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vile deviations of human contact...   Inbox
Zack M 
to me
dear sir,

what you consider civilized is your opinion. why do you feel its your duty to "civilize" people according to your standards? thats why we have revolutions/wars.

"4 me i do not care what u choose 2 do,however like those religious people it is my mission 2 warn and it is also the duty of a civilized person 2 teach those who have turned or r savages,"

anytime anyone feels it is their duty to civilize another human being it is because he/she seeks control. you want to control other human beings with your idea of what is righteous and good to you. you should live your life the way you want, but leave others out of it. we have enough "dictators" on this planet and don't need you added to what keeps the evolution of humans down. trying to curtail their sexual practices because you don't agree with said practices? you are stuck in a paradigm which you created in your own mind and can't see out of because of your bias. you are entitled to that, but you will deprive yourself of the sensual pleasures of oral/anal sex. do you believe a woman should just lie down and be submissive to your advances while you do her missionary style, seek your own enjoyment, and then she shouldn't masturbate if she doesn't have an orgasm?

what are your thoughts on masturbation? don't tell me you've never masturbated, because people that say that are the one's who do it the most! you get seminal fluid, semen, and traces of urine on your hand when you do. so that must disgust you as well, no? you can wash your hands afterward. do you wash your hands everytime before you eat after you touch your keyboard? there are more nasty bacteria and viruses trapped in your keyboard than you know of! then...imagine using a keyboard in an office setting you share with other workers on different shifts. e. coli and sperm are often present when researchers take swabs, along with blood, vaginal mucus, nasal mucus, and saliva. people with good immune systems that often forget to wash their hands STILL don't get sick! there are people that like to eat feces and drink piss (urine is sterile unless you have an infection or disease) and don't get sick. i'm not one of those, but you would expect people to avoid that behavior if it made them sick. maybe they don't care or the chance of getting sick is outweighed by them enjoying their waste products. who knows? lets research it! 

have you ever heard of ANTIBACTERIAL BODY WASH and douching, perhaps, used in the bath/shower in preperation for oral/anal sex? using a washcloth? a body pouff? and getting into every little nook and cranny exposed and reachable by the mouth and tongue? lol!

 you should go be a monk in a cave and castrate yourself so your logic doesn't spread to any offspring you might father. most women will not say no to oral sex! take a survey that is not on your little website and ask a wide range of women or men from all walks of life and all ethnicities. you'd be surprised! you probably like your women submissive, prude, and "civilized" to be against oral/anal sex. lol! a woman like that would be a boring lay to someone like me who you consider savage and uncivilized because i put my mouth and tongue on a woman's clitoris, labia, and anus and expect it to be reciprocated. i bet you won't even give a woman the courtesy of a "reach around" to stimulate her clitoris and think your penis is all that is needed for an orgasm.

to want to "civilize" people the way you do, you must think you are so potent and macho with just your penis, and women fake their orgasms with you just so you will finish faster and get the hell off them. then, they wait till you're asleep and masturbate themselves into oblivion...or find a better partner. lol!

you, sir, are what i see tantamount to becoming a nazi-like dictator if you were put into power somewhere. you're not that far off from our president and his ilk, come to think about it. with your "ministry". lol!

why don't you talk about something worthwile like what is happening under our noses without congressional oversight to this country? do you know about the north american union?
that should be something you talk about and get opinions on.  google  "NORTH AMERICAN UNION 911" without quotes to see what i am talking about. they want to curtail certain freedoms worse than you do! ask questions. demand answers. hold people accountable for what they have done.

yeah, i must be "mentally ill" because i eat pussy. how stupid and ignorant is that? i could say the same thing about you because to me you seem close-minded and a tad of a lunatic. my self esteem must be lacking? because i don't subscribe to your brand of sexuality? thats only your opinion and doesn't have a bearing on how i feel when i wake up in the morning! opinions are like assholes...(no pun intended) everyone has one.

i love having oral sex! i love putting my penis into a woman's anus! and i don't mind a finger up my ass when i'm getting a blowjob, either, if so happen to be in the mood. male prostate stimulation by women is underrated in my opinion.

its your body and your partners. no one elses! we don't belong to you, so why should you "civilize" us like feral cats and dogs?

you probably think inter-racial sex and marriage is bad, too, don'tcha?

have fun staying stuck in your paradigms, mr. dick tator! :)

thanks again for your time,

Zack M

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 20:33:28 -0600
To: zaq
Subject: Re: vile deviations of human contact...

