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November 22,2008

Search4Truth4ever has sent you a message on YouTube:
Re: Re: Hey whats up man
Well i agree with you about black being slaves in the mentality and slaves in the prisons. There are many that are innocent but are the scape goats for the real criminals. FaraKhan called Obama the Saviour of the World and a Messiah. There is only one God and One son called Jesus Christ. He is not a fairytale but is the only real thing that exist in this world and he is returning soon my brother because the Anti-Christ is already here. People who dont know the word cant recognize him it is impossible. The people who do know the word can look at the world news and see everything they are saying is in the Bible. You can make up stories but how many fairytales can actually predict something that is about to happen. Keyword Prophecy. Daniel predicted 4 world great empires(Babylon, Persian, Greek and Rome). Daniel lived in the age of the Babylonians and Persians so how could Daniel have predicted Greek and Roman Empires? Daniel also predicted the Revival of the Roman Empire which is the European Union. Before Obama was president of the United States he went to Germany to make a speech. Why would a candidate of the U.S presidency make a speech in Germany? He started with people of the World in his speech. Obama looks to be leader of this One-World Government and Religion that Daniel predicted in the Bible. If the Bible is a fairytale that fairytale sure is coming to life in the World news. I now agree with you on the part that all religion is fake but the bible is not. Religion was used to divide us all as people so they can conquer us all. They gave us a white Jesus and Jesus is not a white man but a black man like me and you. Why are there concentration camps in teh U.S? Because black people are the real Jews of the bible. Duet 28:63-68 clearly states that his people will go back in Egypt on ships and as slaves. We are the only people after the Post Jesus era that came to a land on ships. America is every world empire rolled into one. Constantine started Christianity on blood, Jesus didnt say a thing about a religion. I found the real Truth brother. Whites have always been our number 1 enemy trying to confuse and divide us through religion knowing all along that we are the real Jews. They would rather kill us in these concentration camps than to give us what is rightfully ours. Israel. They dont want to give that to us because whoever controls that land rules the world. They would much rather kill us and enslave us once again. The whole world is controlled by the Global Elite bankers who wants this One-World Government. They funded Hitlers rise and they funded Obamas campaign. Obama is the Anti-Christ whether you believe or not. Daniel said he would be known as the Saviour of the World and not the Anti-Christ at first and Obama fits the description. Hell is real, Heaven is real, Satan and his angels are real, Satans son the Anti-Christ is also real and Jesus' returned is all so real. Jesus lived in the time of Julius Ceasar and everything must go back to the way it was when Jesus died. When Rome was ruling. Obama wants to be leader of the revived Rome. Prophecy from daniel says the iron feet represent Rome and the toes were made of iron and clay. The feet represent ten nations weak and strong. Every nation in Europe is not strong but they bind together and make a Eurpean Union. Prophecy is Alive! NUFF SAID!

Taalik  responds to the TRUTH,November 22,2008

Always 4 ever peace TRUTH:
                                           If my home is a treehouse on the top of MOUNT EVERST what are the chances of my being struck by a car? It is possible due to flying aircraft that may fly above carrying autos & for some reason loses one,falling from such unto my home,however the percentage is almost impossible,one would leave such prediction alone. Due to the inability of the human family to use it's brain properly unable to distinguish fantasy from reality,ignorant of the reality of his environment using the brains ability of creating fiction in order to bring answers he can't understand about the world about him have caused him to leave what is natural in life as all other creatures accepted & enter this world known only to the human as supernatural,no other life form exhibits a behavior that concludes to or leads to other worlds,the ability of their brains not being able to imagine & create fiction makes them to be content with life & death,survival.
        So when these predictions are offered by such famous prophets such as NOSTRADAMUS or those in accepted holy readings written in a QURAN/BIBLE does not impress me as they only prophecy what is clearly common sense,they do not attempt to prophecy about a car landing on my treehouse on top of MOUNT EVEREST,such would be very difficult however it is not difficult to prophecy about human beings that have lost their path & left this world of reality as well as wandered away from what is natural for them like all other life forms,becoming victims of greed,racial superiority,lust & so forth. In fact the only reason of why the human has survived this long is due to his superior brain but unfortunately like the fictional BEN PARKER told his nephew soon to become SPIDER-MAN with GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBLITY,something the human has negate.
        Unfortunately the same brain that caused the human to become the greatest life form upon this planet is also due to his lack of truly being learned of using such a powerful machine is becoming the object of his destruction,not only cursed to certain persons or race but all,as all humans have left,well let me take that back,not all humans but those influenced by man-made religious systems that talk of love,peace & unity but have only produced jealousy,hate,envy,murder,rape,animal sacrifice,human mutilations,oppression of women,human sacrifice,suffice to say constant wars & now the  destruction of the very planet & its systems the human needs to survive.
