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RESPONSE TO A WHITE RACIST - Evolution Series Part 1

·                                 human origins ·                                 humanity ·                                 life ·                                 Politics ·                                 race ·                                 racism ·                                 Society Let us start with the fact that the so called White race would have been extinct if it were not for the infusion of so called black DNA to save their frail weak bodies. There are hardly any truly "white" people alive, if you have black, red, brunette or blonde hair that means that you are not the original *Albino Mutation of the black headed people. Who was born disease infested, composed of all recessive genes that manifested into white hair, pale skin, straight hair and diluted eye color otherwise known as a Leper. Biblically: The albino, born from the 11 albino sons of Canaan and his numerous daughters was originally separated from the rest of the population who had never seen a human with pale skin, white hair and blue or green eyes.Scientifically: The Albino Mutation was a reaction to the cold environment encountered during the migration across Europe and Asia of original "Black Headed, African born *hu-mans. *[Mutation- A mutation is simply when the offspring is different than the parent, this occurs naturally usually in response to some sort of external environmental or emotional stimulus. The eventual reduction or lack of *melanin/pigmentation in the subsequent generations of Black Headed Africans over thousands of years was the bodies response to the cold environment that rendered melanin useless in their bodies. Therefore a new skin type evolved that was better capable to handle cold weather. Additional hair also grew in this new skin to help keep it warm like the fur on some animals. As the mutation evolved over thousands of years, eventually differences in facial features developed such as a smaller nostril that reduced the amount of cold hair inhaled and longer nose so the cold air would be warmer by the time it reached the internal organs. Over the millions of years of evolution 7 percent of earthling DNA has changed due to mutations even some diseases are mutations i.e. down syndrome.*[Melanin Is simply put; pigmentation, the element that makes the skin become dark in sunlight or become tan in some cases. Freckles is a great example of low or the uneven distribution of melanin content across the body that results in the clumping of melanin in some areas of the skin, called a freckle or an identifiable dark speck in the skin that is noticeably from median tone of a person's skin. *[Hu-mans-: The word HU or HUE-: Means gradation of color, the attribute of colors that permits them to be classed as red, yellow, green, blue, or an intermediate between any contiguous pair of these colors.
MAN: An adult male Homo Sapien that is anatomically related to the great apes but distinguished by over 200 additional alien genes that has evolved rapidly and especially by notable development of the brain with a resultant capacity for articulate speech and abstract reasoning.
Humans- or human beings, are bipedal primates belonging to the mammalian species Homo sapiens (Latin for "wise man" or "knowing man").
Hu-man or Hue-man Beings have evolved spiritually from humans to become social communal creatures marked by the ability and responsibility to love and care for all living things and the earth. This evolution is helped by the ability to absorb the life giving energy of sunlight through his skin just like all other living things of color i.e. the green leaves of a tree. This ability gives him a connection to the universe, the earth and all living things. Often the lack or ignorance to this social love and responsibility for others and for the earth has marked the existence of the Anti-human. The Anti-hu-man is within all tribes of man.
*[About Albino Mutations (Albinism): from Latin albus, meaning "white") View Picture Gallery of Albino Humans is a lack of pigmentation in the eyes, skin and hair. Albinism is an inherited condition resulting from the combination of recessive alleles passed from both parents of an individual. This condition is known to affect mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. While the most common term for an individual affected by albinism is "albino", some prefer "person with albinism", because "albino" is sometimes used in a derogatory way. The gene which results in albinism prevents the body from making the usual amounts of the pigment melanin. Source Wikipedia
It is not uncommon for Black African types to produce Albino babies a condition were the body does not produce melanin. An Albino Human is composed of all recessive genes a natural phenomenon that nature uses to adapt humans to their environments. The only way an Albino can produce another Albino is by mating with an Albino. Otherwise the dominant genes from the non-albino parent will override the recessive Albino genes. To date an Albino Human has not produce an offspring of non-recessive genes or a non-albino, in order for this to be possible a reversal of environmental conditions over thousands of years would have to result. The modern day Caucasian people is a result of this the albino mutation, coupled with thousands of years of evolution and infusion of non-albino genes. Even modern the day offspring's of the albino cannot stand the heat from the sun; it burns their skin because there body cannot produce enough melanin. These Albino tribes became your historical cavemen and cavewomen. There they interbreed with each other and produced the albino race that eventually became the Canaanites, Hittites and so forth. These Cavemen split into different tribes but stayed in the mountains some went over to the Caucus Mountains from which we get the name Caucasians. Eventually some of them became the, barbarian tribes of Goths, Celtics and Huns and eventually Angles, Saxons, Frisians and Jutes they became hunters and fighters because of the harshness of life in the cold mountains along with the diseases from living among animals further damaged their skin in to boils, blusters, herpes, pimples, syphilis and blue veins visible beneath the skin. Again their bodies mutated, Hair grew all over their bodies to protect