The TROUBLEMAKER called Sara Suten Seti

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The Reality's Temple On Earth as hosted by His Divine Masculine Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn'rad




The TROUBLEMAKER called Sara Suten Seti

       As spoken byHis Divine Masculine Brother Taalik Ibn’rad      February 6, 2010 

In the Name of my Ancestors

 Peace 4 ever & always,                                       As many of you know about me I have chosen especially this year not to involve myself in any debate or argument with other black peoples. Doing such a thing is detrimental to the common goal as well as we look silly as thou we appear as a guest on the Maury Povich show becoming entertainment something for both whites & blacks to laugh at. If we are serious about the upliftment of our people wishing that they return back to themselves & evolve to being independent of the oppressor. It is important that our people see us as a unifying & competent force rather than the next guest on the Tyra Banks Show.           Of which brings me to say this, to say what I must say today is very difficult and heartbreaking. If you are in conflict with another person & they’ll not communicate with you & they’ve attempted to spoil your name in public then like most divorced couples you are forced to go to court of which is a public forum & spill all your private matters before strangers. So it is with our misguided brother Sara Suten Seti of whom has disappointed me greatly as I have admired this fiery young man from afar,watching this energy & passion he has for our people @ the same time I’ve also observed this sickness of arrogance & ego a want of being a celebrity. A need to be the holder & controller of what some may call as great wisdom. A want to be seen as a hero & leader like many of our greats like MalcolmX prior to him but unlike Malcolm.Malcolm rose to become a prince among our people due to his very hard labor not making YouTube videos.         Even so Malcolm X also had flaws & that flaw was his own became jealous & envious of him & pretty soon he became a believer in his own hype that media or YouTube created. The Nation Of Islam brought what should have been a private matter or one just left alone as folks went their separate ways into the public forum the result being confusion among our people, laughter, mockery, threats & murder. The Nation Of Islam has never been the same ever since, it exists today in various forms and no form even thou it has less resistance that the path tread by the original is nothing close to the former glory.       It was NOT caucasions or some CIA agent that caused this,it was the sickness of ego,jealousy & envy @ the root. Like the old saying goes those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it,such is this case. Except what is worst is the reality ,it is being destroyed or aborted before it can really come to life.Very sad, we really don’t know what rebellion or revolution is we are tripping on history books and what worked for these people doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for the descendants of slaves cause our condition is far different. You can’t compare us to those who were not denied who they are,made 2 suffer chattel slavery 4 over 300 years,made dependent on the oppressor,lovers of the oppressor & haters of self,lazy & cowardly & other factors we suffer from that past revolutionaries lacked. Seti claims to know of history either he doesn’t know history or as we say in the hood preputrating a fraud,cause his actions with no doubt shows he is repeating the same behaviors that doomed those in the past.       So as one who has learned from the past,one who has even lived some of that past. I can not sit in silence & allow this unseen & deadly enemy once again destroy us from within self. I wish to make something perfectly clear that Sara Suten Seti himself @ this time is NOT my enemy but I wish to warn us & remind us of those things that destroyed our best efforts in the past & that which is keeping us from or hindering our growth & advancement. I do not want us to become blind followers,do NOT become star eyed just because some Negro can preach very well,it means NOTHING.We must stop tripping on hype & entertainment and look @ the over all picture as I’ll explain as we continue this talk. If you are not willing to listen to all what is said here then you should not comment as your comment will be made in ignorance and ignorance in the guise of intelligence & wisdom is also part of our problem.If we learned from the past we’d know NOT to bring our disputes into the public but in this case, we are forced cause Sara Suten Seti the great warrior acts like a child.       When children get angry cause you won’t allow them to have their way they cry,fold their arms and give the parent the silent treatment. Children do this because they lack the maturity to communicate with others and have poor problem solving skills,you find this in so called adults like your government officials who walk out on the President of Iran’s speech but then expect him to listen to them,then they make threats of violence against his nation.They expect great results using this method & behaviors. The USA with all its weapons of mass destruction is childish in the mind & because this child does have powerful weapons it brings extreme fear 2 others but now others have had enough & began to fight back the best way they can,so now the powerful USA now lives in the same fear it has given to others.        