      So why should I be impressed by your prophets when they do not make the names,dates,events prophecy about clear?,only making generalizations leaving those who believe such guess at what is next to happen to the human that has gone severely astray & due to his arrogance & ignorance should go the way of the DINOSAUR as he is not qualified & worthy of the power of this , as he has not accepted responsibility for this great thinking machine & allowed to become foolish & incompetent like those who allow children who are under age to shoot guns or drive cars as surely somebody will be shot & car involved in a fatal accident.
       There maybe truth in some of what you say but always remember falsehood is based in some truth otherwise one will not accept it,complex falsehood is difficult to spot cause it is surrounded by much truth. Jesus NEVER existed he is a fictional person designed by the CATHOLIC CHURCH at the counsel of NICEA 325 AD based on the first caucasion ruler of EGYPT,PTOLMEY the first placed in rulership by the one known as ALEXANDER THE GREAT,your JESUS must be an illiterate as he has no know writings all that is said about him is hearsay info,hearsay info is not allowed in any court as it is flaw & doesn't prove the actions of an individual it is only the opinion of the storyteller & such testimony could be bias.
       In conclusion,it is wise that you have caution against the racist caucasion male & his religious belief systems that were forced upon our people during commercial black slavery but for you to accept the very same teachings twisted to make it black and given to you by a black face doesn't make it no more the better as rotten meat is still rotten regardless if it is wrapped in clean or dirty paper,to trade a caucasion master you had involuntary for a black one that you accept voluntarily,I would think as children of blacks who have become servants to many for over 300 years,we would be tired of being the servant,whether it is to some man or some GOD that has never clearly introduced himself to us but offered upon the platter by some man that may or may not have our best interest at heart,I refuse to serve no man or GOD it is better to be dead,AGAIN your JESUS,MOSES or GOD has no writings only she say/he say info about them,it is known that the fictional MOSES was given CREDIT for writing the TORAH,there is no evidence he did such,also to say that the so called NEW TESTAMENT was written well after the deaths of the also fictional apostles of JESUS but they were given credit so it could be accepted by the believers,WHY was there as need for a new testament? I would suggest that you attempt to break away from this fantasy world made by these religious belief systems & yes the conflict you mention is real but only war for dominance among the religious belief systems trying to force their false GODS & beliefs among the peoples,plunging them further into fantasy & eventually will lead to extinction as reality has no place for fantasy,NUFF SAID.

Kalipha says I will die for my BELIEFS on November 22,2008

Ibliss unfortunately is. I have met many Iblisses in my short lifetime. I have met many people that felt they were better than others because of what they feel "They were made of." Its not fictional, its just a method for explanation. Here is where your study in Sociology comes in at. You have to speak in the language of the people and you cannot be ethnocentric (believing your culture is superior to another). You don't get Ibliss because you have a different cultural understanding. I am an artist, so I can appreciate the usage of imagery and allegory to describe realities that are not so easily explained. It can be understood much easier in a parable. We don't understand parables nowadays because we live in a different time and have a different cultural understanding. So our culture is different. In the Bible Jesus says he would rather save 1 sheep over 100 Goats. If you understood the culture of the time where people were much more agrucultural, you would understand this parable better. We are more industrial and technological so that parable means nothing to us. Farmers know exactly what that means, because they know the nature of sheep and a goat, so they better understand the meaning. This makes the understanding of different culture's important. We tend to only focus on our own little world. This universe is huge beyond our own little world, so it is really foolish to be narrow minded in our thinking. So your sense of reality is according to your perception of it. Your perception is influenced by your culture. So I will concede the point. When I talk to you, I will refrain from using imagery, because it is inconsistent with your cultural understanding, so you don't really appreciate that kind of literature. There is nothing wrong with that. I will be more literal and linear with you. It is foolish to support someone whose issues and philosophies do not agree with your own. People do it, but its foolish. It's foolish to vote for a president you do not agree with. You should vote for the president that you are more in agreement with. That just makes sense. You have to be high on something if what I said did not make sense to you and "voting for Presidents" that you do not agree with does. There are many atheist organizations that agree with you, so it would make more sense for you to support them, since you are all for this exposing of these fictional beliefs as you say. I appreciate your support for the NOI, but you only proving that you are not comfortable in your way of thinking. You know its wrong. That is what you are saying essentially in still supporting an organization that you claim to be in disagreement with. You should just support the NOI and leave it at that. You support them, yet you are trying to expose how false it all is. It does not make logical sense brother. We are all our own individuals. I don't agree with Farrakhan on every single point. Many of us do not agree with him on every single point. I still don't understand why he works so closely with Father Pfleiger (White Catholic minister). I'm humble enough to just say that its something I don't quite understand yet. There is no other teacher on the planet as wise as Farrakhan right now. If there is, please produce him to me. I still support Farrakhan as the one who teaches nothing but the truth to the best of his knowledge. His knowledge is far superior to anyone else in his field.

