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January 07,2009

mrhasanali  said :

I to was a helper of MLF however none what you stated as your reason for leaving or beleiving what you currently beleive displays any true independent research on your part. I understand that people disagree with tactics and decision of "Leaders however as you eluded to you didn't have a beleif in GOD or Deep enough beleif to understand that with a GOD we are destined and doomed to be the tool and door of the whiteman forever or until he decides to get rid of us! You have to at least believe in the truths that Farrakhan and Elijah's work is based on which as I stated in my last message, the Prophecies, and ancient writings that pre-date (bible and Quran). Our condition is and was fore told "that's not an accident" as hopeless as we all should be given the circumstances, I think just studying these writings will give you a better understanding of MLF, the current of our people, and world in general. None of these writings predicted that it would be a short or easy task to remove us from the whiteman or the "whiteman from us", as far as defeating him this depends on how well we accept an introduction to a new mind, life and understanding which will over time bring about a mass change in Black America. We then will become saviour's of the world after "suffering under this American Experience and over coming it will be out duty to help the rest of humanity (guide) them into a New Life of unending prosperity! This again is based on my beleif and quite limited understanding of scripture/prophecy. You know that our enemies are among us night and day if MLF or HEM had anything to do with Bro. Malcolms death it would be in the official record..However the official record prooves that the FBI and other agencies collaborated to destroy the NOI, malcolm was just part of the plan Elijah said "every other muslim was an FBI agent (Honey Combed) is actual term he used, they were around him and in everry mosque... The out come of the malcolm situation was due to Millions dollars and Years of Work to the destroy the NOI.. The words Minister Farrakhan spoke are never quoted completely, the press leaves it to the Willie Lynch tendencies of Black America, there Elijah,NOI and now Farrakhan have been tried in the media for years. It is hipocritical to state a love for Malcolm, and deny what made him! Was it malcolm flesh we all have been made so fond of? Know it was the Knowledge that came from his teacher that captivated those who heard him. Now the ressurection of Malcolm which was done by his enemies and ours (Why) to make us love someone they hated (Jews) financed the Movie, his Autobiography was made required reading in most colleges especially "black One" (Why) because they love Malcolm and us..! Just a little deeper "independent thinking" should lead the least opened minded person to question these things and more.... However its not independent thinking to say what is reported in the press when the fact show differently!!!! The condition of black people will change for those that accept some basic changes in how they approach life or think (accepting some narrow religious veiw) if thats all Minister Farrakhan had to offer he wouldn't have become the (Global) figure he has become and still growing. Many do see minister farrakhan as an entertainer but thats' not his fault it futher speaks to the severity of our condition. There are many and growing number that she him as a unifier his message is universal now and our enemies world is collasping all around us! When the people have nothing else to hold on to coming from this white mans dead world we all have to rely on our collective unity which all we need. Farrakhans work is simply give us knowledge of the time and unify those who wish to work for a better future independent of the whiteman and his influence. We have to be willing to fore go all of the whiteman ways, his lies, and practices which are a huge impediment to our progress! When the conditions get even more horrific (along with a few very well place "natural disasters") we will start waking the hell up and the dancing to the sound of the (Final Call) end.. It will happen much like what is written, I see these prophecies unfolding every day!! The Clamity, Climax is near and we will see more of the worst (otherwise our people or people in general will not Move), they or we have to be Moved!!! The whiteman will be of much help in this area. It is written that just before the end he will show himself fully!! Yes he is the Devil there is no other.. He does by the GRACE of GOD take care of us as he does a Dog. Or does he really we will see! Elijahs children are very much involved in helping MLF and our people that's a Fact (his son and daughters) all are great helper!!!! In Chicago, Florida, Mexico and other places (his children from "Sis. Clara his 1st wife all nearly dead..) Also Elijahs wives are helping too, this is a fact!! Not one speaks of Elijah in the way some you talk of him when you don't know him at all.. That's not smart or independent thinking "it just getting on the band wagon" the whitemans band wagon. The "whitemans" complexion doesn't make him The Devil, its his thinking and actions (which have be demonstrated throughout his history!!) Thats a fact!! And he is responsive for most of the wars on Earth if you go to the root... (Most conflict is either over land, resource, religion or other problems), the violence comes from him directly exploiting these conflicts and differences (CIA, FBI, NSA, ect.) all funding, arming, misinforming, and fueling these conflicts (for the benefit of the Rich and powerful unseen rulers)! These are fact nothing happens unless someone makes it happen!!! The economic collaspe can be traced directly to the (Causers ) it's no mystery! The world conflicts only effect the poor largely , but some prosper!! NOI has just enough money to keep itself going.. The fanancing of Black instituions is the collective responsibility of all black people we have the buying power if we would just unite... We have money! We have great talents that are expoilted for others to gain wealth!! Collectively we are getting closer to the goal, you have to be involved to really Know.. you can only see so much from the nose bleed section...More to come.. I'm sleepy..
Sorry about the way I ended my last email...

