Letter to a young misguided Black Muslim, from Brother Taalik

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Message to a Misguided Young Black Muslim

Peace 4 ever & always Kalipha:
                                               Thank you as I am rather in enjoyment with this conversation even thou you may consider me foolish ( smile ) I do not feel this is said on a personal level but only in disagreement about our point of view,there is an old saying that WHAT WORKS FOR ONE MAY NOT WORK FOR ANOTHER,for me it would be very boring with just those who believe in FARD on this planet,or if  it was only one type of bird,reptile,mammal or fish. You speak about what is natural,it is natural on this planet that there is various forms of life,some of that life was unable to evolve or change with certain conditions & they become instinct,only the very intelligent or strong survive. There is no doubt the so called blackman is strong however it maybe his lack of intelligence of which may cause his extinction as well as his past condition of servitude to others,it is very difficult to believe blacks ever were world rulers but then again unable to change due to a new threat it became it's slave for over 300 years & still till this day self-destructive & voluntary slaves,the belief in GOD continues to seal this coffin's lid. I have no respect or admiration for some GOD that allowed my people to be terrorized & murdered for centuries,the question arises what did black people do so terrible,sin so great to be punished for centuries? Of course we are excuse makers for this GOD saying he done this for some great purpose & that purpose is his cowardly lazy ass really has no power. Believers  die in auto/plane accidents trying to go worship him or her,Why didn't he save them or prevent such in the first place, yes her did you know prior to the rule of the caucasion most religions called GOD a female but the caucasion being anti-female made GOD male & all the wisdom of your female prophets are ignored. How often are they quoted?
         So brainwashed are women that in most religions even thou they are the majority of followers they are denied leadership roles & made 2nd to men,in christianity they are not even whole beings,they are the rib of some man & then she is the cause of all his troubles by being weak & disobedient to their creator,the maker of sin. How corny of course since there is no evidence to support any GOD wrote or told anybody anything it is clear the men that wrote & are the true authors of both BIBLE/QURAN,men who hate women designed religion to make them a servant & second to men of course later the BIBLE was used to justify black commercial slavery in fact in the HADITHS,your prophet MUHAMMAD held women as slaves & gave instruction of how they should be treated,used as sexual objects of men's pleasure.  Islam in 2008 is still used to justify modern torture & slavery as well as the continued oppression of women.I NEVER BELIEVED IN GOD this was something given to me as a child & I had to work with what I was given as a child with no experience in life it was impossible for me to know better,however as I grew older I BEGAN to question such belief systems,knowing something is in error but not the knowledge to figure out quite what is at fault. Upon my own study ,research,using reason,logic & what is called common sense I began to see not only the fault in CHRISTIANITY but all belief systems past & present that include a belief in GOD. Belief in GOD was one of the greatest mistakes to come upon human kind it is the at the root of the majority of human ailments, religion with it's insane agendas. Killing animals,virgin women,people,wasting food as sacrifce to some GOD that never makes it's prescence clearly known,only an infantile mind could accept such nonsense & savagery. N.O.I. teachings is nothing but a form of ISLAM designed to counter the racism blacks was surrounded by in the UNITED STATES ,making caucasions the very devil & blacks GOD like the caucasions made themselves JESUS. N.O.I teachings power is now failing because the extreme enviroment it was born doesn't exist in it's in your face form,it is more undercover & your devil the racist caucasion male has learned how to counter  these accusations he is some devil in fact the world views him even thou his history is that of violence,deceit & murder as some angel & the N.O.I. are the producers of hate & racism,the N.O.I. has been unable to counter this & evolve with this new form of deceit & racism thus the time when thousands joined the N.O.I now it is barely hanging on, with the passing of FARRAKHAN I have no doubt it will fade into non-existence,during his sickness it becomes idle,the followers are not like the MALCOLM X of old they have no discipline or creativity or like yourself offer lipservice,the N.O.I. is dying,perhaps it is for the better.
       I DO NOT need to prove GOD exists cause he or she doesn't there is no machine that can detect such nor do the brain detect such,this is why you are asked to believe,it is you who must prove GOD exists not me,just like those who claim that a man was having a baby but it turned out to be a woman that hadn't fully had a man made sexual gender change,men don't have babies & there is no GOD but some still feel this man had a baby so you can believe in GOD if you wish but belief doesn't make it so & falsehood stunts the progression you speak of as you can't truly progress acting upon falsehood,you can only move backwards & the society we live in is exactly that backwards & confused. It is admiral of you to admit that you are not perfect & suffer weakness thus may not practice your belief as you should, I guess that feeling of an unmarried vagina or that high as the smooth taste of some liquor is much better than the feeling of supreme wisdom. It is not for me to judge but I question the effort we place into being so called weak. I DO NOT WANT CRACK COCAINE you could offer me millions to try some or give it to me free & I'll reject it,why? I REALLY DON'T WANT IT. Why do we practice the sin we do and call it weakness & imperfection cause the reality is we really want it,you can't make nobody do what they don't want to do,our sin is done voluntarily with a smile & our excuse is I was weak,I am not perfect,you made no attempt to avoid sin,you invited it in your house,again FAKE & fake folks are the main ones with all this science about GOD,all this knowledge but the knowledge is not strong enough to make you strong only a weak hypocrite,weak follower this is why the N.O.I. will fall as LOUIS is it's strength,his passing will cause turmoil & the nation's demise,no GOD will save it,never to rise again as it has served it's time.
        Again,what you call knowledge is only belief as you offer nothing of a factual nature, in the N.O.I. what you do in all your volumes is called SCIENCING,taking the messenger's teaching & giving it your own spin having not his approval,LOUIS or FARD. Sciencing makes you have an intellectual high making you feel as if you are saying some powerful stuff,so powerful but yet you are still imperfect & weak,what is sad you want others to join your belief of hypocrisy,imperfection,weakness & excuse making in service to a hocus pocus GOD. Believers in FARD want him to be this GOD figure but ignore his history as a drug dealer,this is a lie they say made up by the devil,the racist caucasion male is a liar but when he lies about going to the moon that lie is accepted cause it verifies N.O.I. teachings or he says that JESUS existed,THIS lie is accepted cause your belief is based on these fictious characters that never existed only being found in BIBLE/QURAN having no historical existence nor any modern living relatives,these persons accomplished great things in that their bloodline even thou 1000's of years old could be lost so easily. Easily lost cause it never existed in the first place,my website has articles about JEWS claim of bloodline to ABRAHAM & their false HOLOCAUST as well as who FARD really was,regardless I MUCH respect him but he was not & never said he was God. Fortunately for me I never was a fanatical believer but I was real unlike you I was willing to give my life & protect my leader & nation if was anyway fanatic I would never question leadership of which I DID often. I did not agree that muslims should support JESSE JACKSON for president nor invest in CLEAN/FRESH products designed to sell at high prices,I REFUSED to register to vote,I was seen as a rebel or insubordinate,sometimes an unbeliever cause I QUESTION authority when I FELT authority's actions was foolish or questionable,if I am going to die for this I AM NOT going to die being stupid.
