The UnderCover Racist called KKILO34

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The Reality's Temple On Earth of the United States of Black America


 As told by Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn’rad                   January 27, 2010        The YouTuber known as kkilo34 was invited to become a guest on my BlogTalk Radio show. This was done due to the zealous nature of kkilo as well as the following reasons. The main reason of why I wished to confront Mr.Kkilo was to show that if we wish 2 debate or beef with someone BEEF with those who do not share the same common goal as in the case of Kkilo so really all gloves could be off. This person represents a certain mentality among caucasions so to address others of whom also hold dear such delusional thinking without study of the effects of white supremacy on not just black people but caucasions themselves. He speaks from only personal experience or experiences with individuals. It is clear Kkilo has no idea of the origins of white supremacy,it was suggested that Sister Francis Cress Welsing be brought into this discussion. Personally I would not waste that brilliant sister’s time with a person having no scholarship acting on simple emotion tired of the so called Blame Game making ALL whites the bad guy. When Kkilo knows he is NOT a bad guy of which I really don’t view him as one at this time but clearly he is misguided,misinformed & have no sympathy towards the complaints of black people in investigating in what is said may in fact be true.The reality is it is easier for him to attack black people and make them into reverse racist rather than face his own brothers & sisters in positions of power,wealth & influence. Some blacks do the same thing cause they have so called made it,these few that quote on quote make it are used to judge those who have not. Whites are not judged based upon the success of their individuals as a whole cause this is stupid,there are over 200 million whites in America it can’t be expected ALL achieve same level of progress. Blacks attack other blacks who are victims rather than face the ones who are at the root cause of complaint.  I was sent an e-mail warning me about kkilo as thou he is some great scholar,historian or mastermind. I wanted to see if this was exactly the case. I wanted 2 take advantage of live conversation cause one is placed in a position of where he is more vulnerable.I did for purpose of practice did wish 4 a nice cordial civil debate,however this was a very disappointing experience. Upon first observation of kkilo even with all of his so called intelligence he did not demonstrate proper edicate when being invited to another person’s home due to his own arrogant wish 2 market his opinion. The listeners noted he appeared 2 be obnoxious & arrogant. Considering the sensitive nature of the subject matter as the host he would not allow me to control the flow of discussion. You do not see guests taking over the Larry King Show,either they leave or submit to what Larry dictates as long as the host is cordial & I was more than what should have been expected,he attempted to control the flow & force his opinion upon an audience clearly did not agree with his commentary or conclusions.        I did wish for debate but quickly came 2 the realization that this person was not on my level. I believe it was John Henry Clarke who said I debate those who are my equal all others I teach so for myself as well as my listeners this was turned into a teachable moment as kkilo is no great scholar or above average intelligence,he is simply a young caucasion person that knows he & many other caucasions do not practice or had anything to do with the complaints coming from dark peoples born in the USA always blaming caucasions for this & that having grown sick of it. He has created what he believes is the perfect defense against these accusations cause when submitted against these blacks that attack whites or caucasions in what he believes in a senseless,ludacris manner.They seem to run from him,avoid him & can’t answer his inquiry 2 his satisfaction so he now believes he is on to something & is causing fear to persons like these including myself. He doesn’t realize that perhaps these blacks prior 2 myself do not view him as worthy of their time as their objective is to uplift the minds of their people as well as seek true liberation,having no interest if a caucasion understands this struggle or not.      Kkilo is no great intelligence or mastermind just simply a young caucasion having no sympathy for the condition of black people only seeking to be an excuse maker for caucasions of whom benefit as a nation from free slave labor and mistreatment of their black citizens. He views the complaints or observations brought by black people as delusional having no validity or credible in our modern times. It is clear he has no real knowledge of American history nor the impact of white supremacy that caucasions created here or throughout the world. He has tried to paint himself as some love everybody saint calling people like me as a bigot full of hatred against caucasions. In response he was invited on my radio show and @ no time was he treated in an ill manner,anything other was brought upon him by his own arrogant behaviors attempting to over speak the host & take over the conversation.       Kkilo attempts to present himself as some moral authority attempting to fight the evils of black supremacy something that doesn’t exist nor can he show any signs of coming into existence.At the same time Kkilo had no problem with using the word NIGGER,it flowed from his mouth with much ease.Then when a caller expressed 2 him this was something unappreciated & disrespectful as blacks themselves should not use,he did NOT offer an apology or shown any form of remorse in fact was going to attempt to justify his use of the word.This coming from someone who claims he stands against hatred,prejudice or bigotry but easily can use one of the most used words in relation to bringing such fear,hatred,bias,discrimination against those who are descendants of slaves,what does this tell us.     