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CHILADIN on DECEMBER 01,2007 said:::::You know i'm not a man of wisdom, i'm a man of knowledge.I'm only 27 years old and i don't have the answers for alot of things. The only thing i can do is my research.Since i've been a muslim they have been many things siad that has mad me question the extent of my faith.I've heard lies against the Prophet like he was a pedophile,i've heard Islam supports aslvery of African-Americans- i've heard lots of anti-Islam rhetoric.I'm open-minded, i'm not a person easily succumbed to blind faith.

In the Qu'ran it says "theres no compulsion in religion" meaning a person can believe what they wan't.But there is nothing that you said that made me wan't to go a do any research!I did google "proof that Muhammad never existed" and i didn't find any info.I went on ur page but i'm not going to be digging thur ur video cus you could have at least presented me with the title! My thing is it souds like you're an aethist.You are your own-god but the thing is you will meet an end and you were created by not yourself. My issue with aetheists is ur logic is full of error.You say God doesn't exist? But why then can we see evil a thing that was created all around us.Is there no light? Is there not Stars? Is there no Sun? Is everything just darkness then? We see evil everyday, that's a fact.But why would self be so unwise as to think not htat evil is more powerfu lthan thine ownself.I see goodness also, i see mercy, i see hope! those are not man created things.

They come from blessings and grace, and evil cme fro hte lower desires of man! One can't exist iwht out the other.Positive and negative energy! The Ying nad the Yang. But just as hte universe is unlimited there is Creator to set things in moiton and gives law to all. when you go against cerain law and rules you have chaos.Muslims, Christians, Jews, African, Inidains ,these are nothing but humans.Whether Muhammad existed or not(Astagfirallah)i know Allah, GOD, The Most High, The Creator, The Lord, whatever you wan't to call him exists,period!All man has had belieif in GOD.we have always had limitations and weaknesses.And no one can give All Praises To Self unless they be dumb, deaf, or by saying God doesn't exist have become one of those people.They must be order!I at least thought you were in the Nation because we could have at least met common ground.Theres is no reason for you to wish me peace because on what grounds do you wish it on? You don't even have any science ot bring ot hte least most aetheists have that.Why do you even have videos about Farrakhan if you you don't believe in God! That makes sense!

as far as tracing records man you can even trace slave records to see what tribes African-americans come from less than 200 years ago let alone being worried about tracing a man tax records, from 1400 years ago.ho is living that he far a tracing his birht recors you would have to trace is bakc all the way to the frist man cus to me i would ready know who actualy was the first man born than a man 1400 years ago then we would really be on to only reason you cna trace recors now is because of electronics. try finding Shaka Zulus, Mansa Musa, Alexander the Great, King Tut,Ghengis Khan's, or Moses' birth records.Good far as Christians being taught heave nwas in the sky that is ture and untre. The sky is heaven a heaven is an supernatural relakm or and aboe. Not paradise is a different

Taalik replies to chiladin:  why shouldn't i greet one in peace just because we may differ in opinion doesn't mean we'll seek harm to each other does it? i used to work with the nephew of a millionare hotel owner who made it clear in the open that he was a proud caucasion and a skin head,other blacks had no comment for him as they knew he wasn't going anywhere and they tolerated his racists comments but for me with him we got along very much and we were peaceful towards one another as he knew i stood for separation of the races & not afraid to hold my opinion due to fear of the loss of em-ployment like the other blacks. He always told the other blacks how he despised them but let them know all except me,he found me cool. so if i could find peace with one such as this why can't i greet you peace as like this so called racist caucasion we had no intent to cause each other harm even thou we differ in the most extreme? when a person allows himself to think and cause your brain to analyze like it was designed to do you'll begin to see things that was there but didn't exist cause you decided to turn a blind eye and ignore the warnings from the brain,in religion they know this thinking may slip so they tell the believers the devil is attempting to work on you or you are turning hypocrite a favorite term and the old saying many are called few are chosen,i prefer not to become the chosen as the chosen apparently are the loyalists,blind voluntary slaves to something they know is questionable and has not worked,like those who believe in the false science of psychiatry,over 300 diseases and not one cure over 300 medications but not one cure or cause but a public easily tricked suck down billions of dollars of psychiatric drugs around the world and still suffer insanity and since the introduction of psychiatry as a problem solver mental defect has worsened,wonder why? psychiatry has been accepted like religion by billions and like religion even thou the condition of folks have worsened it is accepted and paid for doing nothing ,like religion it is given false credit for good works like the santa claus getting credit for parent's paying that visa card. again,i do not see the peace & love offered by the belief in god and religion,religion has never offered this ,ask the poor lambs sacrificed or the humans sacrificed was it peaceful having your throat slashed or heart cut out of your chest? all in the name of god,please explain a period of time and the religion where all lived with peace in love,never happened religion is a way to control the people,psychiatry's original intent was brainwashing for control of the people not to cure mental defect,i would only suggest to you to continue to listen to your brain and research but then again you are comfortable like the woman with the husband that beats her,she stays for the sake of the children,she has become content that those on the outside view her as a happy married woman but she knows the reality and gets upset with those who notice that something is wrong. i am not an atheist i am a realist if god feels he doesn't have to reveal himself clearly to me or prove nothing to me then he can take his happy ass on to somebody else,this is like you allowing some person who claims to be a cable installer into your house without proper indentification or notice of appointment,those who have done so have ended up murdered or seriously hurt as they were not who they claimed and i am telling you those who market religion to the masses are not what they claim or represent,your choice to open the door. the marketers of religion are crazy rich driving fancy cars while the masses are ignorant and poor hoping that one day they'll be blessed with heaven or the hereafter all the while those who market religion vacation in hawaii flying in private jets. to conclude, what is wrong with respecting louis farrakhan or any of our black leaders or ancestors,i respect my elders regardless if i agree with them or not,it is their works that have made it possible for me to be what i am today,even thou a father may want his son to follow in his footsteps i am sure the father can understand his son must be who he is of which may mean to become greater than what his father intent is,in my opinion we as a people can move ahead further if we remove religion from our agenda or at least make it where it is benefit for at this time religion is only used as a tool of division and hate among us,as in reality it is not the peace & love it represents,it represents voluntary slavery and i refuse to be a slave to a man,or god,or other higher power,for me death and non-existence is better,peace.

CASHFLO23 on DECEMBER 17,2007  said :::::

Peace to you and always Angel. Yes I am a thinking person lol, thank you for the compliments. I also admire your intelligence and you are much respected also. It is a honor to conversate with you too. I'm also not a knower of all things and you dont hold that against me that is respected. I am also sorry for saying the thing i said about your mother on youtube i got upset at your post and i acted on impulse, it was un-christian of me to act out that way. I apologize for that. Lets do the Reality of Religion(smile).
  You are right it is corny to blame our flesh for some of the things we do but, lets just think about that for one sec. Scenario: #1 Your hungry, does your mind tells you you're hungry or does your body tell you are? You don't know your hungry untill your stomach growls. This is flesh. Scenario # 2: Your Horny, A woman or your wife as beautiful as Beyonce' Knowles (The R&B singer) invites you to her hotel, drops her ballroom gown as soon as you walk in with no bra or panties on and you imediately get erect.(sorry for this scenario but sex is a part of life) She says to you make passionate love to me. Is it your body longing for this woman or is it your mind? And if it is your mind you mean to tell me that your mind is strong enough to resist her if your body clearly wants her? The only people who know how to do the mind over matter trick is the Budist (The Philosophy and Yoga) and the Asian warriors with their many ancient secrets. Maybe the Budist Yoga and Philosophy is something we all need to learn while on earth so we wont give in to the pains and desires of the flesh at all.
  I agree with you on the different versions of the bible because as a kid i used to read the revised standard version bible and read a lot of contradictions while at my christian school. We quickly put that book down because we didnt recognize it as the Word of God and later picked up the King James and The New International versions instead. We got much joy from these versions recognizing the truth of the Lord.
  Not all the decendents of Jacob are truely Israel. Jacob and Esau, the sons of Isaac, were twins, Esau being born first. He looked like a hairy , red garment, so his parents named him Hairy, in hebrew "Esau." Jacob grabbed his brother's heel during birth, so they named him Heel-catcher, which is "Jacob" in Hebrew.  As the oldest son, Esau stood to inherit the birthright. One day , Jacob took advantage of his brother's great hunger and traded Esau a mess of pottage for the birthright. Later, when their father Isaac was to place the family blessing on Esau, Jacob tricked his old, blind father and received the blessing inteded for his brother. When Esau discovered that Jacob had cheated him out of his blessing, he threatened to kill him. Afraid, Jacob fled to his uncle who lived far away. After many years, Jacob decided to return home. He had only traveled partway when he received news that Esau was coming to him with a large company of men. Fear gripped Jacob's heart and he really prayed!  That night an angel of the Lord wrestled with Jacob. When the angel saw that he couldnt prevail against Jacob, he touched his hip and it slipped out of joint. In this crippled condition Jacob cried, "I won't let you go until you bless me!"  What is your name? The angel asked him. Heel-catcher said Jacob.  The angel replied Your name will no longer be Heel-catcher, but Israel(Genesis 32:2-28). Jacob's new name meant "Governed by God." Paul said, "For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel." In other words, not all the descendants of Jacob are governed by God. Paul tells us that no one is truly Israel unless he is governed by God. We have a parallel situation with the word Christian. Not everyone who is called a Christian is truly a follower of Christ.(Roman Catholics especially)
  Ishmael, a son of Abraham who became the father of the Arabs, didnt inherit the promises. So, not all of the descendants of Abraham are God's chosen people. God promised Abraham a son through Sarah. "I will bless her, and give thee a son also of her"(Genesis 17:16-18) However, Abraham wanted God to accept the work of his flesh with Ishmael, so he said, "O that Ishmael might live before thee!" But God refused to honor Abraham's request.  Ishmael represents the man of the flesh and Isaac the man of the spirit. Ishmael, the result of Abraham's attempt to help God, wasn't recognized, because God doesn't recognize the works of our flesh. God told Abraham, "Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac"(Genesis 22:2). God didn't even acknowledge Ishmael as Abraham's son.  
    How often we serve God in the energies of our flesh. Many ministers try building their churches through publicity campaigns, promotions, and financial analysis. They're using the efforts of the flesh to promote God's work. For example, let's say that we wanted to raise a million dollars for our church. For a ten percent commission, professionals specializing in fund-raising drives for churches will raise the money for us, guaranteed. Many churches use such services.  This is just one tragic testimony of the Church's failure to walk in the Spirit. Following the ways of the world, she tries to do the work of God. But God doesn't want works in the energies and power of the flesh offered to Him. He refuses them. The Church's only hope of survival is to be led and energized by the Spirit of God. The Church is too big to push with the flesh, and unless the Spirit of God keeps working, she's finished.
   God's promises to Abraham greatly affect today's Mideast situation. When Abraham first settled in the land, God said, "Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward:for all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to they seed forever"(Genesis 13:14-15). This promise wasn't made to Ishmael and his descendants, the Arabs. It was made to the chosen heir, Isaac, and his descendants, the Jews. (Now you see why i dont see Mohammad as a Prophet of God)
  As God made a distinction between Isaac and Ishmael, the sons of Abraham, so He distinguished between Jacob and Esau, the sons of Isaac. Jacob was accepted, and through him the promises and the Messiah came. Esau was rejected, and prophecies speak of his descendants being cut off as a nation (Genesis 36:9 with Obadiah 9-10).
I dont expect you to look up the scriptures but it is merely there to support what I am saying. Talk to you in a min.



