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God is an actual fact!  The belief in God is not.  The understanding of God is not!  The fear of the existence of God is not.  God is a force and power, fact.
To have everything in creation here to serve your needs before you were even thought of is a force and power of its own.  The first God of your life was your mother, but of course the seed that produced you came from your father, so of course he was a God too in his own right.  But, he too did not create anything that’s in existence now.  Shell I go further as to say, your grandfather and grandmother were Gods in their own right, but of course they did not create anything that you see now either, did they?  So we must look beyond your parents.
But we have to admit, that there was a force and power out there that is responsible for what we see, that we had no hands in creating.
The belief in God, lets see if we can have that.  Wait a minute, we can not control our own desires, so, what God wants for us may lengthen our lives, since what we have been doing to our lives is actually making our lives worst, miserable and shorter.  Let’s also deal with the interpretation of Gods way.  Has man who has not live up to the potential of a force and power, in only a way that destroys and does not build on human life, but on material values in life.  Let’s see now, there are three dimensions in our existence: 1. Animal stage, where we live off of our instincts.  2. Human, where we are upright and treat people the way you want to be treated, you know “Do unto others and you would want done unto you”.   But wait a minute, have we left the 1st stage, you know the animal stage?  Do we treat others as, what’s that phrase, “Dog eat Dog world”?   Is dog, God spelled backwards for a reason?  I haven’t even gotten to the 3rd stage yet.  Let’s deal with human, there is a passage in the bible (which is the book of most Christians), it says, “They have the mark of the beast on their foreheads and in their hands”.  Meaning that they, think like animals, so they act like animals.  We love to kill and destroy, oh yeah and to build a world that looks good on the outside, but is filled with abomination of every kind on the inside.  Let’s talk about flesh.  The human body is the best conduit for life itself.  It has most of if not all the important elements.  Electricity, water, iron and has the best brain of all animals.  However, if we do not feed the body the best that we can possible feed it, then what could be the end results?  The God that you don’t believe in, gives you a diagram on how to maintain what he created, oh by the way, created from nothing, now that’s creating.  If it is not true, then you prove me wrong.   But you have given me the job to prove you wrong.  How am I doing?  Or are you still a non believer, based on rebellious people, just want to do whatever they want to and destroy what is not rightfully theirs to destroy.  Look at what is being built, WMD, you do know what that means, don’t you? 
I agree with you, most, SYMBOLS & RITUALS have been created by no good men to form a clique of like minds to control the darker people of the earth.  Oh did I strike a bad cord with you.  Yes, especially Christianity was formed or organized by European white men to conquer the darker people of the earth.  It’s a fact.  The symbols and rituals were given to keep their wicked nature in check.  They need an external law to keep their internal nature under control.  But that didn’t work, because they broke every law that was given.  The symbols and rituals suppose to only last until they would think correctly and would not longer act stupid and destroy themselves.
God is love and Love is God, you don’t understand that kind of love.  Well let me somewhat explain it to you.  Love is not this silly kind of love that we experience with man and woman, which now a days could be just about anything.  Man and man, man and boy, man and sheep.  That’s Gods doing too I suppose.  We are what we eat and we think as we please.  Was I born like this he ask, no, but a mind is a terrible think to waste.  Do you know that activity like that ends the existence of life?  That is certainly not Gods doing.  Love is a creative force and power.  If you really love something,  you will do anything to bring out the best in that something.  You would honor it, respect it, make sure it shines, you would glorify it, you would marvel at its existence, you would build on it, you would adore it, you would, well I hope you get it.  Fools today say they love their mate, then kills their mate, maybe just from suspension of doing wrong. 
Let’s deal with “taking responsibility for ones actions”.  As food is fed into the body to nutritious that body, to make that body strong and energetic, so it is with what goes into your mind, you know, what influence you.  Do you think that a person watching television, listening to the radio or even reading a book, oh and don’t forget the internet and someone that feeds someone all kinds of stuff.  Especially at an early age where it is used to actually shape the mind.   Surely a person can be influence to do wrong, knowingly, willingly or even not actually knowing what the hell is causing he or she to behave in such a manner.  There are wicked scientists that are Gods in their world of creation, doing things that you could never imagine happening.  Right now you could be influence to not believe in God.  It’s not God you don’t believe in, it’s the concept of God, which I totally understand. That is why you must study yourself, but unfortunately, your study will be based on the path that you have taken and you will not truthfully give yourself a true chance to understand the real concept of God.  The real concept of God is to know that your and my existence is no accident.  This is a masterful plan.  But in this plan, all the elements must come together.  Also, you must know the plan or be willing to learn the plan.  Right now, you are not in accord with the plan in your mind, but you are apart of the plan rather you know it or not.
Drugs is a relief mechanism to relieve the man of a burden he created by rebellion against the will of the concept of God.  When you go against the natural order of your existence, then you create a opposite affect of satisfaction.  Then you would need and outside source to relieve the pain that you feel on the inside.  That is for any drug, rather it’s across the street or across the counter in a store.
The spirit was already in you at the very conception of your life, when you took the first breath of life.  Before then it was the seed of your father and the house of your mother that sustained you.  You rotated around inside your mother’s womb, experiencing the creation of the universe in a magnificent way.  In a way that you would not remember for it was not meant to be.  It’s not what keeps you alive that’s in you, no my friend, it’s what you are trying to get to come inside you.  The very air you inhale is your soul the water you drink combine creates energy, along with the food you eat. When it gets inside you, it wants to help you sustain your existences.  The essence of God Himself is in the air and in the water.  And when air and water gets inside of you, God has found a home where he can manifest His force and power.  But if you rejects God, then He will still manifest Himself in you, but it would be in a native way.  If you do good, then all praises are to you, but if you use your God like powers towards negative ends, then to hell with you, because you are creating a hell here on earth, you would be the devil of that hell.  There is no hell waiting for you after the flesh dies, just like there is no heaven in the sky waiting for you to die.  That is a big lie.  You can make a heaven or a hell right here on earth.  Unfortunately, there is a hell for most, while the devils have create a heaven for themselves. 
A spirit can not take form until it is in human form.  Holy means pure and untampered with, Ghost means, I can make out the form, but I just don’t know the essence.  You don’t know me just by looking at me, but if you come inside my mind and lets dialog and get to know one another and not depise one another, then maybe you will see God in me and I will see God in you.  We can say, I love you and love the God in you.  Then we can marvel at the creation of a wonderful Originator of the heavens and the earth and give thanks for Him and what He accomplished. 
Is there a God? Of course there is.  As long as you and I are alive, we can manifest God in us and show the Originator of the Heavens and the Earth, that He truly indeed, did a wonder job.
May God bless with the light of understanding, peace be onto you.   Response from Kenneth W of article " Does God Exist?"  07/24/07  
  Brother Taalik Ibn'rad answers Kenneth W>>>>  peace,i must say i am very impressed with the way this comment was written, i hope u would continue to visit this site & submit your opinion. however, as beautiful was that opinion it is one shared by many when faced with the issue does god exist, if one does believe in god it would be better to concentrate more so of that god in self as mr kenneth describes. mr kenneth doesn't answer the question does god exist or not, he states we have god like qualities, we can act or behave like a dog but that doesn't make us a can we have godlike qualities or have god within us when we never met god? we can have doglike qualities as we know what a dog is, in relation to a being outside of our sphere of reality of which we've personally never met or experienced to say we are god , children of god or godlike is merely guess work, how can we have qualities of something we never met, i being like my father but have never seen him not even a picture, again we guess, in my short conclusion kenneth says god is a fact, if god is a fact then you or someone has met him/her or it, there is no evidence in support of this, many say u feel god but u also feel upset stomach, your stomach is real, u believe in fiction that u feel god, a fact is apples are not polka dot, maybe in the future not at this time, a fact is u must drink water to live, that is a fact! the belief in god is not a fact it is a belief that may give u some sense of hope & security but it is a belief, maybe or maybe not, not 2 say such belief is not helpful but religion has been used to control the masses to keep them domesticated like the dog, cow or pig since we really do not know god, or what the words in scriptures truly mean as there r countless interpretations it is best to leave it all alone, or continue the path religion brings war, division of families, confusion, insanity, hatred etc. i have yet to see this love religion claims to represent, wherever there is religion there is slavery, turmoil, insanity, unnatural activities, hate, well something made us, something created us, we do not know, why make up a creator? just simply say u don't know & at this time for me no concern like all other life, they do not careabout a god all they know they are here, they must survive or die, nature calls us to live and live long as possible as individuals and as a species, the idea of god is always welcome but believe in the reality of this life, accept your life, accept your death, death is the end of a cycle after such we can make it up or celebrate the end of an era, accept u must depend on self like all other life, no other power is going to help u, u can make it up, like u tell the lie to children about santa claus, leave the lies alone & you'll feel more free.religion produces unnecessary stress for your brain trying to accept what is unbelievable & stress trying to please an unknown god & his real men who represent him?  nuff said  
on the same subject RASHAAD C. writes: 
the god existing piece you posted is excellent. i believe there is a higher power but i don't believe in stories that can't be verified. i asked this christian one time "if moses with his stuttering problem came up to you right now and said god spoked to him by way of a burning bush and you must follow him in order to live on a land filled with milk and honey, would you believe him or would you label him as being crazy? the guy said he would label him as being crazy. my next question to him was "how can you not believe him now but believe that actually happened thousands of years ago. that guy really thought about what i said, then replied i don't know. then i asked him, "if you read that in a satanic bible and billions of people followed it, would you think they have a screwloose. he said yes. people believe in things because they are conditioned to believe in them. and black people in general will believe in anything white people tell them to believe, which is why we're in the position we're in now. NO HOMO, we share a lot of the same feelings on the same things. keep postin stuff on your website 
 Original Message:

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i have visited your site numerious time and i have fallen in love with your topics. i would love to post comments but it seems that i have to get my outlook mail box set up and it's pretty tricky. i really dont know how to set it up and look forward to getting it fix. but anyway  perhaps you can do something with this but right now as i type this message im trying to figure out how to set it up so i do look forward to sharing my opinions with you :Peace:

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From: youngalco     [videos (0) | favorites (4) | friends (0)]
Sent:July 29, 2007
i just was wondering why you're wasting your time fighting this war on youtube racism? Because the funny thing about it is I can't stop doing it too. And I just wanted to thank you because there's not enough of us out there standing up for whats right on here. I've already changed a few racist on here already. I had a racist guy flat out tell me that he was being wrong and he even went back and commented telling all the other racist to stop as well. But anyway I just wanted to let you know what your doing is good and that you bring up a lot of good points. Have a good one, and hopefully we can stop the racism on here altogether.


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2012 is when the government is going to tell the world about the truth, the real truth:), anyways, i have been syudying Yip man, and JKD for 35 years now, a pure form of streetfighting, i have never lost a fight, the last big football player stayed in the ICU for 3 months, not good. Oh well, he should have got some education from his parents or somebody, I guess his parents were into those d actors you see on the soaps, instead of spending time with him:)Are those not the most stupid people on this planet:)
I have to go and teach today, i teach hang gliding, all the cowards are on the ground below, not very croweded up here for that reason:)I have never seen a muslim up hear or in the water< i take it they have no clue how to swim in anything more than sand, you know what they say, Shit and sand go hand in hand, allah wipes his ass with sand:), I guess you know about the muslims, what primitive folks, so sad a race, they are so far behind the jews, they cant compete with them. Isreal is such a small nation, but they still run right over the muslims every time:)I'm shure we will see the New Neutrons deployed, they make the atomic and hydrogens look meek. There are many in Cyprus ready to be deployed as I speak, on syria and iran, they will use 14- on each country, no radium fall out like the old nukes. Oh well, i guess thats what they want. Just like japan taking sides with hitler. There will be a time soon, when no muslim joke will be safe in my country. They are nothing but trouble. George Bush is a brave man, Billy boy
clinton is a queer:), he has an IQ of around 100, because he has no common sense it wacks his 180 IQ down 80%. 780,000 muslims insurgents dead, 5,000 brave American Troops dead, what a mess. If I was the president, the muslims jihad would be finished for ever:)I first would take out all their clerics. i would hit iran and syria with so much, everyone would weep like never before seen, and never again seen. It would be a very sad day, but you know me:), I dont have those type of feelings for cavemen, or any other type of people that the U.S.A. has showed how to refine oil, show them they have oil, show them how to get it out of the ground, and they turn on you like they did it on their own. The ACLU has some good attributes about them, but mostly they are only lawyer scum. Long Live the American Black Man, Death to muslim's jihad, see you in 2012.




Original Message: > 2012 is when the government is going to tell the world about the truth, the real truth:), anyways, i...        peace forever & always john,                                    sorry but i am always fatigue when i check my e-mails or messages on utube, i feel i must answer your message as soon as possible i do not want u to feel u r being ignored, u have a lot to say. i must respect your writing me as u must feel i am worthy of your time in this it is an honor for me. allow me to be brief, religion is war, murder, confusion, slavery, division of families, insanity, theft no matter what form it is, this religion has proven, this is not my opinion it is a historical fact, your words r proof of this. i do not see anything brave about george bush when he did not fight in a war but can cause one, his men die on foreign sands and he is vacationing at his ranch or camp david, brave leaders of the past was leading the charge into battle, this is what made them great they faced death time & time again a true warrior their soldiers had no choice but to respect them, even folks like adolph hitler & sadaam hussein have battle scars, brave bush has nothing, a coward. if bush was placed in a ring with sadaam hussein sadaam would easily mop the floor with him as he is a weak man, what is brave when u hide behind others, then u lie to your people, u started a war to control oil, to gain a military base, to promote christianity thus brave bush produced the insurgents, where was the insurgents when sadaam was in power? u want to demean muslims but they r nothing but christians arab style, they r the same, they both represent fantasy gods & fantasy prophets & tales, they both were involved with the slavery of human beings, so how is one better than the other? bush is a liar not brave, this is a fact, he is a liar and all involved in his administration knew he was lying, a whole political system of liars, liars this is why you say they will reveal the truth in 2012, why wait so long? many people don't have to wait they know the government is entwined with deceit, a government of gangsters & murderers, the constitution gives the people the right 2 bare arms, form militias so they may rid themselves of just this type of treachery, many r as i speak training for this day, they know their government is wanting to take all their rights away, they use fear, the word terrorism to wittle away at the ctizen's rights, lock u up with no trial for a indefinite time like they do in the insane asylum in the state of missouri, hold u the rest of your life, hid away from the world, u no longer exist. this country israel produces nothing set up by america & britain in 1948, they killed palestinians & stole the land so they can bare witness to the lie they had placed in the so called holy books, they r holy people but all i see them do is murder, drop bombs, they still receive welfare from america, a so called holy land that depends on non-holy people, non-chosen people to survive, they make nothing not even the bombs they drop, it is a lie let them have that dried up piece of sand, ignore that holy lie. it is not a certain piece of land it is the people, what makes them better than you, if god chose people who drop bombs, not self reliant, a non-producer if god chose this as his people, what type of god is this, i will never serve an idiot god like this, so this god approves of stealing land & telling lies....nuff said  your message today is of death, murder, hatred this is what religion produces, i am better than you, if better means i am a murderer, a liar, a thief, a hater  etc. i'll rather be the latter. i am about true freedom, justice & equality for all human beings regardless of color & respect for all life on this earth,a true god doesn't want praise & worship, a true god only wants his children 2 survive and live a peaceful, fulfilling & happy life, a reality not possible all the time but this foolishness the brave have caused, have also caused the children unnecessary trouble and early deaths, so heaven becomes a fantasy only obtained after death cause u know it ain't happening here, have a peaceful day john and take care. 