I have to get this one off my chest. I'm glad that you say you are willing to die for your beliefs. Praise be to Allah. I am willing to die for mine as well. You don't know me well enough to accuse me of otherwise. I know I'm willing to die for mine.  I will die/kill for my beliefs, the protection of my family, and the protection of my honor. The last person to ever challenge me like that is walking around with a permanent reminder on his face and neck of where his mouth can lead him if he misuses it. Praise be to Allah that somebody stopped me from nearly killing him. I can say with confidence what I would be willing to die for because I've been in life threatening situations before. I'm not the only one. I will never accuse someone of what they wouldn't do. I would never challenge someone like that. I wish somebody would try me like that in person and I will show them with no hesitation that Allah is God. So you ask, why haven't you become a registered member if you are not afraid? Well for one, whether I become registered or not does not hinder my ability to help and to contribute. The only thing I can't do is stand post. I have stood post as a Junior FOI. My younger brother became a registered Muslim with the NOI a little over a year ago after he turned 18 and he does not go to the mosque that much more often than I do. I don't want to go to far as to provide sensitive information to that regard, but lets just say, that there is not much difference in the behavior of a FOI and a regular person from off the street. I know first hand, I'm friends with many of them and My younger Brother, is FOI. This is why Farrakhan removed everyone's titles. Everyone is now students. They are not representing what an FOI and MGT should represent.  I would be doing the same things as far as my contributions if I did become an official member. I may eventually become an official member. Its like I'm currently a "common law" member if you will. But anyway, If you are willing to die for your beliefs, thats good, but don't you ever question mine. You don't wanna put that to the test, because I will not disappoint you. Believe that! Brother Taalik its not worth it to test that out for the sake of argument, which is why I tell you to fall back because this is how bad things happen. This is how discussions turn into violent situations. We are over the computer so this conversation won't go that far, but I'm just saying. I'm tellin you that you have to be careful of the words you use. You have to have a certain level of respect for an individual to not say certain things that may challenge them in a dual type of sense regardless to how you may disagree. You need to calm down your combative tone.  Its okay to debate on the basis of truth and the philosophy of it all and to disagree, but when you start questioning someones faith or their willingness to die for their beliefs you cross into very dangerous territories. I wish somebody would tell me to my face that the difference between me and them is that they are willing to die for their beliefs and I'm not. It would take all of my power to keep my hands off from around their necks. I'm in no way an advocate of violence without probable cause. It comes to a point where somethings are out of my hands and I'll just react, but I digress. I suggest you do the same.

November 22,2008

Peace Always Kalipha:
                                   Again you are offer no physical being called IBLISS it is only a fictional character designed to give form to some human negative attribute,you can continue to feel how you feel,it is also a wonder of how you don't want one to question your character or belief system but I've made it clear I am not an ATHIEST,I am a REALIST & TRUTH SEEKER when there is clear & overwhelming evidence to show that GOD exists I have no problem in the acceptance of that truth,however this doesn't mean I would bow & serve him or her as no life form is better that me,I would respect the GOD & he or she should respect me,if not destroy me & send me back to nothing as I was much happier prior to birth in this life of where it seems as a human you must always be a servant to somebody or something especially if you're black.
        I'll not comment about my misunderstanding of past cultures & their parables as I heard these things years before your birth,religion always reaches out to science,mathematics etc. even to the so called DEVIL himself in order to gain info that may support a particular belief system & if that floats your boat so be it,that is a TITANIC I will no longer sail on,it is sad that you feel just because one has difference of opinion in some way we should hate or not support other blacks,LOUIS endorsed OBAMA just so OBAMA could denounce him of which is expected but LOUIS did it anyway & remained quiet on the subject as he know his words would be used to harm OBAMA'S campaign. No matter how flexible LOUIS claims to be he is a muslim,when he went on his world tours he did not reach out to christian nations he sought relations with other believers in PROPHET MUHAMMAD,even the MESSENGER found friendships in this as well as building a relation in ASIA,I am sure they both taught about what they felt they disagreed with BUHADDISM or even orthodox ISLAM I have never heard LOUIS denounce his teachings against christianity but they allow him to teach in their pulpits not because they are converts to ISLAM but we have a common goal & purpose to help uplift our people out of this most horrid condition we all agree we are suffering from,so I have nothing against you or LOUIS personally BUT I do have a problem with a teachings that is based in reverse racial superiority & fantasy,having served its purpose & should be allowed to go the way of the dinosaur.