Peace 4 ever & always CASHFLO23:
                                                       I would like to inform you that your apology is easily accepted,this says much about your character as such lacks in this society,it is taught or advised but rarely exercised. Since my position would seem anti-GOD I am used to folks as you may say going off on me. It is amazing to me for myself who rejects the concept of some GOD causing me to act in a righteous manner that i am always cordial to those who claim a religion that has a basis in peace,the love of everybody but when i state my opinion such folks become very hostile,angry,threatening physical harm and of course the use of profanity,this behavior of course cements my position that these religious belief systems are are facade in that they talk the talk of peace and love but do not walk the walk and have not done so for 1000's of years. It is also incredible to me that within these religious systems that influence our present world now and for the last few thousand years that they do not like the world they've influenced as the majority of people claim belief in some form of GOD but yet they hope to leave this and go to some HEAVEN OR HEREAFTER,what is wrong with your world based in the belief in GOD? Of course many excuses can be made in that the correct religious system is not in total control but then again if this is the problem,how is it within their own families there exists the same problems that plague the world they influence? Excuses,excuses,excuses follow as they do not want to admit failure and the lack of power from some GOD,the praise certain success such as GOD's help being cured of cancer but can't explain those who do not believe in GOD also being cured in fact many so called non- believers of GOD have just as much success or better,the only difference is that the credit doesn't go to an unknown being.
      The body of what you said in relation to the problems and questionable histories of religious belief systems is why for me if that system can't conform to the reality that we face daily it is no better than a tick on a dog's back,the sucking of blood makes the dog scratch as he is in discomfort.In my opinion this constant prayer,singing, etc. done by GOD believers is a sign of discomfort and they seek relief so they must constantly scratch as mentally they are being sucked of blood,the religious system instead of being a nourisher has become like the tick and the scratching will continue until the tick is removed but unlike the dog of whom appreciates one removing the tick,we have been brainwashed to allow a tick to stick to us and fight those who attempt to remove the parasite,and there is no doubt religious systems have become parasitic as like the dog only the tick benefits from that relationship,only those who are in leadership position benefit from the religious system all the while the majority die in hopes of a better life in some alternate world,all the while religious leadership is always comfortable,this is sad.
       To become hungry or to lust for sex is a natural function of the flesh,however this again is just a mechanism from the body to let you know something is warranted or in need of. Obesity in many cases is due to overeating and food that lacks proper nourishment,the average person in this society have been trained to eat constantly like the beasts of the field and given food that has been adulterated,however it still is a mind thing for if we exercise,if we train our stomaches to only accept food at required times and the food we do consume is more nutritional it is impossible to become obese,eating anything at anytime and the lack of discipline results in obesity,so it is not true you have to be a buddahist monk in order to gain mental discipline,your natural bodies cravings is not stronger than your mind,even in animals when there are times of plenty they learn themselves to become greedy but when times when food is scarce they know how to unlearn such behavior to fit the condition,you do not see obese wild animals but the domestic pet next to people suffer the same problems as the weak undiscipline human master.
       We as so called humans have become worse than wild animals as they control the need for eating and sexual activity,just because food is there or available,sex is available doesn't mean you have to eat or participate in sexual activities.JESUS of whom suppose to be the perfect man was not written as greedy for food nor one who lusted for sexual activity,why? Never in the time of human existence have obesity and it's related illnesses been so rampant,pets and children being obese.Never in recorded history has so many sexually transmitted diseases existed and the illnesses in relation been so rampant as sex,sacred even in some animal species have become some sort of demented game,pleasure seeking and in that seeking of pleasure the lust now falls upon children,male to male,female to female, whatever we can get,even seeking sex from animals.
Again a lack of discipline and the ability of the religious system to accept the evil and wickedness of the world they claim they are against,the classic case of LOT's wife wanting to be righteous but missing the life of wickedness,matter of fact if you talk to many so called believer's in GOD you'll notice when they speak of what they used to do,u notice pride not remorse their eyes light up and you can tell their new righteous life is a bit boring,this world has made wickedness look very good and many believer's in GOD lack the discipline to resist.
      This is why the believers in GOD also share the same problems of the world they teach against as they are one and the same except a certain portion of them claim to believe in some GOD,shouting,dancing,singing,praying etc. Blaming the flesh is just an excuse for the believer to participate in that his or her heart wants anyway as you can't sell crack to me no matter how hard you try as i am not interested in the illegal drug called crack.Many so called believers in GOD make excuses and backslide because the reality is they miss what they claim they have thrown away and you want to eat and eat and eat,you want to seek sexual favors,why? It is because you are being sucked of blood and your religious belief is not able to feed you properly and offer nourishment,you have become no better than those you teach against,sad. I am happy that you would include BIBLE reference in support of your opinion at the same time i try to avoid reference from the BIBLE or QURAN in favor of my own findings that may include such but not dependent on such,for in many cases you can show folks in their books of belief ,look up so and so and they'll have their own interpretation or just ignore what you've found,for example the BIBLE no doubt teaches against homosexuality and the eating of swineflesh but many believers in the BIBLE accept homosexuality or practice it and plenty of swine is put on the barbeque grill,so to quote scripture is a waste of time,again homosexuality is something wanted,eating the swine is a wanted item,i am sure religion can tolerate a little of what it teaches against,we are not perfect?
           There is no doubt after hearing your words you are indeed a thinking person but i want to warn you if you continue to think,you may soon view your current religious belief as something to question,as religion doesn't really want us to think,unless that thinking is based on what a religious system teaches then it is allright,my words have been praised by many people in the past but when i began to question religious belief systems and the results of such in society then i become possessed by the devil or a hypocrite or worse as religious systems do not like being questioned,this is why the believer is asked to believe and have faith of which i don't mind this but how long does this hold true,how long must we wait? They don't want to admit for 1000's of years till present they've influenced our world and that influence is so bad even they want to leave and go to another place,whether it be heaven/herafter or hell,feel me? Also for the record i am not a muslim or atheist as an atheist doesn't believe in GOD,however i give it the benefit of a doubt and what i am due to religious teachings,i am a REALIST,if this GOD feels he doesn't have to make it clear he exists or prove something to me,then he,she or it can go find somebody else as i refuse to play these childish games of whether santa exists or not,SANTA the lie is still taught to children by believers in GOD who claim one of their commandments is not to lie. I feel if religion can't improve the reality of our lives only becoming parasitic then this is something we should avoid as any dog if possible would avoid not look for a tick. Peace.
                                                                                 Brother Taalik Ibn'rad     DECEMBER 18,2007

HAPPY   BIRTHDAY!!!      GRANDMOTHER  OZELLA BENNETT  (May she rest in Peace )   12/18/07

from    Brother Taalik Ibn'rad

Dec 18 ,2007

If your not a muslim or an athiest but you believe in God then what are you really? Even tho i am a Christian I myself am a Realist and the Realist seeks truth correct?  I always search for the truth and i look into many other different religions to find it. To see what are lies and what is real. I've research Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Budist, and Roman Catholics. Looking at all being that these are the world biggest religions I have come to an answer that Christians has the only book thats not contradicting with historical facts to prove what was what. You cant find the historical facts in any other religion thats also not contradicting. Even history people uses the Bible as a reference to find old cities and places of the Old world.  Also the other religions dont have salvation(eternal life). You shouldnt base your view of other peoples actions as a total outcome to how you view their religion. Just because me and you are mentally strong from the flesh doesnt mean that the majority of the world (Religious or Non-Religious) is.
Jesus is not or was not greedy for food or sexual activity because he is the Messiah. The Son of God. He is what connects us to God because God will not come into the presence of a sinner. When Adam and Eve bit the apple on earth all humans were cursed. Because they bit the apple all humans to go hell. God sent his only Son to save the world when he could have easily just wiped us out. We have God's mercy but Jesus is the one that saves us from Hell, Satan and his angels. God shows his love by sending his Son to us to show us all how to live. Since everyone is born in sin the world needed Jesus's sinless blood to spill on earth so we will be saved. He is The Way, The Light, The Truth, The King and The Savior. Through the death of Jesus we are givin free will, a choice. A choice to serve God or a choice to serve Satan. All Glory goes to Jesus because he saved us believers as well as non-believers. God shows you his existence through the life of Jesus. God himself doesnt have to show himself because he sent Jesus. Jesus gives us all the gift of the Holy Spirit so God can do his works and talk to you through his Holy Spirit. If you've been given a talent, ability, or gift, why go around as though it came from you? If God didnt put intelligence in you, you'd be a babbling idiot. You can think and reason only because he has given you the ability. So never magnify yourself or your abilities.
Swine wasnt excepted because when Satan was an angel of God, he made that animal because God thought it was a nasty beast. But since he was an angel of God, God blessed all animals on earth so we can now eat them.  As far as homosexuality goes it is not accepted or wanted. Along with evil, Christians should not have a high tolerance level for homosexuality or any form of evil. Christians should hate all forms of evil, but since we all have to live together on earth all this evil is tolerated while we should be rebuking the evils of the earth. Instead we sit and do nothing. We are not perfect alone but we are perfect through God and Jesus is The Way to God.
I myself tell my son all the time that Santa is not real also with the Easter Bunny. You are right about Christians teaching there children about these things because it is wrong. Most Christian parents tell their children this simply for a child to use their imagination. I dont agree with this way of thinking because i teach my child in other ways to use his imagination not by Santa or the Easter Bunny. I tell my son, Jesus gives to you and you should give to others because this is what Jesus wants. Personally I think Satan uses Hallmark and malls to make money and Santa to reel everyone in. Notice Santa is spelled Satan with the words rearranged. I believe there is no such thing as a coincidence.
Your not supposed to be conformed in this world. People often fall into the trap of pressures of conforming you to the world's system. If you dont conform, the advertising agencies make you think that your missing out on life. Peer Pressure and the mores of society are powerful instruments in Satan's hands. A great difference exists between conformed and transformed. Ye are not in the flesh, but in the spirit, if so be that the spirit of God dwell in you. Man's  nature has two sides, flesh and spirit. Being Transformed by the renewing of your mind means your mind is no longer occupied with the fleshly side of your nature.
Many people seek to relate man to animals, because they want to live like them. Animals dont possess a spirit and live solely on a body-conscious level. So, the man who wants to feel free of any responsiblity to God disclaims his spiritual capacities and proclaims himself a highly evolved animal. He's constantly searching for the missing link between himself and the ape. Natural man does have a missing link, but it's not between man and the animal kingdom, but between man and God. Man, once created in the image of God, has fallen from the spirit-controlled being he once was to the flesh-controlled creature he has become. Now God seeks to restore man into His image by the new birth.
Jesus once said "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again." The mind of the flesh is death, but the mind of the Spirit is life and peace. By living on the spiritual side of life your mind is occupied with the things of God. By this transformation from flesh to spirit, you're born again and your mind is renewed. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You must not be conformed to this dead world, but be transformed in your mind to the world of the Spirit. When you present your body as an instrument in Gods's hand, you become a non-conformist to this world of sin and you're transformed by His Spirit. Then you find God's will for your life. Too often we assume that God only reveals His will in exotic ways such as tinglings down the spine or fiery letters in the sky. Some people expect a divine signal system to give them directions. Turn left! Beep! Beep! Go forward...They're looking for the spectacular, so they bemoan the fact that they've never been led by God. In looking over my life's situations, I realize that God has worked out things with perfect timing. My hindsight shows me that my promptings to do a particular thing had come from God. So often God leads us one step at a time. In the midst of a successful revival in Samaria, Philip was told by God, "Go down to Gaza, which is desert." Philip obeyed the prompting of God, and when he came to Gaza he saw the chariot with the Ethiopian eunuch. The Lord said, "Go near and join him". The second step in the leading didnt come until Philip had obeyed the first. If he had disobeyed the first command, he never would have received the second. He never would have known what God's will was for him in Gaza. We often demand to know God's reasoning; but the revelation of His will to our lives is progressive, as we obey step by step. The Spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is weak.

