Being Sicilian & What I Think About GOD, A Personal Documentary

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December 05, 2009

******The following is not necessarily the views of Brother Taalik or the Reality’s Temple,please feel free to comment *******….submission by unknown author

     THOUGHTS ON INTER-RACIAL RELATIONSHIPS THRU OUT HISTORY, a personal commentary Taalik its really hard to let go to that idea, because so many brothers and sisters have it preconditioned in their minds since early ages. Its not an agnostic, Im non denominational I come from a christian background like other black brothers and sisters I believe in the gospel and all this, but im not religious i dont go to church, I see WE as the church of fellowship, not some building. Anyway sorry for writing so much, had a lot to express, I wish you well that you are feeling ill brother Taalik . That's the thing, I find we are more than just mental beings like the terminator and shit, were spiritual beings. You can usually tell the difference between the three different people, spiritual people, religious people, and people that only rely on mental capacity. I can always tell the difference all the time between a spirit filled person, and a atheist person, BUT like you said you are not an atheist you are a realist but how realistic can we get when death is a mystery. Think of it like this how is it possible to show clear convincing evidence of God, if He is out there, how can we find proof on soil? Its true, just cuz I wish for lobster and steak I still got that burger and fries. Nah man its not all about that gourmet dining, just well nourishing food shit I dont care if its a all you can eat buffet you need that replenishment . lol You funny brother Taalik, in one aspect it seems like black people, mixed people alike have been preconditioned to believe in this.
Blacks and mixed people a like attempting to let go of everything you hold dear, your jewels, your pearls, when you are this way....all i know is im not going to be religions bitch, I rather be God's.. Its not agnosticism, its just I'm faced with a indecision, inconclusive about it im just hoping to arrive at enlightenment on this eventually, to me the Holy Spirit is a reality,the Spirit of God manifests itself in peoples lives, then you can draw at the conclusion there is a God because of the manifestation of His Spirit in peoples lives, where there is the Spirit there is the God, right there is all the proof one needs. We can prove God's existence, thats where agnosticism doesnt match with me, because Im sure of the fact of proof of His existence, while agnostics doubt and are not sure of . It already states that God doesn't allow us previous knowledge of before this life, just that we came from Him, its all spirit related, were all spirit, and He is the Spirit that breathed life into our spirits, creating all these spirits. I know there are spirits out there, I was at a house that was haunted seriously, my whole fam witnessed it, the poltergeist spirits, it was the most unusual experience I ever had because it was REAL, we had english friends at the time that can bear witness they were like wtf? lol .

So I know there is a life after this, the Spirit of God that uses people is very much real and Holy. Without the spirituality in christianity. Spiritual religion, is not the same as organized lifeless religion. If the Spirit of God is living, than God is living. You take the spiritual from the religion, what do you have left in change? Nothing. I see myself as spiritual, with a mind to think, agnosticism doesn't go with me.
Hope you get well.

Hebrews 11:1 will be translated similar to, "Faith is being sure of what we hope for, certain of what we do not see." Another subjective variation might be, "In faith, things hoped for become a reality." This emphasizes conviction, an internal certainty about what we believe.

John 6:63, "The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life."

That leads me to the conclusion that it is living spirituality, not dead beat religion.
In the second phrase, faith is what others see in the conduct of a faithful person's life. Evidence of the unseen things gives a person conviction.

Faith is the confidence we have in possessing the things we hope for because of the promises of God. Faithfulness is adhering unswervingly to God and His covenant. To be faithful we need to be loyal (steadfastly affectionate and allegiant to God), conscientious (scrupulous in doing God's will), dedicated (zealously devoted to God), and truthful (true to God's Word and standard of righteousness). "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hupostasis, the word translated "substance," means "that which underlies the apparent; that which is the basis of something, hence, assurance, guarantee and confidence" (Spiros Zodhiates, "substance" is built from a prefix and a root which together mean "that which stands under." Webster's defines it as "the real or essential part or element of anything; essence, reality, or basic matter." It is very similar in meaning to hupostasis. So basically in a etymological sense when truly understanding the meaning of the origins of words, do we understand taht faith is not hopelessness or blind hopefulness, but in a alliance and awaiting God's promises, because it is a PROMISE, which is the basis of the reasons people believe, He is a God known for not going back on His promises. So what does that say? Only time will tell. I know all about realistic views, agnostic views, atheist vews, fundamental views, universsal veiws, i dont depend on the views, its spirituality that is a manifestation that makes one bear good fruits. Its not that they rely on nothing but doctrine, they rely on a promise. So who are we to call God or anybody a liar, when historically God has never once failed inf fulfilling prophectic declarations and promises.
Anyway hope you get well

  Plus thats why I have the video Lion King He Lives In You in my favorites as our bodies must be living temples cuz obviously many people can attest to that who may be much more up the ladder in spiritual wisdom than myself being that it has 17, 879 five star ratings, than you bring the Hillsongs and those gospel singers into the equation and you that's spirituality! lol
Do you see where Im going here with this...?

