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as told by

                Brother Minister Taalik Ibn'rad     April 14,2008

Peace 4 ever & always:

                                       I believe this is the best time to write upon this subject as this month is the 45th anniversary of the date of my birth should I live to witness such as at this time I will attempt to describe a man of whom was so much influence of my younger life. This for me is a very emotional subject as no one really has known the effect this man had upon me nor the feelings I had garnered towards him. To many what he has done for me may seem little but to a child new in the world that little may mean a lot & may also form what that life in the future become to be.

     I do not know the birth date of Mr. Lionel Chavis nor do I know the time period in which he was made to depart this life,my only guess 1973 or 1974,so this made me 9 or 10 years old. He came into my life as a boyfriend of my mother,I remember him as a light skin sort of heavy young blackman probably in his late 20's he was taking college courses,until this day I do not know what he saw in my mother of whom was content surviving on the welfare system nor would she encourage him to seek higher learning and never encouraged none of her children to do better,at this time she was older than him maybe in her late 30's. She spent her time telling herself she was nothing going from bar to bar,throwing up in toilets from forcing herself to drink these high alcoholic beverages.

    I had friend's mothers & my other relative's mothers who were also on welfare but at this time the welfare offered opportunity out if you tried,my mother never tried but many of my other friend's mothers took advantage & left welfare being proud to accomplish such a feat making their children also proud,this I never experienced. I never was exposed to anything to be proud of most of my relatives were drunks or religious fanatics that I didn't know of at the time,content with being nothings,always marvel at what others can do or have done,even today when something is accomplished that is wonderful it is often received with a lackluster welcome but you can hear the excitement when others are talked about,again I was born into a family of persons who feel they are nothing,so I guess that makes me a NOTHING no matter what I do,and the sad thing is deep down I believe I am nothing.

    Like many young blackmen I was raised without a father and even thou my mother was present her goal was just to feed,clothe & shelter if you get that & hope you become an adult soon as possible & leave her alone,so really you were left to raise yourself or perhaps the proper definition may be to nuture cause crops is what you raise,children need much more they need to be nutured,taught the lessons in order to survive in life this a crop of rice doesn't need only feed the soil,water the soil,shelter it from pests & the forces of nature.

    Before Lionel Chavis I always loved cartoons & entertainment in general of which this I don't understand cause even till this day I am a shy person believe it or not,this shy person would soon build up the courage to perform before hundreds of people singing,dancing & telling jokes. He would embrace the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and go into the street knocking on folks doors promoting islam selling bean pies & newspapers,leading to this blog and other interactions on YouTube speaking before people, a shy person given roles of where one must not suffer from stage fright,again contrary to popular belief I am very shy but sometimes we must not be silent as what is silent can't be heard,I thank all of my supporters to help encourage this so shy older man,cause what I represent today can't continue to be held in silence,it should be heard as all of our other options have failed and due to pride or ignorance we continue to hold on to failure in hope of a different result when that result has been made clear for the past 1400/2000 years what else do you expect?

      So in 1972 a man enters my life & since my mother was focused on drinking & being a nothing,he saw this poor lonely boy and took me to see the CHINESE CONNECTION a BRUCE LEE movie.Bruce Lee also even today one of my heroes and an influence upon me,one of the brothers in the mosque had a book written by Bruce Lee & Bruce talked like he did not believe in GOD as GOD did not do one push up for him,all his hours of training was due to him,so Bruce was asking why should I give the credit to some unknown power for hard work that was obvious he done with no assistance,this always stayed in my mind as even in the temple we taught against SANTA CLAUS & christmas giving credit to some fictional person for a parent's hard labor,causing the children to believe they must wait for reward from some fat stranger sliding down a chimmney,sad.

   Brother Lionel would continue to take me to see BRUCE,ride me on his back and treat me like I was his son,at best a good friend. When a woman decides or believes she can nuture a male child without a man she in many ways can be correct but as a male child being 9/10 years old being in the prescence of this grown man made me feel protected & loved,a feeling I have never experienced since. Lionel encouraged me to read and bought me my first comic books,so if you hate what I write blame him,my aunts who encouraged me to come into islam saw comics as being childish but you can't enjoy comic books if you can't read & comics had come a long way from the early days,then & now very complex & intellectual written for adults more so than children.

     The ability to read made me better able to defend islam,brought about by comic books, inspired by BRUCE LEE movies I was able to enjoy my self defense lessons when I was a Fruit of Islam but I should choose Brother Jim Kelly over Bruce just because he is black but it was BRUCE who made martial arts popular even till this day when one talks of martial arts it is difficult not to mention BRUCE plus the truth of the matter I  just liked BRUCE better as one would choose apples over oranges not having nothing to do with hate,I like ELVIS over JAMES BROWN should I lie to myself that I like James BETTER just cause he is a blackman?

