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lanainfla (19 hours ago)
 Good comment
Angel of Darkness
bodyguard149 (17 hours ago) 
Lean not unto your own understanding!!!!!!!!
angelsnupnup7 (2 hours ago) 
Good comment
Peace 149: Lean not unto your own understanding is good advice because it has been influenced by hype,we love religion cause it is like entertainment,we sing and dance or shout ALLAH AKBAR then we allow it to make us drunk so in turn we easily give our money away or become a fanatic willing to blow one self up & since religion is like the illegal drug the effects soon sour and we must look forward to the next hit,like the drug religion takes us away from reality I advise us not believe HYPE
angelsnupnup7 (3 hours ago)
 Good comment
Peace fla: of course you'd call me an angel of darkness to be negative but this is your problem as you walk in darkness unable to see,your knowledge is limited so you resort to the usual name calling because you can't explain your love for a GOD that rapes women making them have a child against their will,who sends others to do his work and allow his son & followers to be killed,so it is you who stumble in darkness as you refuse to see that something here is in error,learn 2 think 4 self
angelsnupnup7 (3 hours ago)
Good comment
Peace fla: of course you'd call me an angel of darkness to be negative but this is your problem as you walk in darkness unable to see,your knowledge is limited so you resort to the usual name calling because you can't explain your love for a GOD that rapes women making them have a child against their will,who sends others to do his work and allow his son & followers to be killed,so it is you who stumble in darkness as you refuse to see that something here is in error,learn 2 think 4 self
lanainfla (19 hours ago)
Poor comment Good comment
angelsnupnup7 need an exorcist.......nobody else can help you. As for me...........I CAST YOU ''OUT'' SATAN, IN THE NAME OF JESUS!
angelsnupnup7 (3 hours ago)
 Good comment
PEACE fla: The exorcist has allready arrived & it is within each & every one of us,it is called our BRAIN but when we disconnect it & allow another's thoughts to dominate then our thinking is not based upon our life's reality it is engulfed by the agenda of a belief system so you claim I am in need of a exorcist but you'll reject the thought of your self in need of one to banish the belief that taught you about the exorcist in the first place,again you teach HATE just because one's opinion diff
lanainfla (19 hours ago)
Poor comment Good comment
Satan has you but good!
angelsnupnup7 (3 hours ago)
Poor comment Good comment
Peace fla: Whenever the so called believer is confronted & REAL TRUTH backs them up against the wall they resort to name calling like children often do as I am far from being any form of SATAN,I do not wish you any harm at the same time it would not be fair to you for me to allow you to continue t promote these generations of mickey mouse beliefs unchallenged making you believe such is valid but it is not & have never been,religion has deceived the human family making us dependent on the unknown
angelsnupnup7 (23 hours ago)
 Good comment
Peace fla: I can't be more destroyed than what I am & what my people have endured in fact your so called hell may be a step in the right direction, I do not need JESUS to die for my sins I am an adult & can accept the responsibility of my actions as well as any punishment I do not need JESUS to help me avoid my error like you do but you enjoy the sin & evil,JESUS is what you use as a scapegoat so you don't accept responsibility for having fun committing sin,he is silly for being a SAVIOR

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Brother Taalik Ibn'rad replied to ...

mr/miss or both Bowie: I am happy in that you would give your support to the effort in the re-legalization of slavery imposed upon I GUESS blacks,I also hope that you are ready for the ass kicking or the placing of the shotgun to your temple in doing so.Black people & others in 2008 will not tolerate such craziness & you are so silly as many caucasions eat watermelon & drink rum all the while unemployed wandering the streets or can't pay their mortgages,you should return to the cave with yo DAD

Posted March 31, 2008 06:58 | Reply to this comment

BowieTipXXX said...

I'm for the re-legalization of slavery. It's inhumane to allow homeless negroes to wander the city streets when they can be given free shelter in return for their unwaged labor. Return or repatriate 'em back to the fields and look away Dixieland. Every negro slave a jug of rum and a watermelon picnic. Arbeit Macht Frei.

Posted March 31, 2008 06:51 | Reply to this comment

Brother Taalik Ibn'rad replied to ...

Peace 4 ever & always 74: Common sense should tell us that even a con-man would attempt to place within the mind of his victim a word of warning in that those who may be jealous of your good fortune may seek to lure you away from the gift he has given you,many folks have lost much money due to this deceit. Again I will serve no man I will respect the laws of this nation or those in authority however death is better & non-existence rather than serve some lord,slavery & servitude has been abolished for now the last 100's years I'll not be so naive to finally get rid of one lord or slavemaster in turn for another even if such claims to be GOD as this GOD doesn't impress me,you offer no evidence of any power this GOD holds. You do not answer my questions or allegations because you are a blind follower who can't think for self and a child in mindset with your name calling saying I am blind or foolish offering no evidence to support this finding,to differ or to reject your opinion doesn't make one blind or foolish but makes you seem arrogant and the fool you have the nerve to call others. I am very happy in that REAL TRUTH has been revealed to me and I CAN accept pain & suffering as it is a part of life that every life form experiences those that can't deal with it go insane,commit suicide or become extinct or become stronger passing that strength to their babies of which being a child of slaves who survived the most incredible horror known to men that strength has been passed down to me & I MUST reject your religion that was used to make slaves out of my ancestors,you may pray for me all you wish since it has no power nor do you carry any wisdom all but a follower a blind follower at that,in conclusion what is so bad about being in darkness? The only thing bad about being in darkness is when you are not able to move within it,like the bat I have no problem moving about in darkness so since you need light to see it is impossible for you to guide anyone trapped in darkness...THINK 4 SELF and you also take care

Posted March 31, 2008 06:43 | Reply to this comment

Savagem74 replied to ...

Fools and antichrist come in many different forms.We are warned about those that oppose the Word and the deny Jesus as Lord.We have something known as Faith.When you or anyone else that doesn't believe in God are in a fatal situation,who do you call on first?God..God save me...or God help me.You must have experienced something in life or lost someone close to you,for you to reject God.The word says in 1 Corinthians."This foolish plan of God is far wiser than the wisest of human plans,and God's weakness is far stronger than the greatest of human strength.Your so called "Knowledge" is foolish.And yes I will still pray for you to come out of the darkness and to comfort the pain you are suffering.Take care. Original Message: > Peace 4 ever & always 74: > Whenever the so called believer is faced ...

Posted March 31, 2008 05:54 | Reply to this comment

Brother Taalik Ibn'rad replied to ...

