....understanding the WHITEMAN'S HISTORY

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June 16, 2009

…..understanding the WHITEMAN’S Mind a commentary by his Divine Masculine Brother Taalik Ibn’rad, AdMinister for the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      I first wish to say to all of my white or caucasion viewers in that if you are sensitive about frank,honest talk about the REAL history of your race or people then it is best that you do not listen to the words within this commentary. I would hope that you would listen to these words as an open no holds bar dialogue is needed in order to correct a problem that has had no solution for now over 300 years.      We are doing ourselves a disservice being what they call politically correct,our true feelings should be allowed to be shown so we can deal with real feelings instead of something manufactured for public display for fear that we would be looked down upon for stating the truth that many feel but also afraid to say in public. This is very hypocritical cause society in its treatment of certain races or genders will reveal the reality hidden by fake smiles. I do not nor will I ever come to you with a false smile and tell you in your face what I think about you,however this does not mean we bring out the guns as perhaps true and honest dialogue is all that is needed.     If a white person feels the need to use the word nigger then he or she should be able to express him or her self as so,it is the ones that keep nigger to themselves are the ones we need to guard against.If blacks wish to call whites devils or honkies they also should be able to express themselves,we should be open and honest about how we feel. So if you do not wish to hear open & honest commentary then perhaps you should unsubscribe and go back to your false & fictional world. Name calling doesn’t always have to express hatred,it sometimes only expresses frustration or deep misunderstandings.    I am sure many of you have called your parents of whom you love out of their names at one time or another,however this did not mean you hated or wanted to murder them of which sometimes happens in extreme cases unfortunately. If we are able to name call but remain civil in our discussion it is possible to result in REAL solutions.The problems of black & white in these United States have continued for over 300 years is due in part that both parties refuse to become honest and open,least to say honestly some do not want good race relations as they benefit or profit from this conflict.In the case of some whites in power they will fight tooth & nail in order to maintain the privilege of a society that favors white skin over the dark at the same time shake your hand in friendship.       I wish to make clear that I am stating this opinion not to help those who have a hatred of white or caucasion peoples nor am I pretending to have love for whites when in reality I do not as one seeking friendship may not be seen as making this most critical commentary. Again, if you can not as a caucasion or white person accept the TRUTH of your people as supported by your own historians & scientests then I suggest you stop this video and go elsewhere but curiousity will make you stay and perhaps that is good. It would not benefit those whites or caucasions in power to paint themselves before their people in the negative. American whites or caucasion Europeans in general have actually fallen for the lie and belief they have a righteous or angelic history of which is far from true.    They paint for instance to their babies that George Washington never told a lie at the same time the reality was he was a slaveowner & racist man.You had to be racist in order to own another human being you’ve turned into an animal,this is ignored to teaching children. The goal of todays talk is to bring to the attention of black people the origins and why caucasion European people think and do what they do.Dark peoples failure to understand caucasions have caused them to be in the inferior position they are in today.     It is good that whites also listen so they may understand those whites in power and how they think and why they think the way they do. So with that said and out of the way I have no choice but to say what is on my mind regardless to who agrees or disagrees.Hopefully such will cause us to become more open and frank in discussing race and the role that blacks actually play in American society. I wish to begin this conversation with the caucasion’s origins and with this I must use a little dramatic license as there were no historians able to document such but bits and pieces have come together in theory based on the caucasion’s own scientests.        Again, I need to use dramatic license as well as what sounds logical and seems to bring valid reason for certain behaviors now exhibited by caucasions or whites.From now on I will call caucasion European peoples just that as they are not white.They gave themselves the name white as they define white as pure and righteous but clearly they’ve not according to their own records shown this behavior. When I was a child I was introduced to the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad since that time I have questioned and rejected some of his teachings however as a child I was drawn to his book called Message to the Blackman in America.      