PRETTY RELIGION ( when good folks do nothing )

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PRETTY  RELIGION,evil exists when good people do nothing

                                                                    a commentary by:

Brother  Taalik  Ibn'rad                   December  12, 2007

In the name of my ANCESTORS  I greet any reader of these words with peace 4 ever & always,  I am not good at exact quotes but i heard that martin luther king jr. once said that evil exists due to the righteous ones take no action against such,if what he said is true and may he rest in peace,there are a lot of lazy so called believers in GOD,if not lazy then scared. I do not teach the belief in any GOD however i do know what should be expected from a believer of these GODS as i use the prophets,past believers in GOD or JESUS himself as example. I have personally experienced only the christian church and the islamic mosque and early in that experience i watch the so called believers put on their pretty clothes and drive up in fancy cars,it is rare that they ever get dirty or have went without a meal,knowing no suffering like the prophets who they claim are their examples from days gone by.

        They cry & holler out the prophet's names and sing song after song,then they go back home and relax until the next meeting so they can do it all again.During this time they brag to each other of what material wealth they've gained,spread gossip,jealousy,envy & the church or mosque has become a christian or islamic ordained place to celebrate the weakness of men in hopes that this GOD will strengthen them so such is justified.Perhaps if they spent more time doing the work they claim GOD wants them to do they would not be so weak nor would such evil today exists and it does exists because the believers in GOD do nothing,In fact many enjoy the evil around them and are part of it's existence,they've become like the wife of the prophet in the BIBLE called LOT.

       Lot and his family were given orders by GOD to leave the cities he had judged and were to punish,upon your leaving do not look back at the cities as they are being destroyed,as they began to flee Lot's wife fought herself not to look but something in her made her take a glimpse,this peep became fatal as she was turned into salt,of course some folks take this literally and believe she was indeed turned into a mound of salt,what is funny if they really believe this why don't their actions reflect such? They continue to do nothing all the while evil thrives,they are nothing like those of past believers,could it be the reality is they are like Lot's wife and must take a peep back at a life they call full of sin because the reality is some parts of that life of sin,they did enjoy.Lot's wife had to take one more look at a place that GOD judged worthy of destruction but she found some form of pleasure & liking,this is why it is easy for so called believers of GOD to what they call backslide and they backslide often,they really find no joy in the new life they claim GOD has given them,it is boring it is only so many songs you can sing,the belief doesn't bring that good feeling that bottle of vodka used to bring,or chasing another's husband or wife,or that puff of crack and so on,then there is that good feeling of being better than another,always handing out food & gifts to the unfortunate but not being the unfortunate,thank GOD!

     I believe in JESUS they cry out... but the early believers of CHRISTIANITY were treated very severely by those who opposed such,in some cases the early believer in JESUS were thrown to the hungry lions,so the question is would believers in 2007 allow themselves to be tossed to hungry lions,or could they pass the test that the DEVIL put on the Prophet JOB who was cast upon him every ill imaginable,had all his material wealth taken from him,his family killed but yet would not take the advice of his wife and just curse GOD and die? The so called believers of 2007 who are used to pretty clothes,driving fancy cars,3 meals a day and of course the luxury of a well deserved backslide now and then, i doubt they could come no where close,this is why they are hypocrites and since they are hypocrites,evil may thrive cause hypocrites do nothing,for example the women of SALT n PEPA did go to JENA in support of six black young men,unjustly treated by the legal system but they made it clear it was going to be entertainment like,there is doubt they would not have went, at the same time they claim they felt like they were participating in civil rights marches of the past,how is this so?

       The civil rights marches of the past included young children and women being beaten by police,bitten by dogs and shot with water from fire hoses,least to say not only did many suffer severe injury some were killed,so my question to SALT n PEPA is if you felt like you were in the past,did you feel or actually experience a dog bite,bullet in the chest,clubbed in the head etc?  The reality is they only experienced entertainment and this is much of what you see in the believer's houses of the worship of GOD,the dancing,the singing,a show they do not participate in worship to unify with one another in order to plan an attack against wicked forces,they get together to do NOTHING but offer lipservice and aid evil in it's continued existence.

       Islam is not much better even thou some do have the nerve to strap a bomb upon themselves in order to make a point,but the point becomes pointless and soon forgotten as deadmen have only one point to make & it is much ignored as pointless violence,get my point? And the evil continues to strive as all have become happy participants in feeding such. The believers in GOD have another problem as they've no leadership,their leadership is dead people. If JESUS is coming back he is not here now and prophet MUHAMMAD is dead (PBUH) only those who claim they know them and they don't cause the believers to work,they offer the believer the excuses needed to justify being turned into salt,it is all about entertainment and drama. A belief system that in most cases so weak it can't help the individual believer let alone resolve the problems of a society gone MAD!

     In conclusion, the believers in GOD are inspired by deadmen or GOD that doesn't make himself clearly present but these things can not guide the living,in fact they ignore the living and give living men hell and problems,being easily lead into the wrong direction & difficult being lead to the correct direction,if their leaders did want to lead them correctly instead of exploiting the believers saying GOD makes their riches justifiable due to their hard work,i do not remember them being tested like the prophet JOB and he wasn't given riches. again any attempt at leading the flock to independence and the real attempt at eliminating evil by any means necessary as MALCOLM X would say,these believers leave such leadership to those who offer entertainment,again this is because the HYPOCRITES greatly outnumber the true believers and since they are false it is reflected in their rebellious children and violent society as you would think since much of the population are so called believers in GOD such society that has dominated the earth for 1000's of years would be in much better shape but it is not,in fact worthy of the destruction like the cities prophet Lot fled from. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck chances are it is a duck,so you can call yourself anything you want but it is clear GOD believers are not what they claim and the world of whom they influence is example of what they really have become,do you like living here? The believers in GOD have messed up so much they can't wait to DIE to get away from here and be lead to HEAVEN or the HEREAFTER,why do they want to leave the house they control and helped build,this really should make you think and you have plenty of time cause you don't do nothing and evil continues to exist with pride.  FEEL ME?