GREAT REWARD 4 Black People

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June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Sistah,your big brother Taalik

The Black People’s Great Reward                                                       As told byHis Divine Masculine Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn’rad of the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always :                                        Before I begin I wish to bring a very honest warning to you in that this series of videos may be VERY boring to some. It is sad when one wants to keep a secret from black people since many refuse to read,place that secret in a book.This is a video where all one has to do is lend an ear but the subject matter has nothing to do with the latest movie from Hollywood or Booty SHAKING dance or does not represent traditional thought accepted by society then it is boring & unworthy of any time being listened to,this is sad. But I understand our sad condition of being in folly so such is expected but since ALL black people are not this way,then it is not a waste of my time to present these few words.       Some may also avoid these words cause they dislike or hate the vessel of which the words flow from,again this is also very sad as well as extremely ignorant. Due to personal experience I no longer believe in GOD as such has been traditionally taught,however it would be foolish upon me to deny the wisdom of a Holy Bible or Quran. I do not believe that Jesus or a Muhammad ever existed but again foolish to ignore what these figures represented.The racist European caucasion people in power have proven to be deceivers & liars as well as murderers of black people,but for the wise it is best to listen to them,why? The wicked have become so arrogant now a days that they tell you in your face or place in a book or even upon a website,their thoughts & plans. Just because an apple may be rotten doesn’t mean there is no part of the fruit that still may contain health for the body if eaten.         There are many GREAT men & women of whom I may dislike or differ in opinion but when we are exposed to a great mind and because of personal hatred or doctorine we deny their wisdom when at one time we admired them,makes us to face a big mistake.TRUTH doesn’t belong to the bottle,water does not origin in a bottle.The bottle may be clean perhaps even filthy if there is water in the bottle somebody placed it there.When the body becomes thirsty it could care less about the bottle,it needs the water that is in the bottle.This is why all over the earth HUMANITY is always searching for answers to questions,searching for a higher self cause many times they reject the answers,they reject the path to a higher self cause they hate the bottle or the guide that leads the way to the answer or goal they are seeking.So it is no surprise that folks are always looking.        I am happy that I have never been that way cause my mission is to seek REAL TRUTH & thru REAL TRUTH should bring us back into REALITY,something we’ve lost almost since the dawn of humanity.Ancient people not being able to understand their environment using their brains to create fiction for what they didn’t understanding,so in a hurry and so arrogant not wanting to say I don’t know.This NOT accepting the fact they didn’t know and the REAL fear of DEATH,created what we now know as the RELIGIOUS BELIEF SYSTEMS.Religion was found to have a calming effect over the ignorant masses,bringing answers to questions,answers that could not be found,hope in conquering death and also found by those in power the ability to control the masses of the people.This control continues till this day & when someone like myself or you think outside of this box,we are looked upon in a strange manner like something is wrong,when the REALITY is something is right.What is right is that we have broken this cycle of dependence upon a pre-programmed idea passed from generation to generation to the point of self thought,something looked down upon and dangerous to a society built based upon half truths and outright lies.        So for those to reject my words due to differ of opinion or personal hatred towards me really are doing themselves a disservice and will continue to search and look as this is what happens when your world is FALSE & fictional. You will continue to be thirsty cause you have a problem with the vessel the water is contained within.The bottle did not place the water into itself,someone placed the water into it.Many of us pray as taught by religion everyday for answers to many things but we have failed to notice the answers to prayers come thru other men or women.We will reject the answer to our prayers cause we either will not accept a human being having the answer or just HATE the messenger carrying the answer,again it is your loss.So it is no surprise folks continue looking & searching.You hear them all the time saying…child I am trying to find myself.Who caused you to become lost? The ignorance of ancient people caused our condition of living in fantasy & fiction,the CREATION itself has now brought us into a time period whereas the human being must now be made to come into reality like all other creatures upon this planet face or go into extinction.           