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Khalifa says on January 30,2008>>>>>

You seem schizophrenic to me. One minute you're not trying to change anyone's beliefs another minute they are foolish for believing what they believe and they should think more like you. What is it going to be? You then tell everyone that you don't have supreme knowledge. If that it is case then we have no need to listen to you. I want to listen to someone who has supreme knowledge just like any other intelligent human being would desire. What good is a teacher without a superior knowledge? We must think about what we say before we say them. You say I write too much. I agree. We can always improve in our ability to write short and to the point. The dilemma is, your point has to be complete and justified. Many people on youtube just express an opinion without much justification. They only look at the iceberg as they see it above water. Only 10% of the iceberg is above water where 90% of its mass is beneath the surface. That's a physics lesson as it relates to the density of the two. The point is there is always more to the story and what you see on the surface isn't always the whole picture. Since 90% is beneath the surface, it takes more time to prove it's existence, because it is unseen.  Just because two people disagree does not mean one or the other are fools. That is true. Reasonable people often disagree, which is why life remains complicated and we face many dilemmas as a result. I believe I said that in the last message. It is not unusual for two scientist to conduct the same experiment and reach different conclusions. However, at least the two scientist went through the method to either prove or disprove their hypothesis scientifically. There are fools out there just running off at the mouth too. Not all men are reasonable. You have fools out there that just talk without any knowledge whatsoever.

    I was not at all upset in my last message. I'm sorry if it appeared that way. I did not write anything in all caps to suggest that I was shouting at you. I give credit where it is do. I appreciate all the kind words that you had to say about me, when you chose to say it. I can't help but think that you did that to make it seem like I am the angry one and you are the calm one. Thus trying to make yourself appear more credible. I could be wrong about that, but your inconsistent behavior is suggesting that. My last response was not about anger. My response to you was based on a private response that you gave me, that you did not post on the site, suggesting that I was a coward and was showing signs of weakness because I did not respond in a time period to your liking. I just simply had to "put you in check". I wasn't angry, but if your going to throw punches at me don't expect me to not to swing back. I'm a nice humble guy, but I'm no punk. I addressed you in a strong straight forward manner which was appropriate for the given circumstances. For what you said to me, common sense should have told you that you had it coming. This explains why I started it off with Newton's third law of motion. If you were actively reading you
would have synthesized that. There is a difference between reading and actively reading. One requires you to consciously think about what it is that is being written and why it is being written. There is a time and a place for everything. There are times when I have to be humble and there are times when I have to let people know to watch their mouths, because I ain't no joke either. I don't know you like that for me to consider you an enemy. That would be a little extreme. It's not that serious.

 I don't need authorization from the NOI to teach the truth. It does not belong to the NOI. Truth is truth and does not need authorization from anybody. I called you a fool, because your statements were foolish. You saying that I'm not authorized by the NOI to teach the truth is foolish brother. The truth does not need to be authorized. I have great respect for Farrakhan's opinion's because he supports himself scientifically. Even I don't always agree with him, but at least he justifies his position. You don't justify your position. When you try to, your justification is weak without any substance. An example is, instead of you trying to prove what I say to be wrong scientifically, you try to attack my credibility by saying "He himself never joined the NOI and his not authorized to speak for them." That statement has no substance and does not prove what I said to be wrong. You only attacked me, the person, not the truth of what I said. We have to prove what people say to be in error. We can always point out flaws that exists in human beings that can destroy credibility. Since you can't prove the truth wrong, you have to attack the credibility of the source to keep people skeptical. I don't just talk to hear himself like you do. I provide scientific proof and evidence in every opinion that I presented. I called you a fool, because you have consistently made foolish statements. I tried giving you the benefit of the doubt. Now I have to call a spade a spade. You saying that Psychology is a false science is based on what logic? There are many different levels and degrees of psychology. Psychology cannot be a fake science, because it is the study of human behavior. How by any stretch of the human imagination is that a fake science? Whenever you study a specific part of nature it is called a science. The part of nature that deals with the mind, behavior, attitudes, communicative responses and so forth is called psychology. You used failure to cure mental illnesses as justification. I don't want to make you out to be a fool, you are doing it all by yourself! Mental illnesses crosses over into the science of neurology, although in some instances there could be a fine line between the two or they would be in juxtaposition. This depends on the situation. Psychology is behavioral where Neurology is biological.  