Peace 4 ever & always 74: Whenever the so called believer is faced with questions that are logical that he or she can't answer they often go to name calling,those that reject their 2000 year old religion of failure & troublemaker least we forget of how religion is one of the main causes of mental defect,so your own lack of faith,lack of knowledge brings you to the conclusion that I am in some way blind,when the reality is that you are the one who are blind as you can't explain what you claim you can see,you can't describe your so called enlightenment so even your BIBLE SAYS can the blind lead the blind? In your response in calling someone else blind you fail to explain your GOD RAPING MARY and how it is allright for him to take a woman without her consent all the while we punish rapists placing them in prison,SADAAM HUSSEIN was made a villian & evil tyrant because he poison gas his own people to death cause they rebelled against his authority & one tried to assassinate him,eventually SADAAM was punished with death but at the same time this so called GOD that is filled with justice & love when folks rebel against his authority he floods the earth with water or burn cities to the ground,all life is destroyed including those who may not have participated in the alleged sin as well as animal life who can't swim or run away from fire. In conclusion,there is no need for you to pray for me as I am far from being blind as your GOD doesn't impress me,he is a tyrant,rapist,murderer & rapist one drunk with power & as a child of ex-slaves I do not suggest to any black person to become a servant of GOD or man,you would think after 400 years of unvoluntary servitude one would not be eager to serve another whether that master is good or bad,no true GOD calling itself our creator would not want servitude from his children nor this constant praying/singing/dancing of which is only hyping up extreme vanity & what is so so so crazy is that the so called believer must pretend this GOD has done whatever cause they have no evidence GOD has done nothing BUT when bad things happen they don't bring up GOD cause they have no excuse why this all powerful being could not stop tragedy,this GOD was meant for and created by caucasion men for caucasion people such religion has only brought blacks 300 years of hell & again I WOULD suggest to black people to leave all religion alone & allow it to fade into nothingness & accept the reality of life instead of focus on the make believe world & false hope that all religions offer,within my comment I DID ask questions that you failed to answer instead of you becoming childish calling somebody blind,so what questions can you answer? You offer no thoughts from self only repeat the same old 2000 year old teachings designed for control of the masses who mostly are illiterate,ignorant,adults with infantile minds this is why such a weak & false GOD is accepted & loved having done nothing for noone except help the POPE and others become influential & rich, I suggest you read some of the articles on my

Posted March 30, 2008 19:30 | Reply to this comment

Savagem74 replied to ...

I see that you are blind my brother! I'll pray 4 you my Brother.Maybe one day God will save you through Grace by Faith.You must have the veil pulled over your face.In that case you are on the road to pereshing.May I share some Scripture with you?If you have some questions,I would love to answer them if thats cool?Keep n touch.God Bless You and take care.Mike Original Message: > Peace 4 ever & always 74: You are correct in that Louis is not in the same category as a JESUS,J...

Posted March 30, 2008 18:58 | Reply to this comment

Brother Taalik Ibn'rad replied to ...

Peace 4 ever & always 74: You are correct in that Louis is not in the same category as a JESUS,Jesus belongs in the category along with BATMAN as he is only an ancient fictional character created by the catholic church based on the first caucasion ruler of egypt in 325ad at the church's counsel of nicea,Louis on the other hand is alive in our reality regardless if you agree or disagree. I may sound atheist but I do not support what is called organized athiesm as it lacks morality & I give the existence of some form of a GOD the benefit of a doubt however such GODS have not been proven to exist & even so they lack the power they claim to have or these GODS are looking for servants of which I will not do,black people after 400 years of slavery should reject the thought of serving some GOD or man,no life form is better than mine in that I MUST serve it or be considered nothing without it backing me up,I'D rather be considered nothing. Your so called GOD or creator forces virgin women to have his babies that he doesn't support and the virgin was married to another man,then the baby is allowed to be born in an animal stall then once grown the man is murdered trying to promote this what is clearly a weak & cowardly GOD,the GOD has no power to save him and the excuse is used that this son died for my sins that I DIDN'T even exist yet to sin but I can use his death as an excuse to not accept responsibility for my voluntary choice to do evil for fun & after having such fun I CAN be forgiven over & over LATER ON telling my children about more falsehood that SANTA is coming to town during the birthdate of JESUS who has no living relatives,no last name,no reference other than BIBLE or QURAN,appear on the census of no city,country or town,no nations admit his prescence in their histories,I guess you take me for the ultimate fool with this kiddie story that you're drooling of about your GOD WHO is a bully,rapist & whoremonger in these things I am not impressed,no wonder you are asked to believe,this is so weak no one in their right mind and a thinking person could except such confusing & infantile teaching & that is our problem your JESUS is accepted caused we have been tricked & refuse to open our eyes & think,caught up in the hype that may bring relief to this HELL men have brought upon the earth,believing you are getting relief when in fact you are making the situation worse,feel free to visit my blog;;;;;

Posted March 29, 2008 11:03 | Reply to this comment

Savagem74 said...

Louis is not even in the same category as Jesus.Are you an Atheist,or scientologist?For you to be able to see the things around you,and not admit to the truth,that we have a creator.You are truly blind.Did we just appear out of nowhere?Your beliefs are silly.We have the Scriptures as our evidence.God saves us through our foolish preaching.All those who have the Faith and believe,are saved.As far as Farrahkan goes,his rallies and followers speak for themselves.

Posted March 29, 2008 10:40 | Reply to this comment

Lanainfla replied to ...

See you in heaven Original Message: > Original Message: > > > The fact that you even respond, is a sign of prayers answered. You ar...

Posted March 29, 2008 10:34 | Reply to this comment

Brother Taalik Ibn'rad replied to ...

Peace 4 ever & always marc: I do not follow Mr. Farrakhan but at one time I was a member of the NOI for several years, the purpose of the NOI is to awaken the made lost,deaf,dumb & blind so called negroes now called african americans from the spiritual death of the after effects of slavery & the slave making religion that you speak of being JESUS its representative a person that has no last name,no living relatives,on the census of no city,town or country,made mention in the history of no country or found in personal diaries,only made mention in a book(s) BIBLE & QURAN,until the NOI can raise its own from the dead the mission of saving caucasions who began this falsehood is not a top priority as one would not expect lovers of football to make saving basketball some priority but yet they both benefit from sports entertainment. I can not follow LOUIS because I do not believe in no form of GOD it is better avoided as religion is only the HELL it claims it is hoping to help others avoid,as the history of all religious systems will testify to such is filled with war,murder,lies,rape & so forth.There is no example of any religion that shows the love & peace they claim they are all about,as for me it is all about a waste of time,they have failed & it is silly for humans to continue to place energy within failure as it is clear this GOD HAS no power,not even having the ability to read or write it must ask for human aid,what a joke! Then this cowardly GOD NEVER reveals him or herself but send veil threats by prophets & stays hidden all the while his prophets even his alleged son is murdered,I am not impressed. I refuse to serve such a punk GOD least to say as a child of slaves it is in my best interest to avoid servitude as my people have suffered over 400 years of this & such should be avoided regardless if that service is bad or good as all racist caucasion slavemasters were not barbarians,again you are welcome to explore my blog as it is boring for me to repeat my position over & over again,visit the site with love ( smile ) After this will I be available for conversation if you are really interested & to you peace. Respectfully submitted, Taalik Ibn'rad Founder & Minister of Reality's Temple on Earth

Posted March 29, 2008 07:36 | Reply to this comment

Marcdivine said...

