PROPOSAL for the SOLUTION of the PROBLEMS of so called BLACKS

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January 16,2009

Reality’s Temple on Earth of the United States of AmericaRe: Suggestion to solve problem of descendants of slaves in America A.         Self hate for one’s own peoples or certain individuals must be controlled. It is not expected that we fall in love with one another but have enough concern in that such dislike is controlled & monitored so that the people as well as future generations may benefit. Faith & belief must be cultured in the awakening & after such the greatness that lies dormant with the people.B.         Religion must be separated from the methods used to awaken or govern the people once ,self hatred is controlled. This must be done due to the various religious belief systems or the lack thereof ,this is not to say wisdom in such is ignored but kept that which is good & common to all that has no dispute.C.         The so called black peoples living in the United States of America can not form a nation within a nation as this government will not tolerate such ,viewing it as a threat. A plan or plans can not be developed or spoke of until the masses have unified & come to the point whereas a vast majority is in agreement that such must be done for the benefit of the masses & future generations.In the meantime black valid & legitimate organizations this is not to exclude those blacks involved in what is called gangs also participate if they also concur that their peoples must do better & will use their energy to aid in that conclusion. All such organizations must form the “ The Great Meeting “ whereas will sit down & talk about not the differences among themselves but what is common,so common goals maybe determined in that all will use their strengths to pursue that common goal that will benefit the whole of the black masses.D.         During the “The Great Meeting “ these organizations must organize themselves in a manner much like the way the governmental structure of the country that enslaved their ancestors as this manner is a good one & one the masses are conditioned to. Having more experience as well as in position of great honor & respect the more older black organizations should be viewed in the way of a Senate,much younger ones viewed as a house of representatives that later will be organized,made into individuals & voted upon by the people themselves.E.         The most important factor that must come out of this great meeting is that all organizations must promote their best representative & bring him or her before the masses & the people will vote for that person to represent them.The person chosen by the people will be the valid not self imposed or media developed leader of black people chosen by votes by the people themselves. All organizations must put down past grudges & hatreds in support of the individual chosen by the people themselves. The title of this person is yet to be determined & suggested that a contest be held so that the youth title this person as they are the ones that will carry such into the future. Such person will as agreed upon during the great meeting what type of powers placed upon him or her & held in check by both Senate & House.F.         Since upon organization & the true unification of the peoples it is very important that a military arm be formed ,so that any violent action against the newly formed state be dealt with. The United States government must never be made to believe that there is a threat against them ,so law enforcement must always be made known such activity. All arms purchased or military style milita must be made within the laws of the United States. Black peoples must never suffer the murder by racist organizations like the KluKluxKlan due to our being only individuals or divided ,when one citizen is attacked then a whole nation should act .Within our smaller neighborhoods ,towns & cities our own police that working with local law enforcement must be formed. As the people organize other governmental departments will develop.G.         The newly formed & united black peoples must seek friendships with others besides other persons of colors as they can’t become a true international people ,especially living in a country with great diversity & ideas. During this early development period the new united black peoples must not trip on inter-racial dating ,homosexuality ,past wrongs of the U.S. government & other issues trivial at this time & will be judged , discussed bring forth to the masses of where they stand on such issues but nothing that will harm the newly formed government ,causing the resurgence of division.H.        Black women must be embraced, honored & respected. Black women must be allowed to seek full potential. Black women & children must be protected at all costs. All black children must be made to seek education even at its minimum & taught the truth of their ancestor’s history not some watered down version of such.I.            Being that this newly formed organization is not at this time a true nation within self, it can not also force certain individuals to let go of their vices grown accustom to ,but perhaps this new unification will inspire our people to stop smoking cigarettes ,drinking liquor ,abusing illegal drugs & so forth. Those practicing these things do not exclude them from being united with their brothers & sisters but we can’t build a nation drunk or high on drugs.J.           The masses of the newly unified black peoples will make perfectly clear to the United States government thru all forms of media in that they’ve chosen a representative to lead them ,they stand behind that leadership. This leadership not self pro-claimed or determined by the media with unknown purpose & he or she be acknowledged as such.K.         