Mental illnesses are caused by something biological but it affects behavioral responses. A neurologist would then examine the brain of the patient who is suffering from a mental illness. The human brain is very complex and we have yet to master it. This is why mental illnesses are often times difficult to analyze and interpret. Do I think sometimes they go to far when scientist identify mental illnesses? Of course. I don't believe that everything that they say is a mental illness is. Then again, we need to study more. Who are we to say that it isn't? We don't fully understand what causes certain malfunctions in behavior, or even if it is a malfunction. Just like the heart gets sick, the brain can get sick too. It is just more complex. Is homosexuality a mental disease? Any act that that goes against a natural order in my opinion is a malfunction. This opens up another discussion. I don't believe that homosexually could be logically justified. I'm not a hater of homosexual people we all fall short, but I can't accept that as being proper behavior. That would be an interesting test to see if I could "logically" disprove homosexuality. To say it's wrong because the bible and Quran says it is not good enough anymore. We now have to put what the scripture says in terms of logic and reasoning, so people can no longer use their disbelief as an excuse for immoral and unnatural behavior. What causes the brain to act other than it's original nature. "The devil made him eat the wrong food." There was a study done on three generations of cats called the "Pottenger Experiment." Google that. It sheds light on how eating foods that was not intended for the nature of a species can cause the species to act differently from its original nature after three generations. Humans are naturally Herbivores, if you study the intestinal lining of herbivores, ours are similar. I don't believe Meat was intended for human consumption. Studying the intestinal lining of a carnivore adds for support to that position, since our intestinal lining is not that of a carnivore or omnivore. I'm not a vegetarian, I'm just saying. Is that why we as humans tend to act outside of our original nature? Could that be going deeper into what Master Fard Muhammad meant when he said in English lesson C1, "...Because the devil made him eat the wrong food..."? That too is another discussion. 

I will continue to write as long as we are progressing and not digressing.  We said everything we needed to say about our different views on Master Fard, Elijah, Malcolm and Farrakhan. We have to agree to disagree on that one. We don't have to keep digressing back to them. Let's focus on the truth that is at hand and not the humanity of the leaders. I don't care how imperfect they are, it does not disprove the truth that they  and the NOI taught and still teaches. 







Peace 4 ever & always Brother Kalifa:
                                                         I have pasted everything you or I have written on this chosen topic,either in comments or the visitor's page,due to the massive length of these writings I am forced to send the most recent comments to the vistor's page for February 2008.It would not be fair that you are not allowed to offer reply if one is warrant,also i find such response as no threat to what this website is designed for & that is the unification of all peoples having blacks being # 1 priority due to the depth of the horrid condition we as a people have been placed in based UPON the non-involvement of what some may call GOD (ALLAH) . Blog pages can only handle a certain amount of info if too much is placed it can only be read from the one with password to the BLOG itself & any outside of this will get a message of TRANSITION FAILURE.
       You have written so much I had to name the page the Taalik & Khalifa show,it does have a nice ring? ( smile ) I will no longer comment on the human imperfections of LOUIS,ELIJAH or even FARD himself as we have both made our position clear about this & I see no change in the distant future. If I was confused it was when I allowed myself to practice Islam looking for black unity not to become a slave to some GOD or allow another to determine my thinking process, so confusion is the least of my problems. Let it be made very clear that in the past I have been asked to become a LEADER at this time I must not accept such position but like MARTIN KING one may be made a leader not actually seeking such as many comment me very positive on my opinion and they request more,they request me to make YOU TUBE videos and if the time dictates such then it is my duty to act upon this as in my heart the TIME has come for the destruction of these religious belief systems of which the reality is the majority of people don't geniunely believe in such things but are offered weak alternatives in replacement.