ON THE SUBJECT OF THE NATION OF ISLAM CALLING CAUCASIONS A RACE OF DEVILS........we can talk here my brother if you want, but I rather want the people to see what we disgusst, My dear partner, I was raised in a muslim nabourhood...if you want to know more about it, type in on youtube "swedish ghettos". thats where I live. I have been beat everyday in school, by black muslims. but it does not make me think less of ether blacks or muslims. I am married to a black woman and we have a mixed baby. If you read the bible you will find true love towards mankind...I have read and studied the coran, and I'm sorry to tell you this, but it is man has no depth, it's just a bunch of rules...I am not a religios man..cuz I dont believe in rules and hipocracy, GOD is love, and I believe in love. I am spiritual, becouse GOD has filled me up with his spirit (love) I dont have to mension jesus, but I will talk about what he stands for and reprisenst, and that is true love. If you want to deny it, I cant stop you. but I will talk to you my brother becouse I love you as a humanbeing..why is your leader scaring away white humans if he wants to save them?

Posted March 29, 2008 06:47 | Reply to this comment

Lanainfla replied to ...

The fact that you even respond, is a sign of prayers answered. You are firm on your stand and so am I. We could counter each other until doomsday (it's coming), but at this point I have said enough. (shouldnt over water the seed!). So I will leave it at that. I will take it directly to Him. You must promise you won't get too mushy when the light opens your eyes. No need to counter this statement, I already know how you feel about it. As for the forums and the impolite responses I may get? Not to worry, I'll be aw ite ! Peace

Posted March 29, 2008 06:43 | Reply to this comment

Brother Taalik Ibn'rad replied to ...

Peace 4 ever & always fla: Your scenario is not childish it is indeed just a simple example,however there is a difference in what you describe as this is reality that we face daily & far from rejecting a warning from a belief system as we've been waiting on this alleged doom for over 2000 years then again for me just like I AM willing to accept the consequence of your warning about a real threat I can also accept consequence of a warning that has been told for 2000 years,you would think if folks have been warned for 2000 years about some alleged doom you'd think they would change their behaviors instead humanity is worsened as religion is not only a doctorine but folk's actions & the history of actions by christians have proven hypocritical and at the root of wars,division of families even murder so in this I AM WILLING to ignore this warning. You say the street comes out in you,well if you worked at Mcdonalds you would find yourself quickly unemployed as such behavior can not represent them & it is even more important to maintain control if you claim you represent the goodness & peace of JESUS,if you lose your cool it is best that you don't enter forums of debate cause many out there who are far less impolite than myself are waiting to disrespect & curse you out as your page comments bare witness to,I am patient with all that I interact with holding my position like I'VE been with you but never getting angry seeking to listen & understand another's point,most folks will allow you to talk with them if they feel you are allowing them to also be correct instead of you or me forcing something they don't understand or unclear about or ill informed about shoved down their throat. In conclusion most people like yourself are good at heart you just get caught up in the passion of your belief & personal experience & want the world to know,contray to popular belief I know more about JESUS than you may know but again it is better to seek him in REAL TRUTH for what it really is rather than what is traditionally taught,also no hard feelings here U AW ITE and I hope your prayers are heard

Posted March 28, 2008 15:25 | Reply to this comment

Lanainfla replied to ...

I hear you. But, plesae take note, my experiences/miracles were directly from God and 'He' made it clear as a bell. Santa or the Easter Bunny on their 'best' day could not even slip me five! Scenario - Imagine: there's you walking on a city street, happy go lucky enjoying the sun, fun and people. Imagine: there's me about 500 feet in the air looking at you. You are nearing a corner where just around it awaits as nasty murderer type with a gun ready to blow you away once you pass the corner. You can't see him, but he and you are clearly in my focus. Now I don't know you, but I am going to scream at you, beg you, scold and preach at the top of my lungs for you to take another direction. You don't listen, the inevitable happens. I know the above may sound childish but its simplicity speaks my point. I just hope one day you will find Him, but you will have to seek him initially. I am not better than you, I just have the power of Christ directing me. Sometimes the 'street' comes out of me now and then, but so what......really. I 'am' human. But He dwells in me, not allowing a shadow of a waiver. So I will back off, but not with any anger or frustration. Patience is my friend. I want to leave you with this: all the reading in the world cannot substitute for a personal relationship with Jesus. It's obvious you don't know him, but there is always hope you will. You are not my convert, but never say never! OK, No hard feelings here, I wil pray for brother! U aw ite

Posted March 28, 2008 14:55 | Reply to this comment

Brother Taalik Ibn'rad replied to ...

Peace 4 ever & always fla: It is difficult to bore me the subject of race,religion & politics is very unappealing in itself,this being your best writings to date as it offers a view of self as an individual & the root of your faith lacking the name calling & rants of which must be avoided in order to have a civil conversation,something I am sure your JESUS would approve of,so in this it is good & I HOPE to respond in kind. I do not claim to have knowledge of the holy spirit however I do know what words mean...HOLY means pure or unadulterated,this the BIBLE itself can't be as it has been translated from the original tongues & revised anything revised has been changed thus you find the BIBLE made to suit the agenda of almost anyone,there is a BIBLE claiming JESUS was a homosexual this is why it is written he had no relations with women besides spiritually,visit your local seller of BIBLES. SPIRIT means the essence of a dead person so before a spirit can come into existence it must first be born from a living person of physical flesh so you can make up your own defintion if you wish but if you combine these two meanings you come up with the HOLY SPIRIT means pure essence of a dead person of which leaves us the question of whom does this essence belong to? Bottomline there is nothing spooky about this we are dealing with a man of flesh & blood suffice to say no matter how you explain it,no GOD has personally came to you or anyone so what is taught is somebody's version of a teaching that a MAN not GOD created. MAN brought the idea of GOD into existence not the other way around,GOD made up by ancient persons who did not understand their world & created stories & characters to explain the mis-understood or mysteries of their lives like the character of the GRIM REAPER to give death a face,there is no such being. Thank you for explaining the root of what makes you such a loyal believer in christian teachings but then again many have suffered & experienced also what you call miracles or success & are doing fine without giving credit to a GOD in fact for myself I Feel much better without this faith placing the burden upon myself able to face disappointment with more vigor not expecting nothing accepting my reality regardless if that reality is good or bad,you will always find rebellion trying to force your view upon another as what works for you may not work for another,this is why our world & the universe is entertwined with many differences least to say in our world among humans we have been surrounded by myths,lies and various other fictional stories as a child we are swamped with fiction starting with the easter bunny to mickey mouse so it should be no surprise as our brains are drowned in fiction from our grandparents to books to the movies that are now so lifelike that it really looks like SUPERMAN can fly,when we become adults and given the unreal stories of religious teachings such is so easily acceptable as some form of our reality but far from. I respect your belief & you as a person but I must reject this teaching not due to some sort of hate but from the study of its origins that don't come from a GOD but from MEN of whom designed it to control the masses, we are similar in many ways. My blog will give you insight into what makes me what I am today if you wish to take the time to be BORED ( smile )

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Lanainfla replied to ...

