The INTERRACIAL & HOMOSEXUAL in Black Liberation

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February 19, 2010

The Interracial & Homosexual in Black Liberation

A Conversation withOur Divine Masculine Brother Taalik Ibn’rad the host of The Reality’s Temple On Earth on YouTubeFebruary 19, 2010 In the Name of my AncestorsPeace 4 ever & always,                                        I first would like 2 say that @ this time anyone who disagrees with my actions or opinions can easily unsubscribe & we may go our separate ways. I will hold no ill will towards you nor malice,in fact will continue 2 support anything you do of a positive nature as well as use you as a means of obtaining knowledge & truth if such does appear. I will not hate you just because we disagree & I have never shown hatred towards a person simply due to a difference of opinion.Those who become full of hatred & malice due to difference of opinion have secured a lifetime of disappointment cause as long as you live,even the ones who claim they love you will sooner or later reject certain opinions you offer,unless of course you’ve brainwashed them as we see in religion & politics & I give you props for being able to be the producer of blind followers.Something I am very much against,it is to my benefit that someone shows me my flaws & offers me warning so if I should lead or be as a role model,I do not lead the naïve as well as myself 2 failure or certain doom.       With that said not suggesting you unsubscribe cause you did so not because I begged you to do so but you subbed to me for a reason & that reason is something that is personal only 2 you. I appreciate all my subscribers & listeners it is a honor that my opinion would prove worthy,however allow me to make something perfectly clear. I am not your clown or entertainer, I am not here to please anyone or anything. I am accountable to know one here. No one is sending me donations or paying my bills. I support those who say & do positive things, I must not be silent when I view things that might or will harm that which I love and what I love are those who are descendants of slaves born in America. I am accountable only to the creation that brought us into being as in any life form, we must behave in a manner that is best for the survival of the species. Since I over 30 years ago decided instead of having hatred toward my own I would love us, since I have come into being enlightened in self thought and allowing my mind 2 become flexible or formless.This has allowed the instinct of survival given to all life forms from the creation to become activated so I may be able to bring 2 us a message that will enable us to determine the best way to seek such survival.     And I am not special when you allow your mind to become free,you’ll also see very plainly what I see.But for many you are trapped in being loyal to those things that caused or hinder our progress as a people as a nation within a nation.You can’t grasp your true power & influence cause we are hung up on race & race was designed by those who placed you into this condition.Many of you subscribe here cause you are just awakened as myself or deep down in your heart when you hear certain words,you know what is being said is correct. The creation or some may call it GOD is calling us Blackman & woman of America. The scriptures tell us when the shepard calls his sheep knows his voice. I am also a sheep acting in behalf of our creator who wishes the best for us as well as humanity itself.You hear him whether you like me or not,once you are exposed to this word you’ll never be the same.I know I have never been the same & I am not the first messenger. We have had countless preachers, teachers, prophets and messengers.All spoke according to their period of time and based on the ability of our dumb,deaf & blind people’s ability to comprehend.       In religious teachings it is said that NOTHING comes into existence without God’s permission & so if I exist then it is due to God or the creation itself.The question arises for what purpose,the answer is we can tell a tree by the fruit it bares. Just because we might not like certain fruit doesn’t mean it is not good,in most cases fruit is good for us. I would hope that you’d be patient & examine this tree before you shrug it off as having impure or bad fruit. Again, I am accountable to no one only the creation itself & I have determined that I now exist soley for the purpose of helping the healing process of those descendants of slaves born in America. All life is precious but just like in an emergency room the doctors are expected to treat a gunshot victim before a patient with a sprained ankle. We as black people suffer from the gunshot wound much of it self inflicted,althou our oppressors,the past slaveowners created or caused our horrid condition of today, it is we who are the number one reason holding us back as our ancestors cleared many obstacles out of the way but this creation of comfort has made us become lazy & naïve as thou we’ve made it.        