         I have never stated no where that i contain supreme wisdom as I am not smarter than anybody,what I offer is only your thinking if you would not allow religious belief systems rigid in thought to influence your thought process as you are proud to do and I  have no idea of why you have such pride,again truth is in the eyes of the beholder. However REAL TRUTH can stand alone it doesn't need SCIENCE-ING in support like you add but you must add this because your truth can't stand alone,I am noone's teacher I only offer my opinion & yes I WILL always suggest that you let go of the teachings of religious belief systems as ALLAH ( GOD ) DOES NOT and have never existed,such is false that is why in your GOD & truth it is suggested you have faith & belief and then you wait 1000's of years for something to happen as the MOTHERSHIP has not made no move to make it perfectly clear that it is what NOI teachings suggest,also being funny in that this caucasion is a deceiver but he is a truth teller when it comes to MOTHERSHIPS,JESUS & others being real or PSYCHOLOGY being a legitimate science. What is funny is that many caucasions of whom are much more knowledgable than yourself doubt that MOTHERSHIPS ar what they are alleged to be,BELIEVE JESUS & others didn't exist & like TOM CRUISE are against psychology but since these particular lies fit NOI teachings they become bare witness to truths instead of falsehoods,but then again we shouldn't believe the F.B.I. but if the F.B.I. REPORTS they have secured a mothership in a restricted area then such can be believed as true.
       The same caucasions report FARD was a two bit criminal & this believers do not want to hear but these same caucasions report they have the BODY OF JESUS in secret & you believe this because the caucasion lies in CHRISTIANITY is based on the same lie,when JESUS never existed and they know it,all the while you call me foolish,UPON this site are various authors who also doubt that BIN-LADEN but the government caused 911,the HOLOCAUST is a fraud as well as PSYCHIATRY  etc.  I am not looking for followers or converts I WANT all to begin to think for self not be like you,allowing another to do your thinking and then you must find sources to justify allowing another to think for you cause they are much smarter,this is sad. What makes it so bad is that this supreme wisdom has done nothing except produce pretty words long pages of lipservice,since 1981 LOUIS began rebuilding the NOI & I was there.What do they have? My RELATIVES donated thousands of dollars and since 1981 what have they to show for it,only cd's,records & tapes/newspapers and just recently they threw much of this away.
      They shouldn't have thrown such away as new brainwashed folks caught up in hype would buy merchandise of questionable historical value,The NOI under LOUIS are a bunch of losers caught up in the hype of supreme wisdom but so blind they can accept the NOTHING they have produced,LOUIS had a wonderful opportunity to exploit the MILLION MAN MARCH but failed and afterward he decided to take a trip out of the country and then retire to ARIZONA out of sight for awhile but then life goes on,NAT TURNER would of went out of his mind for support like that & many mock LOUIS for losing such an opportunity,now all he can get is outsiders like yourself who will not help him but offer long winded writings to justify how the NOI is real truth,again sad. Unlike you I've been in the trenches and I KNOW our people they are not impressed by long winded writings that produce NOTHING,they can't eat or pay bills with this brand of supreme wisdom that is why the NOI after 1981 is still not self sufficent and still begs but LOUIS & his family is well cared for I bet he doesn't have to file bankruptcy after having cancer treatment but my relatives don't own their own homes and hope they've enough monies until death as they know after 40 years being in the NOI showing sincere dedication & sacrifice they'll get no aid,ALL PRAISE DUE TO ALLAH,What a joke,I am glad I never gave 1000's AFTER all my sacrifice & dedication my request of financial help to go to school was ignored,however there was no problem in any donation I GAVE even if it was for 50 cents, this is why you will not get your X like I have mine.