         In conclusion, actually to challenge a person's faith in whether or not he is willing to die for the faith is a trick question & your response is that you'll physically hurt somebody perhaps even harm me if this conversation wasn't by computer of which supports my point of how religion makes believers violent & fantatical killers. You'll harm somebody cause you can't adequately defend your position so you want to break their arm,what is so sad,the racist caucasion male has enslaved your people & murdered us by the millions but there is no activity to hurt this government or caucasions known to harm us,we don't even threaten them over the computer,what do we do? We make music for a living & file a tax return & pay the murderer of our people taxes but you'll imply you could harm me,this is pathetic,cowardly & sad. You claim you'll die for your faith but will not find another occupation that will allow you the time to soldier in order to promote & support that faith but you find it easy to die,not logical. I'll die for CHRIST but belong to no church nor involved in any activity to market such,you continue to bring these thoughts to me I am allready familiar with as I've known many like yourself,you really don't know what you're involved in only sold on it's hype,its easy to die but difficult to let go of the piano,why? Cause you're so talented,yet confused individual only a baby in years like yourself would continue to come to me like you have as your immature mindset could allow such,I am sure your parents having experienced for years the same as myself would remain quiet or give me the respect of a soldier whether he is current or fallen,I hope that you can learn from your parables & other fantasy teachings of science,YOU'VE  along way to tread. NUFF SAID'
November 22,2008
 Sometimes reality does not work for people. Reality is according to how one PERCEIVES it. If a reality is not according to how that person perceives it to be, it is hard to convince them otherwise. I do not accept anything as truth unless it can be proven through the proper application of Science and Mathematics. When properly understood, Islam is Mathematics and Mathematics is Islam. I'm sure you are familiar with that. Scientist do not disagree with the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammmad. Sure, not all scientist agree on everything since they may have different theories. Once a theory or something is proven to be factual a Scientist cannot argue against it unless he or she wants to lose his or her credibility. It is scientifically possible to graft and manipulate genes. The fact that scientist have already done this on animals proves the teachings correct when The Messenger talked about the grafting of human beings (Yakub). The more you read up on the study of geneology this will make so much more sense. I can accept the reality that many people do not agree with the NOI's teaching, because they often do not like the Association and how it may hurt how they are viewed among the people in Power. Even in my own personal experiments that I would conduct in just speaking in Scientific terms and not having it associated with a group, my level of agreeance was above 95%. As soon as the material becomes associated with a group whose image is tainted in society, the level of agreeance drops substantially. I understand exactly where you are coming from. I get annoyed with people who are blind followers and as soon as Farrakhan dies they will leave. Not to brag or boast, but I still go to the study groups and notice that a large portion of the believers are not well studied in the teachings as they should be. I should be able to walk up to any registered muslim with the NOI and be blown away by the level of Knowledge that they have. I don't know the statistics, but from what I have witnessed over the years, only about half (50%) give or take can explain the teachings and express a great deal of knowledge of the material as I am able or better than I am able. About 10% give or take become ministers or student ministers. Don't quote me on those percentages because I do not have the exact Statistics, I'm eyeballing those numbers based on what I have seen through the years of me going to the meetings and to the study groups. A statistic can be done and with my Marketing degree I have the ability to calculate a statistic based on a sample and a 95% confidence interval (chances that the outcome would fall within a particular range if every single member were to be a part of the statistic). This perhaps maybe able to explain the level of dissatisfaction with the behavior of some of its members, which causes some of the most talented and strongest believers to lose faith and leave. We can calculate whether or not there is a relationship between the number of members who are satisfactory in their knowledge of the teachings and the drop out rate (number of members who leave the nation every year). This method is applied to all businesses so they can calculate the level of dissatisfaction of their customers and find out the cause of the dissatisfaction, so that the necessary changes can be made to satisfy their customers to increase revenue. However, there is a dilemma. Truth is not the same as a business transaction, because some people are satisfied with the false and dissatisfied with the truth, like you said when you told the lie and how members of your family was satisfied with that lie and would not accept anything else as truth. One of the NOI's core beliefs is to tell the truth whether someone likes it or not. The messenger even says that such truth is often called 'hatred' by the enemy because the truth is against them. Regardless to what anyone says or what their level of agreement is, The teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is second to no one. There has yet to be an individual come out and prove one word that the messenger said was in error. Everything he said was backed up with facts and irrefutable evidence. No one dares to even challenge it on a large scale. One may challenge a believer whose knowledge is limited, but when the Messenger was around no one dared to challenge him on the basis of truth. Malcolm did not even challenge the messenger on the basis of truth. Malcolm challenged the Messengers character and still gave credit to the Messenger for being the one who opened his eyes to truth. No one dares to challenge Farrakhan either, because he will make that person look like a fool, because their knowledge is not on level with his. So they attack his character to keep people from wanting to listen to what he has to say. They don't challenge what he says though. They say he is anti-semitic, anti-white, racist, and everything else terrible, but they never not one time said he was a liar.
