Is a RACE WAR Coming ?

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June 11, 2010

Is a RACE WAR Inevitable ?

As told by                                May 26, 2010

                Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn’rad In The Name of My AncestorsPeace 4 ever & always, Welcome 2 another exciting edition of The Reality’s Temple On Earth. I am your host, your brother & hopefully your friend Brother 4RealIntergrity- Assistant in Training 2 Brother Taalik Ibn’rad AdMinister & Founder of this Internet Ministry I would first like 2 thank all of you who asked about where I’ve been & what happened 2 my channel. Unfortunately my YouTube & other internet accounts I had were hacked & I was denied access 2 the sites. So I had 2 start all over again. As Assistant to Brother Taalik I’ll now release vids from this channel and with his help develop and better my skills @ making videos as well as public speaking. Please bare with me during this awkward but exciting time. I thank everyone 4 their concern and appreciate you very much. @ The Reality’s Temple we must be open & honest with our viewers & subscribers so if I sound like Bro Taalik he did write the base of this talk that I taken & placed my own spin on it. I appreciate his help until I am able 2 fly solo,with that said as time here quickly expires allow me 2 comment on this particular subject.      Bro Taalik suggests in our video called The Black / White War must Stop that we stop being emotional & re-evaluate this seem to be never ending situation. Since the viewers & subscribers of The Reality’s Temple are some of the best self thinkers on YouTube the vast majority clearly understands what is being said,however a small minority still loyal to religious or political systems bring negative comments 2 the table that I’d like 2 address. I want 2 make something very clear ALL have the right 2 disagree and just because we disagree doesn’t make us enemies. Sometimes we need 2 further explain ourselves & this is what I’ll attempt 2 do.        Comment # 1 says that it is sad that Bro Taalik has joined the gang of folks that make excuses for the evils of White People. Why would we attempt 2 make excuses 4 whites or anyone when we have countless vids reminding whites in power of their history of atrocity. Please also remember the key word is whites in power, those in positions of control & influence. These whites you see everyday can barely pay the mortgage and do not have the knowledge or cant even comprehend what it takes 2 become a world power. So really we waste energy & do ourselves a disservice 2 direct anger @ ALL whites cause they have been conditioned, exploited, tricked & deceived just as ill mentally as those who were once physically enslaved & now turned voluntary slaves,dark versions of their oppressors. We do not need 2 help make excuses 4 white people cause they control the majority of media,perfectly capable of defending themselves. However we are NOT used 2 REAL TRUTH, we are not used 2 self thought. Most people base their thoughts in religion or political idea, if your truth doesn’t produce hurt then perhaps you need 2 take another look.       The racist caucasion people have an incredible wicked history,do you believe out of ALL people we would attempt to make excuses 4 evil? REAL TRUTH causes us 2 look @ things with less emotion as possible without these external influences so that we may examine the REALITY of our situation cause if we don’t this so called Race War may just happen & it may happen very soon. We should NOT want more murder, pain & suffering if it can be prevented & stop senseless slaughter. We should NOT want to be like those of whom have oppressed us as they denied us justice, equality and that which is fair. When we act as just persons,justice and being fair will be contrary 2 the belief or political thinking we’ve become loyal to, again TRUTH hurts. If you believe The Realitys Temple represents bashing white people then you need 2 go elsewhere, we are about seeking Freedom, Justice & Equality 4 the entire human family. Treat animal life as well as this planet with respect as many ancient persons done prior to European influence and domination.        The Reality’s Temple doesn’t make excuses 4 evil & deceit, however if we judge then let us judge fairly taking ALL facts into consideration or have you become a tyrant yourself. Hatred has caused you 2 be like those you complain about having no concern 4 what is just? What is fair ? The comment continues 2 say someone has brought FEAR 2 us. If we do not fear God, if we do not fear death itself, what fear can anyone or anything bring 2 make us make excuses 4 white people? There is one thing that we FEAR and that is not accepting REAL TRUTH when it presents itself. When TRUTH presents itself we must put down our personal likes cause clearly what we like is wrong or in error. The human family continues 2 suffer and display behaviors of self destruction due 2 the refusal 2 accept REAL TRUTH when it is presented instead we hold fast 2 these popular religious & political ideas of which in no matter what form is the root cause of your problems.      