  This is my honest explanation of my background as I can get, I mean shit my family only lived here in America for 100 years that's about only 10 decades, when my first great great grandpappy first got off the boat from Sicily in the without papers victory salute...only 100 years we only arrived quite recently, atleast my fam since 1910 1920 somethin like that. My grandpops was greatly discriminated against he had it hard, he seen the mob at a candy shop in Philly and went into the army as a cook to get away from it, he was good friends with a black cook who he knew but sadly their both dead he died of hepatitis he operated the machine guns he served in three wars and six battles he should have got the purple heart because he became slightly deaf from the noise of the guns, what I know is he seen some serious shit and was never the same when he got out, as for my pop its almost like looking at a black man he's got those Somalian receding forehead and hairy arab genes combined..., whatever it is Somalian, Ethiopian I cant make it out but I recognize it, blacks usually have strong builds, full lips, and different craniums..which makes a lot of sense when I look at him I see more than just a arab before my eyes shit ive been around him for 20 years believe me! I know where I stand in this. Its impossible for me to be fooled if my pops is oddly enough genetically born a black sicilian in his family, his brothers and sisters some have olive skin, some light, but he came out looking Somalian/arab plus my grandma is Roman so thats the Italian part, but he looks arab/black! Than gave the genes to me, everybody in the family say im the split image of him. Whatever you want to say. lol
. I see a lot of black men and I see my pops similarities, its just weirdness very weird. In fact he was bullied all the time among his brothers and sisters and in school everybody called him Black Martin he faced a lot of discrimination having a brown coca complexion which now i have I forgot to tell you that...I mean Im Black Martin's son everybody would make fun of him and go Martin! Martin! From the Martin Lawrence show, he has a friend named Richie that would make fun of him call him all sorts of names, even my own uncles was telling me that since Im Black Martin's son that makes me half black joking around and shit . lol
In New York you cant tell the difference between certain Sicilians and Dominicans. If people present you pictures of typical mediterreneans you cant forget that there are those that are being misrepresented we do have black in us either that or it just be my father and me, thats the truth.
You make a lot of sense about what you said, Its got me thinking, yea religion is manipulative, people at a early age go through a preconditioning, its true you can still live a righteous life without God.
You also have women that get manipulated by men who attempt to seduce them to take from them, cuz lust just takes it doesnt give. I know when I see a so called "playa" and what he is up to..I used to do the same shit online when I was in my young teens "verbal intercourse" please... lol All it is, is deflowering manipulation. Self respecting women have to be treated right and with the utmost respect that's what I believe.
The Portuguese had a lot of responsibility for the African slave trade with those who were in Ghana.
These are just my thoughts Im speaking out loud...I wrote to much apologies. Anyway this is how I know who are my peoples, that and the genetic evidence I presented you with. Plus when I was having blood transfusions at 8 its possible some of them were African American blood donors. Funny shit. So I know I put the puzzles together. lol
Anyway thanks for your insight on religion, I agree.

  Yea that sucks my mom being adopted if only I could know...when I see her pictures compared to all the other Sicilian women in her high school year book she looks just like them so I just settle for that, my pops you already know he's a black man, when my grandma had him she was like OMG.. somethin needs explainin ill tell you that, she should have thought about that before engaging with a Sicilian, unless my grandma lied and was with a black man which she continues to deny and takes offense when people call my pops black she knows its true She starts callin people bad. She cute like that. Old Skool grandma. lol. The Cocoa Brovaz. Somethin aint addin up she couldve been doing somethin freaky back in the doo wop days on the Jersey Shore havin nine kids but one looks Somalian/arab. I think its genetic.
Anyway sorry don't mean to send you so many messages, just some light humor.
I saw your white supremacy video, thanks man, that's the truth. Inferiority issues, self hate yea I can relate, I just accept that Im mixed and leave it at that some kind of zebra, we cant get nowhere unless we love ourselves. I agree what you said about slavery. Last message for now.
  God doesn't need religion, religion needs God. People have done evil and genocides in corrupt organized religion, and had the nerve to use God's name for it which they should not do. Religion and God are two different things. It always says you will know their my disciples by their fruits, so if a person doesn't have gentleness, love, peace, truth, compassion but has hate, envy, greed, lust, then those fruits are not of God. There are millions of testimonies out there of changed people, I'm sure some have to be legit out of that big group of their experiences.
Now would it make sense for a person who has fruits of love, peace, truth, compassion, gentleness to proclaim God but has no affiliation with organized religion and be called evil believing in a genocidal God? No it wouldn't make sense, because God is not genocidal, the fruits people bear in themselves ARE under organized religion. People like to say that religion is God and genocide is from God, which is blasphemy and ignorance. If a person exhibits fruits of purity, nobility, honesty, love and all those good fruits than that is a true example, a true witness.
Now Im just making it clear the misconception about God, how somebody who bears good fruits would be called evil just because their on God's side makes no sense whatsoever.