I must speak out now not just against Seti as a person cause I do not know him as a person nor am I an advocate for Pastor Ray Hagins. I am against this mentality that continues to sickens us and destroys our ability to move forward in Black Liberation not due to some outside enemy but due to self infliction. It is Pastor Hagin today,it could be me tomorrow in fact it could in the near future be Seti himself. If we decide to make public accusations about someone than our evidence must be very strong as well as ourselves have demonstrated great character & honesty.Blind followers will except anything as they do not think but many like myself in order for you 2 convince us your evidence in support of allegations must be concrete,so you tell me if what Seti has in over 4 videos produced evidence that without a shadow of a doubt points to Pastor Hagins as some agent?        Brothers & sisters before we can honestly judge someone and we do wish to judge someone with honesty being fair and non- bias we must first think about the one who is making the accusation motives. Pastor Hagin has been working among us for some time,prior to this allegation what other accusations of this nature has been told of the Pastor and was these accusations proven true & what was the quality of evidence presented?  To make allegations against someone is just like charging someone with a crime,as you know daily many people use the legal system as a way 2 get revenge against another person by placing false charges.Unfortunately law acts on these false charges without benefit of a trial. You are jailed & forced to spend money against false charges,in the Ameircan justice system this is the norm cause the bottomline is not justice it is making money for a corrupt system.This we as black people should have learned from both personal & historical experience.      What could be Seti’s motive to charge the Pastor with some form of treason? Not long ago Seti’s mentor Ashra Kwesi & the Pastor were on very good terms in fact Brother Kwesi was a member of Pastor Hagins’s Afrakan’s Village. YouTube vids will verify that they had a very brotherly relationship and support one another in the spirit of Maat’. Brother Kwesi placed himself into a position to conduct tours of Egypt,being a client of one of these tours like all visitors he videotaped his experience. He would later fashion this footage into a DVD & offer his experience on sale to the public. Upon learning that footage taken from his tour was now on sale that Hagin was making money this enraged Brother Kwesi with the belief he had some sort of right over private footage taken on his tour.        Brothers & sisters if you take a tour to visit the Nation’s capitol & you take footage and decided to sell your experience to others. This is applicable because the Whitehouse & all these things are public domain. However your experience is not,another person can not profit from selling something you created. Ashra Kwesi has no right to control any pictures or footage taken on his tour. However he can control those who take his tour by asking that pictures or video not be taken in some effort that his clients will purchase video he has produced up for sale. Brother Kwesi doesn’t own any Egyptian properties these are in the public domain,however his video is not. You are in violation of copyright laws using what he produced,his voice or image but even this can be done to a certain point but as long as you stay within the criteria of copyright then no one has any say over things in public domain.      If this is true then it seems as thou some jealousy springs forth or your basic greed package comes out in the belief that one is entitled simply cause it was their tour, I am sure any legal action taken no matter the country will find Pastor Hagins not guilty in violation of copyright laws. To be fair to Brother Kwesi since I have not seen the footage he may have some legal grievance if his voice or image is being used as a primary source of narration used for profit,then this is another matter. So it seems the motive to find something negative on the Pastor was driven by anger from a belief in profit from another’s tour & talents of which may be legitimate, even so are we so greedy for money that we can’t bring this complaint to a reasonable resolution or even accept the decision found in a court of law. This money is more important than the brotherhood the friendship of two men as well as what is best for our people?       