Peace 4 ever & alway CASHFLO23:

                                                               There is no doubt your opinions is very thought out and this is good,many believers in GOD simply rely on blind faith or leadership to make them strong in faith,for me I am a Realist. I give the existence of GOD  the shadow of a doubt as he must make such clear,if GOD feels he doesn't have to make himself clearly known or prove something to me,then this GOD can move on. How many persons allow the cableman to come into their home without proper I.D.?  I ask all persons like this for proper I.D. even if i must call the company itself as such person may not be valid seeking to cause harm. A man not a GOD sold you the idea that GOD exists,you have never met GOD you trust a man in hopes he is working for your benefit,in many cases this has been handed down for generations we never knowing the exact man who began the belief process,you allow this teaching to enter your mind without asking for proper I.D. nor calling the company of which you can't as HEAVEN doesn't exist and they who teach the lie know this,so you are asked to believe and have faith and the result is a world influenced by believer's in GOD that is so terrible they can't stand it and wish for another life in HEAVEN but common sense tells us if you were dirty in one house that you made unclean,who is to say you'll not dirty up the next home/heaven and this person of whom you never received proper I.D. is who he claims he is,and unfortunately he is not as the believers in GOD have been mentally robbed and made voluntary slaves,voluntary cripples,weak and de-pendent upon something at this time have no evidence that such exists just pretty words from a BIBLE written by men not some GOD.

The reason of why believers in GOD conform or accept the eating of swine flesh & homosexuality is because they've been made weak and are afraid of the powers that be,they are afraid to challenge the organized homosexuals and sufferers of peer pressure using BIBLE verses to justify eating swine,the swine is a scavenger a filthy beast and it is contradictory to say he is bad one minute and taste so good the next as this meat has not changed it is the same as it was considered bad. If you want to eat broken glass something that may kill you,what blessing will make it good for you to eat when it is still broken glass?

This thought process is dangerous as something must be wrong with the swine if many ancient peoples avoided eating swine least to say the warnings in both BIBLE & QURAN also to add warnings can be found with non-religious opinions about eating of swine flesh,please do as you wish...just like those who ignore the WARNING:AVALANCHE sign,The hospitals are full of those who suffer illness due to hog eating at the root but such will be ignored cause of the love of this food and the general rebellion against GOD. The BIBLE is a good book if it is taught in the right context but generally it is not,it is made spooky and supernatural so in this it is best avoided,also just because the BIBLE can relate to history doesn't mean it is real history as SPIDER-MAN is a fictional character but he lives in a REAL city called NEW YORK the problem with the BIBLE & QURAN is the question of the alleged told events since in 2007 we do have a SPIDERMAN we are lovers of fiction so were ancient peoples,who is to say these events were fictionalized and JESUS & MUHAMMAD only heros like SPIDER-MAN to past peoples?

In conclusion, GOD has never done anything for me and no credit will be given,there is no proof that this GOD gave no one any special abilities.Brother Wray was just released from a mental facility that intended to hold him the rest of his life because he refused to accept a false illness and their poisons called drugs,no GOD came to his aid in fact they used his past belief in GOD in order to make him seem more sick,Wray SUFFERED for ten years until he learned the legal system and the mental health practice with this knowledge he began to break these demons down and the COURT had no choice but to release him,his determination,his ability to accept the reality of his situation,his being able to read & write,use reason,common sense and logic these factors are what caused him to be freed from a system designed to exploit the poor and defenseless,in fact he did seek help from the CHRISTIAN pastor & the other believers in GOD they knowing the wrong and evil being done to brother set back and watched begging brother to conform to the lie,weak and scared folks but they claim their GOD is all POWERFUL but brother Wray with no GOD never shown fear no matter how hopeless and with his limited power beat them at their own game.

So yes this goes to show christian flesh is weak as you have made clear,this brother and myself can't be controlled or manipulated by flesh as we are our power,we do not depend on a GOD that is simply a crutch, a crutch is for cripple person and religious belief systems have made men handicapped so you need something to stand you up,I don't need nothing to stand me up as i am not cripple,many believers in GOD were released before our brother and they are on probation but our brother not believing in GOD was simply released and those on probation in mental health can be that way the rest of their lives,so the choice is yours learn how to become an adult and independent controlling that which you can control or stay being a child of GOD giving all your hard work away with credit to a form of SANTA claus designed for adults in this you'll always be weak and accepting of all the world's evil as the reality is you are one and the same,one has GOD and one doesn't. Feel me?

Taalik Ibn'rad     December 23,2007

Peace 4 ever & always:
                       I have never knowingly called you an uncletom or traitor as i do not read this in your words,we only disagree in method of what is best to resolve a problem of which is the condition of the so called blackman in america.I do not consider myself a champ of the people however i do feel as an adult and lover of my people i should encourage us to become our best,i would never suggest to our people not to seek knowledge or education no matter the type as this is endless,we can't know all things.
   Contrary to popular belief even street education is valuable as how may could survive on the streets without being exploited or suffering a nervous breakdown when we are used to comfort and persons we voluntarily decide to associate with,all i am saying to you is education alone is not in certain forms going to be able to uplift a people from a horrid condition that took generations to develop. I am no champ however many great black people known and unknown died and suffered in order for me to live the way i do,so it is only right for me to pass down the favor as it was passed down to me,i do not know it all and what you say have great validity but i've been active in this civil rights struggle since i was 13 and now i am close to 50 years of age,my experience comes from life,comes from books,videos etc. comes from speaking with freedom fighters like a LOUIS FARRAKHAN,JESSE JACKSON and other older freedom fighters less known,i have to fight within the limits of what i know and experience,i invite those who can show a better way into the forum but many only offer lipservice and critize others work but have no work to show of their own,this website was formed to bring my view of a solution to this condition and i talk to all races of people and even thou we may not agree,we have learned to talk,like i said i am open to difference and not a know it all,i even allow others to post their articles on my site as i am not afraid of marketing of what has been proven for decades failure,folks write to talk to me not discuss these failures as the time has come for a new approach and the beginning is to eliminate the idea of GOD or make this teaching beneficial as it is not at this time,in the past religion helped the struggle of blacks now it only creates hate and division in the guise of love and peace.
   You spoke of your immature side this is not a game for me nor do i view anything in an immature or childish manner you gave me the answer to our communication problem as you are really into self,as you said immature not me you sound pretty grounded but you have allready made up your mind about things having no life experience or no active re-lationship with the people,i have been in the street and i go into the boardrooms with our people,so i can get an idea of how they think,even on your page folks are calling you uncletom,why? Unless they really get to know you,it sounds like you are a sell out cause you got yours and we know in many cases blacks kiss ass to get what they want or be able to perform three times what another may have to show.
In Conclusion, i am a realist and it is very insulting for you to suggest that all blacks are seeking easy money,nothing was easy about 400 years of slavery,being raped,being castrated,being tar & feathered,they don't have enough money to amount to this pain & suffering,however if we had true leadership,a true plan of action and this government was true,it could give a people it harmed a limited amount of monies to help them heal a 400 year old injury the goevrnment refuses to heal or can't do itself.whether you like it or not this issue is an injury that will not go away no time soon,reparations if handled properly will place the burden upon blacks,the government can always say we did what we could,look what ya'll did but in this they can't give reparations to any tom,dick & harry as blacks must have one leader,one direction,one plan as all independent nations do,i hope to become such catalyst.
  again, i agree with your opinion about education however for an individual it is fine for a people it is not realistic as in america,the educated take care of the un-educated all can't be expected to earn degress some are content with mopping floors or cooking a burger but all deserve the right to seek better and live a descent life,this is not about money and greed,this is what created the problem,this is about justice,fairness,equality being a equal citizen of this country of going to a place where such is a reality or find earth we can call our own,as long as we play this demented game the way it is expected of us to do,we'll always be the loser,we need to stop believing in all these lies fed to us daily by those who know the melting pot is fake and those who wish to avoid reparations as reparations will open a can many want kept closed,as america has done evil to many and it hurts paying out monies in damages,money you gained by free labor and the exploitation of others,feel me?
Taalik Ibn'rad .... to dieNigger187  An explaination of my name is posted on my website please feel free and invite others to visit

December 23,2007  to dieNigger187>>>>>

CASHFLO23 said on 12/23/07:



 First off you cant even come close to comparing God with a Cable man. The Cable Man didnt create you God did.
 Second no one sold me the idea of God. Yes I went to a Lutheran School and learned the Religion to get a grade but it wasnt any one thing that people told me to make me believe what anyone says. I didnt start practicing the word until my first year in college and the Lord began to deal with me. I began to finally understand the words I've read all my life. Jesus opened my eyes to the light and the truth. God gave me a gift to recognize truth from lies. I can always tell when someone is lying and what are truths and what are fakes.
 Heaven does exist, it is a city called New Jerusalem. Jesus is the King of this city in heaven. Its like you said the human body is just a vessel, but there is a spirit inside of that vessel and your spirit has to go somewhere or it would be just a wandering lost soul forever. This is why God made a Heaven and a Hell. The Devil is loosed on earth making the world as evil as it was ever before. When the Devil loses to God he will be casted into the lake of fire and evil will exist no more. No one gets into Heaven if you dont have Jesus. Jesus is the one that Judges, not God. God empowered his son to handle all things on earth. Jesus existed but other religions including your Muslims and The Jews choose to lie about him about who he really is.  Just like what little girls do they lie on another female to get the man that they want or alter the truth so that man wont like her anymore.  You or me will never understand God's will and I am happy to be a servant or Child of God. All things that I do for him is for the greater good and I am happy to serve him. I am sure he exist so sure that no one not even the Devil himself can knock me off my square. This is called Faith. You have to Believe first in order for God to deal with you. If you didnt trust a Doctor to have surgery on you then would you let him do it? Your life is in his hands and if you say no you cant work on me then he wont. The same is with God if you dont have faith for him to work on you then he wont work on you.  You have to Trust and Believe in him first then he will present himself to you.
The Death of Jesus made everything new. Its not contradicting if everything is made new through Jesus. If you only eat certain kinds of foods then you are weak in faith. The Old Testament in the Bible is the Jewish religion. We dont have to hold on to the Old Laws anymore because we are renewed through Christ.  Jesus had twelve disciples. Jesus was sent on earth to show us how to live and he taught his Gospels and Ministry through his Apostles. The rest of the New Testament is made of epistles,which are concerned with matters of Doctrine.  Jesus's Apostles wrote the books of the Bible in the New Testament. Not just any man. Yes it went through many translations but the words are the same.
I never said that there were acceptions to rules according to flesh. Not just Christians but all men are weak in the flesh. Im sorry to hear about your brother for Ten years but, he never called on God to help him.  Thats why it took him Ten years. If you dont call or pray for God to help then guess what? He wont. If you dont have faith in God and show you have faith then God wont help you. God knows what you are going to do before you think about doing it.  If he would have called on him in the first place maybe it would have been under a year instead of just only ten years or maybe it wouldnt have happened at all. People tend to call on God when they are in trouble and not call on him when they dont need him anymore.  You should call on God in times of need and when you are doing well.  Muslims also are weak in the flesh or else why would they have 5 wives? Why do there woman have to wear mask and full body garments? Because other men will be tempted to touch one of their wives flesh? I certainly think so even if you say otherwise.
Different people have different convictions. A particular conviction may be good for one individual and wrong for another. God doesnt deal with us in the same ways, but meets us at our own levels. Some Christians have a strong conviction against going to public beaches and think that all Christians should avoid them. If going to a beach brings you problems of lust, then you shouldnt go. But you shouldnt set a universal Christian standard because of one persons personal hang-up.
  If God has convicted someone about eating meat, that person shouldnt eat meat. By the same token, he shouldnt assume that God has convicted everyone of the same thing and that anyone eating meat is a backslider. According to paul, those who are weak in the faith eat vegetables; those who are strong in the faith eat anything. Paul said that all things are to be received with thanksgiving. The New Testament prescribes no dietary restrictions as found in the Old Testament, and a Christian can eat pork or ham without violating any biblical precept. Whether we eat meat or abstain from meat and eat vegetables, we thank God for our food. If you have a strong conviction, dont judge those who lack it. LIkewise, if you have no conviction, dont condemn those who are convicted. Simply accept and receive one another in love.
All of Marvel comic books could be symbolism I agree with that. We all have different Gifts that God gives to us to either do Good or Bad but the choice will and always be ours thanks be to Jesus. All followers of Christ are indeed heros and will be honored by Christ upon his return. His return will be very soon by the way because he told me so through a prophet. A seal of the Bible has been broken. You will want to believe in Christ before his return or you will experience a Great Tribulation. The Anti-Christ is here and he will be successful at Uniting the World through the United Nations to form the One World Government. If you thought Hitler was bad your going to experience someone worst than he is. This is the Devils son and I urge you to find Jesus before he comes back to get his believers. Jesus doesnt want this to happen to anybody but if you lack in your faith he will not save you from this Anti-Christ.  The Anti-Christ will present himself as though he is God. Perform spectacular miracles and even bring fire from the sky to win over souls. This is the type of signs that people wants to prove that you are God and the Devil knows this. Also this is why God doesnt do such things as these. He will reign for seven years and act like God and bring peace the first two years. Will sign a peace treaty with Israel for ten years. He will break the treaty with Israel the 3rd year and begin his reign of destruction and death for whoever doesnt take the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is barcodes that gets scanned when you buy food or other things you buy. His number 666 is encoded in that bar. There will be no more money because you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. A micro-chip will be planted into peoples right hands or foreheads and if you dont accept this mark you will be terminated. So how many people do you think will take this mark to avoid death? The answer is millions.

Peace 4 ever & always CASHFLO23,

                                                  December 24,2007... Of course i can't compare GOD to a cableperson as the cableman is real while the GOD is fictional only a reality in those who force their brains to accept that which can't be detected by the brain,those who ignore the brain of which has been designed to aid your life form to survive upon the earth,the brain reacts to our reality if the brain can't detect it then it doesn't exist,unfortunately unlike animals we as humans can make our brains imagine other realities and these realities are called fiction and many of us enjoy fiction,we enjoy the unreal and have been programmed to accept unrealities from a child,we are fed 24 hours a day images of talking animals that do human things,fairytales,santa claus,easter bunny etc. Then the process of upgrading fiction to fit a more adult mind,then we are given JESUS,MUHAMMAD and the list goes on whatever that fits ones fancy.We come into this world knowing nothing so since this GOD has never spoken to you personally you accepted some man's made up teachings due to your weakened state of the inability to think that was nourished thru exposure of cartoon characters & general fiction and unreality is accepted because we feel it is valid since it's lasted thousands of years,as time goes on SPIDER-MAN could also in the future be considered the same but this doesn't make him real but a future people could accept him as a reality cause no one is around to say yeah or nay,there is no one alive from 2000 years ago to say whether or not such events or people ever happened in these books of GOD,so it is easy to peddle a lie and belief and faith must be asked of the believer cause the brain tells us something is wrong but we ignore the warning in hopes of some truth due to the sad condition of our lives and society in general, a condition caused by men,easily resolved by men but men have been trained to depend on some GOD to take care of the situation as well as become cowardly afraid to challenge the wicked even thou this GOD is suppose to be so powerful.Again,such teaching is accepted without checking for proper I.D. and the believers are turned into mindless zombies,voluntary slaves as you are example of.

Nobody is going to shake my faith and faith is needed since no evidence can be offered in what is clearly fiction.This has been taught for 1000's of years what you talk about has been said over & over again and when we're both dead and gone the lie,the falsehood will continue as JESUS hasn't returned in 2000 years why should he return in the next 2000? There is no proof of any souls wandering around nor all of this other maddness described in biblical drama,this is so sad in that believers in GOD are the majority of people on earth and the major influence but they do not like the world they influenced so they seek an alternate world a heaven for their good and a hell for their unrighteous,how this is determined we've yet to know as no one has came from heaven or hell to tell us about such places,fairytales.JESUS never taught his followers to eat swine in fact JESUS stated he did not come to deny the prophets of the past he came to uphold the old laws and bring new laws,he never stated that what the prophets of old taught was in error,in fact if JESUS was a JEW he could not encourage the eating of swine flesh,but then again we can make what we want from this,enjoy your BARBEQUE! Since the GOD himself has not made himself clear it is no shock the BIBLE can be interpreted anyway one views fit as many believers would also agree that swine should not be eaten but ya'll like them pork sandwiches and the ELLEN! You can make your GOD whatever you want to fit your individual need or fantasy,also i wonder why you keep asking me questions about MUSLIM'S & their faith that is for them to answer as for me it is only an arab form of christianity and just as confusing and fictional in nature but keep the faith.

In conclusion,you want to downgrade BRO. WRAY'S victory over mental health as he doesn't give credit to no GOD but the fact is 10 years or not he freed himself without help from some GOD & many believer's in GOD are still locked up by them after being locked up over 30 years.Bro.Wray went to CHURCH and watched them praying and crying but for over 30 years no answer in fact it is believers in GOD who are helping this evil called mental health to justify unlawful incarceration,they say pray to GOD but none will go the courts to help in this freedom,as you yourself stated once so many hypocrites.Bro.Wray was released due to the natural order of things as he don't control people's minds nor the timing of the courts but when these things aligned themselves he knew the result and this is where faith and belief serves it's purpose and he was rewarded never submitting to falsehood,the believers in GOD still remain behind bars.You have no evidence to show a belief in GOD would of caused his incarceration to be less because he had a strong belief in GOD when he was first locked up,he began to question GOD when his prayers went unanswered and you DO NOT have the ability or authority to judge his sincerity in that belief.Slaves in america prayed to GOD and it took over 400 years for them to gain freedom i think brother did good and there are believers in GOD just being found innocent of crimes after serving 20 or more years in prison just now being freed,Believers in GOD die from cancer,car accidents,childbirth,murder,heart attacks and the list goes on and on,believers suffer,non-believers suffer the same things both good and bad this is reality,it is life.If you feel such teaching has somehow helped you then i am happy for you but it is only a placebo or false medication,false medication is given to those who believe and have faith in drugs and the doctor knows they don't need it but the person has molded his mind into believing in illness that doesn't exist so he wants some drug to help cure him,he will quickly state how good he feels after taking the drugs but all he got was a sugar pill that has no medicinal value,if you decided to live your life without thnking about some GOD just for 6 months you'll experience your life no different but unfortunately you've trained yourself you are weak and sick so once again you'll seek the sugar pill and claim you feel better.I do not need a sugar pill or some other crutch as i am not cripple or sick physically or mentally whatever GOD has he can keep it,i am well able to get what i want for myself and if i can't get it i don't need it or can live without it,no matter how pretty you makes it sound you do not present evidence GOD exists or that he is the author of any good that came to you,i would suggest that you wake up from this dream,,,RING RING RING RING!!!!