During a conversation about the legal system he goes on to say that he is happy to have an advantage,this he is grateful. This in itself makes his whole argument contradictory as he admits being a caucasion living in this society offers him favoritism if as a caucasion you gain favoritism in the legal system why is it difficult to conclude that it exists in all the facets or systems in America. Systems that were designed based & for the sole purpose of placing & keeping whites in superior position & blacks in a position of servitude.Systems , policies and laws that have never been changed to reflect this new attitude whites are suppose 2 have but they haven’t been changed cause those racist caucasions in power enjoy keeping themselves in positions of domination.         They continue the policy of being unfair & unjust giving black people crumbs and illiterate whites like Kkilo believe such crumbs are progress. If you take over 300 years of free slave labor,over 100 years of underpaid labor, the 100’s of years of terrorism, the taxes blacks pay, the lives we’ve given in defense, the countless admiration we’ve brought to America thru music & sports and those things we’ve done kept on the down low,such crumbs we’ve received is nothing. Black people should not have to beg for nothing but greedy & selfish whites.Whites like kkilo who refuse to understand the true horror of what has happened to blacks believe anything given to us is a handout,when the handout was slavery itself as blacks done the work,caucasions didn’t work but blacks did it and the children of whites can enjoy the inherited wealth gained by free slave labor but there is great anger when the child of the slave asks for some…and then kkilo has the nerve to say things have changed.If things have changed then why hasn’t present caucasions shared the wealth they know they gained from free slave labor & underpaid labor with the children or descendants of slaves?     The question to Kkilo is why is it so easy for the word NIGGER to come out of your mouth but you claim to be so against those things that relate to bigotry or hatred. ? Why did you admit caucasions are favored in the justice system but for some reason nowhere else,when you know these systems were designed by those who practiced discrimination against it’s black citizens? He tries to compare black people who speak out against those who have and are hurting them of whom just so happen to be caucasions to Adolph Hitler a caucasion man that was influenced by the greatest racist in the world the United States of America.You can bring no example of no African nation or even individuals that have tried to exterminate whites based simply on their skin color,anything that any black person screams about is a consequence of being hurt,discriminated against, treated unjustly, mistreated, murdered. This claim of black racism or supremacy is clearly a façade an excuse for the children of caucasions refusing to accept this racial mess passed 2 them from their ancestors.     The sad fact is that those racist caucasions in power enjoy their positions of being in power feeling better than blacks of whom they have no respect for.To do what is just will take power & wealth away from whites and this will not be tolerated nor will any attempt or effort made by blacks themselves to improve themselves,so whites use their media to paint blacks seeking justice & self improvement as bigots or marketers of hatred. Black Wall Street & all Black towns were destroyed,these things must be destroyed because these things will bring the slave independence from caucasions and ya’ll like blacks to look up to you. In conclusion this kkilo believes an example of black success is Oprah Winfrey or President Obama both of these people made successful with permission from caucasions.Both of their staffs is basically caucasions,again even with so called black people we still have favoritism. If Obama or Oprah made any attempt to help black people they’ll be called racists,they should help everybody and that everybody is always the majority caucasions or even foreign people but last in line is blacks. Any black celebrity if they wanted to due to fear of losing their wealth can’t even help their own people due to whites calling them reverse racists.        In conclusion kkilo is more racist than any black person he calls a racist or supremacist cause he openly called us NIGGER with no apology and openly admitted as a caucasion he is favored.He is simply a caucasion tired of this black voice speaking out and instead of attacking his forefathers who created this problem and encouraging his people to accept responsibility & seek healing of an over 400 year old injury with sincerity cause it will change the balance of power,influence & wealth. He instead would rather seek out and attack the victims & call them the names based on some future scenario charging them with crimes that his people may not achieve in some future date but have done & continue to do. As long as you seek excuse making refusing to accept responsibility the only future you guarantee is passing this what is clearly madness on to your children and if at some later date your fear of the rise of some great black racist does appear then it is you that brought that upon your children for your living in denial when listening to the complaint of those who scream in hurt & pain not wishing nothing special only wanting to be treated with true justice and given equality. If this can’t be done then stay out of our business and without your damn mouth,interference or opinion allow us to solve our own problems.         Give us land of our own like you done native people or support us like you done Israel in a foreign lands until we can do for self,one would think you’d be happy to get rid of these blacks dissatisfied with this nation.Don’t worry many blacks will be happy to stay behind and give you the servitude you so happily enjoy but with the success of blacks doing well without whites,they’ll take a second look and the reality is that is what America fears cause the world will finally see that the USA is a boring ass place without black people & indeed black people can exist without caucasions,in fact many caucasions will wish to leave & come to this new land governed by blacks who can become the catalyst for this new government spoken about in religious teachings they call Heaven or the Hereafter. Hereafter caucasions and on earth an example of Heaven not just for blacks but for all. RespectU