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The Reality's Temple On Earth of the United States of Black America        (c) January 18, 2010

His Divine Masculine Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn'rad

Our Queen Sister BlkHebrewNuts ( YouTube Username )







Why I Do NOT support Global Afrakan Supremacy

         A lecture by :His Divine Masculine Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn’rad In the name of my Ancestors Peace 4 ever & always,                                       The subject of this video is entitled of why I do not support Global Afrakan Supremacy. I have touched on this subject many times but it seems as thou I need 2 make myself more clear once & for all and for some the title itself may bring outrage,especially when a Blackman doesn’t support such idea. My sister BlkHebrewNuts made a two  minute video just asking the question what Global African Supremacy is & it brought upon her from some great anger. She was called burgeouis told she was content living under caucasion domination & disrespected in general. What did she say to bring such attacks upon her person?      Just because she is a female she was told that blackwomen are traitors to their race thus her having the nerve to denounce or question the idea of Global Afrakan Supremacy. She was demeaned cause she questioned the use of profane language by one of our great leaders coming up Brother Sara Suten Seti & above all she expressed like myself today that she doesn’t support what is described as Global Afrakan Supremacy,what this is is still truly up in the air as I will explain further as we get deeper into our talk. With such disrespect,insults and anger given towards my sister I have no choice but to come to her aid for two reasons. # 1. No man should physically or verbally attack a woman,a woman is the blackman’s greatest gift without her he is nothing.She is the mother of our nation so no matter if we agree or disagree we should never make her feel hurt,especially from us as she has been hurt,abused & exploited by a vicious enemy 4 over 300 years.      We complain about what the white oppressor has done & turn right around and do the same damn thing,for those who approached this strong & beautiful blackwoman that supports her brothers in this struggle against oppression & injustice you should be shame. Then you wonder of why she doesn’t support Global Afrakan Supremacy cause if this is the attitude of leadership,then we are in big trouble.More on that in a moment then # 2,she is part of the Reality’s Temple family one of my strongest supporters.Whether I need help or not when attacked by hounds she is there so if I am any kind of man then I must step to her defense as she is my sister & my family and if we are black part of the whole what we call black family or children of Africa just because we have difference of opinion shouldn’t warrant such attacks simply perhaps inquiry on why do you feel this way & using a calm manner to explain your position of why one should accept your way of thinking.    Then even if one rejects your opinion you should let them know we are still family and concentrate on that of which we do agree instead of this immature name calling and trying to degrade others making everyone a so called Uncle Tom when the reality is we ALL are born with that type of mentality and the reason of why your success is slow and confusion,hatred & chaos is within the ranks of those who think and wish for Global Afrakan Supremacy is because as black as you claim you are you deep down inside still are that slave ass self hating negro,that is why it is easy to attack other black people,while we view none of this type of energy on those clearly opposed to our true freedom & liberation. So before you comment and bring that crap to me of which I can surely handle,listen to what is said and think about it a few days instead of acting upon emotion & this is something man claim women have a problem with but as YouTube will bare witness to look at all the so called men who cry and complain and wimper cause they don’t like certain comments that are bias towards men,especially if women make these opinions.They behave like the bitch they call women to be.      With that being said please allow me to make this opinion as brief as possible of which I am not known for this taking perhaps a few number of vids but I wish to make it clear my position & why I have come to such conclusion.This doesn’t mean I may not change my mind,this doesn’t mean my sister will not change her mind but just like you want your opinion respected and wish folks to listen to you with an open mind then you should do the same for others.Let me first make opinion about Seti’s choice of the use of profane words. Please hear me clear ya’ll can speak anyway you choose that is your business I personally don’t care. I still admire & respect you with no doubt. I am not going to allow profane words to hinder our unity our brother & sisterhood as we seek a common goal in that if not Global Afrakan Supremacy at least Black Nationalism simply the right for blacks to seek independence free from the influence of the oppressor.      