As far as time frames, dinosaurs (their mentioned in the scriptures as well I researched), and every other "inquiry" a mortal has toward his all knowing, omnipotent creator, well I can just be rest assured that if He does exist Im sure God who is "all knowing" has a reasonable explanation for every single doubt and question we have of Him (but this is only if He exist of course, we won't know till we die). See it wouldnt make any sense to stand your ground on not believing in God, because when the time comes when God makes it clear that every knee will bow and every tongue will you realize that that is a win win situation for God? That He will have you confessing Him whether you like it or not? (Even those who will join Lucy Lou in the pit will bow and confess) See that gets me thinking, its a win win situation for God, so as you can see its not going to hurt me or change my independent way of thinking just cuz I stand on Hi side. Lets just say those who criticize others in believing in God, meet their maker and realize how foolish they were? You really can't judge the reality of the afterlife, have you died and come back to life? No, which reminds me of the parable of Lazarus, how even if they didnt believe in Moses and the Prophets teachings, how would they believe in a man who is ressurected.
This is why I don't claim to know anything about complexed matters like that because who has the ability to make that kind of judgement on what happens to us? A person shouldn't be wise in his own eyes, and people always dont know what they ought to know, and in His infinite wisdom and all this He makes those professing to be wise the fools, he makes those who are perceived as week in others eyes victorious and strong. I suppose He likes doing this because He likes irony, quite ironic. He likes to make the impossible possible just to screw with the perceptions other people have of others.
That is my view because there is a huge difference between religion and God. Religion was made because man needed laws to follow and sin brought death. When supposedly Yeshua took that burden of sin, it became no more so the old laws of religion need no long er apply.
It also says it is harder than someone who is in a false religion to be saved than one who has no religion at all.
This is just my take on God and religion and all that. Its very possible to have God without religion, and whether He exist or not doesn't stop this from being true, because historically and obviously God must have intervened in a lot of peoples lives who are testimonials of what He has done for them whether this is true or not or some play in the mind state only the person who experienced God's intervention would know the TRUTH because their only testimonials of that truth none have experienced what they have.
Thats why I dont mess around because you never know whats waiting for you on the other end, so you respect Him, or else He wont respect you when you get up there that's how I see it.
God is not a paganistic corrupt burdensome religion, for who the Son sets free is free indeed right? So if someone doesn't feel free, and feels enslaved by religion than that fool is not free. lol
Your mind should always be opened to new things without restrictions on thinking only one way. Im someone who dont know, a wise intelligent man will admit he dont know, so he shouldn't choose any side being anything is a probability, ignorant know it alls profess that well....they know it all. lol Not saying that is you, your wise, im just saying that if we havent died yet how can we know what is? It just makes us foolish to act as if we know. Peace

 "Religion is the toil of mankind in his search for the Kingdom." Myles Munroe, Rediscovering the Kingdom

Houses of worship, or "entering God's house" does not satisfy the requirement of God dwelling in you.

"And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? for you are the temple of the living God; as God has said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people." 2 Corinthians 6:16

For what man knows the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knows no man, but the Spirit of God. 1 Corinthians 2:11

Obviously the Spirit of God knows the things of God, and if people who are given that Spirit may just as well get to know the things of God.

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. Matthew 12:50

For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knows that you have need of these things. Luke 12:30

So if the Lord knows the desires of our hearts and all this, we wouldnt really have to put our life on a pedestal making our wants first, when He already knows our needs and wants and desires.

See all this gets me thinking, like if you deny yourself lose yourself and give yourself to Him and all this He's already going to meet your needs and wants anyways regardless its not a boring like of martyrdom. lol
All that gets me thinking. Thats all im saying.