Clearly we have NOT made it. This is why we have brothers & sisters involved in what is known as Black Power or Black Liberation. This is why many black people as individuals also seek to do something to help us make it,whatever our view of making it is. If making it means we are not self sufficient, independent, the creator of laws, the creators of government, the creators of civilizations only becoming a better citizen to support another man’s house a house that enslaved our ancestors denying us justice without remorse or apology then that making it you can have.That is NOT what your creator wants for you,you are a life form entitled to the same freedom as those who once terrorized you and if those children of terrorists have a problem with you seeking true freedom then you should question them and their motives.Many of them benefit as well as do not want you placed on the same or perhaps even higher level than themselves. With friends like that we do not need enemies.We should not want to continue to pass this slave/master relationship on to future generations,it is not good 4 us,so why should we expect something better coming towards them?      I want to respond to my YouTube friend BlakeBarbieDoll of whom represents many brothers & sisters involved in interracial relationships. Her last comment to me sounding like she was upset with me because I disagree with her use of the N-word as well as interracial relationships. I have had a very civil & cordial YouTube association with this sister,she has said or done nothing negative or harmful towards me. What pisses me off is just because some have beef with her,they may take my latest vid about using the N-word and use it against her like this is who I am talking about. If the vid was about BlakeBarbieDoll or interracial relationships I would have made it clear. I have no reason to bite my tongue about anything if you wish to unsubscribe then take your arrogant & dumbass on. My vid was about the use of the N-word among black people.NONE of us should use it and encourage us to stop if for no other reason out of respect for our elders & ancestors harmed by such.     I made reference to this false anti-racist Kkilo34 who is caucasion who believes he can use this word and we should man up & stop acting like children cause someone called us a name.I also reference to those involved in interracial relationships of whom BLAKE is one of may that date the children of our oppressors,usually the caucasion that race produced the vile word in the first place. It is not 4 me 2 judge BLAKE but I do know after my account was terminated she was one of the first people 2 find me. I did not have to friend her,she found me,why ? Those of you who dislike BLAKE ask yourself the question why would she friend angelsnupnup7 when you know how pro-black I am? Even going thru this period of indifference she clearly being upset with my latest words 2 my knowledge she is still a friend 2 angelsnupnup7 when many so called pro-black folks like Sara Suten Seti unfriend & block me ? When our great leaders & teachers arose within our midst,they came to teach & awaken ALL of us who are descendants of slaves back to the knowledge of self. Who are we now living in America ? We are drug addicts, we are homosexuals, we are prostitutes, we are fornicators & adulterers, we are involved in interracial relationships, we are obese, we are greedy, we are envious, we are jealous etc. I could go on & on . Some of us believe we have awakened to a certain conscious,we believe we love black people more than others but how can you claim you love us when we are all the things I have just described?     We are not @ this time a righteous people, we are a conquered & destroyed people worse than anyone ever lived on this planet. We are the only ones that will love those who do us dirty and hate ourselves.Who am I to deny another Blackman or woman their blackness their right to know self? The scriptures say he who is without sin cast the first stone,can you do so? Even Jesus Christ himself made no attempt to cast the first stone. I am not here to attack or make mockery of NO black person adult or child,our teachers sacrificed their lives and even died out of love for us no matter our condition. It is not for you to judge other black people as you are not better if you were better we would see you doing better but you’re NOT? You’re not doing better cause you’re making enemies with those of whom our teachers rose up 2 save,not just you.Ya’ll act like little kids if folks don’t listen to what you say or act in a manner you deem fit then another black person is a agent or Uncle Tom.      We all have keys the key that awakened your mind may not work for another.Some people may hate my guts but if you take the same teaching and place it into another vessel,the same person that rejected it may now drink from this different cup. NONE of us have the right 2 determine how another black person expresses their blackness @ least they accept being the kidnapped child from the Afrakan continent. We must crawl before we walk,if a person is sick physically or mentally what do you expect ? If a co;worker on the job is sick do you expect them to keep up with those who are well? And if you are not careful that same sickness may be spread to you. So this is what has happened a bunch of intelligent minds allowing themselves to become sick. The forces of BlakeBarbieDoll versus those who claim pro-blackness & after all this bickering & name calling back & forth what do you accomplish except bringing you a sad form of entertainment? Nothing cause you both are deaf to one another,in the meantime those looking @ this from the outside have already made up their mind these folks is crazy.So now black struggle & enlightenment is looked upon as a joke. The laugh is on us.       