If we have brothers & sisters unable to resolve their personal issues due to money,then for me this shows that the very people calling another person agent can be bought. The reason of why they haven’t been bought cause no one has tried to buy them,there is no way if we are in our right mind we are going to allow a little bit of money destroy my friendship with another Blackman of whom in this world is rare. We claim to know all of this Egyptian history and have so much wisdom but we don’t know how to resolve personal disputes without making what may indeed be false accusations or even death threats & these are the people ya’ll are so blind to follow? Just because they scream black revolution and maybe can speak like they really know some stuff but look at their character,their intergrity. If it wasn’t for YouTube some of them I and many of you wouldn’t even knew they existed. I know for a fact if not for YouTube I wouldn’t be known so I am not ashamed. Thanks YouTube ( smile )      So the motive seems to be a dispute over money of which is very sad,prior to this we observe very brotherly relationships. I guess money is the root of all evil. Many people serve jail time due to false accusations then we find the evidence was poor to begin with. Sara Suten Seti has presented us with Pastor Hagins friend on FaceBook that is a caucasion law enforcement officer is that in and of itself guilt beyond a reasonable doubt on the charge of being an agent an alleged traitor to the cause ? Mind you common sense tells us if prior to the DVD fiasco that it was known of Pastor Hagins origins his relationship to law enforcement that since we do not control or run these things the Pastor would have associates not friends of law enforcement. Pastor Hagins as well as myself teach about exposing the falsehoods brought about by the racist caucasions not the murder or hatred of such. We should not be like those we complain about,if a person treats you with respect & a civil manner then the same should be returned. Also such is wise on our parts to have those in the legal system that favors us instead of unlike our past many of those in the legal systems chose to make us fry even when they knew we were innocent.         Seti represents an attitude based upon a supposedly warrior mentality & if you noticed these warriors he admires no longer exist cause when they challenged this racist caucasion European with the same attitude he was a bit more aggressive & smarter. The world this racist caucasion has built was done by brute force,lies, deceit,murder, rape, the shedding of dark people’s blood. He does not maintain his control with this method as often,this racist caucasion is now more wiser & smarter the ultimate deceiver this is why he is called a Devil by Elijah Muhammad. His world was brought into being by violence but his control is maintained by being a great deceiver painting himself as an angel when in fact he is not & since he looks like an angel if you attack him folks will come to his defense unless you first expose him for what he truly is and you have failed to do so cause your mentality is just as corrupt as his in a sick belief you’ll overcome with great violence when he is the God of Murder. You don’t control or rule the world being dumb.          So the bottomline is does Seti just based on a FaceBook friend enough to cause a conviction if the Pastor was on trial. I believe any prosecutor would not even have charged the Pastor with anything to begin with cause finding an agent on FaceBook is laughable in & of itself plus there is no other evidence in support but for those with infantile & childlike mentalities being blind followers this accusation is more than enough evidence and then if Seti turned around and said the Pastor is an allright guy they’ll accept that also,this is the pattern and mindset of the Blind Follower.       I do not want us to become blind followers cause just like herd animals if the lead animal falls over a cliff,the rest will follow him into the depths of a canyon. If I ever or any of us with influence ever begin to run towards a cliff,you should be smart enough on your own to say….I don’t think so in fact I know so !!!This bum is heading for a cliff. If a man of whom he once called brother just based on a dispute over money will bring weak accusations into the public arena making a spectable not only for themselves but embarrass those involved in Black Liberation,these should also be questioned for there possibility of being an agent as the Pastor himself has said not one negative word against them of which should tell us what? The Pastor is good @ being an agent a poorly funded agent @ that ? An easily found agent @ best ? On FaceBook ya’ll gotta be kidding such is possible but for real think about it. Again, secret agents did not destroy Black organizations it was our own self hatred,envy & jealousy of which continues today.       