them from the cold, and their nostrils became smaller because too much cold air will freeze the brain and so forth. The cold windy environment of the mountains forged their bodies into hairy a caveman, at times walking on all fours and became best friends with the wild dog who helped them hunt for food. Their savage nature was also forged by this environment that lacked sufficient food that forced you to hunt wild animals and eat their meat raw before they learned how to make fire. Fighting each other for food they developed a savage nature and love for war. A patriarchal society formed women were looked at as a burden since she could not hunt. As opposed to the early Matriarchal society that developed by civilized populations in the fertile plains of Africa, India and Mesopotamia where food grew easily and non-albino tribes lived. They wore the skins and fur of the animals they killed as clothing, they knew nothing of fine silks and refined fabrics, they ate their meat raw and unseasoned because you knew nothing of spices. Even today their modern day offspring's still eat their meat rare and they love to wear animal fur for fashion and their pet dogs live a pampered life along with them since they have now conquered all there is yet still the love of war is still within them. By the time the biblical Moses (The Egyptian general) was sent to clean up (civilize) the leper race, the so called Black man had already developed and re-developed too many thriving civilizations to count: Mesopotamia, Ethiopia (Nubia), Egypt (Kemet), Ghana/Mali, Zimbabwe, *India just to name a few. *[India is included because they are simply an environmentally morphed offspring in other words: mutated black Africans to their new environments. Indians are also considered Asians and all Asians are Indians i.e. Arabs, Hindus, American Indians, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Cambodians, Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, original Semitics or Hebrews (no relations to modern day Hebrews, Jews or Israelis, who are of majority Russian or Polish with very few Semitic Genealogy mixture. By Matching DNA types with the spread of population over the earth, over time, one can determine that by biblical times Indian types and Black African types covered the earth, so Canaan and Abraham were likely of the Indian or Semitic types thus an Asian. Eventually the Albino tribe attacked the villages in on the plains, raped and conquered and became mighty nations, the infusion of none-recessive genes into their gene pool helped their leprosy conditions. By the time the Greeks came about most of them had dark hair, dark eyes, curly hair and so forth. The Greeks became a great nation by studying in Egypt. At the time of the Greek conquest with Alexander about 332 BC black Africans still held superior knowledge taught by the Fashioners. However, they shared it freely with others who wanted to learn. For example all the Greek Gods have their Egyptian counter parts from which they were based. Don't believe me look it up for yourself. Even the most accomplished Greek scholars will reference Egypt and Africans in their works. When Alexander conquered Egypt he had tremendous respect for the knowledge there and thus began the translation of Egyptian knowledge into Greek, why do you think the Great Library of Alexandria was in Egypt, Alexander himself even wanted to be buried in Egypt instead of in his home country. All the Greek intellectuals were really translators. For example, the Pythagorean Theorem, was named after Pythagoras, the one who successfully translated the equation from the Egyptian books of math. Don't believe me goggle The History of Pythagoras and his Theorem" After the Greeks the Romans became a great conqueror on the earth. The barbarian tribes of the Angles, Saxons, Frisians and Jutes, migrated to southern Britain, beginning after the end of Roman empire where they preceded to build the British empire, the remnants of which we are living in today. The Albino, Pale race has pillaged, raped, killed and conquered all the life of this planet only death and destruction they have brought Dancing and music is the highest expression of the soul but they wouldn't know that because they don't have a soul (not to be confused with the Spirit) their weak body can't receive the rays of the sun that feeds the soul and connects man to the universal all so they get sun burned because they reflect sunlight instead of absorbing, like the difference between a black t-shirt and a white t-shirt. They are lucky to have a spirit similar to plant life and animals. All of their behavior is learned like how a computer is programmed their one track thought pattern or life force vibration is simply at best, they are literally genetic duplicates of each other because of all the in-breading and lack of enough new DNA configuration into their race. According to research published on PBS" about 93 percent of all human genetic variability that exits on this planet occurs within Sub-Saharan Africans. So, if there were a catastrophe which destroyed the rest of the world's population, 93percent genetic variability in the world would still be present in Sub-Saharan Africans." This shows which genes came from whom, since the further the original humans spread away from the mother land the less diverse the offspring's became as new areas are populated with fewer more closely related parents over time. Additionally, over the millions of years 7 percent of earthling DNA has changed due to mutations i.e. Melanin Levels resulting in lighter skin, hair, nose, eyes and various diseases such as down syndrome etc. Cauc-Asains ( Cauc from carcus meaning dead, dead-Asian/Indian) can only trace there history back to a certain point before it vanishes into mythology. Just look at the origin of Rome, Greece, the origins of both civilizations vanish into pure mythology. Unlike the original race that has art, to prove there existence and ability at times far before both Greece existed.The so called "black man" is the creator of all there is in the physical world and is the closest thing genetically to the fashioners of man (Gods) existing in the physical realm today. Black people souls transcend time and space. It is the relation to the sun that allows this, sun=sol=soul. African Americans are known as soul people, producing soul music, and soul food to nourish to themselves, Black Africans are the closest to nature if Black Africans did not exists in this earth nothing else would. Every development has been because of the foundation Black Africans laid thousands of years ago developments that modern civilization has not passed yet.The Pale race has become a plague of the earth the destroyer of life itself, if left uninterrupted this race will completely kill the earth and everything on it including themselves. This is why the earth herself is rebelling with earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami, heat waves, snow storms and fire to try and cleanse her of the poison. They will destroy themselves along with everything else, this is why they are trying so hard to leave this planet because they are close to sucking it dry and the ancients are returning to this galaxy to correct this matter by 2012.