Brother Wray,plaintiff versus Missouri Dept. of Mental Health,defendant

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF ST. LOUIS COUNTY7900  CARONDELET  AVENUE     CLAYTON,MO. 63105-1766 Wray,Lorne  Lei                                    December 18,2007


C Hills,Missouri   631203

(314)                                                       Versus                                                                               Page # 1 of  14Missouri Department of Mental HealthRichard  Gowdy , Ph.D.1706 East Elm StreetP.O. Box 687Jefferson City, Missouri   65102 Dr. Susan K. BoyerDr. John S. Rabun  Jr.Dr. Ashok  MallayaDr. Richard ScottSt. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center5300 Arsenal StreetSt. Louis, Missouri  63139-1463 DAMAGE  CLAIM  $10 MILLION> CIVIL LAWSUITMOTION TO PROCEED IN FORMA PAUPRISMOTION TO APPOINT COUNSEL IN SUPPORTJURY  TRIAL  DEMAND          I,  Lorne Lei Wray acting pro se at this time requesting the benefit of a liberal construction,the plaintiff in the above entitled action now come before this most honorable court to request a JURY TRIAL to establish damages that have been brought upon the plaintiff by the above mentioned defendants. The plaintiff complains that such institutions and their employees did intentionally diagnois plaintiff with a false illness and behaviors for reasons of benefit to them,causing plaintiff loss of his liberties under the constitution of the UNITED STATES for no valid criminal or medical reason. The plaintiff can show with clear & convincing evidence that the defendants practiced fraud,coercion, personal vendettas ,forms of harassment, threats in order to justify incarcerating plaintiff for close to 10 years,under the guise of hospitalization. Factual evidence will show that the defendants fabricated a mental diagnois for the purpose of their benefit  in reality has never existed but such can be made when the defendants are never questioned about such practice in order to determine if indeed any diagnois is valid. In practice of such deceit the defendants have caused the plaintiff loss of 10 years of personal freedoms,severe emotional distress as well as damage of reputation. The plaintiff offers further damages contained within his statement of claim,he prays that the motions contained herein are granted.Respectfully  submitted,                                              ______________________________________                                                        Lorne  Lei  Wray  MOTION TO PROCEED IN FORMA PAUPRIS     The plaintiff has enclosed the required forms and documentation in support of this motion. MOTION TO APPOINT COUNSEL IN SUPPORT     The plaintiff believes he brings before the court a complaint that has merit and demands relief but at this time he is unable to secure counsel in support  as the motion to proceed as a poor person application will verify,this poverty should not deny him access to the judicial system so counsel in this matter is requested. PLAINTIFF’S SUMMARY OF STATEMENT OF CLAIM MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH1.       Plaintiff wrote numerous grievances and complaints to administration,many grievances went ignored,nor were any allegations of deceit or harassment by their doctors investigated.2.       Staff was allowed to write false allegations against plaintiff such as sexual harassment  but when found invalid such staff were not disciplined,these things were done in attempt to make plaintiff something he is not in support of fabricated illness.3.       Staff was allowed to hit the plaintiff with a door but such staff was never disciplined,other staff done much less to clients and have been terminated any abuse towards plaintiff was ignored or made justified.4.       Due to numerous lawsuits,grievances and the reporting of their doctors to the medical boards this defendant has become prejudice against plaintiff,never in support of release regardless of actual behaviors using it’s power to punish plaintiff for exercising his rights under the law as well as reject their opinion of him if he deems such false.5.       The plaintiff was granted UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE from this defendant  12/07/07  in that order it states clearly plaintiff has no mental defect and his original offense was not violent or dangerous but yet this defendant held plaintiff for close to 10 years with objection of his release every step of the way even when it’s own doctors offered varied opinions,why was defendant who has no criminal history,substance abuse history,no mental history prior to them was held so long even acting appropriately while confined within mental health walls under constant threat of harm from dangerous and unstable patients as well as angry doctors who were angry plaintiff disagreed with them?         RICHARD   GOWDY   PH.D.      1.   