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June 18, 2009

Message to Sara Suten Seti  as told by his Divine Masculine Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn’rad of the Reality’s Temple on Earth Peace 4 ever & always:                                      May I first say I must first be very honest unlike many persons here on YouTube I am using your name as it attracts many persons those who support you as well as those who dislike you,I am one who likes you and as an elder person experienced in black struggle or civil rights in general I would like to bring to you as well as all young black people in this struggle for black liberation some of the lessons from what I’ve learned in order that perhaps you will become better as well as escape from falling into some of the pits that have caused those prior to yourselves to fail. There is no right or wrong cause if we do not listen we can not properly discern whether it is or whether it is NOT actually  one or the other.        This Brother Sara Suten  Seti  is a very powerful young man when he speaks you can hear power in his voice, there is no wonder he has folks very upset as his voice in and of itself will bring fear to those who are against black liberation. Whether you like him or not he makes folks want to listen and the voice demands respect, the voice also demands honor and honor in this struggle is Seti’s destiny ,his teachers would be very proud. There is an old saying told to me when I was younger in that old men are for counsel and old men for war. At this point in my life I myself is what is considered middle aged I am far from an old man, so I guess I am in between but I am your elder joining in black struggle since the age of 13. I do not know what you were doing at 13 & I became an active helper of Louis Farrakhan at 18 years of age.        I believe I am perhaps 20 years your elder and you have been taught by some of the best black men our community has produced but at the same time with all of this wisdom, all of this knowledge, the clapping, the dancing, the rituals, the beautiful oratory, the bean pies, the kinte clothes etc. Our community has actually fallen backwards. The black community is worse now that it was during actual physical slavery, we have fine cars, 401K’s, pretty houses, bling bling but our mentality is worse than the physical slave as male slaves never called themselves nigger, nor did they call black women bitches & hoes ,they became upset cause their babies was given away and wanted to raise their children but denied this sacred right. Black men have money but have no love or connection to their children and can easily call women hoes & bitches as she is just something to find pleasure in & many of our males feel great pride in calling themselves nigger, something of which boggles the mind of their oppressors.        The racist European American caucasion people are also stumped cause they would like to use the word more often but the blacks have grown to love and accept it. Truthfully in a way this might be good as it took an extreme negative and made it more positive as the blacks that use the word have their own definition for it, so accepting in that even today’s caucasion youth call themselves wiggers as they want to be a nigger too, again it is mind boggling. Never the less this is part of the mental death that you must overcome if you survive. I say survive Seti cause if you truly wish to represent black liberation or African conscious then you must accept being murdered at anytime, this is NOT a threat it is a promise.        Like all great black men or women before us that desired to bring unification to American blacks & other dark people of African descent they found it very difficult in this cause our people have become content with this freedom given to them by the children of their oppressor and find such freedom a great gift. They have a sick love for the white man as a woman loves a man who has for years physically and mentally beaten her. These blacks suffer severe self hatred and this is part of a sickness derived from over 300 years of slavery passed down by the very genes that make them up as the slave was taught NOT to trust another slave just the master, many blacks are selfish & jealous they have a mentality of where they do NOT wish to see another black person being successful. So even thou they know the oppressor is wrong it is more wrong for them to allow another black person influence the masses especially if the whiteman is not included in such gatherings.They even in 2009 still have a sick mind like the dog if the dog feels the master is threatened he will jump to his aid. It is the crabs in the barrel syndrome while one crab is attempting to get out of the barrel other crabs will snatch and pull him back down. This is another great obstacle you must overcome & we’ve been unsuccessful claiming a few but these as a whole continue to hold tight to the children of their ancestor’s masters.        If you really become a great influence upon the masses of black people then you should expect a greeting from the local authorities as well as the Federal government itself, at this time there is no doubt your activities have been reported to them by YouTube. Your greatest obstacle that you must overcome is your own people as black people have a hatred towards other black people. Black people love you Seti, however there are a vast majority of whom I call Dark Europeans that claim being black cause they’ve no choice but have the mindset of racist caucasion persons, some of them even claim love for black people but their actions clearly shows they do not, they are agents for the continued slave/master relationship not for black independence & liberation.         True freedom, justice & equality for those born with dark skin the descendants of slaves. They are satisfied with a man who is NOT a descendant of American slaves being made President of this nation like in some way he represents them. When the reality is Obama is just an exploiter of black people like the caucasion oppressor he exploited his dark side in order to gain sympathy a way to look like the color barrier has been broken but clearly does nothing of benefit to blacks born in America, at the same time he doesn’t seek an African woman for a wife, he gets a woman who is descendant of slaves as he and the racist caucasion male knows who is the best woman, only her man doesn’t realize her value. If you are NOT willing to face death and accept it as a consequence then perhaps you & many others really need to get out of this business as black liberation is NOT entertainment. Being incarcerated for life is not a joke, under the new anti-terrorism laws a case can easily be made or manufactured in some way you are or I are domestic terrorists or called traitors to this nation.        