peace 4 ever & always Mr.Meade:
                                                   thank u for your comment upon the chosen subject of the month,it is obvious 2 assume u r pro-oral sex? i do not believe in the unseen god & not afiliated with no known religion,however as a human being one that is suppose to be above the savage beasts of the field one should be held as a more intelligent being a code of conduct 2 express just that. 4 me i do not care what u choose 2 do,however like those religious people it is my mission 2 warn and it is also the duty of a civilized person 2 teach those who have turned or r savages,surely 2 participate in this vile activity is one who has turned savage as no animal or beast of the field practices this type of filth that is promoted as sex but is not.animals arouse the genitals for mean of communication not some demented so called pleasure. your argument is that if washed the anus,vagina,& penis are clean,so if i wash a turd or run urine thru a filter does that make it clean? no matter how u clean a toilet the sane person will not drink from it,why? because this is where we deposit our waste,these organs are that which waste flows from but you have become so savage & sick, so deceived in that this is allright u would place your mouth 2 suck penis & vagina.
        surely u r mentally ill and have very low self esteem,if anything i place myself to a point so valuable that none would be worthy of me 2 commit such an act, this is a nasty act & u know it. u refer 2 the 800 year old karma sutra of which i'm familiar,ever heard of a 800 year old fool just because these were doing such does not make it correct,what is more sad that 800 years later the human is more savage than the dog. in conclusion,a person with a narrow mind is one who doesn't know that which degrades them,2 suck a penis then & now has always been 2 degrade another,the human has become so illiterate & savage that degradation has become a form of pleasure,so insane that pleasure is licking sperm & vaginal fluid from your face,searching for the orgasm of physical pleasure but can't attain the orgasm of life,the reality of your being & purpose...sad. enjoy your drink it's the real thing
                                                                                  Taalik Ibn'rad

On 9/12/07, Zack M > wrote:
vile deviations of human contact is what you think oral sex is? if people don't get sick from it aside from sexually transmitted diseases (of which missionary boring sex is capable of spreading as well), why say it is dirty and vile? it might not jive with some people because they were raised that way, and if you were raised that way you will of course be of the opinion that it is dirty and vile. humans derive pleasure from contact in areas where heavy bundles of nerves are contained. i enjoy giving and receiving oral sex because it results in an orgasm that is often times more enjoyable than regular penetration of the vagina or anus. so it is sexual contact, and that would mean oral sex is just that. ORAL SEX. it would be understandably and unarguably vile if i were to try to receive and reciprocate this behavior with someone that doesn't clean themself. people take showers these days to clean themselves of the sweat, smegma, fecal matter, bacteria, menstrual fluid, etc...and people who lived away from bodies of water that could not bathe often enough? its very understandable that they would not want to have oral sex under those unhygienic conditions. wouldn't you agree? the taste would most certainly be offensive! then again, there are people who just don't like the natural taste or texture of ejaculatory fluids and vaginal secretions and that turns them off. there are also people who injest urine and feces during sex. next you'll say feces and urine come out of the anus and urethra and that you are making contact with that opening. urine is a sterile fluid unless you have an infection or disease. so the few micrograms of urine present after one takes a shower and cleanses themselves properly would have a negligible, if any effect on hygiene. if the anus is cleansed properly and intricately enough there will be no feces or the smell thereof on it.
if you pursed your lips after you vomited and were on your deathbed and your wife or kids wanted to give you a kiss on your lips and they were cleansed afterward, they wouldn't smell or taste a hint of your vomit. the anus is pretty pursed, unless you stretch it out to where the insides show on the outside. i would think hemorhoids would need to be avoided as well, but some people might like licking hemorhoids! if thats what they want to do, let them. they aren't hurting you by doing it.
a book that is over 800 years old called the Kama Sutra came from India and details people having oral sex and various sexual positions. they had rivers to bathe in, come to think about it. so maybe thats why they promoted and loved oral sex so much because it was feasible to do without getting ill or wretching from the taste of one's sweaty, dirty, soiled private parts. then again, there may be regions where people bathed regularly in the past and were not unclean, but preferred not to have oral sex for various reasons. different strokes for different folks.
this old way of thinking came from people who didn't have feasible means to keep their bodies clean enough for the complaince factor of human smell, taste, and feel. it also has its roots in religion, where they replaced the hygiene factor with their ideas of morality and a sexual code of conduct to keep people from being polygamous, as well as spending too much time enjoying the human orgasm and social networking for it (dating). they wanted you to work, go to church, and pay taxes. not too different from today's people trying to lecture us on how they think oral sex is immoral and unclean because they were persuaded to think that way by the religion and group mind of those days. you are less liable to enjoy the pleasures oral sex has to offer if you were taught what you are espousing.
if you were raised on a grassy mountain hillside in some country in a little wooden shack with just your parents and you there...aside from the animals and fruit trees growing there... and they told you that an orange is an apple, you would think an orange is an apple. in your mind, you would be tasting an apple, would you not? same goes for oral sex. some people don't like apples and some people don't like oranges. but who are you to tell them which one to like and what its name is? everybody has their opinion about how other people act and govern themselves, but its just an opinion. i tend to think people with your narrow minded views are oxygen thieves, but i won't stop you from breathing or breeding. its your right to breath.
thank you for your time!