Your assumption of having greater awareness of life is an example of your lack of knowledge in the Holy Spirit. Although you profess to be an all around good person (which is essential), no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again through the Blood of Christ. You base your criticism toward me on the knowledge you have accumlated through out the years. You say this knowledge helped you avoid an accident. However, this knowledge isnt even equal to a grain of sand in an endless universe. The universe which God, the creator made. Your barrage of disbelief toward my faith is not new. The Romans fed Christians to Lions (worse case) but even today Islamic nut jobs promise even worse. You say you don't know me, this is true. I hope the following doesnt bore you.... I have always been the most skeptical/you gotta show me type person there is. I was similar to you in my younger years, self reliant in spirit, worldly, and most of all I could not stand what I viewed as phony christians. Always waiving those hands, bragging about their faith, condemning me and most of all their believing in something withoout proof. It took what one might call a 'supernatural mircacle' for me to open my eyes. Then followed by several other miracles until eventually I saw miracles in eveything. He also opened my eyes to the world of Satan, the flesh and evil in all its forms, whether in the form of temptation, lost souls, or demonic posession at all its different levels. A professional drummer in the music industry, I was subjected to all the above (backed up Curtiss Mayfield, Gary/USBonds, Chubby Checker, 5 Stairsteps and more). I thought I was as cool as cool could get. I had the world in my hands but eternity, spiritual peace from Christ and a saved soul were non existent. I studied Isshinryu (karate), practiced 'self' meditation, and most of all hated christianity. One could certainly observe my anti christian attitude at that time. Well, after a few 'hard core' miracles, a developing interest in Jesus became dominant as the Truth really set in. Now, and I assure I am sane, Jesus is in constant touch with my mind, body and spirit. Never allowing me to backslide more than I can handle and always pulling me up. The Truth has set me free. It's like winning the lottery and knowing everyone can win And when folks reject the invitation, they reject salvation. My burden is knowing the truth and running into cats like you who are hardened in the world. I have riches sustained for eternity, so of course my mission is to share the Good News with others. Remember, I was the coolest of the cool (one dynamite funky ass drummer) who had everything the world could offer but lacked Christ - so I really had nothing. That's all changed now.

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Brother Taalik Ibn'rad replied to ...

PART TWO........ If you are indeed hip to my intentions then you know I REPRESENT unity & understanding with honesty among the various races of humanity,we must learn to accept responsibility for self and stop reliance on other people or supreme being,being able to tolerate difference of which will always exist & living in peace among all the life forms on this planet & of course care of this planet as it is the only heaven we'll know about & the only heaven described in the scriptures. What is heaven or some kingdom of eternity acceptable or desired by you may not be desired by others,I am not impressed nor want the heaven described in the BIBLE or hereafter of the QURAN of which a requirement to enter is our physical deaths,I am comfortable with family,true friends,decent job and being able to take my last breathe knowing I was loved & my loved ones I leave behind will also live well in peace,clean drinking water & air to breathe of which is obtainable upon this earth the only heaven that has been made by MEN a hell but in these simple things I am satisfied & this is enough heaven for me,suffice to say none are made to become servant to another,we work as equals to secure the happiness of the whole not live to bring extreme vanity to some power that claims it created us & threatens to destroy us if it is not obeyed,it is the violator of it's own laws for example forcing a virgin girl to bare it's child when the normal human would be accused of rape,in this I do not see peace or heaven only further confusion & violence then this GOD allows this child of rape be born among dirty animals in a stall...your words continue to reflect the history of christianity of which is filled with pedophiles,murder,homsexuality,war,betrayal etc. This heaven it represents should be avoided at all costs,if you choose that path then so be it,it is silly & childish to get angry at those who wish to avoid a path only leading to hypocrisy & self destruction. At this time you may respond not with wisdom but the usual ranting and infantile name calling as that is all your knowledge of christianity has to offer,it is better than what you opinion but your limited sight causes you not to see christianity's true beauty that may open the eyes of the blind & make the lame walk,the way you teach or opinion causes folks to become cripple & unlike you I prefer to walk for self & not be handicapped,you have a lot to learn,if you start listening instead of all this head strung babbling such may be possible,anyone listening feel free to comment as I know what I suggest is appropriate.

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Peace 4 ever & always fla: When we become angry such emotion exposes the true feelings held within so upset that now you shout profanities like the average sinner in the streets so clearly you are truly of weak mind or a non- believer in what you get upset with others in rejecting. To give you free press doesn't bother me in the least as you are a prime example to my visitors of one gone MAD! Even upon your own you tube page others offered not one positive comment towards you calling you a whore to a cult member & I DO NOT know you enough to agree or disagree,however you call me demonic & follower of satan & yet your BIBLE teaches you not to judge but due to my rejection of your opinion of truth I AM these things but have never harmed a human being in my life & regret hurting animals out of ignorance when I was a child,if indeed you want to speak privately & such wish can be honored I may be contacted at my e-mail address I do apologize & if you want I can remove your comments and perhaps it is the best thing to do cause this makes you look extremely foolish & silly,all of your childish ranting & raving when the adult & more prolific thing to do when you know you are up against a more superior adversary is to listen and understand exactly that of which you are dealing with instead of this angry toned babbling,& I SAY this meaning not to offend as I've been in the same position myself believing or wanting to be a know it all,knowing nothing at all.

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Lanainfla replied to ...

My emails to you were meant to be private. That is why I emailed you direct instead of posting on the public forum. I did not email your blog but rather to you directly and privetly. You think you got me or some other jive assed shit but take note, you will never. So, do as you please, but, on record, I am telling you 'not' to post my private emails on any site anywhere. If you do, as you have noted, I will seek compensation. Sincerely, LanainflaOn this Glorious Day of Our Lord! My amusement was fully directed at your attempts to hide beneath the cloak of Satan and yet you feel you are not exposed. Hiding under the guise of some self reliance/there is no Satan or God theory. I am hep to your intentions. YOU are exposed as one his (satan's). In Jesus' Name. By the way, I visited your website............I Guess No Problem - Maybe I was a little uptight, but really....Thanks for the free press brother! You made my day! P.S. I would vote for Bush again if it were possible.