November 22,2008
Kalipha & the THEOLOGY OF TIME a comment on the series of tapes from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad
 If you have not heard the tapes or read the " The Theology of Time" by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that is the one right there. I ask people in the Nation if they have ever heard those lectures or read the book that is a compilation of those lectures and I was shocked at how many people said no. Those lectures proves that he was taught by Allah himself like Moses and all those before him. There is no other man on Earth that talked like that and it was absolutely undeniable truth, next level type of amazing. These lectures was in 1972, long before I was born, but it sounds like The messenger said this sometime in the Future. Everyone knows Message to The Blackman, but The Theology of Time is next level and kills all falsehood in existence. I get excited when I talk about those lectures because after I studied those lectures, I knew there was a God whose proper name was Allah. You cannot teach like that unless Allah is right there with you backing your every word. Please find me a Lecture by any Atheist that produced a superior knowledge to that of The Messenger. I studied those philosophers too and can name them for you, Sigmund Freud, Baron D'holbach (he said in the 1700's that All children are born Atheist, read up on him), Richard Dawkins, I mean there are many philosophers. Many of which used metaphysical arguments, deductive reasoning (logic), buddhism, and so forth to defend their points. They presented brilliant arguments for Atheism and one can understand their position. I learned that they only proved that there was no "mystery God", which The Messenger agrees with them on that. So I realized that there was a disconnect in the overall CONCEPT of what a God is. I studied many of these Philosopher's, some of whom are very famous psychologist and scientist, they fail to match Elijah in knowledge. I was not biased to Elijah, in fact, I was biased to the Atheist and was in favor of the Atheist. I wanted so badly to be right in my Atheism. I just could not prove my Atheism and the Theology of Time did it for me and I accepted that I was a fool. I did not want to be a fool any longer after that.  I then said to myself, Elijah Muhammad had a third grade education, these guys studied for years at universities and their knowledge still was inferior to his. Elijah had to be taught by Allah who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad. That wisdom is superior to all wisdoms that are in existence. I learned that the Superior Wisdom is what makes a God and not some spirit out of the clouds. It is the Superior Wisdom that governs the universe and our affairs. We are in a transitional period in which the Old wisdom (yakub's) is going out. This world is being ruled by Yakub's wisdom and most do not even know who he was. This world will soon be ruled by Fard's wisdom and the same will hold true. Most may not know of where the wisdom came from, but it rules nonetheless. So when people say they are not satisfied or feel that the Teachings do not work for them, then produce a wisdom that is superior. I mean no disrespect to you and your intelligence, but you have not produced that superior wisdom because it is nothing but a hybrid form of the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and that of Those European Philosophers who argued in Favor of Atheism for nearly 500 or more years! So its the mixing of the "No Mystery God" teaching found in Message to the Blackman, and The total Absence of a God found in the writings of old European Philosophers. I have studied both so therefore I can say with confidence which one is superior. No one can rightfully say that their religion or philosophy is superior to the other if they have not studied all religions and philosophies. I don't want to be a fool. So I ask, produce a wisdom superior to that of The Messenger and I will then agree with you. A wisdom is not superior if the root of it relies on something found elsewhere. It must have a level of independence. Like Buddhism is Independent from Hinduism. The NOI's teachings is Independent because the material was taught like no one else before it. Not even Timothy "Noble" Drew Ali from North Carolina who brought Islam to America after his trip to Egypt was able to accomplish what the NOI was able to accomplish. Ali's efforts were good, but he did not have the knowledge. Marcus Garvey's efforts were good, but he too did not have the knowledge needed to free the black man of ignorance and reliance on a slave master. Fard studied both Ali and Garvey and discovered what was missing in their missions. They did not teach Knowledge of Self. Garvey taught that Blacks should love themselves and be self reliant. This was beautiful, bold, and no blackman before taught like that. The problem was, how can you love yourself, if you don't know yourself? Ali taught that Islam was the solution to the Blackman's problem in America. Its not that he was incorrect, but he did not have the proper system in place in teaching knowledge of self. He did not have the knowledge to teach how it was relevant to the scriptures and the role that the Blackman in America had in the Scriptures in giving knowledge of self. I hope this is material we can build on and talk about.
