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Wise Scientest Khalifa responds to Brother Taalik  01/23/08 :
 Peace Brother Taalik

You are right in that truth is in the eye of the beholder. Some have eyes and cannot see and some have ears and cannot hear. Truth by definition is that which is in agreement with reality. Truth is also a living thing that has to be discovered from moment to moment. Each time it is discovered we realize that it is essentially the same. This makes truth eternal in its essence, but truth also serves as contemporary solutions to contemporary problems. This is why truth cannot be permanent and must be rediscovered in order for it to apply to our conditions and be in agreement with our reality. There are those who have eyes and cannot see reality for what it is. The NOI teaches that the mystery God is not in agreement with reality. The Foundation of the NOI is not in fictional nonsense. The reason why you have such understanding is because of what the NOI taught you. Before them we were all "spooky" in belief in a God that we could not see and that he was a formless immaterial something. The NOI taught us the reality of God and that whatever man wants he or she prepares and fashions it for himself. This alone proves God to be a man because his power is manifested in us. God is not the author of confusion. Satan has tampered with the truth and mixed it with falsehood. He then put it in symbolic language, using allegory, personification, and hyperbole. We now don't understand what we read. Satan can then play around in the allegory to suit himself and use us as tools to worship him. He then turns God and his servants into "cartoon like figures," disgracing them. That was not really Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad. Satan has made mockery of them to where now you don't believe in any of it. Those that came before you were thieves and robbers, so when the truth comes you follow in doubt and suspicion. This is where your faith comes in. You ran into some disobedient negroes in the NOI who really don't know the truth and it brought out your true feelings to begin with. Once you say you are a believer, God then tries your belief to see where your heart and mind truly lie. This rids us of bad seeds.
To address another point you made, I have actually read the Supreme Wisdom Vol.1 and 2 and it mentions what it is that causes all weather conditions. Man causes weather conditions. Global Warming has proved this to be true. Global Warming is happening because of the devils misuse of the planet in creating machines that pollute the air, creating more carbon dioxide to where heat cannot escape as it should. We need some carbon dioxide to hold the heat or else we would freeze, but too much would trap the heat from escaping to where we will burn up. This is why Venus is the hottest and not mercury. Got nothing to do with how close they are to the sun. Mercury is closest but not the hottest. The deportation of the Moon and its gravitational attraction to the earth causing changes in currents causes certain weather conditions. Scientists have proven that the Moon Comes from the Earth. They took rocks from the moon and compared it with rocks on Earth and they are one in the same. The only difference was that water molecules and micro organisms did not exist on the Moon rocks as it did on Earth rocks. The reason why the Earth is 75% water is because the water from the Moon fell on to the Earth when it was deported. Some Scientist say that it was because of a Big meteor that hit it causing the Earth to break in two creating the Moon. As you know the NOI has different scenario where a scientist named Shabazz wanted to destroy the Earth because the people started speaking different languages and dialects and he wanted for everyone to speak the same language. In trying to destroy the Earth he broke it in two creating the Moon. Causing changes in weather patterns. I'm providing support for my premise that suggests that Man has power over the weather, whether or not it is intentional or unintentional. The NOI did not teach a religious system. They taught that there is no such thing as religion, because Islam is not a religion. It is the nature of creation. You have to believe in creation. You are not a fool brother Taalik. The Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars were not always in existence and that there was a beginning to all of this. It started with an atom of water in triple darkness that somehow was put into motion and started revolving. Nobody can go further than that because the creator was not material enough in his brains to calculate the time of his own creation. So it is right to say that "I don't know how the atom got there." The atom doesn't even know because it did not have a brain yet to know.
(less) Yes sir brother, I do respect your mind and your ability to think critically. This what it is about. We have to resurrect our people and enable them to think critically. We have to give them knowledge of self and of their enemies and only then can they be freed from their master and do something for themselves. I have not once said that I believe in a mystery God. The God that you say you don't believe in, I don't either. This universe is made of material, therefore the creator had to be of material. The physical body of the creator is no longer here. God has not created anything to last forever. There has been successions of Gods and they were all righteous, except for Yakub, the evil God. God is one because only one God can rule at one time. The wisdom that we are living under now is Yakub's wisdom. The wisdom that is coming in to take out Yakub is Fard's wisdom. God is a Man, not the spook in the clouds that the Christian has raised us up to believing. Since you know like I know that if we pray to that God to give us food, we will have empty stomachs. If we want food, there is no mystery God, we have to get it ourselves. What I just said has a larger meaning to it if you think critically on what I just said. If we want freedom we have to get it ourselves, by submitting to do the will of God. The Will of God is not something spooky. The Will of God is simply the nature in which we are created and that is to be righteous people. Everything in nature fulfills its purpose in nature. The Earth, Sun, and Moon, all fulfill its purpose like all other life in submitting to do the will of Allah (doing what it was created to do).
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Master Fard Muhammad was Allah in person in that he was establishing a new kingdom with his wisdom. When Elijah asked him who he was, Master Fard said "I am Mahdi." Elijah said before that, you are like it is written in the bible as the second coming of Christ. Fard said, "yes but who know this." Fard told him to not tell anyone that while he was still present because it would interfere with the work that he was planning to do. Read "Our Saviour has Arrived," then you will be able to synthesize what it is I just said. I don't recall Farrakhan saying that Elijah was the real 'Jesus Christ' which is Greek for "The one who would come in the last days to crush the Wicked." Master Fard is the Christ and Elijah was his Apostle. I haven't seen the speech where Farrakhan says this, if he did, then I would have to disagree with him, or better yet ask him a question on how he comes to that conclusion. We have to first be humble enough to admit that we to do not fully understand and it is best to ask questions to get better understanding before we jump to conclusions and say we 'disagree.' Farrakhan admits that he is a man with faults like all other men and that we should not worship him. Men are not perfect, but that don't mean he is not a good leader and teacher for us. We all need guidance. Elijah was not perfect, but that don't mean he was not chosen to be God's messenger. Moses did not even want to be a prophet because he did not think he was good enough and that he could not speak well. That does not mean God still did not make him his Prophet. I know you don't really believe your atheist, because you are not a fool. You let some disobedient negroes that existed in the NOI destroy your faith. That don't mean that the principals that the NOI stands for are not right and exact. We did not get put in this position of decadence, ignorance, dependence, and self hatred over night. It was 400+ years of of the enemy destroying and polluting the Black man and woman physically, mentally and spiritually. Therefore, we cannot expect for there to be a change overnight. Resurrecting the minds of the Black Man will be a process. We must be patient and we must go to WORK. When you don't have faith that Allah's will is to be done, you become impatient, arrogant, and apart of the problem instead of the Solution. I want to post our conversation to your website so others can read it. It is good that you have this site so that people can see how beautiful and intelligent we are as people.
Brother Taalik responds to Wise Scientest Khalifa on  01/23/08
Peace 4 ever & always Khalifa:
                                                    Thank you for this conversation and discussion your being able to talk in an intelligent & civil manner without allowing emotion to intefere with communication as it is being able to communicate that will make us able to perhaps find solutions to very real problems as i never state i am a know it all & open to new ideas,however voting,intergration,re-ligion be it ISLAM or CHRISTIANITY or other,inter-racial marriage,high paying jobs etc. are not new ideas,they've all failed in the ressurection of a lost dark people who are deaf,dumb & blind in fact a more intelligent teaching has caused that loss become greater like the old saying goes there is no fool like an educated fool as this fool knows he /she got it going on,look how pretty i can make my foolery sound never saying what the NOI teaches is indeed this as like you say without the NOI i could not exist however they are not the ultimate end or the door to heaven as they believe,for a period of time NOI teachings served it's purpose making gains but failed,now if we were wise we'd study these lessons and search for the real SOLUTION for if any of these attempts were the answer then why aren't they successful?
        It means the closing of a business to continue methods that do not bring revenue,on these attempts at liberation surely there is a FOR SALE sign placed upon but due to pride and not knowing anything else they continue to labor in what is clearly a losing proposition, WE MUST HAVE FAITH after 2000 years or since the 1930's you've yet to accomplish the goal after having faith & belief,how long will you wait? It is foolish to have pride,faith,belief in failure a failure we are in denial refusing to accept. My soujourn in the NOI has nothing to do with the behaviors of members as this is the norm in all religious systems,you have no authority to make judgement of whether or not someone truly believed or wasn't sincere,for me to join the NOI makes a person at some time sincere in order to join that which isn't the norm or popular.
      I would advise you to allow yourself to think for yourself without the base of NOI teachings but you can't because you feel it has no flaw but it has countless flaws just like christians don't believe the error,this is religion so perfect but do not show such perfection in fact adding to the problems it claims it suppose to help eradicate. You have no evidence to support that the characters in BIBLE & QURAN actually existed & please don't blame the devil or caucasions for attempting to demean them as the caucasion is the one who made up both BIBLE & QURAN this is why they are similiar, these books are used to control the masses and accepted as part of real history of which if you study the history of the actual nations these characters are never mention nor many of the events that allegedly happened.
      How can you disgrace a person or GOD that never existed? This is why you must believe & have faith cause you can't prove such existence so more power to you and no power will you get other than your own life force as you can't receive nothing from what doesn't now or ever existed. All religions have a response mechanism for those who question their teachings,you call them bad seeds or hypocrites & these are looked bad upon,why? In PSYCHIATRY religious teaching including the NOI would be called insanity but since a group of people instead of one indvidual
accept insanity as to be insane is to believe that which is outside of reality,insanity is accepted and the insane look upon those who question these accepted delusions as being troubled,this is true maddness as these same people degrade illegal drug use,people using drugs to temporarily leave their real world for a better one in a false one,so do the believers in GOD get high on insane teachings in the hope,faith & belief of a better life instead of dealing with the reality of their lives,making a drug out of belief & this is worse than being an actual dope fiend as it is accepted but crack & meth are looked upon as being detrimental.
        For me i prefer to be the bad seed,hypocrite or whatever rather than become a voluntary slave or blind follower,I'll rather take my chances being condemned to hell or put to death than accept what is clearly infantile and cartoonish in nature,it is sad to see folks many intelligent as yourself tricked into thus ancient foolery of which has proven itself nothing but trouble to humanity.
You talk about caucasions being liars & the NOI teaches that the caucasion race is the devil but yet believe they went to the moon.There are many people who believe that the caucasion going to the moon is a lie but the NOI can accept this lie from the ultimate liars because the lie fits their purpose,you have no proof the moon is part of the earth,the existence of YAKUB or that some man cause natural disasters,of course for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction so if you pollute the air with certain chemicals there must be a reaction in most cases that reaction is something that may threaten your life or that of future generation of humans,common sense.