       When I left I asked them to take my name from the BOOK OF LIFE & remove my X,they refused and regardless I am an X as it is still unknown where my origins lie,you know so much about the teachings but have earned no X,YOU believe you know more than I do about the teachings and you've come up with brilliant understanding,you are as they say SCIENCE-ING & I've heard it all before and like these SCIENCERS before you,when you join the NOI it won't be long before you will quit and turn tail,this is not prophecy I have seen and heard many like you in and out of the temple. The NOI doesn't hold authority over truth but it does have a say so over a truth you claim is based on what they teach as you are not the author of the truth you opinion as no one who might follow me unless I AUTHORIZE it may teach or opinion something in relation to what I SAY as I being the author and you are not,I may not come up with the understanding or agree with your SCIENCE-ING.
          In conclusion, I agree with you wholeheartly about your comments on food as food is very critical,also let me make it very clear I do not accept FARD as some GOD for me to worship nor do I FEEL he is the author of REAL TRUTH,however like even in CHRISTIANITY there is good we can use for our benefit,the problem is knowing what to eat and what to avoid and even in what we eat,decide the part that must be viewed as feces and expelled.I am not a lawyer but I just helped a brother get out of the department of mental health & his story is on this website,I am sure he'll disagree 100% with your opinion about psychiatry as you only read about it in the caucasions books while he was framed easily to have mental illness something that is fraud but taken like the belief in GOD as some reality,true the brain does come into ill repair but the caucasion has no idea of how to repair such,all they have is poisonous drugs and the ability to make the public believe the lies that their quackery is legitimate medicine,least to say for this brother no GOD came to his help,in fact the PREACHER and all these so called GOD believing folks stood around knowing what these evil psychiatrist were doing was wrong and the NOI wouldn't even come to visit him,so brother was released despite the objections of the STATE & MENTAL HEALTH without the help of any GOD & everybody was in shock & awe.
       You should of seen these folks faces cause brother denied GOD but was released from a power much feared being 100% in rebellion,what is so hypocritical about these so called believers in GOD is that they had the nerve to ask for monies should he win his civil lawsuit,this website is dedicated to him as the perfect example that self reliance and the pursuit of real knowledge & truth not GOD is all that is needed in a real world,they all still look stupid & do not like brother's release be brought up,the department of mental health has been given the power to incarcerate you lifelong,we had to show the falsehood in psychiatry as well as employ a psychiatrist that would be honest as psychiatry is so flimsy anything can be made into defect,that is why I know if you were alone and charged with a crime,they would use your writings to verify brain sickness,As for me you angry or not and i do understand your response but this is what I was telling you when I was communicating with certain individuals and as time goes on my dear very intelligent & cordial brother you will see,especially if you join the NOI,EVERYTHING that i am stating is true as I HAVE NO hatred towards the NOI but it has seen it's day and now should be allowed to become a relic of the past as it is like the steam engine and now we drive engines combined with the HEMI,ALWAYS peace & we need to stop writing these long letters of which you remind me so much of myself,your being younger is wearing this older fellow out ( smile )



Khalifa continues to speak January 30,2008




I don't have to earn an X because I was born 07/03/1985 and my name on my birth certificate is Khalif Aquíl (pronounced like Akil) Muhammad. I am third generation since my mother was born into the NOI. I was never a "lost found" muslim to have to earn an X. This is why I say we must think about what we are saying before we say them. You put emphasis on the fact that I wrote so much. Thank you for thinking that what I had to say was important enough to put it in the Taalik and Khalifa show. You continue to point out imperfections in people and not in the truth. It is true that we must practice what we preach, but not everybody does. This is why faith is necessary. You can't practice what you preach if you have no faith in what you believe in. There are many people in the NOI that practice what they preach, but we don't talk about them. We only talk about the hypocrites who were never really believers. The devil is the deceiver because he mixes truth with false. In order to deceive he has to have knowledge of the truth. So yes that means that we can find the truth in their teaching and use it against them. If you were thinking critically you would know that. We have to become "active listeners," so we can properly synthesize and get the deeper understanding. How can anyone deceive if they don't know the truth? When you lie with the intent to deceive, you have knowledge of the truth. Right? When you tell a good lie, it is the truth mixed with the false so that you can sound credible at the same time be misleading. You can't lie without knowledge of the truth. It wouldn't be considered a lie, it would be considered ignorance.