November 23,2008
Search 4 Truth 4 ever said:
 Well I can tell you've never read the Bible before Only the Koran. The Koran is fake, Mohammad copied the whole Holy Bible and changed the words so it can fit his life-style. The So-Called Angel that came to him came like 600 years after Jesus' death. Number 2 Nostradomus is not a prophet. He is not even in the Bible so i dont know where you get that from. Daniel the Greatest prophet next to Jesus Christ predicted the Christ and also the 4 world empires 150 years before Alexander the Great was even born. He precisely said that after the Great dies his kingdom will be divided into Four Regions he already conquered. Remember Greece came before Rome so how could Daniel have predicted Rome and the Revival of it? With your whole Mt. Everest nonsense are you saying what he predicts is common sense? How can anyone predict 4 of the Worlds only Great Empires? You cant even live on the top of Mt. Everest unless you've got a death wish. Men die climbing that mountain so what does that have to do with anything. God only predicts what matters the most not some small-time nonsense.
Jesus didnt start Christianity Constantine of the Roman Empire did and that was started 300 years after Christ death. The Roman Church are the ones that killed him so when did he start Christianity when they were crucifying him? There is no religion in the Holy Bible, religion is a way to divide us and to hide the Roman Catholic pagan ways. Christmas is really the pagan winter soltice because the Romans still worship the stars. They hide that by saying its Jesus' Birthday so people will accept it. No baby and I mean no baby can be born in the middle of winter. Jesus was born in september/october the harvest season. We are not supposed to celebrate his birthday or his death. In america and Europe they celebrate the Death of others like 9/11, Thanksgiving (The American Indians) and Martin Luther the King. lol Even tho america hated him but now his birthday is a holiday? That just doesnt make any sense. The Lord didnt say spread his word through blood shed or commanded us to start any kind of Religion. So why do it if Jesus says dont? Because the Gentiles rule this world and the Gentiles are still Pagans is the reason. The Catholic Church dont even follow the Lords 10 commandments so who gave them authority to be a religion? Its all about world conquest and to fool the people of the world that what they are doing is right by justifying blood that they shed. Everything the church stands for is wrong in the eyes of the Lord. They do what they do because their Lord is not Christ their lord is Satan including the pope himself. The Devil rules this world and all positions of power until the Lord comes back with the empire that cannot be destroyed. The white man gave us religion, painted Jesus' face white and told us we were all Gentiles. None of that is true. The Whites are the Gentiles and Black americans are the real Jews of the bible. You think the white man is going to tell us that? No because if they did then Jerusalem is ours. Thats one piece of land that they dont want to give us, why? Because who ever owns that piece of land Controls and Rules the World. They tried to hide our history before the slave ships by giving us a black history month(The shortest month of the year). Forget after the boat we want to know before the boat. They hid this from us because they been knew our real history. Africans and Arabs who turned us over the the Ports know our real history which is why they reject us saying they dont know where we came from. Black people in america is the Tribe of Judea but in every movie Moses,Jesus and Mary are white. Whites are not the chosen people of God neither are those Jews who are living in our country(Israel). Right now Israel is just an extention of Europe and so is America with powers behind the throne(The presidency). In order to be Jewish you have to be part Jew like a color is Redish or Blueish but not really blue or red. Israelites converted those Jews during the Crusades in the Middle east. The Tribe of Judea (Black Americans) fled Jerusalem in 70 A.D when the romans invaded Israel. They went to the West Coast of Africa to blend in with the only other dark nations which explains how we all got here. Our whole history have always been in the Bible but you are doing exactly what the white man wants you to do which is turn away from your destiny. The whites will never tell you anything they just want us to be Good slaves which we are because we are no longer the producers but only consumers. We are funding our own termination with the FEMA Concentration Camps through taxes we must voluntarily pay not mandatory.