The newly united black people also know that a certain amount of the black population will not participate in this ,however their being a minority will have no effect upon this unification & will also grow smaller in numbers as the unification finds success after success. However  also among this minority will include a section of black peoples that we’ll call Nigga Trash.. These type of blacks have grown content in being ignorant & foolish living like the savage. These blacks will be considered exiled from the state & treated like enemies .Such blacks will kill other blacks ,rob other blacks ,steal from blacks & must be dealt with accordingly being made to know that if they attack citizens of the new unifications they will be dealt with & brought to justice within the laws of the United States. The citizens of the United States must be made to know that these are NOT a part of the newly formed unification. It is not on the agenda to save anybody ,this is the mission of individual organizations ,churches or individuals. These will be treated just like we would the KKK.L.          We must accept the fact that religion politics ,education ,money as we have used them in the past have had success but in general failed us as a people. We must stop tripping over who will get credit for helping solve the problems of the descendants of slaves as long as the problem gets solved ,so we can go on to do greater things.M.       At this time we should not seek reparations as it is clear after over 100 years without even giving up the often said “Forty acres & a Mule “ the U.S. government has no intent to offer such. Being a nation within a nation the newly formed unified peoples we can take advantage of the millions of dollars we earn out of this economy that would make us the 10th richest nation in the world. Knowing this we should treasure our brothers & sisters of great wealth who would support this unification if it were indeed real & sincere. It is not expected that our wealthy especially celebrities would not risk their monies & careers in hopes to support people who still are like our people who are content with being savages. Our wealthy should be given protections & respect like they are a living Fort Knox as a nation needs finance to function ,they’d be happy to support success cause as we gain strength ,they’d no longer have to act in a slave like manner & speak freely without wondering if others will judge them in a distorted manner .Let it be never forgotten that even thou the unified peoples will make it very clear to this government that it is not a threat ,the government will act like we are & go thru the usual activity of planting spies & undercover activities ,why? With all their complaining about black folks should do this or blacks should do that… it is in the best interest of those who want these lies about blacks to continue to flourish that the unified peoples fail,like the failures of the past. Many folks, individuals & even nations benefit from the self hatred & division of blacks. They do not want blacks to become successful as it will make all the past things said about blacks false.N.         At an undetermined time after gaining sufficient power ,if by the vote of the newly unified peoples that it still suffers from mistreatment ,injustice etc. from the U.S. government then the process of romancing other nations or seeking lands of their own should be sought ,making the Exodus of the scriptures a reality.O.         Due to the atmosphere of possible assassination the newly formed unified peoples should have many leaders available groomed with the same goals in minds. Any traitors or spies found among us must be dealt with as determined by the Senate & House by secret meeting orders given to the military. Military actions in relation to these matters are kept confidential,however unless absolutely necessary never keep secrets from the masses .The newly unified black people’s leadership can not grow without the trust of the peoples ,this is important in that if the masses wanted to be deceived, lied to ,imprisoned ,murdered & all these terrible things it was perhaps best that they remained where they were. This government may also inspire others to question their own leaders & government as who truly doesn’t want freedom, justice & equality with a spice of truth & honesty.P.          The unified black peoples must not carry the mindset of the oppressor with them. They should respect the earth & all life forms. They should be contrary to what harmed them ,it is recommended that we no longer having pets or killing animals for sport. Our ancestors were kept like pets & killed for sports. We above all should not practice enslavement of other life forms.Contrary to popular belief until domesticated by humans the dog was an animal that loved his freedom. Now freedom is being in a cage or put on a leash. All slave owners did not mistreat their slaves however the slave was still a slave & treated as such. Dogs & many other animals have been bred to please the human wants ,making them unable to survive if placed back into the wild or become independent. We should be able to relate to this ,watch your dog as he waits & begs for the scraps of off your table then place this behavior along side our own history. Some us call ourselves dogs & the women view themselves as bitches. The scriptures tell us God will bring a new heaven & a new earth. The former things will pass away.Wherefor ,brothers & sisters that prior to this writing is of the former things & if we wish to be successful allow such to pass away. You will then inherit a new way of life ,a new heaven & new earth. The catalyst for how all human beings should fair upon this planet. We are the original & the progeny of the original ,all others base their ideas ,civilizations & copy the original .We should make them to continue to copy the original. This is just my suggestion & proposal.Peace 4 ever & always your brother,                                                             Taalik  Ibn’rad,  AdMinister for the                                                             Reality’s Temple on EarthJanuary 16, 2009