Please bare with me as this talk is going to be a bit long but I believe it is necessary. We should STOP tripping of off the vessel that REAL TRUTH resides in,we can always throw the bottle away ( smile ) What is the bottomline of my being here? My purpose of talking with you is to help bring about a change that will cause us to get this oppressor of our backs once & for all and once that is done,when we are returned back to our RIGHT state of mind,tell us of the GREAT REWARD we’ve earned that we happily can share with the rest of HUMANITY. When I was incarcerated by the Missouri Department of Mental Health there was doubt they were my enemies,their purpose was to exploit the poor,ignorant & defenseless to use their bodies to secure funds for employment as well as bodies being used to experiment new drugs upon,at the same time as EVIL as these people are they offered me two kinds of information.       Of course the info they wished for me to readily accept was info to keep me under their exploitation and oppression,however they also offered info that could cause me to become free from such control.This info was not given on purpose but when I read between the lines I recongnized wisdom from my enemies that could and DID set me free.This is what we lack,we are unable to take traditional thought,beliefs even politics and look for that wich is good we concentrate on what is actually offered on our plates instead of examing the kitchen or questioning the chef,so the masses have been turned into INTELLECTUAL ZOMBIES,a slave worse than the physical slave cause they believe they are acting and behaving on their own.Since the mental patients accepted the tray given to them by mental health they were easily controlled but I became a problem & dangerous to Mental Health cause not only did I refuse to accept their poison called medication I rejected the tray given to me wishing to examine the kitchen and request to see the chef. The time now requires we examine the kitchen and if you do,you’ll find you’ll never wish to EAT from this restaurant any longer.                                       Brothers & sisters surely this is a very glorious time if we understand it.It should make us clap our hands and stump our feet even thou we ourselves may not live to see the reality but be joyous that we lived in the TIME that began the process to bring the greatest event to ever happen to humanity into reality.On that note please bare with me as I must first explain what happened to me here on YouTube. I do NOT wish for you to be sad or angry towards anyone about the continued suspensions and attacks upon me,I brought this upon myself as I should of known better,been wiser but allowed personal hurt to cloud my thinking over what is best for us as a people.      This channel has as I am always reminded a little over 200 subscriptions and an average of 500 views per video,small fry compared to others,however these small numbers do not reflect the actual influence and power I have.A small channel but well known,for some my coming to their page is mutual respect and admiration to others it brings fear and hatred cause of the knowledge.A knowledge an understanding they have NEVER seen before then the one who carries this knowledge this POWER was given great talent to defend it,a small channel but devastating.To give you another example of the power generated from such a small channel,I was able to attract young & old,black & white,the wise to the illiterate.I could make a video series containing 4 or more vids and the collection would be listened to with an average of 500 views.A small channel with the power of one with 1000’s of views and hundreds of subscriptions.      The wisdom and knowledge so powerful that I was blocked & deleted not due to profane language or general disrespect but the fear of this wisdom being shown to overwhelm traditional thought and personal opinion. Brother Taalik has been given GREAT power. Spider-Man is a fictional character due to a dispute with an event manager he allowed a man that robbed this manager to escape with the loot.Because this manager had done him wrong Peter Parker thought he was getting even with the manager for cheating him of his award money.     Peter Parker could of stopped the robber as he had more than enough power to do so but did not cause the manager cheated him and this was NOT his problem.Later Peter Parker would learn that the man that killed his most beloved uncle was the same one he could of stopped but didn’t.It is possible that if Peter Parker had stopped the robber his beloved uncle would not be dead and his aunt a grieving widow as well as his own lost of someone he loved so dearly.So Peter learned that with GREAT power comes GREAT responsibility thus Spider-Man the crime fighter was born,born at a great price the loss of one held so dear.       