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The way you intellectualize racism cracks me up! I can tell you think white people are "devils" and still have a chip on your shoulder about slavery in your style of writing and what you say. You probably hate pork and are a brother of islam in the closet as well! I'm not caucasian. I'm BLACK! AND WHITE! Imagine that?? I must  be a BLACK NAZI! HEIL FARRAKON! hahaha! See the irony in this? I am two extremes that have come together for balance! Its not a black thing. Its not a white thing. Its not a polka dot whatever-color-thing! ITS A PEOPLE THING! We all bleed the same blood and breathe the same air. Stop all this compartmentalization of people based on their ethnicity, because you don't like when anyone does it to you and they are justified in their mind through ignorance. You are doing the same thing you don't want done to you. Do you realize that?

Furthermore, I believe the "black" race were the first people on earth. Martial arts did not originate in the Orient, they originated from the cradle of civilization. Much as all sexual acts I like and you find disgusting were probably practiced there by the progenitors of and by the black modern-day race itself. Not something taught by caucasians, because I don't believe they existed at the time if the continental drift theory is correct, which I believe it is. white people are thinned out negroes, so to speak! lol! this is not meant in a racist way, though. its true and funny to me! you don't need dark skin in cold environments where there is less sun. imagine that? black people turned into asians, native aboriginals, red skinned, yellow skinned, and OH MY GOSH! WHITE???? oh hell no! someone kill this mullato quick before he preaches this on to others! hahaha! i'd have fun studying genetic markers for phenotypes exhibited by past and present humans and tracing the lineages down to one race.

my point is that your view about caucasians having started oral/anal intercourse is quite laughable when you consider how long people have been having sexual contact, and how people originated in the same place. the motherland. the cradle of civilization, if you will. the first place for people on earth.

all people come from black people, and black people love having sex just as much as their thinned out caucasian brothers and sisters do.

if i had to get ugly about how people in africa can be vile and disgusting (which is really just any human being that breathes on this earth, but if you're hating on white people they can turn the same type of propaganda on you with stuff like this) why don't you google: AIDS RAPE 9 Month OLD 6 MEN
Click on the top result and find out if it is true. How can ANY person do something like this? THIS, is truly VILE!
What I find vile where sex is concerned is when there is a deviation from what is HUMANE. its not inhumane for my lady to beg me to pound her in the ass with my schlong, and for me to oblige if she likes it and i like it and we both consent to it, now, is it? we just have different definitions of what we consider VILE and DISGUSTING. it all has to do with my aforementioned thing we call a COMPLIANCE FACTOR. what are you willing to comply with? you might comply with boring ass missionary sex and i think that is disgusting because you are limiting yourself sexually and must be close-minded.

my other point is that there are worse things to worry about where humanity and what is right and decent for all human beings without question (our certain unalienable rights) is concerned. so what? you think getting a blowjob and your balls sucked and licking pussy makes you an animalistic dirty-in-the-field-same-as-beast person? thats your opinion. whatever floats your boat! but you don't make sense by espousing that i must be caucasian, or my german side predisposes me to giving and enjoying oral/genital/anal contacts. you sound like you have a chip on your shoulder against whitey! hahahah! how old are you and where did you grow up? what makes you think people in africa don't like oral sex and some brotha never stuck it in a sistas anus there in the whole history of the world...before white people were thinned out from the ancestors of all humans, which i believe were black and of the same region where africa is now? refer to pangea/continental drift theory for the cradle of civilization please. :)

were  men designed to suck their own penises?  i don't think they were specifically designed to suck their own penises (sucking themselves off!) but there are videos around that prove it can be done. so just because the human spine wasn't meant to fold like that so someone can suck themselves off, does it mean that they shouldn't?
who decides what someone should or shouldn't do based on nature's design when there are peacocks and other animals that exhibit homosexual tendencies (and you think sex is only for procreation and enjoyment between male and female)? isn't that something we interpret? so your interpretation is just that! an interpretation of what you believe guides us in nature and how we order ourselves in our thoughts and actions. as a male i don't understand how you wouldn't want a woman to give you a blowjob! it feels good and while my eyes are rolled back in my head in a trance and my toes curl, i don't give one thought that piss comes out of my penis head slit or that i just squirted semen out of it and it got in my lady's mouth. woopty do! i would drink her blood and smear her period blood  on my face and tie a plastic bag around my schlong and beat on some congas and take a walk down the beach, find you, and take the stick out of your anus that must be retained in there, somewhere! lol!

how do you feel about having sex during a woman's period? i'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you would probably find it vile and disgusting, and of lowered human standards according to you. am i wrong? if sex is all about procreating, your chances of fathering offspring are very very low during a menstruation period. if sex is about pleasure as well, the blood is a signal that she most likely can't concieve if you ejaculate in her and is well worth the mess for family planning. no? hahaha!

i don't feel dirty. i don't feel guilty. i don't feel less evolved or like i have a lower IQ than you do.
i know how to wash my self and so does my lady. we've never gotten ill from each other's "trace elements", which are undetectable unless you have a microscope. we keep ourselves squeaky clean, and lube lessens the friction to the anus.  ever heard of that? LUBE? some people like fists and feet in their ass or vagina! can ya believe it?  a little LUB goes a long way, i guess! i don't know why you would want to stretch out those areas for obvious reasons (like retaining your fecal matter until you decide to let go! LOL!), but some people are freaks beyond my level of freaky and to each their own. no one is better than the next. each unto their own!

stop making yourself and your race so important and letting it dictate your world and its confines to you. you have already caged yourself and think what you are doing is loyal service to who you call your sistren and brethren, but you are preaching ignorance that stems from your ego and what it attaches itself to, and you want other people to take part in it just like you accused me of being in the same situation....come to think about it! that is YOUR goal! wether you take part in my philosophies or the same pleasures i do is of no consequence to me. you are like the druggie that can't get high without pulling other people into the opium den to share in the addiction. not I! or else you wouldn't judge me by my actions (sexual practices) and speak of me as a likeness of an animal from the field because of these actions. still...i am no better than you, and vice versa :)

its been fun! this is probably my last reply as i feel i've said enough.






POST SCRIPT: Zack did mention about a sexual practice by certain africans upon a 6 month or 6 year old girl in that the were told sex with a virgin child could cure the aids disease in a man,again this isn't a sexual practice in a culture it is smething taught within their religion from some medicine man or woman in that if this is done they maybe cured,they are not seeking fun & pleasure they are seeking relief from a disease,of course this is disgusting & savage in essence but to them it is a hopeful cure to avoid a suffering death,they don't know no better as they can only act upon what they know,zack is proud to say he practices vile behavior he seeks pleasure not relief from disease this is what he was born into,he can only comment on what he knows u can't comment in what you do not know,he's accepted this as these africans have accepted what they hope to be a cure,how is zack any better than them?