I went straight to the table of contents and to the chapter called the making of a DEVIL. This was his explaination of how caucasions came to be. I will try to shorten the story for the sake of time.I am including this within my commentary cause this origin explains many things not understood about why caucasions do what they do. It is important that we learn how to understand things. If we know the why behind why animals,plants or people do what they do then it is easier for us to counter anything negative or harmful one may raise against us. If we know the mechanics of a car then when it ceases to start perhaps we can repair what has become in failure.     Some people due to their understanding of dangerous & wild animals can live among them cause they understand what angers them or causes them to behave in certain manners. The reason of why black peoples have no cordial or problematic relationships with Europeans is that we do not understand really who we are dealing with. When we think of white people we think of Billy Bob the next door neighbor who invites you to share BBQ,we think of a KKK member or George W.Bush. These caucasions are just twigs on the power tree of European peoples in fact American caucasions are the baby of these nations.       As great as caucasion peoples are they do not like to talk about their origins but it is what it is. I love to hear folks brag about their accomplishments of their great education or athletic abilities or the money they have of which is nice at the same time in all of it we lose or humbleness and become arrogant in the belief you are more than what you actually are. So I remind them that indeed they are great but just a few years ago you were nothing but sperm mixed with ovum,you was nothing to speak of. We may marvel at superstar Michael Jackson but if we saw him in his beginning as sperm and ovum you would frown your face. We have been made to view sperm & ovum as something nasty but it is the beginning of all of us no matter how great you believe you are.     Then DEATH the great equalizer comes around and take you out of this world no matter how rich,poor,smart,dumb,black,white etc.you appear to be. With the help of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad I wish to present that humble beginnings of a race of people of whom within the span of a short 6000 years would conquer this planet and the humanity before it. Elijah teaches that blacks prior to whites was living a righteous life I beg to differ but we’ll begin as such.These many years ago the Blackman the Asiatic & original man the first humans on this planet was said to be living in a world that can only be compared with the description of HEAVEN in the scriptures nothing but paradise but it seems they were becoming very unappreciative of this as many of us are today.       We do not appreciate running water,abundance of food,all of our limbs,being able to see & hear etc. We take things and they took life for granted as thou life owed them something.So Elijah teaches that with 100% dissatisfaction comes 100% change since they did not appreciate this beautiful and peaceful way of life then a baby born of woman would be born to reflect such dissatisfaction. He was born and named Yakub and as a child Yakub grown fond of playing with pieces of steel in the form of magnets.Yakub also was born with a head much bigger than the average person he would later be known as the BigHead Scientest.      Before I continue may I continue to remind us that this is just a story that may not have any validity as there is no proof that Yakub or even these blacks existed however I can’t just ignore this cause as we continue this examination it brings answers to otherwise we may not have none and sometimes these stories do have TRUTH in them.As I move forward we’ll begin to see how such is revelant. One day Yakub’s uncle would ask him what is it that he finds fascinating about playing with steel.Yakub told him he likes how opposites attract and one day he would make a people who are like steel and be able to attract black peoples. His uncle would reply would these people also cause mayhem and chaos? Basically for Yakub it was for him to know and his uncle to find out.      Yakub would grow up to become a top scientist as well as religious leader. Yakub became a master in what we know now of as the study in DNA. He became very influential among the peoples and the leadership began to view Yakub as a threat and summoned him. A deal was made and the leadership financed Yakub and his followers so they may leave from among them. So Yakub & his followers set sail and landed on an island that was called Patmos,some call it the garden of Eden as this would be the birthplace of a people not an individual called Adam.       Years ago Yakub told his uncle about making a new people that would eventually become enemies to the darker peoples. One of the first things Yakub began to do was not allow dark people to marry one another.Black people even without the rape of caucasion peoples can produce very dark to very light individuals.Yakub ordered that only light to light,dark to light folks would be allowed to marry & reproduce.When a very dark baby was born it was taken away and killed. The mother was told a lie that her baby went to heaven or some special place.There was great joy when light babies was born.So in this we see the activity of lies being told to murder the dark.The process of the birth of whites or caucasion peoples were on.       