My channel was suspended not due to YouTube or anyone else,it was my own doing. Brother Taalik is no longer just the average individual I was born cause the TIME required something new.I was born during the 60’s what is called the Black Revolution & even as a child I have a sense of the horror that my ancestors went thru,I was born to help answer the prayers of those suffered for over 300 years.Martin King Jr.,MalcolmX,Nat Turner,Denmark Vessey,Fannie Lou Hamer,Elijah Muhammad & all those prior to me was also called to serve during a specific time and there were those prior to them to help clear a path for them to exist.This is my TIME I am also making a path for someone cause this journey is far from over and like all of these before me GREAT power was given to them but over all they failed the people due to some reason or another.Whether it was personal or their failure to understand the enemy.      My channel was NOT taken down due to YouTube or even the complaints of some few who had become angry with me,the REALITY is they were used by the Creation or the Universal Womb itself being displeased by my behavior having developing me for over 30 years but failing to react in a favorable manner.If the plan for the Creation is to give me power,then I should act with great RESPONSIBILITY as I was formed not for my own personal wants or beliefs,I was raised to become the defender & teacher of those descendants of slaves living in the USA.Let me say this if the Creation felt as thou I was truly foolish instead of just a suspension of a YouTube,death was a better option as it is TIME for the Blackman to rise and in his rising comes GREAT reward.       In order for the Creation that which caused us to come into being from within the dark space of the universal womb to give me the POWER needed during this time period,it must be confident & know that I am worthy and responsible for such power.If I can not handle a YouTube page and the madness that such engages in how can I be raised to become a power who represents black people when confronting the authority of those in power this racist caucasion European male? I never claimed to be perfect or a know it all & like all of you I also have emotions.When you are given GREAT power,when you by some unknown force given a mission to carry out,your own personal emotions or needs are less of a priority than that of uplifting this dark race of people living in the USA made deaf dumb & blind.        I messed around & got into a conflict with a WOMAN & did not let it go in time in fact should have never been in conflict with her to begin with.The Creation had no choice but to punish me because my first mistake was I knew I was given GREAT power I knew this WOMAN could not do anything with me,this was not being responsible as you are risking not only YouTube suspension but the eyes of the people are upon you.I am no longer just the average joe in the street,the people hear new words,they seek a new vibe.I no longer represent this lonely scared kid from Mississippi I have been groomed for over 30 years,10 years for every 100 years of physical bondage of stolen African peoples.Black people are confused and have been disappointed in the past,this time such should be avoided.Black people and all people in general will respond to that which created them.        The MAJOR mistake was that the personal conflict was with a woman but not just any woman,assumingly a blackwoman,again a much needed NO,NO! It makes no difference what the condition of the blackwoman is she has been suffering a long time,her MAN was destroyed over 300 years ago.The only MAN she’s really known is the racist European caucasion male and her Blackman is nothing but a dark colored version of him.During this period of time the blackwoman has had to learn of how to do for self,her males have abused her,raped her even as a child,many of our sisters have suffered horrible things done to them not only by this racist caucasion male but by her own males due to ignorance.Since I am a product of the Creation developed by the Universal Womb and I represent the wisdom that will help the blackwoman come back into her own,to use the same power given to me for my own personal vendetta would be severely wrong as such power was given to me to uplift the blackwoman and she is one whether I like it or not,otherwise I should hang all of what I’ve said up and join Blackmenvent or the BlackTownNation.       This is why I said if the Universal Womb did not see good in me for the upliftment of the blackwoman and those her children then TIME would put out a death warrant for me cause I was given to much talent to then turn around and become an enemy to the TIME,Time requires that the blackwoman be admired,loved,protected,made to feel secure and when she is made comfortable… thru the woman brothers from her womb will come our TRUE freedom and the heaven or hereafter that some believe can only be gained after death.The Honorable Elijah Muhammad my spiritual father taught us when you’re in love with a blackwoman you’re in heaven.The blackwoman is the symbol of the darkness of the womb that brought forth all life no matter what life that is as ALL life begins in darkness.       