Plaintiff was granted a full conditional release from mental health in January of 2006. Part of the conditions was that plaintiff must show appropriate behaviors while continuing to reside at mental facility for six months,plaintiff found employment and after six months he was reported to be successful even allowed to move his belonging to his new residence but unknown to plaintiff this defendant gave orders to defendant St. Louis Psychiatric Rehab. Ctr. To delay his release in fact do not renew his release for the following year as a conditional release must be renewed every 12 months,is this not a violation of plaintiff’s release? Why is this defendant allowed to violate the release conditions but if plaintiff had done such he would immediately be up for revocation? This is a prime example of how the defendants use their authority to harass the plaintiff as he had no valid reason to order such except his own personal prejudice driven by plaintiff’s numerous grievances,lawsuits and rejection of mental illness and medications or submitting to their treatment but plaintiff was still granted conditional release,also this defendant knew plaintiff had filed for UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE and he wanted less time without their supervision available so he could argue plaintiff hadn’t enough time on a full conditional release something he created in violation of conditional release agreement, this action also almost caused plaintiff to lose his employment something that would also help him secure denial of an unconditional release,it is clear his actions were made to cause harm to the plaintiff. It is funny of how when plaintiff renewed his release himself this defendant offered to renew such asking plaintiff to dismiss his own motions of which he did not,plaintiff was granted renewal of his release in March 2007 despite the prejudice actions of this defendant,plaintiff was granted full conditional release accepting no mental illness or medications present or in the past.2.    This defendant continues to show personal prejudice and even hatred towards plaintiff by objection to his UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE,the defendant who has never evaluated or examined the plaintiff comes to court alone to testify against plaintiff,he offers quotes from his doctors that are negative towards plaintiff but he has called none to testify he ignores his doctors that favor plaintiff,he ignores the plaintiff’s doctors assigned to him after being released as well as the reports from the plaintiff’s probation officer,he wants to use his position to impress the court but he knows under the law plaintiff can’t be held if illness is not present and his own doctors report no sign of illness,the plaintiff with no illness doesn’t qualify for any of the defendant’s programs or disability aid,the plaintiff believes it is the defendant’s personal anger that has drove him to this point his disliking plaintiff for being released rejecting mental illness & drugs,the plaintiff filing numerous grievances and civil complaints. It is funny that none of the so called victims came to object,nor the prosecutor’s office only the defendant who represents mental health nor was objection from the facility plaintiff was held in for years,why is this? DR. SUSAN K. BOYER1.          Plaintiff believes due to her personal friendship with defendant John Rabun even thou her experience tells her different she decided to help support Rabun’s original false diagnois,again since no one will follow to say if such is valid or not,this defendant did proceed to aid in continuing this fabrication of mental defect.2.          Defendant has never examined plaintiff in order to make diagnois,her diagnois is based on what others have written,in fact this defendant told plaintiff she doesn’t care how appropriate his behaviors are she will chart him as being bizarre,she requests to the court an order to force medication,of which was denied.3.          Defendant has the power to restrict his freedoms and does so severely even placing him on suicide watch when there is no evidence of such,staff do not observe any suicidal behaviors.4.          Defendant placed upon him a diagnois of delusions that plaintiff was having romantic fantasies about her without his knowledge,plaintiff was informed of this new illness by requesting the reading of his charts,it is impossible that such diagnois is true in that this defendant being a caucasion woman,plaintiff has no history of any inter-racial relationships in fact would advise against such and has made very clear his preference of a spouse for years and all know this defendant doesn’t fit the criteria,again fabrication designed to justify and support the original manufactured illness,in fact plaintiff did all he could to avoid defendant it was her persistence in wanting to talk with plaintiff as plaintiff knows anything he says or does can be manipulated to seem in mental default. JOHN S. RABUN JR.1.       This defendant is the original author of mental defect upon the plaintiff his diagnois is biased as none of the charges were proven to be valid,nor did he speak with any person in plaintiff’s favor.This defendant had no choice but to favor guilt as if plaintiff is not guilty then a mental illness doesn’t exist,again since he knows no one will follow behind him this defendant chooses to fabricate a mental illness.2.       Defendant told the court plaintiff was in need of immediate hospitalization due to dangerousness but did not explain why there was no acts of so called danger during the three months plaintiff was free on bond prior to his examination,it is clear this defendant’s intent was to fill a bed,plaintiff’s unconditional release order states the original offense was not violent or dangerous,so how was this determined by this defendant to be so? The defendant offers no evidence in support as required by Missouri 544.6763.       