Yakub himself would never see the fruit of his labor but he began a process that would change humanity as the world knew it forever till the present time.After a period of time the inhabitants of this island were no longer dark but turned brown the weaker gene from the dark and due to over population these brown people would begin to leave.Every 2000 years more or less the lighter people would begin to leave the island going elsewhere and developing their own ways of life in their chosen environments.Then the time comes when babies are now being born with blonde hair & blue eyes the first caucasion peoples.        Please remember that all of these races are from the dark black peoples and came into being due to a process of murdering the dark.So it should not be a surprise that hatred for dark comes from all these races those being closer to caucasions more intense as their exposure within this process was longer. The caucasions people were born from a process of lies and hatred for the darker it has become part of their genetic make up.The first question that may arise if this is true why then do some whites do not behave like they hate blacks if it is their nature as what is attempting to be said here.If we look at chickens or any life form you’ll always find those outside of the box but overall a chicken is a chicken and European caucasions according to their history then and now demonstrate hatred and frown upon darker peoples.       Approximately 6 thousand years ago these new white or caucasion people also must leave this island & many end up back on the land of the people that Yakub exiled himself from.Perhaps being violent among themselves and ill treated themselves these blacks saw these strange and new people as a curiousity but welcomed them with open arms. These new people began to intergrate within this black society. Not long after their arrival this once known as a paradise among blacks began to experience high rates of disorder,disputes among families and friends,citizens murdering each other.Chaos and dysfunction among the peoples & the leadership finally figured out it was these new people causing these things.       Remember these new people was born due to falsehoods and murder of the black.They began to use their skills to trick, and lie to cause problems among the people.The new people learned how to smile while stabbing in the back,causing the trouble then befriending both warring parties so that they controlled both fighters.The leadership became outraged and ordered all of these new people be rounded up and exiled.Some blacks had grown to love these new people and hid them.Those that were found were stripped naked and made to march across a hot desert,escorted far away from the kingdom.You don’t believe this treatment will cause some love for blacks do you?  So now we leave Elijah’s teachings and go into Europe of where these people eventually wind up at.         Forced to live miles from civilized people and made to survive in a harsh environment with savage beasts and extreme cold something they were not used to,these people began to evolve backwards turning from civilized persons to become like the savage animals they feared.Soon they lost language and communicated with grunts and fits of rage or other expression.They began to grow hair all over their bodies as a result of the cold weather and began to walk on their all fours mimicking the animals around them and like most animals the males became due to brute strength dominate over the females. They found the best refuge was found living in caves. They did not know how to cook food so it was eaten raw and they used fur from the animals they killed to wear as extra protection.They did not bathe or know what to do with their dead. Cave life was not easy and within their brains they still possess the process of black hatred that brought them into being as well as these blacks that made them walk across a hot desert ending in this hell whole. Black people would have much to pay for!        This European caucasion has now been reduced to the level of any other beast of the field. He is now walking on his all fours and even today caucasions have serious back problems.High heels were designed to keep the female more erect due to problems with the back as thousands of years walking on all fours made it where they can’t stand straight in fact since Europeans coming into power all people are experiencing back problems unable to walk erect,instead of walking erect people walk slumped over which weakens the back and make stomach muscles more weak so it is easy for the stomach to protrude or stick out. These people had to eat their foods raw & still today love raw food even meats.      They still like wearing REAL FUR as well as killing animals but now it is for pleasure instead of survival in fact murder of the darker is number one priority but the anger has increased to all life on this planet.They were exiled and placed in this cold dark place confined from civilized people so now they do the same to animals in zoos and in homes across lands they’ve conquered.During this time they befriended the dog. The dog is called his best friend not a blackman’s best friend but the caucasion’s best friend cause the dog helped him to hunt and defend him from the various savage beasts.An animal befriending another animal to benefit each other. They began to have great love for one another and this cave people would even begin having sexual relations with the dog & the female cave woman would get pregnant having babies with dog traits of which evidence still exits today.       