I will look again to find where it is that you said that I was proving myself to be a hypocrite and showing signs of weakness and laziness for not responding. It was a short message you sent me of probably only three or four sentences. I have the message. I did not see it posted on the site. This triggered the response that I gave you. So now I appear to be losing my cool. I was not threatening the site, maybe it was just a side note to me and you had no intention of it becoming public. I appreciate the fact that you have posted my comments on your site. I will keep it short this time. My messages were long because it takes time to break things down scientifically and the subject matter we are dealing with is sensitive to where you have to prove yourself to be right and not just talk and state opinions. I also have to counter the statements that you make if I don't agree with what you are saying to be true or common misunderstandings. If it is the truth we must prove it.


 Taalik Ibn'rad to Caliphat
show details 4:57 PM (56 minutes ago) Reply,January 30,2008


Always 4 ever peace Khalifa:
                                           You are correct in that you were born with a name inspired by ALLAH so the need for an X is not necessary,however your name is not in the BOOK of LIFE as you never have been a registered follower of the HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD of whom even thou I have difference will always be my spiritual father but as you say we must call a SPADE a SPADE,so we must understand the great difficulty in this new generation of caucasion americans who have a loyalty to their ancestors but deny the method used in order for this nation to be born,so shouldn't it be wrong to call all caucasions a race of devils when it was only a certain group that was involved in the wickedness against darker peoples but they are never mentioned like you said of the followers of the messenger who are indeed good people?
        It is a blessing that you were born into this knowledge as I would guess you never ate any swine? Now I am JEALOUS (smile )  I would also guess your parents never tried to force their faith upon you & that is good but ironic in that you would accept the teachings after your father decided to let it go or just become inactive,I must give him credit as he is a true soldier and the battle is difficult enough without the burden of internal conflict,but there are those who would call him a hypocrite and wish hell upon him like so many have done to me but they are in for a surprise cause when they meet me again,I STILL look young for my age,thanks to the dietary suggestion of the messenger and I AM still alert,fast moving,fast thinking up till the modern time just like I WAS taught as an FOI,your parents have produced a good son.
       May I also concur that the best lies told are those that have truth mixed within however this is not always necessary because whether mixed with truth or not when you ask one to have faith and believe it is not necessary to nail the coffin with a mix with truth,the believer will accept the lie no matter the form,like for example of a false story I TOLD my mother years ago in that she refuses to accept as false cause she found the lie entertaining and I told the lie so much and it was accepted that even myself had second thoughts that perhaps I HAD error and such was true but with no doubt it was just a story I did make up to get a laugh & it did. Religion is the best example of this as such stories have been told and accepted by many for generations and even if FARD himself came forth and admit his teachings a fallacy,folks would ignore him even saying he was not the real FARD & CONTINUE to practice & believe falsehood as like a blanket is to an infant they've found such comforting & they do call  JESUS the great COMFORTER,you have found NOI teachings comfortable & it is not for me to take away what makes you feel in comfort and I DO NOT do so,however I only offer suggestion that perhaps this blanket is only superficial and your intellect has actually out grown the need for a blanket but like MICHAEL JACKSON a grown adult he continues to seek the childhood he lost but continues to get into trouble as he is not a child but a grown adult,so it is with we as a people,althou our condition is horrid our mentality althou dead has changed as the dead goes thru a series of decomposition it doesn't stay the same,hopefully we do not decay till the point of dust & true nothingness if so no teachings will be able to ressurect such condition.