   Oh and as for people saying their the legitimate this their the legitimate that, it alreadys says their will people professing to be jews but really are the synogogue of you will know them by their fruits.
So what Im saying is that if we all accept Yeshua and what He did than were all children of God, there is no more legitimate or illegitimate, cuz God made it clear that He would give opportunity for salvation to ALL the gentiles. So I really dont see why it matters who were the egyptians or who is the jews or is this? lol Its foolishness...were all children of God if we accept Yeshua and what He did into our lives, God can't be the Father of the wicked. God cant dwell in a temple of sin, so if our bodies are the temple of God to be pure not to be defiled, i guess thats were that forgiveness comes in to stay with a closeness to Him. Anyway I also know that a house divided against itself cannot stand, there will always be division, and no peace till this Yeshua comes.
The problem with that is we all just got to live our lives accordingly, we have to live as if He is not and not wait and expect His arrival to happen, we have to continue living our lives, Im just being prepared cuz it says He'll come like a thief in the night so that gets me paranoid. Like a thief in the night? lol
Just in case I got my eternal insurance plan, I mean it says He is merciful to whom He chooses to be merciful too, and those that never knew Him Im sure He's going to be merciful. Anyway Im just saying..feel how you want to feel I cant help it, you never know what may be



Oh Here Some More Oh Here Some More I mean well historical purposes it would matter it could be some missing black history there and history untold, but legitmate purposes it doesnt matter, God doesnt discriminate in that aspect those who were legitimate gave that privilege to all the gentiles that seek Him. since salvation is for everyone who chooses to obtain Yeshua gift, ..Im thinkin its a gift right? Its free? No price tag? It won't hurt to accept it would it? lol
Whether this is some kind of scam or anything at the end of the day wont matter because eternity is quite a long time, I can't play with something like that, eternity is timeless, being that there is eternity to spend...

 Then there are those that think you have to earn you way into heaven, thats not true, He already knows what we really deserve, He's infinitely merciful and gracious enough to bestow upon us this "gift" it is a "gift" so if its a free gift, free gifts dont have to be earned.
I know about free gifts, free food and everything like that lol If its free you dont gotta earn it. I think a person has to be true to themselves and not deceive themselves thinking they are in the light, thats why it always says to look in the mirror, to always see if your in the light not to fool yourself. Last message.

You know maybe its not all over with. It said that it would take 80 to 100 years to correct itself, so basically how many children per family would be needed to speed up that process fast, on average people have 2 to 4 kids, why not make it 20 kids per family.
If I was a billionare, Id pop out a lot of babies out of every beautiful woman to repopulate.
If every family had 20 kids we'd be getting somewhere. To me where there is immigration laws, crusades, and a penis and vagina for reproduction there is always a way. Could speed up that 80 to 100 years to a couple decades if Italians had really really big families, but then again it takes a lot of participation, I dont know whats wrong with people, here is the whole mojo these days? Nobody is getting their freak on no more?
Im just proving a point with all this... I know its useless. Sicilians used to have very big families like hispanics, what the hell happened to the magic? Must be the food, the soy, somethin is fuckin up peoples libidos .
Im just clowning don't take this seriously. lol This my last message for now, I sent a lot...didn't mean to.



Sup Taalik Sup Taalik Hey man you could have atleast respnded to one of my messages...anyway its just a matter of fact that all of Europe will eventually look like Sicilians real soon, arabs and africans are at it again...aint nothing they can really do to us that hasn't already been done, were already mixed, what is upsetting is making all of Europe a muslim culture, building in mosques and shit. A lot of them are probably going to be asking if their muslim themselves being its not that easy to differentiate between Sicilians and arabs and africans. lol. Anyway man Im not a nigga lover, Im a black lover, you should know there is a difference between the two. but I have love for all races respectively, treat others how you want to be treated that's what I follow, as long as they don't have any unreasonable beef with me I don't have any with them . I just love the culture of Italy, wine food, architecture, Sicily has already been arab east african arabinezed influenced alike hummus and shit .lol
All I'm saying is, if everything has the same culture thats going to suck, I really couldnt care less what happens to white Europeans with blonde hair, blue eyes, or red hair and green eyes, or pale skin and black hair...their all getting theirs not my problem. Sicilians are mixed, its just americans are ignorant, we dont have big parades exposing our flag with reggaeton music and parties that last for months like puerto ricans, I mean the original Latin language came from Rome so Italians are the ancient original latino people true latins, Italian is a latin language. Sicilians don't care, their just thinking to themselves " Yep, the muslims again." Now Im just giving you the hands on on the stereotypes of a proud culture. lol
Anyway all people dont paint their flags on their cars, and so on and so forth. The world aint black and white there is a lot in between, but sadly african americans and white americans only see black and white in their narrow minds in this country, they dont see that there are other ethnicities that go through tough times even discrimination, and if there is anything that african americans do recognize its the "so called latinos" who are not really latinos to begin with, true latins are in Italy.

mean Im fascinated by different cultures, if its carrribean, jamaican, dominican, brazilian, italian, egyptian, french, I mean all these different cultures, now picture a world that is entirely arabinised and Islamic, no cultural would be unsophisticated, dull and boring. Like I said it has nothing to do with race.
I can't help it I adore black women, and I adore Italian women, I adore women that are naturally curvaceous and have respect themselves and hold themselves with respect, a trait I dont see common among white females. that must say something about myself .