Believe it or not as one attempting to help black people, the death that you once feared you may find welcome as a way to escape dealing with such a lazy and stubborn people. There are 60 to 70 million black people in this nation, they all have for example benefit from the work of a Martin Luther King Jr. During his time it was perhaps 17 to 20 million blacks the question arises out of that 20 million how many helped Dr. King? Compared to 20 mill only a handful actually helped Brother King but the whole 20 mill benefit and the 70 mill benefit today but what do they do to show gratitude? Very few give back to their communities they have a I got mine you get yours attitude at the same time give Martin or any of our other brave freedom fighters any credit. 70 mill blacks in this nation that benefit from King’s work but every January during his holiday look at the few who come into the public and celebrate his birth and work, it is a poor showing of gratitude.      Don’t expect black folks as a whole to celebrate you, you’ll get more respect after death. Dr. King is a prime example. The medical examiner after the autopsy of Dr. King reported that his heart looked as thou it belonged to a 60 year old person but yet he was only 39,why was this? The incredible stress of NOT knowing when you would be killed, the stress of working with lazy & stubborn people, the stress of a whole government upon your shoulders, the stress of the inability to have decent family relations and above all feeling no gratitude from those who you were trying to help as they benefit from your work but would not help you.When I was incarcerated it was amazing of how those locked up complained about being locked up but took no actions in order to seek freedom for themselves.       It was mindboggling that I had to attempt to sell to the incarcerated the idea of being free! Many of these incarcerated have been so since they were youths, some being locked up for 20 or more years they had become institutionalized. Those blacks born in the United States have become institutionalized within the prison of this society then when they are sent to jails, prisons or mental institutions then this mindset is made double but blacks have learned how to accept prison life cause even when they were free they were in prison just given more freedoms. So if you call yourself a freedom fighter  don’t live in fiction cause the reality is your people do NOT want to be free! They don’t know what REAL freedom is in fact they do NOT like anything REAL. They like fantasy and fiction in fact even if we research just basic black history, our ancestors are obsessed with witchcraft, endless Gods & Goddess’ the so called supernatural.       Even thou they had contact with all these spirits & Gods there civilizations were destroyed and their relatives went into human bondage for over 300 years and they did NOT set themselves free the freedom you & I enjoy today was given to us by the government that oppressed our ancestors & haven’t yet stopped. There is no partnership, there is no equality with the oppressor or his children, we are only managers and laborers in his store, we make no laws or policy in fact we do NOT even reach out towards those on a continent we claim we came from, the average black wishing to visit his oppressor’s ancestral home in Europe. So to work in behalf of black people expect no glory or help from them and be prepared to face death as it could be at the hands of one of these so called blacks.      It would seem as thou my message is only that of gloom & doom but if it were so I would NOT waste my time speaking with you and those who are listening but YOU must be made to know of the reality cause the question arises are YouTube views and the clapping of hands, stumping of feet, many women offering their bodies to you worth a bullet thru the neck? Dr. King is considered by most nothing but mere entertainment, Louis Farrakhan is entertainment, the memory of Malcolm X is entertainment, what you speak of to these blacks is mere entertainment, your being shot dead in the street would be entertainment, my head being chopped off for many is entertaining and it will be easily forgotten just like 300 years of slavery. The difference between you & I compared to the masses is that the creation itself has programmed us NOT to allow 300 years of slavery be forgotten or any of the atrocities that this European racist caucasion man has done to people of color.       Nat Turner, DenMark Vessey, Malcolm & many others may NOT be with us and even we could die as this video plays but what can NOT be killed is the idea of REAL freedom, justice and equality for those born descendants of slaves and this idea will NEVER die until either such has become a reality or in some manner all of us are made to become extinct and don’t believe this racist European and perhaps others under his control are not working on this. It is over for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan brilliant and brave men who are still stuck in the 1960’s when technology as well as the technology of evil and wickedness has progressed least to say they are battle worn & tired. Truly unable to bring counsel to the young as they are trapped in another time period.       What made Michael Jackson an amazing entertainer is that he was able to go beyond what was known as soul music or R & B, he learned to take advantage of all that he was introduced to no matter the genere,so it was no shock that his music effected the old, the young, rich, poor, male, female, black or white. Michael became like water able to take the form of any vessel he was poured into. So in conclusion please allow me to say that you also must become like water or the result will be the usual outcome of either being murdered or becoming an old man sitting back talking about what I used to do while folks are planning your beautiful funeral. It is wonderful to speak about ancient African history & Egypt but that is of the past, we may be related to Africans or Egyptians but we are not them and should NOT wish to return to that because the European either conquered them or tainted them.       