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*****PLEASE NOTE THE COMMENT BEGINNING WITH PEACE 4 EVER & ALWAYS UNDER THE NAME LANAINFLA IS ACTUALLY THE RESPONSE FROM TAALIK TO LANA***** Peace 4 ever & always fla: It is good that you expose your support for a true demon if such existed like GEORGE BUSH now we know for sure you are mentally ill as he has been proven with no doubt a liar & murderer,again your religion proves itself just that,that of falsehood & murder and you truly believe someone in their right mind would want to become part of such a thing,then with no doubt you have become truly sick. You do not respond out of some alleged amusement as nothing that is being said is entertaining or amusing you respond in some veil attempt to get the last word in order not to feel like the LOSER you already have become and MR. BUSH is a prime example of,in your mind in JESUS you are victorious but the reality is among self thinkers you lose before you even begin,it is amusing now that I think of it in how you continue to demonstrate these childish actions responding in amusement as you have nothing to offer except something to laugh at. To show you I do not fear your infantile,angry,hate filled words I am posting all that you say on my internet blog for all to see & if they who visit the site believe you have some validity then so be it,I do not fear your 2000 year old words in fact those who come to my site probably will find what you say amusing as they are seeking something beyond the norm that has failed the human family and its history is not laden with peace/love/forgiveness/compassion etc. but filled with hate,murder,slavery,war,rape as your GEORGE BUSH is a more current example & your words of hate & veil threats,I would not suggest to anyone to become part of the mafia with a fictional JESUS as the GODFATHER of a religious criminal organization. It is insane to continue to promote this JESUS of whom has no last name,no present relatives,have no mention in real history only BIBLE & QURAN,no record of birth or being a citizen in no country,city or town nor found in any personal ancient diaries,why? He is a fictional character having no more power than SPIDER-MAN and JESUS having a father that offered no child support allowing his baby to be born in an animal stall & this we are suppose to be impressed,I am out of my league when it comes into being loyal to stories designed for ignorant,non-thinking & infantile minds,the only perfection reached here is that of being with all due respect dumb.

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Lanainfla replied to ...

I am only responding out of amusement. Your feeble attempt in the possibility that I may be the one to be converted is futile. As speaking on black or islamic forums goes, I thrive there. It is best for me to go where the sinful wicked gather in hopes of saving even 'ONE' soul out of many. It is of the highest importance to be saved (opposite of you). As for your opinion that I lose battles on you tube forums?? I say to you in Jesus I have VICTORY beyond feelings, emotions, understanding, points of view or perceptions. You claim your ability and experience helped you avoid an accident, that you were the one responsible for your found safety?? You must know that without Jesus a single blade of grass would NOT exist, neither your car or you! You take 'self' to the prideful extremes I'm sure puts a smile on the wicked one. By the way, it was Bush who pushed 2 conservative pro life supreme court judges into office during his term. Not a big deal to any abortion lovin creeps but significant to God loving, baby loving folks. Iraq is also very neccesary but you will never understand. It's not about you anymore and your choice to allow Satan to consume you. It's your pouring of lies and demonic encouragement to the public that motivates me to forge on. The PERFECTION of Jesus is beyond your reach. You are out of your league El Diablo! Praise Jesus in Prayer - Pray Without End

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Lanainfla replied to ...

Peace 4 ever & always fla: Unfortunately fla what you represent is flawed & I do not have anything against you as an individual as I don't know you but that 2000 year old teaching has you foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog & if you are bit by a rabid dog it is not that animal's fault the disease has made him go out of his mind unable to control his actions so it is no shock to me that unlike myself you do not offer peace & friendship with another human being as you have been bitten by a religious teaching that is rabid making the believer unable to think striking out at all who they come into contact with,suffice to say if one truly is marketing a belief or product one would use honey not vinegar but your mindset is so LOST all you've available is vinegar. Your ability to reason & think 4 self is limited so it would of been wise long time ago to stop responding but again since you've become rabid your only thoughts are to continue to bite even thou it is clear this battle is lost & you say you'll continue to respond upon the open forum when you see my alleged lies that you offer no evidence to prove such,so rabid that you'll only continue to lose the battle as all you have to offer is opinion & your version of a 2000 year old story. You have no personal experience with this GOD as you have never met him nor can you provide any REAL evidence that he done anything for you,just yesterday a person in another car almost smashed into me & I cried to your GOD hurt me if you can,since I do not panic & have years of driving experience as a commercial driver I was able to use my skills to avoid a collision if I was prone to panic & had less experience chances are the chances of collision was higher in this like yourself I COULD give avoiding a SERIOUS accident the credit to GOD but I WILL not,it is funny of how you would make up an excuse for the non-power of your GOD had the accident occured & you are left bleeding in the emergency room. The reality is we must be responsible for self just like all life forms I WISH you luck in giving credit to something that doesn't exist like ya'll do to SANTA CLAUS another lie your religion spreads,you are in error in that I'LL ever ask this JESUS for salvation as I am man enough to accept the consequences of my actions even if it means death or some perceived DOOM as you say,again veil threats and scare tactics something that younger people are not impressed as their world is full of violence,rape,murder etc. and much of the root of this is caused by your religious teachings as the war in IRAQ BARES witness to brought upon by that great christian GEORGE BUSH president of the UNITED SNAKES OF AMERICA, I also will continue to bring light to your words of slavery & darkness upon any you tube forum you have the nerve to enter & suggest you stay away from any ISLAMIC or BLACK ORIENTED forums as you do not want to continue to lose these battles you clearly are not equipped to fight,I welcome your superiors but none will stand as what you represent is built upon sand & weak always prone to being easily fallen,there is only one way learn to think for yourself & stop acting like a child,truly you are a clone of being deceived and you are always welcome here to attempt to convert me if you can but be careful it is you who might be converted,RESPONSE?

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Lanainfla replied to ...

I don't need your validation of my intelligence. You say I repeat the same 2000 year story and that I have none? I mentioned that I have had personal experience in the form of proof everyday of my life, without reading any scripture. I know where you are coming from, no new, big or cutting edge innovations from your words - just lies upon lies upon lies. I know for a fact you are as good as doomed in the path you have chosen. At this point I believe you have exhausted your stream of human pride and disrespect for The Father, at least for my ears. I won't allow to to disrespect Jesus to me any longer by dignifying you with a direct response. I tried to give 'you' the shadow of a doubt, but I can assure you that you will not get a direct response from any longer. However, if I am a you tube video discussion, and I see your evil contempt spreading the lies, I will address to the general audience the high degree of your Satanic insanity. I don't need your friendship or your insanity. I have given enough of myself in these exchanges and I know that you get my point and that you disagree. There is ONLY ONE WAY.....Jesus Christ. You will beg him for salavation one day. I wash my hands of you. You are truly a clone of evil - not fit for my soul.

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Brother Taalik Ibn'rad replied to ...