          In conclusion, i am not going to waste my time attempting to explain the beginning of creation,who cares? The only life form interested in the beginning of creation are people who want others to look up to them for their intelligence in making up such fictional origins as like your birth even thou you were present of which in this case we weren't you don't know what happened at your birth you rely on others and that other is not present to tell us nothing about creation,so why keep tripping off of it? You have failed to accept the reality of living life let alone being able to comprehend the creation of life itself so like a child you become obsessed in these fictional stories that another child made up instead of just saying i don't know about creation,why don't we just learn to master the life given to us?
      I am not an atheist because i give the existence of GOD the benefit of a doubt,however at this time there is no evidence to support such nor do our brains detect such,this is why we are asked to believe & have faith. The reason why FARD would tell elijah not to reveal he was ALLAH until after his departure would be because he would be challenged and many bullets with his name on it,like in the case of CLARENCE 13X the founder of the 5% nation,FARD & ELIJAH were once followers of NOBLE DREW ALI,NOI teachings is nothing but a mix of MARCUS GARVEY,DREW ALI,TRADITIONAL ISLAM and of course personal experience of FARD himself as if he truly was a GOD he wouldn't have to use ISLAM  a religion that is only an arab form of christianity that abuses women and even till this day supports slavery,i am not impressed by NOI teachings now that light has arisen but such did awaken me,it has served it's purpose and its time to move on,since we must do everything ourselves and this chump GOD gives us no protection from enemies,he doesn't feed us,as elijah said about why do blacks love the devil?...Why must we believe in some GOD? Cause he gives us nothing if we are doing everything ourselves like SANTA CLAUS why are we giving him credit,taking praise from the parents of children and ourselves.
     Farrakhan does teach that ELIJAH is the real CHRIST and that he is alive waiting to come back,he didn't die in 1975,so i guess 2000 years from now followers will still be waiting on ELIJAH like the christians wait for the fictional JESUS or muslims praise a MUHAMMAD that also never existed,at least elijah did exist. It is amazing of how all of those who claim they represent and accept TRUTH will not accept such unless it falls within the teachings of their accepted belief system that if it represented TRUTH you would not have to have faith or believe,i stand very strong in what i say cause i don't have to have faith and believe as what i say is true whether you or myself like it or not,it is reality and the belief in GOD  is not a reality if so it would be just as tangiable as an orange or apple or petting the family pet.
      Again you are correct in that this is bigger than both of us and more than a black & caucasion issue,I'd suggest that you study the writings upon this website other than myself,the deceit of religious belief systems time have now about to expire,if ALLAH was a real father or GOD he'd be happy for his child to venture on his own and become an independent adult but the GOD that you represent is only looking for praise,voluntary slaves etc. for if you as a child of GOD are allowed to evolve into GOD and you create your first sun or moon then GOD doesn't look so great,you are obsessed with what GOD can do or what elijah OR farrakhan knows,i respect these men and even GOD IF such existed but none is better than me and i'll never submit to a life form no better than me,GOD or man it is better to be dead than a slave,I'd rather be dead than live in a world with the NOI in power a continuation of the abuse that caucasions have built their world upon....THINK for self.
Wise Scientest Khalifa scolds Brother Taalik he has a superior message? on January 23,2008:
 I'm afraid brother Taalik that you are confused. You are brilliant, but you have drove yourself into confusion because you had no faith in truth. Faith is not based on nothing. You have faith because it is backed by truth and not by falsehood. Atheists are only confused because the enemy has confused them. You know that the God the enemy taught you about doesn't exists, so therefore you come to the conclusion that there is no God. I believe it was either Comte, Max Weber, or Spencer, or all three (Classical Philosophers/psychologist/sociologist) who said that if you cannot sense it with one of the five senses then it does not exist. Many Atheist use their (Comte, Durkheim, Weber, Marx, Spencer, Freud, William James, it goes on) philosophical views and analysis to support their position on God not existing because they can sense it with the five senses. This is true, which is why the "Mystery God" does not exist. You are only confused on who the real God is, which is why you cannot conceive of a God existing in your mind. God manifests himself in his creation and all can be sensed with the five senses. The fact that these senses even exists tells you that the God that created it had those senses, which further validates him being a man. Brother Taalik, you are not talking to a common fool. I'm not boasting, but you must be aware of you are talking to, so you can present better arguments. You think submitting to God is Slavery, when it is quite the contrary. Not submitting to the TRUE AND LIVING GOD makes you a slave to the enemy. We all submit to something. You have submitted to Atheism, whose philosophies crumble under its own self. You are not going to get what I'm saying, because your pride won't allow you. Your pride is blocking your understanding of Truth. Kill that devil from within you. Not a spook devil, the devil called "pride" and arrogance that is polluting your heart and mind. Like I said before, truth is a living thing. I'm not going to repeat myself because it was broken down in the last message. You say that God gives us nothing. NO SIR! We love the devil because the devil gives us nothing. God gives us everything. We love the devil because he put fear into us when we were little boys. We fear him now as big men because he taught us to eat the wrong food. What does that have to do with it? It makes us act other than the nature of ourselves as righteous people. We have Mad Cow disease because the devil is feeding the Cows the wrong food. They are herbivores yet they feed them meat to "beef them up." Now the cows are going crazy. The same thing happened with us brother, eating swine flesh!! You misunderstood the purpose of Fard joining Drew Ali. You misunderstand the purpose of Marcus Garvey and why he is studied. The NOI does not deny this. Read "Our Savior has Arrived," it covers that. So your saying it as if the NOI keeps that a secret from the world. FARD was STUDYING all of the so called negro's organizations, including the "Talented Tenth," which is now known as the NAACP. This was only to reveal that we were dissatisfied and that we were on to something. Whenever there is dissatisfaction, nature always produces a man to bring about change. But they did not have enough knowledge to bring about universal change. The NOI's reach was undeniable in their time, and now there are many children of the once followers of the NOI walking around with some version of the Truth, such as yourself. Preachers of all monotheistic traditions have improved on their message since the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad was brought to the world. Marcus Garvey was a good teacher, but he did not have enough knowledge. Timothy Drew Ali, was a good teacher but he did not have enough knowledge. I said in my last message that Islam is not a belief system, it is the nature of creation, this is why I briefly covered creation in order to provide support for my position. Not just for you, but for others who may not be familiar and may read this. I would like for you to post our conversation because I believe that people can learn and benefit from it. I read the other posts and your knowledge was superior to all the others and they really were not equipped to defend themselves against you. I am someone who is better equipped and can bring balance to your confused perspective. (less)
Brother Taalik RESPONDS to Brother Khalifa, 01/23/08:
In the name of my ANCESTORS I once again greet you with peace 4 ever & always to Brother Khalifa:     
                                                                     It is clear that you don't read or understand that which you attempt to read as i made it perfectly clear i am NOT an athiest,nor am i influenced by those you mention or even studied in the ways of so called athiesm as i am open to the existence of a GOD in some form,however the evidence in support of this at this time is purely of opinion based on belief as no cell phone number is given or valid address,this GOD can't be contacted or sensed by our brains at all,least to say of the common five senses,believers such as yourself force the brain to accept that which doesn't exist,making you a sufferer of acceptable insanity and you can easily accept insanity as you have become weak in the mind,unable to practice logic,common sense & reason also you do not research nothing,especially blacks we become emotional and hyped like one high on drugs and this is exactly how your words sound like a dope fiend high on some illegal drug except that dope is some religious teaching and with all due respect it has in effect made you dopey.
       I am confused about what? No GOD have come to me and made it perfectly clear he/she or it exists and many christians say GOD doesn't have to prove nothing to me,so in response GOD can take his ASS on down the road to somebody else as this is stupid.
Only a foolish person would allow a person into their home without proper I.D. you have accepted a teaching without proper I.D. so how do you know such is authenic,of course you have some excuse but when its all said & done you have never met GOD in fact chances are you never even met the man who taught you about such a thing,so in reality it is you who are confused in that you accept something as a fact that may or may not exist all the while i accept that it just doesn't so i don't have to make up fairytale stories or have faith or believe in anything,telling other weak minded folks that GOD did this or that but can't prove he/she or it actually done anything,in fact exactly what sex or gender is this GOD and why is he always in the male form,why can't GOD be a woman or even an animal as he did create it all?
     Since you never met GOD and even thou the originator of your belief system is deceased you have become a voluntary slave to a DEAD MAN,this is funny and the NOI have the nerve to make mockery of the followers of JESUS when both FARD & ELIJAH are dead men,and you say I'm confused  LOL....You keep trying to say the enemy says this or that and it is a lie or made to detour you from truth,the caucasion is the one who designed ISLAM it is nothing but an arab form of christianity but since you couldn't fathom such it is beyond your understanding as you believe they have no connection,again i would be happy to examine your proof that the caucasion went to the moon as many not only myself believe that was the greatest lie besides the JESUS stories ever told least to say i know you have no evidence of the existence of some person named YAKUB but i must admit there is truth in it and a nice fairytale in order to explain genetics to someone,it also offers answers to the reasons why caucasions are like the way they've become but this doesn't mean that this story is factual or real in any way as even SPIDER-MAN is based on the reality of the world we live in,so I'm sure ancient people also have their fiction and it's heroes so why can't JESUS & MUHAMMAD ONLY be fictional heroes like BATMAN born 2000/1400 years ago?
      In conclusion, it is true we all must submit to some force or die and in this I can tolerate the powers that be and if the NOI came into power I would tolerate them as long as they are not out right trying to kill me or oppress my family as caucasions have decided to stem this activity in 2008,however I refuse to submit to fairytale stories brought down from the centuries or since 1930,there is nothing spectacular about NOI teachings,I've been there done that and since you insist on being a SLAVE to something I wish you the best of luck as unfortunately some of us can't function unless we are in service to something or someone in fact perhaps blacks should of been kept in slavery as in slavery we have never done the wicked things to each other as we do now that we are so called free,my family have been part of the NATION since the time of MALCOLM i stood at the very spot he was murdered by other blacks who claim ISLAM,I have stood to take a bullet for LOUIS FARRAKHAN and traveled with him all over this country in the 80's and early 90's willing to give my life for the HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD so please don't come to me with your quotes from LOUIS speeches and the MESSENGER'S books like you are a possessor of some superior knowledge as I've read all these books and know all the lessons some you may not even know,having both MUHAMMAD SPEAKS and i sold the first copies of the FINAL CALL out of the home of FARRAKHAN & YOU come here arrogant trying to teach me something you don't really know nothing about,my family members who have many years experience do not argue with me nor do they have the nerve to attempt to call me confused or some hypocrite as what i say and
sugar1921 opinion is true and truth is what you claim you represent but can't HANDLE you offer nothing new only repeating what you read from NOI teachings or some FARRAKHAN speech it was funny for me to read that in some way,you have the material to put me in check,I AM up for the challenge and you'll weaken like all those before you repeating what elijah or farrakhan said and making no attempt to think for self....BRING IT!