The troublemaker that we must rid ourselves of is a system designed 2 make lighter humans superior over darker ones in fact the darker humans were called sub-humans. This system is called White Supremacy. White Supremacy was designed by the elite intellectuals of the Racist Caucasion Europeans. From white supremacy they created race designed 2 separate human beings based on skin color cause the other things such as language & culture was too diverse & numerous. Within white supremacy the lighter was made superior over the dark so the white elite began teaching their people and conditioning them 2 believe they were the superior race in fact the only humans ALL other dark persons were sub human or savage. As they grew into power and even allowed these sub humans 2 live among them,they developed systems to keep the dark people in an inferior position. They made laws that denied them 2 read & write, denied them the right 2 worship a God, created educational venues 2 teach white superiority and later the savages would learn how inferior they were.The black slave was denied the knowledge of self and turned into a beast of burden and now a walking dark version of white people. This is why I call so called so called African –americans Dark Europeans cause even thou we have dark skin we know nothing about our African roots and don’t care, we wish 2 get close 2 and be like our white oppressor’s children cause we think or believe we are white in the mind. No matter how black some may claim if you watch closely you’ll see Shaka Ameren is no better than Toby Johnson, however Shaka is making some attempt 2 find him or her self. A society designed 2 make the lighter superior over the dark produces what is called racism and those who are of the color that can benefit or influenced by such system is called a racist. This is why blacks can NOT be racist as they do not control NO function of white people lives.       Racist or ignorant whites want 2 call black people who dislike the evil they or their ancestors have preyed upon us racist but we do not get any of the benefits like whites obeying laws we make. Whites being judged by ALL black juries, making whites wear African names and condition them 2 embrace African customs or deny them the right 2 read or write or make them lose their identity of where they come from. We should not allow racist whites 2 label us like we are like them cause we are not and even where blacks control government 2 my knowledge there are no systems set up 2 make the dark superior over the light. We are NOT interested and the few that speak such is only in reaction 2 what was done 2 us as a people. Two wrongs don’t make a right but they say @ least you feel better and that is all you are going 2 do feel better. How can racial superiority help our situation when it was the cause of our problems? To embrace  black version of White Supremacy will only produce the same hell it brought 2 caucasions,unless you are opposite of that system being fair & just with respect 2 animal life and the planet itself. Give freedom, justice & equality 2 the whole human dynamic.      We would agree that what is known as White Supremacy must be destroyed. We sit back and call this racist white people DEVILS & all types of names in relation 2 Satan. The reality is he is just a conquerer no more no less than those prior 2 him. Using Egypt as an example it ruled the known world 4 thousands of years. How did it become such a large empire ? Thru love, NO ! Thru conquering its neighbors and after they conquered these different people they forced them to serve their Gods and embrace their culture or be killed. There are NO Europeans around as they slaughter their neighbors. They built the great pyramids and produced science, mathematics, architecture but also was ruthless in the slaughter of others cause they wanted expansion and if you did not want what they wanted you were removed like ALL conquerers do.       I am sure those who were conquered and killed by Egyptians called them Devils or The Spawn of Satan as well. Africans were fighting and killing each other prior 2 the appearance or the European caucasion. It is like we two bullies get in a fight, they both are bullies. Rome was a conquerer so was Egypt, Egypt got beaten by Rome, so now just because Egypt lost and you like Egypt the Romans are just because they are white are big bad devils, when Egypt if it could would have done the same to them as they both are no good both are conquerers using fear and physical might to subjugate others for their benefit. This clearly is a case of being a sore loser and we must give this racist white fella credit cause he came roaring out of the cave from a very hostile environment fighting from vicious beasts 2 trying 2 bring stability among his own people.        