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July 05, 2009

G-20 Summit 2009 ( No Niggas Allowed ! ) a conversation with Brother Taalik Ibn’rad,AdMinister for the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      I usually don’t keep up with the mainstream media cause even thou they claim to be neutral towards certain issues,they’ve made it clear that they have certain favorites & agendas.If I love apples and I own a television station or newspaper do you really expect me to promote oranges as easily as I would apples? So if this is true how is the media non-bias? During the presidential primaries this media only reports on two parties all others running for president were ignored but they are not bias giving others nothing close to equal time,why is this for somebody non-bias? If you sit around and believe everything this media reports like there is no underlying factor then surely we are not just foolish but silly as well. What is even more incredible about all of this & this is why I asked the question is American citizens stupid or naïve is because both of the parties supported by the media are both losers,they are both incompetent proven to be liars,corrupt as well as sufferers of immorality outlined by any religion,extremely waste taxpayers monies & out for selfish needs but we are happy to keep one of the other pair of dirty laundry as keeper of clean clothes.     With this said and really the subject is very short and it was made plain as day.Your president Obama has just wrapped up a set of meetings to allegedly discuss the world’s economic problems. I say your president as I never voted for him nor does he give a damn about issues of interest to me. Allegedly discussing economics but since the meetings were not open to the public we do not know actually what is being said,mind you even the mainstream media reports that talks about Iran,North Korea other conflicts of war was talked about…yes,sound like economics. As I reviewed the pictures released of course the majority was of Obama your president & his wife so adored by Europe,I noticed that besides Obama I saw only less than three persons of color it was basically European caucasions.       Hey, why wasn’t the black countries invited? Why wasn’t poor countries invited only the world’s richest nations that happen to be European caucasions that control the wealth of the world but do not want to accept blame for being greedy & in competent causing the current crisis with your rich arrogant ass? Blacks was not invited cause we don’t mean nothing to them since you ain’t got shit,excuse my English then why waste time with your black ass being here? This activity is very arrogant in itself,first of all such is very disrespectful but in a household full of loving people.The parents control the wealth and the children are dependent upon their parents,however even thou the children can’t help increase the wealth nor control the wealth the parents will still approach their children out of respect cause the way the parents control the wealth effects them,so now all over this country parents are explaining to their children of the why’s we can’t do what we used to due to the current economic climate.      It makes no difference how poor a country is your manipulation and incompetence has effected the world and poor nations should also be kept informed on what is going on unless of course you don’t consider blacks to be part of your house,part of your world. Obama and this is something black people must understand does not represent you,he represents the racist caucasion American Europeans living in America.This is the only reason his half black face was invited as he represents white people & his wife represents white people that is why the Queen had no problem hugging her,how many other blacks do you see her hugging.Their Queen has been to the states many times how many blacks from Compton has she hugged? We all want so much to be part of a club that does not want us.If we would love ourselves like we do those who clearly don’t want our love we’d be much much better off.      These Europeans ruling the world are incompetent and arrogant folks,we should seek to do something better.They are interested in keeping all wealth & resources for themselves as after all this time with all the riches available why is there still much massive poverty the answer is easy.The ruling powers are caucasions and your not being invited to this summit indicates exactly how much these think about us.  Who would listen 2 SargeWP or a Blacktownnation ? a conversation with Brother Taalik Ibn’rad,AdMinister for the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      I want to make something very clear that the Reality’s Temple on Earth represents the unification of dark Europeans  calling themselves black. So it pains me when certain segments of our communties feel they must degrade & demean others of our community in order to make a name for themselves when so many avenues exist. It has become popular here on YouTube to attempt to bash blackwomen to the point whereas they don’t even seem human. It is shameful that many blackwomen are so lost they’ve become voluntarily happy tools of exploitation. Many have made videos shaking their naked ass in front of cameras having no shame. Many blackwomen have also decided to use this media as a way to attack blackmen and when these men respond back then they get upset.     