  Hello brother, I hope this email finds you well. I just ran across this video the virgina 6 you can find it in my favorites or look it up on youtube the torture of a black woman by these subhuman monsters got little media coverage. It seems that the OJ simpson los vegas stunt will get more coverage whites will finally get thier revenge for the white woman that he killed. They use the most ignorant black man to hold up as the face of crime. Check this virgina 6 video you will be disgusted with what these people did to that girl.

Peace Michael
 (more) (less)  Original Message:

> Hello brother, I hope this email finds you well. I just ran across this video the virgina 6 you can ...

peace 4 ever & always brother Michael: as soon as i get time i will view that video,however let me say this...since tawanna brawley & the duke lacrosse case i stay in the cut,just because an alleged victim is so called black doesn't mean we should come to their support.what makes me 2 question is why is this woman among all these caucasions anyway? i doubt if this is some hate crime one of them she's probably sleeping with or doing drugs with,if so this doesn't warrant my sympathy or support. i am sick of nigger blacks acting stupid then activists type blacks rally 2 their support when they were being foolish suffering the consequences of their actions,i question the jena 6 but their struggle seems more legit. do you understand what i am saying?
i have no comment on mr. simpson he is the ultimate example of a nigger black that doesn't earn our support,in all he's been thru he has not changed at all & continues his award winning ways he is so foolish,his enemies far & wide are hoping 4 a chance 2 get him & don't care of why he's in jail as long as he gets there and dies there,he is of no reflection upon me as this i stay far away...he has lawyers. my handyman was killed by a nigger black, a young black girl was laid 2 rest today stabbed by a 12 year old nigger black, a 20 something nigger black killed today the store owner in his neigborhood the only store & then we go around marching & protesting 4 them..this i am brother sick of,excuses r made 4 them...slavery effects,broken homes,poverty etc. i am a victim of much of this and many other blacks & we don't kill behave stupid,this is 2007 they know better but will not do better, you can't help those who will not help self..some seek separation from caucasions they should also seek separation from blacks like this,i used 2 make excuses for them as we must love one another & seek unification with these it is a waste of time,they'll blow your brain out but still fear caucasions,they still have enough bravery 2 kill another black face...i am fatigue will talk 2 you later.    
  Taalik Ibn'rad
(more) (less)   

You are correct in your assertion concerning niggerism and those who indulge. I don't know the nature of this girls relationship with these snow apes but I found it interesting in regards to how it was under reported though not surprising. Black thugs are generally cowards they find it easier to prey on each other and people of their own community but you will never see them in affluent white communities committing crimes or assaulting people. Even some of the rappers who produce music glorifying black on black crime, niggrism and self hate. The white man profits because of this. Even thru sports they view the black man as an animal with little or no intelligence whoes only benefit is that he can run fast jump high and bring revenue to his slave master not unlike the slave of yesterday. There is a resurgence of the minstrel show jigaboo in black face he smiles with gold and platinum teeth dressed like a clown and performs his nigger dance for the amusement of the white man and his enslaved brothers. The black woman is willing to whore her self and wears her sexuality like a badge of honor for financial gain exposing the black mans inability to protect her from sexual depravity that was created by the European. OJ Simpson is only an example of a house nigger who was given more privilege than the field nigger and forgot his place. He is accused of killing the white mans prized possession the white woman. He will now understand his place that he is no more than a nigger. He had no regard for his black brothers as he sought the love and admiration of white people for all these years. In closing I hope that you continue to speak the truth as uncomfortable that may be for others to hear sometimes

Brother Michael
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RESPONSE  2  THE  PRO-ORAL SEX  MAN/WOMAN   PART  2           as   written   by      Taalik   Ibn’rad               09/18/07

