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CONGRESS OF RACIAL PROBLEM SOLVING-OCTOBER 2007                                    NEWSLETTER WHY  IS GOD BETTER THAN  YOU ?                                                                     I  often ask many people this question & get various answers. For thousands of years folks have danced 4 god,sung 4 god,prayed to god,sacrificed animal life 4 god,sacrificed human life 4 god,killed in the name of god,split from relatives & divorced 4 god & I could go on & on. God,Yahweh,allah or whatever the chosen name is given high priority 2 the believer because god created life as we know it & since he is our creator we should & was made to serve & glorify him,& if we obey his law upon our death he’ll grant us everlasting life 4 eternity,this is the ultimate reward for singing,dancing, divorcing your non-believing husband or wife,praying 7 times a day,blowing up a non-believer etc. So 4 a second let’s imagine u r the god you worship & you’ve created a universe and given life to the insectotrons (smile) The insectotrons acknowledge u as their maker & everyday they begin to pray,dance,sing & oppress other insectotrons that don’t believe in you,least 2 say u have personally never introduced yourself to them,you send  second or third parties to claim u exist. How would u feel to have your name shouted everyday & praised,praised,praised, don’t you think that’s sort of vain on your part?     Many of us have born children,u feed,clothe ,protect & shelter them do you expect them to praise you,sing to you,dance 4 you 24 hours a day & if others don’t believe u r the greatest parent in the world,deny & cast these aside,this is vanity at the most extreme.God in essence has done just this but such praise is expected but not expected 4 the parent who cleaned your nasty diaper when u couldn’t clean yourself,mind u god isn’t cleaning nasty diapers (smile) The reality is praise is good 4 the human heart,we all need a bit of praise in order to feel appreciated,however like we do so called celebrities we over praise them & it goes 2 their heads & many feel they r better than others,above the law & so forth,praise is earned only because one can play ball,related 2 a celebrity,act,sing or accomplish a great feat in whatever field or be elected a leader.       The reality is they’ve done nothing 2 earn this type of praise,more praise than some give 2 god & what has god done 2 deserve such praise? If god is my creator isn’t it his responsibility like a parent to feed,clothe,shelter & protect me? In the bible it only suggests that we honor our mother & father not worship them with praises leading to vanity,also why does god deserve this praise when he has failed to protect us from the devil & didn’t  teach us about this enemy & how 2 survive,he gave us free will without properly nuturing us,as even a beast would teach it’s offspring lessons so that it may survive.So there shouldn’t be no surprise that  this house god created is in turmoil not because of a devil but because children was given free run of the house. The children are confused they don’t know what god 2 acknowledge because he hasn’t made himself known,the birth certificate has no signature of a parent,even so what makes god so great we must do all this worshipping?       Again,the bible only suggests honor 2 our parents not worship.God is also a life form,he may have created u but that’s all.You r a life form so how is he better than you? Just because he made you doesn’t mean u have 2 get on your knees everyday 4 him & beg him for that which u can do yourself. A REAL GOD doesn’t want u worshipping him, he wants u to become better than him like any parent wishes 4 a child,he has given u all the tools u need like all the other life forms on this planet.The believer due to this type of thinking keeps himself a child of god instead of becoming a god,always marvel at what prophets of the past or what god can do but after 2000 years they themselves can’t do anything as they r still dependent upon the parent,dependent on a knowledge of 2000 years ago when it is now 2007.You are a child of god but after 2000 years have made not one planet  or created not one universe but perhaps you got two children out of wedlock (smile) It doesn’t matter if u agree or disagree with me,I want u to think 4 yourself,be you…not what the bible say,what the quran say,or auntie bigbutt say,read,research,use logic & common sense,come to your own conclusion not one marketed to you before u were born.We know nothing coming into this life,ideas are taught & marketed 2 us…our choices r difficult because this world is filled with folklore & lies ,remember a good lie is 90% truth that is why falsehood is so difficult to detect. I was told if you want to keep a secret a secret from the masses place it in a book as most folks will not read nor will they use the web,outside of entertainment purposes. In my talks I try to avoid using references I want you 2 know the thoughts come to conclusion in my mind not repeating what I read or heard somebody else said,you can learn from others & agree with them after thinking 4 yourself.       In my opinion,as god is just a life force just like myself or better I could honor him & give respect due but can’t worship him as no one is better than me,no one or nothing is better than you.I can think 4 myself & seek my own independence I accept life good or bad & accept my death as all other life before me,I do not need to go 2 heaven so bad that I must become a servant & slave 2 something  else as a child of former slaves I’ve had enough of bowing & serving others,if you must bow and kiss butt while u live,who is to say you won’t be a slave after u die? My friends all I ask is for us 2 stop being emotional & really take the time 2 think,peace 4 ever & always. 

                                                                                         Taalik  Ibn’rad