Many caucasions openly confess to wanting to marry their dogs and many porno films showcase them having sexual relations with dogs and various animals. It is said that caucasions ears are developed more like a dog’s ear,when wet many smell like the dog or chicken. There are current pictures that even today many of them at birth are born with tails,these tails taken off at birth. Michael Vick made a very bad mistake being accused of hurting the dog,then he is a Blackman too? Mike what were you thinking? There is more outcry and compassion for a dog than it is for human beings.They make commercials with sad looking dogs that bring tears to their eyes but I saw no tears for the victims of Bernie Maddoff who lost their life savings in a ponzi scheme. Sexual relations with the dog began what we now know as oral sex.Dogs sniff each others genitals to express communication and licking them. These cave people copied the dog and found their genitals found pleasure in the licking so now what was communication for dogs is now sexual pleasure for the caveman.       The males also copied dogs when some male dogs would express sexual frustration on another male cause most times only dominate males are allowed to mate,so in turn male cave people began to turn on one another. So it is no shock today that homosexual activity among them is rampant and the female just copies what the male does as he has conquered her and she is his inferior.Having no true love for his female she is basically used to produce more men and girls are not as valued. The caucasion woman no matter how mature she is,is always referred to as girl never a woman and the caucasion male would later use boy to degrade the Blackman. Even today this European male has no respect for his women he uses her as the great whore.    He uses his media to paste her naked body everywhere he can and uses her to seduce other men who believe she is more valuable as she is the woman of the conquerer but the conquerer doesn’t care about her or any female they are tools to be used for the pleasure and agenda of men.He uses his woman to weaken other men all the while he seeks to enter the womb of the blackwoman of where I’ll discuss why later but right now this people are still living a savage life in the hills and caves of Europe.     Just like we would frown up if we sat next to sperm and ovum of which is our beginnings these great and powerful people acknowledge to a point but frown up and do not wish to talk about their ancestors time in the caves. If you notice they even remain truthful on the issue as they never show dark peoples living in caves even in the GEICO commercial or the Flintstones cartoon.They know who were living in caves not to get big head and say that blacks themselves haven’t fallen this low cause many tribes of dark peoples practice savage ways but none of humanity had fallen low as the caucasions and soon it will be time for them to get their REVENGE!       Time marches forward,in our natural world either you evolve or become extinct,a decision must be made about those living in caves.Black people and other dark peoples are always traveling and exploring so now a group of them come upon these people of whom look human but seem to have been reduced to living the life of a savage. The name given to these blacks was Moses and made into an individual instead of a group of people who saw this horrid condition of human beings and wanted to help them.Moses also a name based on characters in ancient African text. This group of people done for the European cave dweller like people done for this little caucasion girl abandoned by her family and left to be raised by dogs in the kennel.      This little white girl had no human relationship or associations,when found this human child behaved like the dogs she lived with.She barked,scratched and understood the communications of dogs. She was terrified when approached by human beings. It took months & months and years of therapy to help her become human,even at this time the poor child likes to bark.The process took time but these blacks had to endure the savage nature of these people and since at heart they are human they began to pick up quickly on the things human to them but lost.This is why Moses is a much respected figure in caucasion society even thou he did not actually exist but he was the one chosen to represent the beginnings of a new chapter in the life of cave people turned savage.       Time marches forward and this caveman is very hyper his mind is now sharp and he hungers for knowledge. He continues to learn and interacts with darker peoples.His populations and his intelligence makes him to seek building his own cities,towns and soon nations. The European was born from out of dark peoples and the beginning of his arts,science,civilizations was based on what dark peoples had already produced however the European will never give the dark peoples credit cause within his mind he must subdue & murder them placing them eventually into submission.      