  Yo brother Taalik, I saw your video about agnosticism, true, but Im not an agnostic. I still try to stay firm in my belief in God without the use of corrupt religion, see people misinterpret the fear of God as being cowardly or fear of punishment, its not true the fear of God means to respect Him, you respect Him to obey Him out of respect not fear and trembling cuz it already says that fear does not come from God period, so fearing God to be scared of Him would not come from Him either you feel me? Im still with you on the clear convincing evidence part, but it also says without faith its impossible to please Him, and believe me I know being faithful to a uncertainty seems foolish im already there with that one, but without faith where would be the reward? Now I dont represent Catholicism, or Latter Days or any denomination, I rather choose non denomination and have no affiliation with religion thats man handled, rather seeking what is pure and true at all cost. Just check this out brother Taalik, peace.

  I'm just a seeker a truth, I dont let nothing restrain me, or restrict me, or control me, or make me subservient which religion will do to you, but then again I dont want to be the fool and denounce God in case He's up there laughing at me doing so. Its all about RESPECT that's all it is, I respect the Big Homie, thats all it is, I can't be disrespecting Him, I have no reason to disrespect Him, all the evil that is perpetrated on Earth is perpetrated by people, people have control of their own will, but yet they want to point the finger and blame something else for their evil actions. As far as all these "Prophets" are concerned, the TRUTH is all that matters, not lies or distortions, all prophets were destroyed supposedly because the truth always offends people, if your not offending people in some way your not speaking the truth, their are people who entertain people, you can entertain people, but that doesn't mean your speaking the truth just a entertainer. All I know is I see what religion does to people, it doesnt make them think for themselves, it makes them subservient, thats how I perceive religious people. I just follow Philippians 4:8 and I dont disresect His Majesty, His Pomposity, His Magnificentness, His blinding radiantness. lol
I dont know about all these prophets including Jesus, I just know that it teaches without Jesus (Yeshua) then without him our "ass is grass", so its almost like no choice right there. So in that aspect instead of questioning Yeshua's existence or whatever I just accept Him because obviously He's giving me a "gift" to accept in my own discretion, free will, my choice to accept, and Im thinking hmm.....Yeshua didnt do no evil to me He's offering me eternity, so instead of questioning is He real or not, Ill just accept that gift anyway cuz He's the Man that was so gracious and caring enough to give that "gift" to me in the first place. Thats how I see it. lol
Then there are people who want to have it their way that have grudges or unexplainable animosity or bitterness toward God, which to me is reasonable to them but unreasonable to God.
Forget all this fanatical radical crap, all this converting bullshit, I just do my own thang and that's it.
The truth sets you free, it doesn't hold you in bondage or captivity or subservience or slavery or mind control. I feel free, because Im free to think how I want, seek truth without denying it.
Anyway this my take on it...its all good.