               Peace  4 ever & always:                                                     I am responding 2 the second e-mail from a  Zack M. who is happy 2 be pro-oral sex,again  4 me if this is his choice who am I 2 judge since his actions do not harm me,however a savage is a person who is part of the human family but has yet to live within the parameters of humanity living a life close 2 that of the beasts of the field. Zack want 2 confuse me with the caucasions who came 2 this country & throughout the world who called the native Americans & Africans savages,thus this was the reasoning behind taking their lands & enslaving them,proof in itself that they themselves even thou even today wear suits & ties they’ve a mentality worse than the savages they decided 2 civilize by force. Upon reading zack’s writing he is only concerned with physical pleasure in life,this is expected if u r a savage as your mental state hasn’t grown much more than that of beasts,what is sad that even beasts do not participate in such degrading & vile acts as he in ignorance is happy 2 say he participates.        There is no animal that suck genitals for seeking pleasure this is something created by the human being turned savage,the human who makes up heaven as his mind is so demented that heaven can only be attained in physical pleasure & make believe,so for hundreds of years this is marketed as acceptable 2 the masses. The practice of oral/anal sex is of European origins it is something inherited from the caucasion from his experience in the caves & mountains of Europe when his best friend truly was the dog,when the caucasion came out of the caves & began 2 explore & destroy other civilizations he began 2 teach those he conquered this practice of homosexuality & oral/anal so called sex. So my guess that Zack M. is the average caucasion if so,it is natural for him 2 except this vile acts as his people are it’s fathers.My message is for the so called negro,African American or black in the united states who are children of former slaves or anyone who has respect for him or her self as many caucasions find this also disgusting,may I also add that according 2 my research Europeans are it’s father I could be wrong if so I have no problem in being corrected.          An actual fact is that the blacks in America was taught this by the racist caucasion males of this country,in fact even when I was a child this was a shame 2 be proud of in my community,the adults knew of this thru porn movies & couldn’t believe how nasty the caucasions were,however in time those caucasions in power thought these negroes have a lot of nerve calling us nasty and began a campaign to market this filth 2 their children thru so called sex education courses as an alternative 2 not getting pregnant,soon the black youth was engaging freely in this vile act,so popular that even their parents decided 2 try that of which they once called nasty,this filth has been sold just like their ancestors were. What is sad is that blacks are now far worse in this filth than the master is,the blacks are more of a believer in the religion that enslaved their ancestors than the racist caucasion male.       The racist caucasion male has developed fake doctors as in psychiatry 2 verify that this is part of pleasure & the sexual act,so since a doctor has approved it,it must be right.At the same time have you wondered with doctors & all their medications & treatment why are people more sickly than ever before? Even thou some doctors are sincere in wanting 2 treat illness,the racist caucasion male in power has set up doctors to treat symptoms not cure disease in order 2 keep the flow of money going,if you are well what do u need a doctor,medications etc. for? The practice of oral/anal so called sex eventually will lead u 2 the doctor as I described in part one of my response 2 zack m. Masturbation is no better as we continue 2 seek physical pleasure of which 4 the human is a negative.Sexual pleasure is designed by nature 2 trick the male/female into reproduction,like nectar attracts bees.This is why many try 2 find ways 2 make it last as the pleasure is quick & gone,least 2 say this over indulgence in physical gratification harms the functioning of the brain,it makes it sluggish,like stress it stunts the brain,again this activity will sooner or later lead u 2 the doctor,another type of drug. The illegal or legal drug can only give you artificial gratification that’s why you must do it over & over & over again,as a human being u are designed for much higher functioning.Madelyn O’hare a deceased founder of the American atheists taught that it was allright 2 masturbate as animals such as gorillas were  found 2 do so,are u a gorilla? Animals do not practice sexual activity 4 pleasure of course you may find individual animals from time 2 time indulging in what seems to be such practice like the dog humping the air,this doesn’t mean their mind is seeking sexual gratification only acting on instinct for a future reproductive time,also since the gorilla is much like men,if after a certain time the testicles don’t release built up old sperm,the gorilla might have learned that stimulation can relieve the pressure.      Animals enjoy pleasure also like petting the dog’s head or a gorilla grooming another,you’ll never observe these animals even when they are acting sexually acting if they r seeking enjoyment they are doing something very serious,they’re trying 2 make their genes live into the future,sex 2 the animal is not a game but the human has made it into a game, a game seeking pleasure and in getting pleasure it reduces you to something worse than the animal for a two minute or less orgasm,we have turned savage as our orgasm should not be limited 2 sperm & vaginal fluid.Ask any person who has found his self worth what they think of a physical orgasm and they’ll quickly tell you,making money, raising their children,winning a gold medal,writing a response 2 a comment (smile) etc. is better than any physical orgasm as it is not limited.       