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peace 4 ever & always:
                                   it is good to hear from you as when u talk it seems u took some time to think about what u must say however it is clear such thought lacks common sense, research & logic with all due respect at the same time when we've decided to participate in what is clearly false or vile activities,we must justify this to oneself so that we may feel peace as we indulge in what is clearly filth. in religion to commit sodomy & these other acts are considered immoral,why? the practice of these things leads us to impure thoughts that are of the lower plane,in your letter u do not express or describe the human at his best,you use filthy words & filthy description of what u call clean activity or have no choice but to use filthy words because sodomy & these other things u describe are filthy an insult to the human brain designed to do better but forced to participate in activity that makes a wild animal shame,again u can do what u wish some feel they don't have to use soap & water to bathe,they r comfortable in sweat & feces.since the world u were born into is dirty sweat & feces is all u know so it is no surprise to me that u put up such a defense for not bathing ( i use bathing in a mental form as u may enjoy taking a bath,do u? (smile)  at one time i would agree with you until someone opened up my eyes to the excrement surrounding me. an example from a fictional bible story of adam & eve,they were naked not a care in the world but after eating fruit from the tree of knowledge their eyes were opened,they felt shame to discover they were nude & immediately covered up. u haven't eaten from the tree of knowledge thus u can't see shame,in fact shame in america is rare as the people love nudity,the nudity results in porn & porn is the exploitation of what is natural to turn the serious act of sex into pleasure & a game. no life form on this planet seeks pleasure from sex or acts like it's a game except human beings that have turned savage. this demented role of seeking pleasure thru sex turns into rape,molestation of children,seeking pleasure in the genitals of animals,homoexuality etc. as u described very well who wants boring missionary sex?
       no matter what u do it will become boring as your brain is designed for much more than seeking pleasure from the flesh,the search for this stunts our growth mentally & we become as you say freakier & freakier,this is true because you are no longer a human you are a freak,a freak of nature then the diseases develop as a result the physical illneses as well as mental afflictions ,you call yourself human but have become something inhuman. an associate of mine lived in a very filthy manner,my association with him was the first time i ever used an air freshner he & his wife would leave a certain stench when they traveled in my car. i took him aside & told him this problem but it seems as thou what i said was ignored. his home was full of animal pet droppings,used baby diapers,unwashed dishes etc. the pets i never seen took a bath & i once found a flea in one of his children's socks. my mother would have a fit if i lived in anyway close to this,it made me wonder why he was so naive about this issue,he shown no embarassment or shame,why? later i would meet both his parents & his wife's parents at their homes,in the parent's homes i saw used baby diapers,pet hair & droppings,furniture ripped up by pets,piles of trash,pets not bathed etc. so it is clear he is used to this type of lifestyle & since they really don't entertain with others,this living in filth has been accepted,many born into this. so it is with us we are born in a country that allows the practice of all sorts & forms of vile & deviant behavior it is marketed like you would kentucky fried chicken & doctors are created to justify nasty & savage behavior,it is no surprise to me that u r in great defense of living & in the practice of vile acts as you were born into it,filth is all you know,you don't understand the concept of clean as you've no example & haven't experienced such,physically but not mentally. unfortunately many us do not like truth even i sometimes but i can accept it,to accept truth even thou it hurts is better for us in the long run.
      perhaps you can teach me as i am open to correction but according to my research even if you include the karma sutra there is no people who market these vile & disgusting acts to their people like the european caucasions,in fact how do we know the karma sutra wasn't developed due to the european influence among the nations as they began to conquer other peoples,among africans there is no evidence to suggest the practice of oral so called sex no matter how uncivilized some tribes are or were,not until the african was taken as slaves or colonized by europeans did blacks begin to practice this filth,morality is designed to guide us towards the best we can be as a human being but this world in it's filth suggests that morality is keeping us from having some sort of fun,and the believers in god always call themselves children of god,this is a good description because these adults behave become as child-ren,in this letter this person describes pleasure & fun. u want to go out & party to have fun,children take nothing seriously and treat everything like a game,over 18 years of age...over 50 years of age still a child all i want is fun. again u know no better because u were born into a world of adults with childlike minds thats why they've no discipline, easily mislead,always fighting whatever u see on the schoolyard u see among nations as the leaders are adults with child like minds,they've never grown up nor been exposed to a true adult,according to believers in god the adult is god but he has made no personal appearances so it is no shock to me that u love disgusting activities,i don't participate in that because of morality i reject such because i am valuable & better that i below what i represent as the human because of his advanced intellect can seek pleasure & fulfillment beyond physical flesh that is never boring as it is limitless like the universe,we are not like the beasts that walk bent over,we walk erect,we walk up high so should our way of thinking be held high,so again it is no shock since we live like animals some say this is a dog eat dog world but dogs do not make laws,dogs make no religion or in politics or run nations or in our families,it is a shame we decided to be lower than the dog cause we want to have fun.
        it is quite possible the european caucasion was the originator of this practice if not i know for a fact he markets this filth to his kind & others,creating doctors to justify participating in gross conduct.when the european was a caveman living a beast life in the caves of russia,his best friend was the dog.dogs communicate by licking the gentials,quite possibly the caveman took this & made it part of his sexual activity & even when he became civilized he retained this & developed more freakier stuff,that he influenced upon others or forced on those he conquered as it was upon blacks in the united states. in conclusion,the nation of islam teaches the whiteman is the devil. the story of yakub & how he is suppose to have created the caucasion to come into existence would answer a lot of questions if this tale was true,if we accept these stories about virgins having babies,noah & saving millions of animals on a little boat etc. why can't we accept another story? the tale suggests caucasions were made out of the hatred of the darker peoples as if the darker wasn't destroyed they couldn't exist,so it should be no surprise that caucasions do not like darker people as most dogs don't like cats or cats like mice...the story answers a lot of questions & seems if there may be some truth in it,however i am not a muslim or follower of the nation of islam. the history that caucasions wrote themselves call them a devil as it is history of extreme violence,commercial slavery,murder,theft,lies & what makes it devilish or wicked is that the effect is well beyond their own they've spread this among all the nations of the planet,they wish to share the title of devil with others but no other individual or nation has a history that has been detrimental towards others like caucasions as their way of life has caused harm not only to other people but to every living life form they've come in contact with even harming the earth itself. we don't have the same blood if this was true the red cross wouldn't have to make this one o positive or b negative etc. all blood is red even the blood in a fly are u related to him?
       one who studies the blood can determine whether it may have come from this race or that,blood may have similar traits but it all isn't the same,as long as we live we'll be placed into as you say a compartment,your very name places you in a certain box,blacks in america in 2007 still proudly carry the names of their former slavemaster's children,allthou they r free & claim to be proud of their african ancestory to hold on to the names of those who terrorized their ancestors tell u what? the reality is the world is nothing but many compartments,even animals live in compartments of which the only time problem arises is when as the first united states flag said'don't tread on me" not only did caucasions in america tread on blacks but they forced servitude 4 over 300 years & even in 2007 treat them like 3rd or worse class citizens,but will gladly place them first on a front line in war,or first to experiment on with some new drug,or first to sterilize etc. my website is at your disposal do not try to call me a racist as i respect true caucasions that have morals
& fight for justice,die for justice,they know no type of insult is aimed at them,the shoe doesn't fit & they refuse to wear it but the actions of george bush & other caucasions like in jena louisiana make us to know the reality of living among those who hate us. some one opened my eyes to certain things i either accepted what i was told or rejected it,u choose to reject it and thats allright but all should have the right to know and make a decision,this society doesn't want the masses to know about other ideas beyond the filth & war mongering they teach,again the duty of the civilized man is to teach the uncivilized,and i will do my duty as the one who warned me done his or her duty,this is not about caucasion & black racial conflict,this is about a new world order the rich versus the poor,the ones who know versus the ignorant,racial conflict & hatred is used to cover up the real program as in many ways are being used to comfort a certain class of elites. i care less of what u do in your bedroom or back seat of a car,but i want young people to know there is a higher calling  & without a doubt sir i can tell the most high is calling you,peace.
                                                                                                                Taalik   Ibn'rad
OCTOBER 12,2007

Original Message:
> greetings angelsnupnup7 from
>   I always find it very amusing to hear people...
peace 4 ever & always:
                       after listening 2 you 4 awhile i can't say truly u r from outerspace (smile) LOL   this wouldn't be fair to you,however not just u but myself as well if we do not have personal experience with a subject matter we should be very careful with where we get our source of info. i don't expect the f.b.i. whose job was to destroy the early black nationalists movements to give such organizations positive descriptions or would i expect them to make angels out of the united states gov-ernment,but as time goes on with the documentation of activities by the f.b.i. made known 2 the public & press from the f.b.i.'s own writings we find they practiced dirty tactics in order 2 destroy blacks organized 4 self help or wanting equal rights,thus
the so called conspiracies were true,not to say as in the case of the philly mafia u will not have renegade individuals but over all the government doesn't want unified blacks,blacks who love self & independent from caucasions. simply 2 say FORD motor company is in the business of building & selling cars,why would they support another to build & sell their own cars?
    blacks in america are used as scape goats 4 the problems of racist caucasions as they believe they are better than everyone but if blacks decided 2 build their own cars & do their own thing & are successful of which it is quite possible then a new level of respect is gained & all the lies & insults u placed on a people has no validity,this is why the government fights blacks
trying 2 organize & become independent least to say blacks might flee to an enemy of theirs & take revenge 4 what this nation done to them & their ancestors,separation is the best solution in this case but alimony must be paid as blacks have defended this country & 300 years of free & underpaid labor made them 2 qualify 4 such. u r correct in what u said about never being a christian in the first place,your brain doesn't accept belief of the unseen,if your brain can't detect it,it doesn't exist.
    it is no wonder many lose faith & even those who claim to have faith if they r questioned like they were on trial 4 murder u will find that they r also guilty of disbelief,again it takes a lot 2 believe in what is clearly a lie & fairytales,especially when u can't relate it to the reality of life. the majority of people on earth claim some belief system so they are the ones in power,look at the result..i rest my case. the united states did not create slavery but the american caucasion took it to a more commercial,brutal & mentally punishing level as blacks or persons
of color are more dominant on this planet & trusting of others it is no surprise that they would be exploited 2 become slaves.
africans sold the enemies from wars to foreigners they didn't care what happened to them,in fact if it wasn't for africans them
selves others couldn't create a slave trade,some africans due to greed came to america from the stories that america had all this gold but when they got here they were welcomed with shackles.
    religion was used to justify this practice of commercial slavery also it seems that blacks could adopt well no matter where in the world they were sent & do well,it reminds me of the story of the cow,an animal used for milk,labor & food very docile
so as history bare witness are blacks except they r hostile 2 themselves,in 2007 it is the same and like the dog another favorite animal of caucasions,blacks quickly come to the defense of a racist caucasion nation & beg from the crumbs from the table of his former slavemaster's children,the dog will never be equal to the master & if blacks continue to behave like this abandoned house pet,do they really expect equality? the dog & the slave are tools 2 be used,the dog is still a pet & blacks still act like slaves even in 2007 they name their children after the slavemaster cause they r still slaves,so it is not shocking about the negatives of what some blacks do as they r still slaves,a slave that will kill another black far quicker than a caucasion as sub-conciencely the caucasion represents master & the jesus he was raised to believe in,surely u don't want to hurt jesus?
 greetings angelsnupnup7 from

I always find it very amusing to hear people try and say they were christians at one time,but now have decided not to follow that path any longer for what ever reason. well the irony in that comment is that this person was never a christian to begin with, so you really can't lose or change what you never really had in the first place "faith".