*Check the NASA Website for information about the new 12th planet recently discovered and coming into orbit of our son.Everything I have said, while it is harsh, it is the truth weather you know it or not and sometimes the truth hurts. The fact is that some Genes are superior to others: dominant and recessive respectively. People who have more dominant genes are superior. For example blue eyes, pale skin and straight hair are all recessive genes. Don't believe me look it up or ask a scientist. White people has been trying to make black people extinct for centuries, war, slavery, poverty, famine, drought, disease you name it but their are still nowhere close to being extinct matter a fact they are making a come back. Any other race would have been gone by now. Prime example is the American Indians who suffered a 99 percent genocidal rate by the hands of pale man invasion. What is the difference? It is in the genes, Strength, survival all shows in the birth rates regardless of the circumstances. Simple look at professional Athletes if you want more evidence.Q & A Q: Why did you write this article?A: The reason I wrote this is because I am tired of reading in forums, on blogs and messages boards all over the web about how dominant the white races is and how beneath them are all others when the truth contradicts such as frivolous argument. Recently the National Geographic Channel claimed to have reconstructed King Tuts Face. The Only problem is he looks like a Mr. Burns from the Simpsons TV Show. This new face contradicted a previous version produced by the the Discover Channel showing King Tut as clearly African. Someone needs to consider legal action against this type of bold face lying to the public and open whitewashing. Then their is the issue of White-European-Nefferititi and other Art Collection re-painted to show Egyptian Kings and Queens as having Pale Skin. Another forum showed People in heated debates actually trying to argue that the ancients Egyptians were white or Arab or any race except Black Africans. This, despite the numerous wall inscriptions the ancient Egyptians themselves left depicting themselves as having black or brown skin. Q: Are you a racist?A: No, though I feel anger at white supremacy ideas, not because I dont believe that some people are superior to others but because those who claim to be superior are not. They have only conquered. Conquering doesnt make you superior it makes you a caveman who wants to bash someone over the head with a club simply because you want their resources or land. Instead of reasoning things out with your neighbors like civilized beings do. Also I believe that superior people have a responsibility over less superior people and they should take care of them instead of harming them or stealing from them. Furthermore, my personal experience with Pale skin people has been overall good and I have several friendships with them individually. It is the collective destruction past and present that I don't like. And frankly the common person of pale skin ancestry have no idea how the got into their present position of affluence they simply enjoy it and feel just as bad about the destruction being caused by their own race as I do. Lastly, most indigenous people I think are incapable of hating because of their connection to nature and all other beings so even when they should hate they have a hard time doing it. For example after the slavery ended in the USA most blacks forgave and forgot. But that didn't stop their Pale Skin counterparts from reminding them and demonizing them when all they really wanted was some well deserved peace. I think the Pale People in the USA could not understand such love so they responded with hate and prejudice that lasted up to the present day. I too am guilt of such profound love for all life however; sometimes goodness is used as a weakness. Just asked the Native Americans who accepted their visitors with open arms and we all know how that story ends. Q: How can you back up these Genetic Claims what are your sources?A: Don't believe me research for yourselves. Here are a few places to get you started: Google: "The Real Eve" a documentary done by the Discovery Channel. "about 93 percent of all the genetic variability that exits on this planet occurs within Sub-Saharan Africans. So, if there were a catastrophe which destroyed the rest of the world's population, 93 percent the genetic variability in the world would still be present in Sub-Saharan Africans" "The researchers also found positive selection in four pigment genes important for lighter skin in Europeans that were not known before. Scientists think humans evolved lighter skin in Europe as an adaptation to less sunlight"Thankfully some scientist are not as blinded by racist ideals as they once were and the DNA evidence is so overwhelming that its hard to deny so there is much new knowledge out their that contradicts what they taught us in school in areas such as history and science. Debate is always welcomed at MINDWARZ.COMLike this post? Buy me a beer.» ·                                 Nero's blog ·                                 Login or register to post comments ·                                 send to friend Submitted by gerardcoleman on Sat, 2007-01-27 18:22.I have already acqiured some knowledge of the origins of the caucasians but this evolution series has brought to my attention other theories that are very interesting .Good work,I intend on doing further research on this matter on my own.»