With this all said I do offer my most humble apology to all those involved in this fiasco,but I would hope that you’d give Brother Taalik the benefit of a doubt before showing me anger & hatred as like they say I am only human and may drift out of my right mind a little. I am a lover of black people in fact all people,I may dislike certain folks actions but I can never truthfully say I could HATE anyone even those who knowingly locked me up in an insane asylum for no valid or just reason but then again that experience also shaped who I am today.That experience has made me stronger,made me more credible.I am a fighter against bullies,those who oppress others.I fought for myself as well as others while incarcerated and I will never SELL black people out as there is NOTHING in this world that can be offered or compared with the reward the TIME wishes to reward the dark people born in the USA with.       At this time I wish to warn not only myself but ALL of us of whom have become fortunate enough to be given this gift of enlightenment no matter how large or small it may seem to be as compared to the vast majority of our people who still live in the total darkness of being lost,deaf,dumb & blind to the knowledge of self and others.You also have a responsibility and the lack of this responsibility by those prior to us has caused our people to become comfortable as a welcome mat to others as long as they are allowed to believe they are more than a mat,mats are used to walk on.Step on and wipe your feet so you may NOT get another’s home dirty.Like myself those been given the gift of being awakened have a duty just like myself or you’ll only continue talking about great wisdom & reward never being able to bring forth the reality.    Now that issue is behind me please bare with me a little bit more so I can explain to us the great reward that we’ve earned from the womb of life. Some of you can understand what I am saying,some of you wish to,some of you just don’t get it really but ya’ll just like hearing me talk and truly it is all good cause you’re here and I am honored that I am worthy of spending so much time with.Black People are very spiritual persons,the racist European caucasion race noticed this and developed religions and general activities in his society to take advantage of this he found keeping the slave spiritual made him easier to control.       Exactly what is spiritual? For many becoming spiritual means they are seeking to have a connection with a higher power and that higher power they believe created them,they wish to be connected to their creator. The word spirit simply means it is the essence of a dead person,the body’s life force. If there is no dead person then you can not have a spirit,then you get spiritual cause you are acting out a ritual in order to contact the life force of the deceased.The question here that must be answered is how are we seeking a connection to a higher power or our creator when all we’re doing in being spiritual is trying to contact a dead human being? GOD or that which formed creation has never been as we know human,so even after death never formed a spirit so to become spiritual attempting to seek a connection to GOD is fruitless and after 1000’s of years no one has contacted GOD nor have they even contacted the life force of the dead.       Humanity due to the ignorance of ancient peoples have been taken very far from the path. In many churches,mosques other houses of religion and something new being brought to me,many of our people have now turned to WITCHCRAFT and other forms of the OCCULT,all in some attempt to seek spirituality.May I most humbly remind those who practice witchcraft that there were many witchdoctors on board slaveships.If there was any power in witchcraft then it wasn’t enough to keep the possessor of such power from being shackled to a ship and they being laid to rest in their own feces.We must be shown how to accept our REALITY,once we begin to accept our reality all of our problems will begin to fade away as much of it was caused by our belief in falsehood.Many of our people who reject religion turn to the occult or science fiction talking about other worlds and dimensions.Another form of not accepting reality.There is no evidence to show or prove this life is just a form of some other reality or dimension.If such exists we do NOT know about it,it is silly to make this up and many have created these worlds only visited by their imagination.It is very sad that in 2009 we continue to reject our reality. Drugs,liquor,excessive sex, excessive over eating,religion,science fiction used to ignore reality these things bringing us temporary joy & happiness.       Searching & seeking the poor black people,seeking their creator as well as having a difficult time finding who they are as a people.The reason of why many of you are still searching and have no connection to your life essence of which is the darkness of space is because of your spirituality,you claim GOD or the CREATOR is not a man but spirituality is rituals attempting to contact the essence of a dead MAN. Your main problem in finding connection to your CREATOR is that we’ve been made unnatural and being made unnatural we’ve lost the ability to learn and use our brains to its capacity.The brain connects us to time and space and what is beyond this planet,if there are any realities or dimensions the brain can detect it and thru the woman a child will be born with the information to show humanity how to exploit such knowledge.        