You have brought up the issue of Slaves many times in our talks and I would like Ask you a question: Do you think that slavery was invented by the United States? and do you think those people were made back then were made slaves because they black or beacuse they were being sold out of Africa?

If ejiah wanted to have ten wives and practice "his" beliefs in "His" own way, all he would have had to do was to pack up and move to another country where that sort of thing was okay , just like the pilgrims did when they came to America from Europe searching for freedom of religion from the powers that be at that time. The nation of islam didn't have to have malcom killed where's the true in that?
I laugh at blacks when they begin to start their anti- white government rants about the United states with the Aids plight,katrina, racial profiling, drugs and liquior stores in their neighbors and a host of other vices and ills that are being used by the government to bring down the black race in this country, and then I ask "if" such a person really does believe in their heart of hearts that such Conspriacies exsist they would have to be insane to try and stand and live in a place like that for another minute, they should leave on the next plane to any where. no one would blame them for that, Like when the jews began to realize what the nazis had up their sleeves in 1938 and they tried to get out.

think for yourself peace of mind is waiting there
OCTOBER 12,2007

      i do not know why u keep bringing up elijah muhammad & the nation of islam 2 me,i do not believe in god nor a follower of such,as a former follower that is not bias against the nation i can only offer my opinion. i thank god if there was one or whatever power that brought elijah into the world as if it wasn't 4 him,i couldn't be who i am,mr. muhammad gave me the wisdom i needed to love my black self,as a child i was darker than some other blacks & i was made mockery of from them as well as members of my own family,upon learning the teachings of the most HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD it gave me the wisdom to defend myself against this on slaught of self hatred even in 2007 some blacks believe the lighter u r the better u r,another result of slavery as only the lighter blacks were made house slaves or allowed to teach religion,lighter skin blacks were given less strenuous work & closer to the master
  before rap videos most videos made by blacks themselves featured light skin women,darker women were avoided & ignored,this sickness of self hatred continues 2 day. elijah practiced his belief within the confines of american law just like the caucasions in mormon country practice having more than one wife,did you ask them 2 leave 2 another country,very rare that they are prosecuted for a crime? this catbird has a hatred or bias against the nation of islam as many caucasions as a part of their religion are allowed more than one wife also in the eastern hills of tennessee & around that area itself it is against the law to practice using snakes in church but in 2007 many christ-ians who believe in this still practice such,did u ask them to leave also certain caucasions christians believe blacks are the children of a curse noah placed on his son ham for laughing at his naked father,so blacks should serve others & b mistreated,however in this country that is against the law,did u ask them 2 leave? of course u didn't in fact u have no intent to condemn caucasions u only wish to find fault in blacks trying to break the chains of slavery the best way they know how,and that is the problem blacks are surviving the best way they know how & it is more confusing with fake caucasions who pretend they also want equality but if you notice they still are the ones running things.
   how many caucasions do u see under the authority of a black person other than a job? blacks easily follow caucasions to a church but caucasions will not flock to churches with blacks leading even thou it is the same fairy tale religion that caucasions created,why? the nation of islam did not kill malcom x,so why do u continue this lie?
a renegade group of men who decided it might please elijah or allah committed this murder just like john boothe thought he would be a hero to the south if he killed lincoln in both cases the murderers were disappointed,except
we know about john boothe but they try to keep malcom's killers a secret,why? because these men acted alone and they want the public to continue this lie the nation of islam itself gave an order 2 harm malcom in fact elijah gave an order that malcom be avoided & left alone and then again u have no love for malcom only because he was dead malcom never said caucasions weren't the enemies he had plans to go to the united nations to complain about the terrorism blacks suffered in 1960's america that has not changed in 2007 except now it is more undercover.
   why should elijah or any black leave america when their foreparents gave this nation over 300 years of free labor & defended it's soil? why don't the caucasions give the land back to the native americans & mexicans they stole it from and go back to the caves of russia where they came from? in fact the caucsasions are not originally from there either as blacks & other people of color lived in europe prior to them,the european has no real home that's why they had to steal & murder for land or except the worse that was available.this is perhaps the main reason caucasions who r racist hate blacks & persons of color the most because everything & everywhere they went somebody was already been there,they r even now discovering that the ancient egyptians who were black people did fly or was on the verge of flying this many years prior 2 orville & wilbur but then who cares it is all to benefit all men,but this can't be accepted by racist caucasions as they want to be better,they want to feel better about themselves cause they were last in line & believe they gotten the leftovers and in this anger blacks have paid a heavy price as well as every life form they've come in contact with & if i don't ge my way i'll blow up the earth ten times over,clearly this is childish behavior and the actions like elijah said the makings of a devil...need i say more?
OCTOBER 16,2007
 greetings angelsnupnup7 from
I don't know why you would want to label me a racist as far as these replies are concerned that we have been sending back and forth to one another, I've been as Civil and polite to you as I would be to anyone on the street or to a person i would sit and share a cup of coffee with.
through these entire e-mails it has been you Angelsnupnup7 that has been trying to insult me with name calling and out landish events in world history that Frankly sound like the rantings of a madman,but I understand the fate of any person that happens to disagree with the teachings of the Nation of Islam and questions their ideal's. your not seeking truth ,but some sort of self indulging pay back against a time and people that have long since gone and will never return." Don't drink from the poison well called revenge"
I have a bit of history for you to hear for a change. That many of the Indain nations sided with the Southern States during the Civil War against Lincoln and The North, Because that same Federal Government that was fighting the conferderacy in the South in order to free the Slaves was the same Government that was taking the Indians land and putting those people on reservations so the native Americans signed treaties with jefferson Davis and fought alone side southern troops in many battles; There is a battle scene from a Movie called "Cold Mountain" were a Black soldier dressed in federal blue is locked in hand to hand combat with a Native American dressed in Conferate gray both men in that conflict werehad everything to lose .
The young black people today are subjected to a great deal negative information and with 70% of all black kids growing up in single parent households with no fathers any where around, it adds to their problems. peace of mind is waiting there

I DO NOT WISH PEACE 2 CATBIRD OF WHICH IS CLEARLY A RACIST: A young boy once robbed my car,i caught him in the act at first the young boy started 2 b hostile & act tough but i watched him change demeanor,he began 2 tell a story of which i didn't know if it was true or false,however he began 2 tell me he was sorry,his apology i again don't know how genuine.i gave him the benefit of a doubt & let him go.months passed by & i saw this young man he again said he was sorry & was trying to stay in school,he offered 2 wash the car.all this 2 simply say in america the gov. has never offered the so called negro an apology in fact states we owe u nothing & have done just that.any type of rights the negro has attained is because his ancestors suffered & died 4 them,there has been no offer 2 wash their car,but a continous effort 2 destroy the car as well as the driver. the young boy in his actions shown genuine remorse 4 what he'd done,the actions of this nation show exactly what it is about,the exploitation and terrorism of the so called negro the same old slave/master relationship and when they come across negroes who refuse 2 accept this,they are called haters & racists trying 2 place them in the same category with them but these blacks have never discriminated against caucasions,control their education to teach their children black is superior or went around lynching them, finding other blacks not guilty when it was clear they were guilty of such crimes least to say the negro has never owned one caucasion slave. this racist call my history facts outlandish because it is contrary to the lies spread by cau-casion historians of bias purpose a-gainst darker people,this racist has never visited the website or made no attempt to research 4 self if indeed such history is outlandish or not when the library as well as internet is available,it is not hidden but if u want something hidden from the masses place it in a book as the masses don't read & believe only in what the gov. deems appropriate mind u many caucasions also r anti-gov not anti-american and agree with much of what is said here they have no problems with reparations or any valid attempt 2 heal a problem over 300 years in the making tired of this foolishness of their children inheriting this same maddness,but this racist on the other hand brings excuses in order 2 keep the wound open as it wants 2 b better,smarter. i do not believe in god nor follow nation of islam teachings however the nation has helped black pride,in fact blacks was negroes b 4 the nation was born. negro if u switch the g 2 a c you get necro= dead and indeed the blacks were turned into a dead people,people like dust,dust can b swept anywhere & is unwanted,the nation & myself seek 2 turn our people from death & dust 2 a people with pride & substance.