The Wise Scientest Khalifa continues...... 01/24/08
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! I too Come to you Brother Taalik in peace. I hope that you would forgive me, as I did laugh out loud for about 2 minutes. Trust me brother, I can bring out wooden bats, metal bats, aluminum bats, even whiffle ball bats, and come out swingin' like Barry Bonds lol! But what would be the point in that? I just don't want to keep going in circles, because that would be wasted time. The messenger said, "Take it or let it alone." If you chose to let it alone, it aint no sense in us continuing to argue back and forth. I foresaw that, which is why I wrote the agree to disagree note to you. Like I said before brother Taalik the leaders, the believers and followers, are imperfect. We live in Satan's world. Satan is to come to and fro. From our left, from out right, from our front and from our backs. Satan will get behind you and say, "I'm a believer, I trust in you!" Satan is also in front of you to where he is also on the straight path, to stray people away from it. If you already believe in Satan he will not need to come after you, because he already has you. I agree with you on how some of the believers and followers in the NOI do not act according to the teachings. This does not negate the fact that the teachings are true. Since you have given your background, let me apologize for accusing you of not knowing the teachings. I said that to also see if you could show me that you know. You sound like my Father. He is 47 years of age. You both are not far from each other in age, and he expresses similar feelings because he too was a strong believer and would have died for the Minister. Then somewhere along the line he felt betrayed, because some of the believers criticized him and was charging him of breaking restrictive laws. Many were jealous of him and his wisdom and how the minister favored him. So they looked for ways to try to discourage him and they were successful in discouraging him. These are devils within the NOI. The devil has his hand in everything brother. I don't always agree with Farrakhan, because he is an imperfect human being and we are not going to always agree. The messenger was a human being with faults. We all have the capacity to be immoral. Which is why we don't worship men. If we worship men and find out that they are just as human as we in their immoral behavior, we become discouraged. The teachings though brother are indeed right and exact. I never joined officially because I had my struggles with them. For a long time I was a devout Atheist and I would argue with muslims and christians and thinking they were foolish for believing in spirits and Gods, without proof of their existence. That is the reason why I haven't joined brother. I was nihilistic. This is why I can tell you so much about Atheism. You claim to not be an Atheist, but you don't believe in a God. The word Theist means belief in a God or higher power. The root" A" means against. You are against the belief in a God. This makes you an "A-theist" on many levels. You may not agree with William James's philosophy on Atheism, like most atheists follow him and Freud, but you still claim that there is no God. That is nihilism brother. I can break down the etymology of that word too! But you are not a fool. As an atheist and a debater (I was one in high school), I needed to study what it was that the christian believed in, the Muslims, and the NOI, so that I could produce arguments that would refute their arguments. In my quest to gaining that Knowledge, I have come to accept the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I read Message to the Black Man with a negative attitude automatically discrediting him. By the time I was finished I was a believer. From then on I said "Praise be to Allah." The same feelings I had was in that book, but it gave me more clarity. All this time I misunderstood the NOI. That is why I believe so strongly, because I was once a disbeliever and I would argue with my mother about it, with my father (When he was in it), and with other followers about the teachings. I thought they were all out of their minds. That is because I did not understand at the time. (less)
Brother Taalik's response to Khalifa on 01/24/08
Always peace 4 ever Khalifa:
                                                 Take it....of which at one time i did,or let it alone....I choose to do this and encourage all to avoid such,if atheist means against GOD then i am this,however how can one be against something that doesn't exist? You can swing all the bats you want and talk until you're blue in the face,dang you truly would be a blackman (smile)  There is nothing logical or real about ALLAH it is a made up character that caucasions dreamt based on ancient black people's ignorance about their existence so they made GODS of the enviroment & animals around them,eventually as their understanding increased these GODS became to weak to continue to worship so the ultimate GOD was manufactured one form is that of a spook & another is made to be a MAN that acts like the spook so choose which is best for you.When you had chosen athiesm you were on the best path,you allowed your self to become influenced in the hype of religion and began to accept that which your relatives had begun to reject as their experience had shown them the reality and then that reality began to expose the real TRUTH over the hype,as FLAVOR FLAV would say DON'T believe the HYPE. You are correct in that we should stop going around in circles as you have no experience in the NOI and you look thru rose colored lenses,it is easy to become a member and i will count the days you will last of which will be far less than myself or your father,your father sounds like a good man but due to his belief in GOD unlike myself he has chosen to worship in his own manner,but according to you he'll bare witness to the things in the NOI i have described as he has experienced the same,BROTHERS and sisters came to the NOI to get away from a former life then they become disappointed when they find out that the NOI is nothing but a gang of spiritual niggers and the reason they are that way is because the teaching is in error,whether you like it or not,they are transformed from one type of death to another that is far worse as you are example as I and your father was example until TIME exposes the truth,it is sad to see you go backwards,we act like being athiest is a bad thing,religion is designed to make dependence & slaves, mind control, religion has never brought peace & independence.
       I do like debates and intellectual stimulus it helps me to think and become flexible in thought,however as you say to continue this path with you is becoming boring and I'd rather tell you,you win rather than waste my time as I am not a very good typist,so today you win and be happy with your home run,it would make me look foolish to continue this path when even your father is suggesting to you something is in error & if you have no respect for your father's experience I know you have none for mine and you have two people speaking the same & there are countless others as you hear them on you tube and i meet former followers who also left after i did,disappointed in what they felt was SUPREME WISDOM,As a people perhaps we should try athiesm it is something the caucasion would be shocked to see us practice & it makes us to depend purely upon our own vice and when we are successful,we'd proven like DORTHY waiting on the OZ that the power to go home was with us all the time if only we clicked our heels,I suggest to you brother to learn to click your heals,this is why I  don't need a GOD as I've chosen to grow up and become an adult & stop depending on a parent or some higher power,especially when it takes 1000's of years for that higher power to do anything,FARD has killed no caucasions or destroyed the state capitol or brought plague upon AMERICA in behalf of blacks and he will not because chances are he is dead and you are caught up in a pretty fairytale,ALLAH U AKBAR.
JANUARY 25,2008
 Peace Brother Taalik. The vicious cycle continues..... (I know its long, but please read the whole thing. I get real deep on this one.)

You are right in that I don't have the experience in the NOI like you have. I have seen what happened to my Father and he told me everything that happened. My brother is still there and he tells me what goes on, both the good and the bad. My mother was a lieutenant before Farrakhan removed all usage of titles. She is still acting as a lieutenant, just without the title. I thought it was a wise move on part of Farrakhan, because people were letting titles pollute their minds and they would abuse their authority. It took them away from the actual purpose. She tells me everything that goes on. I also go to all of the Saviour's days and holy days of atonements. and even come out to the mosque on Sundays at times and to the study groups, where we have similar discussions like we are having right now. Except we are in agreement for the most part. I can't refute the fact that I never had to deal with a lieutenant giving me orders or a Captain giving me orders. I never had to deal with their misuse of authority. I witnessed my father go through that. He still does not deny the teachings. He just doesn't like Farrakhan, but he still believes in what the Messenger taught us. It didn't make him Atheist, like it did for you. Atheism, I have learned cannot really stand up on its on in its rationale. They believe that there is no God. That God is the 'Mystery God.' I agree with them on that as I do with you on that God not existing. You say we had the power all along. Yes sir, which validates my point and the NOI's point, that we are the God. We have to make it happen ourselves. We agree on that. That is not the same as saying there is no God. The Wisdom and concepts comes from us, because it is in our nature. That makes us Gods. The supreme God is the one whose wisdom we live under. We currently live under Yakub's (Jacob's) wisdom. The way the world is now comes from Yakub's wisdom that he taught the white man to use to rule. The NOI proposes that we should live under FARD's wisdom, making him the God of the new kingdom. This is not a fairytale. The world changes in wisdom every so often to where one wisdom is put down and is replaced with new wisdom that is superior to old one. That was what the"Theology of the Time" was about. The God is the one whose wisdom that we submit ourselves to. Not the physical body of where the wisdom came from, but the wisdom itself. I agree, We don't know where Fard is. He is where he is. He might be physically dead, but it is all besides the point. It is his wisdom, not his body that we submit to. We can make anything our God if we submit ourselves to it. We by nature submit to a superior wisdom. You have submitted yourself to a wisdom that you feel is superior, as have I. What makes Atheism not make any sense is that now Atheism is the God itself. It is a Paradox. People submit themselves to Atheism and they believe in that. It is like saying you are a Nonconformist, yet ironically you are conforming to nonconformity. The relationship is contradictory, thus making it a fallacy according to the rules of logic, as taught by Plato and Aristotle. Atheism does not have any logic and reasoning to stand on. It is a quadriplegic. Allah is logically justified in his wisdom. If his wisdom rules the minds of the people of the Earth, then he becomes omnipotent and all knowing. No matter what you do and how you think, the wisdom that you have is his. No matter what you do brother Taalik, the way you think and justify yourself, is FARD's wisdom and way of thinking. Whether you deny him or not. The way you synthesize in your mind brother Taalik is FARD's. You said it yourself, that you would not be where you are mentally had it not been for the NOI. It further validates the phrase, "Thy will be done." No matter what you do your wisdom is FARD's and everybody that appreciates Malcolm, Farrakhan, and Elijah, they take on FARD's wisdom. The fact that it is nearly widely accepted that Jesus was Black, is FARD's wisdom. All those that just believe that about Jesus being black, their wisdom and way of thinking becomes FARD. Black pride is FARD's wisdom, whether or not they new his name. They are taking on his wisdom without even knowing it, making FARD become omnipotent in wisdom. We are slowly but surely coming out of the wisdom of Yakub and into the wisdom of FARD. This is really deep brother.