There is NOBODY more pro-black than myself & if I have had cordial association with BLAKE whether we agree or not what is wrong with all of you? You claim black love but never stop finding some black person to attack. Attacking an opinion or idea is one thing attempting to embarrass or making mockery of another is different. We ALL are guilty and as adult people we should stop,we make children shame.Maybe that’s why children don’t respect adults like they should cause many children are more mature than we are. I have NOTHING against BLAKE & I hope to continue my association ya’ll may do as you please but don’t use me as part of your smear campaign against her,cause when it comes to the smear you really don’t want me coming after you. HOMEY don’t play that, ( smile )        In conclusion, I wish to say 2 not only BLAKE but all those involved in interracial relationships & homosexuality. It is not for me 2 judge what you do,I do NOT care as long as what you do doesn’t bring harm to me as an individual or effect the upliftment of black peoples in America. Sister BLAKE I do not know what you mean by your saying I’ve finally shown my true colors when…using my vids as reference. I have NEVER stated that I advocate or market interracial romance or homosexual behaviors. I am fair & just I can understand of why some have made these choices or in some cases they may say born that way,I will not deny your humanity and who you are as a person cause like I’ve stated prior who is without sin? It is sad so called pro-black folks lack compassion for our people made to be in such condition when we know that White Supremacy caused these things.We were not in Africa looking for an outside race to romance nor were we auditioning for the RuPaul show.I respect those who respect me,perhaps if such is in error then thru talking & listening an understanding maybe reached.      We have lived for over 300 years in a strange land with a strange people doing strange things,Black Power what do you expect? Some of us have been dope fiends,convicts, alcoholics, probably have mullato children etc. now all of a sudden we’re so pure,ya’ll something else.Just because I can work with a person with measles doesn’t mean I like measles. I can understand homosexuality but I must not promote such behavior 2 our people cause it is the wrong behavior placed before our young males at a time when we need all the manhood we can generate.Homosexuality is derived from being conditioned under any system of exploitation.Men being in prison after released continue the behavior of seeking sexual release from another male. I am sure many black male slaves was sodomized by slaveowners who were males. In socities where there is no European influence or exploitation over long periods of time what we know of as homosexuality doesn’t exist.It appears in animals when they are confined in zoos or their environments have been altered by human beings.      This is not a natural behavior as life produces no behavior that is a detriment to its survival,the inability to reproduce is with no doubt not beneficial. This doesn’t mean we are to be mean & wicked towards such individuals no more we should show hatred towards those who are involved in a car accident.This behavior was created due to a condition far worse than a car accident,it is about respect. If the homosexual community really loves us as a people then they’d know such behavior is bad for us. Once we begin 2 work our way out of this condition of exploitation & European influence you’ll begin 2 see in a very short time this behavior begin 2 disappear. Just because one is homosexual doesn’t mean they should be denied the right 2 fight for what is best for we as a people.They should not be denied their right to become awakened,we should not hate those who have done nothing 2 us.Just simply cause they are homosexual,when some of ya’ll in your past have killed black people.     Interracial relationships is detrimental to the black community cause it doesn’t bring the example of black love between blackmen & women our children need to see @ this time in order to make us functionally strong. When we choose 2 seek romance outside of black people then basically what we’ve said is we are frustrated & given up on us.Some actually have grown to hate black people while some attempt to play both sides finding love with another race of which is usually the children of the racist caucasion. These blacks that hate us then their actions and speech of this hate is expected but we must be cautious of those playing both sides.Now we do not have the right to deny or get angry @ a black person wishing to participate in any attempt to make better our condition.      When we inform the public we are involved with the children of the oppressor then this makes us look hypocrite.What do you really care about black people when you do not even find them worthy of being in your bed? In these interracial relationships it is the black that continues to embrace European culture.We lose a member of our people while he gains one.This European mate is not encouraging his spouse to join the Nation Of Islam or Black Panthers or go vacation in Afraka,in fact this mate is a deceiver cause it is allright for the black to live under European influence but the caucasion is not seeking to be like that of any African culture.       