PART ONE OF TWO   Taalik  Ibn'rad  OCTOBER 16,2007

         PART TWO  OF  TWO: Before i continue at this time it seems as thou this catbird has a bias against blacks that choose not 2 become beggars & offer solution 2 a problem like a free man as he or she is used to darker people in submissive positions,i could b wrong in this i stand corrected & offer apology unlike the american government towards a whole nation of people it stolen,in fact i am never so arrogant & high & mighty i can't b wrong or corrected unlike catbird i am open minded not weighed down by a popular train of thought designed to give excuse for the wickedness of this nation's past or offend those who did practice that evil. we can't become a people with pride & substance refusing to learn about self,protect our women,or dependent upon those who enslaved our ancestors,how proud is the child that leaves home & able to stand on his own.however the parent will love the child still unable 2 do so nor can that child feel proud in self an adult still dependent upon his or her parents.the so called negro in america is that child refusing 2 leave his master so how can his children b proud of his people when in essence they r not free but have turned into a voluntary slave? least 2 say unlike the parent the slavemaster's children have no love for the children of x slaves who behave like the dog at the dinner table. my dog had more pride even thou she did eat at home she used her skills to obtain her own meals,even in this dog i could see pride in her getting her own food,have the so called negro been so destroyed,made so lazy that even a dog has more pride in doing 4 self. when this catbird attacks men like elijah muhammad,marcus garvey,farrakhan etc. blackmen who spent their lives attempting 2 inspire their people to have more pride than this dog it angers me,regardless if i agree with or disagree with their so called religious or political ideas this is something in common we all agree with is in dire need among us,it is the correct path 2 walk however if one enjoys the feeling of being superior or has taught that they r superior of course u do not want to encourage this type of activity,it is a threat.

     i like 2 see my dog independent like that as my dog was more than a pet it was a friend,independence is a part of freedom,again the american racist caucasions are not a friend 2 blacks or the so called negro so it is not pleased that u seek independence & allowing all your being & accomplishments b given credit towards a nation that terrorized blacks since coming among them even till this day. i have never called this catbird a name in disrespect but as a caucasion person if the shoe don't fit don't wear it,apparently the shoe has a hell of a fit so thats a personal problem not mine,truth sometimes hurt. this catbird says blacks like myself should stop seeking revenge,so where are the caucasion dead bodies,when did we lynch & castrate caucasions? there is more of a chance a so called negro would kill another negro rather than even entertain the thought of some revenge what catbird calls revenge is the so called negro or blacks attempts at seeking freedom,justice & equality from a nation that has no intent 2 do such,they wish to keep their stolen goods 2 themselves & really don't like the fact u have the nerve 2 ask for anything,a slave has no right 2 demand nothing.catbird continues to speak about individuals that killed native americans & so forth. the blackman as well as the native american were destroyed by the racists caucasion male so the attitude of if u can't beat em join em. so the negro fought on both sides of the civil war & have killed all of america's enemies from native americans 2 the vietnamese so is true for the native americans who killed other tribes & arabs etc. the native americans did try to fight the european off but chosen to unite 2 late,the negro unfortunately has proven 2 b cowardly but acts very brave killing those for those that mistreat him,the negro is a sad & lost creature,so what revenge are u talking about?

      revenge is acting like a free person, a man demanding payment 4 his past & current work,least 2 say the civil war was not about slavery it was about preservation of the union if this could of been done without effecting slavery,i would be hung but these living negros would still be involuntary slaves,it is amazing how it seems how the negro has accepted a slave or submissive position only a small handful actually participate in what catbird calls revenge the rest are comfortable being a voluntary slave as long as they have drugs,sex,music,liquor,a little money,a position close to caucasions they are happy but then again like myself i didn't know so i was comfortable in the only life i knew,so the anger comes from the racist caucasion in that elijah dare paint a different picture of life other than the one i've given them,i've given them the freedom one would do for a pet the pet's freedom is not like that of a grizzly bear in the wild,i am not your pet a pet is controlled within the powers of it's master. the 70% or more of mis information that catbird talks about comes from the educational system & media of the racist caucasion male in america as the young black youth have been taught not to have emotional connection to their ancestors,they disrespect & don't listen 2 their parents or elders,they are encourage to uplift america and ignore their own,be an individual and look at black unification as a joke,they are engulfed in drugs,sex,substance abuse,looking out 4 self & accepting the 3rd class or less citizenship given to them by a nation that has terrorized your people for over 300 years,even a roach will fight back when cornered the revenge u speak of u really don't want 2 view & i hope such can b avoided then you'd wish elijah & marcus had been more successful,in my opinion divorce including alimony is the true answer then myself & catbird will no longer have this conversation based on catbird's utube videos & movie watching of which represents history LOL

OCTOBER 11,2007


MR/miss or both jenkle: u continue to describe
the faults of blacks that was created by america's forefathers,however blacks have since then 2 much knowledge & ancestors have sacrificed much 4 them being in such bad shape
they r victims but must take responsiblity 4 themselves but they r now voluntary slaves & they wait on the same man who injured them 2 come 2 the rescue or waiting on some unseen god 2 make things right..lost & lazy people
angelsnupnup7 (5 days ago)
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mr/miss or both jenkle: if it is nonsense then why did u say i wouldn't give a gun 2 a monkey or blacks,this was your insult? i wish they didn't give a gun 2 blacks as blacks kill everybody except the racist caucasion male,blacks kill indians,japanese,mexicans etc. but will not kill the rapist of his grandmothers or those who castrated his grand fathers this shows u how silly & lost he is fathering out of wedlock babies is the least of his problems
angelsnupnup7 (5 days ago)
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mr/miss jenkle: no one has asked 4 u 2 care about them & when a person is injured who r u 2 tell them not 2 scream in pain? blacks have been slaves,mistreated in this country 4 over 300 years not 30 days,a whole people hurt 4 generations & no offer has come 4 rehab & when blacks try 2 rehab themselves it is call
black nationalism or power & silly blacks & the gov. interfere with rehab. america created victims it refuses 2 heal or interfere
with self healing
angelsnupnup7 (5 days ago)
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mr/miss or both jenkle: of course human suffering is bad no matter what your race and caucasions did practice this on themselves but again it is not slavery under caucasion supremacy,in fact even in 2007 many american caucasions r barely making ends meet,it is all about money & control,the rich vs poor not race when it's all said & done
angelsnupnup7 (5 days ago)
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mr/miss or both jenkle: nazism is not racism so called jews were not robbed of who they were & treated like cattle 4 over 300 years least 2 say they know hitler didn't attack them 4 nothing,hitler knew they were liars & these lies were effecting his people,disrupt-ing society,jews never were slaves in egypt they didn't exist then,they made up bible & quran 2 put them in history with ancients & they r not
JenkleJ (5 days ago)
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Why don't Jews behave like this as an after effect of nazism. This happende to them on 60 years ago?
JenkleJ (5 days ago)
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There was no freedom for these people, only only suicide, they could not afford to buy food let alone land.

If white people were starving and they stole a loaf of bread they were hung. This is English history, BTW.

I could give you many examples of the way life was for white people it was a very different time. Human right were not a priority unless you had money.
JenkleJ (5 days ago)
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This practice is far more common in black males in fact it is the norm. I am past caring if you want to blame all your woes on the white man then go ahead the only people you are hurting is yourselves being in a constant mind set of a victim is not helpful to anyone. I have heard all this crap a millions times it getting boring.
JenkleJ (5 days ago)
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Seeing as I am not a christian I do not beleive in such nonsense.
angelsnupnup7 (5 days ago)
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mr/miss or both jenkle: actually the monkey is the result of the caucasion trying 2 graft himself back into the original human who is black,thus the term well i'll b a monkey's uncle,the bible says u can't get 2 heaven un-less u r born again,the monkey was the result of caucasion's attempt at rebirth,this video shows how monkeys & caucasions r similar,no i wouldn't give a gun to your uncle



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peace onto: with all due respect u truly sound dumb,i have folks here with me reading this video site & they can't stop laughing as u seem like an intellectual wanna b,there is no dictionary nor religious source i can find 2 support what u r attempting 2 explain,can i ask of the root of your understanding if any?
OntoLogos (3 hours ago)
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Non-theism, since it lacks a universal and upper-level epistemic starting point, falls head long into petitio principii (circular).
Because the non-theist thinks his argument is implicit so it can pass unchallenged. A true P.P. is caught utilizing what must be proved by his argument as his form cannot offer anything BEYOND the province he asserts.
His assumption of his conclusion is in the premise.
He must give up rational autonomy or give up truth claims.
angelsnupnup7 (10 hours ago)
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peace onto: many things r possible and u maybe
correct in that god does exist,at this time even if this is true again u must show proof of how such effects the average human,if your god is involved in the daily activities of human life then he/she is extremely incomp-etent,a neglectful parent as it has allowed a mess 2 evolve harming all life on this planet
angelsnupnup7 (10 hours ago)
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peace onto: i guess your mixture of rationale excites u,however if one doesn't believe in an apple i can direct him 2 what many call an apple tree,if god exists it shouldn't b difficult 2 point one 2 him,not imagine or pretend such exists. i do not need god 2 have self worth or strive 4 righteousness 2 please him,this should be done 4 self & no reward of some heaven after death
angelsnupnup7 (10 hours ago)
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peace namaps: at one time the airplane was an idea conceived but it didn't exist,however the airplane exists,it is a reality easily detectable,the idea of god has yet 2 become a reality thus at this time doesn't exist,until such can b detected by the brain it is not and has no effect on our reality this is why u must believe,belief is not fact
Namaps (21 hours ago)
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"There's not a world one can conceive in all possible world, where the Laws of thought are not in effect. "

The inability to conceive something does not mean that it cannot exist.