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Submitted by Yesisno (not verified) on Sun, 2006-08-27 21:17.I feel I have come home. Will be lobbying my preconceptions with even more vigor now. All that happens is true alot that is written is fiction.»
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Submitted by dboi (not verified) on Tue, 2006-09-05 15:28.shut the f**k up, u black nigga, at least were not slaves. if it werent 4 usyoud still be slaves...... fuxking hyenas, in the bushxx»
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Submitted by Vani (not verified) on Fri, 2006-09-08 16:34.It is important to reclaim Egypt and our other great civilization. Yet there is no shame in having once lived without much technology, in a simple state close to nature. Black people must learn to be proud of their origin. Above, a white man has written a very ugly comment based on hate. Good for him! That confirms what I know about White America. I have come to expect vicious hate from white American men, who are filled with evil and destructive desires.Yet, why should his hateful comment make us ashamed? Years ago, it was an insult to be called black. Now we are proud. Having big lips was considered to be unattractive. Now we are able to recognize that it is beautiful. Having woolly hair was a bad thing. Now people celebrate their dreads. How long must we hate and deny ourselves? Stop trying to be white! Cut your weave out and get rid of your white spouse! Try loving that black man or woman. Love his or her black skin and comely African form! Come back to Africa! Let's love ourselves and love our background! We must be proud to be the descendants of the first human who walked the earth. We must be proud of once living in mud huts etc. Whites think that they are insulting you by crying out that once you lived in the jungle. So what? We all have common ancestors and once upon a time, 2000,000 years ago we were all new and innocent on this earth.Whites should be ashamed of their bloodthirsty lust to kill the poor Arab people living in small nations, who can not defend themselves. They should be ashamed of all the billions of gallons of blood that they have spilled in order to become the "First World". Yet I see that instead of repenting they are becoming more and more racist every day.  Yet this site should be more about the truth and less about insulting whites. It's a little like shooting fish in a barrel. Everyone know how violent and dangerous the white culture is. Even they know how much destruction they have caused. If this site wishes to help all humanity, it should stick to telling the truth and not putting white people down. It is beneath the dignity of a self-respecting person of color to perpetuate hate, intolerance and social division. Blacks and white MUST learn to live together. Even though whites are becoing more and more racist everyday, hating and insulting them is not the answer. My name is Vani. Please come to my site (now under construction) or»
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Submitted by llboson on Thu, 2006-10-26 08:19.I would like to offer yet another theory that I think should be considered ever so wisely. Could it be possible that the originaly man was a model of the human race; meaning complete; perhaps to even his dna contained the genetic code to ALL Races. Adam and Eve where the original multi-racial couple. We have seen through out history how inbreeding does has the side effect of taking away from/mutatiing from the original. Just even in what we know to be bi-racial (black and white couple) have the ability to produce separte colored children, one black childe and one white child just as well as bi-racial children. So I ask why would the thought that our original man and woman being mulit-racial, have the genetics of (black, white, red and yellow) not ever be mentioned. Not discounted the information that you have posed as well. I believe that there could possible some truth to All the theories. Just food for thought :) Peace and Blessings LLBoson»
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Submitted by Buddahpest on Thu, 2006-11-09 23:13.I thank you for writing this article because i had always believed that The Canaanites were albinos (no matter what Ivan Van Sertima says in his Book "They Came Before Columbus"),i came to believe that the british were vikings (Pheonicians),Americans(Amorites),even all the royal families of europe call themselves the Venetians (black nobility). But one thing i never really understood was Hannibal & Carthage being a pheonician colony. I also read in The book of Enoch that Noah was an albino (also in David Icke's book) which was hard for me to except at the time because of the whole myth of The Curse of Ham. How can Noah be white while Ham,Cush & Nimrod be black ? Now i can prove conclusively about the Japhetites, but clearly "Asians" like The Sumerians (black headed Ones), Babylonians,Assyrians,Chaldeans,Indians(Indo-Kushites,Nagas,Dravidians,etc...) and even Moses (and Joseph) who was mistaken by his hebrew brothers for an Egyptian. Other proofs in the bible are Solomon's Song,Jesus's feet, King David being ruddy (find