According to the MEDICAL DICTIONARY  the defendant must show irrefutable evidence to the contrary of which he offers nothing in support of the existence of some mental default.4.       Due to the plaintiff having none or poor legal representation this defendant are malicious and centered against the poor,ignorant,the numerically weak,the friendless,the powerless this plaintiff is all of these things  CHAMBERS v. FLORIDA 1940,the plaintiff has NO criminal,substance abuse or mental health history.5.       The defendant did tell plaintiff horror stories of prison life to convince him to come to mental health,he made it clear that plaintiff was indeed guilty as charged of which makes his opinion biased.6.       In 2001 the plaintiff was placed on the filthiest and lowest functioning wards in the facility,the ward doctor refused to treat the plaintiff so the defendant volunteered his services,he began to make threats towards the plaintiff and pointed to one of the patients in the worst mental & physical condition and told the plaintiff if you do not accept your illness and take your drugs that my friend is your future and it’s your fault not mine,mind you some of these patients had portions of their brains removed years ago,so what was this defendant implying?7.       After learning of a civilsuit filed against him and other doctors from the plaintiff,in retaliation this defendant with other doctors agreed that his privileges to visit family be stopped,he was also suspended from one of the more affluent client work positions,in fact this defendant threatened plaintiff would be removed from this facility and in 2002 since plaintiff continued to rebel he was sent to another facility 60 miles away from family and friends.8.       Whenever the plaintiff attempted to exercise his 1st & 5th  Amendment rights this defendant and the administration of defendant St. Louis Psych.Rehab.Ctr. use their powers to harass & intimidate plaintiff,it is unlawful to punish one who is expressing his constitutional rights a violation of MISSOURI 630.167.6  in ruling CRUZ v. BETO 19729.       This defendant manufactured a mental diagnois upon the plaintiff he knew very well was not valid,his intent was to commit fraud.This was done to secure funds for his place of employment as well as justify the actions of the state,so none will have to admit error,in this great harm upon plaintiff has surfaced. U.S. versus RUSSELL  197310.   Defendant did give plaintiff false information to aid in scaring him towards mental health incarceration stating he was facing 13 years in prison when the reality he was only facing a maximum of 5 years perhaps probation would be offered,such talk did scare plaintiff.11.   The defendant did state to plaintiff I will personally see to it,you are never released from this place and his actions have proven this very correct,this plaintiff manufactured mental defect and uses threats of lifelong incarceration in order to get compliance,something that is unlawful   MILLER v. FENTON 198512.   Clear and convincing testimony and evidence will show that defendant’s  mental diagnois is indeed an act of fraud,manufactured and designed to ruin plaintiff’s reputation and placing one without such illness with the dangerous and sick must be clear and unusual punishment  8th Amendment as well as WISCONSIN v. CONSTANTINEAU 1971 DR.  RICHARD  SCOTT1.          Defendant has never examined plaintiff and with his experience like defendant Boyer  it is impossible for the plaintiff to believe that he would also concur with defendant Rabun,since Rabun is a colleague in most cases one supports the other and since no one will follow behind to test that validity Scott chose to support the fabricated diagnois of Rabun.2.          Defendant accused plaintiff of making threats against the facility and attempting to start a riot within the facility in 1998,an accusation proven by the facility as invalid but made to support plaintiff being ill. Another form of harassment,additional fraud.3.          Defendant makes plaintiff’s attempts to use the facility grievance system as well as civil lawsuits some form of mental default because in his mind they never do anything wrong but the plaintiff will show this is far from true.4.          Defendant who was in charge of the ward ignored plaintiff’s complaints of being frozen by air conditioning causing the plaintiff to suffer for weeks unnecessarily in 1998,being unable to sweat has caused plaintiff’s body to act other than what it had prior to this as plaintiff avoids air conditioning,a unknown gas a health hazard. DR. ASHOK MALLAYA1.          Defendant due to his extensive medical experience it is impossible for him to concur with the diagnois of defendant Rabun,however again since he is a colleague and who is to follow up to examine if an illness is indeed valid this defendant also chose to support defendant Rabun,however after being made to testify under oath and attempting to explain the illness this defendant would later state plaintiff has no illness,why?2.          