Brother Taalik SPEAKS !!! ## 2

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June 16, 2009

Brother AdMinister Taalik  Ibn’rad of the Reality’s Temple on Earth speaks about how pitiful the Blackman of America has become: Peace 4 ever & always:                                       May I first say that like many young black males born in USA,I was without a father raised by a single woman.The only real memory of my father of which I now realize wasn’t a father but a sperm donor is that he always physically fought my mother & was a detriment to our family.He had children just as old in years as my mother & was married to 3 women at one time.The best thing he ever done for me was give me a box of Cracker Jacks,the popcorn with the candy coating a prize in each box. The prize was worth more than my father.     My mother was not the greatest she was comfortable in being illiterate & never strived to be anything.Her acceptance of being nothing is a view she also taught to her children.I also should have been content with the life of sharecropping,drinking liquor & exploit women like my father.Even as a child I knew there had to be something better.I never saw it & frankly I don’t see it nowadays but I know its possible.My father was no example of manhood for me,so I was drawn towards men like Martin King Jr. or an Elijah Muhammad. I never saw men like this among my relatives or community.Manhood was something of fantasy for me cause such did not exist in my reality.     I have always loved men..not men in the homosexual sense cause a man is what I am suppose to be but I had no example being surrounded by females,so I had to imagine what manhood was. I knew it was not these males that were around me.I saw these males more like women,I saw no strength or courage.Black manhood for me was my imagination,what I read in books by great black male leaders. One of the greatest symbols of black manhood came to me in the form of the Million Man March in 1995.          I applaud all those most smart & brave blackmen that did attend & bring their sons to this very important event that is now forever written in the history of our sourjourn in America.Which brings me to this conclusion it is clear that these so called blackmen on YouTube like myself have never been exposed to real blackmen nor unlike myself even imagine what a real man is.They spend their time making countless woman bashing videos & complaining about blackwomen.Even as child with no male role model the thought of such activity never entered my mind.Being raised around women this cackling among hens is something women did,talking among themselves about pitiful men & their children as well as other family life.       The reason of why these men come on YouTube with all this woman bashing is because they’ve not been taught about what manhood is nor have they’ve been taught what women are.Their idea of what women are is no better than how they saw them as a child except now they know they can use their penis on them. # 1 Thing these men should know is that women are drawn to strength.Even among beasts it is the male who has the greatest strength the best provider who the females are drawn to cause they need the best fit so their babies will be cared for.These young lost black males have hair longer than a woman’s.They wear earrings & smell better.As males we offer the woman nothing,we brag about our money with a whiteman’s face on it,a car that the whiteman built.      All women are drawn to strength no matter how pitiful they maybe,it is a females nature.If you were strong there would be no need to bash women but you’ve become weaker than her as she can do what you do plus raise children.So many women turn to other women for love & reject men period.Instead of bashing women you should be learning what it means to become a true man.  RespectU.     Brother AdMinister  Taalik  Ibn’rad of the Reality’s Temple on Earth speaks about so called white slavery & black reparations for slavery:            It is amazing of how when some folks believe that it could be possible that those born in USA descendants of slaves might have a chance to reap what is called reparations they go wacko.They first say since they did not have anything to do with slavery why should their tax dollars be used to pay folks who were not slaves reparations,then some may also add that whites have also been slaves in USA. Being real about this issue I support our brothers & sisters who are fighting for reparations but this government is not interested if so it would of gave reparations years ago.    Ya’ll niggas don’t deserve no reparations ya’ll wasn’t no slaves.Those who have garnered monies from a loved one dying on 9/11 did not perish.Why should the families get money from 9/11 when they weren’t there? The Jews that get funds from Germany till this day were not in some holocaust,in fact in the courts of America everyday families are awarded damages due to loved ones who are dead.Many of the records of slavery have been destroyed,lost or kept hidden from the public so blacks can’t make a claim and this you know.When will blacks learn that many of these caucasions are fake,they like you as long as you are docile but get hostile cause they feel you are gonna get something free,when its not free.Your ancestors was terrorized for over 300 years.     