Even thou darker peoples have gone to war with themselves for centuries when this caucasion begins to explore the planet and everywhere he goes he discovers people of color,they greet him in peace and kindness even thou he is a strange looking human being.Why do the blacks and other dark peoples welcome this strange man? Like Yakub once said opposites attract and even today even thou the European has committed some of the worst atrocities within the confines of recorded history there is much love & compassion for him as opposites attract. The so called negro in the USA loved him so much they lie down in the streets and let dogs bite them and be sprayed with firehoses making no attempt to defend themselves,hoping their love will quench his thirst for blood,his hate for the dark.       I’ve already spent time in explaining the reasons behind the caucasion’s mindset as he now begins to roar out from the caves of Europe,nothing will escape his lust for material wealth and vengeance upon the dark people whom exiled him away from civilized nations. He is now becoming a different MAN,he is not the savage caveman any longer he is now a thinker and planner. However he is smart enough to hold on to what made him a savage when it comes to warfare and murder. He begins to take advantage of his ability to lie and deceive his gift whereas dark people trust him. He begins a campaign to conquer the darker peoples as well as befriend them and steal their knowledge,in many cases after conquering them make the knowledge as if it was his own.He is no longer a savage beast but a thinking conquerer.     Within the short time span of a few thousand years this man who was once walking on his all fours unable to bury his dead has now shot out of the caves to challenge ancient peoples and their civilizations. The European has a thirst for knowledge and blood humanity has never seen before. This caucasion at first soley relies on his ability to physically subdue his prey but as time goes by his thinking mind realizes that his opponents are lovers of religion believers in God.He is fascinated of how hundreds of people can be easily controlled without the use of physical force of where could be used for better things. So before actual physical force the European brings his false friendship and his God. Only if his God is rejected then he’ll bring physical force as he also continues the same thing today.      If others do not except his Christianity or political ideas then he begins to use threats of violence,in the past there was no threat he gathered his forces and vanquished those who dare defy him. Many blacks refuse to give him proper credit for bravery & valor in this you underestimate him as he is extremely violent,smart & cunning better than a fox as he has locked the fox up in his zoos. Nothing has changed,he continues to use the same strategy. Why change something that works as the dark people do not realize who they really have become.      The European out of a cave has now either conquered many dark peoples or caused great fear among other races,he has used murder,lies,deceit,war,rape in order to conquer the world.The whiteman or caucasion European without a doubt in 2009 is the ruler of this planet. He has made all life bow to his will and thrown them in zoos,he has enslaved other human beings turning them into animals who work for his benefit. He takes any lands whether they are occupied by others or not and will kill until animals or men become extinct. Even microscopic organisms haven’t been able to avoid the wrath of the European caucasion.         Now he has become a scientist very curious about his origins and that of other peoples. He is not pleased that everywhere he’s gone darker people were already there. He knows that even thou he is a fierce warrior he knows that the only reason of why he has come into power is due to the extreme division among the darker peoples,so something must be done before they realize that unification is the solution to dealing with this new & strange man in order to keep him in power as physical force will not be enough to keep the dark people under control. The first phase has been completed filling the world with fear by physical violence.He begins to realize that not only is he the minority on the planet but he is genetically inferior.He knows he must keep himself separate from the darker peoples and not allow his people to freely intergrate with them so what we know as Racism is introduced.      Racism is a creation from the natural hate that made them what they are but a device to protect his genetic survival & domination over darker peoples. The introduction of black commercial slavery was not just about hatred for the dark but it also was just a matter of economics just free labor,hatred was just the frosting on the case to bring reason for such,then religion embraces this to give God’s approval.Such was so effective that a slave like sister Sourjouner Truth even said she was happy and grateful for being a slave cause it got her away from living a heathen African life that made her void of Jesus Christ of whom she only knew of as being caucasion. So it is no shock that just recently Miss Truth was chosen to sit as a bust in the America’s rotunda,the perfect slave.       The European scientist began to learn they can only reproduce themselves and in fact they know they are a hybrid form of black peoples.Black peoples can naturally produce all the colors of humanity and even traits special to certain races but they can not produce black or the dark and this not only angers whites or caucasions but many of other races. It is amazing even thou the European has shown such a wicked history as well has raped this planet and exploited other life,they are still held as angels and trusted. Yakub the bighead scientist is smiling in the grave as his people who attract the opposites probably had no idea his kind of a man would become so successful.        