(less) from Brother Khalifa
JANUARY 25,2008
 Peace Brother Khalifa:
                       I must admit that i am impressed with your humility,respect for your elders as well as intelligence for one so young,it is clear you have made a sincere attempt in the study of the MESSENGER's TEACHINGS & ELIJAH is the messenger to the blackman in america. Like many children will not grow up to follow in their father's footsteps I accept ELIJAH being my spiritual father & if FARD was the GOD that caused this to become into being then all praises are due,however like many children that become adults they may choose the paths differ from what their parents may want as well as leave the parents house,so you are correct in that my understanding of my blackness does come from FARD this is where it stops as he is not a GOD to me nor even if so,I will never submit and bow to another life form it is better to not exist or accept death rather than continue servitude or slavery that took over 400 years for my people to get out of & even in 2008 some blacks are still made to be slaves physically,least to say like yourself happy to become a voluntary slave as you believe servitude to some creator is a badge of honor,it's your thang do what you wanna do I CAN'T tell you who to sock it to ( smile )
    You are correct as long as our people are lost,deaf,dumb & blind living in such horrid condition we are both losers and the prize could only be one of vanity and imagination. It is not my intent to become a know it all when in conversation with some people however many of them get ignorant or believe they know it all so i respond in kind,if the NOI has so much supreme wisdom what have they produced supreme,why do the majority of them work for the devil & why are they only able to do what a man who just came out of a cave allow them to do after being around since 1930? I must remind you great powers like ROME,ancient INCA and others also believed they possessed supreme wisdom and no doubt the racist caucasion male who is now cloning mammals and have tricked the world into accepting his changing of TIME itself believes he holds supreme wisdom but his grip is becoming weak even among his own,The NOI hasn't developed any hands for a grip to get weak. I like being humble & peaceful but I refuse to act civil with idiots that i know, know better and LOUIS even teaches these blacks know better but they have accepted being 4th class persons as well as 2008 voluntary slaves to both GODS & men.
   Again I insist you have the last word,the reason of why you will not entertain the example of SANTA CLAUS as you don't belittle my intellect you belittle yourself as CLAUS & GOD fit in the same category,it is like the LYING parent telling the child about the false SANTA using as an excuse,well the child must believe in something,why does that something have to be a LIE? Many like yourself have no self will and have become child like you being this CHILD & this GOD being the LYING parent of whom thru a MAN has told you,you must believe in something and you must have faith & belief because what is taught is false but like SANTA of whom is a good guy this doesn't make him a reality.
It is amazing of how in religion they teach that darkness is bad and that you need light to see,this is in some cases true as persons have lost items in LIGHT but couldn't see that item right in front of their eyes,some people and animals have no problem to see in darkness,the late RAY CHARLES & STEVIE WONDER who are physically blind can function much better than many who can physically see in the LIGHT,so just because you have light or some supreme wisdom doesn't mean you have an advantage & the history of the NOI is perfect example of this.
    Ancient world history according to who? And even so I WORK with young people in college who are taking this world history and they tell me there is no mention of a JESUS/MUHAMMAD or these other persons in the BIBLE/QURAN,WHY? Such characters are only found in religious teachings the same as SPIDERMAN CAN only be found in MARVEL COMICS except unlike SPIDEY these characters have been turned into symbols of GOD as the world they lived in is real as SPIDEY is to the real city of NEW YORK but he is that of fiction,JESUS/MUHAMMAD/ALLAH is that from the mind of ancient men and they are all fictional,not to say there is no good in the stories as SPIDEY is a crimefighter,this doesn't make any of them real,so it should not be a shock that our people continue to be in such a pitiful position as they have faith & belief in fictional characters and fictional solutions can't solve real problems,nuff said.
     The racist caucasion male mainly those calling themselves JEWS of which has a history a little less than 700 years old but they claim JESUS was a jew 2000 years ago but couldn't be possible as the JEWS are not an ancient people having origins as nomads roming the country sides of past germany & russia trying to avoid being forced to become christians or muslims. Jesus never existed he is fabricated character designed by the CATHOLIC CHURCH in 325 ad AT the counsel of nicea,they based JESUS on the first caucasion emperor of egypt ptlomey the first who after ROME DEFEATED egypt forced the people to worship him as GOD CALLING his ministers CHRISTIANS and his followers BISHOPS OF CHRIST so these were the first christians years before a JESUS in fact pictures of ptlomey look like the images of jesus we have of today,even with the hallow of which always represent the SUN,PAST people have always admired the sun,even today in certain religious ritual the sun is not forgotten even FARD gives respect to the sun in his flag.
     Thanks for saying over & over again I AM not a fool but at the same time you are calling me a lost & confused fool for rejecting NOI TEACHINGS as it is your belief not a fact that is true,but how can such be true when they teach JESUS IS one they respect but only a prophet when JESUS never existed it was not black or caucasion and the reason the BIBLE describes him like he might be black is because the caucasion stole this story from ancient egyptians and when they plagarized such it was so much some of the references to the people being dark could not all be erased but at the same time they also knew the masses are as you say really in the dark and like you will not attempt to listen to sources contrary to their belief systems,a caucasion ON this website who also authored THE ice man inheritance wrote an article on my web page called the biology of religion giving reason why religion has become so important to the human family.
     In conclusion, I have no opinion about your thoughts on YAKUB/FARD periods of wisdom & if you find such thoughts deep then more power to you as with all due respect one in college doesn't find kindergarten work deep and I feel sad that one with your great intelligence find some joy in the study of periods of wisdom that haven't impressed caucasions,chinese,indians,asians or even blacks,they are not impressed nor do not care and I ALSO must concur but for you as a person,much respect due to you and your family as when it's all said and done we love our people and have attempted to do something instead of running our mouths and complaining like many lazy blacks,I will not degrade how you think but TIME will reveal what i've allready experienced and know,but even as a younger person if i knew what i know now I WOULD have never joined the NOI but at the time it is all I KNEW and was exposed to,there is no reason for us to be so ignorant as much info is easily available on the web or you may spend time in a LIBRARY,no matter how hard they try JESUS & these other religious characters never existed,I suggest us to leave it all alone and resolve our problems with the brains and power given to us,if such isn't enough accept death and be happy to fade into non-existence but with the knowledge you tried and did not have to sing/dance nor pray 7 times a day to some unknown power able to liberate self,how good it feels when we do things on our own.
Khalifa continues January 26,2008
A stranger I am not. I am your brother. The God you have been referring to all this time is the mystery God. We have not been talking about the same God. You can't seem to get the mystery God out of your mind. The difference is in your overall concept of God. You can't imagine God being other than mysterious, even when he is right in front of you starring at you in the mirror. You say you have faith and belief only in yourself. It is good to have faith in yourself. Faith in yourself is faith in God. Master FARD says, "Accept your own and be yourself." You have no desire to believe in God. I have no desire in believing in that Mystery God either. You say in the name your Ancestors. Your Ancestors are the God. You and I descend from the God who was flesh and blood like you and I. All the proof you need of God is in your own reflection. We don't have to get caught up in names. If you don't like the name God then don't use it. Continue to use "Ancestors," you are still referring to the same one. I don't care for the name God either. His proper name is Allah. You fear being a slave. I understand that brother. We all are slaves brother. The real question is who is your master? To say no one would be a fallacy. Even if you are a slave to yourself, you are still a slave nonetheless. You will be working for yourself. You still have to eat, sleep, and relieve waste from your body, involuntarily. That makes you a slave in some sense. You are not in control of those things. You must do it if you wish to survive. Complete freedom in that sense is death. This is why it is in your nature to submit. You can't live without submission anymore than you can without oxygen. You submit to the fact that you must breath to live. That is submission to a part of your nature in inhaling and exhaling. It is all very simple. You are right when you say life is simple. It is very simple. The complexity of life lie in simple. It is so simple, the complexity of our brains cannot grasp it. Some of us can, but many cannot. If we understand the simple, we can understand the big picture. We must submit ourselves to breathing, eating, sleeping, relieving, and reproducing, or die in rebelling to do these things. Which is why Islam is true. That is Islam in its most simple foundation. You must submit to the nature in which you are created or else you'll die in your rebellion to do so. People misunderstand hereafter like it means a place you go to after you die. I don't believe that when I die, a little man(spirit) will come out of me and go to some far off place to live in peace. That is not in agreement with our reality. That is an argument that I get into with a lot of Muslims and Christians. There is almost no separation from the The Orthodox Muslims and the Christians. Death is the end of our lives in any physical sense. You can only live in your legacy that you leave behind. There is no place in the clouds with my ancestors and angels waiting for me so I can greet that mystery God. No sir! There is no place called hell where if I was a bad person I will burn in a pit of fire forever. That hell must not be too hot if I can burn in it forever and never burn up. With this kind of logic I can see why anybody with some sense would want to be atheist as I have chosen to be one at one point; until I understood who the God actually was. No one has died physically and came back to tell anybody if the devil lied to them or not. Therefore, we cannot accept that as truth as intelligent human beings. I don't believe in God giving me some reward for believing in him, anymore than I believe santa will give me a present on the 25 of December. Our nature requires us to submit unto him in order to survive. We have to Accept Our Own and be Ourselves in order to live. Don't get caught up in names, it complicates things. WE ARE THE GOD, THE MAKER, THE OWNER, CREAM OF THE PLANET EARTH, GOD OF THE UNIVERSE. You are not totally wrong in your logic brother. I just think it is a little unclear to you. You believe right, I just think your pieces to the puzzle don't match up entirely. It was most certainly a pleasure in speaking with you and I will most certainly not be a stranger. If you have other topics of discussion, feel free to invite me to them. My knowledge extends far beyond theology. (less)
Brother Taalik continues January 26,2008
Peace 4 ever & always Khalifa,
                                                You've written so much that the visitor's page could not hold the info,so I had to make a part two that i call the Taalik & Khalifa SHOW (smile ) I am not sure how many folks visit the site at this time but at some time or another they may read your words & if your words are chosen above mine I have NO problem with that BUT at the same time most folks coming to this site are courious in wanting to learn more of my opinion as they have been familiar with NOI teachings since 1930,the masses slowly but surely are turning away from the belief in GOD & EVEN those involved in religious belief systems even thou still practicing such also are dissatisfied but do not know where else to turn,like as I've stated before we have been so brainwashed thru the generations that we must submit to something rather it is GOD(ALLAH) or MAN.
       If as you say my ancestors were GOD then with all due respect they were very sad GODS as they worshipped the sun as a GOD & hadn't the power to stop themselves & progeny from becoming slaves to others just recently coming out of a cave and even in 2008 these folks still control their lives & destiny. Again Islam is not natural as anything natural doesn't have to be manufactured in a factory or taught to you by some man as you've never been taught how to breathe and if left alone you have an idea of what to eat,Islam IS an arab form of christianity both designed to control the masses,again if my ancestors are GODS then they were pitiful GODS & any respect I give them comes from them only being my blood as their powerlessness caused me to be born into HELL and now I must figure out how to get out of a 400 year old mess.
      To submit to body functions is not slavery it is what is necessary to continue life,to submit to breathing doesn't force you to believe and have faith in something that you can't detect or idea you are not in agreement with,the body can't make you a slave as it doesn't require you to have faith & belief in something you do not or question,in fact your mind is the slavemaker as you force the body to become involved in acts detrimental to itself like drinking liquor,doing drugs or eating swine flesh.