Peace 4 ever & always fla: Lastly it is impossible for you to claim any type of freedom when you've voluntarily admit you are someone's willing servant? A servant is not free his life is bound to the will & desires of another,the words you speak are not even yours they are a version of a teaching that is over 2000 years old & it is silly to claim you don't trust MEN when you have never met GOD so you must believe and hope that some MAN has told you the truth of which in this case he has not. Again,due to your weak view point you resort to name calling like a child on the playground angry cause the other children will not play the game you want to play as well as refuse their friendship & you are so blind you can't see such infantile mentality as this is the only way your JESUS teaching can survive only thru those with childish mentality or sheer ignorance of which at one time so many did suffer but slowly but surely the masses are beginning to awaken to the treachery of this 2000 year old REAL FRAUD that you refuse to expose as you have become like the victim who have fallen in love with the one who robbed him/her. Your religion uses scare tactics in order to make someone believe,I ACCEPT my death going back to the non-existence from whence I came,I accept my reality & refuse to accept these fairytale stories promoted by the REAL LOST SOULS like yourself spreading fiction becoming like a dope fiend instead of using drugs using this fake teaching in order to get high. If you are an example of GOD'S power then that tells the whole story as you have none,you only repeat what you hear & reject anything that is different from that teaching even if it is good 4 you or even if a fellow human is good but he/she is no good cause they will not play your game on the playground & you are so delusional you can't see how childish this is,as long as you live or even another life,all are different & difference produces various ways,the very EARTH is an example of this,we have flowers but many different flowers that know their purpose & live in peace among the other planets but then we have plants that are parasites that live off the life of others,wanting one to serve its own selfish needs giving nothing in return and that is the plant you represent a plant that gives nothing but sucks the life from others using violence & threats to those who'll not submit,I will not submit to a tyrant nor will the average person,so the pity is that MISERY loves company & I will not or suggest to anyone to accompany you. Such blessings one can live without. Respectfully yours, Taalik Ibn'rad P.s. it was an honest mistake to call you intelligent,I always give one the shadow of a doubt,thanx for clearing that up

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Lanainfla replied to ...

> Allow me to begin by saying that repetition is good when there is something worth repeating. > I did not truly feel you were sincerely reaching out in friendship. Even if I did, I offer many people the opportunity to learn the truth, especially those who worship Satan without even knowing it. > You assume that I am intelligent? All the intelligence in the world could not help a soul at the day of Judgement. To think of our very unique existence, identity, individuality, biological make-up, emotions, parental/child relations, and the universe is all some how a result of simply a continual series of events which began from nothing to present times is absurd, arrogant and self-serving. If you continue this path of atheism, you will learn the history of time in a hurry. > Your choice of non existence and death will be granted vs. The Eternal Existence with God - for whom I will glady serve. You just confuse the word serve (Love). Would it not be respectful to show love to the one who created you, your parents, grandparents - children if any? The one who granted you life eternal with an existence of peace with the non existence of Evil. > Your perception of truth is drenched in the chaos of pride, self and fear. Unfortunately, eternity without Christ will be your fate if you continue down this path. We cannot agree to disagree, as I must do God's work without yielding an inch of faith in His Grace which has been proven to me on a daily basis since forever. This proof is revealed on a personal level from Christ to his flock who have willingly accepted His Gift. You are not my convert but rather a lost soul destined for a vacuum. My power comes from Him, in Jesus' Name, Amen. You may never get it, it's your choice! > Lastly - I am free: of mind and soul for He is the Lifeblood that sustains me now and forever. I have the Truth. Do not put your trust in Man or his inability to live God's word. God reveals to those who confess, trust and accept. Such a just don't know the blessings that await.

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Brother Taalik Ibn'rad replied to ...

Peace 4 ever & always fla: Firstly,Repetition is how many learn in study & you should be an expert in repetition in that you only copy a doctorine told for the last 2000 years of which many now find least impressive as it has proven the fraud that you claim you want to expose & I NOTICE that within your listing of frauds you do not mention THE POPE & his church of pedophiles or other christians like JOYCE MEYER or C. Dollar or even TD Jakes,Billy Graham etc. You are very incorrect in that I in any way wish to become a believer in a man who could not save himself from being hung from a tree,so how can one who could not save himself & not seen or heard from in over 2000 years be a savior 4 me,this is illogical & infantile in reasoning? I knew my attempt to seek friendship would make you believe that in some way I secretly feel you are correct of which is far from true,again you do not listen as I made it clear I'LL never accept a religion that was used to justify commercial slavery of my ancestors,I do not care about entering somebody's kingdom of enternity of where they expect me to be their servant or slave,your GOD described in the BIBLE is not just & a murderer it is his way or no way and he goes around making under age girls married to somebody else pregnant so why would I SUBMIT to this criminal no better than your so called DEVIL? I am not interested in an eternity you have no evidence exists,no desire to be a servant to another life form that claims it created me & expects me to serve it,wants me to believe I am nothing without it,such GOD CAN kiss my ass,it is better to go into non-existence & death. It is amazing of how an intelligent person as yourself allow your brain to submit to what clearly is fairytales,so it is your choice to begin to think 4 yourself or continue your voluntary enslavement to this 2000 year old LIE, A truth that has not set you free. Even your BIBLE teaches about a new heaven/new earth & the former things will pass away,it is clear a teaching that is over 2000 years old is included within former things and whether you like it or not the masses of the public especially the young are rejecting this infantile & hypocritic message & eventually this former thing will pass away,suffice to say watching the actions of many CHRISTIANS they don't really believe just hype & lipservice,this is reality take it or let it alone,your choice. Respectfully yours, Taalik Ibn'rad

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Lanainfla said...

Firstly, You are repetitious. You are steadfast in your contempt and disbelief in Jesus. I don't expect you to understand at this point. The long list (far from complete) of frauds I listed - I do not enjoy exposing. But their constant barrage of lies and racism must be known to the unaware public so not to give them any help. I know you agree on some things I say, and secretly, I believe you want to accept Christ but lack in the understanding of Him. This lack of knowledge breeds fear, unacceptance and contempt. I agree with you that you are not so high and mighty that you can't be in error. I am too in error many times in my day to day life (we are all sinners), However....Jesus is not an error. He is the Key to salvation. If you would agree, I could get you in touch with a pastor who could shed additional light your way. You need help, and with this help you may acheive greatness in the work of the Lord. If you would only drop the pride (Satan's main tool) and surrender (if even only a short while), to Christ, He will reveal the mystery of life to you. You must be sincere, though. On the other hand, you could continue your fight against Jesus (Satan's work). Your choice. As intelligent as you are, isnt it worth a little time for possible eternity in the Kingdom?

Posted March 26, 2008 11:35 | Reply to this comment

Brother Taalik Ibn'rad replied to ...