        I stood in front of LOUIS willing to take a bullet,perhaps even your father,have you,NO cause you are excited about the hype of it all & the amazing way you can science things up. I did not have a bad experience in the N.O.I nor did I have one in the church,I met many very beautiful & wonderful people. I loved the unity of blackness offered by the N.O.I. however looks are deceiving & then the teachings became questionable & for me TRUTH is more important rather than some loyalty to some belief system,again if I indeed was some fanatic I would still be practicing some form of religion to become a zealot with,I LOVE my people very much,however in my opinion we should leave religion alone & really slowly but surely the youth are rejecting these slave teachings but like myself of old,I worked with what I was given,MANY folks of various races & background thank me for giving them ammunition to help fend off so called believers in GOD,the majority are hypocrites,weak & imperfect ( smile ).
I WILL come to the defense of LOUIS or any black person but do not support blacks that choose to kill blacks,lie,cheat & steal & other negative actions,as a thinking person life experience will soon make you see the atheism that you denounced was really a step in the right direction,however if your atheism is based in what caucasions have created,then I WOULD advise you to keep FARD. I have had more positive experience than negative in religion so for me to reject the belief in GOD BASED on bad experience is like the rejection of life itself as life holds both negative/positive experience,those unable to cope choose suicide & that is not a thought in my mind.I reject the belief in GOD & the various religious belief systems simply cause the reality & the real truth is GOD doesn't exist,such belief passed down thru eons doesn't make it true,what is true is that these belief systems are the root of wars,hatreds,MALCOLM'S death & so forth including racial supremacy be it caucasion or black.
        In conclusion,it is NOT natural to believe in GOD this is a learned activity as a baby reaches for it's mothers nipple looking for nourishment like all mammal infants,this is something not taught just like drinking water is natural,however the wanting for whiskey is a taught or learned behavior the body has no natural desire for whiskey as whiskey is man-made not natural,natural ingredients made unnatural. It is natural for the human or any animal to want to learn about the world around it but the human has used his adavanced brain to create a fictional world & bring answers where he can't find one,instead of submittance to the fact,there are things he just don't & may never know. A detective at a murder scene can only guess what happened as he wasn't there,his theory could be correct or far from true or how about making up a story so we can pin the murder on an innocent person,all in the name of being able to say crime solved,so created us & the universe,God did. Crime solved. It is not natural to believe in GOD as such thought is unnatural this is why the brain can not detect the existence nor create a machine able to do so,you can not detect that which is of fiction,the belief in God is a learned activity,the worst thing to happen to human beings. Rejecting the power in self & acceptance of the reality of life in acceptance of servitude & dependence upon some unknown foreign force in a world filled with supernatural ideas & fictional histories.
         Elijah gave his followers what is called the ACTUAL FACTS,one must recite this word for word from memory to acquire an X,to earn an X places your name in the book of life. Elijah also gave his followers a guide to what they believe in,he says that we BELIEVE that GOD came to us in the person of MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD,if such statement was indeed a fact why did he separate this statement from his actual facts? FARD being God is a belief it is not a fact so far from actual & this is where my mind is,ATHEIST is a title of which I am not cause when belief is proven to be actual then I can accept it as being part of my reality but at this time it hasn't been proven or evidence presented that this is so. It is not my intent to convert anyone however I feel we should become freethinkers & your volumes of alleged knowledge is based on your belief & acceptance in a religious system & since you know your faith is weak & you are imperfect,many like yourself are afraid to study that of which will prove you very incorrect, I am very happy being rich or poor,sick or healthy & I DO NOT need some God to have morals about myself,the reality in this universe of extreme various & different life forms it is insane to believe one day all humans will become one NATION OF ISLAM,it has never happened in history or even the fictional histories given by BIBLE/QURAN as folks minds & thoughts are different we see this in the many forms of ISLAM/CHRISTIANITY,I would suggest that it would be best that this lazy,cowardly,can't read or write bully of a GOD stop tripping & straighten this mess out immediately but he can't cause he's dead or the TRUTH is he never existed in the first place,I call this so called GOD cowardly cause he has the nerve to threaten to punish the children influenced by satan that he as the ultimate parent has failed to protect but never attacked SATAN himself but he can burn up cities or flood humanity out,GET REAL CHUMP,when somebody has just as much power as he has he punks out & you want me to serve something like that? It's no wonder his believers are weak & imperfect the GOD himself ain't nothing to brag about. STOP depending on GOD.Accept your own & be YOURSELF! Nuff said'
Respectfully yours,
                                 Brother Taalik & The Reality's Temple on Earth
                                 November 12, 2008
                      ( 314 ) 795-2980
November 11,2008
 No matter how you process your thoughts you have taken on a GOD. The wisdom you are speaking on is that of a GOD. The problem is there is a Gap in your knowledge. There is a disconnect. There is a disconnect between your perspective and mine. Your perception of it all is different and I have no control over how you perceive things. It is also immaterial for me to change YOUR Perception of the Truth. You are set in your ways at this point and there is nothing that I can do to change that. I don't have any such power to do so. There has to be something in your life that induces an electrical impulse to your brain that gives you a moment of Epiphany. I sir am not caught up in any hype. I only bare witness to truth. There is truth to what it is that you are saying, but there is a disconnect. There is truth in all things if you examine them closely. You still talk of a mystery God in which case I am through going over that. I already know there is no machine to detect such a mystery God because it never existed. The first page of Message to The Blackman breaks this down. I have not been speaking on the false God. I said God is the Original Man. A man is a human being like you and I. This not some unseen, formless, immaterial something. We live in a material universe therefore that which created it had to be of material. We have the ability to make a star, because we know what is needed to produce a star. So we can produce more stars if we choose to do so. The materials needed to produce a star is out there in space so these stars can produce itself without our aid. This has to settle within your mind and marinate. Maybe your mind will never see it, that remains to be seen. I always appreciate different perspectives, because it gives us a greater understanding of truth. Even when we disagree. In fact, it is when we disagree that I pay closer attention. I can't take for granted that you may be on to something in which case I can align my perspective with yours and produce a greater perspective. This is the reason I have entertained this conversation to begin with. To challenge the mind into critical thinking. This is what a God does. Thinks! This universe is huge beyond measure, so therefore the mind that it took to create it had to also be huge beyond measure (infinite). To be narrow minded with one perspective makes absolutely no sense at all. We don't live in a narrow universe. Just then I have used what you call common sense =). I wish to line my mind up with the mind that it took to bring the universe into fruition so that we can have one mind. So my thoughts and his thoughts will be the same and I can share in that power. Our power rests in our minds. Someone had to produce a missile in their mind in order to bring it to fruition. That is a powerful thing and an attribute of God. To will things into existence. That is proof enough for me that there is God. Our ability to think and bring into fruition our thoughts is not the absence of a God but the very presence of one. The God is We brother. We have the power only if we are willing to use it. We were made slaves because we allowed ourselves to become a slave. This was not the act of some mystery God. We allowed for this to happen. This is what it means by God's permission. That only happened because we permitted it to happen. We fell asleep. The orginal GOD, we The Blackman and woman, stepped back and allowed the new man (white man) to rule. We