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MAN FINALLY FREE,the evil of the psychiatrists employed by the MISSOURI DEPARTMENT of MENTAL HEALTH

                                               a commentary by

Brother  Taalik  Ibn'rad                         DECEMBER 11,2007

In the name of my ancestors i greet any reader of these words with peace 4 ever & always: before i begin please refresh yourself with the background on this issue with study of the press release that appears on this site under the heading 'man terrorized by the state of missouri" On 12/07/07  Brother Lorne Wray went before a judge seeking unconditional release from the missouri department of mental health this being done in franklin county in the small town of Union in relation to the incidents described on this website prior. The alleged victims did not appear or offer objection and this was so 4 years,nor did the prosecuting attorney appear or offer objection in this you would think that Mr. Wray's release should of been a slam dunk as he has surely suffered enough but this was not the case,an objection was entered by the Missouri Dept. Of Mental Health,why? two years prior the department did succeed in keeping brother wray incarcerated with the so called experts stating that brother needed  a  form of probation first in order to examine if he'd have trouble blending back into society,this was done two years ago and successful,so the wicked offer objection with no expert testimony only a copy of this website's press release

    They also add that brother needed a job knowing he had recently been laid off but not without being employed fulltime for allmost a year,brother had letter of recomendation from the employer,working part-time with temp services. The only witness brought forth to support objection was some cat that claimed he was the boss of those who gave brother the false mental defects to begin with,after examing this individual a RICHARD GOWDY it was clear why the department had an attitude of a slavery mindset. This GOWDY looked and spoke just like an old southern plaintation slaveowner and that is exactly how those under his care are treated,treated like animals awaiting slaughter as well as a mad scientest experimenting with such.his doctors had abandoned to continue battling brother as it was clear brother was never going to bow to their wicked efforts & lying,in fact if you study the brother's writings on this site he learned how to use the legal system,they could no longer just beat on him as now he could plead to the courts without their support,in fact even filing a restraining order against them,bringing lawsuits against these false and wicked individuals causing them to back away from brother,he then began to study the very book they used to give him these false illnesses and even in their own writings they could produce no pattern of behavior that was similar to what was described in the DIAGNOSTICS SYMPTOMS MANUAL  a book that describes over 300 mental illnesses & disorders but offers not one cause or cure even the book itself says these illnesses are opinion not FACTS,which leads us to question a legal system that accepts opinions as facts when the reality it maybe the best available to explain certain aspects of human behavior but still is only opinion. This demon GOWDY who has never examined brother or even know him takes the stand under oath proudly to testify in how brother should remain under his questionable care,he looks so silly & foolish but that is the way it is with the wicked,the president Mr.Bush was caught in outright lies about IRAQ having weapons of mass destruction or IRAN having an active NUCLEAR weapons program, even thou he was shown clearly he was in error he went on to ignore such not even offering apology,like a true man would as these are not true men as i have explained in other articles just because one wears a suit and tie doesn't make them MEN. so called men like GOWDY & BUSH are like putting a suit on a wild animal that is a carnivore.

            GOWDY wearing a suit & tie didn't take away the fact he had turned into a bloodthirsty beast,wanting to rip the flesh away from brother's bones,why? It is clear that GOWDY had become very disappointed and angry towards his employees as they allowed a nothing like brother break their will instead of this being the other way around.GOWDY was and is very angry at the rebellious nature of brother,who filed numerous grievances against his people that were valid,so valid they were ignored,they were not allowed to be resolved as to resolve would mean to discipline doctors who they know their job is to invent or manufacture behaviors that don't exist so they can justify incarceration in order to maintain a population count to fund his offices and make him a job where him and much of the staff really do nothing.

      GOWDYangry at brother due to his filing lawsuits against the department and numerous staff never giving up on seeking even probation,calling them demons,evil and devils in their face,helping other clients seek release,teaching them the truth about men like him and the dangers of poison they call medication. so now this GOWDY sets himself to do what apparently his employees have failed ,he first attends brother's probation hearing and they fail to stop probation being granted in fact after 6 months they agreed to release brother if everything was satisfactory his trips into society and when brother succeeded GOWDY used his power to keep brother for no known reason and allow his probation to expire in hopes it would anger brother and make him lose the employment he'd found.Brother Wray is unlike the so called negro who is dead to the knowledge of self and the nature of the enemy,this action was not a shock and he countered with continued perfect behaviors and actions to remedy the intent of GOWDY.

        GOWDY objected for no reason in that brother's probation not be renewed,he went on to lose this battle.Which brings us to december 07,2007. The judge made it clear that according to his last expert witness not brother's said if wray could show he can act in an appropriate manner on probation it is possible a full release be granted no strings attached no conditions,if GOWDY wants to waste his time offering argument that is not updated and can not show brother had failed in the community then do so,GOWDY chose the ignorant & prideful way,going on for hours talking about the past,brother's press release,the fact brother was unemployed and brother being mentally ill offering no updated expert opinion.

       so GOWDY the arrogant begins to waste over six hours of the court's time hoping his title in the department is enough to convince the court to allow him to continue his harassment of brother wray,he sits very arrogant like and brags he is the boss of many people and it is he who determines who is freed,never giving the court any credit it has the final say,he quotes his staff that have negative opinions of brother but ignore his staff that favors him & none of them are present,he makes up his own opinions about what a person wrote that clearly said what it said,above all this FOOL is so silly that he claims brother is in mental defect but brother can't qualify for none of his programs cause his employees have determined he has no illness at present,the same employees he says reports brother is now ill,who is he talking to?

