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James Watson,nobel prize winning geneticist said...

Oct 18, 6:29 AM ET LONDON - London's Science Museum canceled a Friday talk by Nobel Prize-winning geneticist James Watson after the co-discoverer of DNA's structure told a newspaper that Africans and Europeans had different levels of intelligence. James Watson provoked widespread outrage with his comments to The Sunday Times, which quoted the 79-year-old American as saying he was "inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa" because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours — whereas all the testing says not really." He told the paper he hoped that everyone was equal, but added: "people who have to deal with black employees find this not true." The comments drew condemnation from British lawmakers, scientists, and civil rights campaigners. On Wednesday The Independent newspaper put Watson on its front page, against the words: "Africans are less intelligent than Westerners, says DNA pioneer." Watson, who serves as chancellor of the renowned Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., was to deliver a sold-out lecture at the Science Museum, but on Wednesday night the institution said Watson's comments had gone too far and the event had been canceled. Call to Watson's book publisher and his office in New York were not immediately returned. This is not the first time Watson's speaking engagements have caused a stir. The Independent catalogued a series of controversial statements from Watson, including one in which he reportedly suggested women should have the right to have abortions if tests could determine their children would be homosexual. In 2000 Watson shocked an audience at the University of California, Berkeley, when he advanced a theory about a link between skin color and sex drive. His lecture, complete with slides of bikini-clad women, argued that extracts of melanin — which give skin its color — had been found to boost subjects' sex drive. "That's why you have Latin lovers," he said, according to people who attended the lecture. "You've never heard of an English lover. Only an English patient." Telephone and e-mail messages left with the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory after business hours Wednesday were not immediately returned.

>  > > In Reply  to James Watson  from Brother Taalik Ibn’rad peace 4 ever & always:                       what i'm about 2 say may shock u in that it is coming from me in response to this article about a caucasion geneticist james watson a nobel prize winner. whenever u r attempting to uplift an individual or people u concentrate on the most positive attributes of that person or people in that they may garner a high self esteem.this is why no matter how truthful it is that one may speak of the failing systems of education,social,economics etc. of the american racist caucasion male or europeans in general the masses ignore such as daily they are bombarded by postive media about themselves,this began early in this nation's history with lies such as george washington chopping down the cherry tree,he never told a lie.   the american caucasion as a people have been made 2 have such high self esteem it is difficult to lower this even if the root of their accomplishments were due to lies,murder,theft,human slavery etc. the american so called negro lacks high self esteem whatever esteem he has garnered is based on the condition of his former slavemasters thus when the caucasion was attacked at pearl harbor the negroes response is,massa is we at war? the negro has no independence he is what his master is. so now among the negro comes teachers who look like them that attempt to show the negro he/she is much more than a slave or puppet in order 2 accomplish this these teachers must build the negros self esteem he must give them a positive picture of himself & his ancestors.   the negro as a people have no real achievements & what little they've gained is either shared with his former slavemasters children or stolen outright,the negro has no nation 2 show his babies only voluntary & involuntary servitude 2 others so the teachers teach glorious stories of the negroes ancient relatives & the dynasties they ruled,the negro is now engulfed with positive messages & positive history of where he really came from so 2 the point he refuses 2 continue 2 call himself a negro he now becomes black a description outside of his former slave master's children that closer relates 2 his ancient ancestory & his people of color of today,so clearly in this sense if you r one attempting 2 uplift a downtrodden people this article or comment by james watson would b upsetting,4 me it is not about being upset it is about the truth,is what this man saying even if he is caucasion in anyway true?   the average so called black,negro individual or leader of today because of a now high self esteem immediately rejects the thought but for me questions arise. it is 2007 not 1517 but blacks in america as well as around the world still suffer from self hate,self murder,acting like breeding cattle,unlike their ancestors besides hip hop culture have created nothing,the european or others are dominant over them & exploited just like this was 1517. the so called black in america with all the knowledge & positive reinforcement gained during the so called black revolution of the 60's still are a servant 2 others still dependent upon others,still begging...why? i maybe incorrect & i hope i am so,perhaps our ancestors fell & became slaves or exploited by others & no matter how u attempt to inspire the so called black or negro in america they have grown comfortable in voluntary servitude is because,they are indeed lacking something genetically? being oppressed 4 hundreds of years have taken their toll of where certain individuals may rise to challenge the status quo like u may see now & then a docile cow fighting against the slaughter house but the cows in general r easily lead to slaughter,they've become domesticated & it is now part of the cow,chicken,pig,dog,cat & negro?   space here of course is limited and you know truth hurts especially if that truth is coming from a wrinkled up old caucasion man who represents years of terror & caucasion supremacy in him one immediately rejects such theory but the reality is with all the so called negro has been given in know-ledge & leadership he continues his negative award winning ways if mr watson is wrong then after all this time where is your example of different,u have none? in my opinion if a people refuses to seek love of self,independence,protection of their women,nation building, a love 4 those who hate them etc. is clearly a sign of a lower intelligence as u never view this in caucasions,i hope error in entertaining this thought.