It is amazing of how ya’ll love to use profane words like it gives you some sort of power it is like crack cocaine it gives us this high feeling of which I guess you don’t have without it.It is amazing of how you talk about racist caucasion people and you claim you know about our history under their tyranny but yet the very profanity that you embrace,love,hold on to and get angry cause some may critic your use of it,was learned from the oppressor.He taught us foul & filthy words usually aimed towards us not to show love but to bring fear,mockery & disrespect now you wish to take the same profanity that demeaned us as some tool in an effort to raise our people from the dead,the same tool used to put them to sleep in the first place as profanity is known to be the language of the ignorant & illiterate it is used to make up the lack of intelleigence but for some reason since our people are used to this foul language given to the illiterate & ignorant cause they are used to it,really is an insult to our people’s intelligence as thou ignorance is all they can comprehend.       There are many black people who use profane words but know that such is not good for the upliftment of an individual or a people as like I’ve stated such words are looked upon by being from ignorant illiterate persons or making up for the lack of intelligence so which one are you guilty of ? Are you ignorant,are you illiterate? Do you lack true intelligence? I have been told Nigga I don’t have to prove nothing to you,I can talk how I feel I am communicating with the folks in the street but not all folks in the street speak in a profane manner and there are those who use profane words who know the best so called proper use of the language is best and if you wish to uplift your people and want the best for them why not give them your best. If you respect our people why do you use the language of the disrespectful unless of course you are ignorant,you are illiterate you are trying to paint a façade that you are intelligent then so just admit you ain’t that bright instead of getting angry cause folks critic your use of profanity and to the ignorant,to the illiterate to those who aren’t that intelligent you do appear all wise & knowing.      But to those of intelligence,those who are not illiterate and even in the eyes of the oppressor when we behave in this manner all we are viewed as is some clown trying to be a rebel and in this case a rebel with little cause,take it or let it alone. Your choice of using profane words also hinder your efforts in fund raising and support as those who dislike profane language are in better positions in society and financial strength.We should become the best examples we can to our people cause for me I want to get them out of the ghetto not place them into it or cause them to become content in being there,but you do as you choose what makes you feel happy but the more flexible you are the more people you’ll attract and the more support you’ll get. This is not a comedy club this is not entertainment this is a life & death struggle for our liberation and a better future for our children. It is called marketing,it is called public relations. We are trying to sell our people a product that is better than what the oppressor has to offer,at this time our people as a whole are not impressed as they’ve seen it all before and what they saw was ultimate failure.If we truly study history we should learn from those that came before us,instead of repeating and if we are repeating then at first we experience great success but then destruction or destroyed to the point of just existing and that doesn’t help our people or our aim.       I suggest we don’t use profanity cause we do not wish the world to view us as clowns but civil refined intelligent persons able to converse with anyone no matter what their position is from the CEO of massive corporations to the King of Saudi Arabia or President of an African nation we wish relations with,we would not scream profanities at them so why do we do this to our own? Do we holler like this at our parents? To each his own your goal may simply be reaching the illiterate and ignorant of our people while mine is to attempt to reach ALL of us,make the ignorant enlightened,make the illiterate be inspired to learn & not put on some show trying to impress folks like we’re smart but upset our enemies making them know we are indeed changing and becoming a force to be reckoned with,you may do as you please. I wish you the best of luck.      I have given you a logical reasoning of why we should reject excessive profanity if you ignore your anger you’ll see what has been said makes sense and if it makes sense chances are its true the exact reversal of what Judge Judy says if it doesn’t make sense chances are it ain’t true. To bring this talk to conclusion I must first express one more opinion before I speak on Global Afrakan Supremacy itself and that is this accusation that in some way the blackwoman is being used by the oppressor to exploit our people one of the number one reasons keeping us down as they are the mothers and the mothers are producing children that are ignorant having no form of morality and prone to support the oppressor being content in being what one may call voluntary slaves,having no interest in Black Liberation in no form.       