permitted this to happen. This is not spooky at all. This is plain as day. You say The Messenger isn't cosigning what I say. I wouldn't be saying what I am saying if the Messenger had not provided me with the blueprint. The messenger wanted for us to dig deeper into the teachings. You have to study this. The messenger did not want for his ministers to teach like how he was teaching. He would chastise them if they did teach exactly how he did it. The messenger wanted for his ministers to dig deeper into the teachings and take it further. That is what I am doing. Digging deeper into the teachings and taking it further in perspective. Once you come into the knowledge of self, you dont have to be an automaton that just recites what he has learned. I have used this term often and that is you must be able to synthesize what it is that you learn. Please look that word up. SYNTHESIZE! This is how you intrepret meaning to where you are not just memorizing. You are still using names like Farrakahn and Malcolm X to illustrate imperfections. These individuals are not perfect and no one on Earth is, so lets not use them as a way to keep people from learning the truth. The truth is perfect not people. I am only dealing with truth here and not persons. Religion has done what it has done as far as mistreating women and enslaving people is all due to misunderstanding, because there is a Man among us whose nature is not in congruence with the original Man. Our natures are opposite. We were being ruled by those who are oppostie so it produced confusion. Our nature says to do one thing, but the one in power tells us to do something else. So we are conflicted. You say that I am sciencing. Well of course I am sciencing, how else do you make a point. Science has to do with knowledge. The latin root "Scire" means to know. Study the ethomolgy of the use of the word science and you will better understand what I am talking about. You can't claim to have knowledge if you are unable to explain yourself scientifically. So yes brother it makes sense that I would use science to explain myself, so you giving my "sciencing" a negative connotation really makes you look foolish. You are right in that I don't use the word foolish for you to take it personally, I use it to wake you up so you can realize that what it is you are actually saying is in fact foolish. It is important that we know the meaning of the terms before we decide to use them when we want to express a point. You have said previously, "I have never claimed to have supreme wisdom." Define every word in that sentence and you have just admited that you do not have knowledge. Why on earth then should anyone take what you have to say seriously if you outright admit that you do not have supreme wisdom. If your wisdom is not supreme in nature then I want to find the one who does have the supreme wisdom so I can listen to that individual instead of wasting my time with someone who told me he has no knowledge. There are many weaknesses in your argument and you only prove me correct. You can't argue against the truth and appear sane. So now its no longer about that. Its about choices. You have made your choice. You can choose to be a fool if you want or you can Accept your Own and Be yourself, which by the way is a famous quote from The Master which you have chosen to cleverly use to defend your Atheism. Peace
Taalik Ibn'rad to Kaliphat  = November 11,2008

Peace 4 ever & always Kalipha:
                                                Allow me to begin with a quote from yourself within the works of your latest writings you go on to say:
 (    I always appreciate different perspectives, because it gives us a greater understanding of truth. Even when we disagree. In fact, it is when we disagree that I pay closer attention. I can't take for granted that you may be on to something in which case I can align my perspective with yours and produce a greater perspective. This is the reason I have entertained this conversation to begin with. To challenge the mind into critical thinking. This is what a God does. Thinks!  )
            What a wonderful quote & this is the very reason of why I must stand on what I opinion,such opinion born from paying attention to those who disagreed with my thoughts as a CHRISTIAN then that of a MUSLIM,now those who feel now that I seem to become an atheist. My goal is not to convert but cause folks to think,something that we severely lack more prone to trust in corrupt leaders or questionable ideas handed down to the generations,so as intelligent persons it is wise even if we must remain loyal to a certain belief or thought,learn to know that which is counter so one maybe to have an intelligent sounding defense instead of sounding like a blind follower of which are the majority of folks,but then again the hypocrites & fanatics far outnumber those who truly seek to practice such doctorines,so in this how can one not respect you no matter how young you maybe?,Once thinking is challenged to convert is not needed we'll all end up on the same page or close thereof,when it's all said & done we are probably more in agreement than disagreement as our common goal is the unity & independence, what is best for the lost/found so called negro or African-American. I do care about other races of people & other forms of life but one can't clean another's house until his own has become clean & I know you'd agree with me that our people still to suffer a very disfranchised condition,whether you are muslim or athiest. The racist caucasion male doesn't care which one he kills or locks away with three strikes.
               What separates us is that I fully reject any form of belief, an old cop from the series DRAGNET would interview a potential witness to a crime & he would stop their testimony when they drift off into what they believe & hearsays,he tells them... JUST THE FACTS, SIR/MAM, JUST THE FACTS, if it is not factual I don't want to listen to it, as a belief or I thinks hold no validity only to the one offering such testimony. For you at this time you have become comfortable in the acceptance of belief, I thinks, Could B's or what might have been. What you call TRUTH is not full truth but an interracial form of truth as truth must be root in facts, truth is not based in beliefs or could b's. I do understand what you say about FARD not being a mystery cause he is flesh & blood or GOD being human,problem is since FARD is not here & no other human even FARD himself made it clear they were some sort of GOD such thought has fallen into the realm of mystery. FARD NEVER TOLD ELIJAH HE WAS GOD, Elijah assumed this because he was amazed at the wisdom of this person but then again in reality how much would it take to impress Elijah when he said he was so downtrodden & drowned in muck & mire that only his eyeballs shown? Now Farrakhan calls Elijah the Christ something he never taught but assumes,what is sad is that JESUS never historically existed,he is a fictional character made up in 325 A.D. by the Catholic Church at the counsel of Nicea based on Ptlomey the 1st,the first european pharoah of Egypt placed into power by Alexander the Great.
             You go on to state such nonsense that men created the stars & universe,you have no evidence to support such a wacky theory if this is the case,the average person should be able to make a rock but they can't even produce dust. Animals & insects produced things thru evolution before men,animals fly,produce light & electricity,learn how to use tools & so forth. They live more peaceful & are more just than people so how could these same dumb ass humans create stars? Much of the teachings I never accepted & this is one as it just seems not logical & then these same so smart GOD-LIKE folks then turn around & become servants to others for over 300 years,who in their right mind would on purpose become someone's slave? Of course the excuse is that these great black folks put themselves asleep so to give the upcoming caucasions a chance to rule,what nonsense! I love my people but the truth of the matter is that the CAUCASION became a master deceiver & liar & when this failed to work he kicked their asses. The caucasion still uses these methods & if such doesn't work he goes into his arsenal & blow you into oblivion & now uses his newly freed children of ex-slaves to do so,his enemies have become smarter in not crowding in one area,spreading into unknown locals & wearing no distinct uniforms,thus his enemies in IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN make him frustrated. The caucasion is a master fighter & fearless this is why all have submit to him, a very smart man also a GOD & you can't deal with him cause you use the same slavemaking material both BIBLE/QURAN that he enslaved the world with in order to attempt to fight with him,such is very laughable so it is no coincedence that with all of the N.O.I's supreme wisdom they've failed to progress,stunted & on the path to extinction. The caucasion knows since your thought is based in the belief in GOD he knows how to counter any activity & your response but with athiesm it would be new thought & make him confused about the path one will walk or response from the people as much more option is offered not being hampered by the fence of religious thought,can I see the planet you made? LOL,what nonsense.