Knowing he is genetically inferior the caucasion scientist have tried to regain their melanin and humanity as humanity was lost during the process that made them. This is why he sometimes refers to himself as mankind or Kind of a Man. You look human,walk like a human but not quite human cause you are a genetic mutation of the original of whom happens to be dark. In his attempt to reverse this genetic process the European produced apes & monkeys. According to Elijah Muhammad’s teachings prior to the caucasion these animals didn’t exist and I can’t verify such. However there is a saying that caucasions use all the time saying..well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle and like the dog the apes and monkeys are much loved,wonder why?     During their time among a people of whom they called Moses they were given an animal only to be used for medicinal purpose also a grafted creature called the Swine. This animal was a mix of the cat,rat & their favorite the dog. The swine was used to clean up behind them and help heal any sickness by taking the flesh and placing it on areas of disease.They were told not to never eat this animal but as the years went on and their anger & disrespect for the dark grew they ignored such warning so today this is one of their number one meats and they also like to keep them as pets. Again, I do not claim that these things are an accurate or valid history but it explains the unexplained much like some claim that Willie Lynch was not a real person,however the effects presented by Lynch is real and still has blacks messed up. The Chinese or Asian people would later take this Swine along with the Goldfish to make them the hybrids we see common today.         The most important thing for caucasions today is to keep the dark people under submission as it is a matter of genetic survival,his existence itself is at stake.In most dark cultures the male’s penis and sex itself is something embraced and celebrated however for the European it is quite the opposite as sex is what placed them in this predicament and made them inferior genetically so instead of celebration there is hatred,mockery and insulting of the phallus and sex itself.The European uses his media to present sex as filthy and vile as possible with the sucking of penis,licking of vagina and other nasty acts under the guise of seeking pleasure but in fact not pleasure it is hatred.The penis especially the dark penis represents his destruction without even going on a battlefield but done in the bedroom,surely such is frustrating when he thinks about it.      Here is the most powerful European ruler of this world the creator of the greatest dynasty in our modern era but can not be wiped out by a nuclear bomb but the explosion of male sperm. Not a good thought by any means. There is hatred toward the caucasion female cause she will not reject but accept a dark baby so he has no choice but to keep her away from dark peoples or use her to his advantage so that she can seduce this dark penis away from his own so he can create a different hybrid that will contain this melanin but the mind of the caucasion will live and if it is done correctly should the most awful happens even if he goes extinct he makes sure his mind will survive in the darker.So now we see him offering more friendships to the darker and these darker people have dark skin but their minds are like that of the caucasion.        These blacks also have no love for the dark,murderers,liars,deceivers,whoremongers,seekers of material wealth.We can shout black pride all we wish but we seriously underestimate the caucasion European as he is trying to survive whether that be physically or mentally in fact many black crying black power or African liberation have the same mind as the caucasion replacing white supremacy with black supremacy. The main mistake we make when dealing with caucasions in that we believe he is just an American white person of whom are not the most brightest of caucasions as their indulgience with drugs,liquor,excessive sex,watching violent & filthy movies etc. make them unaware of what their leaders and scientests are up to and if necessary some of them will be eliminated for the sake of the whole.        What must be understood about the caucasion is that he has become more than just a hybrid of humanity but in fact now a GOD,this is why dark peoples have yet to be able to deal with him as our idea of GOD is some unknown mysterious being. God is only a Title like lawyer is just a title.God only means that which has force & power.The caucasion has shown himself to be great force & power he has made all submit to his will and accomplished what Adam was suppose to do. He has made this planet his own,renamed the planet,the people and all forms of life and for example the dark people call themselves Africans when they know the original continent name was not Africa it was named after the European explorer Africanus. Based on the Egyptian calendar it should be at least the year 4000 and something but since the European has become GOD,they changed recorded time based on their fictional Jesus Christ Birth with no respect for past lives of ancient peoples.And all the races on the planet that know this time is not correct accepts this as Time,what the hell !      