      It is not for me to judge whether or not you are lazy or some hypocrite just like you can't judge me nor can those who judged MALCOLM X,He had the right to be upset about the practice of immoral behaviors justified with religious teachings,least to say MALCOLM also possibly was also knew and was upset with TEMPLES like # 12 In PHILLY that was involved in the shake down of their own people selling drugs/prostitution etc. & the believers looking the other way,such so called believers involved in murder,again not the murder of racist caucasions but the murder of blacks who critized the messenger or did not pay them drug money,again caucasions have placed ELIJAH in prison and killed believers but these cowards have murdered not one caucasion or other that imprisoned muslims or made mockery of the teachings,here in ST. LOUIS in THE early 80's Brother Akbar was beaten by the police and the NOI didn't do nothing But THEY threatened to jump on me and take my FOI pen that wasn't given to me but I bought, I wish you the best of luck but don't join cause your feelings are going to get hurt as MEN represent the TRUTH they teach & the truth are these men,they are its fruit,it is the tree that would bare such & if they are imperfect & in error,common sense tells us so is their truth,whether you like it or not as perfection doesn't exist and if it does,perfection is based on what? As great basketball player MICHAEL JORDAN is he is not close to a perfect player as a perfect player will never miss a basket,or be injured,or earn a foul etc. Truth has a possiblity for error,however REAL TRUTH is just our reality as death surely is.
       In conclusion I guess you like talking to me and you are rather enjoyable ( smile ) If it came down to it,I hope that you don't believe I would remain idle watching believers in FARD get massacred just for being black at the same time they made no attempt to visit my brother who was committed into the devil's mental facilities & their intent was to hold him the rest of his life and they did use NOI teachings against him and wasn't released until he changed strategy thinking he had supreme wisdom and dealing with REAL TRUTH or reality and this is what we as a people must do,the enemy is used to being called devils and marching,we should show him we are ever changing so he'll never know what to expect,even the messenger allowed the MALCOLM situation be used to divide the NOI to the advantage of their enemies the best thing to do was leave MALCOLM alone,saying nothing making no comments about him,continue to do the work of awakening a dead people,TIME will take care of MALCOLM if he truly was a hypocrite but anger & hatred was so high,a point had to be proven which brings us to the last stand of the NOI as surely upon LOUIS' death it will slowly go back to become a relic of the past and folks like you stand in the shadows claiming great admiration only offering lipservice but when I was in the NOI I placed myself in front of LOUIS and every dime went to the cause,so the question remains with all your scientific analysis what are you going to do to as JESSE would say keep hope alive? Don't spend your time countering what I opinion and proving I DON'T understand as ACTIONS SPEAK louder than words,what have you done for the NOI lately,nuff said.


Always 4 ever in peace Brother Kalipha:
                                                           To be honest I am speechless as you have been so fortunate to have been birth among an awakened people,the same can't be said for myself but at the same time for myself being born among the truly dead,I do understand their way of thinking so again I'll tell you for only a minute will they be impressed with beautiful words and it must be in a form that allows them to avoid actually reading written print for as you know it is still seen among our people that ignorance seems to be some sort of badge of honor. However let me make it very clear that they do respect learned folks as I've explained before I am not a lawyer but what you call a jailhouse attorney & I've brought aid to persons regardless of race of whom I believe have been treated unfair by the so called justice system.Contrary to popular belief certain caucasions are also treated unfair within the racist judicial system & from my experience some even worse.
      At this time I do not ask for monetary compensation but mostly everyone brings me gifts to show appreciation,money,JORDAN shoes etc. For awhile the DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH,prosecutors & even public defenders laughed at me and would seriously advise folks from seeking my help but at the same time,I suggested to them what have you got to lose? I began getting folks released & forcing the court's hand by filing the proper documents before they were ready as most of the time they love to make defendants sit of which is a violation of your right to a speedy trial,late last year after 5 YEARS of continious legal filings ending in denials,along with the public defender,we were able to secure the release of a brother who never claimed mental defect but mental health placed a false diagnois upon him and due to his rebellion against them planned to hold him the rest of his life,late last year they failed in their wicked efforts now they hope that we are not allowed a civil trial by jury as their only defense was we were only doing our jobs & made a legitimate mistake but if you knew this brother it was clear that in no way could this man be suffering mental defect,he has no history,no criminal history or has never used illegal drugs nor ever drank liquors.