         In conclusion, sciencing is not good because it is not based on facts. Science is root in facts,science has theories but for the most part science depends on facts as facts mean reliability. Your sciencing about ELIJAH'S teachings is not the evolution or greater understanding of his teachings as he or one designated by him must approve such to be listened by other believers,there is a chance my relatives or LOUIS would disagree with all you have said,so really this is your teaching not the N.O.I.'s of which is more sad is that you never earned an X but suddenly an authority on N.O.I. teachings having no knowledge of whether or not your fellow brethern would even close to agreement,this is why there are also many forms of ELIJAH'S teachings but LOUIS being the best known & popular due to his oratory & charm. We must be careful when we claim alleged supreme wisdom cause we seek a lot from it,as the public seeks from the new president elect. The ship known as the TITANIC was suppose to be the supreme ship but upon it's first sailing it sank killing many as it went down,crashing into an iceburg,so crashed the HINDENBURG a supreme airship in I believe 1939. This so called supreme wisdom has been tried & tested since 1934 & like the TITANIC the reality is it has crashed & burned only a few holding on for dear life but when LOUIS passes,surely it will fade back into the nothingness it was prior to LOUIS raising the dead. I suggest that you continue to critical think & challenge me as I enjoy this feast it makes me better as none makes my brain work like you have, it could be possible that what I offer is the natural evolution of Elijah's teachings,he said that there are things he would like to have told his followers but they were not ready,also remember that FARD was smart he used ISLAM cause it was counter CHRISTIANITY & protected as religious freedom under the law,he used religion cause it was something we were familiar with like giving the smoker an alternative to smoking,President REAGAN used jelly beans. Religion brings us hope where there is no hope,pride where there is no pride,bravery in place of fear but we don't have to make up fictional stories & persons needing to pretend that some GOD is helping us,as the reality is if a man decided to start killing believers in GOD this GOD has no power to stop him,an athiest police officer could stop him & then the believer would say GOD sent the atheist to stop this killing spree,this is why I sometimes hold back doing charitable things cause folks want to give praise to GOD,when he neve rhad nothing to do with my decision to help another human being,so what happens when I change my mind? ,I KNOW the DEVIL, good grief. Can't you see how silly all of it really is,Accept your reality,reason,analyze.use logic & common sense, need I say more ? Nuff said.
Respectfully yours,
                                  Brother Taalik
                                  Reality's Temple On Earth
November 12,2008
 You are entitled to your opinion and I respectfully disagree with you. No need to educate me on the history and origins of christianity. I know more about that than you can imagine. And I feel that we are beyond such talk. You would think based on my conversation that I would be familiar. Guess not. Scientist disagree. Galileo believed the Earth revolved around the sun based on his calculations. He turned out to be right but it was not accepted as truth until years later. People were slow to catch on and it only hindered human development had they just believed him and thought of the possibilities. I believe that it is very possible for us to make a star, yet you believe that it is not possible. This universe was made from nothing. When this universe was made from nothing impossible was destroyed. We say be and it is. You just don't quite understand what that means. We have the power to will things into existence. You have to believe that you possess such power in order to make that power manifest. Without belief you are powerless. You choose to be powerless. Good for you. I choose to have power. A man had to believe he could travel outter space in order to build a contraption that can give him the ability to do so. A man had to believe in a better and faster way to travel so we have the automobile and aircraft. It was this belief in possibility that led us to where we are. When the aircraft was first in design it is safe to say that the Wright brothers had doubts and did not know if it was actually possible but based on their calculations they believed that it was theoretically possible since it is possible for birds to fly. I can give countless examples on how belief is important. I say that in context because I don't think that we should believe in falsehood. I think that we should believe on the basis of truth. This message originally was very long and was much more combative in repudiating your every point. I have erased it even tho it took me nearly 30 minutes to write, but I have decided to go in a different direction. I will sum up what I did say originally before I deleted it, so you can have some idea what it was about. I talked a bit about myself studying this subject for 10 years. I'm only 23 so its but so many years I could have studied :-). I talked about me being able to Teach the history of Religion on a collegiate level along with Music and certain disciplines of Mathematics primarily algebra and Calculus. Me having that kind of knowledge does make a difference and is why I appear so smart :-). I actually studied nearly all types of religions, including tribal religions such as animism and spoke briefly about them. Along with that, I studed Psychology and Sociology. These two disciplines are important when you are discussing religion. You can't really discuss religion effectively without knowledge of psychology and sociology. I then talked about the history of the three monothestic religions. I went into the origins from a 'historical standpoint'. There is a difference. It was more objective than subjective and bias-free if you will. I spoke about Moses being an Egyptian and talked about his history. I decided to remove that because I believe that you can study that on your own and it should not be up to me to spoon feed that and display that I have this wealth of knowledge on material that is out there for you to study. You say these figures did not exist but that only tells me that your knowledge is limited my dear brother and you need to study like I have. I grew tired typing all of it and I stopped at Christianity and said to myself, "I'm not saying anything that he couldn't research on his own." What I'm saying is not being revealed for the first time. I am not giving any 'revelation' here. Study Egyptian culture and you will better understand the origins of these Monotheistic traditions.  Its earliest orgins traces back to there from a historical stand point and is based on what the scientist were able to dig up. Which is also limited in some ways, but useful. Then you will be able to tell if the NOI's teachings was correct or not. I took the teachings and studied the history and everything that the Messenger taught was backed up in my findings. Time and Time again the teachings were being proven true, top to bottom. Even the infamous Yakub and the making of 'mankind' was backed up.Yakub was 6,600 years ago according to the teachings. Somethings are just so long ago that it is difficult to have physical evidence of their existence. Through wars, weather conditions, and just time period, memorabilia has been destroyed or lost. Yakub is also known as Jacob who is mentioned in the bible where it talks about the two cities. You can read that for yourself, I will not explain that story. The messenger was very wise when he said that There is truth in all things if you examine them closely. It does support the existence of Yakub. Even the book of Genesis supports it when it says "Let Us make a Man." The infamous us. I'll only talk about his briefly, refer to Message to the Blackman on the chapter titled "Devil" for the intricate details. Here you have God making heaven and Earth by himself, yet "US" is invited to make the man. We know its not talking about the original man, but a man. This us is refering to the people that it took to graft a man out of man. Thus it is in the image of the original man and in the likeness of the original man. Think over this carefully. You have to study geneology and genetics and it backs this up. In fact most scientist wont give him credit, but a few have mentioned Elijah Muhammad as being the reason why scientist have been manipulating genes. It was not until The messenger brought this knowledge that they started manipulating genes and now they are able to do so at nearly perfection and are cloning animals. Yet you say it is not possible to graft the human genes and make a new human being. They know mostly in secret that the white man was grafted out of the Blackman. Pure Science proves this. White cannot produce black, but black can produce white. This has been proven over and over in science. Light comes out of darkness not the otherway around and not at the same time. One must come before the other. You are a man of intelligence, so you must agree with that. You can't make the truth any plainer. This is the real reason why the Messenger said "You can take it or let it alone." Not because he was unable to prove himself, because the messenger made it plain as day and backed it up with facts, proofs and evidence. It was because there comes a point where it is no longer about whether or not its true, its about choices. This is psychological. You can choose to accept the truth or you can choose not to and be a fool. You can choose to accept that the Earth is round or not. It is the only credible explanation for why we have different races of people today. It all started from one race. Climate and things like that are weak arguments and have no real evidence of being true. We do know that it is possible to make an albino out of an original through the mutations of chromosomes. Scientist were able to do this with dogs and cats. Further proving it to be true. Your knowledge really is limited my dear brother. which is why you say "There is no proof of that." How would you know if you haven't studied it? You have to study genetic mutations.  