     As far as you are concerned I will always be found to have unclear thinking,confusion or missing pieces of the puzzle as i reject the teachings of FARD MUHAMMAD and this is allright,those reading your response will notice that you make NO COMMENT on my suggestion that Islam IS nothing but an arab form of christianity or that JESUS is a made up character designed by the CATHOLIC church nor do you bring any evidence to support JESUS is real and you will avoid this issue as if JESUS never existed it makes both CHRISTIANITY & ISLAM very false teachings and in fact they are and since FARD is not GOD but an ordinary man who didn't have this knowledge he created a belief system based on what he knew like at one time all I KNEW was Islam & Christianity but now my horizon is more full & you can't comment on what you don't know,that is why in belief systems they ask you to have faith & believe,FARD has become a MYSTERY god,you can't contact him,you don't know where he is at,is he living or dead and even when he was present he didn't do anything spectacular he didn't create a planet,he couldn't even keep his followers from being presecuted,he has no more power than the Christian mystery god as he has now become like the MYSTERY GOD and your trying to make NOI teachings sound impressive for me and many others we are not impressed as they have produced NOTHING supreme or impressive just as lot of pretty lip service as they depend on folks like LOUIS of whom can inspire great things but he is not a LAWYER,STOCKBROKER,DOCTOR etc. all the things a NATION needs,the followers wait on him or FARD the mystery GOD
     You'll never impress me with NOI TEACHINGS I have evolved far from this kindergarten message as they never teach that ISLAM was involved in the slave trade or that prophet MUHAMMAD HAD women for slaves & in the QURAN the prophet sets guidelines of how slaves the most being women that he also had are to be treated and it is not a shock that religion makes men superior over women in that men designed religion & the JEW is the chosen people of GOD because they wrote both BIBLE/QURAN you my friend have been tricked & have a lot to learn whether you believe in GOD or not,you do not represent any truth if you ignore these issues,I SUGGEST we continue to talk but go on to different issues as of this topic you have a long way to go and refuse to  go outside of your chosen belief system,THE truth hurts.Death is better than accepting the false or limited teaching of FARD of whom wasn't any GOD or bearer of some superior wisdom,however I THANK him for teaching blacks to love themselves even thou they are far from being some GOD,TO accept yourself means to accept the fact you are NOT GOD as even a weak GOD COULD not become a slave to another for over 400 years but it is a nice story to inspire those who suffer low self esteem,downtrodden,deaf,dumb & blind.
Khalifa continues to speak on January 26-27,2008

You must Believe in truth brother. You believe in what you consider to be true right? Right! I have studied psychology brother and the "egos" that go along with it. Psychology is one of those disciplines that deals with the human mind and conditions. It deals with human behavior as it relates to the mind. There is an overwhelming number of case studies and experiments on Beliefs and Attitudes. They say it is near impossible to change a persons beliefs, but you can easily change their attitudes. Look up the word "belief" and then Look up the word "attitude." There is an interesting relationship between these to words. I'm not going to spoon feed this information, because that does not teach people to think critically. Most of us don't think critically. Our education system needs to be completely restructured. They spoon feed us information and then they tell us to regurgitate it back to them on an exam. This does not teach us to properly synthesize the information that we are being taught. So we grow up to not be thinking people. This is no accident brother Taalik. This is so that we can be controlled by mediums of communication such as the media. Master FARD was no liar when he said that one day the devil will enter our homes and into our living rooms (T.V.). The Television set was not invented until the 1940's. FARD said that in the 30's. We can save that one for another discussion. I don't want to go too far down that road. I just want people to think with me. I agree with you in a lot of ways when it comes to belief and how we can become slaves to it. The problem is not with belief itself, but what it is we are actually believing in. We have to believe something is true in order to accept it. You believe that you are correct and no matter what someone says to you, you are not going to change your mind on that belief. Your "Super Ego" is not going to allow you to do that. That is another term that you can go study if you have not done so already. Notice how I back myself up with scientific analysis and I'm not just talking. I also give people a chance to go and read for themselves to formulate their own conclusions instead of me saying, "Take my word for it." You will find that I am telling the truth. Study the three egos, the "Id", the "Ego" and the "Super Ego." The Super Ego deals with our beliefs and morals on right and wrong. It deals with your mind in how you distinguish truth from false. This is developed through conditioning throughout your life. Listen to me Good! We must believe brother in order to "Actualize" ourselves. These are all terms that go along with the discipline of Psychology. This is how you cannot prove yourself to be an Atheist. Your mind does not allow it. You can't do it brother. I was once an atheist and I couldn't prove it myself. "Believe" me brother I have tried. In your quest in trying to prove yourself to be that, you will disprove yourself, as I have. That is why we must humble ourselves and study. Our humility will protect us from confusion. Our arrogance blocks our understanding and ultimately leads us into confusion. Hmmmm.... Praise be to Allah. (less) Jan 27, 2008, 02:28 AM

The messenger said that the guy in the photograph was not FARD. Just because they favor does not mean it was him. I can easily show you to people who favor, but it does not mean it is the man. I read that book too brother, "The rise and fall of the Nation of Islam." The FBI does not have a history of telling the truth on black people. They have a history of convicting Black people falsely, and has always tried to throw mud on black leaders to keep black people from trusting in a black leader who was for the benefit of Black people. Whites never liked that. Whenever they are excluded from any benefit and it is for the benefit of their former slaves, they hate that. lets lift of the skirts of the FBI so we can see what is under there. I assure you that you will find Satan. How can we trust in the FBI, when they are crooked and unjust themselves. You forget that I was once a hater of the NOI and was an Atheist. I could not prove myself to be an Atheist and neither can you. No Atheist can prove themselves to be Atheist. You cannot be an Atheist unless you are a fool. I was fool once brother. It is clear to me that you are the psycho, not me, and very stubborn. Your pride does not allow you to submit to the truth no matter how plain somebody makes it. You remind me of Pharaoh, he had to drown before he bared witness to Allah. Your false relationship with God lead you to misunderstanding him, to where now you say there is no God. It was like Moses and the Wise man. Moses kept questioning the wise man, because he was too narrow minded at the time. Malcolm was a good man, but he was a hypocrite who became blinded by his own foolish pride. Malcolm was a good example of how a strong believer can turn hypocrite over night. His mistake was that he worshipped Elijah. Elijah was a human being like everybody else with faults. He had multiple wives. In those days it was not uncommon for teenagers to marry older men. It was not illegal in those days. Elvis Presley married Priscilla when she was 15 years of age or something like that and he was close to 30. Had it been illegal Elijah would have been prosecuted taken to jail for statutory rape. We have different laws and a different culture now. We think that what our current mores and folkways are now were the same 40 and 50 years ago. Not so Brother Taalik. You have to study Sociology. My name isn't Wise Scientist Khalifa for nothing. You have to study these scientific disciplines in order to prove yourself to be the one that we should agree with. You have only made opinions with "arm chair" philosophy. In Sociology, a common term used is "Arm Chair" Philosophy. This means that there were some so called philosophers that had opinions on how the world worked, but did not go through the "Scientific Method" to justify their conclusions. They sat in their "Arm Chairs," imagined how things are supposed to be and wrote their opinions calling it truth. You my brother are no different. You say FARD has not done anything supreme. You forget how long it took for Yakub to make his man, 600 years. The Bible says 6 days. This 6 days means 600 years. We are only 70 years in. You forget about the Mother plane, in which there are photographs, countless testimony's, and highly Classified documents in the U.S. Government, concerning this Unidentified Flying Object. Elijah came to the white house in the 40's and gave the President Roosevelt a full description of the Mother plane and its purpose. There are people who have seen the plane and never heard of Elijah and they describe the plane exactly how he described it. This plane is Supreme Brother. I don't have to go into it in details because this information is available for people to study and I don't have to waste time spoon feeding people everything. Read, "Fall of America" by Elijah Muhammad. You are angry with the NOI because of your personal experience with imperfect people, who themselves were still rising up, but still very much in the world of Satan. I must admit that I am getting tired of going over this. I can talk until I'm blue in the face and give you diagrams after diagrams, pictographs after pictograph and you will still believe what you believe, (less)
Jan 26, 2008, 03:38 PM

My entire Message addressed those issues. First of All, I did not want to respond your comments on Islam being an Arab form of Christianity, because it does not apply to my interpretation of Islam. I agree that there is no separation between the Orthodox Muslims and Christians. Many of the Imams, Sheikes, and preachers don't understand what they read and they are the ones that give us spiritual guidance, so we believed in them and in their misunderstandings. Jesus is as real as you make him to be. If you don't believe he existed then that is to your own misfortune in missing the point. because you remain in darkness. His body has not preserved for us to see because he was not honored and respected in his lifetime. It was also not common practice in his time to do such a thing. What we know of him is based on the writings of those who were around him and witnessed it. The Bible as you know is made of books that were written in time of Jesus and after the time of jesus. This book was put together by Constantine and his laborers in 369 A.D. I assure you brother Taalik, that you are not talking to an ignorant fool who is bible crazy without any historic knowledge. The new testament came after Jesus, but it was only a compilation of books that have already been in existence. It was translated from Aramaic, the language that Jesus and the people of the time spoke, to Latin. From Latin to nearly all other languages. A counsel was put together by Constantine to decide on which books would make it into this compilation called new testament. In fact my arguments with Christians and Muslims are based on historic knowledge and most of them don't have it. I agree that many myths and fables are in the bible and most of its roots come from old african fables. The virgin birth story of Jesus has its origins in the Isis and Osiris virgin birth story. Moses floating up on a river was a common myth that Egyptians used to describe the beginning of a historical figure. There are as many as 10 that I know of that floated on a river as infants. There are probably as many as 30. Xenos and Zethros are examples that I could name off the top of my head that had similar stories of being discovered as infants floating on river. Trust me we can talk mythology if you wanna go there. It does not mean Moses did not exist, it only tells you the culture of the people, in that they used myths to talk about actual historical figures. We have to study Sociology in order to understand different cultures and how they operate. We can be ethnocentric in our ignorance and arrogance. We think so narrowly and do not consider the fact that when we talk about things in history we have to understand the culture, their folkways and mores of the time to better asses the situation. This in a lot of ways proves that Islam is our nature, because we were practicing it long before Muhammad gave it its name around 600 A.D. Muhammad existed historically and I did study him in Ancient World History. Since he is more recent than Jesus there is more historical evidence that he existed. First of all the Holy Quran is not a book that is compiled of other books. It was written solely by Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). That fact that we have the Quran is enough verification that he existed. I feel like I making you look foolish. I did not want to do that. That is why I avoided this topic. Muhammad and his followers then started to spread Islam first in the Arabic peninsula and then to Eastern Europe and then to North Africa. Which is why the North Africans are mixed with the Arab. Egyptians and Ethiopians look like dark skinned arabs. Islam would not have spread had it not been for Prophet Muhammad. To say he never existed is beyond ridiculous and I wanted to give you time to really think about that, because you strike me as a much more intelligent human being to actually believe that Muhammad never existed. I already stated my case on FARD, I don't need to go over that again There is no need to produce more planets, what for? That would be going backwards. It takes millions of years to develop a planet. FARD gave us the Mother Plane or UFO that U.S. Government calls it. Try and tell me it doesn't exist and watch me prove it! (less) Jan 26, 2008, 03:21 PM