OCTOBER 20,2007

peace 4 ever & always:
                       i just want 2 make something clear to u as far as my support of exterminateuncletom #1. there is a need 4 his video not for caucasions that truly fight & support or even die in the cause of equality for all human beings it would b ill upon me to insult them in this manner it is disrespectful,however for them surely it would not be my intent alas,there is a major of portion of caucasions who are indeed racists openly & undercover who spit fire & degrading insults towards blacks & people of color they have accepted their own false beliefs that blacks and others are inferior to them,so thru the use of this video we remind them that they are not so great as they have made themselves to believe,all humans at one time or another comes from or was made to come into or from humble beginnings,an exalted queen doesn't want the public to know that she may have been a prostitute had by many men as if such is known the masses view will change she even thou she is the queen knowing she was once a whore makes her seem less than a queen,so the racist who believes he is so much more than a nigger,coon or porchmonkey names he calls the so called negro or black in america when he is confronted by a video such as this or a show called caveman made by his brother caucasion based on caucasion's scientests & historians that verify the europeans were at one time living in the cold caves of russia living like animals unable to cook their food,walking on all fours,mating with the dog etc. it was a horrible beginning but of course the caucasion grew forward into kings & queens but don't want to be reminded that once upon a time a cave was your home & even today many caucasions still build homes like caves & love exploring caves & the most popular pet is still the dog
  so if you feel insulted then u are not insulted by me u r insulted by truth,truth is i am a child of an x slave after being destroyed by the racists american caucasion blacks in america have become rapists,alcoholics,dope fiends,clowns & worse a silly & lost people i am part of them like it or not ,i don't know about the origins of blacks but some in africa practice crazy beliefs,some run around naked & act savage,whether i like it or not i am from them & perhaps some live in a cave,i am not insulted by truth nor do i support men raping babies as a cure 4 aids.
    this is where i agree with u 100% of what u state about religion,it is the belief systems of religion written by men that cause unnecessary problems & the root of the oppression of women as men wrote religious teachings so it is fair 2 say they would give them superior position also to say since the men who written popular scripture were caucasions they fashioned the scriptures to also place people of color in inferior positions and like u said to mr. uncletom he is obsessed with the bible quoting words from the very caucasion he is making mockery of or hate,so this doesn't make sense to me,how can u degrade caucasions but you uplift their words in the bible,doesn't this make you lost? 4 me i do not believe in god as such doesn't exist but like aseop's fables there is truth but we need to know what to keep & what to throw away,like your body does with a meal,the body intakes that which will prolong life & expel waste & other poisons that can cause disease & death.
    i am not uncletom as i refuse to condemn a whole race of which all didn't participate in fact many died trying to stop it even so in 2007,i do not make excuses 4 blacks that have turned into killers some due to religion some not a few months ago my handyman who was black was murdered by another black & all my life as a person of color my own people have caused me harm far greater than any other people so in truth i should hate my own but i can't as they know not what they do,they are a destroyed,confused & ignorant people..uncletom may use this video as a tool 4 mockery & hate 4 me it is a defense against the degrading things they say 2 blacks a reminder before u speak take a look at yourself first in fact it seems only caucasions like yourself of perhaps good will comment on this video i have yet 2 hear from the racists & probably won't
    instead of hatred for my own i have chosen to attempt to love them but even my patience is growing thin as many know better,u can't help those who will not help self,i am my own person,my own thoughts,uncletom's thinking is based on someone else's & they've not been successful,confusion and false truth will never b successful.uncletom is my brother & i hope he'll change strategy in the future it is better to have allies,friends,associates rather than enemies even if they are caucasion but not a facade an understanding among honest men,seeking freedom, justice & equality for all men.
                          Taalik Ibn'rad

    Wohohow thats alot of text!
I dont really have the time to go throught it all.
But I'll give you an answer about the "evolution". Whites dont have wide nostrols and instead many have quite straight noses. This is due to the cold and extreme air. They should not have 2 much cold air into the human body (survival). Africans have wide nostrols because they need to get alot of air since Africa has warmer och thicker air. (Survival). Chinese people moved to snowy lands 70 000years ago. They didnt need the snow in their eyes. They developed that special shape. (practical). Asians are short and thin due to culture and environment. The food dont have enough protein and vitamins. (A fact)
Whites dont have squinty eyes since they have lived in Snowylands since just 35 000years ago. (A theory)
A lot later than Asians.

Asians air is "damp" (english is not my first language) therefor their noses are shaped like that. (A fact)

Whites are the tallest people since their food naturally has the most vitamin and protein. In their natural environment that is. (A fact)

Whites have shorter arms and shorter legs than Blacks yet longer bodies(Due to the cold climate). (A fact)

Whites have thicker bones in their bodys but more fragile bones in the cranium. (Why this is I havent red, all I know is that its apparently a fact.)

Whites and North/North East Asians have white skin due to the cold climate and the lack of sun. (In this departement blacks had actually envolved) Humans and Homoerectus was first white after they by evolution lost all their hair. Black just as some people stayed in the hotter and warmer climate alternative went to another hot and warm climate began to envolve dark skin to protect themselves (survival).

Blacks have longest legs and longest arms and shortest torso due to the climate. They need to get rid of a lot of body heat fast. Yet there exist pygmees who are the shortest humans on the earth. This I find weird. Could be a reson to why so many of them die out of fever?!?!

Whites and East Asians have due to the cold climate had to build better houses, make better weapons, in the glacier and the cold climate they had to entertain themselves in the caves and in their houses by art and inventions. Doing this for 35 000 years stimulated their brain and gave them more envolved brains. The brain envolves more faster in cold climates.
One must know that exceptions exists everywhere!
These are all generalizations but they are shown to be true.

Second of all (You are trying to go back far into the past and try to judge someone based upon modern standards and values, you cant do it, you just simply cant do it. You cant judge military leaders and tactics of war, by leaders who the people by the way often was against if you know white history. There is a difference between the old white upperclass who did all the evil acts based upon modern values and the old white middle class and so forth. When you think about leaders you think that white people was for them right? No they mostly werent. Therefor the revolutions, the civil wars, the assassinations, the threaths etc. They often silenced the people by violence. This the upperclass could do since they were in control and since they had the money to do it.)

It will be interesting how humans will envolve now since we all "unnaturally" breed with each other (over the evolution process borders) and since we all eat the same food. Which is not the healthy or the good kind. Many people get less proteins and vitamins than they should alternative some get more than their ancestors got. We all live wherever we want on the planet thanks to globalization. And airplanes, cars, boats, trains etc. Meaning we are in a unnatural climate for our evolutionary bodys. (This goes for everyone).

I think all people will be less intelligent, less tall, less short. All people will have pretty much the same bodytype. All people will have dark hair and brown eyes. Everyone will have a half squint eyelid like a hybrid between Asians and a Hispanic. (Hispanic = whites + Am Indian, native population). Everyone will have naturally curly hair.  