All of the dark peoples of the earth severely do not understand & underestimate this European. This European caucasion people even thou at this time with no doubt a great power to be reckoned with has now become paranoid cause he is still the minority population his people are aborting their babies as a result from trying to trick darker peoples to kill their due to economic pressures & the mortality as well as his people being sterile is also high.With all this power comes a dread insecurity in losing it to the very people they hate & what is more mind boggling and makes them sad is that not only could they be toppled by a superior physical force or slowly by the blackman’s penis.      What must be understood about this caucasion man is even thou he is very great,wears a tie,eats with a spoon,drives a car etc. Even in 2009 he still carries with him some of his caveman traits.So like many male animals he must puff himself out and use threatening gestures in order to let lesser males know he is the dominate male. He talks about peace but at the same time he reminds the world of his nuclear weapons and his great armies as well as technology to cause countless human deaths.He looks like a well able human adult but in reality his mind is child like & infantile.He behaves like a child giving free access to a jar of candy.Many children do not like sharing and must be taught the value of sharing and conflict resolution without violence.The caucasion has roared out of a cave and became excited about this world of material things and like the child at a candy jar,did not want to share & used violence in order to gain such.Compared to other races on the planet of whom used gold and other things,they did not place high value on these they were just materials to use.But this shiny metal and other material things excited this new man,this baby of humanity. Compare the caucasion to how children behave on the playground,again the reason of why we have problems dealing with him cause our minds have also become infantile except with him he is a child given great power as the teenager behind the wheel of a 6000 lb automobile.       This European has a childish mentality but he is still very smart. He has developed powerful weapons of mass destruction,he creates humans in tubes,he redesigns animals & plants,he shapes the earth according to his needs,he sends his people into space and his machines into outerspace.Not only do dark people have a sick attraction to him but also there is great fear,they do not say it but its like meeting GOD in person and some do view him as GOD as pictures of a caucasion man called the Christ hangs in many homes. He is no joke a master trickster & deceiver,he is always compared to a snake and the native people said he spoke with forked tongue also describing him as a snake as snakes slither below other animals,very hidden & quietly then suddenly he may bite and place into his victim poison.Toxins that will cause death and this European in power has done exactly that everything he has bitten or touched causes death,chaos & destruction.      The earth has never seen such hell among humanity since his introduction.His history shows no moments of peace only constant war.Again,he is nothing to play with.If you don’t come correct then you better not come at all no matter what method you choose.The European caucasion including those calling themselves American are not impressed by peace talks,they only understand power.If you show them power that is the only way they’ll back off just like the lion will give respect to the chair & whip in a man’s hands.Althou he walks upright and plays golf he is still a savage and you must get a whip & chair or risk being eaten like many have.The caucasions in power are very wise the master at propaganda and mind control. He has learned how to use religion,liquor,drugs,sex,media etc. to his advantage in order to keep not only dark people under control but his own people of whom some maybe sacrificed for the benefit of the whole as animal experimentation is limited.So under the guise of healthcare the governments allow diseases & drugs be tested even on certain populations of the white communities.He is devious and after he has gained his riches from murder,war ,slavery & theft but now since he has his, he has the nerve to tell the world how to live a righteous life and since he is skilled at deception and he is feared the world accepts this all the while knowing in fact he has not changed only the methods of gaining material wealth & slavery is now voluntary.       No matter how large or small you view the activity of caucasion persons in power they document their activities and there is a reason behind everything they do,if the American government opened up secret files from yesterday as well as today to the public as an honest government would do to its citizens,we would be shocked,angered..the emotion could not be described as not only blacks but whites themselves even thou made clear believe what not only America has done but what the European caucasions have done while on this planet & they hope that you’ll stay drunk,addicted to drugs or sucking a penis so your mind will never get to the point to truly request such info or listen to those who would suggest such info.        