I agree that submitting to bodily functions is not slavery. Submitting to the true God would not be slavery either because they all connect. I just gave you the idea of submission in its simplest form so that you can see the big picture. We must open our minds to see the bigger picture. We can be narrow minded sometimes. You won't understand me if you continue to be narrow minded. Dig deeper into what I'm saying because there is more to it that what you see on the surface. I will feel sorry for whoever becomes atheist. It was not meant for everyone to be on the right path. Only 144,000 people are said to be believers in the true and living God. That is a low number in comparison to over 6 billion. Like I said before I was once an Atheist. I have come to learn that it is a fallacy to be such. The Ancestors that you speak of were within the 6,000 years of the devil's rule. You have not gone past that. God is one because two Gods cannot serve at the same time. Our Ancestors within the 6,000 years were put to sleep and their history and civilization has been destroyed. We have no knowledge of civilization prior to 6,000. The earliest is 4.004 B.C. with Mesopotamia in the fertile crescent that we know about. It has been proven that humans have been on the earth millions of years. I believe that it was longer than that, but lets base it off of what the scientist were able to find. The bones Lucy according to carbon dating is between 2-4 million years old. She was not the oldest, because Lucy had a mother and Father and Lucy's Mother and Father had a Mother and Father and you can go on and on. You can't trace the beginning. Since we have been around for at least that long, we can reasonably say that 4,004 B.C. could not have possibly been the start of civilization. It was the start of civilization for the current God who is Yakub and was governed with his wisdom, thus making him a God. Whenever new wisdom comes in the old wisdom is destroyed. A God does not want to make a world that was like the old world, because it would show that he was lacking in wisdom to make something entirely new himself. "Behold I make things new." That is one understanding of that statement. The old world that preceded this world was destroyed to where we have no recollection of what happened before 4,004 B.C. It would have to be destroyed in order for the new wisdom to rule. The same has to happen now and is happening. This world as we know will be destroyed entirely in order for this new Wisdom to come in. We will eventually have no recollection of this world after the new world fully comes in. If we carefully study this history, we can predict the future and what would come to past. This is how prophets of God thought when they had their visions of the future. We have to understand how a God thinks and also how a devil thinks. Yakub was Satan, who is the evil God. The scientist (Angels) predicted that this would happen. Yakub wanted to create a world that was "unalike" and he wanted to prove that unalike could rule for a period of time. He was right. "Unalike" meaning contrary to our original nature. Yakub was very wise. He was successful in proving that the "unalike" could rule. He also wanted to prove that the "unalike" could not rule for very long, because it will eventually destroy it self. You cannot rule against nature for very long without killing yourself. Satan's world will eventually destroy itself. The God's before him were all righteous and their wisdom was able to rule for 25,000 years or more each. This 25,000 years represents the circumference of the earth because it is near 25,000 miles in circumference. The earth is also tilted on its axis at 23 degrees. Over time it will tilt more and more. This has been proven if we study astronomy. Every 25,000 years the earth makes a full flip at the rate that it continues to tilt. It is Gravitational pull and Magnetism that causes this to happen. This is why we rotate and revolve at a speed of 1.037 and 1/3 miles per hour around the sun, giving us 365 and 1/4 days in a year. I don't want to go too deep in astronomy because we can study that on our own time. The Earth makes a complete change every 25,000 years or so and so does God's wisdom. This is really deep stuff. The earth is round, that is why we don't feel the movement. We only have sense of direction on earth because of gravity and magnetism which is how we can get degrees of latitude and longitude giving us North, South, East, and West. I would recommend that people study the "Theology of the Time" by Elijah Muhammad. My aim is not to get people to believe me over you brother Taalik. My aim is to get people to think and to actively be in pursuit of knowledge. Only then can we be free. (less)
Brother Taalik attempts to reason with Khalifa on January 27,2008
In the name of my Ancestors always peace 4 ever Khalifa:
    Unfortunately for you if we have real TRUTH we do not have to have belief or faith as truth stands alone,any lawyer would love to have truth on his/her side as REAL TRUTH can stand alone without long pages of explaination in which you are forced to write as REAL TRUTH speaks for itself. The difference between you & I is that i accept apples growing on a tree all the while you have faith & belief that they may also be grown on a vine of which maybe possible but highly unlikely but when such time arrives then I can accept such as REAL TRUTH,the NOI teachings reveal certain truths but overall is a FABRICATION of truth designed for a specific purpose and it's true purpose is only known by FARD.We do view the results of that truth and when first introduced it was a benefit to those lost,deaf,dumb & blind the children of ex-slaves victims of severe exploitation & void of the knowledge of self & others.
     Years later this truth has turned ineffective & will soon become a relic of the past as it is not REAL TRUTH only a facade thus those who hang on to partial truths must maintain faith & belief such reasoning is insanity as we reject REAL TRUTH something that holds no error in accord with our reality and much beneficial to the whole of humanity it is the belief in partial truths that has caused the world of humanity to suffer violence,hatred,division of familes,murder etc. as these partial truths are designed by the author who usually claims such is inspired by a being given the TITLE GOD for purpose unknown or not actually clear as partial truth can never be clear & the purpose only known to the author,however after we watch these partial truths in action,we notice the results leave much to be desired.
      In the N.O.I. you would be guilty of what followers call SCIENCE-ING in other words you take the messenger's teachings & bring your own flavor of which is looked down upon.I want to make any reader of these words to know clearly that these opinions that Kalipha offers are thoughts of his own & not necessarily the teachings of the HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD nor have his opinions been approved by MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN or any of the messenger's ministers,so for those of you who really wish to study NOI teachings please reference materials that are readily available from the NOI or more knowledable sources as Kalipha has admit never ever being active in the NOI,nuff said. You are incorrect in calling me one who suffers from some SUPER-EGO as at this time I do not accept NOI teachings as REAL TRUTH however if you study this website I am cordial with those I conversate with and much of the time we come to some compromise,all the while others look to attempt to convert me back to that I HAVE made clear i reject or they look for some great debate as in the case of Kalipha & when I HAVE the time I will debate such persons to give my readers examples of those who have been turned INSANE by the belief they've chosen to accept as clearly in his mind he is playing with a full deck in his long winded SCIENCE-ING getting high like on  DRUG in that he believes what he is writing is deep and it is quite possible it is deep I will leave that judgment to the reader of these words as for me personally this website has made it clear I do not endorse or suggest we accept such beliefs that should be allowed to turn into a relic of the past.
     No matter how many pictures are presented those who believe FARD to be this GOD LIKE figure will never accept him being once a two bit criminal an ex-follower of NOBLE DREW ALI a GOD that once worshipped another man & perhaps would've continued if it weren't for his untimely death,just like many believe that the pictures fabricated of JESUS is really this man but is impossible as JESUS or MUHAMMAD NEVER historically existed,Kalipha continues to say I am like some cat named PHAROAH of whom we don't know which pharoah he is as even FARRAKHAN teaches that a so called people called ISRAELITIES were never slaves to EGYPT and no such record is found in actual egyptian history.MOSES who? It is strange these folks never have last names nor it is funny all of the characters of the BIBLE/QURAN have no descendants that live today nor are there any records of their existence within the files of present nations?
      It is easy to cover up a lie saying such happened long ago cause we can't go back in time just like the old lie heaven was in the sky but upon the invention of the airplane they no longer promote this lie but the authors of the greatest lie know we can't go back into time and since this is not REAL TRUTH we are encouraged to have faith & belief. There is no record that ELIJAH MUHAMMAD had married these young women,he knew in AMERICA multiple wives is against the law but in some northwestern states such is practiced & ignored,ELIJAH didn't live is these states,never the less this so called messenger was accused by these women not to pay child support,for the believer such activity is justified with religious excuse but the reality is ELIJAH took advantage of blind female followers for sexual favors just like the PREACHER who is presides over a flock of majority women,this upset MALCOLM X and it should as something else is practiced rather than what is taught to our people,ELIJAH is special in the eyes of blind followers of which MALCOLM chose not to be,in those with common sense ELIJAH is nothing but the usual corrupt exploiter of women justified by religion,and I REMIND you religion is not made up by some GOD but by MEN who believe they are better than women so it is no surprise women are exploited & made 4th class like blacks in general in racist caucasion male society who also exploits his women.
     I am a fan of ELVIS & PRISCILLA was allowed to live with him being under age but it was made clear that no sexual activity be practiced due to the distance between them,he married her when she came of age,unlike the activity of this so called messenger of GOD. May i also remind my readers that I do respect the good that the NOI under ELIJAH accomplished as IF it were not for this I could not be what I AM ,however this doesn't give me an excuse to become loyal to that which is clearly corrupt and these actions are immoral according to most religions and looked down upon for me as an individual.
      Scientific Method based on whose science? It is no shock since those who manufactured these falsehoods would design a science that must support the fabricated lies it has built and tricked humanity into believing for the last 2000 years,it reminds me when I was a child and I TOLD my mother this falsehood,I told the lie the same way over & over again for years.I told my mother that I had told her a LIE but she enjoyed the LIE....did you hear what I SAID she enjoyed the lie & refused to accept the truth that it was a lie,in fact she was in her 30's when i told the lie & she is now in her 70's & she till rejects the truth,but what if the lie was harmful? Even for myself the author of the lie I HAD told it for so long & often I  even began to believe it was possible perhaps what i said was true,Khalifa has hyped himself up over his new found partial truth and blended with his exterior knowledge he has come to accept and enjoy falsehood just like mother so he'll continue to write these long letters as he found enjoyment,he rejects the so called ARM CHAIR philosphy because this makes us to be free thinkers unattached or loyal to a certain belief system,he has become like the dope fiend who longs for the false high that drugs bring. 
     This poor soul gets excited in the deepness of partial truth he doesn't know what to do but yet it hasn't made him join the NOI in its many forms,why? Again the belief not facts of UFO'S least to say they are manned by black people waiting on the word to destroy AMERICA & save the 144,000,now its really getting funny as this story like the story that JESUS rose from a physical grave has been told since the 30's but yet like JESUS no one has had any contact with the so called MOTHER SHIP,I am sure FARD was influenced by the caucasion stories or curiousity with the belief of life on other planets,never the less if such exists or not it at this time has no effect on our daily lives.