                                   Taalik  Ibn'rad


Peace Brother Taalik from XFREE57

Let me start by saying that I am not surprised at all with what you have stated since I find you to be one who is analytical and more importantly truthful. The black man has been immersed into slavery for such a extensive period of time that he knows nothing of self and can only emulate his master in fact he prefers it. Generational conditioning will breed more slaves who are more dependent on the master than the previous generation. For an example you can take a wild horse that will buck and resist he will snort and kick and try to kill you before he allows you to make him into a beast of burden. He is then tied so that he can't run away after a long period of this kind of treatment he begins to submit. He can then be freed from his bonds and amazingly enough he will no longer resist. He will come to his master willingly he will depend on his master for food and care he will allow his master to ride him and become a beast of burden he is now physcologically broken. He is then made to breed his off spring will now become less resistant because they are raised on the ranch of the master. This is true of the black man he is generational and physcologically made to be a dumb animal. Blacks are not genetically inferior in regards to intelligence no more or less than any other race one who refuses to think is no better than one who cannot. The Caucasian believes he is superior simply because he has built what he perceives as a civilized society yet it was all conceived by barbaric means rape slavery and injustice. One must never mistake immorality for intelligence how intelligence is it to breed slaves then become horrified when they become unruly and violent killing each other and in some cases Caucasians? The sins of the father shall visit the son. Many Caucasians take pride in the development of their science and technology yet science and technology has been used to destroy lives not save them. Because of the greed and the barbaric nature of the Caucasian he has used his inventions to wage war or to extract the wealth from his own country. The ways of the Caucasian master is becoming more apparent that he is under no circumstances more intelligent simply more barbaric.

Peace always My brother you are always in my thoughts


 peace 4 ever & always:                       two heads are always better than one,you always bring up very good points,many points i sometimes think about but usually become lost somehwere in the mix,as you know what u described was the base for the system that willie lynch devised in order 2 control the slave,this is also why it is very difficult 2 communicate to blacks i prefer 2 continue 2 call our people so called negroes as we've went backwards instead of forward.another thing is that when the so called negro gets a handle on something that may unite & advance them it is destroyed so again arises disappointment & a state of hopelessness & the old saying if u can't beat em join em is used.   we give more support 2 dead men rather than the living as the dead can't ask them 4 action.jesus,muhammad the prophet,malcom,martin etc. are well loved due to their dead status much more when they were living such love didn't come till after death,there is no living leader among blacks or negroes like they hold 4 the dead as the dead can b fashioned any way they wish,lipservice is the goal of the day and wearing pretty clothes & preaching pretty words. lipservice is also paid or ignored towards the ancestors of the negroes they have no true emotional tie 2 them unlike caucasions,very few american caucasions will allow u 2 speak negative of their forefathers no matter how wicked they were,they understand that they are who they are of course in 2007 slowly but surely the foolishness & immoral behaviors are taking a toll upon them & many of them are also losing an loyalty 2 the country & ancestors..meth is something else ( smile )    i don't know exactly how it can b done but what u and i bring 2 the table should also b marketed as we bring a more reality check into this most severe problem. blacks have tried politics,religion all types,intergration,black nationalism etc. it has all failed,why? it has failed because as u say due to the extreme servant like mentality handed down from generation to generation these measures are limited in what they can assist in a new idea combined with all these actions are needed in order for us to become successful as the enemy knows how to deal or counter with these efforts but if we can become fluid not rigid the enemy will find it difficult 2 react to,4 example the average black would respond negative to mr. watson's article & this is expected however mr. watson doesn't know how 2 respond to a black person who tells him perhaps u got a point,his mind is boggled this colored agrees,why?

   in conclusion,as i don't want to bore you but i am a fan of the fictional character spiderman in his beginnings he wasn't very strong he could barely lift a volkswagon. spiderman's foes was often 2/3 times more powerful than he,however he was able to beat them by being smarter,using his own power to the best of his spiderman the so called negro is facing an enemy 10 times more powerful than us,they love to kill and we don't have the arms or unification to attempt armed struggle so we must use our brains,we must out think the enemy but when we depend on a religious idea,political idea etc. we'll always fail as it limits our thinking and the ability to use our power to the best of our ability,fictional or not today's blackman in america is in need of a superhero,got a cape? ( smile )               October 18, 2007