      I am not a lawyer but I was able to do what attorneys with degrees did not have the skills or were afraid to do,again mental health is no joke & they know I am not one also as all I presented was REAL TRUTH it stands alone,when truth speaks it doesn't need to be explained,the JUDGE had no choice as this brother's hell should be over & long overdue least to say REAL TRUTH left no other options that mental health refused to accept but had no choice as they were given the court order stating brother had no more affiliation with them and this VICTORY doesn't go to some GOD but to self reliance,faith in another man,logic,research,reason & common sense, no GOD helped us or his representatives in fact they actually help mental health keep this man,so for us you may talk till you expire in the belief in some GOD as we have proved you don't have to have faith or belief in GOD to become successful as many do everyday,I have yet to hear BILL GATES give credit to some GOD nor did the late BRUCE LEE both successful persons.
      It is also amazing of how when we fail or suffer great disaster we don't mention GOD for such perhaps he is punishing you? Reality dictates regardless if you believe in GOD or not many of us will be innocent and go to prison or insane asylum,many of us will get cancer,many of us will die in a car accident & so forth,the belief in GOD doesn't make us special so that we may avoid our reality,so why give some GOD the credit when it is our own sacrifice & steadfastness using our brains that enabled us to succeed or failure to use our brains cause us to fail? Last to say and it is sad that perhaps it was best that slavery wasn't ended as some can't function without being guide by some superior force,I do not need GOD (ALLAH's) help I am doing just fine myself and if I CAN'T accomplish what i feel I need on my own and then it is clear I DON'T need it, an adult should be able to stand on his own to continue to depend on some GOD like a child to a parent supports a lack of maturity,I am a somebody I DON'T need some GOD to make me whole nor do I NEED some chump GOD who is arrogant full of self vanity that requires me to pray to him 7 times or day or sing & dance for him like I am a COURT JESTER,this I am no one's clown.
    If you feel you must worship and serve some so called superior force & you are nothing without them,then I WISH you the best of luck,that lifestyle is not for me as WE are special & great with or without some supreme power able to stand alone but unfortunately you need help from some GOD cause you're allowing yourself to become a spiritual cripple,so it is no shock to me since you have made yourself handicap you need a crutch to stand on,I am not handicap so why should I seek some crutch when i can stand,walk & run? With all due respect to your mother I have no respect for PSYCHOLOGY or PSYCHIATRY it is quackery at its best a money maker,it has its positives like anything else as I found in the writings of such black psychiatrists like DR.FRANCIS CRESS WELSING, I hope that you really don't feel psychology is legitimate or anywhere close as the mind it is based on is the racist caucasion male,giving another example. Drapetomania was a mental illness given to a slave cause he wanted to run away or rebel against his master,this was an illness because the makers of psychiatry believed it is natural for a black to want to serve a caucasion,illness was also given to women who wanted a career before serving some man as a wife & child bearer,psychology is bunk and even the courts are beginning to ask the question whether or not it should be used in the judicial system as it is easy to make a person insane who is not and those who should be made insane are diagnois normal as in the case of black meat eating cannibal JEFFEREY DAHMER.
       Believe me I DO understand truth as a LAWYER pro se,it is ever more important to me and I MUST know truth in order to have the successes I've had,but for me and this website will never accept faith & belief in some GOD as it has become a failure,HISTORY whether it is FARD or other supports this nor will myself or this site represent dependence upon another man or some GOD as the messenger taught do for self,how are we doing for self depending on others or some supposed superior being? ,I am doing just fine and those around me are doing just fine & after being freed without the prayer & faith in some GOD my clients also are giving such kindergarten beliefs second thoughts as a non-believer freed them when PRAYER,FAITH & BELIEF did not & no matter what you say this FACT can't be denied,perhaps there is a place for both methods in our efforts to awaken a people extremely deaf,dumb & blind. Nothing is more important than our own example no matter how pretty or scientific our words may be as we represent the truth coming from our mouths and if it makes us to continue to act like NIGGERS they know chances are it is no good for them,like going to driving school but after attending such you can't drive or have a high percentage of wrecks not being able to obtain a license,I have a license & very able to drive.