in J.I. Rodale's Synonym Finder(black or/& white ?)Moses's hand turning white,and his sister Myriam also turning white (but according to Lev. 13 being all white is not unclean,so it was not for being white that God hated The was for their actions which they might have gotten from Ham as recessive genes (anger,love to war,lust,homosexuality*,idolatry,human sacrifice)... i also read somewhere that Ham saw an angel once and got so scared that Canaan was born white (or black i forgot how this one got twisted ! ...if it's true) Anyway, i think that either all races either hate us or envy us because they know our "hidden" history and they are either glad that we're waking up or trying to stop us from waking up. It may seem like a curse but by looking at world history being black looks like a blessing that should not be taking for granted. Their own scholars like Herodotus and other greeks wrote that the Egyptians and Indians were "Ethiopians" and he was already debating on why The "Indians" had straight hair and not the Ethiopians. Now scholars like Cheik Anta Diop proved scientifically that the Egyptians were black trough carbon testing and in their own writting but still they come out with a white Nefertitti & King Tut Runoko Rashidi, is showin what we know by common sense that since their black aboriginals in Australia, then the ancient asiatics were black also, now there's debate about the Shang & Xia dynasty but here is a pdf from asian scholar that says that Confucius ancestor the first chinese founder of the Yin tribe was black: also look at thise site to see more proof of black asians: and now we're finding out all "crucified saviors" were black,that the Pope worships the Black Madonna (Isis),that alot of moors were black and that Shakespeare and others used moor when referring to Othello & black people(blackamoors),The Olmecs in America,also that in Arthur Koestler's book "The 13th Tribe" which proves that the "jews" are really Khazars...there's a small mention of "black Khazars" and it's easy to understand why the jews from Spain were surprised to find out that there was a jewish kingdom and did not reply or visit them (the king also admits that he's a Japhite),etc... The truth is just comin'out and just as a final note about a comment posted that maybe Adam & Eve were already bi-racial... a simple notion of colour shows that "white is the absence of colour (melanin) and that black is all colours of the spectrum (yellow,red,brown,black) and when you refract(seperate) light trough a prism you see the all colours of the rainbow, so us as black people we are the lights, the original inhabitants...sons(suns) of the earth and from us sprang all shades of people ! Barach HaShem Yahweh !»
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Submitted by jacQueen on Fri, 2007-05-11 14:50.Looks like the truth hurt you dboi..... let go of the ignorance»
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Submitted by Mindwarz on Sun, 2006-09-10 11:05.I respect your comments, however I stand by the fact that nothing stated in the article is hate, and everything, while harsh is true, if you can disprove anything said please do so. Hurting someone’s feelings is not a reason not to dispel white supremacy ideology and false claims to superiority. This white is supreme philosophy has spread the world over to the point where people who have no interaction with “black” people look down on us while they praise “white” people for our legacy. This I have experiences first hand in my travels especially in Asia. There are people of other races that think the Ancient Egyptians are White, Jesus is white and everything good is white, while all things with color is bad and this is simply untrue. While I understand your compassion for all people I can assure you that white supremacy philosophers will not be as compassionate towards you. In order to move past this mental enslavement we must wage mental warz against and kill white supremacy in all its forms. This website is dedicated to fighting this mental battle, the war of ideas this is why it is called MINDWARZ. If you are a mental warrior regardless of what ideas you are fighting for you can fight for them here. We welcome all points of views both racist and non-racist. Additionally this website is an archive featuring a wide range of knowledge and truths on all subjects and is not limited to insulting “white: people . If you have something to contribute even if it is your criticism we welcome it just be ready for a rebuttal if necessary after all this is MINDWARZ. And there is a war going on outside that no man is safe from, THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND. EVERYTIME YOU TURN ON YOUR TV, LISTEN TO YOUR RADIO, READ A BOOK OR WALK OUTSIDE. MIS/DIS-INFORMATION IS ATTACKING YOUR MIND. MOST PEOPLE DON'T REALIZE THAT MOST OF WHAT THEY SAY IS A DIRECT REGERGITATION OF SOMEONE ELSE'S IDEAS PRETENDING TO BE their OWN. Unless you are Trained in the Art_Of_Mind_WarZ Protect you mind from the invasion of lies. Get your mental weapons at MINDWARZ KNOWledge Portal Teaching is the highest level of learning. If you are ignorant of the past you will be doomed to repeat it.»