      So here is a man with no children dating a woman on welfare that is striving to be a nothing with her 4 nothing children,why should he ride me on his back? He moved in with us & I would watch him study for his college courses all the while my mother was at the local tavern,while studying he asked her to bring him back a beer & she came back drunk at 4 in the morning but did have the beer,out of anger he took and smashed the bottle on the floor & all she could do was laugh,she couldn't encourage him to study nor encourage her children to study & couldn't even bring back a bottle of beer,I felt his disappointment & hurt.

    Again why would this twenty something want to be involved with this older woman who was content in being a nothing and her nothing kids? Due to a bad experience as an adult I dated a woman with children that wasn't on welfare & told myself never again,let them fathers take care of these children but I had forgotten that not long ago I was a child with no father & then this man came into my life that influenced me & shown me the skills that continue to be part of this present life a man I NEVER really gotten to know and haven't seen since 1974? I know what type of man I am as Lionel helped in that development along with the influence of my other spiritual father the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as all single women raising children are NOT like my mother or this sister that I formerly dated,so should I deny a child the experience that Lionel gave to me?

      The black community suffers from lack of a man being in the house & since these young girls have never experienced a real true man they model their young sons on images from tell lie vision or themselves allowing their boys to wear ear rings,braids,ponytails,some even color their fingernails,Lionel was not none of this nor Elijah both strong men but when these young boys are allowed to be nutured this way they become weak and then pregnate weak girls the result being a weak community this blacks have become,far from the warriors of an ancient past,men being turned into homosexuals dependent upon their ex-slavemaster's children content with a million dollar basketball contract of where you give all the millions back to the ones who are exploiting you,cause if they can afford to give you a million then they are making billions of off your talent & when you can't do what you do,they forget or make mockery of you,stupid NIGGA. Collecting child support is the least of your problems cause if you were producing men you wouldn't have to be collecting child support,support sister would be living with you.

      For a reason I have no knowledge of,he moved out of our house & a short time later the police came to our home saying he had been murdered,shot at his new residence,my heart fell. Even as I write this piece my eyes swell with tears,the only man I knew was dead,I was old enough to understand death but it was still unbelievable & what was even more unbelievable was the accusation from his family that my mother committed the crime,they said his last words was my mother shot him. Due to lack of evidence & even non-interest my mother was not charged & his murder left unsolved but being that my mother was a nothing and due to her jealousy that perhaps he had found something I CAN'T say that I wouldn't put it past her that she did indeed do such a horrible thing as I have heard her make such threats even against her children but only if she felt she could get away with it as my mother is also cowardly.

    Lionel's BROTHER who was in high school started making threats against me cause he felt my mother murdered his brother,he had no idea I was hurting just as bad as he was,if I could provide evidence to support such I would have,I was a child. I really didn't pay attention to too much,due to the accusation of my mother perhaps committing this crime,I did not see Lionel being laid to rest,I could only imagine but due to his influence my imagination was good, Rest in Peace Brother Lionel Chavis this true blackman that will always as long as I live & beyond be my father and if this internet stays in tact,your memory will remain here as you've earned a place in rememberance.

      I am sure that Lionel wasn't a perfect man like all of us we have weakness & faults his first error in dating my mother but he did not deserve to die like he done,all the while wicked men living in 1972 went on to live glorious long lives but I am told that this GOD is just & fair,it seems the righteous & good are punished but the wicked are rewarded as the USA is a prime example of, this nation has committed the ultimate horror with over 300 years of commercial black slavery suffice to say the terrorism of blacks,they are rewarded with this evil nation being over 200 years old but blacks full of self hate,division,dependence,low self esteem,a community of beggars etc. Myself & Lionel are the children of this,what have black people done so terrible to be punished for generations with this and we are still hated till this day & made mockery of due to this horrid condition?

       If this is the type of love & justice these GODS represent I will continue to teach against such a thing that can only offer heaven as lipservice but make hell a reality in this life. Lionel KNOWS I love him I am sure if it was possible he would inform me of this afterlife/heaven thing taught for the last 2000 years,I haven't heard or seen Lionel & IF he did show up I think perhaps it would be a scary encounter (smile) We talk this crap but if a dead person tried to talk to you,many couldn't listen cause you'll be too busy running,again we should reject these cartoon fictional stories that religion has hyped us up on & deal with reality.My reality is that Lionel INFLUENCED me greatly and I MISS him,he helped make me who I am & whether that is bad or good is strictly of opinion, I encourage us to support our individuals,leaders or groups that promote self love,defense of blackwomen,independence as well as practice the love,compassion ,tolerance & understanding we claim we believe in religious teachings as well as become logical,use reason,analyze,research and practice what is called common sense in these things perhaps Lionel's DEATH & others of our ancestors may not have perished in vain,thanks for listening & I LOVE YOU LIONEL.