Those of you who practice witchcraft,those of you who holla in church jumping up and down or those who run around a large black stone in Mecca have been doing this for generations and have not come close to meeting your creator or even becoming a better person.This is because you have failed to learn the lesson offered by rituals and you have failed to cleanse your heart from vile & disgusting thoughts.The primary example of both Jesus & Muhammad were men who always had good character,loving,peaceful,compassionate,merciful,humble etc. Since it you brain that is the key to your being able to connect to the universe and your brain is cluttered and filled with unkind and vile thoughts.Filthy thoughts,you practice filthy and nasty behaviors.How do you expect a connection to the universe that is non-corrupted and natural when you are corrupted and unnatural? As long as your mind is full of filth & vile things,you can chant,mediate,pray,hoop & holla, you may conjur up spells whatever is your heart desire.You will remain in your state of being lost ,wandering,wondering and searching.I suggest to us to accept our reality and leave fiction alone.Fiction may seem exciting but it is not reality,accepting reality will open new paths that perhaps was always there but hindered from being revealed due to the practice of fiction and fantasy. As long as your and my mind is not clean we’ll continue to live in this condition of being high functioning beasts instead of the Gods we truly are suppose to be.      Sisters & brothers in this world living in these United States among an unnatural people for over 300 years have made us also unnatural.Everything we do has no connection to the earth itself.Thus we have the term super-natural,many of us believe in the super-natural.You must believe in the supernatural cause it is not a fact.There is no such thing as supernatural,supernatural belongs in the realm of fantasy & fiction.So we have SUPER-MAN,a fella that can fly,has x-ray vision,abnormal strength.He is super cause no human in recorded history can do these things,this type of man is not natural to earth and he is not natural to earth he came from another universe.The Blackman and woman descendants of slaves were turned into supernatural creatures but we are REAL. It is not natural for us to serve white people and hate ourselves.It is not natural for us to wish to be happy with being dependent upon another people or want for earth to call our own.It is not natural for the Blackman to attack his black female his only connection to the universe and reproduction of self.      The Blackman & woman the descendants of slaves born in this USA have become so unnatural they have no true identity.They are called coloreds,negroes,African-American,black,many males call themselves niggas and many females call themselves bitches,some even call themselves Irish or German it is very sad.Some now a days in the black male find themselves in debates with other black males over identity,such disagreements result in hatred and perhaps even bloodshed. Again, an example of unnatural behaviors as they fight among one another but no effort is made to debate or attack the forces that caused them to become unnatural.      Some wish to be known as Pro-African or Egypt they wish that we return back to our ancient ancestory known of our people in Egypt.Ancient Egyptians might have been our relatives however what is FACT is that most African slaves were taken from West Africa nowhere near Egypt,this is why NOTHING of Egyptian origin was passed down to the slave. Egypt is taught like it was a civilization of righteousness when basically those who ruled were not.The GREAT PYRAMIDS were built by slaves and the poor not to symbolize the people but to show the arrogance of leadership,so that the royalty be remembered & worshipped not the people.They fought against other black people,they were murderers of blacks and rapist of blackwomen.The blackwoman was made second to the male & if she was not royalty she was exploited just like women have been for eons.        It is confusing as Africa itself is a continent with over 50 countries in it,these blacks are related to which country? These pro-Africa blacks wish to practice African customs but many Africans practice polygamy,they believe raping infants will sure AIDS,Many drink blood,many sew the vagina up in females,some believe in cannibalism & human sacrifice as well as body mutiliation,so to be African-American or Pro-Africa means what? The continent itself was renamed and given the name of the European explorerer Africanus.The people of Africa have been conquered by the racist European caucasion peoples in fact many Africans of today speak English better and believe in Jesus more than the caucasions that introduced them to it,they flock by the 1000’s in Angola to see the leader of their conquer’s church.They call themselves Africans when they know this was not the original name of the continent,they are conquered people and you find great pride in being African?       Africa is a continent of over 50 countries,countless tribes & factions,which one do you belong to? You wear the black,red & green and clothing that is suppose to symbolize this continent but have no idea where in all this you truly belong. However what we do have in common is having problems with this racist European caucasion man. Some black people identify with a people of whom they were introduced to by their conquerers to found only in the Bible called Hebrew Israelites or Black Jews.The only records of any people called Jews are less than 900 years old and these began as caucasion Europeans or race of mullatos living as nomads in Germany & Russia trying to avoid being forced to be Christians or Muslims.       