When this defendant learned plaintiff was not taking medication he became enraged,reducing his functioning level from the high 80’s to the high 40’s but clearly plaintiff is functioning high and not consuming drugs,one would think a doctor would be happy his patient is being healed without drugs but then again this supports plaintiff’s accusation that such diagnois has always been false.3.          In 2003 this defendant did threaten the plaintiff with seeking for him a guardian of who will in turn grant them permission to force drugs upon him,it is apparent this threat could not be carried out due to plaintiff’s ability to also communicate with the court,he stated for that purpose I’ll increase the severity of the illness,can he do this?4.          In March of 2003 the plaintiff was placed on total ward restriction having no freedoms for no reason except punishment for rebelling against a fabricated illness and kindergarten like care/treatment.This defendant did order forced medication upon the plaintiff for refusing to accept his punishment being uplifted,plaintiff did by threats of a forced injection did swallow unknown pills,later on that night plaintiff did arise and report his legs throbbing with pain and shaking,this is also a side effect of this particular drug,the plaintiff has had no physical problems prior to this except accidents playing basketball,least to say administration found fault in this treatment and all plaintiff’s freedoms were returned,being that plaintiff was not violent,federal law was violated  SELLS v. UNITED STATES 20035.          In protest of unfair treatment the plaintiff went on a six day hunger strike,the assigned doctor who was the defendant shown no signs of concern as plaintiff was never seen eating or drinking,is this like a doctor but then in retaliation for this hunger strike the defendant was not allowed to participate in the facility BLACK HISTORY MONTH CELEBRATION of which happens once a year and he is African-american,clearly this was done to punish.6.          Defendant did not protest the placing of another client who had made threats against the plaintiff who was suffering from delusions that the plaintiff was harming his family,this was done in hopes that this patient hurts the plaintiff or they could turn the story around in that the plaintiff was the aggressor,the plaintiff was placed on total ward restriction all the while the sick patient allowed to roam freely,what does this tell us?7.          In 2004 defendant was asked by the plaintiff to show a pattern of behaviors that relate to the illness given to him with his charts that have been written by himself and various staff,defendants response was get out of his office,so plaintiff and a staff witness was asked to leave and defendant followed behind stating I am so sick of this,later the defendant would defer the axis one diagnois,in plaintiff’s belief this wasn’t done because defendant like plaintiff this was done to take the pressure off from the defendant having to describe and explain the existence of some illness under oath as the plaintiff’s legal abilities was now getting him to court on a regular basis,where did the illness go? Administration claims and it is very convenient for them that it is a come and go illness that has never came and went prior to them and has yet to come and go once out of their grip.8.          The defendant prescribed drugs that never was approved by the FDA for the said alleged illness,least to say it was common knowledge that drugs most of the time have no effect upon persons with the defect given to plaintiff,but much effort was given to make plaintiff consume drugs,why? ST. LOUIS PSYCHIATRIC REHABILITATION CENTER 1.            Mental illness or not the defendant intentionally  for no true valid criminal or medical reason denied the plaintiff the right to contract,engage in any occupations of life,to marry,establish a home,raise children,worship how he deems fit or even enjoy all the privileges common to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men.   MEYER v. NEBRASKA  19232.            Defendant ignores doctors in plaintiff’s favor as far back as 1999 the plaintiff was written not to have a mental illness only severe personality disorder and medication was ceased,in response this doctor was taken from the plaintiff given to another who again written him up as in defect and suggest medication.3.            Defendant sent plaintiff from his family and friends to another facility,the excuse was due to his civil complaints against various staff,this was also the reason given for placing plaintiff on a ward with filthy and very low functioning persons,however upon plaintiff’s return he again filed suit against these same persons but no attempt was made to transfer him,in fact he was placed with all those mentioned in his suits,clear proof his moving to another facility was just an act of harassment.4.            Defendant ignored all complaints plaintiff wrote about doctors and the idea of false diagnois was ignored but offer no explaination of how plaintiff was doing so well but never took medication or the fact that this illness mysteriously has gone away,complaints of harassment and threats by doctors was also ignored,matter of fact due to their dislike of complaint,defendant began to ignore the plaintiff and would not allow his grievance to  go thru the chain of command.5.            