      This is the acceptance of reality I am not going to waste my time in worry about a spaceship that is not bothering me or a JESUS that hasn't shown up in 2000 years,this is silly as we only deal with a fire in our home until the fire appears of course we can prepare for a fire but such is a reality all the while we must have faith the aforemention is true. Blacks always complain that the justice system is bias against them,technically it is not if applied with fairness but it is controlled by the racist caucasion male who has become an enemy to darker people so since the justice system is not alive,its representatives make the justice the unjust medium it is,ELIJAH MUHAMMAD is the representative of FARD's teachings as imperfect as he and his followers are thus the teachings are what they are as ELIJAH & these followers are the products of,these people are in error cause the teachings is in error as if you follow instructions to your VCR written in error then you're subject to failure but if the instructions are correct then you and your VCR will have a good relationship.
      Like they teach you can tell a tree by the fruit it bares,the NOI has history since 1930,I and many are not impressed by the fruit this tree has produced,however it did serve its purpose and now should be allowed to become a relic of the past of which is inevitable with the death of LOUIS FARRAKHAN it will slowly become like our past organizations,go into nothingness or ineffective like JESSE or AL,It is time we move on to better things & understanding as this is not 1930,we must be flexible & diverse just like our people have become there is no outright mean caucasion that is oppressing them,the oppressor has gotten smarter & went underground and since he has changed tactic we must also change but we refuse because of our SUPER EGO.
       In conclusion, Khalipha says our people were put to sleep,by whom?  I guess being put to sleep is better than saying some folks came out of a cave and they kicked your ass,thats rather embarassing & in 2008 they are still kicking your ass,in fact their success with this form of ass kicking has inspired all the other races to copy them & the reality is your belief in NOI teachings is not going to change their position in life no time soon,LOUIS talks a good game but clearly they aren't worried about him cause if they were like even ELIJAH they would move against him but since his failure at the MILLION MAN MARCH he proved himself no real threat and they can wait for his natural death,they are used to his ranting & raving that is only entertainment for those who listens in fact I heard many call his speeches a GOOD SHOW & that is what Khalipha finds thrilling about NOI teachings it sounds thrilling so intellectual and the racist caucasion male can only smirk & move on.
         It is clear if the so called 144,00 to be saved has any truth in it,they'll not be any believer in GOD but more of a chance that they could be athiests as athiests are far less than believers in GOD being able to deal better with the reality of their existence,never the less I Myself do not want to be part of this 144,000 as I will never submit to another life form in servitude I and my people have had enough of that plus what life form is so special it is beyond respect and honor but insist you pray 7 or more times,sing & dance or even sacrifice animal or human life? This sounds like vanity & arrogance at its most extreme level. Like I said we need to grow up and leave all this kindergarten nonsense alone and do what our people suggest in the 70's and that is to get REAL. Before I leave you may I remind us this last tid bit about NOI teachings,of course they teach the caucasions are a race of devils the ultimate practioner of falsehoods,a liar & murderer but at the same time they can accept the existence of JESUS a character made up by the catholic church in 325 a.d.,they can accept the caucasion went to the moon of which this is questionable,they can accept the caucasions beliefs in UFO's etc. it is funny of how the caucasion is such a liar but when he tells the same lie but it fits NOI teachings he evolves from a liar to bare witness to the truth,surely dear readers this is confusing to me and it should be to them but it is not when you allow yourself to become a blind follower,the BIBLE states if JESUS did not rise from the grave then surely our belief is in vain & unfortunately it is but because of SUPER EGO it is better to hold on to the belief,I don't understand how Kalipha WHO was walking on the correct path of self thought allow himself to stray,perhaps it is because of the peer pressure of society,never the less THESE issues should be placed on the back burner as we all are losers as long as our people are sleep,let's use all of our resources and beliefs in order to restore our people to where we can gain respect and honor once again among civilized peoples. AS-SALAAM-ALAIKUM
January 29,2008
Peace 4 ever & always Brother Kalifa:
                                                         I do apologize for bringing you to this most extreme form of anger,sometimes I can't help myself as I have much respect & honor towards you and what you have told me of your family,we are not enemies & hopefully will not become such,I am just making an observation & opinions I have never claimed supreme knowledge or some higher wisdom,what I opinion is within the ability of anyone who allows him/herself to use their brains in order to research,reason,use logic & common sense.When we deaden our brains we allow our thinking to become rigid in thought,confined to a box of a certain way of thinking based on a belief system that has been marketed to us & like McDonalds it has become our favorite place to eat,in this case the fast food is religious teachings.Of course you had better things to do than continue this debate going nowhere just as I also have others who contact me that i must respond to and in some cases go thru this long debate thing of which sometimes I enjoy because such prepares me for the oppositon that is out there,I am feel very confident in what I opinion and unlike you it is my thought entirely based on the thoughts that all would have if we weren't poisoned with the teachings of some religion no matter the form for generations,again it is not my intent to anger you at the same time you come to me saying i must be peaceful,humble etc. but this letter that you've written doesn't reflect such,you have become angry and have thrown all of this advice given to me out of the window,if you notice I do not call you names back as for me it is not that serious and if you read the comments on the site,folks have called me some serious negative stuff ,what you say is angelic compared to what others in the past have called me,least to say postive comments far out number the negative,including yours until I PISSED you off and I done this on purpose to see how righteous you really are & how much patience you have,so clearly you could not be a leader of our people as you have no patience & anger causes us not to think clearly & you could get followers hurt unnecesarily,we must think clearly when dealing with this enemy as he'll deal with you with more than words and your reaction will determine if you may send yourself or others to the morgue unnecessarily or to a prison,nuff said.
     YOU CAN BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT it is not my intent to convert or change your mind as I had nothing to do with AllahElijah leaving the NOI but he thanked me for support in this as he states the FOI threatened him and they done this to me also,what you opinion is your own personal theory to justify your beliefs in NOI teachings such have not been authorized by LOUIS FARRAKHAN or any of the MESSENGER'S FORMER MINISTERS and you will not get LOUIS or any believer to endorse your words,again the NOI considers your opinion SCIENCE-ING and it is looked down upon in the NOI unless it is approved by LOUIS of which it will not as you are not a member or past member of the NOI,SO since your words are your personal opinion I would be a fool to debate you about NOI teachings that are not found in the words of LOUIS or any of the MESSENGER'S BOOKS OR TAPES / VIDEOS. So my reality is this issue is indeed dead as you've not been authorized to teach NOI literature,I wish you happiness in your sojourn within the compass of FARD wisdom,it may be good for you but I have evolved past such as well as AllahElijah & to evolve is simply becoming as this brother stated he had become a self thinker.
       Science is not a reality,science sometimes is based on theory or opinions,so in many cases such as science comments on the formation of the universe or the belief in the dinosaurs this is opinion,theory & beliefs as a bunch of bones fossilized doesn't prove if such did exist or these were large statues made by men & no man existed during such time of dinosaur or the formation of earth & the universe but of course some of this is taught like it is actual facts and again if you tell a lie,or suggest an opinion that is in error,tell it enough times folks will even the original author of the lie will believe it as the children of JEWS are told they suffered a holocaust and an ancient people but they are not,JEWS are less than 700 years old and many JEWS were killed by NAZI GERMANY but far from 6 million and I have contacted the JEWISH ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE to prove otherwise,they do not respond as this lie was told by the JEWS who control the media in order to justify them locating a homeland and instead of fighting OIL CONTROLLING ARABS over the location where the real so called ISRAEL should be they decided to beat up on defensless palestinians,the JEWS controlled early modern print or early forms of media so it is no shock that their false characters of MOSES,JESUS,PAUL & others were introduced into real history just like the africans call themselves AFRICANS when prior to the caucasion explorer the continent wasn't named this,in fact when the racist caucasion male came into power he began to re-name everything as he became the new ADAM and the people who know better call themselves AFRICANS and cultures much older than the caucasion himself accept his changing or the telling of TIME itself based on the fictional character JESUS the day of his so called birth as fictional persons can't be born,made from the imagination of a man.
       I am far from arrogant,I learn from you,babies,my elders,drunks,prostitutes,caucasions,beast
of the field etc. Where does it say you have to earn some degree from some university rooted in caucasion supremacy in order to be learned? MOSES who? JESUS who? PHAROAH who? You gave the example of MOZART in that he didn't have children,he had a mother & father giving him two sides of a family he doesn't have to have children himself in order to have relatives as I DON'T HAVE children but I HAVE cousins,nephews,aunts,uncles,grandmothers etc. So what you present is a weak argument since all these people were human and to the degree they were extremely famous,how convienent it is to lose their family tree? No modern people have claimed these folks nor town, nor city,or country why? Cause you can't claim what never existed just like I can't claim relations to PETER PARKER. They have pictures of MOSES No! What they have is statues & images of a figure just like they have of JESUS that were based on the image desired by the artist of the painting or statue maker,this doesn't make these folks exist as there are pictures of & statutes of BATMAN & SUPERMAN and perhaps if another new people evolve from us they may believe due to time that these also were real just like we've been trained to believe these old not ancient made to be ancient characters have been taught to be real.
        Psychology & PSYCHIATRY is a fraudalent science it is fake,they have over 300 illnesses but not one cure & drugs for every fake disease,prior to 1973 homosexuality was considered a mental illness but when the GAY COMMUNITY was angered like yourself ( smile ) these fake psychologist / psychiatrists rewrote their diagnostic manual and made homosexuality a non-illness,how can one make diabetes a non-illness cause a certain group of people don't like it it cause it makes them look sick,but this was done with homosexuality? Again,my website is dedicated to exposing the false science of psychology/psychiatry at the same time people who believe as you do are not insane not because what you believe doesn't sound delusional but many folks believe it,if it was just you they'll call you insane & your long winded writings would verify an abnormal obsession,however since you are joined by many delusional believers in fear of angering folks or violating your FREEDOM OF RELIGION rights,many are allowed and it is accepted to be insane as long as society tolerates such & it is as the freedom of religion actually is freedom to be insane as long as you claim a group,individuals are sent to insane asylums & given strong mind altering drugs,so what you say of psychology is bogus and based on whose mind,whose way of thinking,perhaps the racist caucasion male? In fact like religion psychology wasn't originally designed for treatment of mental defect it was a method of mind control.