Whether He exists or not is not going to stop me from respecting whether a person has a grudge against Him or not, and then you have other very one sided people who dont respect other possible truths like God Bless Atheism. Nothing is impossible after we die, so God being on the other end is a probability, not a forced atheistic view that He's not. Like in one aspect He is who He is whether we believe He is or not. Then there is another verse that says every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, so whether you courageously believe the way you do doesnt escape that probable fact for instance. Now we all know the Lord doesnt show favoritism or is a respector of persons, He gives to how He sees fit. So Im just being wise and playing my cards right, Im not going to be the fool and find out the hard way on the side of probability and technicality. Plus if he doesnt there is NOTHING to worry about, and He does than there is EVERYTHING to worry about for those who are not saved. Then it says in Matthew who can add a single hour to his life by worrying? This is what all those debators do about the afterlife presenting things that have already been presented in past generations with worrys and anxieties about the inevitable death factor. Than there are people who want to place evil and genocide upon God for which He did not do. Its all a blame game, when He mentions all the time that He is loving, and anything that is acted out in punishment is done by angels and not of Himself. So if He is loving He also has to hate the things that are sinful, because He is Holy? Right? Holiness cannot participate with sin, that's just a blunt fact.
There are so many people converting believing Islam, believing Atheism, believing any type of "ism" at the end, believing in Wicca witchcraft, believing in this and believing in that. Their followers, people always follow what becomes popular. Im not saying our life is not important but if we dont lose our lives to what holds value, purity, nobility, truth, and all those goodies then how are we truly living, vanity seems like living, but its really dying. There is nothing new under the sun that hasn't already been done. People have many opinions, but it is only logical that there is only one imperative truth after death, and if thats the case gotta play them cards right, cuz were gambling with something very precious here that we could be ignorant of. They say the things that are unseen are much more real than the things that are seen, so technically God doesnt have to be before our eyes visibly to be real. Thats why I believe not out of fear of punishment, because its a no choice situation, accountability, ass on the line, watching me in the shower kind of thing. lol People express many opinions, there are many philosophical thoughts, universalism, and all this crap but what is obvious is that all of this is going to die out one day to be left with only one logical explanation. For instance the world is bound by logic, we have to think logical because we are in the world that consist of logic, BUT that doesnt mean that God has to operate in our system of logic. Remember that the philosophy of logic and reason was created by man also a greek philosopher, so its a created truth, not a eternal one. Im sure God has no restrictions He can do as He wants he is not restrained by logic and mortality of this wold just because we are. Inner peace is the key to peoples worries, and those that debate about atheism and religion is because they dont have inner peace they want someone to confront them on what they know and present otherwise to them, because inside they are disturbed and frustrated themselves but come up with a convincing argument to the contratry, so they can be at ease and peace and cease not to worry about guilt or condemnation. Thats why homosexuals go to psychologists so they can get rid of their guilt riddeness, they want approval for what they do cuz they believe that will get rid of their guilt.
Now from a psychology stand point, thats a psychological problem for those of the gay community and anybody else who feels guilty or condemned, thats just the thing though "The Lord" doesnt want us to feel guilty or condemned, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ I know that verse, He wants us to have inner peace, so once we have inner peace are minds are free to think clearly, freely, because we have peace in ourselves, not perturbed or disturbed. I dont think anybody can agree on everything because we are all obligated to our own opinions and facts. Like every simple creation has a very complexed dna structure and scientists say that it is impossible for something with such complexed dna stucture to have been created out of the blue by a rock or evolution, scientists say this!!!
They just leaves me wondering man, no disrespect to you, but I can't disrespect God I made it clear long before I would never compromise when it came to Him. My mind is always open to truth, Im not fooled by deceit, or blindness or any of that. I got insight and discernment very useful gifts, just got to live life to the fullest without meaningless vanities, in love, truth, and inner peace. In Ecclesiastes it says no matter how man trys, he can't discover what this life is about, no matter we try, we won't figure it out, the truth is presented to us after death. Ecclesiastes really brings it to the table. Even though I like the way atheist think, I kind of laugh at them at the same because they also think " they know everything, know it alls"
Do you know how impossible it is to know everything, and even till one dies one won't know everything not even close.
Shit this my take on it, you got to look at probability here. I mean the Lord is very much worth of respect, He's not going to demand it. Its just mutual respect Im giving God wheter He out there or not simple as that, it dont mean I waste my life trying to please Him, or serve Him, or all that nonsense get his attention hell not wasting time with that, its like talking to yourself man I been there, but I will show God reverance and love Him thats all He gettin for now. lol
We think the things that are visible are so real, but what is visible is fleeting before our eyes it doesnt last forever, so what does that say about the reality of what is visible?