I am not here to help blackwomen condemn blackmen however it is important to note that I will not tolerate men or women using black in a disrespectful manner. This is why I call you dark Europeans cause black people who accepted this description in the 1960’s did not degrade each other.It was clear who the enemy was and it damn sure wasn’t each other but ya’ll fools have become so lost and gone backwards that you ignore the troublemaker that is the root of it all and ya’ll actually are having fun trying to destroy one another.This is why I am extremely disappointed in a blacktownnation or a SargeWP cause even thou some of these women certainly are wack they do not represent black women.These women do not represent my aunts,mother,sisters or nieces etc. So for you not to mention Shanika,Tanika,ROika etc. etc. as individuals & to claim all blackwomen are like these few then you’ve attacked all blackwomen who according to history till this day supports brothers attempting to uplift their people from this horrid condition we find ourselves in.      I was raised around women and the majority of my friends have been women.Women have told me things they don’t say to the average fella,women talk,women will gossip.You brothers have allowed yourself to become like a woman with all this gossiping & complaining about them.If you acted upon your manhood instead of  behaving like some gossiping woman they would have nothing to talk about suffice to say if we as men would do what we should not only will they stop talking about you,they will help you in your work. Ya’ll fellas really need to chill cause blackwomen did not create feminism nor did they take your manhood.The system of slavery & living in a racist & oppressive society did this and you are so like racist whites that you hate blacks worse than they do.Cause of silly ass niggas like ya’ll the KKK had to start laying people off.           Much complaint is offered but no solution is offered nor do you offer a cause.You know the cause but you are so sissified that you are afraid to bring it up cause they help you destroy your own people.I do not expect my woman to walk behind me,we walk together.When I fall she’ll help me up and vice versa and if we perish we perish 2gether.This mayor fella wants be a leader but he uses friend block cause he doesn’t want folks to see how silly he really is. I am not cursing you out or use profanity. A leader but you get scared if you believe somebody might try to find you both of ya’ll niggas if that is what ya are scared to show your face.You couldn’t lead me to take a dump. These women should complain cause they are surrounded by some sorry ass men and hell I could be just as sorry as ya’ll except I have a enough sense not to attack  Blackwoman says beat blackwomen a conversation with Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn’rad for the Reality’s Temple On Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                       Brothers & sisters you know really this is mind boggling in that I had no idea of how deep this so called gender bashing among dark Europeans calling themselves black was. I must call us dark Europeans cause we learned as black people in the 1960’s the importance of male/female unity,black love, liberation & eventual independence. This generation and those who are older looking to exploit the young as they do not know have caused this struggle for black liberation reverse itself to a point one may want or rather be a slave of old as surely this hatred & division among black genders is horrendous and extremely pitiful & sad. Many blacks suffered going to jail,being bitten by dogs,murdered just so ya’ll silly folks can go on YouTube and talk about each other like little kids? All involved in this madness should be shame and you have become an enemy to black peoples as you should know better but choose to be foolish as being a fool is easy.Some of ya’ll like this negative attention and drama cause you’ve never been nothing so this makes you feel wanted,especially if you find others just as sick as yourself.Then the sick gather together to pass sickness on to others.      Can the sick heal the sick, I’ve never heard of it? There is no doubt that these dark Europeans have become full of disease and refuse to visit a doctor.But I have good news for ya’ll sick folks your doctor has arrived,if you stay here long enough you will be healed and your eyes will finally be opened to see for yourself exactly how filled with illness you’ve become. You’ve become so sick in that you are foolish enough to place this madness before the world so they can see this wackiness and laugh at you and just because you’ve dark skin they believe the whole people are sick like you.This is why I am separating myself from ya’ll dark Europeans behaving in an insane manner as no person with sanity could behave so delusional and disturbed.Speaking of being disturbed I thought I was dreaming when a sister actually wrote it is a good thing for a man to verbally beat a woman.    Now of course she doesn’t deserve this beating cause she is not like those women that need to be beaten.The women needing a whipping are those who fornicate and act like whores having babies by different men the usual ghetto type,she is nothing like these. She says these women are wild animals in need to be tamed have dark Europeans really went so low,they are now like beasts of the field.They can’t be talked with so a chair & whip must now be used? This is extreme sickness,when is it necessary to use verbal or physical abuse? Verbal abuse is used to gain control over another to produce fear in order to gain compliance,the same way the slavemaster used the word nigger. Again very mind boggling as it is not suggested that men also be beaten as they also act like whores & just as ghetto & ignorant if not worse than any man. A penis doesn’t make you a man,both sexes lack but since women are known to be the so called weaker sex it is easier & more cowardly to attack women & some women have become so distraught they also fall victim of such senseless doctorine. We as individuals & we as a people refuse to accept responsibility for ourselves or accept our reality.      