DECEMBER 24,2007

CASHFLO23 said:always CASHFLO23, December 24,2007... Of course i can't compar...
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So tell me what would convince you that God is real since you need some form of I.D. What I.D does God have to show you? If he shows you who is a non-believer then he has to show the world his I.D. Saying yea I created all of you here is my I.D. I am God. The Devil can rise up and give you a Fake I.D and say I am God. God chooses to talk to you in the spirit because he is not some man that can walk in front of you and say hi I am God. God is not flesh he is a spirit. He sent his son to die on the Cross so we can be freed from the Devils chains and give us the gift of his spirit if you choose to accept it. If you were God and you created all on earth would you answer all who demands to see God right now if they didnt believe in you?  If I was God I wouldnt show myself to all believers but to the ones who have God's spirit only and talk through them. I wouldnt have to prove myself to someone who doesnt believe in me when i know i created you.
You also said yourself that your not an Atheist. But you say God is a Fictional character. Thats Contradicting Because if you think that God is a Fictional character then you are indeed An Atheist not a realist because you yourself have no real answers for this world so you want to point the finger at everyone else for trying to put their faith on you. You being an atheist I understand where you are coming from you need miraculous signs to show you God exist. When the Anti-Christ presents himself to the world he will do so and because you dont have Jesus you will be easily fooled into believing he is God because of his miraculous signs. You will say to yourself HE MUST BE GOD IF HE CAN DO THAT. He will suck you right in if that is your form of I.D. Nobody can shake my faith because my faith is strong in Jesus. I believe he exist and I will not perish the wrath of God.
The Ellen D show? Pork sandwiches? lol naw i dont like either. But I will Fry me up some Pork Chops then eat me some B-B-Q Baby Back Ribs. I love my Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back Ribs. Probably eat me a Ham Sandwich while cooking both the Chops and Ribs. But i will first give thanks to my Lord before doing so and he will bless my food. If God dont want us to eat it then why didnt he just erase it from earth? God made us rulers of all beast on this earth so we can eat whatever we want if we are rulers of all beast. He already tried that with Adam and Eve and they both failed. He kicked them out of the Garden of Eden for disobeying him. So why not the same when it comes to pork? Why are you even worried anyway about what we eat if you dont even believe in God's Laws or for that matter a God?
Its terrible for anyone to go to any type of prison because it is Hell on earth but we also have Heaven on earth too. I never intended that my comment would seem like it downplayed your brother because Jail is just a terrible place to be. But i have to question his faith because Ive seen people lose their faith in such places when it should become stronger. If you lose your faith in that place then what do you think what will happen when the Anti-Christ gives him a choice to worship him or God and kill you if you choose God? He is going to choose the devil and live because he would say to himself why would God put me in a situation like this? He gave you all the warnings and signs before his return but you wont listen. Some people need to stop talking so much and start listening to what God is trying to tell you. God is a mysterious being and who am I to justify what he is doing because he does things for the greater good and we will never understand his will.
Slaves didnt even believe in God for a long time we believed in our own things. It took a long time for us to actually accept the White name given to us because we still had African pride. We still tried to keep our customs alive even tho we were dead in slavery. When our history was completely wiped out like 4 or 5 generations later we began to look for new answers and that answer was in Jesus because some of the people who had Jesus didnt have that evil slave master who wanted to beat the men and rape our women all the time. We were freed when all black slaves accepted Jesus as our Saviour. You also say that most white men are devils. The Devils enslaved us and we are freed when we seeked Jesus. Jesus's death was the same way, The Devil had souls in chains and Jesus came in spirit and freed them. The Jewish Halocast wouldnt never happend if they didnt reject Jesus. Jesus is the only person that can save you from the Devil. No man can serve two masters the blacks had slave masters and when we found Jesus he became our master and he freed us because we cant have two.  Abraham Lincoln got killed for doing what is right, He thought slavery was Immoral and just like all great people who speaks the truth about things happening in life get killed or ridiculed for speaking the truth.
Sir i am weak but that only makes me strong in spirit, strong in faith and Strong in Christ Jesus. The Lord makes me stronger and stronger with Wisdom and Knowledge and even stronger in Truth. I am awake and my strong Lord opens my eyes to more and more truths everyday. The Lord lets me see how clearly your Truth is such a Lie.


                                                               Peace 4 ever & always:

                                                                                                  If i were GOD i would have no problem in making myself clearly known as parents do with children,parents make sure that you are of their seed and in many cases others as well as the government will testify to this so chances are if you also decide to get a DNA TEST it is a clear cut issue,however this GOD DOESN'T make himself clearly known,no person has testified that GOD IS indeed our creator or other outside source other than the belief system itself,why wouldn't i make myself known to people as does the officer show his badge unless he is undercover,is your GOD Undercover? If so what is the purpose of being undercover? I am a REALIST not an Athiest as i give the benefit of a doubt that such maybe real but can't promote such until existence is proven and even if GOD does exist he is a poor excuse for a creator or father figure as the world's condition bares witness to,so in this i am not impressed by a being that is suppose to be so wise and powerful and he acts cowardly for he allows another fictional being called a devil do anything he wants to his children,this GOD refuses to protect his offspring from the devil's vicious attacks and he is an unfit parent as no parent in his right mind would give a child free will and a child the responsiblity to run  HOUSE this is why there are babysitters,children lack the maturity to be left alone in a house of where dangers lurk,so it is no shock that the earth is filled with havoc as this neglectful parent called GOD has left his children alone and allow them to have full run of the house,this sounds like a case for the division of family services then this GOD has an affair with another man's wife and gets her pregnant,he makes the son of this union to go spread his doctorine but when the son gets in trouble he sits back and allows him to be killed on a cross but yet this GOD IS suppose to have the power to save us but unable to save his own son? There is no father in their right mind going to sit back and allow someone to kill their baby if they've the power to stop it,even this being a fictional story what makes it sad even in fiction this GOD has no power but is arrogant wanting continious praise and worship,24 hours of singing and dancing etc. AND the believers get nothing except a good feeling if this is the case you'd do better smoking crack or drinking yourself with liquor t death,what GOD is so arrogant & bighead he gets a thrill out of prayer & worship to him and in the past animals & humans were killed for him,i bet that lamb,goat or perhaps a human who was having his throat slashed in the name of GOD don't feel this GOD is so great.

The slaves of the united states were first brought here on ships named after characters of the bible,in fact the old gospel hymns sung by slaves crying for JESUS was not based on the fictional character of the BIBLE it was crying to get back to the slaveship named JESUS so they could go home.The BIBLE was not used to free the slaves it was used to justify the practice of commercial slavery as according to the biblical story the prophet NOAH had gotten drunk and his son HAM ( no relation to the pig ) saw him drunk and naked and began to laugh,this angered NOAH so he cursed HAM'S progeny black and made to serve others,the caucasion european viewed this as GOD given permission to do what they done and what is funny is that this GOD HAS NEVER written anything,The BIBLE is a book based on ancient african tales manufactured to base a religion so  again since caucasions wrote the BIBLE IT is no shock the prophet's son's progeny wasn't cursed white and made to serve others.CHRISTIANITY with no doubt is a slavemaking religion,it has a violent history and has never produced the peace it claims it represents and blacks even today will defend the religion used to enslave their ancestors and such religion is the root of caucasion supremacy as the cross is used to burn blacks at the stake or in their yards if lucky. Abraham Lincoln did not give a damn about slavery his issue was to keep the union united,freeing the slaves was an issue used to bring support to keeping the united states one country in fact Mr. Lincoln supported reparations and separation of the races as in his day he said never will a caucasion accept a slave to be an equal,it is clear you have limited knowledge of civil war history and if this GOD as you say in accepting JESUS CAUSED this freedom i am not impressed as it was low quality freedom,even till this day the children of slaves are treated as 4th class citizens and must beg again for any gains they thought they has allready made,the eating of swine was forced upon the slave as well as the belief in JESUS so it is no surprise that you love swine and JESUS as this poison has been passed to the generations more eaten or believed in than the persons who forced it on their ancestors,this is so sad and they wear the tool used to murder their ancestors and the beloved JESUS AROUND their necks,like one would wear the hatchet that killed your mother around your neck,surely you have become lost,dazed and severely confused but then again you are still a slave but unlike the slaves of the past you are voluntary and proud of your slaveship and the religion that makes slaves or servants.

You continue talking about a devil,GOD,anti-christ characters that DO NOT exist your story sounds pretty just like HARRY POTTER but you do not present no evidence in support in fact no evidence has been presented for over 2000 years,the reason you are weak is because you fill your mind with all of this fantasy and it is delusional in that in any way you could be getting stronger as this teaching is poison and have done so all over the globe so poison the believers themselves wish to leave the world they influenced to go to an alternate world they call heaven and they hope to avoid hell with it's fire that can burn spirits forever at the same time physical fire can't hurt a spirit,your belief system is full of contradictions and just utter nonsense,so again it is no surprise that you call my words a lie,so would a child taught to believe in santa claus the liar parents get angry with those who tell their baby the truth and then the liar parents get angry at the child for telling lies when it is the parent that began the baby's journey into LIE dom,i am a realist and will point all into the acceptance of the reality of life while your belief system offers them a ride to a form of disneyland a barnum & bailey world of where nothing is what it seems to be,since you are a child of god,children are entertained by fantasy,this GOD DOESN'T impress me he hasn't shown nothing that you can't acheive yourself as many do on a daily basis,you suffer with all your belief the same ills as any other person then you will die never to be seen again,sounds sad but it's reality and happens to every life form on earth,what makes you different? The difference is you are able to make up fictional stories all the while,trees,dogs,swine,fish etc. do not,i have stated no lies the lies you cry about is imbedded within your belief system that enslaves people and it's history is of extreme violence & hatred not love and peace,it is clear you are not a seeker of truth just an excuse maker and obsessed fan of the religious form of HARRY POTTER a sheep an animal that can be herded anywhere,seek and you shall find.