Again Nostradomus is not a prophet of God and the Koran is just a copied book which explains why Jesus says hes the Son of Man in the Satanic Quran. Adam and Eve cursed us all which is why women feel pain at birth and get periods and because Adam bit the apple also after God said not to every soul before Jesus goes to hell. Jesus saved our souls by innocent blood being shed. Snatched the keys from the Devil and freed his people out of hell. So today we now have a choice to live righteous by God or evil by satan. I was once like you in my senior year in High School I fled away from my faith each year i was there. I was evil all the time for no reason at all. When i got to college I had a religious girl friend and I got back into the word. One night i prayed and said in the blood of Jesus and I felt like something jumped out of me. Since that day on i never felt evil for no reason at all. Also like you i doubted my faith between college and now and wanted to know about what the Koran said about Jesus. I was suprised to see Jesus' word in the Koran. Even in the Koran Jesus says he is the Son of Man. It also says not in Jesus' words that he was Just a prophet. I wondered why would a muslim put a Jesus' Son of Man line in their book and dont believe that he is but would put Jesus is just a prophet. That just didnt make sense to me so at the same time that book brought me down to my knees because it felt like something was trying to get in my body as long as i touched that book. I am a tall man in a truck and i also lay back in my seat and this book brought me down to my knees after i read the lie about Jesus. I felt this spirit that came from this book taking total control of my hand that was touching this book. The Lord empowers us vs these devils on earth which is why he doesnt need to intervene. I have the Holy Spirit that came from God himself and the Holy spirit allowed me to let loose of the Koran by saying in the blood of Jesus. Once I could move my hand I threw that book as far as I could because i discovered a truth. That Truth is that Satan uses all religion to control our minds. Dont let years of black oppression turn you away from your fate. FaraKhan works for Satan himself and he would tell you that Satan rules this world. He also called Barack Obama (a muslim) the Messiah. Daniel the prophet predicted this and you call this common sense or Coincidence but my brother there is no such thing as a Coincidence because everything happens for a reason my brother. I hope you see the light before its too late because what i am saying is that everything we were taught is a lie and the children of Israel need to be re-taught again. There is only one Lord of Lords and King of Kings and that is the Lord Jesus Christ(the Non-Fictional Character).
In Conclusion the reason why Jesus is not in Greek and Roman writings is because they never accepted him as Christ. The Greeks worshipped many Gods like Hercules and Zeus. The Romans just followed the footsteps of the Greeks so they also had their own Gods. Babylon wanted the Kings to be worshipped as Gods and Persia never believed in any God so thats why the Lord Jesus is not mentioned because they didnt accept him because they were and still are Pagans. America follows all things that they did in Rome, Greece, Persia, Egypt and Babylon. Remember the Tower of Babel? So Nimrod (who was born on Dec.25th) built a tower to try to defeat the armies of God. Americas Tower of Babel is called N.A.S.A. Look around in Washington D.C and you will see Greece and Rome. D.C is also shaped like the symbol of the Devil. D.C like the Vatican City of Rome is its own District not part of the land but their own. Everything I say to you is True get right with the Lord so he can talk to you. Follow the Lords Commandments and live Righteous and be above the evil influence that saturated this country since 1776. Peace and Love brotha...NUFF SAID!
November 24,2008
Always 4 ever Peace TRUTH:
As a descendant of former slaves it is very rare that one wasn't introduced to the BIBLE & asked to serve the GOD that is described in the chosen form of CHRISTIANITY,this religion used to justify commercial black slavery. The BIBLE is just as wack as the hatred you have for the QURAN/KORAN as FARRAKHAN doesn't know or intentionally forgot to tell the people that this book was also used to justify commercial black slavery & still used for such purpose in 2008,the BIBLE prefers brainwashing in order to stimulate voluntary slavery but slavery none the less.
I never said NOSTRADAMUS was a prophet of these books,he was known for like them predicting future events,prophecy may impress some but I am not impressed as nothing of a factual nature are included in these predictions,no actual names,times or dates so the believer like yourself sit around & have fun with this sick demented guessing game trying to tie today's events with the so called prophecy that some fictional person was suppose to have made,surely only an infantile mind can relate,why infantile? Believers in GOD call themselves children of GOD & he is the parent,if you notice they never refer to themselves as adults,why? They will always remain children of GOD cause if they claim adulthood one would expect them to have some of the powers of GOD of which they couldn't produce,so to avoid this issue it is better even after 1000's of years to be called a child,who in their right mind except MICHAEL JACKSON would want to remain forever a child?
After 1000's of years not one person in religion whether it be a belief in BIBLE/QURAN has claimed that they've grown into adulthood & this is sick thinking as one can't remain a child forever & physically you have grown into adulthood but you are called children of GOD cause your mind is immature as only an infantile mind could except these fairytale stories presented by these so called HOLY BOOKS as something real or factual & only a child is dependent upon a parent,this is why without GOD you are nothing & since you refuse to grow up you evolve from a child to his servant or voluntary slave unable to build or seek a mansion of your own,so you wish to live in his house of many mansions as a child has not learned how to do for self as they lack adult skills,if you were an adult you would be GOD & could go forth on your own as all mature individuals seek to do,but you are still children in the mind & beg GOD everyday to do something for you of where you should be doing for self.