We should always honor our ancestors and yearn to know our parents but they were destroyed, their wisdom failed them, they no longer exist. We should take advantage of being raised by the oppressor and become a NEW people in this way our people can participate in a new beginning in what THEY want, if they choose to revert back to being Africans or Egyptians then so be it, but the people do NOT want this cause this knowledge has been around for generations. We must offer something more than what the oppressor has offered worth aspiring towards, we must develop a plan of where there is joy in struggle, struggle is welcomed. Many of our people respect the Holy Bible, this book speaks about God creating a New Heaven & a new Earth. We should NOT wish to revert to being Africans as it was a whole continent conquered by Europeans in fact named Africa by them least to say those Africans living today also have European minds they also must be replaced.       So GOD commands a New Heaven & Earth and the former things will PASS away. We should seek the new as ALL that was former will pass away. Why must the former things pass away cause like Africa as a continent it has been tainted by a human SKUNK now it stinks, it smells funny and unrighteous it had adopted the ways of those who conquered it. Nation of Islam teachings have been tried & failed, NAACP tried & failed, Religion tried & failed, Music tried & failed, Education tried & failed, Money tried & failed I could go on & on, why have they failed cause they have served their purpose and now they are of the former things. The Blackman & woman of the United States we are like the caterpillar trapped inside a cocoon this prison called America trapped for over 300 years but now the cocoon is beginning to split open and change is coming whether you or I like it or ready or not. A caterpillar for some is an ugly creature just like black people are considered ugly only good for sex and entertainment but after being in a cocoon the caterpillar emerges looking nothing like what it once was, it sprouts wings and for many a butterfly is beautiful. The time has come that these black people emerge from their over 300 year cocoon and take flight like the beautiful people we truly are not this mass of confusion made by a racist & wicked society. For the last few generations the black youth are being born and their parents can’t seem to understand them. Seti is part of this group, Wesley Muhammad is part of this group and many others known & unknown. You are the catalyst for taking out the old bringing in the new the REAL day of ARMAGEDDON.      The Holy Bible even speaks of this day that even upon the return of Jesus the Christ he will bring with him a sword, a sword is not used to slice deli meats it is used to slay human flesh as the old will NOT be removed easily and without a fight. This world the racist European caucasion has built must be cast into the lake of fire, even many caucasions are waiting and willing to help destroy this world or system that has brought to humanity, animal life even to the planet itself the greatest atrocities known to men. Due to the great injustice placed upon them these new black people can take the helm and become the catalyst of a new world order, become the ADAM of this new earth. The planet is not going to change itself it will be going under new management, hopefully this new management will cause human life to evolve and open up new frontiers.      The old European caucasion management was corrupt and don’t mind a NEW WORLD ORDER as long as they are the ones in power but if they were righteous there’d be no need. There era of world domination has lasted longer than 6000 years and their management has only resulted in rape of this planet and countless innocent human and animal deaths, time calls for their removal. So I refer to the Holy Quran when it says that before a people are destroyed Allah ( GOD ) allows them to peek into the heavens. They have seen DNA, they have powerful machines that explore and see the various planets, they can do organ transplants, machines that can begin to read human thoughts or create powers we thought was only given to comic book superheroes but due to corruption and severe immoral behaviors it is NOT meant for them to enjoy or see these things as TIME has run out. There is great anger and extreme dissatisfaction on this planet and as my spiritual teacher the Honorable Elijah Muhammad once taught that with 100% dissatisfaction comes or brings about 100% change. The world yearns for change even the wicked pray for change that is because they don’t view themselves as wicked. The books of scriptures scream for change but the believers believe it is to happen a certain way but it will NOT, we may pray for peace all we want but unfortunately chances are change will not come without violence.     Why? This world was made due to extreme violence and it will NOT leave without a fight so violence will be needed, even Jesus must take up a weapon. I would hope upon Jesus return for those of you who believe to please inform Jesus is the weapon of choice nowadays is a AK-47 ( smile ) So for you Brother Seti & others the time has come that you find a new direction, develop a new plan, new solutions so that as many of our people as possible can participate so no matter if they are rich, or poor, heterosexual, homosexual, interracially married, Christian, Muslim, Hebrew Israelite, male or female. The making of a brand new people will destroy all these divisions as all can participate in what we should call ourselves, develop a new culture, customs, seek lands we can call our own, develop even new laws and language. We as a people will NEVER become successful until we accept the change TIME is calling on us to do.       To act contrary will void the contract that simple justice wishes to bring upon us and we’ll continue the same old failures that will bring us removal along with the former things. Isn’t it time we be a winner & successful for a change ? I wish all of us the best in all we do positive in the liberation & awakening of those sleeping GIANTS born from the loins of slaves with dark skin born in the United States of America, RespectU