       GOWDY continues to quote things from the past and that opinion can be questionable as when no one is checking behind you,you can say and do what you want,but when brother began filing his own release and lawsuits he now makes it where others can now join in and make judgement in this GOWDY'S staff began to back off as it is not worth their jobs & reputations least to speak of criminal charges,so GOWDY the arrogant stands alone with his lawyer that looks so frustrated & confused doing the best she can knowing it is a battle lost,having nothing to work with,she crosses the brother's doctor as well as brother himself and they make her look so simple,this FOOL GOWDY unlike his employees would rather look like an idiot rather than just let some things go.

         The judge asks them are they done? They say yes in reply,she then informs them they may now go and then brother's lawyers hand the judge the papers granting his full release from GOWDY and his henchmen,of course he offers his hand in congratulations being insincere and brother offers the same hand but this time,even thou many battles were lost due to unfair advantage,with no money,only with will,brother with time was able to defeat a power greatly feared by the clients of the department as the department has the authority to incarcerate a person the rest of their life,and that was their intent for Brother Wray as they didn't like his rebellion or intelligence.

    In conclusion,if brother wray wanted to he could give this monumental victory the credit over to GOD but GOD never done anything. Brother Wray CRIED for years to GOD and it fell upon deaf ears,of course the excuses are he wasn't a true believer,he was a hypocrite,didn't pray to the right one,etc. etc. etc. in fact in the beginning when brother did state his belief in GOD,GOWDY used such belief in order to worsen the false illness they had placed on him,quoting bible scripture or quranic verses made things worse. The staff claim to be believers in GOD and they watched the wicked mistreat and write lies about brother they made no effort to be a believer in GOD,only consumed with their own survival,least to say many of these staff who were composed of and still made up of over 70% so called negros were them selves sufferers of mental defect as being a nothing themselves they enjoyed being in authority over less fortunate persons.

     Being cowardly themselves and being voluntary slaves children in adult bodies they tried to help GOWDY and his henchmen by advising brother to submit to their lies for his betterment,even thou they were free the thought of being incarcerated made to take drugs the rest of their life scared them and they presented to share that fear with brother,many of them would also write and tell lies on brother to impress their master or just out of general ignorance.So it is clear that some GOD or these nigger staff did nothing to help Brother Wray. So what was it that made brother experience such a victory over a great power,KNOWLEDGE. The right knowledge,another mental patient shown brother the path to learning about the law,brother began helping other people and began to learn about filing petitions thru trial & error,also from there he began to study psychiatry,learning very valuable info from the CITIZEN'S COMMISION ON HUMAN RIGHTS a sub-organization of the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY,with this new found knowledge he learned how to find their weakspot and also time itself will help as even the BIBLE teaches that which is in the dark will be brought forward to light,and it is that light into the dark that enabled others with power able to see the dark wickedness of the employees of the state of missouri.

       A light made not by some GOD but by a man's own self will and determination allowing himself to become empowered with the knowledge of what he was confronting having faith in others as one would of some GOD,dependence upon self. Many were released prior to brother and they claim GOD caused their release but offer no reason where GOD was while they lingered in HELL for 5 or more years prior to this,least to say they are still under probation able to be returned to incarceration at anytime for any made up reason as many will testify to this,losing good jobs,homes,cars,spouses etc. playing around with GOWDY in his sick & demented game of where you don't know the rules and will always be the loser.Brother Wray was able to take the game out of their house and make new rules,so even thou he did suffer as you would expect from a person with no money and ignorant,his willingness to seek knowledge,entrenched with pride of self,not submitting to evil like GOD believers do everyday brother has lost many battles but eventually he won the WAR! And the war continues as he now seeks civil damages from being unjustly in-carcerated,abused & mistreated least to say lied upon on intentionally ,he continues the fight and we do not wish him luck as luck or GOD has nothing to do with it,it is self determination,the belief in what is right and faith in others that will continue to guide him to the ultimate success of which maybe revealed in the near future.

      So there is no doubt ALL THANKS to the judge who knew years ago that something was error but had to abide by law and what was offered,thanks to the public defender system as well as the clerk's office in FRANKLIN COUNTY,MISSOURI  just because a select few have chosen to make a living thru the exploitation of others in accord with law doesn't mean all are wicked and it would not be fair to judge others as such,hopefully in a short period of time we'll be talking about another major victory,brother keep your head up and CONGRATULATIONS for a victory past due and hard fought,keep ya head up!  Please excuse me but all thanks is also due to brother's psychiatrist who proves that not all doctors are exploiters of the poor & ignorant as he used to work for the department,it was perhaps this evil that made him to leave their employ as it takes a sorriful soul to do the wicked things expected by GOWDY the modern slaveowner as he has turned what is suppose to be healthcare into a concentration camp,devils like him exist because like what MARTIN KING said the so called good people do nothing,may MARTIN rest in peace. SHALOM. this site is dedicated to fighting the forces of wickedness & falsehood.

written by,

                    Taalik Ibn'rad