I would also guess that the Black Panther Party also was an organization of agents cause many of them had romantic relationships with caucasions as well as took advantage of the celebrity & wealth of caucasions of whom did not interfere with the cause or goal of the Black Panther Party but understood there was a connection between black struggle and that which they protested against. Many caucasions of today understand this and realize we have a common enemy & race is used to distract us from being able to see in between the lines. You may believe cause you do not know that indeed the Pastor or myself are some kind of agents when the evidence presented is weak and with me you have NOTHING.You are only upset cause unlike you I question weak evidence, I served over 10 years in a mental facility cause of weak evidence then my oppressors tried to force me to accept it,if not I would never be freed. As you can see I am free and if it wasn’t for the oppressor having power over the legal system itself I could expose them in their system for the liars they truly are. Unlike Seti they do not place all their accusations in the public as the public doesn’t spend time in courts,if they did you could watch all the innocent people being placed in jails & on deathrow or made to spend thousands of dollars 4 nothing.        In conclusion, we have examined a motive. We know the motive is based on greed the need for money. We know the evidence is flimsy @ best,now who are the person or persons behind such allegations or accusations are they themselves angels are they the black warriors we believe them to be. I do not know Ashra Kwesi so can not speak on him nor have I seen any vids made by him condemning Pastor Hagin even thou some may feel he is behind or approve of such. That falls on his own conscious,what is true is that with 4 videos that are not easy 2 make Sara Suten Seti have in the public made these accusations of which brings at most suspicion not conclusion but then so is he himself beyond suspicion of the same? Is he using this against Pastor Hagins a means to keep people from examing him ? If suspicion or question can be placed upon  the Pastor why does he believe he is void of such?        I do not know Seti personally nor the Pastor or Ashra so I can only judge based upon actions seen on YouTube. I have nothing against Sara Suten Seti in fact made a video asking folks to leave him alone & let him do his work but now he can’t do the same for another man he must strike out with weak evidence found of all places FaceBook. So since you wish for folks to judge this man then you also should have no problem being judged. Let us examine the actions of Sara Suten Seti.  I would like to know if this man we know of as Sara Suten Seti is he indeed this or it is a celebrity name? Since he is indeed an American citizen & not an Egyptian or citizen from Kemet nor any proven relations to Kemet is he Sara or this Elliott Blount person. Talking about all this Black Power stuff but legally carries the oppressor’s name? Unless you go thru the oppressor’s legal system of which you are still subject to he doesn’t legally recognize these made up names that do not appear on a birth certificate or social security card.        Many of us wish to show how tough we are but if we do not apply for business licenses or obey general law then your toughness will only bring you to jail,where the oppressor can not only imprison you but make money from such incarceration. Even in religious belief systems they suggest we give unto Caesars what is Caesars & give unto God what is his. To use Sara Suten Seti & it is not your legal name is fraud,it is entertainment. Pretending to be something you are not,especially since Kemet has not existed in a few 1000 years. Does Sara Suten Seti represent the unification of our people ? No,he does not the only thing this man do is lines up debates & arguments with other black people. Black people who are attempting to awaken our people as well,where are his DVD’s showing debate against the KKK or Neo-Nazis or Jewish Ant-Defamation League or even pro-intergration blacks like the NAACP,he chooses other pro-liberation & revolutionary blackmen.        Does Sara Suten Seti express unity, No! It is his way or no way,this is why he must debate and feel as thou he has beaten them in debate cause what he offers is 100% right. Does Sara Suten Seti debate about the methods of black unification, black housing, black education, blacks building of schools and causing employment,buying farmland seeking friendships with powerful & wealthy individuals and nations of Afrakan origins or not,No! What Brother Seti does seem to represent is that of extreme ego & celebrity looking out for number one in the guise of Black empowerment. If we are not seeking unity then we are seeking self glorification and have become grandiose of which to me is a detriment and such behaviors are an enemy to black liberation it is a cancer,the same cancer that destroyed our ancestors of the past involved in the awakening & upliftment of descendants of slaves.        Sara Suten Seti wishes to be and some call him a great warrior and revolutionary but after any successful revolution we must have a plan for setting up a government. I have not heard any plans about this and while you clap you really don’t know if you want to be part of such a disorganized infantile government that I would guess be based on his version of Kemetic religious teachings. He has made clear that homosexuals would be killed & extreme violence will be used against those who will not submit to his idea of government based on these Kemetic teachings,he is not interested in the compromise of the various thoughts and ideas that black people are today. I would guess those like myself who refuse to submit to some sort of God would also be murdered as during the days of Egypt the people were forced to accept the ideas of the King or ruler,there is no like in many nations freedom of choice.        