 I am indeed a realist because i seek truth, you on the other hand you are an Atheist. If you believe that God is a Fictional character then that is what your are. Just like an Atheist you need proof ,an I.D ,a miraculous sign to marvel at to become a believer. Your point of view of REALIST is just your opinion. My point of view of REALIST is truth. Since my definition of Realist is Truth you clearly dont have it.  You also have no evidence of how the first man was to come on earth. Did you come from an Ape then or how about a huge explosion and boom we exist. Your an Atheist spreading lies. Jesus's Christianity didnt start at the american slave trade. Christianity started well before it. Europeans if their so-called Christians are Catholic in Europe. By the time of the slave trade the Roman Catholic was their own religion, Catholicism not Christianity. Catholics rewrote their bible to make it ok to worship idols, images, confess sins to another man and call a priest Father. This is all paganism but the sad thing is that the majority of the world who you call "Believers" are indeed Roman Catholic. If you shy away from Jesus this only leaves room for the Devil to do evil within any system. The Knights Templers who today are called the Knights of Malta are Catholic and are in fact a part of the Illuminatti. The Illuminatti are in fact Satanist who have many branches including the Free Masons, Skull & Bones, The Mafia etc...The list goes on and on. The Christians and Roman Catholics dont use the same bible and again the bible was written up by Jesus's apostles. How do you know Lincoln didnt want us to be slaves? He did say so in a speech by the way. He also stated that he wanted one union so you are right about that but state the whole truth instead of half of it. How do you know that the Romans Conquered Europe or Achilles was a great Greek fighter? What parts of Africa did these bible verses come from since its all fictional in the first place? How do you know anything we were ever taught in history even existed? Like how do you know that blacks were Egyptian Pharohs when Arabs live in that land today? There is no evidence we lived there or Pharohs for that matter. How do we know if Alexander The Great really wrote all of those scrolls everyone considered great? How do we know he stole them? Is there evidence for that? Why do History Scholars(The same people who study all history of the world) use the bible as a reference to find what they are looking for? Must be some truth to the bible being compared to a comic book and all. Why wont History scholars use a comic book as a reference then since its all fictional?
The Bible is not contradicting when the New Testament is what it is New. But your opinions of your so-called reality is full of Contradiction. You think your right when you only see these views? How arrogant is that? You continue to quote the bible but you believe its so fictional. What a waste of time to read a fictional book. My only explanation for that is that you were once a believer and Louis Farrakhan brainwashed you to hate slavemasters who you obviously think they brainwashed us for thinking this. Farrakhan uses the hate of white people dont treat us right to suck people like you right in. Why does Farrakhan care about what the white people did to us in the past instead of doing something right now in the present and maybe for our future? Creating Peace and Harmony in the community can only be done with people in the community so stuff like the Million Man March is useless. Dr. King did that in the 60's, do that once shame on you do that twice shame on us. The only way to become 1st class citizens is to do it through politics and thats the only way. But because the Muslim religion is full of contridiction you decided to not believe at all ,am I right? The Devil knocked you off your square so you turn from Jesus and now you are lost babbling about fictional characters. You are indeed lost in your own opinions.  Can I recommend a book to you? Thats only if you take request but if not disregard this.
A Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary K. Baxter. If you still dont believe after reading this then I wont try to save your soul again I promise.
Jesus said the greatest commandment of all is to "Love God with all thy heart and thy soul". Why isnt this Commandment in the Old Testament or for that matter why isnt it a part of the Ten Commandments? The Ten Commandments are the only Old Laws we have to Follow because everything is made new through Christ. Again, No dietary restrictions were made in the New Testament because Jesus blesses all on earth.
Happy Birthday My Lord Jesus Christ
Merry Christmas to you and have a Happy New Year
Peace & Love

Brother Taalik RESPONDS to cashflo23, 12/25/07

Peace 4 ever & always CASHFLO23,

                                                         It is apparent you make up your own definition for the meaning of words as it is impossible for you to be in any form close to being a REALIST as you are a believer in that which the brain can't detect,a believer in the super natural,to be a realist means your idea is based on the reality of life,something believers in GOD choose to ignore.A realist only accepts facts and i use this simple example....ME = apples come from apple trees,this is a fact not belief    YOU = oranges come from apple trees and i believe apples could grow on a vine,it may be possible that one day an orange may be grown on an apple tree or apples may be grown on a vine,however at this time such is not true in no form so one must believe and have faith of such possibility,so until your belief has evidence that is clear & convincing in support it is a lie that is accepted as truth    Since what you describe is based on belief and not facts it is impossible for you to be a realist you are a believer,you can call yourself whatever you want as the possiblity is you are not even a true believer only some person hyped up,obsessed with the entertainment value protrayed by the church,no more than those found in bars drunk from liquor,for when the alcohol wears off you return to your reality of which you don't like so liquor,drugs and religion gets one drunk so that we may leave our reality if only i could get to heaven!

     I am not concerned with where i came from or how the universe was formed unless it has a connection with my survival. No life form is concerned with where they come from or how the earth was made,they only care about NOW that i am here how will i survive or should i just allow myself to die,religion creates and even science fabricates these stories about human creation something we'll never know just like we really don't know who our parents are,we take their word for it,who cares? Sadly both religion and science wants to teach the masses this fabrication is some form of fact when it's not. The human hasn't learned how to live without violence and the destruction of the earth and the exploitation of all life forms but can tell folks about a creation that they never witnessed,sad and silly.

President Lincoln did not support slavery as this was true of most of the republican party at that time,but he could care less if slavery was allowed to continue or not,his issue was the unification of this country,it should be no shock that many scholars use the BIBLE  for reference but then again who do they represent? Just as many scholars reject the BIBLE so what about them,they call it a fraud but of course you would not refer to them. The powers that be changed TIME in relation to the birth of a fictional character called JESUS it is older than 2007, EGYPT existed prior to any JESUS based on this the year should be 6700 and something but even this is incorrect as men existed years before EGYPT and the AFRICANS have accepted the name africa even thou this was not the continents original name they accept the label of an european explorer,so it is no shock to me scholars reference the BIBLE when we have accepted false time and the naming of a continent the occupants except being renamed,in fact according to the old maps even the EARTH was not called the earth but when the european caucasion came into power they began to rename things and destroyed that which they couldn't change or make it seem they were the authors of such.

In conclusion, i am a lover of my people who are descendants of american slaves i do not need LOUIS FARRAKHAN or a MARTIN KING to feel compassion for them,i respect these great men and their efforts i respect the BLACK CHURCH for it's involvement in the struggle for black liberation,however these methods have been tried and have failed,perhaps helping individuals but not upon the masses who suffer extreme self hatred,fooled by the racist caucasion media,believing just because you have gained some crumbs things are better as they are worse than actual slavery or even the 60's as it was clear who the enemy was but now the enemy hides like the wolf in sheep's clothing,inviting you to a melting pot that has you on the bottom,even in your religion it is separated by race,there is no unification the only winner is the caucasion who made up your belief system and you believe it better than he does as the leaders build heaven on earth and the followers have faith and belief theirs will come in an alternate life,a life never proven will come into existence.

     Politics & religion in it's traditional form has been tried but failed to help the so called negro,religion claims to be that of peace and love but i can hear the hate in your words when one rejects is what is clearly mickey mouse made for adults,it has not improved human life but give reasons to justify hate,murder,theft etc. For me it is better to become dead and never exist rather than submit to what is clearly slavery,my ancestors did not suffer 400 years just for me to become a voluntary slave,perhaps persons like you should become slaves as you must serve something rather it be real or make believe,I will respect some GOD but i'll never submit to a life form that has no more value than myself,this shows how brainwashed you are in that even animals do not look with delight forward to serving another and being a subordinate,so how can you save me when i want to run from the plaintation and you want to run to the plaintation?

You really don't understand religion or politics for if you'd study them you have no choice but to accept the reality of what they really are,tools to control and enslave the people.You are caught up in your opinion as many folks not only me reject the concept of GOD,the youth reject both politics and religion as they can see it's failure while many adults are to proud to admit it's failure,the BIBLE if taken in the right context is a good book,however you make it something spooky and unreal,you make it sound like the mickey mouse club and then one can feel your hate,well u can hate me,i don't mind you rejecting my views cause slowly but surely the masses are leaning towards this view as no one likes to be part of failure and there is no doubt your belief system is fraud and a failure and you are a failure in saving me who rejects your life preserver that is damaged,feel me? As the BIBLE says can the blind lead the blind,your vision is surely not 20/20 but this doesn't mean we are enemies or keep ME  from wishing you a HAPPY NEW 2008.            DECEMBER 25,2007