      In CONCLUSION,It is good you are familiar with what the racist caucasion male teaches and it is also good that you are familiar with NOI teachings however this doesn't give you an advantage it makes your confusion and fall into deception that much deeper and in effect the old saying goes there is no FOOL like an EDUCATED FOOL as you've taken both of these systems and made them interlink so they may compliment each other to serve your purpose in the justification for your prefered belief,nor does the knowledge of these things improve the condition of a people made deaf,dumb & blind as the NOI is an example of this.Even so the enemy is not dumb he is not stupid enough to continue his outright lying & wicked,racist ways he has evolved and the NOI hasn't,LOUIS even offers a more diluted version of FARD teachings & his movement has made less strides than ELIJAH whose MOSQUES were being broken into by police,his schools shut down and trucks of newspapers burned,the teachings do not inspire you to join and help the cause because you know what the real deal is,it is better to write long winded letters SCIENCE-ING rather than doing the real work of resurrection that is required,something myself,your father,ElijahAllah have spent time in the field,you have the nerve to call me a fool when I stood in front of LOUIS to take a bullet,I HELPED build the CHICAGO,NEWARK,BROOKLYN,ST.LOUIS,
NEW YORK temples,I invited many people to the temple even after I LEFT the temple and this SITE is interlink with the FINAL CALL NEWSPAPER & I could go on,even posting your comments in this perhaps I am a FOOL but then again I do not fear NOI teachings as such is good like baby food that we grow from as we become an adult but folks even after 2000 years still call themselves children of GOD(ALLAH),you disrespect me as your elder and a former helper to your new found belief system and you do this in the name of ALLAH,so it would be easy for you to kill another black if you believe GOD calls for it.
     You call MALCOLM a hypocrite but at the same time ELIJAH/LOUIS & many others are also hypocrites because they first believed in JESUS but they allowed SATAN to poison their minds and made them become hypocrites,unlike me as I NEVER believed in none of this I ONLY sought  black unification not religion as I NEVER believed in GOD,SO hypocrites got angry that one they called hypocrite left them,least to say this makes NOI teachings seem even weaker in that your message is so pitiful that it couldn't overcome anything MALCOLM had to throw at it,it is better he be killed,I will print on my space any opinion that folks offer and give you your own page as i do the NOI as we only differ in opinion & not enemies and what they offer is a relic of the past but something to eat for those who are still children in the mind,your long writings only impress you as the average person will not read all of that,our people are average and those learned cause they feel they know also will ignore what you say,that is why I like You Tube THE small space makes you to comment simple & in that forum I NOTICE you don't do well at all in my opinion as explainations shouldn't have to be all that.
       Again,I apologize for making you angry but if you wish to debate with folks,you will meet with all kinds,and you can get ignorant like them or use the supreme wisdom you claim you have but with all due respect,your response I hope doesn't reflect supreme wisdom as I RESPECT you .....some other person will send you profanities and perhaps go to the point of tracking you down to seek your death and they've no problem calling FARD A mother-------  please allow me to leave you in peace as I am not your enemy nor like you a fool,a difference of opinion doesn't make us fools,just the methods are different in order to reach a common goal,we are both striving towards a common goal?
                                                   Brother Taalik Ibn'rad     January 29,2008

On Jan 29, 2008 1:20 AM, The Caliphat <calipha wrote:

Since you want to address me strongly, I will respond strongly. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is Newton's third law. The crazy thing is nobody really knows the first two of Newton's laws of motion unless they study physics. It is time that I put you in check now brother. Humble yourself! You have no idea why I haven't been able to respond to your messages. Your arrogance leads you to believe that I read them and just haven't responded out of weakness. You could not have been more wrong. There were some personal reasons as to why I could not respond as well as some business reasons to where I did not have access to a computer to respond to you. There are more things that I do with my time besides arguing with you, a blind old fool! I told you how old I was. I will say it again. I am 22 years old. America teaches us to be stereotypical and we put people in boxes based on demographics and other "status symbols"(look that up). Because I am younger and you are older you think you're wiser. To some extent, wisdom does come with age. However, there are plenty of old fools walking around here such as yourself ranting and pontificating to people what they ought to do with their beliefs. You completely missed the purpose of my last message on how it is impossible to change ones belief. You can only change attitudes. The "Super Ego" is theoretical to describe a bigger picture that exists within the human mind. Since you have no knowledge of psychology, you probably thought I was making a joke. We all have an "Id," "ego", and "Super Ego." The Super Ego is the part of our brain that helps us form beliefs. It is how we are able to distinguish "truth" from "false." All truth requires a belief. If nobody agrees with the statement 2 + 2 = 4, then we would use other symbols in arithmetic to complete that statement that everybody would agree with and accept. We believe in that basic system of arithmetic, which allows us to establish that relationship. Once we no longer believe in that system of arithmetic, someone with enough wisdom will replace it with another system of arithmetic that we all would believe in and use in our daily activities. This is an example of a bigger picture. If you don't try and find the deeper meaning in what I just said, then you are not thinking critically. You have no knowledge of language and no knowledge of psychology. I even gave instruction to look up the words belief and attitude. Your "Super Ego" gives you the power to believe in which nobody can change that belief except you. The people around you can only change your attitude on what it is you believe in. Your experiences in the NOI changed your attitude about what it was that you believed in and you eventually changed your belief based on your new attitude towards it. Since you are not knowledgeable in the discipline of psychology, I'm sure you will say whatever to negate what I'm saying, regardless to how many times this has been proven to be true in countless scientific experiments. For you to question the Scientific Method, only makes you a fool. The scientific method is how we justify our hypothesis in our conclusions. For you to make statements without supporting yourself scientifically only makes you out to be a fool. You make interesting statements and I commend you on your ability to express yourself, however you have yet to prove yourself scientifically. My statements are lengthly because I took time out to go through several scientific disciplines to justify my point. I don't have to reinvent the wheel. You are not the first person in history to believe like you do. There are books after books modeled after what you believe, I suggest you study them. This is why I can so easily defend myself against you, because in your arrogance you fail to study your own beliefs. We don't have to reinvent the wheel. You claim Moses never existed. What proves that he does not exist. You have not given anyone a scientific explanation that proves that he does not exist. In Egypt there are hieroglyphics that describe Moses and Statues modeled after Moses that were made in his time. They even have Pharaoh's body available in Museums for us to look at. With that said, I wonder who is insane? Why are there no descendants of Moses? That question was asinine. You need to study population. That is a science. The science of demography. You have not displayed any knowledge on population. You also need to study genealogy. That statement tells us that you lack knowledge. Where are Mozart's Descendants? His son or grandson did not have any children. Does this mean Mozart did not exist? I don't recall off the top of my head whether or not it was his son or grandson who did not have any children, but the conclusion is he has no descendants walking around. There are no family members left that descend from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's genealogy. For those that don't know, he was a composer during the romantic period of music composition (1756-1791). Having no descendants does not disprove of ones existence. In reference to your comment about me doing me music, let me have you know that I didn't choose music. It chose me. I play classical piano and music has always been around me in my growing up, where my family members are musicians and singers and so forth. My mother is a very talented vocalist. I am also an artist (sketches and paintings). I was a child prodigy in both areas of music and art. There is nothing wrong with being artful in expression. Now back to my original point.  When you say "whose science" I know who your talking about, we are above defining these things. The devil is no fool brother, this is how he is able to rule. There is nothing in error about the "Scientific Method," which has its basis in logic. The devil is not the author of the scientific method. You need to study more brother because based on your last comment you have showed me that you really are not on the level with me scholastically. You admit you only have a high school education. I'm on the graduate level of education. This makes a difference because not only am I studied in "his" way of education, I'm also studied in the "supreme wisdom," which makes me a double threat. Your knowledge is based on "arm chair" philosophy, mixed with some form of Supreme Wisdom, and you look like a fool arguing with me with no knowledge of science. You are a 44 year old man , you should know better than to do that. If the Mother plane does not exist, then why does Nasa have pictures of it?(Rhetorical Questions) Why does the U.S. Government have a clause in one of their amendments that gives them permission to attack UFO's at will? America is not so foolish to put a clause in one of their amendments if they did not know it was up there. They consider information on UFO's highly classified information. Why? If it so fake. If it was fake then they would expose it for the fake that it is and they would not waste energy filing it as "Highly Classified" information, leaving it up in the air for people to make up their own confusion of what it is. You say I'm doped up only because I don't agree with you. You make numerous references to drugs, which makes me wonder what it is that is putting holes in your brain. Reasonable people often disagree, which is why we are constantly in dilemmas such as this. Think over that! We have never been able to get justice because the foundation of our justice system is unjust. You need to study John Locke, John Rawlf, Thomas Paine, and others. This country's system of justice is based on their philosophies in that justice is a social contract in that it is what they decide what justice is for people to live under. You have to study them crackers, I mean... Those people. You have to study "Rights Theory" or Entitlement theory, so you can present better arguments for yourself when you talk about justice. FARD studied for 40 years before making himself known to us. He had to study like every other human being. He studied Marcus Garvey and Timothy Drew Ali. He learned that they had good intentions but they did not have enough knowledge. Neither Garvey nor Ali was as successful as the NOI. There are members of the NOI who are really spies and not real believers. There much evidence to support that the FBI planted people in the NOI to find dirt on them. The FBI admits it. Like Asiatic said in one of his posts, we can defend the truth however which a way. Truth is truth brother, but it is all in your attitude and perception of that truth that determines what it is that you believe to be true. You are a foolish old man ranting against the truth trying steer people away from it because it didn't suit you. Your only half decent argument is that I haven't joined officially. I have no excuse for that and I'm not afraid to admit it. I can join at any moment in time. That does not mean that I'm not active in and out the mosque. It does not make me any less of a believer in the truth. I will not be a fool like you arguing against the truth. I bare witness to the truth. Another thing, my name is Khalifa, that is how you properly spell it. Don't mess my name up. You will respect it enough to spell correctly in the name of Allah! Lastly, I have left more than enough material for people to study my words. I can't change anyone's beliefs. They have to do that on their own. I can only give my perspective and have an affect on their attitudes. I don't have to keep saying the same things over and over. This is your website, I'm sure many atheist will come here and be tickled by what you have to say. I proved myself time and again that you are unable to baffle me and trip me up with your limited knowledge. Your statements are not backed by anything except emotions, yet at the same time you criticize people for believing in something. You just can't be serious. Since I am a sane person, I will not be insane and continue going back and forth with you. You are not on my level scientifically, logistically, reasonably, linguistically, and mathematically. You have not shown in any of your discussions that you posses that kind of knowledge. I will feel sorry for anyone that follows you.  A man that does not posses knowledge in any scientific discipline can't lead me or anyone to anywhere. You'll then say "whose science?"  Like the fool that you are, because you haven't studied any science whether its Satan's science or not. You have to have knowledge of both. You have to understand the thinking of both in order to give people knowledge of self. How can you defeat the enemy if you don't know what he knows? With that said, you are just not ready for me yet, because you need to study more. I'll read what you have to say in response, But I can't promise I'll respond back. I'm no fool, so I will not continue arguing with one. I wish you the best in your pursuits. Peace!