   That's true Taalik, I'm not planning on having children without financial security, forget about that. I've seen what happens to young people who have kids, with no finance to support them. I also thought that was really idiotic, how someone with no money knocks a gurl up, ends up having to pay child support, or going on welfare, or having to do what he can to pay for those kids for the next 18 or so years. Im not going down like that, its like what Gwen Guthrie says no romance without finance, money over a woman, not reverse. Ive seen it happen a lot to teens, and always knew that would not be me, Id make sure Id have a good job, savings, finances, and well prepared before something like that definitely.
Some people learn the hard way, because they dont wait it out first, their pleasure seekers, they seek for pleasure and pay the price for it. Its taking a risk sleeping around with someone if you don't have the ability to provide just in case. A lot of young people are naive, quick to have sex, etc. When I do have kids, Im going to have a big family, Ive always liked kids, making them laugh, animation, and being a kid at heart. Education, money, and proving your a responsible individual comes first. However those who do knock a woman up, have no choice but to grow up fast, they have no choice.
When you are able to financially support a woman, the person will be thankful that they waited on having sex, saving themselves, and will be able at the same time be a provider.
That's the way I always looked at it, I've been tempted many times to just be like fuck it lets go with this. lol Im just glad Im waiting it out, I know Ill thank myself for this, but that doesn't stop me from liking what I like, in music or whatever. I believe i got good taste in everything, I don't let myself be fooled. Lately I seen the Muslim Demographics video, Im not concerned that their turks, arabs, or africans...being that Islamic conquest already happened to us Sicilians 600 years ago by africans, and arabs, now their doing it will all of Europe that doesn't bother me cuz I'm already mixed, what bothers me is the hidden agenda of the muslims, or any religion that is radical with its message. Im sure they'll start to enforce violent islamic Laws, kill the infidel who doesnt convert, evangelize the whole globe and mistreatment of women maybe I'm just exaggerating here but it seems like a dominating religion by stealth etc...All that fogs up your thinking, its all brainwashing.. Nice video by the way on those who do knock people up without money, my Uncle did that had a child and let my grandma take care of him for 19 yrs, now my Uncle just had another child not recently and is trying to make sick grandma go through the same shit messed up. lol
We all believe in one God at the end of the day, so in that aspect were all brothers and sisters. Its all about thinking for yourself, your wise and you definitely think for yourself, that was funny what you did with the stuffed puppets. lol

Then again, Im always constantly questioning my belief in God, its like what you said A Realist is defined as follows: One who accepts GOD as a reality if one can show clear,convincing & overwhelming evidence in support,however this doesn't mean we will worship,pray or serve GOD cause no LIFE is greater than our own worthy of such.
I agree with that, kids believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny without evidence to it, so why be gullible to believe in something else that seems somewhat fictional? True.
The way I look at it is this, sometimes you need God's blessings in things even if you question his existence, its just good to have some kind of blessing to be fortunate, when one dies, and lived a right moral type life and knows what tto expect in the next to come...which we don't...however if there is a God on the other line after death, its good to just have always believed, because then you are "insured" of, you have that eternal insurance salvation plan in case He is real. Which we can never be sure if He is or not until we die, thats why you have Agnostics who believe that you can't prove or disprove God's existence. The final solution to all this, is to see what is expected after Death, death is the equalizer, its not really a matter of debate, because death is inevitable for us all, so after death it will be evident what is true and what is not with no need for debate.
So in the end its just having God's good blessings, and being on God's good side, staying faithful in that aspect, BUT not ignorant of anything, just in case He is up there ready to judge, none of us can truly be certain. Like they say His ways are unsearchable, inscrutable, mere man can't figure Him out, if He wanted to reveal Himself to us Im sure He would, but then again Im sure He looks upon us mere mortals and thinks who are we to inquire of Him? You know what I mean.
So in that aspect its not if He exists or not, its just all about being prepared in this life case He does, and if He doesnt well thats self explanatory...nothing to worry about. Lol
 Let me ask you a straightforward question Taalik, what is your true opinions of me, you don't see me as a racist do you, I couldn't be because it would be hypocritical if I was, being that Ive faced racism, the only people that showed me love in all this was black people and not white people. Italy is at a fertility rate of 1.2 which is impossible to reverse, when I think about it, it doesn't matter no more. When we are dead we wont be able to see our descendants and their lives, all we have is our lives to live, to enjoy, to live it up, its all about finding happiness in this one. Like for one Italians have always played the race card, like Latinos do in America, that's why I added Ice Cube Race Card. Italians were known for always choosing white when convenient for them, or other when it was convenient for them depending on circumstances and economy this is what makes some blacks sick when they do this, they play the race card for benefits, they have the ability to choose white privilege in this country, but discard it when there is lack of privileges . In 3rd world countries laws are different to how Sicilians would be viewed, and treated, Australia for example. You have to understand that they use race to their own benefit. Italians being mixed again doesn't bother me. These kind of things are inevitable to happen.That Sicilian boy explained to me how he was treated in Austrailia and refused working, they called him all kinds of names like guinea, half nigga, sand nigga, spic, all kinds of names. He was shown love by blacks and latinos and not whites. You see this is an example of what happens in third world countries to us, its just played out low key in the states, instead of calling you names, whites just exclude you if they know your not one of them. Yea I know I have a lot of explaining to do. lol... Its all about finding love and happiness, species doesn't matter to me, I don't care about preserving anything but my soul if that's possible the only thing that may be everlasting, that is beyond what is fleeting. It doesn't matter to me what my children are, what matters to me is what their lives may be like, hopefully they will find love, truth, and happiness in their lives. When one is dead all this is pointless, your mind is shutdown.

