OBAMA, Change to What?..a message by Brother Taalik

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OBAMA, a Change to What ?

                                              A Message by Brother AdMinister Taalik Ibn'rad            November 06,2008

Peace 4 ever & always:

                                       Just a couple of days ago many citizens of this nation known as the  U.S.A. went to the polls in order that their voice be heard thru use of the activity called voting. After the votes were counted these citizens by a vast majority chose the senator from Illinois Barack Hussein Obama to represent them as president of this nation,in this & out of respect for him as well as these citizens,I wish them congratulations. A very exciting & historic time according to your mindset,for me I feel just another scrap for the table & a sign or a thermometer for how low this nation has fallen in that the majority caucasion persons of this nation are so frustrated they feel they've no choice but to place hope in a man even thou  bi-racial is called African-American,we do not like to use the word mulatto.

      Mutt is the term given to dogs with unknown inheritance or other than purebred,not to say this isn't good ,for if America is really a melting pot,who better than to represent a nation that has become so diverse? The reality is this is not the case,Mr. Obama is called black or African-American,regardless these vast majority of caucasion voters found themselves having no choice but to find hope in what their ancestors found in a people they enslaved & oppressed,change to what?

       I watched many blacks shed tears,wait in long lines for hours,express Obama's win was a blessing from God & a long time coming,this makes me wonder. I wonder where does this great happiness come from,when if you worked for a company for years giving this company loyalty & sacrifice but for these same years you are looked over for promotion,then the company begins to fall apart barely holding on,then like W.O.W. it is your turn to get a promotion,why are you so happy to get what you deserved a long time ago?  Such did not occur during times of company plenty but at a time the company is close to failure.

      I would advise you to look elsewhere to find comfort in this so called history making win as for me,I must tell real truth & represent real change. Obama's win doesn't make life for blacks better it makes their mentality of being a slave that much worse,in that now that their is a darker person being called African-American elected this means in some way they are now being accepted as true citizens & not outcasts. They are now even more closer to his former slavemaster's children & they are so happy,truly it is rather sickening & sad. Obama has given a country gone to feces,he must succeed. If he is anywhere close to a failure in cleaning up what past caucasion men called president have done in the last decades especially the mess of George W. Bush,junior...should he fail the thought by these same vast majority of caucasions will then turn to great disappoint & hate as their brethern who did not fall for this hype & entertainment brought by Obama will say " Look we told you so,niggers are a loser people & he is one of them & blame the continued falling of this nation on Obama even thou it was really falling prior to his birth,so blacks with a slave mentality & live in the delusional world of some sick romance with those who have oppressed them for over 300 years,a black president doesn't make up for a bullet slicing thru the neck of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

        Now the TITANIC is sinking we can now make you captain,this is the ultimate joke,change to what? It is a wonderful thought in that Obama may just unite this nation regardless to race creed or  color,however there is an old saying that desperate times brings desperate measures. This desperation doesn't mean that folks have all of a sudden fallen in love with those they've oppressed but in a sense it is smart & wisdom like,why? Caucasions can be loyal to their own & they can do this without complaint cause here they are the majority but if a black,mulatto or otherwise show any signs he may help his people,they'll be attacked or ignored or like some other blacks that have run for president they can't be trusted as they seem to much of a as they say HONKY lover to be real.

      Obama made sure he kept his bi-racial heritage upfront making it clear he has no particular loyalty to blacks even thou he is called black or African-American. He made it clear he is not interested in the unification of blacks of whom are in worse condition that the nation as a whole in fact if they are helped much of the nation's ill would begin to heal,but again the downtrodden are ignored & they fill joy in the illusion & delusion of a half-blackman. With the knowledge that Obama will not make no special effort to help his own people then his talent can be used in order to straighten up this mess others made or if such worsens blame him for being black & a failure,one thing for sure the next president will not be African-American or no person of color. Desperation calls for different thinking but once this crisis is over,like history has shown it is back to business as usual,what is called common sense tells us this.

       In conclusion,the use of illegal or illegal drugs in an abusive manner causes the user to experience physical high,temporary enjoyment as well as suffer delusions,this win by Obama only brings continued delusions & a temporary high to blacks who are in worse condition that the nation as a whole. I hope that I am incorrect in such assessment,will Obama being president cause young or old men to marry their girlfriends & take of their children & hold down jobs? Will these same men continue to populate the jails & prisons,murder each other wholesale? Will the rappers stop calling blackwomen hoes & bitches,will the blackwomen stop doing so & will blacks stop getting these nose jobs to look caucasion,truthfully Obama or not these same crazy activities will continue but please Obama improve the economy so that I may make some attempt to keep up with those who hung my ancestors & drowned them in rivers,never having apologized not once,but thank God almighty,we now got a black president. For me if this is the best God can do for us after over 300 years of hell in this country,we'd be better off dead & return back to non-existence,my ancestors are not impressed,I don't know about yours. I guess every little bit helps & this is precisely my point,as a people when it comes to this nation that we've given our all to,we've become satisfied with a little bit,so why complain about the 1 minute man?

        This is the end of part one,there must be a part two as we still don't know,what we are changing to or changing from or is it all an illusion that a change can even be made,again I am just talking & I'd hope to be incorrect but instead of feeling high,I suggest we become a student of history. I'll await your feedback...part 2 is coming soon.

                          Taalik Ibn'rad, AdMinister  Reality's Temple on Earth.......comments  angelsnupnup7@gmail.com