Defendant ignored plaintiff being hit with a door by staff as well as another staff making false accusations of a sexual nature as well as another staff saying plaintiff made threats of violence and used profanity.The plaintiff doesn’t use profanity and all the accusations were proven false but the staff even wrote she did indeed hit plaintiff with a door,in most cases staff would be suspended or terminated but when it came to the plaintiff no actions were taken hoping plaintiff forgotten,the facility has become bias/prejudice against plaintiff as plaintiff is a rebel against all they stand for and he has that right when such is fabricated,but what should be expected interacting with a person nowhere close to being mentally ill? 6.            Defendant allowed it’s staff to use denying the plaintiff proper meals as required by law,plaintiff was given a dry cheese sandwich,an orange and skim milk for his meals when he did things within law and his rights they disagreed with,when made to live on the lowest functioning ward,plaintiff was not allowed to go to the dining room and brought pork back from the kitchen,the plaintiff doesn’t consume swine flesh,they allowed the kitchen to close and no effort was made to feed plaintiff a violation of law & abuse.7.            Under Missouri law the plaintiff is allowed to have visitor’s of his own choosing as long as that visitor doesn’t interfere with a patient’s treatment. Interested in the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY they came to visit plaintiff but was warned they couldn’t return,why? Regardless to whether the church visits plaintiff or not he holds fast the belief mental illness is fraud and they’ve no contact with other clients,in this his right to such visits were violated as well as his FREEDOM OF RELIGION rights under the constitution.8.            In the guise of so called treatment the plaintiff was made to perform labor for under the minimum wage and if refused no support of release and freedoms suspended,plaintiff was also forced to perform labor without pay,housekeeping for clients they knew person’s bodies were unclean as well as environment,they mixed clients like this to cause problems as no clean person as the plaintiff wants to live with the unclean.9.            The plaintiff was forced to live with low functioning clients on two occasions,the first being it must be done due to plaintiff’s lawsuits but then the defendant turns around and places him with all the ones who were named in a new suit,the second was due to his so called protection of which there is no evidence to suggest that anyone posed plaintiff a threat but then defendant places a known client that has threatened plaintiff with him,least to say all the while on a low functioning ward,plaintiff’s room was filled with bowel movement from a client,the defendant did this purposely in hopes this would make plaintiff submit to their false diagnois,drugs ,care & treatment.10.        Defendant Mallya  attempts to seek release for plaintiff in the form of passes but this defendant objects for no valid reason,plaintiff is forced to seek conditional release thru the courts.11.        This defendant and it’s employees did not like the plaintiff informing other clients of the true ill effects of drugs nor did they like plaintiff helping others seek release a right they have to exercise once a year,least to say help clients use the facility grievance system and inform them of their rights in the facility and under Missouri and Federal law.12.        The defendant allowed it’s employees to tamper with his mailings for no valid reason,the plaintiff would send mail out thru the internal mail system of facility and find out days later his mail never went anywhere but sitting on a socialworker’s desk so plaintiff was forced to have relatives come and get his mail so he could file for release or other needs. The defendant knew plaintiff was not sending threats to anyone but filing for his release or other legal action against them so they used their powers to hinder this,it is unlawful to tamper with the mail.13.        One should question the actions of defendant’s staff in regard to his being hit with a door ( staff reporting she was being stalked ),female staff making accusations of sexual harassment ( no such complaint against plaintiff in all the time of incarceration nor history of ) staff stating he was called a profane name and threatened ( plaintiff doesn’t use profanity nor threatened anyone that has been found valid ) it is unusual that these incidents occur as plaintiff was attempting to seek release.14.        The NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY plea has made it very difficult for the plaintiff to find respectable employment in relation to his abilities,such would not have happened if the defendant had checked behind it’s employees ( when the plaintiff did grieve that a fabrication was being practiced,plaintiff early in incarceration filed such complaint ) that intentionally given the plaintiff a false diagnois that can only be observed within their walls but such IS NOT reported outside of the Missouri Dept. of Mental Health,why?15.        