Egyptians were fierce warriors but had never faced weaponery nor the tenacity of the European caucasion . They basically was trying 2 live a comfortable good life while the caucasion was living in a hostile very violent environment. He once he came out of the caves seen so many things he was denied in Europe and his mission was to obtain these things. @ the same time all the while dark people were killing one another,when whites shown up instead of expelling this strange people from among them, they embraced them like long lost friends. Taught them ALL about themselves then he left with this knowledge just 2 use it against you. Whose fault is this,you kill your brother but embrace a total stranger ? Some of ya’ll still do this till this day,with ALL your hate you claim you have against whites it is always another black that dies @ your hand ask Brother MalcolmX.       In conclusion, again we ask the question if you say that the Blackman is the original man then he is like the parent. All others after are like children to a parent. The whites according 2 Greek history looked up to our ancestors and gave them great respect but they also saw their faults and took advantage of these faults. Knowing our ancestors did have great knowledge they attempted 2 destroy like a conquerers do ALL traces of the conquered and what couldn’t be destroyed he would take as if he was the author or creator. A conquerer doesn’t give credit for his success 2 those he conquered. Again, the Blackman is the original man the parent & you have a child in your house that has taken over and more powerful than you are. How are you going to get your house back ? Some suggest by physical force of which is a possibility but it was his physical force that placed the world into the position of being dominated by the racist European in the first place.        He is a more civil person than he was in the cave but the racist caucasion European loves 2 fight, he loves 2 see things die and things be blown up. If you don’t come correct you don’t have a chance in hell plus your own people will help him NOT you. If the Blackman is truly the parent then a parent doesn’t always have to use fear and physical violence 2 discipline a child as an adult you should be smarter than a child. Many cry for physical violence some great race war cause they are NOT adults themselves and lack proper parenting skills. Study the children of those who holla Kill the Whiteman,you’ll see they cant control the destiny or behaviors of their own flesh and blood but want you to pick up a rifle and shoot @ folks that will drop a nuclear bomb on you if necessary. Fool do you have a nuclear bomb? The best bomb you have is your brain and we need 2 use it properly so that it can give us a clear picture and bring about an appropriate solution as nobody in their right mind wants war & other violence.        This thing called White Supremacy has exploited ALL of us, if you notice even during the worst of slavery. It was always the poor and middle class whites doing the actual dirt. The upper elite just sat back and conditioned the minds of their masses and became richer and more powerful. When I look @ history books it was always the poor & middle class acting in these horrific manners towards blacks. Why wasn’t the rich whites participating when they could of killed blacks and gotten away with it just as easy as the poor or middle class, what does this tell us? Who are the whites still behaving in this manner, the poor and middle class cause they’ve been deceived & tricked by their elite & intellectual class. Many whites do not know when blacks were NOT available these same elite whites belonging 2 big business and large religious affiliations exploited them as well,cause it is not about racism or hatred it is about MONEY. In America follow the dollar bill and you’ll see the reality. It hurts 2 know if I was white that people with my color have become so treacherous @ the same time you can NOT be loyal 2 someone cause of color,when you know they are wrong and many whites 2day are speaking out.       So why shouldn’t we re-evaluate our position cause the problem is not about color it is about evil and deceit. Why shouldn’t I connect with a white person that is also fed up wishing 2 destroy evil ? It is not fair or just 2 condemn ALL whites when many tried 2 stop slavery in fact was exploited by rich whites prior 2 black commercial slavery. The key word here is EVIL, we have become a victim of White Supremacy when we begin 2 embrace race and color as this is the creation of a wicked system. There are NO African religions or teachings I ever heard that make the color black superior. We must think 4 self and accept our reality,stop being emotional so we can see things more clear so the brain can bring forth a proper solution and then I hope we can take it’s advice. Otherwise the future for both black and white ain’t so rosy. Thanx 4 listening. Peace 4 ever & always. RespectU