                                   Taalik Ibn'rad






     MESSAGE TO THE GROUP from ANGELSNUPNUP7             ****   the following is a note I sent to a group member of whom I felt was making non-solution & demeaning comments 2 others in our forum, did I act correctly?                                                                               

Peace forever & always,               it is true that u were invited 2 this group 2 stimulate intellectual discussion on certain sensitive issues,i do not care who wants 2 join the forum in order 2 avoid much of the silly persons looking for entertainment,u do not find that voice here.however if it shows up then it must be dealt with.since i am responsible for this group and many have joined out of respect for my comments in the public forum then,such must be dealt with. if u r the intellectual u claim 2 be then it should not be a surprise that you've garnered this response,you offer demeaning comment and an arrogance like u r so smart, claiming 2 want 2 learn from others but ignore their comments & clearly have not attempted to listen or research what is said.this forum is sensitive to the hurt of blacks & whites, when i was younger i believed the whiteman was the devil & i grew hate for them, i was not taught by muslims to hate, the hatred came from learning the real terror slavery actually was, but one day i saw a white child crying looking at a gumball machine, for some time all i could see was a baby devil but then suddenly the hate i thought i felt was gone all i could see was a baby who wanted some candy like i was at that age, as an over the road truckdriver many of my fellow drivers were white hard working middleclass men, they treated me with the utmost respect, we r only trying to survive & take care of our families. many of these whitemen r not like those in power they never felt better than me, even thou a lot of them could drive better(smile) i've been in white or caucasion homes for dinner, invited to ball games, even when i told some whitewomen they were devils they laughed because i would walk them thru traffic and to their cars, i wasn't trying to sleep with them.respect them for being the mothers of a nation & people, my two best friends when i was younger were white, i was hated & made fun of by negroes or blacks...negroes made mockery of me because my skin was dark. i have felt hate and been hurt by negroes personally far more than whites, so please don't have the nerve 2 allege in this forum people don't care about the hurt of whites, we r in a mess that is hurting all human beings the way in which we hurt & the level maybe different but we suffer & we hurt. we begun on the website to place honor for caucasions who truly sought 2 help blacks, welfare,intergration, affirmative action and all these other things have hurt more than help...this is 2 be discussed. u r welcome here but slick demeaning comments will not be tolerated, no one here called u a name your commentary suggests a form of white supremacy & intellectual

arrogance. this group has been in existence for a few weeks and your comments r the first i've seen in a manner 2 cause conflict & disrespect. it is possible i am wrong and i do apologize perhaps thats just how u talk, but it seems u r looking for some fight, we r not here 2 fight all comments here r in discussion mode, there is no right or wrong,we can explain our point without being insultive or hurting others feelings, religion, race r sensitive issues and i hope this forum gives us a chance to talk instead of continuing this foolish path of ignorance & hate of which the result will be the doom of all involved. u r welcome & keep posting i never will tell u i can't learn from u, it is up to me 2 research what u say in order to whether or not such statement has validity,this group is climbing to 50 and at this rate 100 or more is possible. we r not enemies, let's just talk...again i do apologize if i offended u this i didn't mean.   peace




Angels, your honest, open message is appreciated and deserves a real and detailed response. I will send you one today. Fundamentally, I have indeed been fairly combative from the start because I was surprised after seeing in the posts all the "polite" animosity and typical naieve abuse that whites suffer from outspoken black "leaders" toward my people, so yes, some of my comments have been more combative than they might have been otherwise. I will tone that down, because your message shows me you may actually be seeking some answers, rather than looking to engage in yet another simple-minded bash-the-white-man-to-make-ourselves-feel-better kumbaya circle, as I have seen so often before. And I find that encouraging. It reflects well on you and what you are trying to do. Respect given usually elicits respect back, and that is how I try to operate. You have shown me respect with your personal message, and I thank you for it.

Will respond a little more later.






 your web site is growing strongly
lookatyourselfagain there is peace in your heart because it still beats.








What you speak of is the "Rich" Elite, which have existed for centuries, and have changed over the centuries. However, limiting rich elitist societies, to effect other races as only being a "white" problem is misleading. The Northern African states did effect the politics outside of there own area for instance the Berbers. Which, for years dominated over the trading seas of Mediterranean Sea, and so forth. The Ottoman Empire did invoke injustices, and did affect other cultures and did commit genocides for land and for racial reasons under "Islam". The issue, here is that these leaders "who" may or not be all the things you explain do "not" represent the white race as a hole. I think you lose a lot of your audience, when you say "white Caucasians" do this, and don't specify who you are actually speaking of because anyone will see you as generalizing a race. I'm almost positive the King Edward Long shanks didn't represent the people of England. Whites technically don't identify themselves as a "racial" group. For instance, Elite British think of themselves as more superior to that of Elitist Americans. That's only one issue. For instance, take a look at the Elitist group which has formed in South Africa that is "Black". These elitist groups have existed for centuries within every society, and will protect there power with everything they have and even disregard that of their own people or that of others. The spread of Islam, was not always that of a peaceful one. I'm not defending Christianity, because I am atheist. I do believe that these Elitist groups could careless about their people. However, I would still pick to live in Canada or the United States then anywhere else in the world. The only other place I would think of that isn't "corrupt" would be Singapore, because the government openly admits it is a dictatorship. I do believe the United States has dipped their hands in Bad things. Although, I don't believe it was out of natural hate, but out of there own interest and to preserve their power. The reason Caucasians have had a more impact generally then other races, which under the same circumstances would have and did at a smaller level, was technology. Europe had a technology that rivaled that of the rest of the World. However, that doesn't mean its population was educated. If you look at the statistics for education during imperialism, it was actually quite low. The many guided the few. You speak of failure; however I've seen out of these failures. Think of the positive things that have come out of western society. For instance, whites hate George Bush, the chances of a Black president being elected are very high, or a women president in that case. They allow freedom of speech, were in countries such as China it's not an option. You are allowed to argue with me on the internet were in other countries the internet is monitored and you could be jailed for speaking out. There isn't "any" different laws for minorities in the "United-States" that give them a disadvantage and I know that for a fact. Pick up a current day law book and find me something that says differently. I honestly, see you continually call me uneducated, yet it seems to me that you know very little, or you've done very little education. I actually like Western Society; it offers something that you won't find in any other culture. It is the most ethnically diverse. Take a look at the Black Middle Class it is growing, immensely. I think your issue is an issue of identity, I think it upsets you that Blacks are not in power over the Untied States; you ignore everything that Black Ancestors did that is the same as what whites did during those times. Well mister, you will get that chance in 50 years when China raises as the new world power. Then you can bitch about them, because they have a great track record with human rights..... (Sarcastically)


