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Brother Taalik talks with WiseManRunning on the subject of the alleged JEWISH HOLOCAUST on the 1st day of MAY  2008

Peace 4 ever & always BILL:
                            This story of the holocaust along with the fabricated story of being held by EGYPTIANS as well as being the so called people of GOD have placed those calling themselves JEWS on a high sympathy list & when one challenges the validity of such claims,persons are called haters & anti-semites or worse.I & anyone with intelligence have the right to question,this is why so many fall for scams the educated as well as uneducated due to our lack of using common sense,research,reason,logic & offering questions,this all governments rely on in order to keep the masses under control so it is a high piority for those who are exploiters & liars to the people to silence & challenge those who may cause the masses to question.
   Again,you believe there was a holocaust you offer no evidence or where some list of close to 6 mill JEWS were killed,these were concentration camps used for various experiments not outright slaughter houses,my math skills is very poor but according to these limited camps & the overwhelming numbers of persons allegedly murdered in addition to the time period involved such is not possible.
   Any detective will tell you just because a crime scene looks like a murder doesn't mean one did happen & this is what we lack skills of the detective so we are forced to believe & anger towards those who choose to investigate & not just take the words of a media that is bias the same media that reported that blacks were sub-humans.
  JEWS claim to be the children of ABRAHAM of whom doesn't have a last name nor any living relatives so how do we know they are of his blood nor do we know that this man ever existed in the first place,on my blog from the N.Y. TIMES 1996 I believe it reports that those calling themselves JEWS are not progeny of ABRAHAM of which isn't a shock cause he never existed just like GOD & all that religious stuff,this is why you are taught to believe & not question GOD BUT since he doesn't exist I am not questioning him,I am asking these men marketers & challenging these fairytales given to adults made into infantile mentality as only a child could accept such cartoon sounding stories,even religious folks after 1400/2000 years still call themselves children of GOD,they never make reference to themselves as adults.
   And they know they can't claim to be adults cause they can't even come close to being like this unseen father unable to create not even a flea,in fact they have trouble obeying the laws of the GOD,IT IS all sad & pitiful. So they bow down to pray,hoop & holler,sing & dance cause they can't do nothing else & involve themselves in other rituals they never learn the lesson in doing so.
    In conclusion, you make up words I never said as I never said HITLER was a good guy or the world would be better had he been  successful, at the same time those who take advantage of a horrid situation to promote falsehood is no better than him,perhaps he knew that these stories told by JEWS about their suffering as well as business practices caused him to feel a people creators of falsehoods should be eliminated as this slaves of egypt crap never happened but accepted,so accepted the nation of EGYPT ITSELF in fear of being called a hater do not denounce the lie that has no record in their history.
   Even thou there was no CNN there was plenty of pencil/paper & the radio least to say the words of those who were able to escape but no evidence exists to support a holocaust only human experimentation,cruelty,slave labor & some mass murder of under 700,000 persons not a million not even close to 6 mill,Believe what you will like those who have yet after 2000 years meet this unseen GOD & his son who they teach was born cause he raped MARY who was already married never giving consent to having this baby.
   We live in a world full of falsehoods & once I find you are a liar I question everything you ever said or did,JEWS as a people are nice as well as many average caucasions in the street even during slavery,many slave owners knowing this as the only life known did attempt to treat a slave in a humane manner but the leaders are a different story & evil exists cause the good do nothing.