It is the ancestors of the racist caucasion European that created this N-Word. This was the last word many black people heard before their life was taken and now not only have these blacks decided to romance the children of the terrorists of our ancestors but they use this vile & vulgar word they created.It makes no sense that those who claim to be anti-racist use the language of the racist in order to make a point when so many words available in any dictionary are available. NONE regardless to whom u r married to should use this vulgar,violent & hatefilled word if for no other reason cause our elders have asked us to stop as well as in respect to our ancestors that were put to death and terrorized sometimes being the last word they heard. It is funny that those who wish 2 use such word get upset when certain words are used to describe them.       Why are we upset when I say that blackwomen laying up with caucasions,when we know most times we are having sexual relations with them prior 2 marriage.In fact virgin or celibate relationships prior 2 marriage now a days are rare,regardless of choice of spouse. Martin Luther King Jr. was considered a non-racist,how many times did he use the N-word ? I am sure perhaps maybe he did but never in the public,so why do non-racist of today feel it is necessary 2 use the language of the racist? This doesn’t make sense unless of course they themselves in fact are racist & if it doesn’t make sense then it must be true. May I also make this point before I close. It is amazing of how all these blacks claim their own people are so pitiful they must find love and sometimes love is found in others outside of their own.What is funny is that this love just so happens always most times be a caucasion & what would you do in your hypocritical frustration if NO caucasion would romance you?      I guess you’d be chasing other races…if that was true you’d be doing it now.You are so blind that you can’t see that you’ve been conditioned to hate yourself and the white is better.This is why in most cases it is caucasion people you seek. If these caucasions really loved you then they would cry but make you seek another black person,just like when you find an injured bird. You heal the bird not to make a pet out of it but watch it return to nature & freedom.Your caucasion lover knows or may not know but is being used to keep black people in a state of being a slave.They do not wish to help heal this injury their ancestors caused,they do not care that your people have never known what freedom is never had a chance to fly away like that injured bird.Many people are selfish and will keep the bird & lock him in a cage just like these caucasions you’ve been conditioned to fall in love with.       This is why we in Black Liberation should continue to have compassion,understanding & caring for our people made lost deaf,dumb & blind.They don’t know even their caucasion lovers like they’d care cause they lose nothing don’t know.We are suppose to love our people,would you hate your mother cause she became sick ? Our people have been deceived & made sick,some of us are not qualified to treat sickness.So we should leave the room and allow those who have that skill do such work. I am NOT here to attack black people no matter their condition or opinion @ the same time we can’t allow sickness to spread and contaminate others and future generations. I do not mean to offend but I can’t find no nicer way 2 say what needs to be said cause no one wants to be considered sick nor can some accept they indeed are sick. We should stop all this bickering back & forth and show more understanding,love & compassion towards ourselves.      Question ???? Is Blake Barbie Doll a murderer? Is she a pedophile? Is the homosexual robbing your house are they actually doing something 2 harm you ? We should give each other the benefit of a doubt,especially when someone has done NOTHING to you.These same people of whom you hate could become like PAUL of the scriptures that was Jesus’ worst enemy but then suddenly like overnight became one of Jesus’ greatest helpers & followers. MalcolmX was a pimp & criminal. Elijah Muhammad said he was so low in the mud only his eyeballs was showing. Louis Farrakhan was a entertainer for caucasions and weed smoker. We don’t know what many of these people of whom we hate and dislike might later become.Usually some of us in the worst condtion will rise up to become the greatest helpers of the cause.       We should not only stop using the N-word but stop this self righteous behavior cause just yesterday you was just as wack if not worse,now ALL of a sudden you’re some Golden Child.The first allies,the best helpers we can gain is from our people.Some of them may be married to caucasions,some of them maybe homosexuals. When we have clear,convincing & overwhelming evidence to show with no doubt another black person is indeed an enemy then like America would do to Benedict Arnold then we’ve no choice but 2 deal with that situation. Until then don’t confuse mental sickness with treason as they are two different things,we don’t stop loving somebody cause they’re sick. You do LOVE Black people don’t you ? I don’t know about you but I am here to love & help my people not bicker,hate & attack them.  RespectU