Peace 66 : To my knowledge and I am open to your alleged evidence of proof your accusation that the NOI & CIA worked hand in hand is utter nonsense only spoken by racist caucasion troublemakers as no other black group has made mention of such but acknowledge the CIA against them. Who are these groups claiming they were harmed by the teamwork of CIA/NOI? It is logical that any one group will seek to promote their own agenda as republicans believe their direction is better than a democrat but this doesn't make them unpatriotic or enemies when the intent is suppose to be the welfare of all AMERICANS it would be foolish for the NOI to team up with the CIA of whom mission was and is to destroy pro black,self pride & independence type organizations for the intent is the betterment and enlightenment of all african people of descent born in AMERICA. I am sure FARRAKHAN doesn't care if you don't like him and I do not care also if you don't like my words as we first must speak to the benefit of our people who are lost,made deaf dumb & blind by this nation who has the nerve to call farrakhan a hypocrite,liar and con man but LOUIS NEVER claimed to be christian and forced folks to be his slave for over 400 years,LOUIS never made over 100 treaties with the NATIVE AMERICANS & broke them all except one and made them walk the TRAIL OF TEARS,Louis never dropped an atomic bomb on anyone...tell me smart ass who is the author of all these things while u run your mouth? Who claimed SADDAM had weapons of mass destruction but found none and over 4000 soldiers have died over this lie and claimed IRAN got weapons but looked stupid when he learned they shut down such program in 1999? Since you know so much about liars,con men & hypocrites it is ironic that you don't mention the leaders of AMERICA BOTH past & present for if you concentrate on them you wouldn't even find time for talking about one like LOUIS,I suggest you grow up and do more research & tripping off of hearsay garbage,myself & LOUIS are no more haters & con men than the fictional BATMAN,YOU need to get real & get a life,HOW can this nation full of murderers judge anybody? Also as far as believing in anyone I can't follow LOUIS cause I don't believe in GOD,religion itself is the greatest con man or charlatan, today they celebrate the birth of JESUS of which GOD RAPED his mother as MARY wasn't given a choice then JOSEPH is forced to care for the child caUse GOD is a deadbeat dad then JESUS is forced to represent a father that never done anything for him then he is killed cause GOD was a coward or had no power to protect his child & we are suppose to get happy over the tragic life of this man of where many live like that everyday,he is used as an excuse to commit sin...the whole thing is silly I suggest you don't tread on me Brother Minister Taalik Ibn'rad

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Brother Taalik Ibn'rad replied to ...

Peace 66 : To my knowledge and I am open to your alleged evidence of proof your accusation that the NOI & CIA worked hand in hand is utter nonsense only uttered by racist caucasion troublemakers as no other black group has made mention of such but acknowledge the CIA against them

Posted March 23, 2008 09:13 | Reply to this comment

VampireLord66 said...

ON THE SUBJECT OF BROTHER MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN OF THE NATION OF ISLAM................ No you GET REAL lol. The Nation Of Islam has worked side by side with the CIA to help them wipe out groups in order to secure their mutual existence.So who is more Hypocritical? The Hypocrites? Or the people who work with them? Yes Farakhan is a lier and a Con Man and is not even recognized as a real Muslim Leader for that matter. He's a Charlatan and you are a fool for believeing in him.

Posted March 23, 2008 09:09 | Reply to this comment

Kalipha replied to ...

Part # 2 to XFREE57: Its important that you accept and believe in undeniable truth so you can change your reality, which is in current state of deception and falsehood because you choose to believe in that instead of truth. Come on board to my train of thought and get away from that spooky belief that has been plaguing our minds. You are not entirely incorrect when you say (In essence) that the mythical beliefs that suggests we wait on a greater power is nonsense. Your mind by nature doesn't allow you to accept such nonsense. We are misguided though on what it all means (we think too narrow minded), so I hope my response was a little helpful.

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Kalipha replied to ...

My dear brother XFREE57, we have to first learn who the God is. It is important that we find the deeper meaning, it does not mean that God is trying to trick us. He is not the author of confusion. We have just been a sleep to the knowledge of him. So we are far and between. The universe is huge beyond comprehension, therefore the mind that created it must be huge. Which has to mean that our minds must expand, so we can be closer to him. God has come in person and raised up a messenger from among us and told us in plain language who God was and who the Devil was. The problem is, we disbelieve, regardless to how plain the truth was made. 2+2=4. This statement is only true if we believe that it is true. You can say that one would be a fool not to believe that its true, only because we have accepted it to be true. Now when someone comes along with revelation, it is almost always rejected at first. Think back to the Earth being round and it revolving around the sun. It was once crazy to believe that, but not it is crazy to believe opposite. When it was revealed that God is Man, its crazy to believe that. It's crazy only because he has been mysterious to us for so long to where we cannot conceive of him being that close to us. The only intervention from God will have to come from us. We are the God that must intervene. Which is why the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us the knowledge of God, so that we can intervene and bring in the new kingdom. The Greater Power brother has already revealed itself. The problem is, we have yet to accept the truth of God and of Satan (and his devils). Once we accept that, we will run Satan from among us. Satan is none other than the White man and those that follow and believe in them are their made devils. There is no deeper meaning, this is plain as day. We somehow just cannot accept that reality, because of our perceptions of them and of reality. Truth is that which is in agreement with reality, but our perceptions of reality is what determines truth in our minds. We have to accept that God is not mankind, God is The Man (original Man) and that Mankind is the White man, because they are the Man that is only a kind. When you say something is a "Kind" you are saying that it is like the original, but its not the original. We must Humble ourselves, so that we can see truth. The world becomes much simpler when we do that, because it opens our minds as wide as the universe. I don't believe in the mythical mysterious God, so I agree with the Atheist in that regard. The problem is that we dont understand God, because our minds have been poisoned with Yacub's thinking (Satan). So now we are confused about everything. There is starvation and disease infected babies because we choose to continue to trust in this Devil (White Man). While he plans to destroy God (Black man), by infected Africa with Aids through vaccinations. The White Man appears to do humanitarian work, but they are killing Africa. Never in the name of Common Sense can so many white people be helping Africa for so many years, for epidemics to increase as long as they are there. Aids, disease, famine, and warfare is increasing. Satan is over there and he made devils that look like you and me, so you cant tell by race who the devil is nowadays. They are killing the people of Africa. We have to intervene and call these devils out, so we can stop trusting in them. God has come in person and did not leave anything for interpretation, those days are over brother. The truth has been made as plain as day.

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To Khalipha, I totally understand what you are saying. The only problem that I have with a great deal of that ideology is I can't understand a God who feels it is important to hide a deep meaning. That is where I take issue with the widely accepted God concept. It is left up to interpretation by those who teach it and accepted by those who don't logically question it. Hidden meanings have no place in a world such as this. What good does a Gods hidden meaning do for a man who is starving , or a child who is being neglected abused or killed? The realties of this life has no time for puzzles or complex concepts. Any God would make his point clear. Even the simplest of minds can understand that if you stick your finger in fire you will feel pain there will be nothing complex about it. Life depends on what you hear , see and feel physically. Minds that are filled with the idea of a god who is now master over all things become illogical and start to display erratic behavior this is due to shifting the responsibility of illogical thinking or unsavory behavior to a God or a devil. What does one say to a people who live in a land with no such books or teachings? they starve and die everyday with no access to clean water or proper health care. Aids infected babies dying as we speak how many innocent lives must be lost before there is an intervention of these Gods that so many speak of? what greater plan? except the one the that you can physically see and hear? that is mankind taking responsibility It is insulting to ones intelligence to suggest that the filthy behavior of those in power who murder , rape, enslave and exploit has to exists in order for a greater plan to reveal itself. I find that to be utter nonsense. That is there reason that it exists because there is no greater plan at least by some mythical God.

