What does the REALITY'S TEMPLE stand for ?

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What does the REALITY'S  TEMPLE stand for ?

          As explained by Brother Minister Taalik Ibn'rad

1.  The awakening of the human being regardless of race,gender or other made differences into the acceptance of his or her reality and to ignore theories & belief systems that have been taken as fact but are not.

2. Due to the extreme mental death as well as social & economic handicap placed upon the descendants of former slaves in america,they have become priority in this awakening process as they are most in need,sufferers of self hate,extreme division,lacking the knowledge of self & others,victim of fictional beliefs prior to their enslavement to others,non-protectors of their women & children,extreme dependence upon their former slavemasters children,disrespect of their women & elders,able to obtain great monetary wealth but as a people unable to gain economic power,shame of being the progeny of those who origin upon the continent,now called Africa.

3. We accept the title TRUE REALISTS and only submit to REAL TRUTH, not being atheists as we are open to the existence of GOD if facts permit such without the need for belief & can only entertain a form of truth that also doesn't need belief in support as REAL TRUTH stands alone.

4. There is a need for REAL freedom,justice & equality for all human beings & all forms of supremacy of one over another should be challenged & eventually destroyed,suffice to say also to include the RICH being better than the POOR making the rich wants a greater need over the general welfare of the masses of human beings in order to gain material wealth,power & greed .

5. Those who hold titles of public service should be held acountable and punished severely for exploiting the public trust and becoming parasitic upon those who depend upon its leaders for guidance & the better welfare of the town,city,country or nation.

6. All forms of religion should be rejected as for hundreds of years have made the human being to become dependent upon some unknown power & childlike far from the child of GOD they claim they represent,in fact after thousands of years believers in these religious systems have yet to produce a planet or rock or star & never refer to themselves as ADULTS but children of GOD who never do anything except praise others or GOD.

7. GOD in any form doesn't exist & the possiblity that those characters in relation to also never existed

8. The original purpose of RELIGION wasn't the worship of GOD but a means to control the masses or rituals designed in ignorance by ancient people who misunderstood their reality and used fiction to give answers to that which they did not know.

9. Psychiatry & Psychology should be avoided as their original purpose was not to seek cure for the injured mind but a means to control minds,it has also become tainted with racist caucasion supremacy,today it is used to take normal behaviors by children especially & adults to give the illusion of sickness in order to sell drugs for fabricated illnesses that number over 300 but not one known cure for any of them.

10. The Earth as it is known at this time should be protected as well as its life forms as even in religious teachings state that men were given such responsibility,it is extremely unwise to continue to hurt the planet that makes us & future generations to live.Extremely unwise to poison the land,water & air only to secure material wealth that can not go into a coffin with you.

11. The producers of food for the masses should be held responsible for only producing healthy nutritional foods with respect to the land but at this time practice chemical death and the exploitation of the soils upon the planet, again poisoning the masses should be given SEVERE CONSEQUENCE as a punishment a violation of public trust.

12. The criminal justice system should be investigated in its exploitation of the poor,its lust for releasing known habitual offenders but by all means necessary holding on to lesser persons as they lack proper representation as well as putting to death innocents,its constant violation of the rights under the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES under the guise of protecting them from terrorists or calling a citizen such.

13. One doesn't need to believe in GOD in order to practice a form of morality in fact the majority of those who are immoral claim to believe in GOD,ironic. One should seek a form of morality to better one self not to please some GOD  in this bringing respect & mental strength. Morality brings respect and makes strong the individual,family & nation.

14. The one who calls him/herself homosexual should not be prejudice against until such time as the fornicator & adulterer or any breaker of society's laws of morality also be treated as shameful or wrong,however it is best that the homosexual do not teach children this form of lifestyle or force such upon others as it is not in the best interest in the growth of a people or nation's future strength & certainly population growth as acts of homosexuality can not produce children.

15. No member of this TEMPLE will be  unable to read or write & all education is welcome from the religious to teaching auto mechanics as all knowledge is power & not any one person will know all things such knowledge to benefit the whole.

16. ALL elders & past organizations are to be respected regardless if methods are not in agreement as those in the past have made the journey to REALISM less hazard and life in general better for us & we must do such for our future progeny.

17. In accordance with the laws of this nation,we should embrace the right to own and bare arms to protect our families or if the need arise,defend self against a rogue government as the forefathers intended as well as the formation of militias,the BLACKMAN should consider this in his community of where many of his people have turned savage & prey upon themselves,such thugs do not stray into other communities as the cowards they know they are will be quickly arrested or killed.

18. The human being must be able to practice using his brain & making it fit as one would do the physical body by being able to read,write in one's language dominant in his/her country or nation then practice researching,using what is known as common sense,reason & logic.

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