> What you speak of is the "Rich" Elite, which have existed for centuries, and have ...


peace 4 ever & always:

                        again i must tell u we r not enemies i like talking with u, i will save this note & research some things i have never said i can not learn from anyone, i am not dedicated 2 no form of thinking, bruce lee taught in martial arts one must be fluid like water, solid like water, a gas like water, one must be flexible, when we allow ourselves to become rigid we limit our sight, we limit our ideas, it is good u talk with me here as u can sort of have more time to connect things together, in your latest writing 2 me, i would lie if i said if what u r saying doesn't make sense, this writing also tells me u do have knowledge of history, like all things many will take history & anything 2 bend it for their use, i am not bending nothing for my use, i am seeking truth, seeking equality, seeking true freedom, it is difficult when u r surrounded by liars, it is good that u r an athiest, u never hear me refer to some bible quote, quote from a quran, religion created this mess or made it worse as religion and the pleasing of some god is used 2 justify slavery, justify war, justify theft, justify murder, religion has broken up families, i have yet 2 experience this peace and the love these religions claim they represent. i do not agree with everything farrakhan says or believes but he is a much represented leader in the black community for over 40 years, he is not a racist, or hater, however he speaks only from the level of his understanding based in his religious teachings, he has never admired hitler, those who tell these untruths r afraid if the masses listen to this message regardless if farrakhan is right or wrong the masses might turn into history freaks 5678,91011, abcd  etc. if this causes people 2 think then it is good, then they'll research 4 themselves & when u begin 2 know u can't look at things the same way as now u r no longer ignorant, even your words here on u tube should inspire thought except 2 those dedicated to a certain belief, they will die in such belief even if it is false, for many it is better to die with a lie rather than admit a truth, they don't mind truth if their belief system is the author, you & i do not represent their belief systems, u r indeed a student of history i will not call u a freak, i am never 2 arrogant 2 learn. again we r not enemies, i thank u for taking time 2 send me this message, i hope we can go 2 the public forum & show these one thought minded people we r not enemies, we discuss things, we r not haters or name callers, just because your opinion is different doesn't mean we should want 2 hurt somebody...see ya at the video







Brother Kenneth scolds  Brother Taalik Ibn'rad  he tells Taalik 2 hold on to positive hatred, should he?




 August 15,2007

As-Salaam-Alaikum may this email finds you in good health and spirit.  In the Holy Qur'an it reads about the travel of Moses with the wise man.  Even though the child was crying for candy, that child might grow up to be another Bush or Chaney or whatever devil that his nature might bring out.  Helping a child is never wrong.  But that child must study under Islam for 35 years in order to trade with us.  In trade, it's means, ideas and concepts.  Yes your fellow truck drivers treat you well and I give them credit for that.  How many others do they treat well, do not judge one by your experience along.  Always keep an eye open for your open enemy.  Don't let their kindness blind you from the reality of their history.  You continue to treat people the way you want to be treated.  But don't let them trick you with shadow kindness and promise you more gold than you would receive for yourself.  Stay true to your people and remember your hatred that you felt when you were younger, was your love for your people and what was done to your people.  Guide that hatred to a level of "It will never happen again". You can hate and be productive too.  Misguided hate is wrong, God hates, but he guides it with wisdom.  You don't have to apologize to white people.  There was a way of conveying your feeling to that devil without saying you help a crying white baby or you share laughter and givings to your white truck drivers.  Study to show yourself approved.  Obviously, you have been under the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  He was not wrong and neither was his teacher Master Fard Muhammad, GOD in Person.  Look at the white man now as you looked at him when you hated him.  Has he changed?  NO!  He continues to run his tricknology that Yahub taught him 6000 years ago.  Can a devil fool a Muslims, no not now a days. I hope my words gave you some light of understanding. Peace be unto you. Brother Kenneth   Peace 4 ever & always:                                        May this response to your recent e-mail also find u in good health & mental sanity. Before I begin I want to let u know this letter is being viewed by those at the website, your privacy is protected as all only know u as Kenneth, there r many kenneths. May I first say this person doesn’t reflect the teachings of the messenger of allah the most honorable Elijah Muhammad,it is his personal interpretation of what he was taught, there is no documented writings in support of what he has established in his e-mail. I will not say however this is not an understood thing in general among those who claim 2 follow Elijah, some of my family members are old members of the nation prior to the messenger’s death in 1975. I myself joined in 1981 under brother louis Farrakhan, I have sacrificed much, worked very hard during my seven year active membership,I earned my  x  and have been placed in the book of life, I  requested that my name be removed from the book but this request was denied. I have stood post willing 2 take a bullet for louis Farrakhan, I followed the teaching 100%, again this letter doesn’t reflect messenger muhammad’s teaching, the messenger did not teach hate in no form or for whatever reason this is this brother’s personal view or choice. Before I go into comments about the substance of this brother’s view I also stood as a muslim when it could have been quite possible we could have had a war with the followers of elijah’s son warith dean Muhammad, at this time I do not follow 100% these teachings because I do not believe in the way god has been represented, my article on the website, does god exist is he fiction? This brother responds 2 me because he feels what I said 2 a group member of the website wasn’t appropriate,this letter is also on this visitor’s page, I chose this letter because I want 2 explore the mentality of certain members of the nation of islam.  He writes to beware of being friendly to caucasions, like the little baby I bought candy for, this little caucasion child may one day grow up & be a racist devil 2 cause u harm thus this child shouldn’t be given candy, the child is a baby trickster a devil in the making. If this is the case brother why do u buy candy for the black child that grows up to kill his own mother or father? The black child that grew up 2 rape your sister in your own home? The dog u raised from a puppy that killed his master when he became a dog, the horse that grew up to kill superman chris reeves, what about yourself someone bought u candy as a child, who is 2 say u might lose your mind and murder, somebody bought u candy, the muslims that killed malcom x, were at one time treated with gifts as a child, would they if we knew in the future they would murder or r u saying whites kill more than blacks?  According  2 the history of the caucasion racist male of America  u might have a point, however death is death regardless if it was done by a white or a black, ask the family members of the victim if the prefer a black 2 kill their loved one or if the murderer was white, even in African history Africans have not perhaps made a habit of killing other races but they have a habit of killing themselves of which continues today, a black person in America has more of a chance to be killed by another black in fact last week my handyman who is black was murdered not by a white child I gave candy to but by another Blackman, I guess it’s allright 2 give this murderer candy when he was a child. He continues 2 state do not allow their acts of kindness 2 trick u, remember your hatred, remember what they done 2 your ancestors, use hatred in a positive manner, treat them as u want 2 be treated but always remember they r the enemy, he talks that it takes 35 years for a caucasion 2 learn enough righteousness in order 2 be accepted by the black righteous folks. Apparently brother u r out of reality, black people as a whole have forgiven this country for the past, this is a fact like it or not,unfortunately the racist caucasion male views this as a sign of stupidity and weakness thus he continues his award winning ways.       Never the less,blacks r in a very complex situation as the hate u talk about is not in their hearts, my hate was due to anger about the suffering my people endured, at the same time how is it possible 2 hate those who may benefit from the ill practices of their forefathers but many wouldn’t even born to participate in? if your god is just as u claim how can u condemn all in a nation for the sin of perhaps a majority in fact many caucasions were abolitionists, these persons fought & died 2 end slavery, they risked their lives to help slaves get to free lands, so I guess they r evil too. The reason u can talk about islam is because caucasions allow u to, as religion is protected under the constitution. U talk real bold but did not earn none of your freedoms,u didn’t march but u benefit from the civil rights movement, the freedom u have brother was not earned by your sacrifice & death it is given to you by this racist caucasion people, this government will not listen 2 poor & middleclass whites, they r being exploited also,they r ignored just like the abolitionist were ignored of centuries past,I can not hate those whose actions did not then or now earn such in fact for me, blacks or so called negroes have hurt me more than whites, blacks tell me I am too dark, even when I was in the nation of islam I overheard brothers of whom suppose to be so black find shame in being too dark,this brother speaks as thou just because he found some new knowledge he is suddenly righteous,perfect. How is this when u just came out of the gutter, he is a baby muslim I know what he has been taught and then some, if u r so perfect why do your people reject your teaching, they listen but they don’t join or support enough where u r a force? This is because u want 2 get rid of white supremacy for black supremacy of which is just as bad because u r not just, 2 punish those who didn’t do anything, again many whites did die fighting slavery and for civil rights, what battle scars do u have…none I bet all u have is talk, so whites have one up on you.  I love my ancestors I do not plan on marrying outside of my people no time soon because before we show love 2 others we must first show love 2 self, I honor all my ancestors known and unknown, I honor the honorable Elijah Muhammad his ministers ,master fard & the nation of islam, this is where my heart is, at the same time I believe in justice, I believe in what’s fair, do not trust the white truckdrivers but they helped me get out of a ditch, the so called brother who had a truckload of chains passed me by, in fact one savior’s day my car slipped into an icy ditch, immediately caucasion or white people stopped 2 help, u mean 2 tell me all those persons on i-55 north not one black stopped 2 see if I was allright, yes I have black pride but also I want what is just, and what this brother says is not just, I want nothing to do with a god that is just a black version of being a devil,mr Muhammad did not teach hate,many blacks r also corrupt it was blacks that cheated min. Farrakhan out of his money when he tried to obtain former muslim property, your trust of blacks got u robbed, but they ain’t devils and they should be trusted, as soon as we tried 2 help jesse run for prez, when the kitchen got hot he turned on us, please don’t tell me about who is the enemy, u seem to have an internal problem        In conclusion, he says to study in order 2 better myself I have & that’s why I can not walk with this madness. He says the racist caucasion male has not changed & still doing the yakub thing, at the same time u r not special u r just like him except u want everything black, again this is why I teach against religion, religion causes division, hatred, injustice, wars, confusion, inequality why trade one slavemaster  for another just because the master now looks like u,it is clear this man has become a slave, his thinking dedicated to a limited sphere of thinking that will not work in this reality, this is why u have yet to capture the masses of your people who r in need to be resurrected, Elijah warned malcom not 2 talk about kennedy when he was killed in dallas, malcom did and caused unnecessary problems for the nation, the reality is blacks love this nation of kennedys & u must be careful where u tread, the wisdom u ask me to seek there is no doubt u lack, can a devil fool a muslim ,yes. Because the muslim is looking 4 white skin, when all the time it is internal,u never seen it coming. At this time no black group has the capacity 2 govern with true freedom, justice and equality u might as well keep the racist caucasion male who has more experience in exploitation (smile )  this is my opinion and we r not enemies…peace.                                                                Taalik   Ibn’Rad 