Its like no matter what you do you cannot prove the teaching false. You can point out how imperfect the leaders were and point out their flaws, but you have only proved them to be imperfect human beings with weaknesses. It does not prove that the teachings are flawed. So when you can't prove the teachings wrong, you attack the man who spoke the truth so you can destroy his credibility in the hearts and minds of the people. No argument however is produced that proves the teachings itself to be false. I have tried. I was a hater of the NOI and said everything negative you can possibly imagine about the messenger. I did not like what was happening to my family. I was born a muslim, but not in the Nation. My mother was born in the Nation, and we both know why they did not stay (1975 just in case you didn't follow LOL!) It wasn't until 1998 before my mother went back. I was 13. I always had knowledge of who the NOI was and its founder and leader but I was not studied in it, like how my mother was. She still retained that knowledge from when she was young. It had an effect on how she raised me so I was being raised with supreme wisdom and I did not know it. My mother aint no Joke. You think I'm smart. I know nothing compared to her. She has a Doctorate in Psychology, you can not argue with that woman LOL! You will lose!  Now you know why I know so much about psychology. As a matter of fact, no one is really worthy to contend with her so I go in her place :-). It really wasn't until I was 18 years old before I finally gave into the truth. I spent nearly 5 years of my life acting as an atheist. SO who better understands your train of thought? With countless arguments with my mother, who is absolutely without any doubt a genius, and my study to try and prove her and the nation wrong I stumbled upon the truth. The truth is I was wrong, which is why I can say with confidence that you are wrong. Yea you served under Farrakhan and was active but you like my father is just not well studied in the actual material. Yea they make you memorize the Supreme Wisdom book verbatim, but there was little to no synthesis of the information acquired. So its like almost like being a blind follower, because you did believe that they were on to something. Since your knowledge was weak your faith was weak so it was easily broken. I say this because there is a difference from when I talk to you and my mother. My mother is leaps and bounds more knowledgeable than you are (no offense), scientifically speaking too not just on the philosophy of the teachings.  I'm not just saying that because she is my mother. She really is brilliant and we did not alway see eye to eye.  You and my father are alike in some ways. You both do not have the same degree of knowledge as my mother, but are so set in your ways. There is no getting through to you nor him. The difference between you and my father is that, He is not an Atheist like you are. He still believes in God. He just doesn't like Farrakhan. He only sticks to what the messenger says half the time lol! I say this because I really do think that you have to study more and I hope that you do. Even if you continue to be an Atheist, at least have your facts correct on historical accounts. Say Moses was an ordinary man with no special abilities, but don't say he was made up, when there is too much evidence to support his existence. The same goes for all other prophets. There is too much evidence to support their existence and not much to support that they didn't exists. There was a movie/documentary done on this and this movie said that they did not exist. I forget the name and I am too tired to google it right now, but ever since that movie was made, now Atheist are saying these prophets never existed. I saw the movie and was not impressed. It was really mostly hyped and got all the atheist hyped up. I'm never impressed by foolishness, especially when I argued better at 16 as an Atheist. I was able to defend my Atheism against every christian, muslim, jew that came my way. My knowledge was just superior to those I would talk to. It did not make me right though. It only meant that I was better at arguing. I can argue my case for a murderer and prove him innocent if I argue better than the prosecution. The murderer in truth committed the murder even though I was able to make him appear innocent better than the prosecution was able to make him appear guilty. I would meet my match everytime with my mother, i could not win, her knowledge was just too great. So yea amongst people who have limited knowledge it sounds impressive. You sound impressive to those people I'm sure. I think now you have found someone who can challenge your every word. Peace
Taalik Ibn'rad to Kaliphat
show details 6:52 PM (0 minutes ago) Reply

Peace 4 ever & always Kalipha:
                                                 Getting straight to the point the reality is this conversation is becoming very boring with all due respect,why? You keep writing these volumes of hyped up beliefs & theories in the belief in some way you are challenging what I present & proven me wrong. You are only 23 years old & your belief is so weak that you can't join with your fellow believers & spread this wonderful teaching in essence only a lipservice provider,having words but no action. You have become excited about how you make these teachings seem complex in that in some manner you've evolved them,such is sad. I have seen many persons like you,seen them come & go,again only a step away from hypocrisy as the messenger's teachings was never designed for SCIENCING,it was made to be easily understood by the least educated of our people,this is why LOUIS has been & MALCOLM was so successful,they made the teachings very simple. Only those attempting to deceive or attempt to make themselves seem much greater & smarter than they actually are make things as complex as they can. When I say MOSES don't exist then please lead me to verification instead you bring all this talk bringing no facts or more belief as my research shows even scholars will not bet their lives on the belief that MOSES indeed exist,I work with history students & teachers & none of them say they have been taught that the characters of both BIBLE/QURAN existed,they tell me it is a religious issue,believe it or let it alone as no actual historical evidence has been found to support these people existed or events happened.
             You further continue this ranting about how humans make things out of nothing,do you mean CRACK COCAINE? The average person has no such power in fact many haven't even graduated highschool. The average human can't do anything it is a certain part of the population that has an inventive mind. They have no idea of how a VCR works,light bulb lights up,gasoline engine runs & so forth but then again some are good at singing songs,teaching various things,making up religious teachings etc. & the rest of the masses are servants or being served or the general idiot that will go where ever the wind blows,in all your rantings & sciencing you bring no facts. Caucasions have known about mutations & grafting way beyond the birth of FARD,what do you think a MULE is?
What do you think a goldfish or nectarine is? What is a mulatto? Elijah was teaching the lost/found cause we are ignorant & have no knowledge of nothing,in essence the CAUCASION is a GOD,he made this world & it's gonna take more than sciencing & fancy words to make him let go of it's power,he has nothing to fear from you cause you are only lipservice,how corny in the belief blacks can make stars when they barely can pay the light bill,you offer no tangiable proof of such a thing,if one can bake a cookie perhaps they can bake a cake,you offer no facts,proof or evidence in support only more fanatical belief.