Jesus nor any of the characters of both BIBLE/KORAN existed they have no historical connections. None have any living relatives nor last names,no activity found in actual histories of nations,births are not recorded in any countries,no nation claims them to be a citizen & so forth,who wouldn't want to be related to this JESUS? You can't cause he never existed,there were no people called JEWS/HEBREWS during the time of ancient EGYPT as their history can only be traced to about 900 years & even so they were nomads roaming early RUSSIA/GERMANY,however they are the real authors of both BIBLE/QURAN since they were the controllers of early literature these books were made in order to give them an ancient history,something they don't have & like many lies told to us & their own people it is handed down thru generations like it is true & when one questions them,they are called anti-semetic.
Therefor,blacks are not the real JEWS or HEBREWS cause this was something made up to fit europeans in order to give them status in the ancients that didn't exist,there is no factual or historical evidence that some people called HEBREWS were ever enslaved in EGYPT,they never say which PHAROAH of which there has been many,the NEW YORK TIMES reported not to long ago that these JEWS have no bloodline to this ABRAHAM & they question if such person actually existed. There is nothing special about the land they call ISRAEL except it is part of the lie they created in their scriptures & they seek it in order to verify the lie they wrote in these so called HOLY BOOKS but what is sad according to many scholars the land of ISRAEL is not even in that location but they had to settle for it cause the actual land is in SAUDI territory but the US/BRITAIN being dependent upon their oil & such countries protected internationally had to settle for beating up on defensless palestinians & take their land from them,what does ISRAEL produce,nothing?
Who cares about it,all it is worth is fighting,wars & murder over the place where fictional people never walked as they never existed,a bunch of sand that can't grow nothing,however they have plenty of weapons of mass destruction but a nation since 1948 & still not self sufficent still rely on GERMAN reparations & welfare from the USA & BRITAIN & they got you tripping on this lie,if your mind wasn't filled with all this fantasy & fiction your brain would never have created your described feeling of being drawn from evil into the arms of JESUS,this is so silly as you've never met JESUS,of course by the way I talk you would reject me as JESUS but I could be him,testing your faith,or I could be JESUS trying to reveal or expose the lie that has been handed to the masses,but you won't listen cause you have your idea about what JESUS is about & ya'll argue,fuss,fight will even murder over some person that both has never met,maddness!
More fantasy & fiction there were no people called ADAM/EVE the BIBLE only covering a six thousand year history when humans have walked the earth far longer than this & how can a woman in her right mind except such a teaching that degrades her,she is not a full human being she is made from some man's rib,she is the weak one so the devil or snake approaches her with his words but men rule this world & it is in total chaos,both BIBLE/QURAN makes her second to men,why? MEN not GOD wrote these books so why not make the woman servant or second to them & since the authors of these books call themselves JEWS/HEBREWS,why not make ourselves the chosen people of this GOD, what a surprise!
You claim that women have pain at birth due to the actions of this EVE,clearly you lack knowledge of the human in his natural state of course giving birth is painful but much less when a woman squats rather than lying on her back,women that have been oppressed by men have menustration cycles of which is really internal bleeding,hormones have been disrupted,women not being exposed to such ill treatment by men thru the generations do not shed blood like this nor suffer all this pain during childbirth,wild animals who are female taken out of their natural state begin menustration but do not do such when left alone in the wild,studies have found females that suffer oppression & abuse by men thru generations begin to react by internal bleeding,least to say such is made worse cause the human has left his natural dietary way & now consume foods altered by humans designed for profit rather than for health & long life.
In conclusion,surely you are lost & have a lot to learn but religion causes us to not think for self,also it is sad that you talk so harsh about caucasion people when you except their made up lies making their fictional characters such as JESUS black,it's like adding sugar to KOOL-AID to make the drink refreshing,this lie may now be more acceptable but when it's all said & done it's false whether JESUS or your LORD is black or not,GOD doesn't exist it is best to accept your reality,if GOD was gonna save anybody he would of done it 1000's of years ago,but he hasn't done nothing cause he doesn't exist & human suffering continues cause those who are GOOD do nothing but evil folks are very active,GOD didn't do nothing for those in your BIBLE so what makes you think he or she is gonna do anything for you,let these fairytale stories go & become an adult. NUFF SAID!