peace Bro.

mrhasanali  said :

Well brother I'm getting back to you relative to our current topic of discussion. I am interested in dealing with your reference to (superme wisdom), you know and I know that those introduced to this information have little or know idea what it means nor how it should be applied. Elijah had more than good intentions..He had great courage and faith in the truth he was give by Master Fard.. When MLF took the teaching of Elijah and almost single handedly rebuild the NOI and bring some level of respectability to the Name of Elijah Muhammad which suffered tremendously due to the White Mans propaganda! Also the Misunderstanding of many of his followers.. I'm not Elijah or anyone elses judge but I say to you after over two decades of study of history.. (Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, and many writings of history and religion..) I can tell you that I am very much convinced that we are on a proper a course, yet a course full of challenges and ups & downs. MLF continued effort and drive to reach his people and warn humanity of the folly of our current course shows he's no ordinary man.. Would Malcolm have had this type of compassion, drive, determination, and focus under such extreme pressure from within, without, and every direction.. If it were not for an unseen power Farrakhan would be Dead... And he wouldn't be allowed to speak or step foot anywhere in this land... The despite (Multi-Billion Dollar or Trillion) effort of his enemies and ours he drives on..... Our people are gradually coming together and its quite obvious to those of us who are watching.. The solution is simple (Unity) in this you find that we have and always have had the power within ourselves to change our condition. We just need to constantly be awakened by the sound of the trumpet! I'm thankful that we have been give extra time because (our people) need a little more time... The whiteman did a excellent job of (Mentally Killing Us)!! Elijahs teaching have spunned many up and coming young ministers and teacher you will see.. This is know one man show and it was never intended to be... You can not stop this movement understand that they have tried and been embarrassed (many, many times). The attempts to kill MLF over the years and recently have failed and they will continue to fail!!!! In this day and time NOI has reached the level development it was destined to reach! We are deeply rooted in America (The Black Community, A growing Number of whites who recognize the truth and potential of the NOI mission)! The mission of the NOI is not aquire property or assets but people who are willing to try to change... And that brother is going on this Movement has grown... I'm amazed at the effect Message is having. All over the world don't expect the Media to report anything positive about the NOI or Black progress... Elijah nor MLF wanted Malcolm assassinated... Its a fact Elijah told his minsiters to leave Malcolm alone Malcolm started the attack.. It wasn't what Malcolm said about Elijah for me or MLF, it was that Malcolm was dishonest... He stated he was leaving to (Help) Elijah help black people he stated that he valued what (HEM) was doing to help our people. But at the same time Malcolm was going to our enemies in the Press.. Malcolm had been to Mecca prior to the (letter and his so-called transformation), Malcolm was transformed by the (FBI) and the Presses efforts to further inflate his (Huge Ego), you stated men have short-comings then lets deal with Malcolms problems.. He wanted to fight the white man Elijah said No, That would be suicide for our people to pickup the wepons of white people! He taught Malcolm that a slave can't not fight his Master effectively when he can't produce his own weapons or treat himself when injured.. Plus the enemy has more of us on his side! I can go on and on but want right now.. More Later....