       I have no power but you seek ,know & have power,if you've so much power why are you weak & imperfect? Sadly what has happened is that you've become the intellectual fool so engulfed with the love of imaginary story telling,the belief in a GOD that allows black slavery & so weak you must pretend that your own accomplishments were acquired with the help of this mystery GOD,spirit or human. In conclusion,with all due respect your mother being more intelligent than myself is a matter of opinion for if she is filled with all this outrageous nonsense like yourself she is also very lost,lost in this blackman's world of fantasy of where he believes he is and his ancestors were so great & GODLY but the reality is caucasion's kicked your ass & the children of ex-slaves who still act like slaves having faith in CHRISTIANITY/ISLAM both tools used to justify enslavement,good luck & you wonder why your condition hasn't changed, a christian believing slave,muslim believing slave,got to be a slave to somebody or something,you sure your real name ain't TOBY? You are more intelligent than me spewing crap from some biracial fellow from 1930,COME ON,bragging about what they did in the past,this is 2008. In conclusion, you have no idea about the courtroom & your client would be facing the death chamber as the courts do not accept beliefs & hearsay evidence no matter how good you can talk such won't be accepted. Even thou your MOM might have a degree in psychology I lived it for over ten years,I know the law behind it,history & workings. Over 7 doctors declared me insane but my learning the law,learning psychology itself using one expert doctor,I destroyed all of them,educated lawyers & even other psychiatrists had to applaud this accomplishment if I THOUGHT like you,we'll be talking from inside an insane asylum,I SHOWN the courts facts about myself as well as the fraud in what these so called racist caucasion doctors done,those who witness this can bare to this almost impossible feat. Christians begged me to bow to the lie & muslims ignored my letters for help cause it was Allah's punishment for leaving the teachings,these religious folks helped the wicked to jail me when they knew for a FACT they were wrong & it took time but the courts did declare I am far from being insane,PRAISE BE TO MYSELF as GOD watched me rot & his believers made fun of me & helped the wicked,they all looked stupid when I was released,cause they tell their other victims you can't fight the system,I did so alone with no money,so I guess I created something from nothing.
       In conclusion,if you are as smart as you claim you are it is better to become quiet instead of this continued ranting & raving & calling me foolish,you mean to tell me folks claiming humans can make planets,spaceships with black people flying them,GOD is a man & so forth don't sound crazy. I suggest to you & your family to let these slavemaking beliefs go & you'll find your life will improve & find like DORTHY you didn't need a wizard ( GOD ) you had the power yourself all the time. Accept your reality,analyze,research,reason,use common sense & logic. Nuff said.
Respectfully yours,
                                Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn'rad
                                Reality's Temple on Earth
November 13,2008
Peace 4 ever & always Kalipha:
                                               When I was 18 years old I was both a writer,singer,dancer & comedian having dreams of stardom,instead I made the choice that the awakening of my people was more important,to serve & do Allah's will was more important,again I worked the hours of an entertainer & later became an OVER the ROAD TRUCK DRIVER,yet in still I was able to do the work I felt Allah wanted me to do,in all your so passionate belief you choose the life of producing records instead of serving GOD & your wisdom & oratory/understanding is beyond the norm. Many feel MUHAMMAD ALI suffering from Parkinsons syndrome is Allah's punishment from refusing Elijah's suggestion to leave the fight game & become his minister as he was very gifted in this,Ali chose the latter. With the death of the mesenger the confusion that followed along with this disease of which is not a disease he is just punch drunk from the brain being bashed around the skull for years,he is nothing to what he was & now that he is sick he is now the people's champ,the same people who took his title away cause he refused to fight an unjust war,HYPOCRITES.
       So I very much understand your position but you can't call somebody a fool when your belief in GOD & understanding is not strong enough to deny your self & serve GOD. I denied my dreams & went into the streets to help redeem my people the best way I knew how,so like your father,we became soldiers for GOD,nothing is more important,not rap records,naked women,weed & spirits,whatever. Allah & his messenger were number one,just like LOUIS gave up also being an entertainer,he was very good at this,but you are nothing like us. So now whether you admit it or not you are angry that you are called an excuse maker,hypocrite & fake. If you were in the N.O.I. there is no doubt they would call you on this as nothing is more important than the ressurection of our people & if you are not bringing your body to service then you are donating to the N.O.I way more than 10% of your income to help those who,the soldiers in the trenches fighting everday,well? When I couldn't be more active I gave triple my regular charity & still asked for donations from others,we are very different cause when I believed GOD was number one,nobody better not touch LOUIS & he is still very important,his picture hangs in my home along with the MASTER & The Messenger.
      It is not me calling you an excuse maker it is the teachings you claim you believe in of which you put second or fifth, I do like Lil' Mama ( smile ) Shorty get Looose. As far as my comment about being a Momma's boy it is you who believe she is so much more intelligent than I am of which is your opinion & it is logical she would be your rock as she represents this belief system you've adopted,at least you had a mother,mine chose to be ignorant as well as my father or sperm donor,in this it will never be my intent to disrespect or degrade your parents of which are far from the norm,I hope you appreciate them but even your mother can learn new forms of thought,again I lived for 10 years what she read in a book,avoiding being forced psychiatric drugs fighting them trying to make me a criminal something I never been,psychiatry when abused is a very wicked practice & the courts accept it cause it helps them to avoid tough cases or just ignore them,guy was insane send him away. I watched folks be held being made crazy cause of a traffic ticket,by the time they get out,they've lost their cars,homes,strain on the family,neighborhood embarassment & so forth. The doctors & stooge employees laugh & make mockery but when I was released the smile was wiped clean as the other victims cheered in that those who claimed they never lost a battle,clearly lost one & the war still rages in court.
        Again & make no mistake I'd never disrespect your good parents in this I am jealous but myself & them should never be so arrogant in that we believe we know,cause to know is endless as well as can be tainted,this is why the caucasion's world is now giving him grave problems cause his greed,arrogance as well as the belief in being a know it all in his world full of corruption & tainted ideas,I wish I was a MOMMA'S BOY what's wrong with that when MOM is so wonderful? God don't want to hear about your hardwork as you are not working for him but making music for those who are deaf,dumb & blind getting more handicapped,they need the wisdom you have obtained not booty shaking music,but shaking the booty is more important than your service to GOD,myself & your father were soldiers..F.O.I. he'll tell you that the teachings you claim you believe will not except your excuse for not joining Allah,you need to make up your mind of whom you really want to serve,cause they'll tell you quick your music is the DEVIL'S music,come to ALLAH & be yourself or are you really a hypocrite? SHORTY GOT LOST ( smile )
Respectfully submitted,
                                      Brother Taalik
November 17,2008

The Kaliphat to me