Contrary 2 popular belief we are not much better off than our slave ancestors & even being slaves I have never heard reports where female slaves suggested female slaves be beaten or male slaves physically or verbally believed it was best to do this to female slaves. Brothers & sisters you really need 2 get it together or you’ll become the physical slave you mentally are now  Say No ! to Hunting & Fishing  4  Sport  a conversation with Brother Taalik Ibn’rad, AdMinister for the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      One would assume that this is like a part two of my video called Say No! to Pets and basically it is. So really I don’t have to spend a lot of time on this subject as I’ve already covered the base involved in such thinking. And that is the point,we do things without thinking. We use forks & knives never giving a thought of why such is being used when we can just use our hands like many people still do.Why do we kiss,in some cultures they don’t. Why do we eat lots of fried chicken & hamburgers.These things are just placed upon us and taught to us by our parents approved by society & we never give nothing a second thought. If we live in a society that works for the best interests of the people then maybe we haven’t nothing to worry about but unfortunately in my short time of living in this United Snakes of America in which I shouldn’t even use the description of a snake cause snakes don’t kill for sport.They kill for survival & self defense,if they killed for sport this world would be in very serious trouble in fact no animal besides a rare individual kills for sport.The only animal that kills for sport is human beings and at one time even for humans this wasn’t the case.       I could be wrong & I have no problem in being corrected but the practice of killing for sport was not made into a way of life until the coming of European caucasions and their influence among other peoples around the world. Once Europeans come into power they begin a practice of exploitation upon the planet & the imprisonment as well as enslavement of other life forms.Even humans having dark skin were taken and forced into being slaves turned into animals made into pets like any other domesticated dog,chicken or cat. Black peoples in America were domesticated and if you compare the behavior of domesticated animals to these blacks you’ll notice these black humans are still domesticated,this is a subject in itself.      The European began a practice of murder for pleasure,fishing for pleasure as due to domestication from both animals & plants there was no need except in remote areas a need for killing animals as the need for food was already met in house.Even fish have become domesticated farmed in large pools.Millions of animals,plants & fish being grown in controlled environments. So now we are born into a world of where men & some women go out in forests or take boats unto lakes seeking to kill not because they are hungry as they have plenty of the best foods available in fact they have foods coming from all over the world but they suit up to go out just for the intent of purposely finding a life that has never done anything to it so they can blow its brain out!      Serial killing accepted by society,murder accepted by society,abuse accepted by society,bullying accepted by society as there is no need to kill due to survival.We have the nerve to call folks like Jeffrey Dahmer a convicted serial killer evil as he kills humans to satisfy some perverted reason but we spend billions of dollars every year in order to go out and kill helpless & defenseless animals or fish that do not bother us at all.What also is amazing to me is that we take pride in hunting & fishing killing for sport but there is no movement from hunters to go out and kill roaches,rats and other vermine that plague us,we want to hunt innocent animals or dish just trying to live life the suddenly it’s brains is blown out or a hook going thru its head.       In the United States blacks was taken by a group of whites that also hunted them down,they would lynch a Blackman cut off his testicles throw tar and feathers on him setting him or her as they were not bias to gender.Then they would invite others to this murder some would pickle the testicles & bring food and eat food while the body is burning.This is where the word picnic derived from as they picked a nigger or hunted one so this morbid feeling they had could be quenched it is amazing the level that hatred can bring as this burning man chances are like the deer or that bass did nothing to harm these evil & wicked so called human beings. I will be truthful with you I can not fathom of why it is so easy for folks to kill as if given a chance I’ll just throw a roach,bug or mouse out of the house rather than kill them.    But here is a whole nation of people who accept murder for pleasure & then they wonder why the murder rate is so high what do you expect from those grown numb to violence and murder is a sport,if they’ve no problem with killing life period why are you upset cause somebody can go to a school and blow kids brains out,we really need to rethink some of the things we practice.