This Blackman born descendants of slaves living in the USA should be shame to target the blackwoman as some sort of detriment in this struggle 4 black liberation,some viewing her as some Benedict Arnold & the reason of why we can’t advance or advance slowly is due to her conspiring with the racist caucasion oppressor this is delusion,ludacris and an attempt to take the pressure off of these males of whom run their mouth but are in reality doing nothing & instead of using this energy to attack the true enemies of us & liberation they in turn attack the greatest asset of which is the woman,again you should be shame to even entertain such thought as history will verify since the Blackman himself was destroyed it was the blackwoman that stood firm in the best manner she could in order to save the lives of her babies.In many cases her choices were not the best but then again she had no real man to help her and this was passed on thru generations cause even in 2010 her man has not been awakened or strong enough 2 protect her and her babies and due to us not just women inability to teach or children properly they have more now than ever found it allright to lay down and give the vagina willingly to the oppressor whereas one time she had to be raped or used  her womanhood as a way 2 bring relief to her life of bondage.      When examing the pictures of the civil rights struggle I was disgusted cause the main activist were women & children where was the Blackman? Another picture I saw was a Blackman with this racist devil caucasion male kicking him in the ass without making no attempt to fight back.The blackwoman with no help cause her man then and today are destroyed has been loyal to us and then we become successful and marry the oppressor’s daughter. We have not cherished her,we have not protected her,we have not taught her properly there is only so much she can do & now she has become weak being drawn into the arms of a vicious and cunning enemy and now some of ya’ll so called men believe you are awakened and strong instead of coming to our women’s aid when she held us up when we were weak, we attack her now she has weakened and make mockery of her weakness but for generations she has stood strong as possibly expected.       Sure it is true many of our sisters produce weak boys and females at the same time this is a result cause the Blackman allowed a fox into his hen house so what do you expect,the time has come if ya’ll so strong is to reach out and gather our sisters gone lost and bring them home.They’ll then produce the babies you expect until then shut up and except what is given cause she produces that which reflects the male and the male is broken unable to be a protector, a producer of nothing, a warrior in mind not body so if you don’t like what the blackwoman has become then you don’t like yourself as she is a reflection of us & she prouduces babies based on the amount of protection we’ve given her of which is none.It is always so easy to place blame on others and avoid looking as Michael would say the man in the mirror.You should be shame to even suggest such a thing. As for me I will defend and stand for blackwomen cause my mother is one ,women have protected & defended me in my life,it was blackwomen that comfort me for 10 years while I was incarcerated in the nuthouse and I understand she is more than just pleasure for some idiot male but a serious being of the creation our only source of renewal and vessel into the only afterlife we know.       In 1995 one of the greatest things blackmen accomplished in our modern times was the Million Man March, who was this for? It was for blackmen,why? Cause blackmen have dropped the ball for generations now we gathered in Washington DC to make a pledge to protect our women & children, become better stronger men, become a producer rather than consumer and give our women a break cause they’ve stood true 4 a long time.That message in 1995 seems lost even so a march designed for men could not keep the blackwoman from helping her males and now ya’ll sick ass men just because you believe you are now conscience have the audacity to attack her and blame her for your failures,cause the reality is Black Revolution is nothing but talk so the majority of men on YT hide behind pictures talking about I don’t know nothing about warfare of which I don’t but I know a lot about cowardice and chumps avoiding their own personal responsibility in this I charge you with.Blackwomen who are lost come on YT and shake their naked booty in front of cameras showing their face having no shame but ya’ll strong men who are fearless keep your bitch ass behind some picture like MalcolmX or Marcus Garvey who never had a problem with showing their face. Sara Suten Seti shows his face,Wesley Muhammad shows his face but ya’ll negro hoes got so much to say and so brave hide yo ass behind a picture sitting behind a computer talking about how great a warrior you are,the only thing your bitch ass is is taking a penis in the mouth.You ain’t done nothing in comparison 2 what blackwomen have endured and it may also be true that blackwomen of today are not like those of old and again if that is true, we must blame the black male for lack of giving her protection and building something she can call her own.Ya’ll really should be shame but you’re not cause you’re lazy ass excuse makers,attacking another victim of white supremacy for your own shortfall. If you will not stand with the blackwoman then I’ll do it alone and that’s good cause more for me,I’ll rather stand with these women than these chump black revolution warrior wanna bees niggers wouldn’t bust a grape. Now you would hurt me cause I am black but anybody else you tuck your tail between your legs,some very sad azz people. I couldn’t even dare entertain such a false and delusional thought.When these women have their minds 2 gether they’ve proven they can out perform your manly ass it is weak men that have held them back,accept Blackman your responsibility and honor our pledge taken in 1995 @ the Million Man March.        