The mental orgasm is not degrading or demeaning and is only limited to the brains capacity 2 learn which is endless,I am not saying not 2 enjoy the sensations of your body with another you love but you deny yourself & demean yourself seeking a method of physical gratification even beasts don’t participate in,humans are a higher organism & should conduct themselves as such,zack m. is a caucasion this is for him not for those who are children of proud African ancestory.The caucasion is physically weak he can only reproduce himself & has much trouble reproducing so he has found that sucking penis/vagina is another way 2 waste his time sexually since he can’t make babies.The caucasion is also mentally weak that is why he believes sex is so thrilling,the caucasion suffers more mental illness than any other people,during the depression of 1929 many caucasions began committing suicide,and they screamed with pain as the losses they took in the 1993 floods but in 1929 blacks lived life as usual & they made boats out of old doors & played in the water,it wouldn’t be wise to listen 2 the doctors of such a sexually/mentally weak people,this is not racist this is the truth according 2 their writings.         In conclusion,I’ll finish answering the last of his questions in that zack m. feels I want 2 be a dictator if I came into power,as a civilized person whether you like it or not I must warn those who have become savage,at one time I in my ignorance practiced forms of savagery or one who isn’t civilized just because some fake doctor approves something doesn’t mean it is allright,ask the millions of people crippled cause their doctor said a drug that later was recalled as good for them,when I told them 2 seek natural remedies & avoid the drugs,now they really need the doctor and the next step is the morgue. I can’t be a dictator as you may do as you please but it’ll not be around me nor will u be allowed 2 teach this vile practice 2 my children,it is best 2 separate from you as you would not live in a cage with a savage beast. I do not wish 2 control u only offer advice as u have been controlled by the one that taught u this filth,sold u this idea as you knew nothing when you were born,and your mental functioning has lost rationale so this is easily accepted for those weak in mind.       It has been accepted like smoking & other things by those around you and you accept it cause everybody is doing it,I never have been the type 2 do things cause everybody is doing it or some doctor says it’s allright,my research tells me what could be the consequence of this,again do as you wish,I expect nothing less from a human turned savage,physical pleasure is all that is available to a low functioning mind. May I also add they need drugs,liquor,they turn into child molesters,rapists and eventually turn to some form of violence,zack’s use of profanity & other vulgar language shows the low functioning mind,it is filthy and low so it has no problem in seeking pleasure in it’s lowest of forms.            Zack M. knows that this is a filthy & vile act as he continues 2 try 2 compare it with germs on a computer keyboard & various agents used 2 cleanse things. You may dump feces,vaginal fluid etc. all you want upon a keyboard,you can wash it off with various cleaners but you do not use your mouth 2 suck it nor does it produce the waste that was placed on it,again the toilet is where we  relieve our bodies of waste,clean or dirty a sane person will not drink water from it, many will not let their dog drink from it,so what sense does it make to suck & lick the producers of the waste?If you won’t drink from a clean toilet why would you place your mouth on a penis/vagina that is suppose 2 be clean,a toilet is much cleaner but you still won’t drink from it & then the penis/vagina will produce fluids not like a toilet, bottomline this is just savage & nasty & those who practice such have gone below the evolutionary chain.As for my thought about inter-racial sex & marriage at this time it is not for me 2 judge of whom one falls in love with,how ever due to this climate such would not be wise and an injustice 2 the children made 2 bare with this type of environment. As for me for better or worse I must be loyal 2 the blackwoman as her strength has made us to survive thru all these decades,her man was destroyed and those who survive should first go to her side,it is silly to love another & we haven’t loved ourselves.Black people who go outside of their own 2 find loves are a bunch of fakes and I am glad they’re gone as they’ve no love for their own or respect for their ancestors who was raped by the racist caucasion male now you freely give yourself 2 the children of those who lynched your grandfathers,it may be true these are not those who enslaved your people but it is hypocritical 2 say u found love elsewhere when you’ve shown none 2 your own. In my research many inter-racial couples past & present understand the terrible condition of blacks in America as well as the racism that has never gone away & together they work to help in finding a solution 2 the issue,however this is not the norm.  Finally zack seems 2 be hung up on this urine is sterile deal,anything that comes from your body that is not diseased is sterile as your body is kept at over 90 something degrees,so what’s your point? Urine can help sterilize a wound due to certain properties,at the same time if that person is diseased I doubt if such would be used,at any rate sterile or not why would you drink it or suck it from a penis or vagina? Zack just admit you’re just nasty & you hope that others will join you,like most substance abusers don’t like 2 abuse alone.I would hope that those who read these words understand that it is not for me 2 dictate anything 2 you but offer another opinion & alternative so that you maybe the  best you can be,you can’t accomplish this with a penis in your mouth & vaginal fluid on your face,as a human you are much more valuable & greater,I know I am.4 ever peace always,                                         Brother  Taalik  Ibn’rad
SEPTEMBER 27,2007,ROMANTICCONFUSION  ASKS  TAALIK  IF HE'S HAD A BAD  EXPERIENCE IN CHURCH? HIS COMMENT FOLLOWS:Greetings and may this message find you in the highest spirits. I will address some of your points from the athiest vs. muslim half-debate.