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Submitted by Mindwarz on Thu, 2006-10-26 08:26.Your theory makes a lot of sense and i is propably one of the better explinations i have heard. I suppose once the decendents where spread out depending on climate their skin,hair etc. would develope in different ways. This is plausable. However, the reason for my theory is that we can all agree that reccessive genes i.e. straight hair, light color eyes etc. could not give birth to their dominate counter parts yet the oposite as explained in my theory is probably. Yet we are led to believe for this current world view that somehow this occured. I also have a theory that involves the insertions of several races of alien dna mixing at various times.. that you may read in some of the other blogs and you are welcomed to comment. Please cope your theory and leave it as a comment on the blog that way the community can see this debate and i will do the same. thanks for participating Nero Teaching is the highest level of learning.»
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Submitted by llboson on Thu, 2006-10-26 08:27.Nero, Thank you for your response, it was quite unexpected actually. I would like to add that in fact if you theory is what we can all agree to, recessive genes and I believe there was something on your site about UV(vitamin D) and melanin, then my theory could very well fit in along with that. If we also take into account even from the beginning of the Bible in Genesis, they began to branch off into each own, and began to even develop their own languages. It would only be a matter of time before, let’s say the white children from our original MULTI-racial Adam and Eve would produce only white children. We have seen in even in this country (ie, the Creoles/Malatoos) the more they tried to remain within their own skin color (no lighter than a paper bag) tones the lighter; more Caucasian they began to look. Now let’s say if they (malatoos) lived to be 600 years of age today and still practice inbreeding, imagine an entire race of at least white fairer skinned people. We still see my theory in China, Africa, in the Samoans of Hawaii. These are nations of people who rarely marry/breed outside of their race and they all still carry the same features as their. Come on NERO, if you can stretch our minds to believe in Alien inbreeding (which I am not say is not true by the way, also in Genesis the Nephelim) surely you can find someway to incorporate both our theories as one, yes? Peace and BlessingsLLBoson »
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Submitted by Mindwarz on Thu, 2006-10-26 14:32.I think I did give your theory some plausibility. I think you have something there, after all no one living today was actually there so all we can use is logic and science. Actually, I have read some Sumerian materials that depict Noah (Sumerian, Ziusudra or Utaphistim) as an albino; he was described more clearly different than those other humans around at the time and thus his wife and children would be a multi-racial or mulatto type. Incidentally, the name of the The National Organization for Albinoism and Hyperpigmentation acronym happen to be NOAH. However, unlike the biblical sources, the Sumerian source stated that Noah was not actually the only humans that survived the deluge (great flood) others did as well in other parts of the world including what would now be North America and Parts of Africa. As for the origins of the original Albino gene is another theory all together my hypothesis is that the Pleiadians was that source some time between 10,00 and 80,000 years ago as them along with the Anunnaki or Nephelim from the Genesis came to the earth as part of a mission organized by the Cosmic or Galactic Counsel as I wrote about in Satan VS Lucifer and can be viewed in The Cosmic Plan Video.In conclusion the first humans were not of the mullato type, they were called the "black headed ones" however, subsequent races emerged after begining with the children of the biblical Noah. However,Noah himself was an Albino according to my sources (The Lost Book of Enki, Sacheria Sitchin). For the record it is not my opinion that albinoism is somthing to be percecuted by Dominant gene races I don't support any kind of racial dominace based on race, which is what racism is. I believe that the human body is only a vessel. The development of the soul is our purpose and more advanced beings should help the less advanced not persecute them the way white supremists do. Which is why i wrote this article in the first place to show the world that racism is hipocritcal. For further info on what archeology has to say about this WATCH VIDEO: African Origins of HumanityThere is no religion higher than truth Nero »
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