Now I have bored you long enough so please allow me to bring our talk to its conclusion in why I can not support this idea of some form of Global Afrakan Supremacy. The racist caucasion scientests and those who study archeology now admit and acknowledge that of which has been avoided for years in that ALL races are spawn from Black People & that human origin begins on the continent known as Afraka or Africa.We are the original people & many of us due to being called an inferior for 100’s of years are very proud to know this,however we should become arrogant because we brag about the great accomplishments our ancestors had in culture,civilization & the sciences @ the same that we were also the first liars, the first murderers, the first time being the first people common sense may steer us 2 believe deceivers, the first rapists etc. You see where I am coming from,many pro- black teachings just like racist caucasion supremacist teachings paint ancient blacks as thou they were holier than thou and it wasn’t until the appearance of the European that things went bad just like we are taught the lie that when young George Washington chopped down a cherry tree & when asked by his father if he done this terrible deed George said I can not tell a lie I did do so father in order to paint this ruthless slaveowner of other human beings like he was some angel,when he was not.There is no evidence that such a thing ever happened.    Even without the existence of the caucasion it is difficult to believe our ancient ancestors were these righteous persons taught to us by some of these pro-black teachers as we know many black Africans participated in the slave trade by trading not selling captured enemy blacks for European goods.They were fighting among one another,many practiced human sacrifice to Gods,even today some Africans believe virgins can cure AIDS,continue the practice of self mutilation with body tattoos and piercings the list could go on. Many of you wish and cry for some form of Global Afrakan Supremacy if black people are the original people and at one time were alone prior to the appearance of others,then what you’d have since we lived on the continent of Africa alone would be would it not Global Afrakan Supremacy? At one time black people ruled the world as they knew it,what happened?    During the original Afrakan Supremacy what was going on? Was there peace, was there love,was there unity,No!!! Even at this time there is no love,peace & unity among the Afrakans if they were united the continent would have never been taken over by the European cause each tribe or nation saw itself as individuals not part of a whole so they did not care when their dark neighbor was conquered by a foreign force & very strange people never seen before in fact many befriended these strange people and the strange people turned on them and took their lands from them or exploited them.The Africa that exists today is nothing like it once was it is a conquered place and the people are still divided they are a divided continent they do not see themselves as a family unit. Even so what makes things worse is that they have also been influenced by the oppressor having ancient African ways now mixed with European influence,so like us many Africans are white people in dark skin.Why do you believe they fall in love with America when they come here cause it’s a whiteman coming home from a foreign land & like the racist caucasion they also despise blacks born in America and you wish to rush going into a place whereas we are no longer welcome.Africa is exploited cause it is divided,blacks in USA are exploited cause we are divided & we kill one another happily and blame ourselves other victims instead of the oppressor and our enemies can laugh as we make their work of being a demon much easier.They view all as a joke,revolutionary wanna bees. So simply if Africans of today and yesterday are divided and now have become a conquered people,what are we going to do 2 change that ?      How can we make any attempt in reclaiming Afraka when we can not unify our own people who suffer from this sickness of being divided having no sense of viewing ourselves as one family.We can not even get along in our own organizations we suffer from ego, hatred, jealousy,greed & envy. I can support Black Nationalism causing our people to turn towards self love,pride,independence the right to own land and develop a government of our own without European or any foreign influence in this it is good and before any form of Black Supremacy should be thought of,we must first accomplish this.Without this there can be no Global Afrakan Supremacy of which raises a question that brings me to answer of why I can not at this time support thoughts of a form of racial superiority.       