I really question those who would want to help bring into power folks who get upset cause  they believe they are being cheated out of the profit from a DVD sale. I really question those who wish to follow a leadership that is rigid in thinking and taking us back to the past instead of progressing us forward creating our own ways of life and thinking. Building our own civilization not rehabbing some past civilization that was conquered by our oppressors but then claim we are so great but can’t build nothing from scratch we must buy a pre-packaged cake mix. So this is not about trying to degrade or make mockery of Seti but if we judge then judge all and the first to be judged is ourselves. We have a duty & responsibility to future generations to get this beast of our back once & for all and to continue these detrimental behaviors is not the way to go about it. Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Martin King Jr, Marcus Garvey, Nat Turner those known & unknown have died & suffered to show us the best way to walk. If we are wise we’d avoid those things that caused them to fall short. We may not realize it as it looks impossible & frustrating but we are closer to the finish line than we may choose to believe. We fail to recognize the time and the advantages afforded us that Malcolm X & many of our ancestors lacked.        You underestimate the oppressor he built his world due to murder,rape, enslavement,deceit & lies but he maintains it by creating an image he has changed after gaining power & wealth from these things and now he condemns others who use such methods like he is an angel after he has grown powerful due to wicked activity especially against darker peoples. But since he has done a wonderful job to change his image you must also be wise and change your strategy cause for many to attack him means you are attacking one who is almost Christ like and a good majority of our people view America as a righteous figure. You must change your methods in order to expose him for the demon they truly are,force the wolf to reveal himself. The government of America has seen all these strategies before & learned how to counter them.You can not win a boxing match throwing the same punch the opponent is used to & developed how to counter.       As I’ve said many times before we must not become what we complain about as the oppressor created racism,he is a murderer, he is a liar, he is not honest, he is one who enslaves & incarcerates if we are only going to be a black version of him,then extinction of the human family is the next step as no life can continue to survive behaving in a manner that doesn’t benefit its own survival,ignoring the natural balance that caused your very creation,having no respect for animal life or the Earth itself,to abuse or exploit any human being is an attack against creation itself. This is why the caucasion’s world is falling,this is why our ancestor’s civilizations were conquered. Either the human being is headed for self destruction or it has learned lessons from the mistakes of others prior to create a new way of life that is described in religious teachings as Heaven or the Hereafter. This can’t be obtained when we exploit others and deny them true freedom, justice & equality regardless to what we know as race cause race was created as a means of exploitation. It is impossible to believe we can use some form of reverse racism in order to solve the problem of those descendants of slaves. I suggest to us if we judge then we should not get upset being judged and be fair & just. Again, this is no condemnation of anyone but we like Michael Jackson once sung look at the man in the mirror.       If you bring yourself into the oneness of the creation you’ll find your own ideas based in the past is nothing compared to the reward waiting 4 those who are descendants of slaves who have suffered for so long in a strange land among a strange people made to do and behave in strange ways. To embrace a black version of Caucasion supremacy is not our way,it will eventually get you the same consequence as whites are facing today & many of them are sick of it and wish for better. We are the answer to the world’s problem if you truly understood who you are & what these religious books are attempting to say. Many already know this and try to place themselves into your space by any means necessary but they’ll be shown for the fakes they are cause you can’t force a shoe to fit a foot it was not designed for. I love us as a people we are beautiful we should stop this type of behavior and concentrate on the best of positive things.The creation itself has a wonderful gift for us if only we accept it,if not always remember TIME waits for no one. The gift might even be given to those who at one time exploiters of the planet but now after realizing their mistake showing great remorse be given what we earned,this is what I am so afraid of. Let us make our ancestors proud & rest easy making their lives, deaths & sacrifice did not go in vain. RespectU