PEACE 4 ever & always:
                       thanx 4 your comment i am having technical difficulties at this time so i can't interact upon the various videos. of course your response is based on statistics & research from those who practice the domination of one race over another even thou your description of race development due to climate change is somewhat correct,u are somewhat dumbfounded in the african pigmy as he defies this law of development that you claim is facts,you conclude that if humans continue to interbreed we'll all have dark hair,dark eyes you avoided saying dark skin but did mention naturally curly hair. due to the fact that you've been brainwashed to believe that one race is more dominate than another you can't make yourself say that when it's all said & done if we continue to interbreed we'll all be black,not light brown but black the darkest humans can become as black is the original people,the so called pygmy defies your logic because blacks can & have lived on every part of this planet prior to all other races & those races base their cultures & civilizations on the africans or ancient black asians of the earth who already were thousands of years in existence,this the racial supremists do not want 2 acknowledge because at this time those who were once on top are now on the bottom but the fear of all racial supremacy teachings is that blacks whose populations are greater than all will not awaken from the sleep of ignorance caused by infighting,slavery and european influence. being the first on the earth the blacks have lived in all the rooms of the house but chosen what is called africa as a first home as it is the best room or environment.
      blacks being the original is not teaching racial supremacy it is a fact & this doesn't make them better. the beautiful guppy we see in aquariums are hybrids unable to survive without the help of men & if allowed to interbreed with the original guppy will return back to the wild guppy state,so it is with humans due to their being the original blacks have survived over 300 years of commercial slavery & other severe environmental conditions including diseases & survived in fact singing & dancing thru turmoil with a smile if other races willingly interbreed with blacks they'll return to black,two very dark blacks can produce,caucasion,yellow,brown,red looking offspring even with your slant eyed features the other races unless inter-breed with black can only produce their own,blacks are so powerful that just thru sex they can take over the world no nuclear weapon is needed,this is why folks r upset so imagine what will happen if blacks ever recover from that which caused them to become asleep or on the bottom?
   to conclude as you describe most other races have attained & keep power due to violence and todays children of these people are doing the same thing. iraq,afghanistan,dafur etc. and many other wars that don't get media attention but primarily it is the racist european caucasion is the root troublemaker in his quest for domination,power,material wealth his intent to become and act like a god who is the troublemaker,of course not all caucasions are like this but they also are exploited their children used as soldiers for an unjust & wicked agendas. i would suggest to you before u become a perry mason 4 those in power for human rights & equality look at the actions not the lipservice,i live in america & i have not experienced all this freedom that pres bush talks about nor is this country truly as great as many believe it to be,it is the sanctuary for every foul and filthy bird.i am sure those who were vaporized by the atomic bomb or died a commercial slave would agree with me and nothing has changed except the brainwashing & terrorizing is more technical,please wake up out of your sleep,don't believe the hype.
               Taalik Ibn'rad

OCTOBER 24,2007  SEPH SPEAKS TO TAALIK :Again isnt this postmodernism and pseudol?

What makes you put words in my mouth that I never said I ask?
When did I say that Blacks cant get darker than Mexicans?
When did I say that black female are unattractive?
Although I honestly feel few are, then agains we dont see many black or white females over here. But I cant help it I am just not attractive to many... I dont get that feeling like, ah I lover her. You know?

But some mullattos are attractive, like Rihanna, Beyonce, Halle Barry, Naomi Campbell. They all are hybrids of either Asians whites and blacks or all of them.

Whats the website you got were you posted my long message?

Take care

 Original Message:

> Again isnt this postmodernism and pseudol?
> What makes you put words in my mouth that I never ...

peace 4 ever & always: u never made a comment that black females were unattractive and i don't expect you to be attracted to them as a love interest,this is your choice & expected 4 you to uplift your own first. i admire japanese women but like you not attracted 2 them in that manner,beyonce' is a blackwoman born to two black people in the american state of texas,her ancestors were slaves to the racist american caucasion. the other ladies u mentioned probably r considered mullatos or hybrids but considered black as they look black & couldn't pass for caucasion or asian if they wanted 2. halle berry used to state very proudly she was a blackwoman until her relationships with blackmen didn't fair well & now she is pregnant with a caucasion i guess her luck with love will change,since winning the academy award i haven't heard her speak proud of being black. unfortunately many so called pure blacks also don't like blacks,they do not like their ancestors were slaves & the sad condition as a people they are,so they become successful and get far from blacks as they can,marry caucasions & others in an attempt to dis associate with their origins,they especially hate darker blacks with very curly hair,so halle's response 2 bad luck with blackmen is no surprise. even myself should hate my own people as they have done more harm to me greater than any caucasion but i've learned love of self & althou i make no excuses for them due to the abundance of knowledge available in 2007 least to say the sacrifices & deaths of their ancestors it is difficult for me to abandon my blackwoman for another or for the woman of the people who terrorized my ancestors for over 300 years and even today still mistreat them,treated like less than 3rd class citizens. during slavery the blackman himself was broken reduced to nothing living only 4 labor & being a breeder,he continues to carry the caucasion's name & acts like a breeder animal not all but a majority,it is the blackwoman who held has held this family in america strong & now she is beginning to show signs of weakness,she is willingly giving her bodies to caucasions who raped her ancestors even turning to another woman for love,she due to ignorance of her condition is now becoming broken like her man,blacks in america are orphans & a destroyed people lost and extremely confused hated by other races & don't even know why in conclusion u never said mexicans were also darker but u talked like they all were just brown or mullato,i did send u an invite to this website your long message should be posted on the october visitor's page,i do enjoy your conversation i hope you are proud of your heritage,please do not believe europeans and their so called research they do not love blacks or any person of color it would not be wise to take advice from those who drop atomic bombs or enslave others and now all of a sudden they are angels,their angelic words come from fear the young japanese & blacks even mexicans will realize the evil america & europeans have done to their ancestors & take revenge upon them,this is why they r so afraid about having just anybody attaining nukes but as iraq is an example,as the shah was evicted a puppet of 1980's america one doesn't need nukes to settle with an enemy as the afghanistians forced britain out who had superior arms but didn't have the will,have the will not 2 listen to their lies they drop bombs,of course no apology it was war so why haven't they apologized 4 slavery was that war? get real & you my friend also take care. Taalik Ibn'rad
OCTOBER 24,2007


 I remember you wrote about Mexicans were black? No they are not. Most blacks are genetically a mix of Native Americans and Spanish settlers.

And you like the thought that we are all related right?
Yes, well that thought originates with Darwin. Which later became proven by white technology. DNA! So yes, we are related.
Its funny how you like to stay away from and discriminate science when its uncomfortable but as soon as you have something to gain from it, its ok. Thats pseudo.

Mary J Blige is another Hybrid a Multi-Generational Mulatto;

You dont believe this so there is no point in telling you but... there are more scientist than whites you know, infact there are extremely few white scientists in Asia and this science isnt based in European thoughts yet they get the same result. The results are the prof weither you like it or not.

Acording to DNA most AfricanAmericans have a different DNA from Africans, they have some Caucasion Genes in them, have in mind that darker genes are dominant so if you able so see Caucasian genes and in some rare cases Asian genes, that tells me that there have been way more than at least one white ancestor or Asian ancestor. But since asian ancestors are rare I keep with whites.

Are you a Pseudo-intellectual?
A postmodernist and a Afrocentrist?

The blacks that were treated the worst were actually done so by black slave owners. Most of the pictures you see are actually slaves in the Caribbean. Most slaves were treated better in the U.S. then they would have been in Africa. Besides the people that sold the slaves to the whites in Africa were BLACK

And about African Colonization:
I have cyberfriend; 0o0Rendier0o0
In his video; The White Man VS Africa
When you look at the basic forms in SouthAfrica, for instance forms that you have to fill out forms were you mention name, your age, your race and all those things you'll find that when it comes to race its; White, Indian, Coloured and then African. Those who was born in Africa, why aren't they considered African? They are seen as white. And the funny part is, there is no black under race, why not? Why cant all of them be African right? Why do only blacks get notices as Africans even though many whites have lived in Africa for decades upon decades? If we are to consider many peoples modern values that is.
If you look at the way white people are treated in SouthAfrica, not the rapes, not the murders etc... You'll find that whites are good enough when it comes to aspects of making sure Africa staying stable. Then we will be asked what our opinions are and basically how to incorporate to make this country better. (Discrimination exists independent if its white ruling or if its black ruling.) The difference is, oppressed whites don't complain officially, they don't make up the majority of the crime nor do they actually add anything worth mentioning to the crime statistics, instead they actually get oppressed even though they bring a lot to the countries. Even more so than most blacks. This is especially weird due to the fact that whites are a minority in Africa. In America and Europe on the other hand. Whites fight against discrimination, blacks complain officially although they don't contribute much to the countries even if many of them get offered an opportunity so I find this really confusing you know.
When blacks get enough confident to run it for themselves they wont have any use for whites anymore and they will probably be told to fuck off. This is coming from an SouthAfrican white man I must add.
If you look at the history of Africa you'll see that... what happens when you give a black government the control over a country. And this is not me being racist, this is proven fact, I mean if you look at Zambia, Zimbabwe, Congo etc, you know all those places, I mean... they all go into shit in a matter of decades after they were... handed to, them by either the British colonies... I mean, they were British colonies but I mean... who better to look after them than the British colony because they in force infrastructure and all the necessity's and then they give it over to the black government and within decades they tend to fuck it up completely. I mean, even if you look at SouthAfrica as well. Take Zimbabwe... I mean fuck, that place was absolutely beautiful and it got all the resources they inquire to sustain themselves and within decades they completely fucked up that country. And if you look at SouthAfrica just 10years ago the Ran was just as strong as the DOLLAR and like 50-20years ago the RAN was even stronger than the POUND. Now... I mean if you look at it now, 14 RAN will buy you 1POUND and 7RAN will buy you 1DOLLAR. It is just moving backwards...