This government & its leaders are fakes & criminals.How many criminals pay their victims reparations? The caucasion leadership continues to use blacks in 2009 just like the way it enslaved your forefathers.Why should I pay for reparations,why do you pay for the Iraq war,the study of roaches,the space shuttle & many things you don’t agree with? You can stand all this other foolishness that the government does but just the thought as the govt has no intent to back blacks nothing that blacks would get what you call free money.Then you make a silly claim that whites also were slaves.Who taught you this? According to my history book written by caucasion American historians these were called Indentured Servants not slaves.They were treated very badly however it was nothing compared to the horror of over 300 years of commercial black slavery.    Slavery was lifelong it was possible for the white indentured servant to pay out his debt & regain his freedom or just run away & disappear into the general caucasion population a black slave could not. To make something very clear to ya’ll pitiful fake caucasions out there,blacks don’t need your reparations .We have & are doing fine without it.Blacks should stop allowing themselves to be like the cow giving free milk so nobody wants to buy the cow.This nation has rebuilt both Germany/Japan/Iraq etc. American soldiers was killed by these nations but millions of dollars spent to rebuild them.No such desire to rebuild a nation of people you stole and exploited for 300 years that never killed American soldiers in fact are proud to be a soldier in your military fighting Germans/Japanese/Iraqis & so forth but no attempt is made to rebuild these people you destroyed that never hurt you but helped uplift you and protect you from your enemies it is amazing of how these so called blacks who are in reality dark Europeans just can’t see or refuse to see just how fake many & the majority of caucasions in this nation really are. RespectU.   Brother  AdMinister  Taalik  Ibn’rad  for the Reality’s Temple on Earth speaks about the violence of law enforcement upon the black community.  Peace 4 ever & always:                                       I believe it was Martin Luther King Jr. ( May he Rest in Peace )  That made the statement in that evil exists cause those who claim good do nothing. All over this nation there are churches,temples,mosques & other homes of worship dedicated to religious belief.These are countless,however they all claim good if this is true why is so much evil present? It is because even with all this alleged good the people are doing nothing.Wearing pretty clothes on Easter is not attacking evil. Martin King shown us that evil must be acted upon in order for it to be controlled or destroyed.There are between 60 to 70 million black people in this nation but it seems there is no problem with shooting us down in the streets or even at our homes,why? Cause they know nothing will happen,you might get a little riot now & then but overall it will soon be forgotten & the dark Europeans will go right back to drinking their liquor,getting drunk on some preacher’s words & chasing another man’s wife.      Dark Europeans or so called blacks are not taken seriously.I am not calling us dogs even thou some may like the description ( smile ) You can slap the hell out of your pet dog & in most cases he’ll still come back to you wagging his tail. No matter what the powers of this nation allow to happen to us,we always claim loyalty & patriotism. Now let it be made clear that this is not just a problem within the black community but shootings do occur in others,however it is now becoming the norm,again we are victims cause we do nothing.Perhaps due to fear or the general idea that the law,the same law that is gunning us down in the streets is suppose to also give us justice.       From my experience with American justice the laws are designed to protect the police as well as judges and those who represent corrupt law.They make it difficult to sue these people & unless millions of dollars can be earned most attorneys will not take on the city,state or government.The police have tax dollars to defend them & you? The only effective means we have is our unification but we’ve become more slack than ever.The NAACP one of our greatest fighters have youth that are not interested cause life is comfortable,the elders are old,sick & dying.Any group is only as strong as those who hold it up,we belong to nothing doing nothing.      In 1995 at the Million Man March we were asked to join or form some type of organization but have failed to do so. If a Jew is shot down in the street you’d see an outpouring of grievance & all power placed into such effort but blacks are individuals & scattered belonging to nothing & soon this death will be seen as nothing.Many of us will not respond until we are affected personally doing nothing when others hurt but expect folks to have sympathy & come to their aid when the police kills their loved ones or attacks them.When I was unjustly locked up the black staff did nothing to help me but when their employer began to harass them they had the nerve to come and ask me for help since I was learned of employer/employee law. I did help some of them cause some of the sisters were cute ( smile ) Again,perfect example of what happens when we stand alone & do nothing. The black community is also plague with drive by shootings & other violence cause the so called men do nothing.They prefer to wait on the police when the community knows who the hoodlums are & what do you have to lose when there is fear & death daily even coming to your home.The men should organize & run these rift raft elsewhere.Have you ever asked of why this doesn’t happen in other communities? Whites especially do not tolerate it,if necessary they’ll arm themselves with or without the support of police.As long as we do nothing evil will have its way,dark Europeans are just a lazy bunch waiting on whites to do everything and you’ll wait as it is they who are at the root of the problem.RespectU.