Hebrew Israelites never existed even so these blacks due to this belief dress and pretend to be someone there is no historical evidence to show their existence and these do not know their customs,culture,dress or practice nor religion.But we are so lost and in need of identity that even a pretend identity that seems great is better than nothing.Then also we have brothers and sisters who have been taught Islam is the natural religion for black people.They are taught to submit to GOD is natural for black people.To submit to GOD is a taught or learned behavior as how can you naturally submit to something you never met or can prove even exist.Rabbits submit to Foxes if caught as this is natural with predators and prey.To breathe,to eat,to release feces is natural.One doesn’t have to be taught what is natural,the belief in GOD is a learned behavior if one leaves a baby alone,the child will just live life it will never seek GOD,just like all life does.Live life.      Even so if Islam is natural for the Blackman we do not know what that Islam is,the only Islam we know of has been given this name as represented by the Prophet Muhammad, PBUH and he was sent to Arabs not those descendants of slaves in USA.Many of these blacks were introduced to Islam thru Noble Drew Ali or Master Fard Muhammad & their students as a better alternative to the Christianity they were taught by their former slavemasters,however these blacks were not taught that Arabs were involved in the black slave trade and involved with slavery today and in the Hadiths the prophet himself owned slaves and gave instruction on how to treat them.These new Black Muslims basically are being conditioned to become an Arab,so why are these blacks debating over identies such as these when all of them are by products of the slavery you claim you wish to escape.In these things is there no surprise that the condition of black people has in fact worsened even after the release from physical slavery?      It is a waste of time to argue over these descriptions or identities of ourselves when ALL have proven for us to be failures,we have not been successful with NONE of these descriptions even being called BLACK.Black is the best description cause it connects us to all dark people on this planet no matter where they maybe as black folks have lived more than just on the so called African continent & all life comes from the darkness.There is no doubt we are indeed the children of the original people no matter what they are called. Our problem is even thou we are babies of the original people we have been made unnatural and even thou we just maybe of African origins,we may be Hebrew Israelites,our nature just might be to submit to a great creator,however we at this time are NOT these people.       A pickle is not a cucmber it has been altered,when we ask for a pickle we do not expect a pickle.When we attempt to become a muslim practicing Islam like an Arab,or Hebrew Israelite or wishing to be connected to Africa in some manner being Africa itself has much variety, we are presenting ourselves as a pickle when folks are expecting a cucumber.Those blacks descendants of slaves living in the USA have become pickled due to living in a racist society for over 300 years,we have become a brand new people.A brand new people requires a brand new identity,you only increase your problems by attempting to be something you have never been,even so we should be happy not to be like those we pretend to be as they are conquered by our oppressors or an identity designed by the oppressor.They are losers when we should be striving to be winners,I have never known a person in his right mind trying to get on a losing team.        There is no need to fight and bicker over the past and time when time and history has been tainted by the oppressor.We should remember our ancestors but time requires us to mature and accept our own destiny of which we can control,we can determine and control our history. Even if we use Egyptian history as a measure of time it would be the year 4000 & something the racist caucasion people have altered time so that it reflects the birth of their fictional Jesus’ birth being 2009. So there is a need for a new heaven and a new earth a new Adam as the old things are unrighteous and corrupt it is of the former things and must be made to pass away.This is why there are forces to keep you from rising black people as your rise means the end of the old.You are the beginning of their end.        