Actually, I would love to you to actually approach black historians and anthropologists who have studied caves in Africa and say what you just said. I'm sorry it is not love that blinds me, theres no fiction in which I wrote. If you disbelieve passionately in what I write, you can always travel to Tanzania, Sudan, and many other place in Africa. But, unfortunately you will be only met with disappointment. For the cavemen you so bitterly, dismiss, did in fact exist. If you want more links i can give it to you. It is always an option for you to go to your closest University or College outside or within the United States and ask a professor. It's not something made up by the Whites. Because, for generations Christians have argued existence of evolution, let alone cavemen. Beastalty, has been recorded in all parts of the world. It saddens me to think that you actually believe such nonsense. No matter how much you deny what I say the evidence will always be there. Homosapians and the groups they evolved from before that, are all located in Africa. It saddens me to think that young Black's or even old ones think this. It's a blatant lie and I'm almost positive Lerone Bennett Jr. would agree with me that cave-men did exist in Africa. I could mention some Indian, Chinese, and other professors who have personally dug sites? if you would like there names I will have no problem giving you there names. I mean if this was a plot by white Caucasian males to fool the public.. they did an amazing job I mean traveling across the world planting sites, burying them... making it so there carbon date is exactly the same as the level and basin that they were buried. I mean, if what you were saying was true.. my god.. Whites were seriously amazing with technology. Its not a love story, Mr Snup, I don't believe the beginnings of the caveman period were lovely peaceful and happy. They were actually quite brutish and rough. I know you have problems trusting the words of a white person. I know that your hurt because of slavery, and that your heart wants to tell you that before European Imperialism slavery didn't exist and that everyone was noble. However, your wrong. Fact's not fiction are overwhelmingly in my favor. Evidence, hard, true and factual evidence. Done by thousands of researchs and field workers from all over the globe from China to Africa of all races. The Peking site was dug by indivudals like Yang Zhongjian (Asian) would agree with me firmly that your belief is actually false. I don't know who taught you that it was the White Man trying to fudge history on this one. This is a list of fossil sites. To mention a few Coopers Cave in South Africa, Jebel Irhoud in Morocco and the list goes on. I must admit I'm a little shocked, by your reply, that you truly believe the Pliocene Pleistocene periods and more didn't exist. Also most of the historical evidence we have in the history of Africa other then white historians were actually done Arab and Black historians who wrote about it. Unfortunately not allot of the Southern Black tribes, didn't have the writing technology as those more North. However, some tribes did. Sort of the same as Northern Scotland and as well parts of Russia , northern China and etc. This isn't a white conspiracy here my friend. Travel... or just go meet some people who do this stuff as a job or even those who have been to these sites. I'm surprised you would think rich upper class Whites who are hard core Christians would make stuff up like that... I mean they still are having difficulties accepting evolution. It reminds me of when one of my friends in grade 4 said that Dinosaurs were planted by the FBI. Now on to bodies decomposing. I shouldn't have to explain this one anyone with a basic knowledge of science or working in a morgue can answer that question for you. Were are you getting this information from?   I can't agree with this last post, historically. To begin with everything that Europeans have to offer didn't come through theft. A lot of the technology that the Europeans developed, especially militarily was the constant attacks from outsiders. They had the Hun's who invaded from the middle & conquered it (part of the reason the Muslim belief spread so quick). Theres a couple of interesting books about the spread the Khan family, an amazing army by any standards. (Back on track) Soap had been around since the Roman empire the Phoenicians used it to barter and trade with the Gauls of Europe and export it to some Northern African States. All peoples (I believe came from Africa & Science believe) well all originated in Africa. The color of these "cave-men" might of been a darker or lighter (Brown) basically Black. These cave-men who were early "Caucasoids" who you describe, is completely utterly untrue, as be the soul conspirator's to starting venereal diseases. There is absolutely no evidence that cave men who were Caucasians were mating with dogs or that the "white" Cavemen had dog's as best of friends. Tons of diseases, infections and others have swept through Africa, even before European Imperialism. AID's originated in Africa. The means at which it was contracted is still (UNKNOWN) they assume it was from a certain ape in Africa. All venereal diseases did not begin in Europe, that is just silly talk. I don't know were you learned your information from, but I strongly think you shouldn't take that persons knowledge any more cause there wrong. I haven't took anthropology for 4 years to miss something like that. I do find it offensive, because it is a blatantly untrue. The earliest sites in Greece,England, and other areas of Europe preformed burial ceremonies to there God's as well as burning as well. The only bodies usually found without being buried in the surroundings forest were individuals who were either killed by some sort of bad interaction or by a murder, same things found in Africa. It wasn't in till the introduction of European Christianity that Europeans began to more often use burials as a practice then burning, however, in War times the burning of the bodies were actually quite common. So I don't know what genius taught you that Europeans didn't bury or burn dead bodies, but I think you should seriously tell them to get their head checked or go back to school. I have every right to take offense to what you said because, not only is untrue, but its not an insult just to (Thug). Its an insult to everyone who is white. Its like me saying to thug, ALL BLACKS DO THIS AND THERE SO GROSS AND THEY DID THIS AND THAT AND MAN THEY ARE NASTY AND U ARE ONE OF THEM. I'm assuming you would take offense to that as well. I think seriously thats one case were you need to pick up a book read my friend. Age might be a form of respect, but mismanagement of knowledge cannot go uninformed.