PEACE 4 ever & always:
                       i look like a blackman,my mother is a blackwoman,my father is a blackman. it may b possible that in my family there are caucasion genes,however this possiblity did not stop the racist caucasion american from raping,castrating,lynch-ing,enslaving,terrorizing blacks in america,all is seen is my dark skin & nappy hair.the possibility i may b a hybrid myself doesn't stop my car from being pulled over 4 no reason except i'm black in an expensive car & thrown in jail or forced drugs in a mental facility,your research of genelogy means nothing it is what u look like,my mother could be caucasion but if i look black then this is what i am no matter in the world i may go,so if blacks r degraded & hated regardless to what little caucasion,
asian or other blood i may have since i look black i'll be treat-ed as is the same who don't know the difference between japanese,chinese & other asian peoples they r treated the way one thinks they look like,so all your research & technical dribble means nothing,i am a BLACKMAN & proud of it. i said mexicans are dark some of them not black of african origins.
   regardless mexicans are citizens of a country not a race so what are they? maybe brown people...america hates them and stole their land but they do provide cheap labor picking squash on the land america stole from them,ironic. they are aliens upon soil they were first to inhabit. truthfully u r a sickening person trying to degrade black people with all this silly research crap designed by those who wish they were what blacks are & that is the mothers & fathers of all human life,whether u like it or not.all cultures,mathmematics,sciences,civilization itself that exists is rooted in what the first people created,africa is the role model 4 all human life,does it make blacks better of course not 4 if blacks or the african was better he would not have allowed these late comers come into power over him,you make mockery of ignorant blacks that fail as they sought to become independent from caucasion rule,the failure comes from them attempting to be like the ones who ruled over them,the same is happening in japan this sickening admiration of european success is causing rifts in beautiful ancient cultures,you are an example a european japanese engulfed with racial division one being better or smarter than another, a caucasion sickness.
   i have nothing to fear from any so called science common sense bare witness that anything dark overcomes light,just as u began in the dark in your mother's womb in death you'll return to the darkness,those with light skin in death darken a sign that u must return from what u came from,so all of you who degrade & make mockery of blacks when it's all said and done you'll be dark laying in the grave to go back to the earth as the blackman u really are,how can caucasion or any other race be in my blood when all came from me,my son is part of me i can't be part of my son as i was first,the blackman was first and this makes other vomit,i guess u have plenty pepto bismol.








You are trying to go far back in the past and try to judge someone or some people based upon modern standards and values, you can not do it. The standards and values were way different through out the cultures and the ages. You cant go back 50, you cant go back 100, you cant go back 500, you cant go back 1000years ago. You cant judge military leaders and tactics of war based upon modern civilized standards you simply cant do it. It was a different time, different standards, different culture, different people and our standards cannot be applied to the past since it just does not work.

*The ones who in white history ever stood for the decision no matter what the people thought were the white-upperclass.
The upperclass had the money and all the resources, if it was needed, they'd oppressed the people by threats of violence if, for an example, the upperclass decisions were opposed their alternative was that they'd would raise the taxes and burn their fields. The white upperclass have always stood for the culture. They were the ones who could define culture. They also "bought"/pay the people in order to then turn them into soldiers and guards.
Although many people opposed, secretly or officially, the white upperclas.
The white nations still had a good moral thanks to religion especially Protestantism.
It appreciated a good working-moral and democracy that gave some of the people the right to vote, which then was an illusion of freedom. It kept the people in a happier position and the good moral also provided welfare and greater infrastructure etc.

Even though this was a fact... the poor middleclass time from time made rebellious revolutions. Assassins roamed the streets and the hills, certain people were persecuted, it could be a religious matter, a political matter or a class matter. Murders happened from time to time, once again because of religious, political or class matter. All the European civil wars happened thanks to ruthless dictators, kings and emperors. The people were not united, they were divided. Once they were united their city's flourished the countries bloomed and the people got higher living standards. Ones they were divided, which occurred quite often, bad things happened in the nation and the ruling upperclass, politicion etc decided important things over the peoples head, welfare dropped and the living standards became worst.
This is pretty much happening right now in many European countries, maybe America too.
If not, it most certainly will.

You must understand that a small amount of whites ever really had anything to do with decisions. If they had apart of it they often were unaware of what happened.
Historically speaking white settlers and explorers often were attacked first when they settled in different parts of the world. The natives, just as they should, protected their land and their territory from strange, possible, hostile encounter. The hostility could often have been avoided but all parties had a part of the course of events.
If pseudo historians and postmodernist comment this, they must admit that since nothing else is documented, how can we prove it wrong?
One must also judge the course of events independently and individually from each other.
Nothing is never black nor white, in fact, the reasons and answers often exist in the grey area.


Beyonce is a mullatto, havent you seen her forefathers?
Her family has been traced back to the days of the slaves. She has 18 white people in her family tree and 24 black people.

(Google; Beyonce, Mulatto, Family tree) ^^

The other ones I mentioned are also mullattos. You can trace this you know. ;)

Take Barack Obama for an example... he's a mullatto but he is considered black by blacks and some whites mostly leftish.

I dont know why this is. Maybe they need people to be proud of so they dont have any respect at all for the persons white ancestors. Which is racist.

Most "blacks" that are brown today, are people whos ancestors were/are hybrids. This light colour you dont see anywhere in Africa. You cant find it unless they are hybrids or have albinism and then it tends to get way lighter like my Japanese skin for an example.


African youth A): A19F1D363%7D/A3M9K7.jpg
Africanamerican youth A): g-best-red.jpg

African youth B): _from_malaria_every_30_seconds_20apr06_210.jpg
American youth B):

The lighter people are hybrids. To Simple ignore a part of their ancestors is racist and rude.

Beyonce is what is called Multi-Generational Mulatto.

About Her parents, her father is black, her mother is a hybrid: pg

Yet this would be the outcome: 07/beyonce.jpg (Darker hybrids = NOT BLACK)

Beyonce even resemblese Lindsey Lohan:
And shes a natural redhead...

All those women I mentioned are hybrids, you simple cant find African women that even resemblence this. All of these 3 women are what is called Multi-Generational Mulattos. Beyonce aspecíally. pg

Beyonce & her mother again: -104-350x263.jpg

Yet her father looks like this:

Heres Rihannas father who is a mulatto:

Even if hybrids get children together they dont get lighter or darker, they just stay hybrid. Which is common in America. And very unusual in Africa therefor the skin colour difference.
Here is a typical African American hybrid family: un-and-family-040207.jpg

Here is a typical African pure family: es/social/dev_social_image1.jpg

Another hybrid family:

Another pure family: 7/031407-southafrica-200.jpg
Whites are just as entitled to be proud of these persons since they are a hybrid!!!

Even if Halle Berry stated she was black, it would have been genetically wrong here is her mother: /gallery.celebritymoms/

The thing is... many blacks are not pure blacks. Many are hybrids, when you walk the street and youll see a light skinned or not very dark skinned black man/women, this is a hybrid. Even though their parents are black. They have white ancestors.

Original Message:

> Beyonce is a mullatto, havent you seen her forefathers?
> Her family has been traced back to the d...

peace 4 ever & always: of course after the over 300 years of rape from the racist caucasion male of the blackwoman this would create so called hybrids,again it makes no difference this did not stop blacks from being sold & terrorized,judged and lynched based on their appearance even in 2007 no one cares about your caucasion or other ancestors you are treated like the despised africans or blacks of the earth,the noose doesn't care about your ancestory nor did the atomic bomb,the racist european caucasion people began this white supremacy crap and it continues till this day & adolph hitler is dead in fact this was going on before he was born but he is the scape goat as an example of racist evil but adolph didn't have blacks for slaves 4 over 300 years,isn't this calling the kettle black?

Taalik Ibn'rad OCTOBER 25,2007 (less)

DEATH SEPH COMMENTS ON SLAVERY,OCTOBER 25,2007:And I state this fact once again, the blacks that were treated the worst were actually done so by black slave owners. Most of the pictures you see are actually slaves in the Caribbean. Most slaves were treated better in the U.S. then they would have been in Africa. Besides the people that sold the slaves to the whites in Africa were BLACK. Just as in Europe all continents have wars independent of ethnicity. The reasons were often cultural, religious, territory, power, dominance, and food. Still to this day certain African tribes fight against each other without even remembering the cause. They fight because their ancestors fought their enemy tribes ancestors. It's about revenge and territory. Have in mind that these are country's that just recently were introduced to white culture.