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You don't have enough knowledge of Allah and who he is to know his will. You claim there is no Allah, so you are not qualified to tell anyone what Allah's will is.  You are so ignorant that it hurts. I find no pleasure at all in proving this to you. There is nothing wrong with me pursuing a career that brings me and others happiness and peace. We need doctors, lawyers, salesman, business owners, musicians, etc. All are necessary in order to bring about change. All of these things reflect the wisdom of Allah. The minister even said himself that music has a tremendous influence on the world and carries a message that people follow. If we can somehow put an underlying message in the music that persuades our people to do for self then it can do nothing but help. We need people with knowledge in all aspects of life and not just in the Ministry. Again, you speak with such arrogance and it only makes you look ignorant. Your only purpose is to be combative with me and to somehow try and prove me wrong and destroy my credibility as a person. I have chosen to no longer take part in arguing with you because it is a waste of our time. You do not wish to elevate the minds of anyone. You only seek to glorify yourself.  You only want to make yourself appear to be better than me, something I can care less about. You throw stones at people that are trying to use their skills to benefit others. I have a music talent along with other talents and I wish to use my talents not just for the benefit of myself, but for the benefit of my people and all people. Its better that I and those who are knowledgeable in the way of Allah make the music instead of someone who has no guidence or knowledge of Allah having a strong influence over it. If you don't believe that music has an influence on how the world operates, then you are out of touch with reality brother. I do not wish to argue with you any further, because no progress is being made. No matter what I do or say you are going to find something negative to say about what I'm doing or what the NOI is doing. You are one of those people who just like to criticize people and organizations that make efforts to the best of their knowledge to uplift their people. You yourself separated from the NOI, so who the hell are you to criticize me! You need to look at yourself!  Please read "Closing the Gap" put together by Jabril Muhammad, which are interviews he conducted with the minister and made a book out of it. It explains the story on why the Messenger told Farrakhan to give up his music career. Long story short, the Messenger believed that Farrakhan had more to offer as a Spiritual leader then he did as a musician. He was far more talented as a minister then he was a musician in the eyes of the Messenger. It was a difficult choice for Farrakhan to make because he loved to do both, so he was torn. The Book explains in far more detail and was compiled by Jabril Muhammad. If you don't know who Jabril Muhammad is, look him up. Farrakhan credits him as one of the reasons why he returned to the teachings and rebuilt the NOI. The book closing the gap was written for those like yourself. There is a gap in your knowledge so I encourage that you read that book, if you haven't already. Based on what you have been saying to me I don't get the impression that you have. You would know this then... The Messenger would still call Farrakhan to play his violin at family functions or to entertain guests from time to time. So once again, you constantly remain factually incorrect, which is why I don't like talking to you at times. Your facts are off and you speak like you know when you don't. You dissect peices of information that suit your beliefs and you edit out the rest of it. You lack merit as a result. Just like you claim Moses did not exists, when studies have found that he may have been the grandson of a Pharoah which is why he was living in the palace. Egyptians were a prideful people and did not allow anyone in the palace unless they were of royal blood or servants. This is why incest was common practice in Egyptian royal families, because they did not want their blood tainted with outsiders. So it makes no sense for Moses to be adopted, which is an inconsistancy with what the Torah says and what historical evidence says. There is evidence that shows that Moses was related to the Pharoah of that time. It may have been his cousin or uncle. But there is no such talk of any merit that says he did not exist. Moses was chosen and taught by a wiseman who was none other than God. This God being a Man not a spirit. Moses said he was God and taught that wisdom to the people. Much like how The Messenger was Chosen by a Wiseman. You need to step your knowledge up for real. You just don't get it. You have to meditate on that. On another note... It is true that I never graduated to being an FOI, but I have done my share of selling the Final Call on the streets as a young Teenager before I decided to go atheist. When I came back to Allah I sold some more Final Call papers on the Streets in both New York and Atlanta. I was able to do this on the strength of who my mother was in the Nation. She was First Officer at a time and Sister Captain in the Atlanta Mosque at a time until being relieved to give her time to pursue her Doctorate degree. Since I was still young I was considered a junior FOI and we did not have to go through the letter processing and the recitation word for word of the Supreme Wisdom, which I am very much capable of doing right now! I had to face countless battles with people over the teachings like I am doing with you right now! So you really need to put your foot in your mouth because you are talking too much for your own good. You sound really moronic and it does not make me feel good to prove you to be moronic. It hurts to have to do this to you over and over. Like I said before, you do not know me well enough to formulate conclusions about me. This will be my last response to you on this subject, because you only seek to battle with me, something I don't have time for. You being an atheist means absolutely nothing to me and you cannot prove your Atheism. That philosophy crumbles under itself. You left Allah, Allah did not leave you. Therefore Allah is under no obligation to come and get you! You probably still don't even know what I mean when I say Allah. You are still probably thinking of a mystery God, when Allah is present in this wisdom that I am speaking. It is written in the Holy Quran that those who don't believe in Allah or turn hypocrite like you are to be left alone in solitude wandering in darkness. I am not a hypocrite like you.  I believe in Allah. You do not. You frown upon such belief in a wisdom greater than yourself. The nerve you have callin someone else a hypocrite. You were once a believer at one time but you strayed away. This makes you the hypocrite by definition. You are in no position to call anyone out. This gives you characteristics of Ibliss. You found weaknesses within the NOI in your own mind, so you felt you were better than them. Ibliss said to Allah, "I'm made of fire and this man is made of mud. I will not bow to this man. I am better than he." You are only showing characteristics like that of Satan, which is not a spook figure. Satan has latin roots which means "The Adversary." You speak like a true adversary of God. I'm not insulting you, I'm only calling it like I see it. Not only are you an adversary, but you are a proud adversary. Now watch you say, "There is no such a thing as a God, so what you are saying to me is irrelevant" as a defense mechanism for your inability to counter that statement with any truth. You have yet to baffle me on any point, so I guess you feel some type of way about that. Instead of coming at me with truth you want to attack my character in hopes of discrediting what I have said. Look at your own character first. Your eyes were made to look outwardly and not inwardly so we often have this arrogance to look at other people and not ourselves. Your knowledge is not where it needs to be and you need self improvement. So because your knowledge is not where it needs to be, instead of studying, you want to attack on the basis of character for your argument against me, which is highly subjective and not necessarily factual. The media does a great job at this. They often make good people appear bad and bad people appear good to suit themselves depending on how they convey the information, thus altering the perceptions and perspectives of the people tuning in on what is truth. I have a degree in Business Marketing, so I know a little bit about how that works. I wish nothing but peace for you brother. I will not respond to any more messages from you that are hostile in nature.  If you continue to write me these hostile messages that are not filled with truth or facts, but speculative accounts on what my character is like to provoke me to entertain you in ignorance, I will mark you as spam. It seems that you like to argue and do not wish to find any common ground, nor do you seek truth. You seek only to combat against people who speak the truth or have the heart and desire to discover it to glorify yourself. You even admitted to no wanting to seek followers. So what is it that you seek? It appears that you only want to glorify yourself.

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 2:41 PM, Taalik Ibn'rad <angelsnupnup7@gmail.com> wrote:
Again you are an excuse maker & in reality the common hypocrite like your talent is greater than myself or LOUIS when we decided to deny self & concentrate on doing Allah's will. Your music doesn't reflect nothing that makes one seek N.O.I. teachings,in order to serve GOD you must deny self,something you are not willing to do,your type I've seen many times,this is why you can science so much. You have never been beat or threatened to be beaten by the police or other N.O.I. enemies or sold pies or newspapers,or have folks tell you t go to hell having the door slammed in your face,folks wanting to kill you cause you wear a bowtie & I could go on,the only high intelligence quota that you have is that of hypocrisy as it is clear who your real master really is,this is not to degrade your talent but clearly you are out for self & GOD is the least of your concern as well as the condition of the lost/found, I am sure LOUIS & myself could also say the same that MUSIC chose us but we knew the upliftment of our people was more important,you don't but you talk pretty....SAD.
On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 10:35 AM, The Kaliphat <kaliphatmusic@gmail.com> wrote:
I serve Allah through my music because I was blessed with a gift that I did not choose for myself. I did not choose music, it chose me. My father was a former NBA basketball player so I was expected to follow in his footsteps. However it was discovered early on that I had perfect pitch along with an extremely high Intelligence Quotient. I can play classical piano as well.
On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 11:24 AM, Taalik Ibn'rad <angelsnupnup7@gmail.com> wrote:
One can serve only one master which do you choose?