(on many levels i agree with what u have stated, it is a shame many r missing what u have 2 offer, the problem with others is that if history doesn't go together with their religious teachings they don't want 2 hear it, we can talk because i am not a slave to any religion, i am seeking real truth, fairness, equality & justice. again we may continue 2 disagree but u have my respect u r not a foolish person some robot controlled by somebody,u don't need some god or spirit to cause u to attempt to control that which u can,i am impressed and others would also be impressed if they weren't brainwashed by religion of which history speaks for itself, i have yet to see in any form the peace & love they claim their god represents all i see is confusion, war, murder, child molestation etc. my own family members acted hateful towards me when i first told them i am thru with religion, it does not work. god doesn't determine whether we live or die or whether we fail or succeed, i feel better after leaving religion,at the same time i can defend my new view & they get even angrier cause religion is weak, it should be weak as it represents fiction and u r not fictional we r real as it can get, then we die. no heaven folks not even a hell, these r only conditions & much is controlled by those in power who have chosen to expoit others and destroy other life 4 material greed.....would u agree?)-Angelsnup

I agree much with what you have said here. My family was a little more accepting with me leaving religion. My mother has always kept me from church. She believed I should find religion or no religion on my own. I would describe my mother as more of an agnostic. I agree I see war, famine, destruction and other things which break my heart to see result from religion, nationalistic pride, and race. All completely stupid reasons to fight for. But, in a Dog eat dog world, Its hard to show people other ways to think. Although, at the same time I see things improving in this world compared to centuries before me. I hope that knowledge, and internet continue to expand. The more the public is educated the more these types of things will decrease.
   I agree with some of your words , for instance corruption within the government. Indeed, corruption evidently lays within the United States. However, its not just there, but everywhere, some areas worse and some areas better. Although, I don't think the (elites) are personally as bad as you describe. I do think they are only seeking profit of their closest and screwing over those who are poor. Like most of the European and non-European countries elites have realized in order to control the masses to get what you want you need to present them with a standard of living that equates to something better. Basically, if you can make your citizens happy, while you benefit, you (win). Unfortunately me and you are not of this "blue-blood" (a term used by Europeans to describe royalty or those in power). Sort of like a community that neither me and you could never get into and they are the minority. However, its not as much about race anymore angelsnup. I know Condoleezza Rice,Colin L. Powell, G.W.Bush, and Alberto Gonzales are all in someways corrupt. The new elite isn't based on color, my friend. It can no longer be just one race like the European Imperialist or Before clonal times, because the Kingdom has become a global theater. The Chinese elite, South African Black Elite(etc). These groups which are a minority and do not represent the majority or even their race in that matter, have control. However, unlike countries like Ethiopia, Somalia and others the elites haven't realized that if you keep the (mob) happy you can keep control. We are that mob, angelsnup. You and I, White and Black. The elites that control our "mob" aren't idiots. We have every right to hate them for the stuff they do... however, unfortunately corruption is inevitable within all governments. The up coming elections in the United State's Bush's group will be ousted. However, corruption won't. Its not an issue of color my friend. It hasn't been for awhile now. Its an elitist group thats trying to preserve there spot before they are replaced by another. We as (citizens) unfortunately have to hope that they keep us happy in the right way, and that once in awhile leaders will come along and shake the core of there system(not white system: its incorrect to call it that). I have to admit the message you sent to Thug about the Cave stuff... is rude, and sorta pissed me off. Cause when you speak of white people as beasts, its untrue, in less you consider the human species to be beasts. When you bash the (elites) it doesn't bother me much at all :). Just take a look at some of the international companies involved in all these dealings... you will find that the color is not only (white). This isn't anything new... kingdoms and empires have been doing this for centuries. It wasn't in till the revolution that these groups realized if you can keep the mob happy, you can keep control. Its always changing. I would also like you to look at the organization your involved in... and think about the amount of money these individuals have gained from your pockets and others. There is a little bit of corruption in everything.
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Even if a darker pigmentations is a stronger genetic trait then lets say white, how does that really matter? I have no problem if everyone was dark. In the end Science kinda grabs all of our "past" believes and throws them out the door and stamps on them. Either we accept evidence that were all the same, or we ignore it. The only issue I see for interracial children is a feeling belonging. But, if we are to truly consider ourselves divine, it shouldn't be a problem in fixing that problem. It would be a fine day when everyone could get over this "crap" and bullshit about skin color holding any importance. Blacks don't need to find pride with each other, because, they don't need to prove anything there have been many blacks who have accomplished amazing things. They should be proud of who they are, they have Empires of Egypt, the Sassinan Empire(spelled maybe wrong), the Zulu Empire which armies matched the loyalty of the Roman legion at its strongest point. I think Blacks need to realize that they have a history, beyond slavery and a strong one at that. However,History is history and it doesn't establish a person for who they are. In the root of it all we are identically the same, its only the path we choice and the actions we take that make us different. Any one who is Black is capable of achieving anything that a white or any color can visa versa. I may have approached most of the people on the forums more sarcastically, and mean. However, I have a problem with people who claim I'm a devil, and call me other lovely things and proclaim all white people are this and that. Its wrong... and I think at some level you have to agree with me on that.

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I can understand some points why Blacks fallow Louis Farrakhan, especially those who existed 60 years ago under the treatment of the United States Government. Anger, is a powerful tool to resist mistreatment. lots of people believed that "race" is or was an important issue. But, the truth... looking at it scientifically, is that there isn't truly any "race". Genetically, were are all 99.9 percent the same. You might possible have a DNA that is more closely linked with a white person, then that of a Black person, just the pigmentation of the color of your skin was more predominate in determining your skin color. No different, then for instance another Black man having a darker shade of Brown, green, blue in the iris of their eye.
Its like saying that a poodle that has white hair is different from a poodle with black hair. However, I don't know if you've been to schools recently since your in your 40's correct? The first person I wrote a 8 page essay on in grade 7 was Martin Luther King Jr. Since grades 8-12 we learned about the civil rights movement, and the nastiness of Imperialism. I've learned about the mistreatment of Blacks in
Nova Scotia,Canada and the United States I've learned about the under ground rail way to Canada. We learned about the land taking from Native Americans. This is all from Grade 1 to 12. If you talk to most "white" kids in Canada, they feel a guilt for past crimes. White self hate as I would put it, however, truthfully I don't think they should feel guilt, because they were not those who committed the actions. For instance, I can't really call all my ancestors land thieves from Scotland, because they were forced to leave Scotland by the British government over an incident involving sheep (which is quite funny and sad at the same time). Another, thing is that people forget that education during those times was controlled by elites, which would at points could lie to the public or justify an unjustifiable action through lies. An example of the public learning of Injustices was The Ghost of King Leopold, which the public of Belgium learned of the mistreatment of Blacks in the Congo
's and were appalled by the government. Although, I don't think they altered history, they may have told it from a bias. However, the majority government officials during those times were not exactly afraid of the public because their illiteracy level was absolutely a poring. With Archaeologists of today they're helping fill the gaps, and information, historians missed. However, the many things I refer to such as Barber states, which in a sense committed much and many of the same stuff as the European colonialists, and couldn't do it at the same grand scale but held a power for over 1000 years in it was Slavery (was not learned in school, just my passion for learning about history). Sometimes when you eliminate feelings and look at statistics they reveal truths we don't always want to hear. I disagree on interracial children being weaker, science can prove that wrong (strongly). I'm pretty sure any Black, White(etc) Scientist or Doctor would agree with me on that, however, it doesn't mean that kids born of the same (skin color) makes them unhealthy. -continued on 2nd message.