You cant name one culture, one religion, one race that haven't or has not done anything considered evil by modern standards. In fact, many cultures, religions and races does acts of evil, when considered modern standards, still to this day. All over the world, no matter what continent. One must also understand that the one mans evil, is the other mans goodness.

About slaves... Slaves have existed everywhere on every continent within every race since the dawn of man.

Whites have owned White slaves
Whites have owned Black slaves
Whites have owned Asians slaves
Just as
Asians have owned Asians slaves
Asians have owned White slaves
Asians have owned Black slaves
Just as
Blacks have owned Black slaves
Blacks have owned Asian slaves
Blacks have owned White slaves

It is proven that 1.337.000 (ca) white slaves where sold to Africa by the Turks.
Who started the slave trade in Africa? It was the blacks, Empire Mali for an example. It was an empire who relied upon the slave trade. Who traded and bought most blacks in Africa? The Middle Asians. Historically speaking they have traded and bought more blacks interracially than any other ethnic group. Have you red what happened under WW2 in Kenya? Still to those days, slave trade existed between blacks. African women were sold and traded as sex slaves. The man as workers. The Italian military made sure the country abolished this, they freed the black middle and under class in Kenya from the upper class.

DEATHSEPH  SPEAKS OCTOBER 25,2007:Ones again you cant judge history based upon modern standards and with the little history given to us that often is also biased, partially history. In a way Pseudo history.
End of the discussion!

You want to know what creates racism, except holding on to the past?
Multiculturalism and diversity. (Read) "The Downside of diversity".

I love all people, all cultures, all religions, all races but...
I seem to be one of the few that understands that Multiculturalism and diversity within a nation leads to cultural collisions, dividing of the people creating low working moral which is needed in creating a welfare state. It is also leading to a similar looking people and to a NEW culture since there cannot be two majority cultures co-existing.
11+11 does not = 2.2 (they cannot be divided)
11+11 does = 22 (They will become a mix, a blend.)
Therefore a global multiculturalism and diversity is the only one that actually work.
I'm far from being the only one who understands this. It has already been proven by history to be true. Serbia, Libanon and South Africa for an example.
Today this is going on in most countries on a global scale leading to destroying all I love.
All the different native cultures and ethnicity's.
The reason for global multiculturalism id capitalism.
Capitalism is according to me the real enemy.
There is one nation practicing capitalism to the greatest extent. This is America.
America influence the world to live just as them.
American culture attract people no matter what culture, ethnicity and nation.
So even though people like it, it actually does more harm to the humans and the animals in the world than it does good. It's kind of like taking a heavy drug. Once you get the taste for it you want more, but you know its bad for you. Some don't know, they are to heavy drugged, they are delusional.

This is not a racial thing like you might think!
Asians, whites, and blacks are actually contributing with capitalism just as much but also reject it as much. I personally feel that you are on mine and many other Asians, whites and blacks side. You have just been led onto the wrong path thinking this is a racial thing.
It's what the delusion wants you to think. Capitalism is everyone's enemy. At least to the awoken ones. You might be one of us. But you were mislead, hopefully I have lead you to the right path and the right way of thinking making you realize who the real enemy is.

I visited Sweden and there I stumbled upon white nationalists friend, here is his site; frikanska.html

He talked about working over the borders with Africans. He talks about black nationalists that wants to throw out whites of the African continent into Europe, and rightfully so he said. Swedish nationalist and according to him many other European nationalists wants to do the same thing, sending many people with another ethnic backgrounds than the native Europeans back to their homelands, making sure the world keeps its exotic and interesting cultures and peoples. Many African nationalist make music about this and so he wish to group European nationalists with African nationalists and together they'll be cooperating and singing, writing and making music together about the exact same message that they do share and wish to spread. Just to show that it's not about racism but about capitalism and multiculturalism.

peace 4 ever & always: your latest writings u state that u love religions,races,cultures & people but prior to this u said on a video site that blacks do look like monkeys,i guess this is the sign of love,the same type of love the racist caucasion male does when he throws blacks in prisons & mental facilities,with love like yours none should fear when u hate,again i must never degrade any caucasion who will not practice the horrid racist & violent actions in the need for power & material wealth like their ancestors,as you say such persons are in a minority and often exploited by their brethren in power who enjoy being superior to others but the thing about gravity is what must go up must come down,this is why the original blacks children are suffering in bad condition as well as u may climb so will u fall hopefully the fall doesn't kill you,it may not be in our lifetime but surely as the sun brings warmth to the earth this racist caucasion will fall & perhaps not like others due to a superior army but fall due to their own ignorance & arrogance by their own hand of which to me is more embarrasing to be brought down by your own hands. in conclusion,your world of multi-culturism is a nice idea but blacks in america have no culture they are children of the racist caucasion male of america they are black europeans they have no emotional connection to their ancestors or with some broken ties in modern family settings of where in 2007 the blackwoman is head of household she raises her babies alone while the male goes to jail,to another man,becomes a substance abuser,marries the caucasion woman,a slave to the military of the caucasion willing to kill everybody except those who terrorized his ancestors & continue to treat him like a 3rd class or less citizen,blacks in america have no culture to become part of this multiculture unification as they have no love for self,so until this so called negro or black in america begins to love self,protect & respect his women & children,seek land they can call their own,simply clean up their own house,how can one that is dirty be expected to be invited into such a house and this is what i attempt to do,clean up this sad lost confused & dirty people,clean us up so folks like you won't have the nerve to call us a monkey or nigger as it is difficult to call a woman a whore when she doesn't act like one,these blacks in america will no longer accept being america's whore. Taalik Ibn'rad

SUBJECT : DOES GOD EXIST ? from the youtube discussion group CONGRESS OF RACIAL PROBLEM SOLVING  submitted  OCTOBER 28,2007

mohamadyomar (1 month ago)
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There is evidence of God in everything, for every event there is a cause, and for the cause there is a cause and so on. God is, by the simplest definition, the uncaused cause of all that exists, the end of the cause-phenomena sequence. for example the big bang was caused by x which was caused by y ..(etc.etc).. which was caused by God. If God is uncaused that means there is nothing to limit him so he is absolute and infinite. That is, in a nutshell, the principal of God.
angelsnupnup7 (1 month ago)
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peace moham:your answer that god is the simple definition is in itself simple 2 the primitive mind but complex 2 those who think freely as our brains that we use 2 communicate with this reality clearly tells us there is no such thing as god,so as u & many others have done is force yourself 2 believe the falsehood taught not by the god but by men like yourself who claim they were inspired by god & god said this & that,it is amazing that this all powerful god will not make itself clearly known
angelsnupnup7 (1 month ago)
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one of the first articles placed on the website is the question is god fact or fiction a subject commented on by brother taalik ibn'rad,i would suggest that all read this article & then study on this example which would u prefer if u were is an apple 4 u or i might have an apple 4 u,the first suggests a fact your hunger quenched the other suggests a question an apple could be there or it might not b, if starving which one would u choose the actual apple or the promise of one?
homeborn (1 month ago)
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God is the greatest LIE ever invented by the human race.
God was made in the image of mankind. Man made God in mans image.
God only lives in ur imagination (images) through absolute blatant brainwashing from parents to children going back thousands of years.
Your Thoughts are your God.
YoungBrother12 (1 month ago)
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God is absolutley real. all these storms (hurricanes, floods, tornados, fires) all of what you see in America and in the world. on the daily news of the this is an act of God. His wrath is here and will increase as the dayz go on.
angelsnupnup7 (1 month ago)
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peace12: there is no proof god is behind these natural disasters,the earth is alive with life & other chemicals interacting with one another,when cold air or cold water meets warm air or water the result is hurricanes,tornadoes etc. there is molten rock always moving in the earth producing earthquakes,volcanoes etc. what makes it a disaster is only if an animal or people have built homes in the way,such will increase as men continue 2 tamper with the environment,no god involved
YoungBrother12 (1 month ago)
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When people whom claim they don't believe in God are in trouble, that same person is praying to God seeking his refuge. Does that prove God is real, i dont know. but i think if your wise you should wake up and see that God is present.
angelsnupnup7 (1 month ago)
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peace12:those who are wise question what they've been taught,2 believe in god is forcing your brain 2 accept something it can't detect & if the brain can't verify it's existence then such is not real,religion is acceptable insanity if not 4 the belief in god,u would be in an insane asylum. the website has two articles u should read"the biology of religion & is god fact or fiction?" in effect if god is real why hasn't he done anything 2 better the world 4 over 2 thousand years?
Makaveli6603 (1 month ago)
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yes ive been going through this alot, do i know? did i know? now im smart enough to believe that god was a lie created by man, man needed an inventer to answer questions that couldnt be answered, they created a good guy, then a bad guy (devil)just like anyother those questions can be answered, not proven but make more sence then saying 'god rested on the 7th day', if god did make human, then why make them smart enough to figure out this stuff? the devil? open your eyes