You assume much about Muslims, Me, Believers in G*D, and my upbringing, but you could not be further from the "truth". I will attempt to answer your claims in a manner that is consistent with your level of knowledge on pertinent matters.

1. My belief in G*d doesn't stem from anything that anyone (parents / society / church / school) told me. If you knew me, you'd know that I question ALL Authority and I have a strong counterwill. Growing up in Ohio, of course, I was told Jesus this, Jesus that, 3-in-1 Piegraph 33.3% god / trinity business. As a youngin, I had a keen connection with the teachings / parables of Jesus and I could relate to them, but "eating" his body in a cracker representation and drinking his blood as grape juice seemed perverse and morbid to me. It seemed that no one understood his parables, even his own so-called disciples, who, "allegedly" authored several chapters of the bible. I refrain to address my refusal of the Christian religion at this time.

2. I can tell that you do not know how to speak, read, write, or understand the grammar of Arabic, so it's hard to explain to someone what the Qu'ran is when they don't have an elementary understanding of the language. If you could understand Spanish, French, or Portuguese (as I also know these languages), it would be easier.
a. There exists no word "It", which is a 3rd person pronoun, in any of these languages that I mentioned, because their is a masculine / feminine quality to the language. As a matter of Grammar when demonstrating a 3rd person pronoun, He is empoyed unless the word is feminine. Their are some exceptions in all 4 of these the word "dia" in spanish is feminine yet we attach the masculine article (in english - the) to dia, so it is "el dia", instead of la dia. It's the Same as the Majestic word Arabic it is a conjunction of 2 words: Al + Ilah = ALLAh....Allah is a gender neutral word as Dia is, However when applying the rules of English, we accede to its rules, Thus demonstrative "He" is used as a pronoun for Allah. I, however use "It" in many cases when referring to G*d / Allah because, of the baggage that some Christians have attached to the Conceptualization of G*d i.e. The Heavenly Father. It is not a Father, except in a Metaphorical sense. So when True Believers say. G*d, He is Our Sustainer. Remember that G*d has no gender. This is Basic Knowledge.

3. I have offered evidence for the belief in G*d. Refute any 1 scientific insight mentioned in the Qu'ran to the best of your ability if you can. Allah mentions in the Qu'ran that the Sun, Moon, & Stars swim in their own respective orbits. Science only accepted that the "Sun" actually does have its own orbit and is NOT stationary in the last 60 years. Allah mentions that worker bees are female. We recently confirmed that through science. Allah states that there is a forbidding partition between salt water and fresh water. Again 21st century science confirms this. Allah states that mountains stabilize the crust of the earth and act as "pegs". Geologists accept this truth. There are over 100 more examples I could refer to, but I won't at this time. IF this knowledge has been preserved in the Quran for over 1400 years and it is corroborated with our Technological advancements in Various fields of Science in the 21st Century, how is it, that G*d doesn't exist when it is clear that a superior intelligence has given us these gems of science in a "so-called" ancient manuscript which in reality is eternal? Atheists only stand on conjecture, revealed hoaxed "theories" (ape bones constructed with human bones) to present a model of white people evolving from Mongoloids, from Negroids, from Apes, from........down to a single celled amoeba......, and pure Human error, Yet no one has ever created a human to show proof. The scientific process is not lost on Muslims.

4. So where, oh where, is YOUR proof and evidence? So far, you have been wrong about the definition of Child-like vs. Childish, My upbringing, The Gender Association of G*d, so on and so forth.

ONLY G*d allows people to go astray in disbelief.

May peace be with you,
Roma Confuscious