOD of the universe.       The picture I have painted does not sound very good and I would hope that we dislike it,what is most wonderful for us but bad news for our enemies is that even thou we have given up on ourselves the creation has not. I am a leader I am head of household,you scream ! It is natural you claim and it is but not for the reasons you believe. What makes you head of household or the leader of women cause you accept your positon as being her helper. The woman is your connection to the womb of the universe,anything that you can imagine in your mind she can bring forth from her womb and that life will enable you not to just explore her womb and the life on this planet but bring forth the knowledge that will allow you to go beyond this planet into the womb of space itself.In this way & only way you can become more than just a leader of which is minute,more than head of household but GOD of the universe not something spooky but that which is real & attainable not in our lifetimes but set forth for our babies to access. This is so wonderful!      Althou the woman was given by creation a closer connection to itself we play a very important role as we are the protectors not only of the woman but of creation itself. So you are correct in that you are the head of household or leader of women cause we are their defense,we are their protectors. Obama is the president of the United States leader of the free world as they say but his life is in the hands of the secret service.They are the leaders he must listen and be guided to how they deem fit and he is THE leader They must secure his life as he represents the people of this nation and if he is harmed it makes the nation dysfunctional. So it is with us we are the secret service for our women and they must submit because we are here to secure our genetic survival,secure our place in the universe of which we can’t attain except thru the woman’s connection and if she is harmed then it brings us dysfunction.       So brothers & sisters should we be shocked in that we suffer so horribly as the Blackman wants to be leader & head of household in name but does not function as such.As individuals perhaps some men have become worthy of such honor but WE have failed in this duty. Leader wanna be’s but any man on earth can have your woman who is your connection to the universe. Leader and exactly where do you want to lead us to. Perhaps to the liquor store,to the strip club,the local drug house. Leader to where perhaps a better spot in the whiteman’s house,you are a leader but have no home to put your woman in you wish to force another man another leader to share his home with you? What is so sad ya’ll men are quick to believe you’ve become a man cause you left your Momma’s house and yes this is good to prove that you can become independent,however you are still in love and dependent on your survival on another man,another man who does not like you.        You feel you wanna leave mamma’s home cause you can no longer get along with her and show your independence but you claim you love Mama. You are a leader and a man but refuse to even attempt to leave to leave this racist man’s house or show him you can be independent and he doesn’t care about you like mother.This shows us how cowardly you are in that you’ll degrade & make mockery of our women of whom you should be protecting but beg and try to do all you can to live with a man who lynched your fathers and raped your mothers. In conclusion,and these pitiful ass women make things worse as they also don’t know who they are and their connection to life.Instead of encouraging their secret service to do their job they believe they are just as capable and proving to be a failure as only a man can deal with a man,only a GOD can deal with a GOD & there is nothing spooky about it as GOD is only a title meaning one who possess,knowledge, force & power.This silly woman in her ignorance trying to be like a man or finding joy in being used as a tool for sexual exploitation running the streets naked cursing with foul language unable to make correct choices laying with anything that has a penis,doesn’t know if she supports this protector and put some clothes on so he doesn’t lust for your beautiful flesh as I can guarantee if around naked ass women even the secret service will have problems keeping their minds on the job.      Excuse me for my ignorance as I forget the actual term but in science it is taught two objects can not occupy the same space. At this time extreme evil occupies this space and have taken us hostage,we are not evil. We should not submit to that which we are not,we are not like the rulers of this world so brothers that are upset with the thought that women are in some way the leaders of our people then talk is cheap.Step up your game,we are not evil but two objects can’t occupy the same space and if we are not wicked or evil then as man as you claim then you need to remove that power that makes it look like we are also evil and take it out of the space meant for us to rule. It was not by chance that we became pickled it was an order given by creation within the natural order of things as we are better than the original & now the time for us to claim our space back.    It is not anything spooky or mysterious brothers & sisters this is why we should never abort our babies as the answer to our prayers might just be waiting in one our sisters wombs. All of the prayers & wishes of our ancestors as well as our own are now being placed into a position in that they will now be answered and come true.As I said before a pickle has a very long shelf life and once we accept the responsibility of and understand who we are there is nothing that can stop you & I from taking back our rightful place in creation as we are the sons & daughters of the original creation. Brothers you are not homies,dogs and what not and sisters you are not bitches & whores and none of us are niggas.This is something your enemies wish you to be as they do know unlike yourself see who you really are as I began to see the position of woman.What is it that the powers that rule fear,they fear your awakening.    They know once you become awakened all the power they have will not be enough to stop you from reclaiming your throne,as you are not Niggas. You are a Blackman child of the Asiatic Blackman the original man,the maker,the owner,the cream of the planet earth,GOD of the universe. Ain’t you happy,ain’t this good news? I am extremely excited let us do what is natural and bring this creation back to where it once was so that we may go beyond this planet & conquer the universe as that is your right and destiny. Stand Up Blackman You can Accomplish What U Will !!!