Prior to White Supremacy I have not heard of Black Supremacy,Asian Supremacy,Indian Supremacy even thou at one time or another we did and other races did rule this planet.Upon the creation of what we now know of as white supremacy the human family was divided by nationalism,tribalism, gender and cultural differences but nothing has effected the human being like white supremacy that was designed by caucasion intellectuals in order to protect their race from mixing with the darker as they know they are genetically inferior as well as keep them as a world power once thru the use of brute force and deceit by making the darker races 2 believe they are inferior using religion teaching very dark people are cursed by God,knowing blacks are very God fearing people.All of humanity have been touched by this most detrimental of teachings or systems much of this accepted by other nations due to fear of the power of caucasions.Much like a person of whom has grown to like the person that bullied them due to fear this going on for generations.The audio is not good but I have a series of vids called “ The Whiteman Ruler of this World “ the written version can be found on my website and in the more info box of the vids of which explains the caucasion’s need for the creation of White Supremacy.       We know what white supremacy is and we know what it has done it claims that the caucasion is the superior over all other human beings and they’ve ruled the world in a wicked,unjust,greedy type manner that has not only effected humans but animal life cry out in pain and the planet itself has become very say being raped daily due to the lust and greed for material wealth & power over others. Power for what??? To benefit all of humanity,no! To make others subservient and make this race superior as it has done. This is what I fear and why I can not support any form of racial supremacy as these blacks only wish that they be placed into the position that caucasions now hold.They speak about death to caucasions and other harassment,I’ve no idea their plans for other races.If Global Afrakan Supremacy is nothing but a reverse form of White Supremacy then it is s direction I would advise us not to take,look what this has done to caucasions,look how this thinking has effected the whole of humanity,animal life and the planet itself for eons?       Under Global Afrakan Supremacy what do you have planned for the people besides the deaths of caucasions? Do you wish to make us all Muslim Arabs,a form of ancient Egyptians, a form of Hebrew Israelites people we’ve never met like wise with Moors all of these that don’t exist and was conquered by caucasion European? You want power just to return to a loser ass team,you know so much and so wise but unable to bring into existence a whole new civilization. You plan to be unfair,prejudice,unjust a black version of that of which you complain about,the chances of accomplishing this is low and even if it was made a reality,sooner or later it will FALL as this world built by the European caucasion is falling cause nothing will stand based on unrighteous behaviors, forms of immorality, hated, bias,discrimination, gender bias,injustice, oppression, forcing things on human beings that think 4 themselves. It is possible that the Blackman was taken out of power due to exactly these reasons and the caucasion having made living a savage life for a few 1000 years came roaring out with a passion never seen in human beings and by the time they realized what they were dealing with it was too late.    NOW,the African cries for what he has lost but if he only wants power,he wants rulership just to do the exact same things the racist caucasion has done then time has determined such will not be allowed as this troublemaker is slowly being pushed out,we do not need another.This planet is ready for something new but it must be just,fair,non-oppressive to all. It must respect animal life and the earth itself. Due to our suffering time or the creation is offering those who are descendants of slaves this gift of world domination to become the catalyst of a new era of human existence an era of which religious teachings call heaven or the hereafter but we must erase the former things and as the BIBLE teaches allow it to pass away and create a new heaven and new earth.     I suggest to us to remove this race garbage from our minds it is hindering you from the expression of true glory not some revenge killing as warranted in what one may call Global Afrakan Supremacy. As it is no longer about race it is about bring into the human family peace,peace something we have never experienced only talked about. Create a new world based on moral behaviors not influenced by religion,freedom,justice & equality for all with respect to animal life the universe itself ,these things are above race.Race will only limit you and cause your eventual demise as it is an after effect of white supremacy,we should not think and behave like the oppressor,his ways has brought death,destruction and chaos.Our world should be opposite and if his world was brought into existence by lies,murder,rape,war,deceit etc.Then if we indeed are formed in the image of God then show our intelligence in spite of him create in his midst a world the embrace the whole of humanity. We can love our black selves at the same time bring justice to ALL and be happy 2 know that we were chosen to bring into existence this new heaven and new earth that at one time was just told as a story,now being a reality. I suggest to us NOT to become like those for over 400 years we’ve complained about,if we behave as the children of creation we claim we are something much more glorious than Global Afrakan Supremacy is in store for us. I hope you understand what has been said. Thank you 4 listening. RespectU    © The Reality’s Temple On Earth of the United States of Black America              January 18, 2010