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I am not your enemy, and I haven't been your enemy angelsnup. I've only been trying to explain to you that white Caucasians are not your enemy. We are not born of "dogs" and all the other things that you say on the forums. I don't understand this you are more different in your emails, then you are in the public forums (More polite and actually more sophisticated). I am a strong believer that humans are all naturally alike, in how we act and the way we do things. We have individuals in our societies who are naturally good, and naturally bad (but skin has little to do with it, it is a human trait). However, my issue with Farrakhan, is not because he speaks of history. There are truths and non-truths in his speeches about past injustices done to blacks. However, he over generalizes events and condemns, with very little practical knowledge. I've watched and studied him. I've seen his views change, like any normal human being, I've seen his struggle to admit his faults. But, I've also seen his progression towards moderation. Although, being in inter-racial relationship, who I will be marring soon. I found my self concerned in the topic of "race". Because, my girlfriends family may or may not accept me because of the color of my skin, instead of the color my character. It made me more concerned about the race issue. It's not that I had not experienced racial tension before. I've experienced it in Clubs, and other places were people merely judge me or others by the color of the persons skin. I've never expected you to forget the past or anyone in that matters (It's important to remember). However, I see it unjust to blame future or current generations for injustices that they had no involvement in. I see western society as something that is a good thing, whether or not it works a 100 percent, it has a generally good goal. That hopefully skin color, will be consider merely nothing. I believe in interracial relationships, I think human kind should have more interracial relationships. The children born of interracial relationships are usually much healthier and able to fend off viruses and other disease that past ancestors have dealt with. Although, I came to a realization in myself, these past weeks. That honestly for most people race isn't really an issue. The world is changing especially with the issue of skin color, my friends who are Black, Brown, Mexican and other colors are my closest of friends. I actually thought about it, but when we do talk about history skin really doesn't play a role in our discussion. We talk about the Inca Empire, and its collapse. What Atahualpa should of done, when dealing with Francisco, but very rarely do we even address it as an issue with skin color. I love history, and the one thing learn from it that humans of all cultures are actually more similar then they think. Progression in technology may be different, but the general direction is usually the same. I hope I didn't cause to much damage with my last post. But, at the same time your ego on the forums is much different then who you are in emails. I enjoy talking to you more through emails then I do on the forums. I don't expect to cause a revolt, and I don't expect to crush Farrakhan or you. I merely, like to talk about issues and find reason within them and a basic mutual understanding.
Original Message:

 this here is a song that i like. dying passes the time i live with the cancer growing inside of me.
it is a departure that is mine alone. you have begun a good thing, let the world be filled with more and more people like you.
you will make the difference that this world needs to open it's closed eyes to.
     You responded twice to my postings, 5 days ago, right now on pages 9 and 10. Visited your web site - interesting. Good luck.

Original Message:

> Original Message:
> > I accept your apology. I will consider joining your discussion gr...
    This looks like it's right up my alley. Thanks for the invite, How did you know I would like it?

     Brother, your words are very sobering. It is unfortunate that you came in the nation, as you said, "UNDER FARRAKHAN." Min. Farrakhan has never been the leader of the NOI, he was not then nor is he now qualified to lead. He is an excellent speaker and motivator, he knows the teaching, however his weakness was demonstrated in 1975 Savior's Day when he cried at the podium, and pledged his allegiance to the hypocrite Wallace Muhammad. Imagine that, The National Representative of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad crying in front of thousands. That is not the sign of a strong leader. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught us that the only way to escape death is not to be born. Farrakhan knew this yet he still cried like a child. As far as the whole Elijah is Jesus mess is concerned, and the Messenger being still physically alive somewhere, this is something that Farrakhan teaches but is not consistent with what the Messenger taught.
C.R.O.E. began because the brothers that founded the organization (all of whom were in the Nation under the Messenger), felt that the Hon. Elijah Muhammad was being written out of history. His national representative (Farrakhan) no longer referred to him as the Messenger, he became some mystical Christ. Farrakhan, although his heart may have been right, was leading people more and more away from Messenger Muhammad into his own way of thinking. In March of 1965, The Messenger sent a letter to all of his ministers telling them not to make the mistake of not keeping the messenger in front. He said "It's easy to make the people think you got something from yourself...teach the people of me, I will teach them of God." Min. Farrakhan couldn't or didn't do so after the messenger passed.
C.R.O.E. (The Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah) is the archives of the Nation of Islam. We house the most extensive collection of audio and video recordings of The Messenger, as well as books and writings. C.R.O.E. is NOT a mosque or temple. We operate based on the Messengers words spoken during his "Theology of Time" lecture on
June 4, 1972
. He said "There will be no more mosques or temples, YOU HAVE TO BECOME A TEMPLE YOURSELF!" This is how we function, SELF-GOVERNMENT. To learn more about C.R.O.E. you can visit our website
I recommend that you purchase a book that we put out entitled "The Birth of a Saviour" This book is transcribed from the Messenger's 1958 Saviour's Day lecture. It includes some unpublished writings one in particular you can read on C.R.O.E.'s website is entitled "The Beginning of time and the creation of God."
Again, we don't believe God is some magician like in "Bruce Almighty" that snaps his fingers and does tricks. WE are god but we have been stripped of that knowledge and thus stripped of the very power of our own being.
This is why God came himself. The fact that muslims are killed or maimed has nothing to do with it. The Messenger said so what if 1,000,000 of us are killed if it means freedom for the rest of the (at that time) 22,000,000.

Hopefully if you are ever in
, you can visit us at C.R.O.E., you are always welcome.

Original Message:

     thank you very much for your support in my beliefs. I went to go look at your website and I cannot seem to figure out how to post my opinions. If you have any help for me regarding that matter please feel free to contact me thank you very much

Original Message:

> Peace, i was really happy 2 read your comment and 2 know u r also african american woman,u ma...
   Listen i was implying that blacks that they want everything handed to them.They will take whatever they want no matter who or what it may concern.they will never change no matter point is look at the black athlete with all the money in the world.look what has happen to integrity of pro sports that all kids look up education is also at a level that you would never just saying the truth and if it hurts you you should turn your back on society.Or better yet turn into helen keller.then you wont be so sensitive to mature problems in the world.And by the way the syntax in your sentence was so wrong i would correct it but you would never get it.And dont be so deliberant say what you mean without thinking of it first.    Hi again taalik,
I understand what you're saying. I will post only in your group. I dont know what I am doing with youtube you are the first person I spoke to privately. I just figured it out the group thing. I'm not really well educated, I'm actually learning a lot from you reading your site and elsewhere. I like to feel that I have a good sense of justice, but I will let others decide that.