The defendant’s employees reporting to the courts a false diagnois and false opinion of dangerousness caused plaintiff to lose his source of income for no valid medical or criminal reason,destroying his business and relationships in relation to such GROUNDS & FACTS FOR FILING THIS CASE 1.     The plaintiff was granted unconditional release from the defendants 12/07/07,the order states that he has no mental defect nor was the original offense violent or dangerous but yet defendants hold plaintiff for 10 years,why?2.     The plaintiff has never taken psychtropic drugs,in fact cuffed such since 1998 to 2001 and the defendants report these drugs are improving plaintiff’s condition. Plaintiff has in his possession handfuls of these cuffed medications and will be entered as evidence.3.     The defendant’s own colleague in 1999 did report that plaintiff did not suffer mental defect nor was there a need for drugs,this doctor was re-assigned,why?4.     The drugs suggested for plaintiff to consume wasn’t approved for the defect given to plaintiff,also it is well known drugs do not work with this defect but great effort was taken to force plaintiff to consume drugs,why? Such drugs also have class actions lawsuits pending against the maker due to life threatening side effects that the defendants do not inform clients about.5.     FRAUD6.     WISCONSIN v. CONSTANTINEAU  19717.     Mental & emotional distress8.     No attempt was made to further plaintiff’s education since he was considered ill,a violation of the AMERICAN’S WITH DISABILITIES ACT9.     SELLS v. UNITED STATES 200310.                        MILLER v. FENTON  198511.                         MEYER v. NEBRASKA  192312.                         Violation of Missouri Statutes  630.155(2)(4), 630.115,630.167.613.                        CRUZ v. BETO  197214.                         Defendants’s own charting/records will support plaintiff’s accusations15.                         Defendant Mallaya reports in 2004 that plaintiff has no mental defect,others disagree but refuse to treat plaintiff,why?16.                        WEEMS  v. UNITED STATES 191017.                         DONALDSON v. O’CONNOR  197518.                         1999 SUPREME COURT RULING IN THE OLMSTEAD DECISION19.                         Continuous threats of being incarcerated for life unless plaintiff accepts manufactured illness and consume drugs in support,and the defendants have never supported plaintiff’s release no matter how appropriate his behaviors as he rejects these things,in this lifelong incarceration can be a reality not just a threat but unlawful,as mental defect and dangerousness must co;exist but didn’t as their own records testify to.20.                         While on conditional release the plaintiff was made to visit doctors at BJC BEHAVIORAL HEALTH,they report no signs of illness nor suggest medication21.                         The plaintiff according to the defendants seemingly has shown signs of illness only to DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH EMPLOYEES no illness has been reported prior to plaintiff’s incarceration or once he was released,why?22.                          In 2003 the plaintiff did file a preliminary injunction against mental health,a hearing was granted and mental health did not deny none of the plaintiff’s accusations of abuse ,they also ceased trying to force drugs upon plaintiff or threatening him with guardianship ,they basically began to leave the plaintiff alone ,why? Therefor,it is clear that something is wrong in the Missouri Department of Mental Health. An investigation into their own records will testify to a practice of fraud & harassment so bold they didn’t attempt to hide anything as who is going to check behind them? Mental health has been exposed with the threat of closing the BELLEFONTAINE facility in which it has revealed clients for years suffered neglect and abuse,the plaintiff suggests the same but it is more mental rather than physical in nature but abuse just the same.The defendants should not be protected by any form of immunity as they have violated the public trust,in the practice of deceit done in a malicious manner with the intent to harm not to cure or bring help.There is no doubt the plaintiff for over 10 years been treated in an unjust manner & should be compensated for this pain and suffering,least to say embarrassment.The plaintiff’s only remedy is the authority of this court,those employed by the state should not be allowed to behave in such an outrageous manner & such should not be tolerated,one should find plaintiff’s accusations frighteningly perturb.The defendants actions have not been performed in good faith but with a deceitful nature,incompetence,arrogance or gross negligence as the evidence,not opinions,as the facts not opinions will bare witness to. Petitioner at this time do affirm under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Missouri as well as the United States of America  that all statements or claims contained herein are accurate to the best of my knowledge.    Again,the plaintiff prays all motions will be granted or in the alternative that which the court finds just and proper.Respectfully submitted,                                                   __________________________________                                                        Lorne  Lei Wray