The only people that want to preserve (especially) the northern anglo species are the racist caucasions. Futuristically and inevitably something that cant be fought is were all going to be of some kind of mixture. Race doesn't matter to me, extremism and radicalism in religion concerns me.

 Taalik Ive never been called a nigga lover in my life lol, the only people who might call me that is other Italians if their racist..but even they dont care I guess they can indentify me, if it was a white lookin Italian then Im sure they'd care, white people could definitely care less what I do, being that they don't see me as white anyway, I have other photos but Im just leaving this one for now ...most of them always judge me as "hispanic," being I grew up among puerto ricans , ive been insulted and called beaner mexican in chatrooms, and even been called a "nigger" by a ignorant redneck, or burnt pizza, guinea, wop, excluded by them most of my life...most of them hang out in groups with their other white friends, talkin about shit that rarely interests me, and their corny. lol,
Also from what that other Sicilian boy went through, I dont think I want to go to Australia now, Ill stay in the states. lol
Your typical whites are arrogant and always thinkin their better then everybody its all attitude that turns me off, most of them don't see me as one of them I can tell, so I don't care much for them.. .unless their unbiased and show me love like that blue eyed lady which is rare cause obviously she's not ignorant of dark Italians, she shouldn't be she lives there lol and probably not prejudiced.... I do know that the white Italians can be prejudiced toward their darker brethren.
Yea its so true those of us who are mixed types play the racial card for benefits when its convenient. Anyway this is my take on it, I empathize for all those who know how it feels to be somewhere between white and black. I just go with whom Im accepted by, blacks obviously, and forget about who I'm rejected by, unless their unbiased and show love.
Your right it wasn't until white supremacy came along that it caused a distrust, a lot of Italians though like myself or others who are in that mixed type category that play the race card, a lot of them choose other and reject being white, and then there are those that choose white but I don't, its all a card game they use it for their advantage and this upsets blacks about Italians, hispanics, and others who are mixed types. Ive always felt in between so its intuition that what I choose. Till later.
 All I know is their true colors was shinin bright in those chat rooms
Never in my life did I see such racism, they just exposin themselves in chat rooms when I used to chat a lil bit, I had different photos and they was still racist as hell. LIke wtf? lol
One bitch said she would never date a mexican because of his "tanned skin" it would make her stand out and embarrass her, I was like wtf? Some serious racist shit, in the States they dont tell it to your face, they tell you by body language what they think of you instead.
Im thinkin to all this im not mexican, im not puerto rican, im not a mulatto, im sicilian which is some what the same thing as a mulatto but with also a arab influence.
But you know fuck always think their superior and shit, I never had any white friends, and if I did they wouldnt care in their white eyes their just like..."its not like were losing anybody special, he's already a eggplant.". lol ...thats just how ive always been viewed. I helped paint this white guys house, he asked me if I was hispanic, I mentioned the true romance movie and left it at that and he just laughed and said that was a great scene and knew it was true, I even helped this pastor out one time and he asked three times if I was hispanic when I told three times at different times. No. lol
When I was at the church, this white woman was giving me racist looks asking if I was hispanic, and out of blue mentioned about witchcraft and shit in south america...and im like not hispanic. lol Its like wtf? lol I went to this all white church one time when I checked one out just for one service to see what its like, and they were given me shit. I dont really talk to white people because they always assume I speak Spanish, so since im the quiet shy type I let them believe that. lol
I played basketball with blacks and one of them asked if I was Brazilian, which in my opinion I look more Brazilian hispanic then anything else for obvious reasons (24 mill) Italians live there with 94 mill blacks demographics came in handy for that explanation.
All in all white people have never seen me as one of them. ( Im just explaining my past experiences which it doesnt stop there but Im just going to leave it at that) lol



Heres Some Amusement
Heres Some Amusement


I mean for a pastor to say that to me three different times in three different moments, started making me realize shit, and that fool was supposed to be a pastor if its the house of god and all that what does it matter my race or ethnicity. I mean I thought the pastor was retarded lol He asked me in the gym if I was hispanic, he asked me at the baseball game if I was, he asked me in the car. It was almost as if he wanted to corner me by myself just to ask that question.I Im thinkin this fool either has amnesia or hasnt been out of the state of Florida much. I got plenty more experiences then fuck not going for force myself to be accepted by people im obviously not accepted by im older than that to play childish games, but then its like you said there is a distrust among some blacks, and I cant go with hispanics because their so hyper, they stick together, speak spanish, whites always got beef and they stick together, so that leaves me contemplating and thinking myself wtf? Where does that leave me? Aint no Sicilian brothas and sistas over here so I have to rough it out. lol...