Maybe its best to delete the group I created. How is this done?

   Original Message:

> Original Message

in such words i do not want to appear as if i know your answer, but as if i could help guild you to your answer. It is true that Master Fard Muhammad is a god..... but me myself do not know if he is the supreme god. I do understand that Allah in witch who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad (witch all prayers are do) is that in witch his name represents (
) meaning that he is law and all meaning he is law over all Lieterally meaning Law over All. so if he is all then that cant mean that he is one. so just as the christans beleve that jesus is or was the sun of god could mean that Master Fard is a part of Allah. but to be quite frank with you i have studied these teachings for quite some time and at points there are many things that still puzzle me. but the more i look into it i find more questions and only a few are answered. in the end you must always remember that there was 24 books i believe this can be accurate or far off so dont count on this information that i am giving you but i believe that there was 24 books that god gave the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and many has been lock away from us. As you can notice even in our lessions there are many missing. so for now i believe that much information has been kept away from us, and is still being kept secured from us by this govement and those in high places. but in the end i hope the information i have given you has been helpful


You invited me to join your group. I want to, but I'm not using this account anymore. My new account is "MainSourceNo1." Here my page url:

So if you could send the same invitation to that account it would be appreciated.









"if u are so smart why would u continue to conversate with such a person?"
- In a sense only a fool would continue to debate with a wall. That is true. However, I have not debated, or really presented a conversation since I realized how completely asinine and ignorant you are. Read the messages again.

"if the past is studied perhaps even blacks had this type of beginning but at this time none have been found, unlike you i can accept that, we all must start from."
- Studies have confirmed Africans did have similar beginnings. When people say Homo sapiens they mean human (people in general) I sent you the links. I've taken anthropology, I've read and have known people who have gone the cave-sites in

" farrakhan and others can only help, you come to hurt, due to your misunder-standing of what really has happened in america or you are the racist and devil you seem to be?"

- Its hilarious how you can say that because Farrakhan represents a portion of a population, you have no right to speak ill of him. Yet, you believe you have the right to disrespect and speak ill about President Bush. The reason is you have the "right" to do so, because people who are judged should be judged on there character not there skin color. If someone disagrees with Farrakhan like Malcolm-X it does not mean hes a racist.

The foolish thing I've done is to bother to even write this message to you, cause its gonna go right over your head. Blinded by hate. Oh well...

Original Message:

> Original Message:
> > You have nothing New to add to defend your argument. You have no s...


> "if u are so smart why would u continue to conversate with such a person?"


>    ...


peace never 4 a devil:

                       as a caucasion it is your nature to harm a person of color, however it is difficult to determine whether or not you are acting on your nature or have extreme ill social skills, you lack the ability to reason, use logic. you have no wisdom in this matter due to your being a child & having no experience except opinion in these matters. your immaturity is seen of how you went from the all knowing scholar to a raging banshee, again much of what you quote does have validty but then again your sources are of those who must find info to invalidate their humble origins as well as violent behaviors as they now after becoming rich thru wicked means pretend to be a peacemaker.

    again, you continue conversation with the insane,a lunatic, a dumbass etc. who is full of bullshit whatever that it as you never gave definition for that like all your other theories, this shows either you are lonely or foolish yourself, i have a utube group to monitor & a website that was created due to people liking my comments, so what do you have to say to them as they are of all races & gender? i am not lonely i use you to practice on as you represent those who have never known terrorism or suffering or people murdered in mass, you talk with no experience, you only wish to protect the wicked as they are caucasion like yourself, uplift european accomplishment that was in it's root stolen from others, this you do not know and care not to know because you can't believe your race has become that of real devils, many caucasions also feel their people have gone astray somewhere & unlike you do not uplift or make excuses for a history written in theft, rape,slavery, murder, what do you say to them, go interview your own people...but you will not because you can't except the truth, caucasions have even terrorized their own if that own doesn't bow down to a certain majority in power who in fact acting like devils, you are a child embossed in history that is tainted that is made to glorify a wolf in sheep's clothing.

     i wish you had told us earlier you were caucasion that way all could understand why you uplift european culture and civilization that is based on blacks & others,even the american constitution is based on the ancient people of north america & the bible is adulterated fictional african stories, you'll only seek that which fits your square of truth as you want everyone to equally share in wickedness but uplift the european as the best culture & inventor which is far from true, even so what the caucasion do invents is bad for the earth, it poisons the food and water or it is made to destroy human life, it is made to also harm other life forms, other races develop to preserve the earth the caucasion has taken a path to destroy the earth your only home, now since the earth is made a garbage dump full of poisons & destruction the caucasion now seeks another planet to mess up,good luck. you are a child and your writings reflect such you are not even thirty years old & have not studied this problem all of your young years, to study history and to act on history are two different things, your words now shorten in length & become childlike..what about you? you said this you said really bore me as you are not the intellect you thought you were, you talk to people of age who also know history and have life experience.

     you are not human as hue means color or man of color, the caucasion not white person has no color you lack melanin, thus caucasions often refer to themselves as mankind or kind of a man it is upsetting but get angry with your scientests, we are not all the same. snakes are not all the same then you have creatures that are snake like but not snakes at all, bearlike but not a bear, fish like but not a fish, your study of anthroplogy ed in favor of those attempting to hide their humble beginnings but if pressed they submit to truth, they have no choice, this is why it is easy to kill others and hurt the earth you are unnatural a kind of a man, so you are not killing a kind of man like yourself or respect the earth the mother of real men and life, you hate nature & this earth as it has denied you the qualities born of the original people, the act of sex can easily wipe you to extinction, no bomb needed. in conclusion, you are so stupid to see that coming to a man's own forum is disrespectful, calling him a hater in his own house and all that other nonsense for somebody you don't know, he is respected enough to call over 0ne million men to washington that in itself should tell you something,folks on u tube say thanks to me for dealing with persons like you, that should tell you something but it doesn't as you have a warped mind. i do not go to george bush's site and comment at all least disrespect his house, as an american citizen unlike farrakhan he represents the people of america, i and others want it very known this man's actions are foolish, based on greed & the forcing of his stupid religion upon others, he does not speak for me, bush has proven himself a liar and a murderer,i will not be part of that.

   farrakhan doesn't represent americans as you say only a certain population, bush represents all in this nation and many are anti- bush, he continues war when the majority of americans have made it clear they want out, he doesn't respect the people only their vote that placed him there & that is questionable,i DO NOT COMMENT on videos i know want to promote bush in a positive manner, since they love him, what would my purpose be except to anger them as you have done in this forum but then again you have no respect for your elders, full of arrogance and think you are smart because you can quote, a very silly person due to immaturity, it would be best to remain silent but you can't stand the fact an insane person will get the last word,you have a lot to learn, your behavior in person will get you killed, so i suggest you say whay say and act as you act on you tube. no one is saying you can't disagree it is expected your blatant disrespect is what angers, your know it all ways, your quotes, quotes & now you even quote me, you are a quoteologist and your point is never taken cause you show disrespect, in the black community in america with your attitude you wouldn't live long, i have to watch myself and i am black, you do not enter a hungry lion's cage unarmed with meat....nuff said  


 from what i see this is a long story between you and they lady angel hey do me a favor white trash rotten t
teeth,if you are gay and drug adict suck some d__ks for some crack,and leave this beatiful angel alone ok?
























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