We are to be given the reward that GOD promised to Abraham of the Bible,Abraham being representative of our ancestors not an individual. Abraham is told know of a surety that thy seed will be taken by a strange people into a strange land and they will serve these people 400 years but after that time I will come and I will judge those people of whom they served.For their suffering being the seed of people who have been chastised for over 400 years comes a GREAT REWARD,that reward being the ADAM of a new EARTH. This is a wonderful day as many may make mockery of black people cause they know we are to gain this great day.The so called Jews in Israel have placed themselves in a position to attempt to literally be the chosen seed of Abraham but try as they may will not be successful being the chosen of the Creation as they were part of the problem to begin with and also proven unworthy of the greatest change since the existence of humanity.       Many know that the new Adam will come from an oppressed people so many attempt to also make their sufferings as heavy as that of the over 300 years of terror suffered by those dark people brought to the USA a country found on murder,greed,lies,terror and practice all kinds of filth and vile activities. As we continue to attempt to become past African ancestors and fail,these will also fail trying to be what they are not as WE are the new ADAM not them,they as well as ourselves can hinder the progress but eventually our bringing in a new era of human life will eventually become a reality.      We have suffered for over 300 close to 400 years among a strange people in a strange land,then it says that GOD himself or I will come.Many believe this may mean that some great being or GOD himself will come,however in the sphere of reality,once our ancestors was placed under the control of strange people,they no longer was themselves they were turned into a tool used by a conquerer.So for many blacks even today if the Massa is sick,we is sick.If America is Attacked,we is attacked.Our people have become part of his conquerer but again it says but after that time,meaning the time of us viewing ourselves as being part of our former masters civilization and society.When we begin to recreate ourselves being something different from what our ancestors were,we become I,What I want.Not what WE or They want but I. But after that time,the time of being this man’s slave whether it is physically or mentally once we begin to learn and create a new destiny we become I.After that time I will come the I being once we are returned back into our rightful state of mind.     I not being an individual but I being a lost people NOW found, I will judge the people of whom I served,who is a better judge about the racist caucasion European people other than those of whom they terrorized for over 300 years? This information the racist caucasion scholars already know and doing all in their power to prevent coming into reality. We as a people are now entering the era of the GREAT REWARD promised by the Creation to Abraham.At this time we have not earned such glorification due to our rebellion,confusion and of course self hatred but this will come to past,in many cases the elders must die off or a certain generation must disappear as they are content in living in chaos,but those with open eyes can see this change and these new ADAMS will be again made to to become a power over humanity or humanity will become extinct if they continue past rulers of the planet. It is false to believe that GOD or the Creation wishes for us to serve it or believe we are less than what it is.In an episode of roots when a baby was born the African would raise the infant to the heavens and say to the heavens..Look one GREATER than yourself!       If the African believed he was less than GOD why would he tell the HEAVENS that a baby is greater than it? Is not the adult greater than the infant? It was never meant for the racist caucasion peoples to become one with the heavens this is why they have no connection to this planet or universe.Their way is to destroy and exploit life and whatever he can get his hands on,this is why his TIME is over & his removal is inevitable.What makes this day so great is that a new heaven and earth will slowly be given over for us to control but we must not be like the racist European caucasion peoples,if they were filled with hatred.We must show love,where they had no compassion we must be compassionate.Where they lived in filth,we must be clean.We must create law so that people love law instead of fear the punishment for breaking law as law is needed to keep peace and have order.      There is nothing spooky or unrealistic about none of this,it is the process of what we know as JUSTICE,it is our time as a people due to oppression.The female is struggling and rising due to 1000’s of years of male oppression but if the Black People do what is correct this won’t be an issue any longer and these new blacks who will be just where the racist European was not can judge those caucasions left,those who were enemies of the planet should be destroyed and those who aid in this day of glory be spared to also enjoy this most wonderful & joyful day. The books of scripture call this HEAVEN or the HEREAFTER & you do not have to be dead to see it. In conclusion,brothers & sisters this time is yours if you wish to bring it into being or after you are long dead & gone your seed will do it and perhaps you remembered as the generation that hindered the coming of heaven cause they were trying to be an African,an Arab,an Egyptian and all these things instead of accepting what the creation wants and promised us to be. Thanx 4 Listening to this long series,RespectU