November 18,2008
Peace 4 ever & always Kalipha:
                                               Let me make something very clear the intent here is to discuss a subject matter,not to belittle you or the N.O.I. It is a wonderful thing to have yourself & the NATION in existence,however we have a right to personal opinion & if you can't handle that opinion then perhaps it is best you discontinue this conversation with me as I've been doing this a long time both prior,while in the N.O.I. & of course as we speak. My purpose is not to promote  loyalty to any certain belief system,my loyalty is the search for REAL TRUTH, something none of these religious belief systems offer.They only offer a form of slavery to some unknown being called GOD or some man on earth in his place,this I will not tolerate. I do not need GOD's wisdom as I nor you never met him so all you've to offer is he say/she say information using your imagination to come up with the voice if this being you never met could speak,you are or FARRAKHAN is no more an expert about ALLAH than I am,cause we all never met him or her personally,again guessing and using hearsay info from some so called HOLY BOOKS that JESUS or MUHAMMAD nor GOD himself never personally wrote anything it is second or third party story telling that could of come from anywhere,like LOUIS says in his speeches very often about a car accident,many look at the same accident but come to different conclusions,so who knows the reality of the stories that spawn from both BIBLE/QURAN actually came from,then passed into generations,so it is no surprise to me there are many sects of both christianity & islam but you believe you are not in error,so do those of other sects,very confusing. So they all have their marketing tools in order to sell the people this product of religion,you have been sold. I have chosen not to purchase any longer,so in reality it is not that I have become some hypocrite,I have decided this product that someone sold me in my ignorance is no longer needed & has served it's purpose.
         Hypocrite is one who claims one thing but does contrary an undercover enemy of the belief system he claims he believes in,even when I wore a bowtie,I made it clear many parts of this teaching is questionable to me but I was told ALLAH will make you see,instead of these believers telling me as long as you have questions perhaps it is best to help the N.O.I. but don't join as such until there is greater understanding or faith the rising of questions will cause you to seem hypocritical. Nobody advised me to do such cause they needed a body in the ranks even if that body questions them & GOD himself,anyway I was sold on this product,used it faithfully like some are loyal to COCA COLA but now like the once lovers of COKE they now switched to PEPSI,so is the new PEPSI drinker some sort of hypocrite? Of course not,this is silly only his taste has changed. In reality if this is the case that myself & MALCOLM are indeed hypocrites isn't both ELIJAH/FARRAKHAN also hypocrites,why? At one time they both claimed faith in christianity & gave alligeance to their lord JESUS CHRIST,isn't this correct? I guess to reject christianity doesn't make one a hypocrite & then Farrakhan is so confused he is telling everybody he is a christian,methodist,jew,catholic etc. at the same time he is selling ISLAM & calling himself a muslim,giving loyalty to this GOD/MAN named FARD,so please tell me do ya'll really know what a hypocrite is,hypocrite is only being something you are not,I am not a muslim nor athiest, I am a REAL TRUTH SEEKER, I don't care about hype,belief & faith as such has had 1000's of years or since 1930 it all has failed our people,whether you like it or not,it reminds me of the boxer who quite frankly has had his head bashed in but wants to continue the fight,all are bleeding but refuse to let this strategy go like the fighter in the ring in some demented hope he'll win,like JOHN McCAIN ( smile ).
         In conclusion, I don't know why you are getting so upset as you are & have never been a follower of the HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD & whether you like it or not I am very student in his teachings having once been an assistant minister as well as squad leader,even without such titles all knew & know now I know his teachings,I am not impressed with the added science as offered by BROTHER JABRIL or SISTER TYNETTA & others or LOUIS himself these are matters of opinion & haven't been endorsed by the MESSENGER,you can take it or let it alone,not to say that what they conclude or what you opinion doesn't have value or proper reflection it is opinion & not the messenger's teachings,he left his words on both video,paper & audio unlike JESUS,MUHAMMAD of whom was illiterate or even GOD himself cause if you noticed nobody has papers that claim FARD wrote himself so the MESSENGER is teaching second party,a court of law doesn't accept second party or hearsay evidence cause it is flaw,so yes if to become a hypocrite means I reject such info based on hearsay so called knowledge as well as having not the right to question or being not allowed to return a product to the store for refund,then yes I am a hypocrite & proud of it,we all have the right to change our minds just like ELIJAH went from faith in JESUS to FARD. All this to say your being angry at me cause I call you out about your alleged belief in the N.O.I. but unwilling to join or deny self adventurement.it is not I of whom you are angry with,sooner or later if you were in the TEMPLE such question would arise as I experienced myself being an Over the Road Truckdriver least to say a musician,it is wonderful of how you talk about how all is needed & ALLAH is expressed thru your music,wonderful justification. They don't want to hear it that is why you don't join them,they'll smile in your face but at the same time,brothers will harbor ill feelings in that they soldier in the streets & catch heat & stress all the while you make beautiful music,then they hear your music & it doesn't do anything to promote the teachings nor teach the masses,so it is not me it is they who is questioning you cause I've been there & of why you'll not go there,REAL TRUTH.
          As far as self glorification it is you who parade upon this forum prancing like you are the almighty & all knowing calling me foolish & lost,talking about how smart your mother is,bragging about your degrees from the racist caucasion male's college or his black alter ego schools of learning that are only oreo cookie schools in reality,so yes I made it my business to find flaw in your character like you are so talented & genius,especially since you will not participate in a belief system you claim you truly believe thus it makes you a hypocrite,saying one thing & doing another,the MESSENGER did not come to make musicians,he needs soldiers that can take his message to his people,anything other is a cop out.Anything other is excuse making wanting the beauty of ISLAM but attempting to avoid its discomforts,stress & the reality of the brotherhood with folks who are still negroes but wear & bowtie of whom if you anger them may slice your throat,this is the reality,I lived it so you can't impress me with your fantasy & delusional opinion of the MESSENGER'S teachings & yes I am an adversary against what I know to be untrue,you continue this ranting & raving but offer no books to read or the source of information that can lead to no benefit of doubt of what you opinion & this gap that you make reference to is exactly what I want as I support our need for the unification of our people but I REJECT that unification based on any form of religious dogma black or caucasion,it makes no sense to rid oneself of one slavemaster just to be under another simply cause he is black,OBAMA will show this perfectly to blacks very very soon,again we are not enemies nor is the intent to belittle you,at the same time it is wrong for you to act in the manner you accuse me of,a case of being able to dish it out but can't take it,being only 23 years old,you have a lot of living to do,please give me the benefit of a doubt of not only knowing what the messenger taught but I lived it,it would be wrong for me to continue within a belief system that I just don't have faith in,it is a failure like all religious systems,if religion dominates the world & human kind is in shambles,who is it to blame? We will not blame religion but blame caucasions who do rule this world that learned about religion by association with the darker peoples & then they used religion to conquer & enslave. Mutual respect is needed do not try to make yourself better than me & vice versa but sometimes one may feel that way cause they are not able to really prove their opinion cause no matter how you slice it,MOSES/ALLAH/JESUS etc. never existed this is why you are asked to have faith & believe,BELIEVE we are not enemies,I am sorry for any disrespect you may have felt,may I SUGGEST we leave this subject alone & talk about entertainment as I still seek to become active as well as my nephew,COOL?
                                                                                                                                     Brother Taalik