CASHFLO23 continues to respond to Brother Taalik on 12/27/07


I don't hate you but i hate the Lies you spread. You are not my enemy but even God says Love your enemies.  Not once did you say I was spreading Lies but instead you say that I have hate in my words. So I know the Lord is right when he says Truth Hurts. You say I have hateful words when its only the Lords Gospel. The fact is that you really fear him saying that i turn the Good Book of the Bible into a scary story. All that I am saying is in the Bible and all that reads the Bible God gives warnings to. What I've explained to you what you describe as hate were merely warnings that you fear that could be your Nightmarish REALITY. Politics and not Religion is the only true path to slavery. Politicians lie all the time and we accept this. Politics will bring on this New World Order and the American people will not have any say so because as you've seen Bush already took some of our rights and they will continue to take more until we submit to the American Government so they can have their Police State. When the Police State comes there will be no more marching, they will be allowed to shoot us all down. They want to take all of our rights because they want complete control over us and all of our lives. That is what slavery is and how it will come back into effect. Even though America is free we are still slaves. We have individual social security numbers and home addresses much like people who go to prison. If you don't work and pay your taxes then you starve on the street. Your right about the white racist are Wolves in sheeps clothing hiding their hate for us but its year 2000+ where the Middle-classed citizen will be wiped out so we only have Rich and Poor. You know the saying of that Rich get richer and the poor you know it. Its about rich and poor in the new millennium and the New World Order.  The Rich will rule and buy their way into the Government and all the Poor will be slaves for the Rich to get even more richer.  You say hate because i ask Legitimate Questions about our World. How do we know about the worlds past? We know because someone just like Jesus's Apostles recorded it, thats how we know. I know Religion like the back of my hand I've learned it all my life so who are you to say that i don't know it because you simply fail to understand it? Didn't you question me about the same thing about your Brother Wray? I don't know where his Faith but when you tell me the story of his life then I have to question your Brother's Faith because something isn't right with that story. You say he began to Question God when he got locked up. First you are to never question God. Second you're supposed to call on him all the time instead of just when you're in trouble. Third He got himself put into confinement not God. Finally Fourth, you say he sat in church looking for some kind of Miracle to happen but he really needed to talk to the pastor and Listen to that Word of the day instead of just sitting and leaving looking for some sign.  God warns us about a Great Tribulation lead by the Great Whore. The Great Whore is the Roman Catholic Church that every nation has their way with. Even in W.W.II Hitler had Rome as one of his allies but Rome don't get charged for anything like the Atomic Bomb on Japan and Seizing of a City like Berlin. Rome simply walks free The Vatican City is its own city/state at the same time so Rome gets only a slap on the wrist while the other two allies get severely punished.  Hitler was a member of Skull & Bones and so are U.S. Presidents. Skull&Bones are in FACT Satanist who are part of this Illuminatti.  This Antichrist will rise as a Pope of the Roman Catholic Church so they are indeed not Christian. You also say that we Christians downplay other Christians. This is something we do not do and more and more White people who are Catholic are turning to Christianity because they recognize that it is a fake religion. All Christians are United whether we are Black or White.  I am both a Baptist and a Lutheran Christian and we both use the same Bibles along with other branches of the Christian Churches. Again More and More white people are turning away from the Catholic religion because they recognize it as a fake religion. They are not Christian but are their own Catholic Catholicism who puts their own POPE ahead of Jesus Christ. That is a wrong thing to do. Jesus is and will come back to earth to reclaim his throne and it will be the wrath of God and you will not want to be here when Gods wrath is poured out onto earth because the only way to reach heaven is to become a Martyr. You must Die for Christ just like he died for you.  You say everyone says the same thing for 1000s of years and bla bla bla. God is to NEVER be mocked and not even the Devil himself has the power to change Gods words let alone a single man because neither has a greater power than God. I am indeed a Christian and a Realist because my point of view of Religion is real. God proves himself to me everyday that he is real and my brain excepts it. So God to me is real. God doesn't present himself to people who don't accept his son as Savior of the world. Just because he didn't present himself to you, you don't believe in God. You are indeed an Atheist because you are right more people are feeling like you but they are not realist but indeed an Atheist and thats what they all including you will be labeled. You don't accept his son so God will never show you as what you call an I.D. He shows me his I.D everyday through spirit and works of his followers.
God's Purpose is Peace and Life. God loves you and wants you to experience peace and life-abundant and eternal. We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Why don't most people have this peace and abundant life that God planned for us to have?
The Problem is our separation. God created us in His own image to have an abundant life. He did not make us as robots to automatically love and obey Him. God gave us a will and freedom of choice.  We chose to disobey God and go our own willful way. We still make this choice today. This results in separation from God.  Our choice results in separation from God. If you were at the Grand Canyon and God was on the other side how will you get to him? You need a Bridge not some form of crutch as you call it.
Our attempts to reach God. People have tried in many ways to bridge this gap between themselves and God, through Good Works, Religion, Philosophy and Morality, but no bridge reaches God except one. The Lord Jesus Christ. His Cross is the bridge that will get us to God.  Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose up from the grave. He paid the penalty for our sin and bridged the gap between God and people. For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. God has provided the only way. Each person must make a choice. We must trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and receive Him by personal invitation. Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. You yourself consider yourself an Adult but you are God's Child. Your way of thinking and everyone on earth are like children. Your way of thinking is not nearly advanced as God's we don't even come close to his even as an old man as old as 100 years old. God has seen all life times and his wisdom and knowledge is far deeper and superior than our own. This is why we are his children. But you are right my vision is not 20/20 but 40/40 because the Lord has opened my eyes to what lies are being perceived as the Truth when they are not really Truths but Lies. What must happen will happen and if my black people are not meant to rule alongside with these evil Devils that runs the world then so be it. There will be nothing that i can do about that no matter how hard I try to make a change in this society because what must happen will happen. You are also right about Malcolm and Martin making things worst for us hiding their racist faces behind a police badge and a Judges Mallet but i respect those men because of the Goodness in their heart trying to make America a better place for me and you. I get heat all the time from family and friends when I say Martin and Malcolm and other world leaders only making things worst but their intentions are good but I always stand by my statement because i know it is true. There was nothing that they can do for Good hearted men to plead their case to the Devil. The Devil don't even care about himself let alone people who inhabit the earth, so why cry and plead with the enemy in the first place? feel me?
In Conclusion, You must let go of your restlessness, your excessive curiosity, your longing for success, and your habit of collecting things that stroke your ego.
The best way to let go of these things is to cultivate an inner silence where you may come to experience your Lord's presence.  If you do this every day of your life, you will make real progress in denying yourself.
Sitting in your Lord's presence will calm you, soften your temper, humble your know-it-all attitude, and restrain your impatience. You will be made aware of your Lord, and the needs of your neighbor. God has blessed you in making you so sensitive. Things that would hardly bother other people touch you to the core. You are troubled or pleased by nothing halfway! But I warn you to guard yourself against your likes and dislikes since they are so passionately expressed.
Inner Realities.  Avoid anything that drains or excites you. Don't expect to feed your inward life if you live only for what is outward. You really must learn to renounce all that makes you too outspoken in your conversation. How are you going to cultivate an inner silence if you are always talking? You cannot want God and the things of the world at the same time. Don't you realize that your prayer will be affected by what you cultivate in your daily life? Fear your excessive enthusiasm, your taste for things of the world, and your hidden ambitions. Don't get so excited over politics and parties. If you get too worked up, it will be harder to calm yourself before God. Speak little and work steadily. Let actions take the place of flowery words.  After you deal with your your wandering thoughts, you must learn to come to God to renew your strength. Learn to do this even amidst the mundane tasks of the day. Keep looking to the Lord for His gentle leading. But don't be so noisy that you cant hear Him! You will lose your way the minute you decide to go your own way.  When you seek God's will alone, you find it everywhere, and you cannot go astray. Wanting what God wants always puts you on a straight path. The future is not yet yours; it may never be. Live in the present moment. Tomorrow's grace is not given to you today. The present moment is the only place where you can touch the eternal realm. 
to Recieve Christ:
1. Admit your need. (I am a sinner)
2. Be willing to turn from your sins.(repent)
3. Believe that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross and rose from the grave.
4. Through prayer, invite Jesus Christ to come in and control your life through the Holy Spirit. (Receive Him as Lord and Savior.)
You have a blessed day and have a good start to 2008.

Peace 4 ever & always CASHFLO23:

                                                             As we enter 2008 many being so blind and weak who choose to be so like yourself decide to continue the mantle of a belief system that is finding it's way like that of the dinosaur,the words that you echo have been said for centuries and they are not your own,only a copy of a version handed down by deceived individuals,you admit many are turning away from such kindergarten like beliefs,why? The masses are turning away not because of your made up excuse to justify their being in rejection of a 2000 year old message,they turn away because like all things even falsehood must come to an end or brought to light.After over 2000 years the belief system has proven itself being false and a failure,something you keep calling real,but is in no way a part of reality,it is like using a certain method to climb a mountain.When it is clear that way is not going to make the climb due to your limited resources it is best to abandon that method and choose another,your belief system has had 2000 or more years to demonstrate all that you say,none of what it teaches has come true,with evidence that is clear & convincing. It would not be wise to continue exercising a method that has had 2000 years to prove itself and asks for 2000 years more,this would put an operation out of business and slowly but surely your church and these religious systems in general are going the way of the DODO bird,so such systems are going into panic mode or are becoming content happy with the faithful like yourself,sailing on a ship like the TITANIC that has hit an iceburg and no matter how they prayed the ship still sunk,your boat is sinking no matter how pretty you try to articulate your words as they have been said before for over 2000 years,nothing you say is new,only constantly making excuses for some GOD you never met,only feel and that could be from smoking weed or constipation.

Unfortunately in this world we have people who need something to believe in or some crutch,religion if it is taken in the right context can be a good crutch to inspire one to do better and become strong,however at one time religion was a crutch for me until i realized i could walk without it.Persons like you have been brainwashed to believe you can't walk on your own and will not even try or become like those who believe they are ill so they can take drugs of which they feel is healing them,many doctors give these people placebos and they act like it's the real thing,it is clear you are not sick but you need a placebo,you believe without this belief in some GOD or religion you can't stand and won't even try and then you invite someone like me,who is strong enough to walk without a crutch to join you in a wheelchair,i have never seen a physically fit person intentionally ignore his fitness for the life of a wheelchair something you and many others have done,very sad.

What is ever so amazing is that you are proud of being cripple and GOD is going to reward your voluntary handicap,this is unreal. No one in their right mind would choose a life of being handicap over being independent,I do not need some 2000 year old lie mixed with truth fairytales to guide me,that is why like yourself i was given a brain,unfortunately instead of using logic,common sense and a little research/reason you are proud to be a voluntary slave to mickey mouse like teachings. Truth like beauty is in the eye of the beholder but that doesn't make it true,you call my words lies not because you prove them lies,only because you have become loyal to a 2000 year old system of deceit that your JESUS if he did exist had nothing to do with,i suggest you use the web to research the history of the LUTHERAN CHURCH and CHRISTIANITY in general it is not a pretty picture.

You hype yourself to believe that in some shape or form you are telling some truth,one doesn't have to believe and have faith if you have the truth.You keep speaking about you are real in the belief in GOD and you are,but what is sad is that GOD doesn't exist,so it is a waste of time.A woman who was the former prime minister of PAKISTAN said on tell lie vision that she'll be strong in her conviction and GOD will protect her,a few months ago.Today her GOD failed and she was killed just like her father many years ago,it would seem the secret service does a better job of protection than GOD,but of course your excuse will be she didn't believe or worshipped the wrong GOD,at the same time those who believe as you do die just like any other people in car accidents,from AIDS,from diabetes,etc. There is nothing special about you and if you declare such,a demented person will put you to the test and shoot your church up,that is reality....wake up from your dream.

How am i telling a lie? No one has met GOD,have they? I have students on my job who major in WORLD HISTORY they all say they are not taught that JESUS or MUHAMMAD was included in any historical events,why? These suppose to be real people are only found in religious books nowhere else,they have no relatives in 2007,no other documents support their existence during the time they allegedlly lived,there is no evidence ,the suppose to be miracles in the BIBLE happened and nothing close have been recorded recently,how are you real believing in what is clearly mother goose stories?

How can your HATE be truth that i mistaken,there is nothing truthful about what you say as it is not based in facts or reality only faith and belief and if that is what floats your boat then roll with it,however here your boat is anchored it is not sea worthy. There is nothing you say that scares me nor do i fear,death is natural and i do not mind going back into non-existence. All those stories about punishment for rebellion against GOD even if real of which there is 99.9% chance it is falsehood i am willing to suffer as i refuse to serve a GOD who is a poor protector,adulterer,bully,

giver of false promises and the sad list goes on. In Conclusion, the activities of religion have nothing to do with the attempt to begin  a police state,religion has caused at the root problem some of the war that begets rich and poor,in fact RACE is used to hide the reality of the wanting a separation between rich and poor like you also said the beginning of a different form of slavery in this we should spend more time if we continue the conversation of where we have common interests rather than differ of opinion as you can not convert me and i only state my opinion no attempt at so called conversion intended as we are both products of our experience and i seek more of those who share my views rather than this long winded arguement of where no winner will exist and it would be silly on my part to continue the waste of energy being like the climber using a method that kept him on the bottom of the mountain,  (I might not get there with you but i've been to the mountain top!!!!),I got there with no help from some GOD (smile)