Knowing he is the minority on this planet he is paranoid about his genetic survival and his main goal now is to keep the dark peoples from unification at all costs.This was the purpose of the system of racism a system designed to protect him from genetic destruction as well as his position as a world power. He loves to see blacks and other races fighting among themselves and many times he is behind the scenes causing the trouble so as long as they kill one another his position of being dominate is secure.This is why as soon as a Blackman or group designed for dark people upliftment must be immediately targeted and the propaganda machine must first be brought into use and if necessary paint these black racist and traitors to this country as worthy of being legally executed. So when they are dead the other dark peoples will agree with this action,again as in the case of the Black Panthers,Marcus Garvey and others. Now our position is secure the threat extinguish.Unfortunately for them as they believe murdering the physical body will make them safe.They do not take into consideration and do not know how to destroy the idea that birth these revolution type brother & sisters.Malcolm X & many of our leaders are deceased but it is still rebellion among the dark peoples and the fear is the power that dark people will gain when they become unified.These caucasions know black unification will be the beginning of the end of their world and the earth will return to what it once was,hopefully better from going thru thousands of years with this experience having gone by. He will not leave without a fight but he is seriously outnumbered this is why WHITES or caucasions in power always brag about they’ve the power to blow the earth up 10 times over or if I can’t have it you won’t either,we shall see.     You can holler black power all you wish,that is nothing compared to the power of GOD & that’s who you are dealing with,until you accept and realize this you’ll never have no idea how to defeat him once & for all.This is why even in the Bible it speaks about the battle in the sky,it is going to take more than physical force to remove this GOD from power as he has entered into the most pro-black mind.Many Africans speak English and worship Jesus more sincere than the European cause even thou he is not there any longer they now have his mind and that is why Africa is having problems healing itself cause it has the mind of this GOD and success is based on how this GOD come into power.       Whether it was good or bad this GOD had to remove everything from the previous administration or claim it as their own creation. So now black is evil,white is good. If blacks were not eating pork the whites must eat it as this GOD must create something different from what once was. There are white people or caucasions in the background of whom you’ll never see or know about who advise their leaders and governments on how they should go about securing genetic survival and holding on to world domination,but unfortunately for them something unexpected has happened. Many caucasions are becoming angry,frustrated and sick of this mindset.They have grown tired of the constant greed,war,murder,exploitation of the planet etc.Since this dark man has a sick love and attraction he is unable to deal with these in an appropriate manner,however other caucasions do not have this sick love and growing with discontent.       The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches with great dissatisfaction comes great change.If it were not time for change I would not be speaking with you today nor would we see the daily dissatisfaction among Europeans and they have no problem with calling a spade a spade they know who the REAL troublemakers are and you do not see them picketing in front of any negro leader’s house. I did not have any idea this subject would last so long but to bring this to conclusion. No matter what opponent that comes against us if we seek to become successful we should study and understand it or them.       Whenever a team loses they review the video tapes so they’ll know what may have caused them to lose or they could also learn the reason of why the other team won & use their own strategy against them.We must study the history and understand the mindset of this caucasion European,understand the how of why he has become a GOD.Are we intelligent enough to use his own strategy against him and understand his mentality by figuring out the process of which made him what he has become.I am sure many whites themselves will agree with me in that something must be done to bring an end to those caucasions in power sick for material greed and excessive fear of genetic destruction,who allow for a few dollars the continous poisoning of the air,food & water with no regard to future generations but have great fear in genetic extinction.        I am sure that I have missed some important parts but I believe by this time you get the picture and I hope that you know this is not about hatred its about understanding.You can not hate a dog for acting like a dog.Elijah Muhammad did not teach hate he was giving us an idea of the mentality of our oppressers & since they were born from hatred of the dark,we need to learn how to adjust just like we adjust to the barking dog.He is doing what he is suppose to do,we must know what we are dealing with and act appropriately if not we pass this madness to future generations if there is one.This is not some bum laying drunk in the streets,the European caucasion is the ruler of this world and a GOD. Only a God can deal with a God & until you move beyond black power & revolution and become a GOD yourself,honestly you ain’t got nothing coming. Peace & RespectU