Respectfully yours,
                                Taalik Ibn'rad                  January 31,2008

On Jan 30, 2008 9:06 PM, The Caliphat  wrote:
I knew you had it in you. I must say that this was your best offering. I agreed with most of what you said here.  Actions do speak louder than words. If the word is not put into practice then it is worthless. I believe that we have to first believe in the word in order to put it into action. We have to first give people the word. Many of them don't know the word. My only issue with the NOI in its perfect knowledge of the word is that they need to put it into practice. If we put their knowledge into practice we would be free over night. That is why I don't disagree with you entirely on that one. I do my part in public speaking and putting the supreme wisdom in it so that it could become familiar. These things are necessary to put the wisdom in the minds of the people, so they can now make better decisions.  I am still developing to be a force to be reckoned with. We don't have to worry about what I done lately, I only just started. I'm not 44 years old. I would have been born in the NOI had it not been for my Grandmother leaving in 1975 (because of Wallace) when my mother was just 12 years old, not returning until 1998. I was raised a muslim and always had some form of supreme wisdom, because my grandmother used to always be like "The messenger this, the messenger that, the messenger said this and so forth." I was taught to say the muslim prayers in both arabic and English as a young child. They also had both volumes of the Supreme wisdom in which it would always be recited by them in piecemeal depending on the conversion. They liked Farrakhan and had respect for him, but they were not confident enough in him to join back. It wasn't until the Million Man March in 1995 when they (My mother and Grandmother) started talking about going back to the nation, but not doing so until 1998. In 1998, I was 12-13 years old and was confused. My Father was in and out of the NOI before leaving for good in 2000. He was angry like you because of similar reasons that you give me. He bought me this book called "The Rise and Fall of the Nation of Islam." This books goes into to Malcolm's killings, Fard's troubles with the law. He was always released almost immediately because they just thought he was just a crazy "white" man. They then said he was of polynesian decent. The FBI really didn't know what he was. To me he just looks like the mulatto that he said he was. That and my other family members being christians, seeing that black people apeared to not progress, led me to not believe in any of it. I was never taught to believe in a mystery God, so that never was a thought. I couldn't believe that God could be a man either. I then came to the conclusion that there was no God and that we are all fooling ourselves. I began reading up on various philosophers so I could present arguments against my family members who thought I was crazy for not believing in God. You think I'm smart, My mother ain't no joke and neither was my father when he was in the teachings. He still believes, he just don't like Farrakhan. He felt that Khalid would have been a better leader, so he started following him up until he died in 2001. Now my father relies strickly on the messengers teachings. I'm definitely a product of my environment brother. My mother brother Taalik, aint NO JOKE, that is the smartest and wisest woman I know on any level. I would not be so smart had it not been for me being a fool at first in challenging her on her beliefs. Every discussion I had, she was able to reduce me to nothing, where I would go back and read some more so I could come back and defeat her. She would always say, "Bring it on!" She would whip me so bad in those discussions I started doubting myself. My mother is a "Bad" woman. Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good. This woman is a genius brother, please believe it! I'm still nothing compared to her. To this day I ask her questions. It could 3am and I would have a question and she could break it down to the very root! My knowledge is so limited compared to hers that there is not a question that I could think to ask her that she would not have the answer to. She is about to get her doctorate degree in psychology, I forget which field in psychology she is writing her disertation on. I'll have to ask her. This explains why I know so much about psychology and these various disciplines of science. My mother was teaching me in those debates, and I would take what she told me and go study. She would give me instructions to study certain terms she would use and tell me to look up words that she said to me that she knew I didn't know. She has all of the messengers books in her house, the whole theology time lectures on cassette, and various Philosophy and Psychology books in her house.  I then felt like I had an epiphany and I was going to actually read all of the Messengers books and then I would be able to know what she knows so I could better counter her arguments. In my reading, I learned I was a fool all of this time, to not believe there was a God. My disagreement with you is very simple. I believe that we need to believe in God (not the mystery God) and that we must have faith. We have to believe that we are the God and posses the power to bring about universal change. Without faith and belief that it can be done with the help of the God that is within, we won't be able to do anything, because we will remain in doubt and suspicion and not take a real stand on anything.