HAPPY 2008,never enemies....12/27/07

DECEMBER 28,2007

Peace 4 ever & always FLO of CASH23:
                                                            You are example in that even thou we may have difference of opinion or method of action,it seems we do believe in doing the right thing not just for ourselves but for the benefit of humanity as a whole regardless of race,creed,religion and all that other stuff. I will not call you brainwashed anymore as you've only chosen the weapon of preference in this battle as one would choose a gun over a sword ( I choose the gun it is more modern Your words are always knowledgable and thought out,you do not speak with any ignorance,i wish more believers in GOD were like you if they must claim such. I do want you to know i do publish your words on my website in the visitor's pages just like you written them,I have no problem that your words inspire someone to become better,we must crawl before we can walk and all were weak before they became strong,our true enemies are one and the same.Even thou i refuse to accept a belief in GOD, i fight for righteousness and the freedom of not only humans but for all the life forms on the earth as well as the planet itself,it is our physical home,it feeds our life and should be respected as such not expolited for certain group or individual gain as has been the case going on for centuries. I have the greatest respect for you and your words gave me no choice offering detailed explaination of your position not having not one time to continue this back and forth battle of opinion difference as we are what we are and like the wicked have no problem teaming up against the righteous we who want to do good and practice righteousness should team against falsehood and the wicked,after we defeat the wicked even if it is with the help of GOD our differences can be settled after such a great victory,feel me? So on that note if we continue to talk not let it be about our differences but about our common objective and that is to wake the masses up to the realities of the activies of evil you have so described over  over again that threatens life on this planet as well as the children of GOD,PEACE in 2008.
your brother,
                     Taalik Ibn'rad

On Dec 28, 2007 1:33 PM, <CASHFLO23 wrote:
For the Record, I am not Brainwashed (lol) in any form or sort. I know the history of Christianity and how it was spread and I look past that. I know the history of the Lutheran (Martin Luther) He left the Catholic Church because he also recognized it was a fake. The Last straw with him is when he claims to be possesed by demons but that was when he was in the Catholic Church. Luther just like Christians today believe Catholics are Christian but are not. When Luther saw this he left and created his own. I am well aware of the History and I am not brainwashed.
The Pakistan lady is a Muslim and I've said it before the Muslim religion is not real. If you dont have Jesus Who is our Bridge to God then you will not be protected by God that simple.  Jewish, Muslims and Catholics dont have Jesus as their Savior. But Jesus is recorded in their so-called Holy Books.  My only explanation for Jesus not being in History books is this. Jesus only represents religion so why would anyone put Jesus in a History Book? Julius Ceaser, Pontius Pilate and Nero existed during Jesus's time but thats also not mentioned at all anywhere in History. Jerusalem is not really in the History books except for the Crusade. History only wants to record battles and people who took over land because History is evil in its own way. They fabricate everything thats in the History books. Christopher Columbus is known for Discovering America but they hide the fact that he Cut off peoples hands for Gold and did Genocide against natives of the Land he landed on. Historians say that Egypt had great Egyptian Pharohs who built a marvelous Wonder the Pyramid. But they also hid the Fact that those Egyptians were Black Africans because Arabs live in that land this day. They say Swahilli is a black african Language and it is but, the language was created to trade between Africans and Arabs it was our trade language even tho some countries still use it to this day it came from trading. Even Alexander the Great they say he was a great warrior and strategic planner but they hide that he stole scrolls from Egypt for the philosophy that so many people honors and respects and calls Ancient Greeks the best Philosophers of all time. What an out-rage The guy killed his own father to become King and not only he had two wives but he had a husband too. They wont say that he is Great and a Faggot. So it just doesnt suprise me that Jesus is not in history books because he was hated for telling the truth to people (the Jews) he was supposed to save.  For some reason everybody in the World wants to conquer Israel but for what reason? For 1000's of years people were fighting over that small piece of land. Was it because that land is so fertile or because they know some form of truth happend there and they are either protecting it or keeping it to keep the Truth from getting out. That place is the only part of the World that is called "Middle" so if God had a son(which he did) then the middle is where he would be. Why did the Jews build a building at the very spot Jesus was Crucified at? It makes no sense to build a building for someone you never believed in but Orthodox Jews continue to curse Jesus to this day. But they never say he didnt exist. The Muslims go so far as saying Jesus was a prophet but not the Son of Man. They also wont say he didnt exist. Muslims and Jews alike believed half of Jesus's truths and not the whole truth.  I know Jesus is coming because Gays are marrying each other, Jewish People are now violent, The Catholic Churches are holding upsidedown crosses and worshipping images and idols. Innocent people are going to jail, Little kids are getting shot up younger and younger. More male babies are being born more than ever. People are flashing satanic signs and it is cool among the public like starbucks logo, AOL logo, CBS logo, all seeing eye is on the back of the U.S dollar bill, and even the Rapper Jay-z ,a Freemason now, is throwing up his Roc-a-Fella sign with one eye seeing through his triangle. There are a lot more but i cant name them because i dont know all of Satans signs but i am not blind to them and I am seeing what people are accepting. Even the American and British Rockers do the Satanic Horn sign just like those guys do in Texas,those Longhorn fans. Even George Bush needed 9/11 ,which went down like a controlled Demolition , to rip up our rights and the next president will continue the work and play his part because every U.S president but 5 or 6 are in FACT Skull&Bones. The Catholic Church controls Europe and America alike. George Bush fell to his knees when he met the Pope, me on the other hand I bow down to no man but Jesus. Its funny that the Illuminatti was made for rich people so Kings and Queens would not and could not rule. It Started in Europe but whats funnier is that England or the U.K is the only one left with the Queen and King Monarchy even tho they have no power over the Country but still.
Angelsnupnup7 TALKS with Asiatic1, December 31,2007
angelsnupnup7 = PEACE asia1: excuse me, but it was YOU who put out the challenge of debate for someone with such superior wisdom you begin to sound dumb.Yes i am a child trying to learn how to become a real adult not a fabrication,many methods can be used to cause one to behave in a postive manner,NOI doesn't have the only claim on this
TheAsiatic1 =In this country, who compares to the NOI?
 If one was to come to you and say that 4+4=8, you would accept that as the truth. You are right.
But, if I was to come to you and say that 2 to the third power is also equals 8. You would say "that's not true", because you were taught that 4+4=8. We have been given a deeper insight by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan of The Torah, The Gospel and The Quran as it relates to prophesy. You can not say that Minister Farrakhan does not know and understand the Holy Quran.
angelsnupnup7 = peace asia1: the QURAN is meant for those weak in the mind in need of a crutch so if louis has great understanding of the wheelchair that is fine,however i am not cripple,unlike you i do not need to repeat the classic louis speech quotes like 4+4=8 etc. just because louis understands doesn't make you so and what if he is wrong?
TheAsiatic1 = He has a deeper understanding and comprehension of the Quran. Before you condemn our brother, first ask Allah for understanding.
You are saying that God does not exist. I am not going to argue with an atheist. 
angelsnupnup7= peace asia1: you mean to tell me your supreme wisdom can't debate about something you claim exists?If ALLAH exists why didn't elijah print that in his actual facts instead of what muslims believe? i am not atheist as i give GOD's existence benefit of doubt but at this time none of these GODS are nothing to brag about,getting credit for doing nothing but anything bad is blamed on some DEVIL
angelsnupnup7 = peace jihad: Bottomline is no matter how you pretend to make him real or exist in any form
GOD doesn't exist,humans should let go of this spirituality as it means nothing except belief in the supernatural or fiction something that has caused blacks to be ineffective as a people,some GOD based in what you describe is still MAN made,accept things as they are & leave fairytales alone
TheAsiatic1= It's a shame that most of you read the scriptures of The Bible and Quran as historical events and not prophetic events. Historians write down what was, Prophets reveal what is to come!!
angelsnupnup7 = peace asia1: just because you can make a good guess doesn't make you a prophet,it doesn't take rocket science to know due to the behaviors of past persons, humans would be in it's present horrid condition,prophets do not make anything specific or clear. after the event we guess that is what the prophet was talking about such info doesn't impress me and after the facts such info is worthless
 i am glad that you are excited about louis & NOI teachings however they are in 2007 ineffective and has seen it's glory days,why? because the enemy knows the NOI and have learned how to diffuse it's propaganda but the nation has not changed,much said is still revelant but this is 2007 not 1930
TheAsiatic1 =Malcolm X was another student of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. You are witnessing the beginning and seminal stages of a NEW WORLD. In the Nation of Islam and FOI, we make men!! Minister Farrakhan is no different than Malcolm X. We will debate anybody at anytime on what we have been taught. We have a SUPERIOR TEACHING and UNDERSTANDING.
We do not make cowards and men and women that will bow down to the adversaries of truth. We teach, train and transform ordinary men into GIANTS!!
angelsnupnup7 = peace asia1: if your teaching was superior or understanding then why aren't you successful to the point of being independent? The NOI begs for charity even after having millions of dollars the majority of your members work for the people you call devils,least to say individual giants are made but the masses are far from & nothing new about your world based on the usual supernatural crap taught from religions in general
TheAsiatic1 = We are independent. We are still under American society, and we strive to be productive in this society. Malcolm X, who most of you love today, he never lost a debate with Harvard, Oxford & Yale scholars and professors. That's what I am referring to when I state "superior teaching", and knowledge of self. You can not say that we are beggars. Charity is taught in every religious community, not just by the NOI. Grow up, you sound like a little child with your childish remarks.
angelsnupnup7 = PEACE asia1: just because other religions practice charity doesn't mean it isn't a form of begging,after a certain amount of years you would think the begging would stop but i guess it can't as your leadership must live a comfortable life,in 2007 malcolm would lose a debate and he should of back then,send louis a dollar while your gas is being turned off,the only child here is one obsessed with louis of whom is only a man capable of error
TheAsiatic1 (2 days ago)
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You are not in authority to judge Minister Farrakhan. But understand this; You can judge a tree by the fruit that it bears.
A bad or rotten tree can not produce good fruits. Do you agree?

We are the fruits of his labor. The FOI/NOI.

Where are your fruits that you have produced?

Show me something of substance before you throw stones.
angelsnupnup7 (2 days ago)
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peace asia1: perhaps we are not the makers of the laws that govern society but daily we have as individuals the authority to judge for what is best for us,louis no doubt is a good man but even those with good intent error
all produce fruit and even louis's fruits were helped by many unknown he can't claim full credit,to say one can error is not throwing some stone
angelsnupnup7 (2 days ago)
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peace asia1: I have much respect for the NOI &
it has made grand accomplishments but like many others prior also has fault,one fault is the inability for individuals to think for self,you only copy what you heard somebody say or from one of louis's speeches.The messenger taught his followers not to be robot
but what if thinking for self finds error in his teachings? so now i'm a hypocrite for doing what you told me to think for self?
TheAsiatic1 (2 days ago)
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If you have respect for the NOI, then start posting your comments with respect and not disrespect. We are not robots. We are individuals, and we are in need of guidance.

Pray to Allah that he will bless you with understanding. That's what I feel that you are lacking.
TheAsiatic1 (3 days ago)
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Its a shame that most of you read the scriptures as historical events and not prophetic events. Most of you are lost, dumb and blind as the bible says.