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Peace Brother Khalifa, That is on point the problem is that most people are afraid to take responsibility for their actions and cannot deal with the consequences of those actions. For example I heard a person ask why does God allow that many people to be killed in a plane crash , or allow children to starve? I thought what is this person talking about? planes crash because it is a gigantic fuel tank and any mechanical failure can possibly cause ones demise. Starvation is caused by men the earth grows food everyday it creates fruits and vegetables and plants that replenishes itself. The sorry condition of man can only be attributed to man. In some cases even natural disasters people will live in places where there is earth quakes tornados and potential disaster areas but when it happens and kills massive amounts of people they call it a act of God. Then they want the government to rebuild in a place where scientist have passionately warned them that this can happen again. We are delusional in regards to our existence this is the reason why religion has cause the type of insanity that will cause people to strap bombs to themselves and kill innocent people. Christians who believe that you will dance on a cloud with a Jewish carpenter will point the finger at the Muslim who believes if he drives a plane thru a building in New York somehow is pleasing to his God. It gets better the Mormons believe that blacks are cursed and were put here to serve and that there is another version of the bible given to a guy named Joseph Smith. The guy in Waco Texas convinced people he was Jesus yet the fact that he wore glasses never tip them off. I mean don't get me wrong but you would think your Lord and savior would have good eye site. incenses , candles , medieval customs , chanting statues , Popes, priest, Rabbis , bishops , nuns and pork eating over weight Baptist who while in a physcological frenzy fall on the floor with one touch from the preacher who is waiting to ride off in his new car after he has taken up a very lucrative collection. The insanity continues. Peace Brother XFREE57

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Peace Brother XFREE57, I agree with you brother on many points. Its not religion itself that led people to insanity, it is ultimately the misunderstanding. Because people misunderstand and their perception of the truth is not in agreement with reality, they make poor decisions detrimental to their well being. People misunderstand and don't really know who God is. They admit they never seen him nor heard him speak. Based on their understanding as to who God is. Logically speaking, you can't really say you know something if you never was able to sense it with at least one of the five senses. We can't really say we know God if no one has ever seen him or heard him. This doesn't mean God doesn't exist, it only means that that God doesn't exist (mystery God). The Muslims that believe that flying a plane through a building is pleasing to Allah, believe in what was taught to them on what was pleasing to Allah. All of these things need to happen in order for the new world to come in. People are going crazy in their misunderstanding and those who misunderstand or refuse to bare witness to the truth that has been given, are going to eliminate themselves and kill each other off. That is why these things are permitted without intervention(wars). I can care less for either group so I don't mind seeing them fight and kill each other off when they are all enemies of the truth that was brought to them. Those that submit to the truth are the lucky ones. Having good sight and good ears in the physical sense means absolutely nothing brother. I don't care how good or bad the so-called lord and saviour's eyesight is or was in the physical. Sight in that sense is not physical. It is the ability to understand and interpret truth that is in agreement with reality. Our perception and understanding determines what is in agreement with reality. If you are blind deaf and dumb, you cannot perceive reality very well. That's why it is right for scripture to say, "There are those who have eyes that cannot see and those who have ears and cannot hear." This is confirming that this is not physical. Just because you can hear something does not mean you are actively listening to properly decode the messages that your ears are sending to the brain to understand what you are hearing. You can see physically, but the magician has proven time and again that looks can be deceiving if we don't pay attention closely or are easily distracted. Eyes see real and virtual images and it sends messages to the brain triggering a response that tells you what it is you are seeing. If you don't pay full attention, you are only going to see what you have allowed yourself to see and you will not be able to see that which is hidden from the naked eye. This kind of blindness is how magicians fool us everytime. We have to dig deeper and find that which is hidden to gain better understanding of what we see and hear. Not everything can be shown to you in the physical, the mind goes far beyond the physical. Complex concepts are written or spoken in parabolic form in order to simplify them. We can then write volumes in picking out and defining the symbols in a given parable. Each time we read it we get something new out of it. Please, Please, Please, Think over that! You're not going to follow me if you don't think with me. Peace Brother Khalifa

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Angelsnupnup7 talks with WonkyDoodle said...

WonkyDoodle said,you doubt Muhammad existed? Do you also doubt other historical figures such as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Ceasar etc? Quite ridiculous, taking into account Muhammad's (pbuh) life is documented more than any other person on this planet. Is he really an imaginary figure?? angelsnupnup7 said, peace wonky: spiderman is documented by many individuals & various form of media this does not make him REAL,Characters of both bible & quran as famous as one claims them to be have NO relatives,nation,city,country or town that claims their existence,only religion marks them as part of history as one could do peter parker being fiction but new york the city he lives in is in existence,we have been sold on deceit 4 generations & actually rather hold on to falsehood it makes us feel better angelsnupnup7 said, peace wonky: things that are attributable to human? that is what you are and all that you know but religion requires you to believe in fictional,supernatural nonsense of which has done nothing to help humans except cause problems like fighting over so called holy land,this is maddness as long as land can feed and clothe that is enough,you can have all holy lands,give me land that can provide life WonkyDoodle said, The often spouted line of religion being the cause of wars in nonsense not worthy of a mention. angelsnupnup7 said, peace wonky: unfortunately the influence of religion upon certain group's thinking is a reality,even this nation USA is founded they claim under GOD,THEN religion was used to justify the near extinction of native peoples as well as commercial slavery of blacks,it is not so called athiest constantly at war it is the believers in some GOD who claim they are doing not their own will but his,very sad. WonkyDoodle said,It is humans that are constantly at war. If they didnt have religion, they would find any of a million other reasons under the sun to justify their wars. Wars are ultimately fought over, land, wealth, resources, resist aggression, threats, etc. Some legitimate some not. Religions dont cause wars. The very fact you acknowledge that religion is used as a pretext for war shows that it is only used as an excuse and not always the ROOT CAUSE. angelsnupnup7 said, peace wonky: according to a story from the BIBLE,GOD gave a people land but when they got to it,others were allready upon it,you know the rest..the same BIBLE stated that cursed people were turned black thus the justification for many races to take part in the slave trade of blacks including blacks who believed in BIBLE,These examples show religion as the root cause of justification for these evils,unlike an athiest who accepts responsibility for his wickedness GOD lovers say GOD said so WonkyDoodle said, Fact is angelsnupnup7, something like 80% of the world believe in religion in one way or another, and people have had religion since time began. To then conclude that the reason a human being, who can be warring by his very nature, goes to war is religion, is simply blatantly flawed. Its a conclusion based on association, not on causality. angelsnupnup7 said, peace wonky: FACT,the human being made one of the worst mistakes ever in adopting religion accepting fictional tales instead of facts or simply saying I don't know,suffice to say the original purpose of religion is or control of the mind,in this it has been successful,like many life forms it is no shock humans fight over territories,however knowing war is wrong they use some GOD or religion to justify the killing of innocents usually due to greed & material wealth something other life doesn't do angelsnupnup7 said, peace wonky: again GOD is beyond UVrays as we have ways to detect such in machines thus the brain can give approval of existence,however no machine exists to help the brain verify the existence of some GOD,It is not illogical not to believe in this light & we can guard against such but with GOD you can't interact with what doesn't exist